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Personal Mention
M t
: !on Ilowers, of Mac.kshtirg, was In
1 'ty yesterday.
!'..( . I. Hllillll. 01 r.aglll v rt'iK. ll
c .Mity Baturday. '
Lineal llrosa, managing editor of the
I '.-i'IkihI Oregoniiin, km In city last
li.il', i.lajr.
'"A IV sldenl A It. Jaeoba, of tho Oregon
(l iiv Manufacturing Co., lull Halurday
'",.'( ,J" lUHlncit trip to Kan Krrnelsro.
""I Mr. J. Mmilinke and aon, who Iimvo
"';,f, ii visiting r1tl vt near Orcuon City,
-Jivi" relumed to Ihalr home In Huvar.
H""t Mi. and Mrs. C. H. Frlasoll spent Hun
rrr C'iy In Newberg, where the genial Himlli
""feni IViflc agent has property interests,
i ll I Mm. T. J. levlne, of Uoldendale,
,,v,jWh., ia Ibe gucnl of Mies IVIio Sam
ilrloii. They visited friends at lUrlow
' 'fcrtMnliiy.
Kfi: Mr,i.' John lwlhwalirt and MIhk Alice
. VLewtliwulte left Tuesday tilirht for Call-
rn! "l 'iot to VIHll In Hun Fran
i id southern citltn fur several
Mr. Mini Mm. J. I.lppitt, of Colfai,
i' ..-I.., r visiting their daughter, Miss
' j ybll, n Portland, ml were In the city
t (on. I if, the guests of Mm. I. Helling.
Slat Hiipfrlniendiint J. If. Ackerinsn
attended the Claikama County Teach
ers' Meeting it Mllwstikla last Haiurday,
He mm lo this city in the alternoon In
tending to cslch the 4 ;50 train to Salem,
but arrived loo IhIh and stayed until the
arrival of the overland at 0 ;H p. m.
Mire Myrtle Williams, a daughter of
County Assessor Kll William, came
down yesterday morning from Kalcm,
where vim In employed In the asylum,
and ia vislilug at the homo of her par
ent). Her coming was occasioned by the
illneaa of her sinter, Mim Father, who
ha been soilously ill, hut ia now im
proving, MOCIALIYT.H ON THE Hl"l Ml'.
aiiiiouiici input of lb" Ilrgliiiilug of
Ihcir t ampilgti.
1 WW
Lorn invents. : " f
J, I). Htpvetia will addn-aa the voter
of Clackoinua County ou Socialitim at the
pUcci and on the dlen given bulow :
I'ainaaoua, Monday, February 3.
F)(le Cietk, Tm-wUy, Kelinidry 4.
Handy, Wednesday, February 6.
Ciirrlimvilli), Thiirnilny, February 0.
Hpringwater, Friday, February 7.
l.otfMii, Kuturday, February 8.
AH pxrlina, rdn, and color invited.
AdmiMiuii free. I)ut. iiHiioM invited.
Jud.e Uenit- IV tl Ion to App-ilnl II.
t ron and Xamti T. 1'. K.inilali.
-i! r. I.lpplit la mayor of Culfax.
(' ' W, A. lluutU'V. who baf tmcii com- Judgo Itvan yeati-rday decided the
- ,V-!!i d by lllnuaa lo be abaeut from hla c" oftlie John (Jiwn m'aie ty ai'ci'pt
y Him-iia (or loveral lixintba paat, baa j lug Hie reMignation of C. 1! latouretie,
kin crttatly benxfllicil in bnalth, and la. who bad bm-n apHinied adiniiiiHirior,
i ftii; :tin at Ilia dk In the btiokHtora.
I V. H. Grim, pitHtor of the Mtb'-
Miurcli, moved wnu ma lauiiiy una
ti' ki-ck to tiie autmrb ol Wiuamutie, w hcra
- .
tt'Ai e and qilletneaa riign auprrme,
Concert Iliurtilay evening Feb. 0.
Clood inuoic, good time at Willamette
ball February flih. '
Ion't forgft the concert on Thurailay
evening February 0.
Now la your lime lo buy a bat cheap
at Mia (Joldmiiith'a.
Grand concert Thuraiay evening
Uib.at Willamette ball.
Kvery Ibing in the Millinery line be
low mat at Mina Goldamltli'i.
Everyone cordially invited lo the con
cert Thnraday evening Feb. 0th.
The eight month old daughter of
Richard Toblo died Tuetday morning.
Baby Honneta, (lata. Trimming ev
erything below coat at Miaa UoldHinhh'a.
