Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, October 25, 1901, Page 2, Image 2

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Ty vgr y-yw e V Pj
v -v "V
ru tnTii'cnwmrxTrM!1
Our porretonlrnta will plee send
In article before Wedni'day of each
week, otherwise It reaches u too lat for
publl. Htinn,
Pied H.ly At the home of Mr.
Ilx-lv. Oft. Ill, M'i. Annalloealy. Hi
leave two daughter nd two on : Mr.
M. hininel, Mr J. K. Weuler, Mr. II.
Hoe-.iv and Mr. E. lloe!y. Buri.sl at
Milukie cemetery. The servicee ttere
conducted ly Kev. E. I. Hrnhuch,
There will b a atrial dance f vrn In
Miiwankie to n hall Saturday, Oft. IVt,
given by the Saturday Night C ub.
Epnnf wftlrr.
A. I.acey baa commenced aawing In in
ber in.
Another family ha moved on the
Cr" phee.
Thirty nix tboiin! p-un h of prune
f vajora!ed in Spiingwater.
The fruit dryer bave eonmienctvl on
apple alter drying prunes.
Kev. (.'ran Laa been quite ill, but i
betu r under the care of I-r. I'ruden.
I-CWtTcn and Puboie have ataited lip
tlir.r bop mill end chop ou Ftilav.
AUVy aud A. J. M.rra will take
Vmt 10 head of bet f cattle to market
tli k.
A. f. Matre ha bo lght a farm three
BiiI.k south ut Oregon City and will move
tlitf.f KU.
The fint three mile of th prin
wavr p:nk road is fi:iil.e I, all but ftV
Tt !-.
Wo k stopped for lumVr.
l..,.Springter church baa ftocuredj Uer Kuge bart preached here Sun
the Cev. Julian Hatch, of Piliy, to fill Jar a'ternoon in the Envli.li lanju.ue.
out the Iler, Soper'a time, lie will
i re .i hi tirnl erui jii Ofl. .7.
!f. M. Nor'h is building a fine barn.
F td North is bu ldii g a new dwellirg
h u-e.
Am Ilarring'on has hauled hit bop
i p to niarke'.
Meir Miichell and I'oiUi have each '
bui.t new dwelling bouw.
O ir sawmill ha agtin i hanned hand.!
Ii is m.w run by Fre-I Mad -on.
Or. Wel.h ia .urin2 in I'orl'and fcr I
vera! weeks, undergoing a treatment
f. r her eye.
iCi.-K Lroe. have bought the Martin
I oibeftead and ate putting in a cew
M i:ig'.e mil!.
Fall p'.owir g ia the topic of tbe diT.
S. .. i.tl of ti.o leading faimrrt have their
iced.:ig done.
Nat Scr.bbner and family have re
tiu.e i home again and Nat is tryii.g Lis
hand at farming.
Highland school ia progressing finely
under tbe management of Mi-s Kennedy,
of Oregon City.
(Jrandma Rutherford and ton James
visited relatives in Oregon City feveral
dys Ut week.
Quite a number of our young people
Lave vifitfd the I'ortlaLd Carnival. All
fport a Dne time.
Stephen Hutchinson Las jut returned
f r. m Everett, Wash., where be baa btea
visiting bis siattr.
B. N. Harrington, of Bandon, baa been
vim ting relatives here for eeveral days
past but intended to start for bit boms
the Utter part of this week.
Iva Harrington has juit returned from
a week's visit among friends in Oregon
City ai.d I'ortland and leaves Sunday to
begin her nchool at Molalla.
Central Point
Tne farmers are all very busy in this
vicinity preparing their grounds for fall
wlie. t. The potato crop ia all harvested
witb about a had of an ordinary yield.
of Cod Liver Oil is the means
of life, and enjoyment of life to
thousands: men women and
When appetite fails, it re
stores it. When food is a
burden, it lifts the burden.
When you lose flesh.it brings
the plumpness of health.
When work is hard and
duty is heavy, it makes life
I t is the thin edge of the
wedge; the thick end is food.
But what is the use of food,
when you hate it, and can't di
gest it?
Scott's Emulsion of Cod
Liver Oil is thefood that makes
you forget your stomach.
If you have not tried It, send for
free sample, Ita agreeable taata will
surprise you.
