Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, December 20, 1901, Page 8, Image 8

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Legal Notices.
Kill. II It I 'M NAI.I..
In lh Circuit Court f the Slat of Ore
gon, Kir Hit County of I laekaiuas
pel I wood Land tut Im
provement Ci. (a cor
John K. Broeije. Marie
llroelie. Helen I-
titration, Creed
titration, Carroll
Cleland. N. Simmon-
on ami Fred iUreng,
Defendant, I
Statx or Oaxontt (
lU'sti or ClacxabuM
Bv virtu of a j.idgtuent order, decree anil
n execution, iluiy issued out ot ami under
the seal ol i lie atnive nnuiwl oourt, in the
above emitied cause, to me duly directed and
date i Ibe S.h day of Ihceiuber, HH.U, upon
' jidgueut rendered and entered in said
Court on Hie 12ih day of November. UJ1,
in lavor ol Hie rellwood Land an I Improve
litem Company, plainufl, and against John
and Marie Kronje, tieleiidants, lortliestim
ol $-UJ M) and interest thereon at me tale
ol 8 pr cent per annum tioni Hie 1st rtai
of May, Ijsrt, and Hie tiirther sum of f 15J UO
aa at torney 's Ice, sud the turtiirr autu ol
f U) O'Mj and uisburseuieiiU, and the
cos ol and iihiii tin ant, comtuanding
tne lo make sa.e ol Hie lolioTin described
real property, situate in the co mty ol
Clackamas, state i( Oregon, ko-ail:
'I hai piece or i'aicelol piopetty described
as Dtgiiihing al a p ant in the division hue
between the Nmtb and 011111 halvei of I he
Urorge Crow Ootia'ion Land Cialm allien
Is Iwtnty-rlghl chains and eighty-live links
Weslol wheie the said division line inter
eecle the hast hue ot said Oiaiiu; tneuce
Nouih to me X nth lifu ol ti.e forty ai re
tract set apart by decree to lmia Jan
Bunnell; ibeuce'E islerly along said North
line ol ti e thirty ace tract set apart by de
cree to J. J. Crow ui the East line ol tne
aaid Oeorge Crow Donation Land Claim;
thence iiorberly along the said Km hneol
Said Claim to a point armcb Is 65 Ui fret
ouiberiv wheie the division line between
the North and M .utli hail of said George
Crow Puliation Liud Claim la inlersected
by ibe Eai line thereof: thence West 1 lt 10
feet to ibeuei.tvr id Ibe County toad; lhei.ee
norther. y al ng the center ol the said
County mad to a (mint wbe'ettie same in
tars ts the d. tiding line between the north
and muiu halves ol sa d Donation Land
Claim: tt.ei.ee westerly along the said divi
ding i ie to lue place ot beginning, tntuated
in Ibe County ol Clackamas, and Mate ol
Oregon, ii lid containing twenty seven acres
moie or less, to be sold lirsl and the pris
ts eoa tneteol io be applied as loltoas:
1m. I'o the eX ene ol said sale and lo
the cost.- and disbursements of this suit
2nd In Hie payment ol such Judgment
as mar be recovered in this suit.
3rvl The baiatn e il any may be disposed
ol as theCuiitt niay be advised and (J i reel.
But il me proceeds ot ti.e said sa'e id tne
properiy above described I not utlicient
to saiinv the Judgment lor the amount
herein granted, tnen the following real
properly wl.icb is a portion ol the real prop
erty ei out and Uenbrd in ihe Morgae
Sot lonii in tbe complaint be sold, lo-wu :
Commencing at an iron stake at tne
northeast corner ol tne thirty acre tisct ol
land owned by John F. Bioelje, said point
being Ihe Easterly laiitit ol the division due
brte n tbe husband's and wife's l.alfi of
tb' G-orge Crow Donat on Land Claim, and
ali lb sjou beast corner i.t the laud now
owned b. Ham. i e: Schroler; thence South
fit y two ininiiies La I, trac tig the Etsl
line ol theUt-oriitCrow Donati n LamtCIa m
6M fret to a i iron slake; tbence West
lib HI l et moie or le-a io the center of the
Com :r .ua.l as no la d out; thence Nottb
er"y along Hie center of said County roa I to
an iron s'ase al Ibe division line be.ween
the h i-bind s and wne a haif ol the said
Cro 1) L C; thence Easierly along Ihe
said (liVt-l 'i line ol the id 1 1 lionntin i l.aud
Claim 'bl 3i leet more or ess to tbe place
of leguii i g, coniaii ing 3 h cr more or
leas I he nroceeds Iroin Ihe sale thereof lo
be apil ed in likt manner ssei'ifieil herein
for tne annlli-tMon the I roo-eds from the
tale of the ft ft desciihed parcel ol real
property Inr-in.
No, .her.-lore, hv virtu o' saiil rzecti
tion, juilgmenl o'der and necree, and in
compliance with the commands of said
writ, I ill, on H;or lav , the
lU H DAY OF J AXDAKY, l'Jft.';
at Ihe hour of 1-30 o'clock, . ni , at th"
from door ot the County Court House in
the City ol Uregon City, in said County and
bta'e, sell at public suctii -n. sttl ject io re
deniption, to the higheal bidder, for V. H
poM coin cssh in hand, all the right, title
ami interest which ihe within named de
letnlanis or either of them, had on Ihe dale
of the nmr g-ge herein orsit ce hid in or lo
tbe above described real property or any
part thereof, to sati-fy said execution, judg
ment nrder, decree, Interest, cos is and ad
accruing costs,
Flieriff of Clackamas County, Oregon
Dated, Oregon City, Ore , Dec. 7'h, 194.
