Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, November 22, 1901, Page 2, Image 2

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i U
The iiirilf and hltrrvw have been
uoint om very good work on tht road
The Mormon brvther will hold eorvio
, in the Literary IUII next bunday even
ljui H.lhh.r.t (a n..if .t.W .
- H ' w - V
Our rorresimndentt will plraa nl ' I'tl fevr. Ir. I.eavilt, of Molalla, it
In articles before Wrdnedava of h in atiendame.
ia A A A A tt. ,C .O. .O. A A A
week, otherwise it realties us too late for
Philip Mlni(ir it home on a vl.lt.
Kmil Hornaohuh and wife viailed hit
pirvnta Sunday.
Wealev Hill and wiftf viiiiKl K.I Tray,
lor and family Sunday.
John Kiaher it goimi to Seattle to work
in nsU anl Jour fa.t.uv.
Ctirift Morhnke it buildint ft barn for i
Fred I ihe'. 0( tUrkee.
Constable K. K. Guenthpr attended
Grange at Reaver Creek today.
Mi-a Atlilevn lln!i liinin ht h-gun
tak.i k f,m on the violin from Ki-r,
'til am Hettman liaa returned from
Clarke, where tie haa bin walking tl.e
I!t lew week.
Mr. Grimm and ton Cirero, of Mack.
bnr wer in our ,,buri-" n bin-ine-a
one day laat week.
George Curlon, of Carut, bought
twenty-five balitl of wheat from Chnt I
lIorriM'hub lt! evk.
The people ho have ren'e-l Mr. Cum.
in' and M
arrived from the Km.
Chrit Bluhm ha nt ved hit cli itr
to Will Moehnke's place, an t j .nr. it
to Wiil't iteirner. where it wj:l remain
until the water ii-.
Mr. Chrit .m ,ui an, w;fw ant
a few !aa in MiUiukie .! nriht the
week vii'in their n rMwtrt, wl.o i !
t-rof the Kfaig lioal church at that
) lace.
DeJ Martin Mill died Fri Ur evening
Nov. at the home of Ins ton Weaiey.
anj was burieJ at 2 o'clock Sunday
a't-rnwn in the Ktanel cal a-raveyad,
by the Union Ve e-n't l'n ion. Mr
Il ll hat not Ifrn a Well man for several
Jrars, an.l about a week bef.ir nit .lc.il.
waa taken vi Met)') i'l mi h hnn.huia.
He wit an old nnion vHeran'and served
in the now celebrated Loom!' Rat-err
during the entire war. Mr. Hill wai a
mao of hitch character, decided cnic
lions, and an earneat cu i-i..
Mr. KoiMvion, of Turky Hill, wat the
the ifiieat of of Mr. and Mr. Trot. Hon.
ney laot Sunday.
The Colionilea in attendance ntort
flt.e time at the party at Mr. Hiltner'i
latt Saturday nwht.
Mr. and Mr. Fiank A roup it and ton
Willard, are tnendintf a lew dava viaitiim
relattvea near llubtmrd.
P. C. Talmer and Emery Gottbirn left
iollon lat Fridar to teek a fortune in
the Washington timber rami.
Kutcherintf la the oer ol the dav
(jnite a number of fine hoist hare tHen
butchered thit Week in thlt locality.
There will be a thouting match at the
tolton atore en the M.h of thit mouth
for aeae, turke)t, chickens and pork,
The literary eociety haa purchate-l a
Hov for ita ball and ia now more
comfortably aituated for old Jack FioM'a
"Two year ap my hair wit
railing out btJly. I purchaied i
bottle of Aycr'a Hair Vigor, and
soon tnynair Hopped conjingout."
Min Minnie Hoover, Tarit, III.
Mr. Hubard aa in Tiverton laat Mon-
Kain? Yet! and plenty of mud. Hut
it iJutt what the fartuera want.
Groaamuler a farmt, 'bttrii,iotiiUtttoa lMl Mjnd(iy
Mim Klaie Taylor tpent Sunday In
Marquatn. Well, there it atlrai tion beie.
Mrt. Jaa. Mafjuatu returned from Day
ton, Wah.. lat week, where aherpeola
week witb her brother.