Horn to the wife of
on Clarkmnaa Heights,
ary 25, a daughter.
Harry Walling,
Saturday, Jann-
but to whom ohjeciion had been made,
and the motion to revoke bit letter had
lieeu beard. The court a I ho denied the
p-lltlou for tlie appointment of II. K.
Tlia : Lrotm, wlilcli had alio Iwii Illeil ami Ir
diHt parNoiiMKU will be runted. 11,8 titrea.ii ol eatate appointed
Wiolford Campbell pa .rough the id'H'"THl C""",y Ub,"1
...ft,. U.....L. f lll...,v P..nU,,.l ""."-'. iiio coiiiruYerBjr
The Indie of r!t. t'aul'a church will
give a concert on Thursday evening,
l ebiuary 0, at Willamette ball.
If you love good inumu and want a
good time go Ui the concert on Thumday
evening, February 6, at Willamette ball
The Acme, oppoalte Knterpriite ollice,
manufacturea freuli candy dully. Fruit,
clgaia and tobacco. Soda fountain. New,
M tckihurK now boata of long distance
telephone connection wlih the oulaide
world. The central ofFiua ia at the aloie
of J. W Smith.
) lieui lie baa a position with the "K.-gu-(it.tr
" alaamboat line, which operalea
bhlitcniiiora between Tortland and The
" pal lea.'
l(J Ki. hard Hcolt, of Mllwaukie, preident
f tl.ii Oregon I.ivettock Aaaiadittion,
I P'vc (Sunday for Hulena, Mont.,- to at--
''V'lid the meeting of the l'acillo North
!,,' t Woolgiowera' AnwxiaUoii, which
Hi he held February 4, 5 and 6.
"'J -'l,l"nBl A. H. Green, aixtclal Inspector
if the Deiiartmeut of tbo Interior, waa
wJn tl. ..llw iI.Im u-.m.It n.i in fllt,tul vlt.lt I
f-vo the United Ktalei Land Ollice. Colo
""(el Green waa formerly chief of the for
r fUj diviaion ol the land department.
t Mia Mabel 0. Anderaon and Mixs
j' 'Puiey Aniluraon, of I'ortlaml, were in
ilia city Tueaday, and the latter obtained
mm-I licenae to wed William C. Kyman.
'''They hoarded the 3 o'clock car fur I'ort-
laml, where Ibe ceremony waa per-
) MixaCella Goldamith returne.1 Mon
i,i from Kmiena. She aiiont Sunday
aitli her parenta there and leavel in a
, lew (l,iy (or San Fianciaco. Mma Iierlba
j,(3Jdoiith, alio ba len in San Fran
Jico Iht the paat two uiontha, will re
llnHi'ii witliln a fortnight,
it, M re. Theodore W. Clark returned
..Monday morning Iron, a viit of aeveral
,1 noiiili In llundon and San Franciaco.
experienced very rough weather on
,1,, 'er oo-an trip from Cooa Hay to Han
(e ( ram ico and alao on the trip to I'orl
y and, abicb abe made by aleaiuiir.
f Winn, the vegetable Chinaman and
f no, the janitor, have gone to their ra
in r. I vn l.iud on an extended trip and will be
l.b.-ent until next aummer. They have
i1(lo fiimily In the Flowery Kinudoin, ao
4 ijlu'y 'y. but may perhaps full in lovo
i'li 'mc diminutive feet, and return
H(.,illi almond-eyed brlilea,
over a amull piece of land about IS miles
up the CM kuiiu river. Joseph Green,
the petitioner, and a brother to the de
cerned, 8rt axked that II. K ('roc be
appointed admliiiatrator of the entitle,
and afterward aold the Und to Ian J.
Moore, rvpreeenting tlia Clackamm De
velopment Company, to whom the prop
erly I deniralde. Green then turned
around and aold the land to George
lirown for IIIIM. Toe lal purchaser ia
an engineer of tint l'oriland City & Ore
gon Kabwy Company and the Oregon
General Klectric Cotnimny and filed a
petition Making for the appointment of
Iatour.'tte aa adiuiuiHtraior. This pe
tition waa preaented to the court first
and waa granted. The O. G. K. Co.
want the land for their power plant and
the Clackamaa Development Company
Want to secure the property (or logging
Au i:vunt('lit'a Nlory.
"I luirured for years with a bronchial
or lung trouble and tried various reme
dies but did not obtain permanent refief
until I commenced uing One Minute
Cough Cure," writes Kev. James Kirk
man, evange.liHt. of Belle Kiver, III. "I
have no hesitation in recommending it to
II sufferers from maladies of this kind."