SCOTT BOWNE, Chemlata.
409 Pearl Street, New York.
60c. and $1.00 j all druggists. ,
The fruit rmp tbia fall li rery thun
lant around here.
()xiryn Randall and son , sold tlii'lr
hop ciop lant week to T. A. Llvealey and
Co., of Salem, for 10 i-rttta er niunJ.
Crtlo Smith ha Uvn very aick with
the typhoid fever, but It much better at
the present writing. Kicept that one
(, the health uf the neighborhood I
(.Seorge IUndall baa ut bought him a
brand now diamond feed chopper. It
chopping capacity it '.'"0 biihel In 10
noitr. Mr. Kaudall will Jo t'Unlom
work one ilav in each week on Weilnet
K huu it W'ttniij ecarce In the achonl.
Work rontintiet on the New II ihtmut
Will Mo-hnke weut to the metrooli
Satuiday on buciucti'.
Mr. K F. liiother went to ToitlanJ
laat Salur Jay to attend the fair.
Mr. Martin Hill tpent a few days In
PortlanJdurit.g tbe it week.
Mitt Klnor (iinther rame home on a
Tint lat aturvlay, but returned Sun
day, The gn!ch ne.ir EJ llornwbuh't place
lui b en tilled an I the road it now
much belter than More.
Mr. Col u iu but Kleiutmith anJ family,
of CUrat, attended the Enlitli ten ice
here Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Jot Itill spent a lew day in
IVrtlaud duruitc the pat week viaitiii,'
relative and attending the fair.
A I'ortland nuraeryman pwwed
through UiU neighborhood during the
week, taking orders fur truit tree.
Fred M'Hhiike ba made another bore
trade, lie UaJeJ uue of M ho'tei fT
! auother hore and received "W to buot.
Ttree a kt from next Sunday aftern.KJii
I v fl.,ll 111 ..ll. 111.11.
bly ia iuv:tsl to atleud.
I lis aubject
Will be an unusual ore.
Laurence Horoschuh, of Chico, Calif.,
sula few days at his old home here
t'unug the paat week. Lameiae enjoys
travelmg, his latvat venture being a ti p
to Bueton, where be intendt eutering
the conservatory
of muaic iu that city.
'h !'" tuctee in hit new venture.
w'"ie Bohlender it in a 'I'ortland
boepital, suffi-riiig frvm an ojvration.
ue eveni" Uti mk cucuuiber
salad for supper aod drank water im
mediately aiterward, resulting in such
fearlul cramps, that one of bit U) el
became twitted. We hope Uiat be w.ll
recover, but a late report inlormt ua that
be is dying.
He v. Wiltrock preached a practical
and imiructive sermon iu the Lutheran
church Sunday morning. It was a ser
mon worthy of publication, among the
many gl iboughta be emuhaaued,
waa this: "Earth was intended a borne
for all aod mankind w aa not created to
live a life a life of misery and woo, but
all were destined to be bappy aud free."
Mrs. Countryman it cn the tick list.
Mr. II. Niod.e, of Woodburn, is visit
ing in thit neighborhood.
. Killen, of Elliot Frairie, waa in
Colton on busineaa tbe first of the week.
There waa a pleasant little quilting
bee at Mrs. Gorbett'a borne laat Thurs
day. Quite a number of our citizeoi hare
gone to tbe Clackamaa Hatchery to get
Mr. Biecb and F. M. Robeson are up
from Ostraoder for a lew weeks, viaiting
W. . Bonney will move this week to,
or near Graeme. We loae a good neigh
bor and our school loaea iu clerk.
Miss Stella Hubbard, who has been
elck for tbe past three weeks, ia some
what improved, though still quite weak.
Misses Beanie and Mabel Hubbard
came home hut Saturday on a abort
visit, before going to Portland for tbe
Mrs. Rice, of Wyoming, who bat been
visiting at the home of Mrs. Garret for
several wee, departed for home last
Colton ia enjoying the best of weather
for digging spuds, picking applet and
shooting birda, although none of our
followera of N'imrod can boant of bagtfing
several thousands.
Ktgla Creik.
Miss Grace Douglass is still slowly
improving. '
J. P. Woodle and wife were vliiting
fiiendtat Damascus Sunday.