Mr. W. Ionev het retitrd an a.r oil
land on the A. B. Marqtiaiu place. He
iuteudt to into the onion lusineta, we
Perhaps your mother
had thin hair, but that is
no reason why you must
po through life with half-
starved hair. If you want
Ion?, thick hair, feed it
with Aycr's Hair Vigor,
and make it rich, dark.
and heavy.
II MtMtl. AttirairWa.
tr Jur diunwl eanuol rt' 'T J"
tend u na d-,'ir and will aaiit
tuaabullla. H (ura autl rtta Ilia uma
( IWUaareliimaumi. Adtlrvaa.
J. CitKX (.XX. Lawall, Mih,
Everybody ia welcome to brlna them
elveeand bakett tilletl to auit their
fanole. and have a txlal time. A
tpeaker hat been enuaed, nnnetliliijj of
program will rendered, and tha
litte lolkt will have amuarmenta afier
dinner and when the evening romea, the
light-footed will have a chance to
- r -
before the committee till thetmall bout a
of the morning.
Hrtrtr l reel
A eclal aervli't on Thauktglvitig I' y
will be held at the Welah Congregational
Church, at 10 '.M ft. m. and at 3 p. in. A
(Hintial Invllalloti ia eileuded to all to I
J. Moat Alt Kit ham, I'aator,
Farniert are doing their winter plow
ing, with a view of toaing early in the
Frank Holuwav haa returned from
Walla Walla and will apeiid Iho Wl.Hei ;
In Highland. j
Fred Madaoii, alio boiuht ihe WalUie !
taauiill.it running the mill early and ,
lata and ia doing a good bualneat. I
Mr. Maggie llartingtou hat loeii In j
Stiver ton vlaititiK her tiater. Her hroih
er In law dil very tuddenly ami a
buried November It. He wat an old
pioneer and t-Meaed the plaint wiilian
oi'teatu. Hie name waa l.ue I'u'ler.
Mr. and Mr a. John Kelt entertalnrd
their many (rlendt at their home laM
Saturday evening, It ling John'a and
Ftvd't birthday. The table aaarpread
jwith many g x-l thlnga, eotiaiaimg of
Igoooe and birthday rale All did J'l.dm
to the repeal and Ihe Udivt a oii tonk I
lhepiill In in the framew and Ihe eveti
ing wat tpeiit with niulc. All b it at a
tale hour, aiahlng John and riod many
happy returnt.
AMhmttlono Hrlnyi lnstnnt HHIef ittid Porinnu0nl c
in 1 1 unana,
Miaa Matlie Terry It uuile 111 at tha
home of her pa rente.
Miaa Katie Newtrry. of New Era
pnt Saturday and Sunday with Mra. A.
K other.
Henry Snyder and Ed Will, of A
attendel the dance here lal Saturday
IVHO m HPiiit
ln;..n. ..Her. .,.!! .., '. ' H
It curat ai.tn all l j,nt 1 c "
Ua. t. Wtlla, i- S VllhTlii i
'Your . ,..',.. tX,'. ,..,
M I f;l tor h. goo., ,,';
tit... cl.,1,,.. ,,, ' ,'',
ma f..r i.m y.ar.. rt,,," u
bill ..-I.,. I to , , A'" V""-",
want. Il.t irlal a. (,,, . 'nu.
lull .lit bulll. " ,," M
We want lo mil I in efarranrt.. .
raai.i..iti. A. I,n..l.i...,i,lllf., lr4)
loaitv irtair (, , . '
h.g. !.. r i.a. to..r ra a.,.!, ,"
I I I,. I llll
K. Butler it conducting revival r- J'nr Tortland,
! vicra at Uladtidin He w.t aaai.ted aa '"" "".ol tonrd. are v,-
I linii Ileal W
. s.
by Kev
The men who work out around Mar
quam have formed a onion and nraa of
them are to work for let than a dollar
per day.
Ker. H. L. Federaon, of Silverton,
will eichanne pulpita with Kev. F. C.
Bu'ler next Sunday both morning and
Mr. A. Bu'ter field ha( returned to
Lanhy alter three moutha tpenl In Eog
unj aoJ bcotland.