In tbe Circuit Court of the State of Ore
gon for tbe County of Clackamas.
W Stalnaker, phlj. )
Wary Stalnnkerrtefuf
To Mary H alnuker, the bhove naitteil rle
fen a it :
In tbe name of ti e H'ate of Oregon. You
are hereby reqiii'eil to appear and answer
the complaihi tilt d against yuu in the
alKjve entitled cause on or before Ihe 27ch
da of N iieinlr r, r'l. which ia six weeks
Iter Octoner 11, I'M, 'he date otdered for
the first publication of this notice, ami it
you f.iii tu apptar a' d answer the piaintitl
will apply for the relief prayed for in his
complaint herein, to-wit:
Kor a decree dissolving tbe bonds of
matrimony no existing between plaintiff
am. oeie.i.iant, ami lor such other and
fnrf'K-r relief as to the court seeun meet
and j iet. Tlii sum'nuns is puhPslien hv
ornerof Hon. Thus. F. liyun, judge ol the
County Court
Murte and entered Ibis 9ih lav of O"tolier
A'lorn y for PI intU.
AtluiltiNlrnf or'a police
In the Coutitv Court of the Slate of Ore
fron for Clackamas County.
In the matier of the estate of Augusta
lleli-her, He. eased.
Notice l hereby givin that the final ac
count of li ile-tt tin-hie, the ailntinistnitor,
wttii the will annexe.l. of rbe estate of Au
gusta Mi Ichcr, dcead. has been rendered
t" said court for seitlement, and that Mori
day the (i i: d y ..f January, 1902. at 10
o'c'O'-k a . m . at the ('nuntv court rtKtui in
sain (,'j'ihtv Ins hem dup,- apoiti ed hy I
said Court a ihe time and nlace lor the si t j
tlertietit Of sai I a'cmmt. and the hearing
and ile'ermiiiing ofsnva-d all nMoc-lona
ti.eret.). !:0BKH T BIEHLE,
Adminif Iraior, v th ti,e ii anntxed, of I
the estate oi Augusta Meicl.er, deceased.
f S4, f0
- or and bannm paina
of men8trnation.1 They are "LIFE 8AVEKS" to girla at
womanhood, aiding development of organs and body. JVo
known remedy tor women e'toa's them. Cannot do harm life
becomes a pleasure. $1.0O PKIt 1JOX II Y 31 AIL. Sold
by tlruffgrists. VB. MOTT'S CHEMICAL CO., Cleveland, Ohio.
For sale by Chars n 4 Co., Druggist.
Kiir.itirrK' ai.i.. ,
In the Circuit Court of tlie 8tat ol
Oregon, tor the County of Clackamas.
II. C. Steven, Jr.'
I'lainlill (
Joeliine De Voif
Johnmtn, V.
Cry Johiimm,
her ' liuanaml,
Martin (.iicrv and
Cbsrlta lleim
Defendants. J
CTATK or tKkU'lN
ColNTV r Ct.Al KAMAff
PyTirtueofa ju.lginent order, decree
ml an execution, duly IhkiicA out of ami
under the) pvsl of the alnjve entilleHl
omit, in the aliove emit IihI cause, to me
(lulrdirrH'teil ami dated the lSthdayof
Novcmrmr llKil, upon a judgment
rendered and entered in paid court oni
the l.Mh dav of Novetntier. HKH, in favor ,
of II. C. Stevens, Jr. pUinl.tl. ami againat;
Josephine IH Vote Joliinxm, ami '
Carev Johnson .tleiemltn's. for ihe sntii,
offlto.13, with intereat thereon at Hie!
rate of 8 per cent per annum (rout thef
loth of November. 1SM1 and Ihe (tnllier,
hiiiii of $S0, attorncy'a fee, and the lur-(
lliersiini of t'-X--i coats and didiurse-;
menU. and the coots of and tin this
writ, commanding me to make tale of the,
lulloAing desi?riU'd real property, situate
in ihe county of Clackamaa, atate of Ore
gon, to wit:
All of lots Ave (5) and it (() of block
fifty (f0) and all ol lota one (I) two C'),
three (3.1 and four i) ol block six'y seven
(t!7) ol Oregon City. Claiktttu n County
Now. then fo e, bv virtue of said exe
cution, judgment order and decree, ami
in compliaiii e with the commands of
aid writ, I will, on Saturday,
DKCEM BKK, 21, I'.Wl.
at the hour ol 1 30 o'clock p m , al the
iront door of the Comity Court tloue in
the City of Oregon City, in eai J Conwy
ml Mate, sell at public auction, sn1 ieel
to redemption, to the hittheal bidder, for
L gold coin rasli in hnild, all Ihe
light, title and interest which (lie within
named dcfentlant or either ot (hem,
had on the date of the mortgage heiein
or sitit'e hail in or lo the ah ve deat rilied
real proerty or any part thereol. lo
satisfy eaul x. cotton, jiiitgnient order,
decree, interest. cohI ami all an ruing
Sher ir of ( lackatiun Coiiwv, Ore.
Dated, Oregon C ty, Nov., 18 1!HU.