George Douglaoa aod wife of Portland,
bave been visiting friends at Eagle
H. F. Gibson, one of Eagle Creek's
prosperous merchants, ia hauling lumber
to build a barn.
A. J. Douglass baa returned from
Eastern Oregon, where be Las been on
a business trip,
The school in district Xo. 50 ia pro
gressing nicely under the superviiion of
Miss Olive Currin, of Salem.
Ed Barnett is preparing to do some
more graveling on the road between
Eagle Creek and Barton, which will be
a good improvement.
Gray t
"My hair wti falling out and
turning gray very fait. Put your
Hair i cor atopic J the falling and
reitorcd the natural color." Mr,
E. Z. Ucnomric, Cohort, N. Y.
It's Impossible for you
not to look olJ, with the
color of seventy years In
your hair I Perhaps you
arc seventy, and you like
your pray hair! If not,
use Aycr's Hair Vior.
In loss than a month your
grav hair will have all the
da; l. rich color of youth.
llWi MUt. All tot.li.
If T"ur drurrltl ommt n'l,lT
rent u on U 'l'r anJ nl li ttM
j oil a tilll.
l ur ii. I fix Id n.tii
t JVUT tArl rtm ultU. AiMri
J. i ,
At !( iO.. Lawtll, ilH.
The weather ia very duo al j reH'nt.
Some of the farmer are tlll plowlrg
ahhough the gruund it getting diy,
S. A. I mglaM and mii, Ward, ac
companied by Erel lloiruieitter started
Friday noon for a bunt on the north
folk of the Clackama.
Mr. Henry Hedges went to I'ortland
Mi Rom Ruek is attending ehool al
Mrs. Wood, of Portland, vlalted Sun
day with her parent, Mr. and Mrs. J
' King.
Jake Smith ia borne a-ain after an ex
tended v:ait aith relatives iu Washington
Mr. Jake Ruek returned home Monday
alter spending several uioutha at Cape
I. O Freeman baa j'it received a lot
of new goods. Call and see tbeiu buforv
buying elwher.
The Harlow Kuchre club will b enter
taiDed by Mr. and Mr. Iletiry Hedg-s
Siturday evening, October 'Mh.
II. W. 1'hllabury, representing the
Sweet Candy Company, of Cortland, waa
a busineaa viaitor at Barlow, Tuesday.
lheuanceat liarluw, which was to
take plate toinorrvw night, U to be pout
poi.ed on account of one being given al
Aurora on the tame date.
J. U Walker, of tbia place, and Miss
Ev Parrot, of Glenwooil, Wash., iri
married October 1.1th at the borne of the
bride's parauta. The young piople are
both well and favorably known around
Barlow and hive the Wt withes and
congratulations of their many Iriendt.
Miss Withlck, of Portland, opened
school in Diatricl 01, October 14, with a
full roll.
Such lovely fall as we are having.
Who ia it would cutnplaiu now of Oregon
.Ned and Fraok Hutchlna and Fred
Keilxtu have gone to the mountain
Miaa Andrewa la to eive Columbus ex
ercise Friday, it being the clone of the
fir it month of school at Stone.
Work is being rapidly puhed on Ihe
new church building. It will toon be
enclosed. J. Hattoo ia plying the paint
brush rapidly.
Mrs. F. F. Hatton and children left
for Ksnnaa on a visit October 1 j. She
intends to be gone some time, visiting
her father and other relatives and friend.
J. T. Hatton returned yesterday from
Southern Oregon, where be baa been tbe
past month investigating the McKenaie
and other rivera for a site to build a nur
fieh hatchery.
A Snell Is drying apples at his place.
C. II. Wilcox has moved to Washing
ton. F. Koaenkran's parents from Michi
gan are making him an extended visit.
E. W, Penman and family w ill occupy
the house lately vacated by Mr. Wilcox.
Wm. Knight has repainted bis store
building, occupied by Carlton & Iionon
krans. Frank Vollner baa been chopping
fodder coin for for the silo on Mr. Batty'i
A reception and donation party waa
given to the minister, Rev. Dunlap, at
the parsonage last Friday evening.
A party of ladies met at the home of
Mrs. A. Kocher one afternoon laat
week to sew carpet rags. All present re
ported an enjoyable lime.