The dance given on Saturday evening
oy uko fcvant and Jamea Koiher waa a
decided tuceat in tpite of the inclement
Mr. Perry and family, of St. Paul.
Minn., are vi.iting Sir,
few data
Mr. Jay T'ix ia p.r(!in
viiitirg in Colton.
H. E.Carr ai.d I L Certy left for
Whi:igto. last Tuesday.
Deh Bonier waa ovr from Ur.eme
lnt Saturday and Sunday.
Victey I ckie, of D ikw'a Prairie, wat
a T nior in lolton Uai MinJay.
F. Countryman and ton. Jack, have
i;one to McKay lo ilir potatuce
Scl ool will heiu beie next Monday.
.ir. human, ol Oregon City, a ill teach.
F. f. RoU-ton and daughter. Vera,
returned irom VVa-Limtt. n Tuesday.
lVtia'1 folk.
Mrt P. J. Riding expected to com. ,.7 nJ home
. home from alem laat Tuee-lay if the wat! vnfua'
able to itand the trip. She Improve. ",r"7 . PrlnclpAl of Canemah
very tlowly. k!mI, bal a large cat of pupila here,
John Dunlavy and Frank Jorge hare ,"'n' '"OA in thorthand every S.tor.
rented the Bill Jackton place at GlaJ- ' ,veDioK-
ti lingtandhaveatartedto work on the A meeting waa held at Ihe rlty hall
place. Theboyt are both aingle: the e"n,niC the .UrjKe of nominal
' i : . It I a
q dent ion it, who it g ling to keep houte.
is all n'ght, if you are too fat;
and all wrong, if too thin already.
Fat, enough for your habit, is
healthy; a little more, or less, is
no great harm. . Too fat, consult
a doctor; too thin, persistently
thin, no matter what cause, take
Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver
There are many causes of get
ung too tnin; they all come
j . i
unuer inese two heads: over
work and under-digestion.
Stop over-work, if you can
but, whether you can or not,
take Scott's Emulsion of Cod
Liver Oil, to balance yourself
with your work. You can't live
on it-true-but, by it, you
can. 1 here s a limit, however
you'll pay for it
Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver
Oil is the readiest cure for
"can't eat," unless it comes of
your doing no work-you can't
long be well and strong, without
oumc own ui activity.
The genuine has
this picture on It,
take no other.
If you have not
mea it, send fory
free sample, Its a-
Jobo Shaver aod wife made a ritit to
Portland last Friday.
E. P. Carter has u:oved to Oreiton
City to be nearer In a office.
L. Mayne Robbint, the new mercan
tile firm, has a large trade now.
Wm. Broylee bal moved to Woodburn
and baa opened a butcher shop.
Charles Thomas will farm the Jeff
J Herman place for a year, at least.
School is moving on nicely with Mr.
Browu and Mini Harrington aa teachers.
Harleta A Vick are doing a land office
butineaton Saturdays with their feed
Mine Maud Rastell has No. 55 under
her management with about 30 pupils
on enrollment
inrf candidates for the cominir aU.ii..n
William Knight wat preaident of the
meeting and Mr. Si.t secretary. Adarn
IT ! I a.
ivuigni tereivrd the nomination for
mayor, and Frank Zollner, by acclama
tion, for treasurer.
W. ii. Jonea it plowing.
Mrt, it. Sheaborn ia ery 111.
Paine boyt are towing grain.
C. Smith haa been llaaiing rock.
H. J. Itelvey loat a horae Ian week.
Suaan Howtiau waa at Joket one da
laat aeek.
Chat. Uanch wat the gueat of Veva
Jonce Sunday.
Miat Pearl ltennelt it ttaylng with her
aunt, Mrt. Itob Bullard.
Mt. Pamela and family waragueata of
lr. K. lioucher and lamily Suinlay.
Jonea Uroe. coiifinem ed iMitalo dig
ging thlt week. Rather late crop, boya
Mr. and Mra. R. (ioochr werw the
gueatt of A. L, Jonea ."on Jay evening.
Mra. AtJonee and Lillian tiantwere
gueaia of Mrt. R. Schoeubur o Sunday.
Oran Adkmt and Ihe Mnaet Millie
and Sonhla Malian iiuul I,.,. si,.n.l.