In Ihe Circuit Court of IheSrsle of Ore
gon, tor the Conn y of Clackamas.
Thomas Wike and Stella 1
t ike, his Wile,
Arthur O.r, Belle Orr
Dudley, Julia Couaghan,
hdwui Orr ami Lillian
Orr, bis w ile, Theresa Orr
A'still and Ambrose Ar
still. her busbaml, Mary
Tu Arthur Orr, Helle t)rr Dtnlhy. Julia
Cot.agl an. Edwin O, r, and Lillian Orr, his
wile, Theie-a Orr Ars ill, Auibtux Arstill,
her husba id, M iry Anderson, Bud each ol
yuu sanl deteudAuts:
In the name of the HUle of Oregon: You
re hereby re)uired lo ap.ir and answer
Hie complaint rile I against you in the anove
euiii leu suit on or before the 17th day ol
Januaiy l'Ju2, the last day presctibrdiu Ihe
order for publication ami six weeks from
tbe day o4 publication hereof, which is lie
cembet (5m 1!4, and you will take notice
t; at if you tail to so appear and answer the
complaint tiled against you herein on or
beiore raid 17. h day ol January, )!v, the
plainlills wi I apply lo tne Court for the te
lle! p'syed lor in the complaint herein, to
wit: "t or decree foreclosing the mortgage
set onl in Ihe complaint upon the following
premises, to wit: The south halt of the north
west 'inarter ol me iiorihsed quarter ol sec.
tion 31 in lowi ship two (2 south of rang'
three (3) esl f ihe Willamette Meridian, ol
Clackamas County, Oirgon, anil lor the sale
of the said premises therein set out by the
sherilfol ClHckama-Couuiy Oregon, aciord
ing to law and Ihe practice of ibis conn ; that
t ie proce di of ,sid i tie may I applhd in
payment or ti e amount due to the plaiutids
amltbatsniil difetmania ami all peisons
claiming um'er them, atibsiq ent to Ibe
execution ol said murigige iipoti ssid prem
ises, in any capacitt whatsoever, ina' be
barred amt foreclosed of all rights or claim
in said premise and every part thereof.
That plainlills or any other party in this
suit may bee one a pnrtias-r at said sa'e;
that Ihe sheritl execute a deed to the pur
chaser; that the purchaser he let Into
pos-essjoo ot the premises upon production
ol the sheriffs rerntia'e of sale," And tor
such other and further relief as shall be
meet and eipii'alih in Ihe premises.
This summons i publish hy order ol
the Hon. Thos. F. Kvai', Juge of Ihe
C 'O ty Court of Clackamas Coun'y, Ore
koii, Uxin application of the p amlitls
herein, which order is duly made and en
tered December 3rd, 19nl.
Attorneys lor 1'laintills.
In the Circuit Court f the Hia'e of 0 egon
within and for the Connty of Clackamas.
Kainuel U. Rowan, I'lll.f
vs. Suit for t'ivorce.
G aila Kuwait, Deft )
To firatia Kowan, the above named tie
In the name of Ihe Stale of Oregon, y iu
are hen hy required to appear anil answer
tne complaint tiled Hgainst you In Ihe above
entit.nl suit on nr betoie Friday the lOtu
diy ol January, life', lollowing the expira
ti ui ol six weeks pub lea ion of this sum
mons. This suit is brought to obtain a decree ol
divorce bei ween you ami the platntill ami
aasriling lo tne . la. null I lie custody ol
tour minor chi d, K-i 1 1 e !.. Kmaii; and
you are hereby no ilie.l that if yotl fail
lu apear and answer the said conipitnt
as anove required the platntill wlilappy
to trie court tor the n pel hen in prayed.
This sumtnons is i tihttshed bv order of
Hon. IbomasA. Mi'H i.e. Judee ol said
court, made the lilst. oat of Nov. l!d.
Dale of liiet puliif a'ton Nov zim, I'mi
Aiiorneys for Fiainiitl.
Bean tha A Kind You Haffl Always Bought
They overcome Weak
ness, irregularity and
omissions, increase, vijf-
Notice for I'ubllcullon.
D-artiueiit of the Interior.
Land Olhce at Oregon City, Oregon
NotemlM-r 1'ud. I'.ml
Notice is hereby given that tha foho ing
named settler has tiled notice of bis InUi
lion to make Heal proof in ntpporl of his
claim, and that said prool will be made Im
fora the Kegi-ler and Keceiver at Orrgou
City, Oregon, on D ceinber 1'Jth, l:U, via
lMHEUr C, 11 UN f KK.
II K. No. 1HI0, lot tne set, of i.i' e.
of and s'i ot sw seo 12, t 6 s, r 3.
He names the lollowing oitne-ses to prove
his continuous residence upon and t ultiva
lio of anl land. Hi:
II-lekian E. Carr, Joshua (iorbett, 'res-
ton li.inney, llrrt C. I'almer, all of t niton,
Heg sier
In the Circuit Court ol the fUsie of Ore
goo, for the County of Clackamas.
J. T. Apperson, p tl
T. L. Chamun, Trustte
Kale I.. Ctiaiman, A. S
Uresser. Mary Cu'itr,
tdward H. Harris. C'ai k
amas Ausiract A Irusi
Co., acoriKiraiiiu , A. W.