One Minute Cough Cure affords immedi
ate relief for comclit, colds, and all kinds
ol throat and lung troubles. For croup
it is unequalled. Absolutely safe. Very
plea-ant lo take, never fails and 1 really
favorite with the children. They like it.
Geo. Harding.
A Core for Lumbago.
W, C. Williamon, of Amherst, Va.,
ajys: "For more than a year I Buffered
from lumhauo. I finally tried Chamber
lain's I'aln Hlm and it gave me entire
relief, which all other ivmediu bad
failed to do." Sold by, O. A. Harding,
I Drugget.
An opportunity to buy good sheet
music for 2 cents per copy is a rare bar
gain. See particulars in dinplay adver-
er tiaeineut of Huntley's Book Store In this
W. G. Eliot, jr., will preach at
Willamette 1111, Sunday, February 2,
t 7:30 p.m. Subject of sermon : "Uni
tarians and the Bible." All are wel
Winter clothing is what yon want
Cold west her is coming on and it coxta
no more to be comfortable. Joe Know
land, the 7th atreet tailor, baa hundreds
ofaamplea of elegant goods to select
from. Knowlsnd's clothes fit.
rt m wis r-k
i in If rift II hnnn f'Us'in-in
is i r ai b n sa ax. mm i tui a.
'Hi in i ria ii a u i ii.ii
. it.:.:;, -.zr . ,
ci;uii,l.o Muuh,- 2) lbs. in package
,1 2 ackagca for ISc
mjSiilnion, 4 cutis 2-rc
(jAn,! it Hammer Soda, 8 lba. for 2.rc
t 3ood Hyrup, por can 2.rc
Ronst ColTee, from 10c
IM..Gn ni ColTee, per lb 10c
ll(?un!ip.eB, 6 cans 2"o
I B I'u. can Baked Beans 20o
"Wi,ing Powder, per lb 5c
,Ac!;(.r:nan Coffoo Extracts, 8
1 ;l knaea V,.re
Ltiin u and Vanilla Kxtracts.
1 1 r oz 5o
Cird Seed, with bone and erav-
1:1. liar nudaan . 7n
I'! ; ig, ier bottle 5c
Matchea, jxt bunch lc
Sowing Machine Oil, per bottle. 5c
Regular 15c Shoe Dressing 10c
Lemonade Sets, from $1
White Metal Teaspoons, per set 15c
Curling Irons, each 4c
Fancy Toilet Soap, per box .... Ic
Lead Pencils, per dozen 10c
Table oil cloth, per yard 18c
Toilet Soap, long bar 4c
Mcii'b Working Gloves, from. . .2,rc
Men's Black and White Striped
Working Shirts '. 43c
Men's Suspenders 15c
Men's and Boys' Hats at factory
Men's and Boys' Leggings 40c
GLASS SETS, consisting of SUGAR BOWL,
CREAMER, from 35c per set.
. Wo carry the celebrated Cattaraugus Cut
i guarantee same.
aurt House Block, ORECON CITY. ORE,
The basket ball game scheduled for
laat Wednesday evening between theY.
M. C. A. juniors and the junior team of
Ibe Young Men's Leaxue, of South Port
land, waa iioatponed on account of the
inability of the Portland team to play.
The game mar be played later.
The Kev. 1'. K. Hammond at the
eleven o'clock service next Sunday at
St. Pa til 'a church will deliver the second
sermon in the series on "Christian Doc
trine;" and at Ibe five o'clock service in
the evening the second in the aeries on
"The Bible."
e its i
Sc Per ineet
We want to close out our entire stock of Sheet Music
about 4000 pieces. 2 cents per copy for music published at
40 and 50 cents is practically giving it away but it's got
to go and that quickly. There is not a soiled or torn copy
in the lot. We have put it up in pa ckages of 5 copies, either
all vecal or all instrumental, which will be sold at 10c per
package. At this price you may not select but must take
a package as it comes; but every piece is guaranteed clean
and perfect. If you wish to select, the price will be 3 copies
for 10c, or single copies 5c.
Music will be placed on sale Saturday, Feb. 1st and at these
prices ought to be cleaned out in 2 or 3 days.
See display in window.
The Mays contests cases against Caleb
M. Martin, Mary J, Martin and Aoguia
McLean were dismissed in the land office
Monday on account of the non-appearance
of the contestant. This makes a
total of 15 of the Hays cafes that have
been dixuiisaed for the same reason.
Iudiri lualg Money t Loan.