I III.. I. It . . I . . .
Mra. T ". An.lru.a v lulled
W. f & ANY '
a w w
. Mm m s j ...
waae- waaa WWW W ' ' W
all Casus or
l y our new Invention. Only th.c Uu J, ,. cura.!e
r. A. WIBM1M nt ailTlun.. ...- " "
a tall h.H..., l ., ,., I. ., t..,rtbH " '". I . av , ..
mr ,;:.v.:?.;.,:,r,: -- - - '.., Md , m
in.ah. 4 i'. I .l.i. . i-. i i....,r ' ' " K- --
1 III II . ..,( m lvMMMifti tuLlfM !: In a ,,- 1 . . . m A
r a rimi.'. mm.l. .n,. ui
(htrlrrulmmt ,tur ..frrn r u ith your m.h.i orrM.,-
-.r.:"4 YGU CAK CufiE yourself AT HOME
load ol furniture lo hit new houae Mon
Krneat Jones ia I a. k again on account
of tickneat. He reports a goo.1 lime
while gone, only it didn't laat long
fiiertda a.
Woodbarn Saturday,
Mrt lln.rga Ntaf-n IrtntartH bu.l
nnaa in Oregon City Tit'-e-lay.
I'. O. rrwrman bat Ju.t receive. a lot
of nw g la. Call and am them.
t i . ...
H.8. Gib,n, of ()reon CitV. cam. ... ' V ."i"! "
uol laat Kalnnl.e " uwa ar.J t.l.n.l. at Harlow thlt
I ..L
rrej Uaamoaaen la eipectinir to ir.utr
on Ihe Caater farm soon.
Tho Star of Stars 5
The rowlt between Oreiton Citr an.l
Clackamat are in a very bad condition.
Miat Anna Mooney. who hat hn ill
for some lime, ia Improving in health.
Mr.. JennieO. VNiae.of Oilahoma, It count of Ihe arcity of wheat.
" vicorife How- i- i . ' i i i .
rd. near M.iwaukie. 1 rk on '"I' n
r . , ... . tinned line weather haa enal.l.-d th.
b nlT. , li ; . ' ,,U- '"' to pual, along ,,e,r fall Work
bandry. held a turceanful mHiin i... . ....... ... . u
.r . . . ' '""near.y.iit,,. UII grain is. in and
.... lalanu over ,gr,. lookini fin(t
tunurai mailers.
Mr. Smith was
H. T. Melvin vla.te-l Sunday and
l.ltltl.V tt.ll. .l-ll. .
f m... ... ... I ' ami irirliO at
........ vuaj.man.oi i, matuia lounty, I Wouiburn
a viauinK irienua at r.aa-ie Crek.
Z. P. WooHle and wile went to Port
land Tueaday on a butineaa trip.
II. F. (iihaon, one of our men hanta
has been In Oregon City attending court
The Kagle Creek flouring null Is not
Ket'lng uuich grinding thia Ml on ac
1 rsSk steel
Haa ball ticarmga In turn tal!e. Tartt
Irtely to the wind. Hall ta-ariBf IliiaaJ
In wheel, Intutlng llghtrat rUBiO!pl
llict. an.l rraervmg rrralrat auxwat af
Miae Mvrtle VIU.. . ..!... i Il'wer for pumping. C.Uanl.H after
Tu.U. ... . . T o.aalng, Put t.rthrr witk g.l.tuw
ruelay.Mf , trm j.,tfVW ii,,iUlt...Ul,enuttrd. no jrl .a ra-
irirh.lt lit Portland. I get !. and fattte. Wright rrUlar.
Mr. and Mr.. Woo. Je of R.-.. 1 j''? ''K"1""""- N !
...i.-l T . ."'r'''i-, Willi every change of trmier.tart
burg. Vl.l.e,! Tue.y .), Mr. JeWs and rro weaker .Ith a, e. kr lr al.
parents, Mr. and Mrs W. W. Jeaaa
Oiilw a nuu.Ur of t'.e lUrtowitea al
teiide. the dan. a at Canby laat hatur
lay evening. They report a g iod time.
Tha liarlow Fuchre club waa ent r
lam. by Mr. and Mrs. W. W. J..