Cheney, Her ilia M. etttus
ner, K. J. .McKiunck,
Michael Mmank, J (j.
Mack, James W fart
low, Umls II. Waser
iiiau, (jeurge Morris,
Mrs. C. li. Jolisnn, W,
11. Ihjhyns. L C. led
lord, nnuiiel (Iraham,
W. E.U ss, Mary tieurge.
1) J. Hwnz r, Uavtd
Ttirney, barali tieotge,
A. 11. tieotge, Koarlii
Collins, John Vinuey, 1.
Le.Maineu, Maria Minn
taller, Calheilne UurS
b'dder, McMiiinvlile Col
lege, a uoriHjraiioti.r'iota
Klue, KmelieC. rlhasr.J.
f. blissr, W. J. Uauch,
ToKdardB Harris, Michael Minarik,
I.e. n tl. Washerman, Ueorge Morris, Mrs.
C U Joiiann, 1) C I euloid, Hamuel Ura
batu.W. K.Uo,Mary lieorge.John Vinuey,
Maria binutaller, riora hue, tielemianla;
In ibe name of the Hiale of Oregon : You
sr neieoy rerpnre.i lo appear and anser
t.ia 0 (iiipiaint Hied against yotl hi Ihe anovt
entl led sun, on or I. ore .uouduy the ti.n
nay ui jaunajy 1 Jii, a..u It you tail lo an-
er lor want ui rent the piutmill will take
a uecree against yuu lor me leiiel di iuauoed
in Ibe coiupUlnt, to wn: that y iu anil
each of you and ail persons claiming Under
youoreacli ol you, el her as purchasers, in
cniiiorancers or o.nermise, may be barred
ami lurecloaeil ul ail righla. claim or iq utt
ol redemption in Ihe lo. losing dercnO d
real estate situate In Clackamas County,
Uregon, lo tll:
ISei.ining at a point i I 7SJ cha.na North
and il minutes est from lue Mouth v est
corner ol the UuHallou l.ud Claim ol Wil
liam iioinies and He io 1 p. 3 a., li, 2 fc.. ol
lue Anuwelte il. riilian; running l.ieiice
North tiJ degrees li minutes K.sl parallel
With tne O.iUih houinlaiy ul sal.l cialit. 2- UI
cuuiiis; ibriice Norm lit Ulchai.is to a siooe ;
tne. ico -Veil Id 2d cliuins lo a sione; tlienti
Nonu !)H i liollis to a sione; llit-nue Houlh
8itlegres Weal li 7.) Cnains lo a atone on
tne West bu. inuary ol said claim; lueiice
.North Ti unntiie. West 13 5.') chain I.,
Cia.iu lornei ; thence Noith Xi decrees -V)
inliinle. haul tt 51 Cnains lo the line he
le ir Town.hlps two and ;hree Snuln;
tneuce Weston lo nship unr 1. lilllalll to
c al i. line; thence N. rib 1H de. tees kasl on
claim line 5 '-'5 chain to tne most noullierlv
Corner ol a tract ol land ue-ceil Ly Arcnl-
lial l JlcMlney d lie lo tfavni ilcl-anh-lio
loUnii reioid.d on pages i'gj and 'iiil ol
Book "C" ol records ol nee.it tor salu County
and Mate; thence North degrees ;C) min
utes VVes on Houtnetiy line ul sal.. Mc
Laughlin tract io ihe lop ol the tir.l main
mull ; thence couth Westerly with .he n.i
amlers of saiu bliilt lo tne luiei.euiion ol
tne same with the lownsl.ip line; thence
West on sa d fowuship lluj to tlie inter
section ol tne same l li tiie.i.iuUi westerly
iKiitinlary due of said AlcKinliy c aim;
thence fcoulh 4) degrees i.a tun claim line
to tbe tin. si Northerly cornel ul tract ol
and deeded hy A. f . Hedges d wile to J.
1 . A ppersun t y lUed liim.il iecoroe,i on
pages :Vj5oI li.iok "N" ut iheus lor said
C miity nd Mtal-; thence South l'l uecree,
West 1 1.Hcuatn lo a sloue mi the nouth
bouiiuaiy line ol me said Hedge cianu;
the. ce hast oi claim In i 17. IN cliail a to a
,.oinl ; tneuce Noitu 3 17 Cnains to a point
on the .M' Kinley claim line; ' tin ni'e
Karl lo a poi. t nn the West iMiundary line
ol said li. don s claim ; tneuce Mont'i Pj tne
pime of negiiining, conlaining 2.V) aires
more or lesv
Aliu that t ie plaint fl :nay have such titter
or luriher ie iel in the premises as to this
Court may seem met land equitable.
I hissumni.ins is published hy order of
Hon. Thoiuaa A. Mcltrnle, Judge of the
Circut Court ol the ritale of Oregon for tne
County of Clat kamas, maile in onau Court
on the l.r)th day of Noveuiier, !Wl.
The first ptriliiaili.il ol thia 111111010114 ia
inane 011 the 22nd day ol November, llXil
1 K ClMhrt,
Attorney lor I'laintilf.
utlrsy fur I'liMlcullou
Timber Uml, Ant J m 3, IHT1
I'niHtl Mialea Land Oilier, Oregon City,
Oregon, 1W li, !H).