Kemember that name when you want
delicious, appetizing, nourishing food
drink to take the place of coffee. Sold
by all grocers and liked by all who have
used it. Grain-0 is made of pure grain,
it aids digestion and strengthens the
nerye. It is not a stlmulent but a
bealtb builder and tbe children as well
as tbe adults can drink it with great
benefit. Costs about M as much as
coffee. 15c and 25c per package. Ask
your grocer for Grain-O.
ai.tu J :eits rir.
"When I ciiine to town, I imttcl
lu.l., r..niiil iUrlllllC on my vtrii
ml.l n vlntti r fivm the country.
I I imm an. I line il;iV w In n I (!'
a ii.u. IT. John 1 , I thought I d
go In mid tune It looUd nt. Well. I
wn ahowii Into a flue rMtn. nnd In n
minute n pleii-unt looking man came In.
ir. I oc' I aii) a and hi Id up my
w rUt.
"Ah. weeping alnew, any he, ti
if i . '.I inx-n tt.'iitinu jciir for a cVnnco
to !in I) n cne like mine.
I ill.tti'l .r nn) thing, but I. eft my
rl-t out "IHi llu hand hiiuglug liu p
wlillo he took dotvti a taok frm the
ahelf. I eri tfl Id in to turn cr tne
piige and h-k u my trmilde under
H pr W and then pre, rlhe aomcthlug.
Iiittend he ituve mo a crmW on the
wrl-t like a tlioimaud of brtfk! It wn
rlgl.t on the attclllug and hurt like a
cannon bull. I JuihihM high In the air
and yelled.
"Your weeplny aliiew'a goue.' aaya
the din tor niiU tly. Thrve doll tr.'
"I mii (io much auri'rUfd to .iy a
word, and I p.ild It. Hut no wonder
your city ib-cton get rich. Tl -tv lo.
Un'. Any bluckatnlth would hate
done Hint Job fur the fun of dalng !t."
Ncw York l'ot.
tlraaa lllillaa I'taer.
Ther nr iinnding al the prem-Mt day
Fllinlivtlmn limine known to mntciu
hldileii chaniUT. The very p.witl.ni
(if iiiew ch.nnU-rs ran I shown, yet
llidr secret have rvinuliied Inviolate
for ciiiiurlea. ihii spring ll.ul ahutild
erve n the open si uunc being umt:
roverahle. S'tne day the accldeiiial
touch of a girl's (Inter may nl a rol
U in n of ttone rolntlng or a pnnel lid
Inc or a ilir In picture frame retreat
lug on Invlaible hinge, and the avcret
-If any n iimln-Wfill ! revcnh-d.
The ilai of iu)iery In thce an
clent grnnget that ai-rvcd at shelter to
a friend In d:trea might eiiully prove
the death of an i-neiny of t.'ie home.
The prlet's bole tx htud a nreplace mi
easily ciinvertetl Into an oven. There
were iialrcni-s which the fiM of
friend might prv Iu jx-rfeet si-etirttT
Another, not lniructett tiowr t trra.),
M-l bl foot apparv-mly on Ihe aaine
pi. ice. the atalr )an oi n. and at Ihe
end of the pit t ihe water Here I
much romance. l-otiiloii Chronicle.
Ftp Smoblaa.
Thrre are many pip uiokera who iIj
not know bow to g-t the lt there I
out of their Indulge iu-. Thr great
point In pipe smoking la to ainoke alow
ly. Ncrvou auiokers !iike too rapidly
and burn their tongue w Ith hot ttiloke,
U-ules falling cntlrvly to get the full
cut and beat tlavur out of the tobacco,
tt I all a matter cf bnblt. but aloe
smoking Is a habit which tt I hard
for tome ipk to acquire. In iiii
rnc pip stuokers have trU-d for year
to rtm-k their amoklng ;id without
succe. They U-gau too lute, and th
hatilt of rapid amoklng la ahaketi o!T
wlib tlllTlculty when It la otter aeiiilred.
Ilupld amoklng la at bad aa rapid
entlug or worse. It la alo "bad form.
Whether tt la Cigar, pip or cigarette,
the amoklng should b deliberate In or
der to get the fullest enjoyment. It Is
tKpoclally to with a pipe. New York
Hrpaoll lalara.