Hatur.lay evening
waya on hand.
Oionev o you.
Theae thlnga art worth
Then why not mj t
Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co.
Pirat and Taylor .Sta., Portland, Orvfos
greeable taste will
Burprise you.
wm W V V V aael
409 Poarl Street,
New York.
EOc. and $1.00; all druggists.
A nice eroa.l
nreaent an.l a i, . . .
ti.-, ... .. """'nw"!
DD h WA friaan I. - " I
ta a ' viixiiauiluiClllHk lUH r.Ail H I rawaalf l.aalll a I . r.a
luew.y an.I robld of lfl. f, p,tur(, , , NoMn" . wV ti , . "- c,",,"icla
been to Portland with, load ofc ab..ge iirM 'JZ 1 ' T' !' ." t
InH nnnn hi. . I - " ' M .in. Illf I n II ...... II l(
,, ., . -iu iciurn waa atopnei atx.Ut ..L. In . i , I ..wm aaoniKi.in a lew
aim. Kutli Leavitt ia still improv na on mii ,m. .:.i .:. . . .. "BW nieniDers pearly evert montha
,!n.t.:nwi.i.i -ink uu' me oieetinir. '-"'l'enta,
vt.v u.aw.ia,aa uui aa, wtiia un Mill law I III aw I Wr I.I.i.bu .1 a I
- iwuTi turreu UUiK,
tci ut i irH mum in Tariiir iia n i
p.. ............... . . L "'"""J arr.ve.i t.ere ""
theiraawn.il! en.ln. ,.f ,1.. T . . - P""I ll Melneaa lrV
ea ' - wa ttiu ai a lie 0. i au'ratai ri iim. t-. I . I t ir i'...ii.... I li' I. .a
w fijncr irtju mill new fiOUSe. Whirh U r-nl,IIw e.-i.. . . t .... i"""""
- -" iivar iiiic i mr. hiiu .lirai. j mi ttiartiaa 1 .
' I " ' pi, win iim iiinu imf a. II .. I .
I . a! " I " ' """"".
completion. A few nights ago of the revival mtingt at Ruttevill...
1 . .iik'iib a((f) an 01 the
Mra. Ca baa returned home from tooli belonitlng to one of the caroentera
r v. ! . . . 1 ... ..I .v.ia
w.iio, oere sue oas oen visiting al were stolen.
summer and reports a pleasant trip, but
thinks Oregon is 0. K. yet.
Our beautiful fall teems to have
pasiied into common webfoot weather.
Farmers can plow now again and of
ir. ami tin. ti,o. Zleuler. an.l wl...
reiaiivea both 0 Harlow an.l a.
Ir. Qelay, of Aurora, waa summoned at
toon as she wat taken III. ....t
thing' was done that could U to relieve
Her parenta were tele-
Thotuaada nave Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know it.
Bow To Find Out.
nit . t,.i.i. .
... . , " " "v or common giaaj w h your
PAMPOA Will 1 r.rur.a.A.1 lA nn . ... I ...I I.. . 1 '
-.- w .opa.cu u tarr oui lue .oi anu ici u liana tweniy-lour hours;
I resident s proclamation on Novemhar . r. . . sediment or aet
2Stb. ZjWS-tJ Hn Indlcnes an
r..a .... . . JjT A Q.HUA773"n"eaIihy condl
iavia rox is piping water trom a rTTTi 'W'W, V' Hon tt th. ua.
spring to bis bouse using both wood and
iron pipe; few residences are so aituated
that water can be piped to the boose by
its own gravity.
When the President visit tbe Pacific
Coast next summer, be will receive a convlnclne proof that tha IciHnev. .auVJ?.
houriv vayantif.n aa a V-,..,'..! t ,i at - I dftf arft rtltt fi rvAr
a.w. v (vvcjfciyu, bd 4 & I m Iif7 1 j I. yi IJIO v.w(
Whole Dt-oultt i'.Piwrvva. Thu "Knuai'f
- - ...'"
Kltlihml for but ...I.... I ... I .. .
i. r,.i.... .. ......... . ' - '"" "''o 10 t-e i,er
... i-roiii.i,, u, viamauiBa. was he M'lve. 1 lie reinaim i.t ... . ..
gueatoft. T. Toon sovural days laat rora fur burial. Miaa Cieav .'..-.I.
week. ,.n. r.i....i. . . . ' . .