At 6 and 7 per cent. Call on or write
Jno. W. Lodkk.
Oregon City Oregon.
Stevens' building.
Everybody uses umbrellas. Every
body should know where to have them
repaired and new covers put on. John
son and Lamb.
For Rent.
A ten acre tract in Canemah. Twenty
minutes walk from woolen mill. Good
boute anJ out buildings. Two good
cows' for sale. For information call at
be bouae, or addiesa B. W. I'ohtkb, P,
0. Box 60, Oregon City, Oregon.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. J.
W. Green, who died Wednesday, was
buried Thursday. The interment was
at the Catholic Cemetery.
$20 lo $100 to loan on chattel or per
sonal security. D!mick & East ham, agts.
Cbriatian Science services are held at
the residence on the north-east corner of
Fifth and Washington streets every
Sunday morning at II o'clock. Sunday
school at 12 o'clock. Wedneadar even
ing meeting at 8 o'clock. To these ser
vices all are welo me.
HYou Could Look
intothefutureandaectheconditinn I
lo which your coueh, if MRlected, I
will brinff vou. von would arek relief at I
once nd that naturally would be through
I' v"i Guaranteed to cure Con-
lirtz sumption, BroncbitU,
Asthma, and all Long
Troubles. CuroCoughaandColdainaday.
25 cent. Write to S. C Wells & Co,
he Roy, N. Y., for free trial bottle.
Karri Clover Root Tea purines toe Blood
L. H. MrCormac waa released fmm
the county jail Monday after servine a 15
days' sentence for carrying a cornea d
The pastor of the Congregational
church will seak on "The Unreason
ableness of Our Prejudice Agtinst the
Jew," next Sunday evening. This topic
is esecialiy appropriate after the addroas
given by Rabbi Wise to the Men's Con
gregational Club on Wednesday evening.
public meeting will be held at the
Armory Saturday night to discuss base
ball matters and to see what can be
done toward organizing a team for the
approaching season. Nick Whitehead,
president of last year's amateur league
will be present and all persons interested
in baseball are invited to be present.
The snowfall (his week baa made
sleighing parties .much in vogue and
every night merry pnrtiea have taken
rides. On Monday night the Teacher's
Club went for a sleiuh ride through the
courtesy of W. II. Young, and on Tues
day evening the boarders t.t Mrs. W.
II. II. Samson's and their friends en
joyed the sleighing. Many private
leighs and cutters are seen on the
streets, and the heavy fall of snow on
Wednesday will improve the sport.
Coasting has been indulged in by young
and old alike and sleds may be seen any
evening on the Seventh street hill and
on the suspension bridge. .
Letter Ltat.
The lollowing is the list of letters re
maining in the postofflce at Oregon City,
Ore , on Jan. ,30th 1902:
Mrs V. Hatton, Souel Mrs.
Mia D Meyer
, men's list.
W Derdioe W Morows J
Green Clarence Preasy Arthur
Hawkins llnuh 8nidow, W L
Hill A D Simmons J J
ftlcLaughlin Jack HTraotel Joseph
Menrim Joe (2) Wisdom A J
Walker II. B.
' Ji'.isal Catarrh quickly yields to treat
ment by Ely's Vtvu iialin, which is ajri'a
ahly aromatic It is received through ti
wwtrils, cleanses and beala the whole sur
face oer which it ditlusea itulf. timRrisaa
sell the 50c size; Trial aire by miul, 10
ceuta. Test it and yon arc sure to continue
the treatment.
To aocoiiinxxlnts those who are partial
to-the use of atomizers m applying liquids
into the naal ijuwiea for enlarrUal Uuu
likt, the proprietors prepare Crearu lialm ia
liquid form, which will he known aa Hy'a
Liquid Cream Unlm. Trice including tia
irraviEC tube Is 75 cents. irocista or by
nail. The liquid form embodies the med-1
itmul propeiUve of tha sohd preparation. I
j plow of Eloquence
Is indispensable if one wishes to fairly describe the superior
ity of this store as a trading place. It takes-strong words
and lots of them to convey an idea of what we have for
customers; but a visit to the store will make words unnecessary.
You'll find artistic "Wall Paper in abundance.
Floral Designs,
Panel Effects,
Solid Colors,
Geometric Conceptions.
You'll find them right in color, design and price.
Cents per Double Roll and up.
have beenfor
Prices'on Crockery are down lower than they
a long time. This is true of our
stock just now, and you will do well to get in and
fit up your shelves while you can save money by
so doing.
6 Handled Cups and Saucers, 50 Cents.