Notice I. hrrehv given that In coiupllauce
Willi Ihe provisions ul the act ul culMtets id
Juiie.1 liTS, entitled "An act lor the sale
ol iiiuurr lands In Ihe Oialri n Caillmtila,
Oregon, Nevada, ami Wadiingiou Tenl
, lory," as 1 xiandi'd in all ihe I'uhllo Land
Mla'lvs h) act of August 4, l'J
of rortlaml, cntinly uf Multnomah, siaia of
Oregon, has this iiy It'fl In this nlllis his
1 aworn stairinenl No d-MI.', lor the purohase
ol the MK ol lection No I'i In Township
No. H .Noii.h, Kingo No 4 Kasl, and will
I oiler prool lt bIioa tnat tha Uud sought is
I inn's valuable for Its limlier or stoi.a
itlisit lor agricultural ptiriaisea, and to e
tahllsh his claim lo said laud belota the
, Hegister ami Kecalttrol this nllhta
1 Oregon Cltv, Oregon, 011 Wed.ira. ay, the
j llhli day ul K. hruaiy, !3.
Ha names aa witnesses:
1 II. Kperou, of Currinsville, Oregon;
J Geo I, iliown.of 1'ortland, Oregon ; Joseph
tlreeu, ul Mirlngwater, Oregon; John
I hpperson, ot kel.o, Orego i,
Any and ad tx isons 0. aiming suver.e y
the aiMtvaxlescritied lauds ail tripiesled to
Mis ineir claims minis ollli-a 011 or beiore
said I'J.h day of Keuruary, IIKiJ,
Kegiso r.
In Hie Circuit ('unit of lint Statu of Ore
gun, for tho County uf t. lut kainas.
Martin (iicsy
J. IVore John-
ami, W. U
Johnson, lier
liiislulnl and
t. liar lea Helm.
Stat or Ohkuox J
Cot'NTY Or t l ACKAMAs.f
Hy viitue of jipigiiieiit order, decreet
ami an exccuiioii, tin y tssin d out olaml
iiinli-r t liu seal uf lint nIxivh cn'l led
couit. In the alsive. rtuitleil i'ici-i', lo uie
tlnlv directed and dated I In IS'h day ol
Noiemocr Itkll, Umiu a judguient ami
dccli'ti rendered add linlcicd III aid
com t.m the l.Yliduy of NovcuiImt. 1 1H 1 .
in lavor I Msttm tiii-sy, I'Uli.t If, mnl
against J. )Vuis Johnson, W. t'. John
on. her lni hitnl and ( liarli s llelna le
IcmUiiia, for lint agg'ega'o sum ol
('.'Sill L'.Y Willi tnleresl lln-rcon at Ihr
iate nf tl per ceul per ainniiti fiom the
16th day ol November, and tun cot) a of
and upon thia wnt, commanding me to
make sultt ol Ihe lollowing described real
property, situate In lite coun'y of Ciui k
attiss, state ol Irtegnn, loan:
All 0 III. a k No. .M ml all ol lllo. It
N . 'ylt X epl h is & and 11 Ih'ieol in
Oregon C'ily, Oregon aa p-r duly r
Corded pliit'of s.iid city.
Now, Ihereinte, liv virtue of aaul ex
ei ull iu, jiiilgmetl', order ah I decree, and
ill Cotnplialire With I list coinuiallils ol
aaid wilt, 1 will, nn Saturday, the
at the hour of Two o'ciN-k 1' L, al the
front iloor of Die County Conn II uish in
the City of Oregon City, 4n aaid CounM
nd Mate, sell at public auction, stilijm I
Il redetiipiion, to Hie highest hid. let, (or
U. ti. g'll.l coin cash in hand, ail the
right, title) and Interest which the wnhin
named defetidauta or either of them, had
on the date of the, nioitgagx herein or
since had in or lo the shove iLm rila d
led prot-rly oretiy pail thereof, to sal-
isfy said execution, judgment nrder, de
i-ne, lnlf rent, coela and all crriniig
Slier fT of Clack iinaaCouuiy, (henn
Dated, Oregon I i y, Or., Nov. is, iliol.
In the Circuit Court of the Stale of Ore-
ton, for Ihe County of Clackamas.
Mae K Wards, I'll If.
Charles Kdwarl.. Dell
To Charles K Iwanls. defendant
named :
I rt the name of Ihe State of Oregon
are hereby coiuman led to aptiear and an
swer the complaint Died In rein againat vmi
1 1 the above eti'itied sun, 00 or before
the time prescribed in the order for the
Pllhlication of Himmona lo-wtl:ou ur he
lots six weeks alter the fr,t .tiili.sii,n
thereol, and If you lad so to atmear
ml answer said complaint, for an
llieieol, Ihe plstnllll will ai n'v o Hie lour
lor lire relM III her cuiip aim ptaved for,
and for decree il.s.l. ing ti.e bin d ol
niatrim u y exi-iitig hel ween the till null
ami defen iani. ami for smti oilier re I ef as
may seem ju.. ami eiiiiahle
1 lie dale ot the llrsl pnliiii s'loii nf this
'1111111011-l November I.Vh. :si. ami this
summons Is puull-hed putsiiant to su imler
insile and elite eil in tne clrciin court nf
the Sisteof Oregon lo- C nckamss Coitniy.
Hon. I'linmat A. Mclt-I e, J ulge, 011 tne
1 1 Hi day ol N'ovemi.er. Ilsll
uKoitiih c Hroi; r.