Itoyer Look here, you 1 You aa'd thl
bone was sonnd and kind and fir
fiom tricks. Tbe firm day I drove hint
be fell down a dozen tlim-a. and he'a
a bad today.
Lealer-L'm you've Uiq wondering
If 1 cheated you, maybe?
-Yea. I have."
"And the flrat time you drove the
hoaa you wondered If be hnJu't some
tricks, didn't your
"Uf counw."
"And you kept aaylng to youraelf.
'I wonder If that there boss will tum
ble down. eh 7"
"And you had your mind on It a
good deal, moat like?"
"That'a true."
"Tliot'a wot'a tho matter. You've
hypnotized blm. Bee?"
Oa Raaalaa Hallnaf Train.
Toilet arraugemeuta sucb aa aatlnfy
Ihe Kuaalan are at hla dlipoNal lu Oral
aud accond class trnlim. but, tho third
chiaa pnawngera have no aiirh luTurle.
Whoa the train unit for the brenkfant
Interval, those who travel third class
may be seen performing their ablu
tions at the platform tap. They fill a
can like a gnrdener'a watering riot,
suck through tbe spout a mouthful of
tho water, spit It Into tho hollowed
palms and then rub their face. It Is
a disgusting process, performed with
out soap or towel, and. though It may
bo amusing to the onlooker, It Is not
rery cleansing to the operator. Yet
this Is the method of ablution adopted
by the poorer Russian on bis travels.
Chambers' Journal.
The fcdltor Wow.
A London paper described a chil
dren's excursion as a "long, white
scream of Joy." and was called to ac
count by a correspondent, who snld
that a scream could be long, but not
white, whereupon the editor justified
himself by urging that "a hue Is often
associated with a cry."
d Not rl Loonomi,
Bubberton May I lniulre what your
business Is. stranger?
Stranger (haugbtlly)-8lr, I'm a gen
tleman. Uubberton Well, I reckon that's a
good business, stranger; but you're not
the only man that's failed at It-Chicago
A Follower.
Caller Tbe minister's son Is follow
ing In the footsteps of that spendthrift
young Jinks.
Miss Prim Isn't that scandalous?
Caller Hardly at bad as that You
sec-, he's a tailor and Is Just trying to
collect bis bill. Chelsea Gazette.
it I At thtu.ilono Hiiini't Inrtunl
Ml Ail
iMoiinlnin Vhmv
Wo tMk tlio lirat ti-iiiiuiii
Parre l I'l vmoutli iJ.xk
Wn Imvii f.r a.tli yntinj fix-Vrre! nt It l0 to 'OO. i
W' iiavh a larg pUvk nml lo tu.t rare l rarry tlt-rii through j
tlio winter. If taken now yoti can yrt a fino ctckerel f,r l,lf
what it will coat yvi in tlio spring. j
j. Munnow a. son, 1
Orokton City. Oro. 1
A $450
miE Pill.
To be given away.
Voting Content
For the m-t ipilar rhti-ch, l !ga. o
Civty, achiail ur prx.rt f t 'reg ill t'lly( by
willed 4,) Jrv n p'ano aill U g.v.n
away on January JV), lJ, to the ity.
I'hlgv, ehiifi b, m liil or prrauil c uring and grow arakrr with ag. Kcpalit al-ll-.n
Vi.au.1 l..imlH.f of !e. Cmte.t ; ' "n.han 1 TW lliil.ki ut 1,1
now oKn. Cl'- January
I p. m.
All Vulra Wiil b counted Olil n a Week,
arid a full ai'cu.liil ol the vote a lha con-
tt progrraae Will b publahix every
Friday in the Oregon City F.iitrpl.
The final count at tbcle of th rm.l
will be ma. I by a committer ol llirr;
ilm two eonteataiit In lha lea l will each
end a representative lo ilm'i da Who got
the pia'io. rim vote ar givni on v.ite
(re wi I, evrry ?V ra.li pun hae by the
follow irg meirbanta. Don't lt any but
Vuur own chunb, a.uty, e!,.j or
friend rarry ctT Hm honor, and frrnem
her that evrry votn count, piano la on
-ihlbition at Frank Itu. h' fumltur
tore. Why not trade wber you can gi-t
ballots, a they rot yon ahlntlr
nothing? Kervori r-ubt t' at let do
that miii b for their a leiy or church,
l.lt (f mrrebaiit where vole tan Ire
secured ;
Frank Bunch, lurnilure.