I - ' " ner snort viall bore,
There wai a pleasant gathnrinu at the x'wnd tln.lr heart f..i.v....ii.- .
home of Mr. and Mrs. (iui. J aeirnr Him
her pa rim t and relatives In n.-i.
a ..... , ...... ....h .m-
uay. resveiiKiiit,
The dam at Baker Proa, sawmill )..
broken, which neceNNitates For Yonnr Men Ail li1 T fill n at Y.M..
down of the mill. ' There Is nothing that will a,,...
I. a ""'V Bjlltf
ire 01 a young man or woman to aiili-b aa
neyi; If II stains n0"1 niasqimrade ball Christina Jv . rior iuniry work put oil on
your linen It Is at Wilsonviile. pnem. Ihev may dress ever so well
!r'de.l?,.k.,d: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mur,.. t,Ul U,,,,r -,,,rt ""t or l.rt wai.t fa'
frequent desire to Murray, of HuUeville, Tuesday, r , .'T . B" lulled.
pais It or pain In The latter exists to leave for Scotland ,' 7 , Wnkt ,'c,',t' of
the back Is also for. n ..tended visit. KBntleman'a flue work.
Claus Peters and Miat twit.... ....
bole people cWvee. The "boys" There Is comfort tn fi,0.' t united in marriage Haturday, November
have a big place in their hearts for tl.e often expre Dr KHrJSrt Sm 1Cth by Ue"nn- T,'"y
Western Rough Rider.- Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every wwldine' dauco Wilsonville the same
r"? L,JCUf,n?1 rheumilsrn, pain In the evening. We extend congratulations.
w passage. It corrects Inability . . ; . . run,.,iry
10 noia water and anaMinv r,.in were uniteu in marrinirn T tuv ......
neceMl.rof belng comd ,Vg7o en 7' V. , "'f'. , '
during the day, and to get up many time" W Uielr many frlol"J'' in wIh1iI''K "''n
during the night. The mild and the extra- 'n'101' IpineH.
?I-!,n7 e,'f",.'.?w?mj,-Koot Is aoon I The man v friends of Mr. Ve.(iiu
Boberg will be grieved to hoar of his
death, which occurred at his residence,
November 14, after a short illness. He
was buried lurtt Wednesday at the Gor
man cemetery near Stafford. Rev. T aI..
man conducted tho funeral services.
pi . - - "" wora
re can te no betir i. i.
lone at the Troy. Uave your order, at
'woiinon a oartier shop.
J. W.Thomas is just completing his
water plant. In this case the water is
elevated ftO feet into a tank on a hill
from a spring, by a windmill 300 feet
away from the tank. The water is con
ducted to the houHe, milk house, poultry
houses and the barn.
f . fast . 1 at a a
uur uov. Mooay ana tiis two s fi
lers, who have recently returned from
Mr. Waldo's, of Marion county, where
the girls have been working for several
years, have begun overhauling their
dwelling house, on the Moody corner.
Robbing and Gipeon are doing the car
penter work.
United Artisans Assembly, No. 82,
will give a dinner on Thanksgiving day, i
When you buy ixm1h at
our btoro, (r our guaran
tee giwB with every jmr
chaHe, whether it cohU
little or much.
Completo stock of Gro
ceries, frefih Ilread, Hun.
CakfH, etc., always in
You leave your order;
wo do tho rest.
realized. It standi the hiX.r i. n.
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you ihould have the
best. Sold by druggist In 0c. and$l, sls.
You may have a aample bottle of this
wonaenui dlscoverv
and a book that tells
more about It. bothsentKi S. I
absolutely free by mall,
aouress ur. K. mer n . .
Co., Blnghamton, N. Y. When writing men
tion reading this generous offer In thl paper.
D. 0. Freeman made a
to Portland Monday.
O Removal
eomnrv?i?r Docombo' 10th, I will rcmovo Into more
rr.AT .suurior8 m ino.Duildinc, wnicn i
Iy purcha80d' adjoining my prosent store
TinujQite, Craniterjuarc ond Kitchen Utensils
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