Atiorn y lor plamilir,
Iii the Circuit Court of the Slate of Ore-
gun lor Clackamas County
Alketzaine Hlrlcktin,
aura fiithrn. J'lhn
(ii.lu n .All), rl Htiu k
li sa and Kl Htrickhn,
1). feu.lt li's
To Albert Hinekiiu anil Klla Sirh klin:
III the name ul Ihe Hiale ol Oregon : You
and eaeh of ymi are hereby n quired In an
ear and ansaer Ibe con plaint hlril aiimt
y iu In lb alaiv entitled suit nn nr hep,re
the first day ol Fe'iruary, ll'2. end II you
la I lo appe ir and answer, pie.imill will an
ly to the court for the relief demanded In
Ihe said complaint, towii: for a di-r ree
against you a-nl each ol ym. that a certain
deed heretofore executed hy Katulolnh
oirieaiio .0 inniiiiiii nereiu, on Ihe (rd day
'" riei-i,i,
soss loco , torn, to tne sgree.eenls and .
leutloiisof the parties thereto, ami decree I
Ingthstll whs the Intention nf said Kin.
dnh'h Htrlcklin to convey to plaintill bv
said deed, the tract of land defended as
o'lnws. to wit: ;
Ihe Kast hslf or Ih North West rpurnr '
f Ihe North West otlartir. and Ihe West!
k.ir..r,i.a V...H. ir..,, r.i.-v.
W,n n larteVV, see U !r S ' ' "
" ii'siiiPite merititan, in iisckamast;.mnty,
Oregon, coiiiainliig forty acres more or less:
And that plalutiir ia the owner lit fee simple
nf Ihe same; for her costs am ilistim.B
liients herein atij lor such other anil fur
ther r lief as the court may deem meet
This summons in served mi the defend
ants, Albert Htrit klin and Klla Strh klin, hy
publication once week, for ieriod nf six
successive weeks, prior lo Ihe lirst day of
February, i;si2, in accordance with ih r-;
ilerof the Hon. Thomas A. Mcltride. Jndi
of the above milled court, made and en
tered therein, on the 17iU day of Icembr
Theda'"f the first pnblieatmn being
-"".-"j I
III tho tiittHnr of lint anil of J, T. Af
peison aitaiimt Hie liiialee ol the) H0111I1
Oregon i!iy Sviidicalw, A 8 Ireaa. r,
tint ntturiiKy for Ihe (rtislco, lias II led Ina
nswor slid, uiotii other things, ake
(or a ii'lnuae ol all Ihe loi sold Ihe
itioiigigM expressly proviilcs This
iiniticr will pmhalily ho tlmldcd at the
Juimary term uf Ihe Cltcinl Court.
The w ill of Maurice Ca lotmn was llletl
(or ptohale luestisy The will was made
Apill4 llHJl.Hiid Ciidonaii tiled three
d iysl.itci. He ulvri hie SID cro farm
at K. I wood, lid all of li let oilier proptoly
lid pctsoiial i lf.icla lo his wile, Maltha
Cadoiiati, The estate waa valued si
MaHI Cadaimn, excctllilx of lhete.
late of Morrlft Cadanau, ilcicased, ha
hecnj tiiilmrimij to exciHe a pnipe r ills
charge of a uioilgsge executed by Jacob
Kuilh and wife to Mortla Cttdstiau for
the sum of f 7(H), cuvering certain piop
criy in Washington County.
Ah mi I wielliirds of the properly old
il the sh.r If sale of the l'.KH) lax roll,
w ia hid in hy I lie Coiinly, The cash
shIi.s lo linlivlilii lis ainoiinlcd lo )I0'.'H
with costs.
Moml ty, Keh. 3, I '.Ml', hssmii let aa
the date (or the seitieiuuiit of (lie estate
ol James MrKehiie,
1. W, Howera, guardian ol Uu May,
Il is furnished S hmid of HK) for Ihe
luitl.fnl pi tfiiiinnni'ti of his duty,
Matlha Cadnnatl, rxeculiix nf the will
ol Molt Cadaiiiii!, dcccaied, lias fl!r a
llotul 01 tl Kill Willi the I'. H, Fidelity
and (tinraiity Company, aa surely,
MarriaH Iheuaea Were laued lliis
week lo Cora Joliiiaoll, and Kohrrt
tl. Cramer, i'Aj Surnh A. Iliingatn, 2S, j
4lid Win. . Smith, I'll.
Jmlg i Urido illotirnixl Clrccll
Court yesterday afternoon until Jan. II,
A demurrer was filed Saturday by the
delemlaiii in ihe esse f W, I'eninsnn
v. Kite II. Pei nisnti, slsilng that the
C'lliiplaltit herein llled dues not stale f it ta
sulll.ii iii to rotiriiliilH any rue of eti.t.
Ja'cd Karstetler lists hroliglit acliotl
ja'f W. Ilutilesty el al. In recovet
f -'.' on a promissory note dated Novein
b-r 0. IHi'. Tim dcfeiulaiila. S. W
ll.ir.le-ly, Klim-r llaiiht y and lid I ill
M. ILirtles'y, Id aei-nre payment ol ihe
principal sum and Inlioesl execuletl and
d livcred to Natali htreve a certain
inort'g.-. Interest on (he note and
mur'k'igi! has Itecii p ud to NoveinU-r tl,
10 K) Th plaintiff pray a for jinlgrnenl
lor the Mini of $2.Y1 with 10 per tent In
ternal Ironi Novciiilr 0, I'M), $:l aitor
m-y h i s, and for cosia and tlislmr.e
metils ; thai ihe ti-u.il decree may he
Ml ide fi.r the sale of the preiilisna slid
the pro. e.-ds lie applied to ihe amount
due Ihe plaintifT.