Wl.on A Cooke, hardwara.
C. G. Huntley, droit.
W. A. Iluntlry, book and stationery.
M. Michanl, dryg HxIa, clothing, Ac.
KrauMi l!ro.( shoe.
Fred C. Oadke, plumbing and tinning.
Adsin llro., Go.n Itule I'.a.aar
Mr. Story's Crjstal Candy Kitchen,
7th striH-t, opposite SiiHierilon Ilrldga.
It. L. Ilolinan, clgur and tobacco.
Ifeir.x A Co., grot erles.
MulrBros.. gr(K.erle,7tli and Center
Electric Cash Grocery.
G. W, Grace, general store.
Oregon City Enterprise, Job printing.
Vaughn's livery suhln.
Albright A I)gua, meat market.
Brown A Welsh, 7th St. Meat Market,
K. O. U. W. Building.
Mrs H. T. Sladen, millinery, Main
Cheney A Kalt, photographers.
J. Knowland, tailor.
Shank A Bisaell, 7th at., between
Riidgo and Depot.
Tintxiape, Granitemape
rants' Dress nnnm anff rnmitMngi Ksw Mm of lirr fiwdi
rine Dianlar of Winter nnrterwcar
New Dread nnd Culten,- Krch MeotH.
"Bo88of tho Road" Ovoralls
MRNTIIOLATUM Cures Sore Throat, Ilruiacs, Rheumatism, Ncu
ralgia, Headache, Chapped Hands, and All Influmallons.
Holicfnnil Porinnnnnt Cup
mmT nnoLurcLT rite 01 ici-tirm.
There I noihlog Ilk Atlhiii!.,,, . , .
Iiiiiil ruirl. ..., , Wof r ' ' 'li
ll vim wlivit all ! ia
Hv t'. K
. fit. a., a
'Your trial
ho'll. of A.lhin.l..:. '."'.'. '
"I 1 II IB lUlTafA
iu. i
i.ni I eouilii, raiuiui i.u .,, ' 'N
f.,1 I (-.1 ..r Hi. I-.M. I ,lr.lr. ,
lf l ll..r. i Hi IMilrlil ,"
m fur y-.r. ..,..,, ,
. 1 r,u' '""i.wi r.-i ii ,. . :
" 'ha curt
-ii l IIhiiikIiI
i imi i,.i o.i.H,i,,N .,;
: b git II a trial. To .,..,'
hUl l...l. I
ii.mI, Hi trial . , ha a i ham
"n i in
rill lulu
n aii in Mini i, rr
i'pi,npi,i ri 4,imaiii, Umilar ij
ru'.l VI r WHit. W. n H,i
rn. antui.i ir...l rilKK ir i'ii i ii, u
111 L' . u . I
In i. .ittfr aim ail) wrlla li n
. . .1 v .........
, I,...rr ll. l ,.,rr.Mi A.-i,,,,,!,,,,',,',;
rn,t .mi r.ir. rn xiii. ,
limf gla.l Iu Mini II. U, ,,, ,,,t'
Wl' l line, a ll-MlnN l( Tl ft i.i ,
M M.IHK u . ; r ,.i iVhi' iiIs. v. ""J
b u lrit-iti.
a.rwsr . ill. I. iiiiiiim ......
Poultry Yard
at tlio Slain Kalf in J'0
Tho Star of Stars 1
II tll liraiinK In turn table. Torsi
fcy to t ' wind, lull laru.g l!uut
! lu al.rrt, intuiing Il.lle.t lun.'niig ijual.
Ill , nt rrcrliig (featrat tt,uuut of
J.iarf (,. pumping l.lt llr.l aftff
in. king put tov'thrr wltk gaUautMi
lailt. iliKil lr nutlid. ho l arl tan ruO n
get I.m and lalilr. Weight rtguUior;
rlrit frgulalion. So j-f ine lu hr(t
Irn.lon ailh rverv hnu of Iriiin-t.iur
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Candy, Clears and Tobacco.
Coolinu Drinks.
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