Co.iliilge ,t McClaine have brought
suit ng tinst N lliiti li.-l id al. lo recover
Ihe sum of IH'K) on a piomiswnry nu'e
tinted ai Silverton, IVceinlier 2H, IWH,
The tleleiiilanla lo aei-iirn llm note exe-
filled a mortgage bearing the da'e of!
necemher 31. On (h loher 18, 1901, the
plitlit'lir aid 17 I'M (nr tax' assessed
on which were a lien The plaiiitlir de
nuiiiils J.nlinent from the defendant for
H00 with 8 per rent Inlcrest, ami f 17.HH
with I) per cent interest from O toiler 1H,
1901 ; lor 1UI) attorney feet and for coals
and ilisl.iiiseini'iits
.ollce, ia 4'rclllor.
Notice is hereby given that Ihe under
signed has la-eii dulv anHiiriled by the
county ronrl ol the Stile of Oregon fur
Clsckatuss dimly, a luilniatratrli of the e.
are 01 r. lKin n Met line y All per-on.
having clal'tis against said e.'sle are herein
rerpiiritl lo ptesent Ihe same to me pniierly
verilhil, a hv law reputed, at niV resi
lience at Wlisonvllle, Oregint. wlihiu all
months In 111 this date hereol.
l).iled lli wiulipt 4 i:'l.
A'linliil-ira'rix ul tlie estate ul Kdwin H
.M cCiincv, deceased
Notice Ih hereby given Hint Ihe unib-r-signed
has heen iluiy npiHiiuled exucll
Oixnf the la-t will' ami teslanient of
Cyrus Jones, detvascd, uud any ami all
persnna having clainia nguln-t the said
estate inu-t present them lo the under
signed, at her farm near Maripiain, ).,
or at the olllce n my attorneys, J i rni k
A Kisllmrn, in Oregon Cdy, Oregon, on
or before Ihe expiraiinn of six week
from the dale of this imiice,
I) inn k A Kistliain,
Atlys. (or Fx-t tilrix.
Dated December 12, 11)01,
t'lfy 1reasiirer' Nolle.
Notice ia hereby given that I have
sulliiii nt fiiiidn nn huntl in Dm c.t.
,1 n.t-nrv oi wicgon i;tty lo pay all out
stnrliittf general fund warrant endorsed
, n r to ,nil. r. limn V11 1
' " J '.""V 6. lilOH. All oulslat.d-
.u . H" "'''". All Water
r nn" "'"'a" la endnrsnd prior to Nov.
id, Hi'il. excepting watianlti No. i'O.M
Inten-t aHls...a,.n i 1 :i 1
" . .m.d oreirt neu
H'e dale ol Ihia m li.
City Treasurer.
Oregon City, Oregon.
Dec L'l), M)i.
II Ht itttil
C llllll lllt'S
c,,rt1 without operation or detention '
ironi bUNinesa
mi U. 1. WATTS
Room 14, M- Kay rd ?i Ktarlt Sta
lleere V I .n
There U no such tl,K , ,
this ivoild, It la mi lihiKumihiii,.
la pnrtly the reiimiu why w.,,Ul j Ul,l
llhlcd lis to ace It. Wlr
Tlte .M.I.I....H,,.. ,,f , ,
III k; Mlclltc. na we Ulitt.THllll( (
p'y nn mis 1 hat tli.i,. ,m, I1U,1('
ilclh nlf or loo loud f,,r il,,. ,.Br tu
let-. Ill other Winds, wH.
hciir motliliiB we cull nml p .
alien,,.," Hut Wherever ynu,;1
tre iiuiida srouinl ynti. ;V,U )u "
tleelH'at llilliu tho nlr vl,rnl(1t
miikca ft autiinl. An liisinnh,.tl ."'
hiN-ii liiveiiicil Hint will I-,,,..!, . '
siiiiiuls niul
u-ntilt of tl,,. vlhtmi,,,,,
It... e...s..M...l...l ..l..l....t..n
liiH 1- I - ui, n. loiniiijyui j iff,.
111 Hint way you inns ,, '
and tit'oiH'rlv iiiiil,.ri.,,.,i
...lu.elw i,,,.I..Hu 1
llicillis, 1
Ity roiupnrliiK Ihe plfiur,., ( ,
Willi tllosit of Hint cnlnlllloii u( (1,1,,
I Mown nn alienee we kmIii nn Idea
ilKTeri'llce InIivccii n ntilsy ij
Insiiiiice, uml one wlicn "i,,u,',
leliee reluna." na the iiut,.M nil( ,t '
Is rnther miriirUliiic to lln, lllh dl 1
luihnnce st tho time when eivryiiiin,
NpjHitre lit btf iwrfcclly iiiliL-pH.
auu's IVeckly.
The Inle l.ml Unvlle used to my lfi
roftllhSt to The Ciindld Krleutl. "'tL,t
lilgli illplomntlsu luiil nlunyt t i
Ihclr Kitnrtl iigiiltml Inirlu'iilng wm
tiiuliily Uiisslnii uci-iits, who would ni,
npy wile 10 ettrncl Inrnriiiiiilou. 1,
Ing Hie Itllsao Tlllklsli war, whin
rtie wna slwrtys oil the verge f ,
Crista Mllll Itllssllttl Slllli'sliHU st
llioat mixlolia to know whin Ktijljr
wotilil do under Klven rtn-tiniaiance.
II Imly ciinie 11(1 to him suddenly (t ,
hull mid siild:
"I hciir (lint the Htiilmn hnre ois.lt
N furcetl iintrcti and inlered CoiwHs,
lllinplc." Imping 1111 iluiiht llmt ,e toul)
lie siirprlacd Itilo autne ltitairvt-t .
He merely replied:
"lliirtl! And I suppose Id U
hna conferred on ihciu 1 tit order of the
Turkish lUiih!"
The lildy colli lliin-d grnvely;
"And they any In I'nris Unit If Fdj
l.'ititl dta-a imi Interfere Hie ranlrrt
iicsiloti N ai lilt-d In favor of llui.'
Ami llmt." r ilhtl Ills etcill.wf,
"k I aupiMiae, (he new Jtnl.tuitil of
WosJ Too llanl in Hara,
1 hetv pre n rlnln kltnla nf wtsd llj
are loo hnnl to burn, or refuse tu Itnl't
for some oilier rensun, stub at Iruv
wimmI and Ihe iiimmI hrler rtsit, hut II
a curiosity to come across 1 piece of
t'omiiion ih nl- ttie soft, light trmsl of
which so tunny I unci ire lusile-llut
enn not Ih set lire to.
The piece of wimd In ipiesllcn wh
coiinnnii white tleul fruin Hwcdea, bit
wis renin tl; tilde for Its cnniuinillr
W right. 1 1 hint formed pnii of 1 boat
iM-lutiglug lo a whaler and hail brrt
tlrnged la-low Ibe aitrfnce of (tie ti
ter to Hie depth of mure Hum bilf I
utile by a lin rjHHitiid wlmle. TW
h i. glh of Hue nml the ilinrt dirtily
fnuii Hie point of ilescenl after H
atriick at willed the wlmle Mse In Itit
urfiice waa a pnKif of the d"ilb l
which It had drugged the Isuit.
Only I'tit t of Hit boat cninv up p'
I Ihe end of the (Inc. and II wns likra
on iNianl when the wimi imn tiers
kllhil. That pleee of wimmI km
hard Hint It would nut hunt In 1 tat
Jet. The Weight of wnter had too
pressed IL-Uiinloli Sliniilnrd.
Illrda Snass.
A French writer. Henri Coupon. ?i
Ihnl. Iliilwllht-inndlliK llie fuel of llifir
luiplleliy. Hie smiik of hlnls caning I
luillnicd with inualcnl Innrumcnti t"
rnil-e uf (he InifMiaalhllliy of repretlue
liis ihclr peculiar ilmlire. The iioiMof
blnla. while eorreepulidllig Willi euf
tttisil.nl male, nleo linludf vlhratloni
occupying the Imcruil IhMwhb our
holes. The duration of birds'
lismilly very nlmrl. two nr three sec
onds for ihriiHhra 11 nd clmlllucliii. fnr
or live Nii-ninN for l.liicklilnls, hut front
two lo Ave inlliutes fur ihe lurk.
A anlmoa's Leap.
One nf the illtii-lora of Hie Norwt'd's
fli heclea Ima I .ecu ciulcil voting
enver the height II sillinuli will l''l
w heu clenillikt u wnlerfiill wlilili olk
altneta Its pitssngr up stream .M"
were plnced Mow (lie full I"
ncclltiile inenstireini lits. It lJ
tlmt n flati enn Icnp lo tl' l','Klt of
twenty f.rt. U bru a llsli rnH J '
ileiir the full nl one bound. H reinlwl
In the fullliiK wntrr nud llieih ,l'
rnpld twUt of Hie Ixnly. gve '"i
and wns aucccssruL
Ahnnl Ike Until.
"nilliltiM. whnt Is the t mortirr-
Ing thlnjj you rnn conceive of?"
I!IIUIn-l 6'l'" If wheu wnninnj
eons hiivlng row u over I he r
their fiiilicr. who Is of "'"H "",,u'
the thrifty mother him the oiiigi"'
clot lies of her huh rcvnmfd fir w
old Kenlleimiirs uas-.-New Voik TUn-
Ilia flrat Impressloe.
x...... .. ... . e-U'hlH 1
l ivn nervice cnumm
J till know llholif l:tJihliestf
Appllcntil Cor Position on Po'"
Force-lltitlnpeKl Ih the nnine ,,f 4 '
He tllHense. It tiHiinlly fnt"l;"
enfo Tribune.
Her . (
How old me you. inadam-
Ju tic
(hcaiiuiiugiyi-i -"""
Is, I
Judge-Out wltlj It: The li:''r 101
wait the older you w ill grow.
Two of a Kind.
n..tvi,.t anlendld illunT
flon'l often get sa Rood men I n ll!"(
Little Willi.
don't either. -
(sod of the hofti
Thr word "rnlle" comes from W iA ,
III "mllle.- a llioiisiind. A '"'"""j',
pm t a of 0 lunrebltiK soldier Bia'h'
Uouiun wile.