Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, September 20, 1901, Image 1

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    OiiEGOX CjTY
Uifrmt. 'Couit IIouh Mock
0gon City. Oregon
.eTrra-raaff rvsiMiBse.
. .......... I'm Ufhrl &
V,,mii -
... j.... .mb a . it.
i in
. . . .
....n. M.eisr.4 Bl..,,i, uight..
1 1 The Onl77irFt-ClMi
JJ Hotel in town.
- ( day upuiarda. -
f ACOH t'ANSKL, I'roprlMur.
LiprrM, I)Ui-b,1 tIu. , . n 11,1 1 ,"'r" "".lit ir day),
the'cur.' of Uh.Zl i. t! J-! 'h'',?'"" 8prln In Am.rlca or
Jr Week and up. , , A , l 7 ' r,oub,' or Ceiarrh. Terms, J 10
Jr fl. Location In Douglas Co., Oregon.
CAI'T. bi'.N I). UOSWl'.LL, Proctor.
Itldient Gold Mine In the Itlue
Jtlver DUtrlct
iirmr ! tiry, obswob
UlMiwii ui Till, li
jam -"4
! Money. Pnr
atari 4ier4
1 I" ell "' '' o' ins Hale.
jit ItiOflw H"""'!'
. . . OiMOl.
MllwtBUllOtirUllkUI. 01'
I'.EMthmn 0. II. Dimirk
:Kh, JUal KUl nI Pro-
,?!rfiBf Till made, Money Loaned
ptCWr, Orckit
'0 Mil IM v mr I'.ikik ny... I I.. ii ...i ... i . . .i i
Bin a LtMllitV ami !!.. (I- lll.l. . it !
jivo you money. To tur-
l-AUIAMiL and will
dinner of School Hook
end rulers
it MtKltlrUi't ttbu 8u.r.
U tUns ol Or gun lily.
(wi Ctn,
Junlico of tho IV ace.
to (uttM-lioii lid rtatUi.
'!ft-on Main HrH.
f AiWIfM a Markti, trc Cltjr.
City Drug Store
roiBirOwarrKIPirIiadir Hli Wrll
Urtuadr4 I'rt M f Ore
fan Sib-.
Orejion City, Ore. J
Ji'.i,4:..'!.,L,"H""..,r,k, i W'X'MM.Mpmaii.ii,,,, w
. , I nil lamlljr nrrlj.ti.
Aro j-rctly tut you can't make bread from them.
The Hour that makes tho bent bread is manu
factured at Oregon City by tho I'ortland Flouring
Wills, from old wheat by patent process. Take
no other Sold by all grocers.
Itttt 0. M..WI
Attornryt ui I aw,
prutfilirr buohat.
-tntik in til rmiru. ruakt oullMliutt
(.-"rt th.iit. ii ( ui,, i,nil yon itioi-ty
!-in yiMir riinnf on flrt morgaK.
"ic In Enterprise Dulldlng,
VrtfiMi fliy, Ofton.
n1Ti(lctrul Utntl OITlo
Hui.lncH it HjMtcltilty
3 practice In all Couru of lb SUt
Roum t. Wrhiharil ltl.lir.
1 Court llout. Orrron Citv. Orritoo
(mtra lii illamrllo Hl-U.
Oron City, Orrn
flioor: Kit in, to 12 hi.. I lo 4 P.m.
tint 7 10 N p. III.
lllrnllnn I..I.I l Itl.anmalUnl anil
Call nitoarnd day or night.
! ol Ilia NurthwntiUrn Uolvor-
H Denial Kchool, Clilcairo.
iawlranolli-neol lnUl Humerr.
"illamutta JJlock, Orfgi)fl CHy.
ic Muilarale, All 0Kirlloni
Guaranteed. . . . i
r1 BulMlnv . Oreaon CltT. Or.
C1tot Buiim Boose ii tut City.
'M tip Capital, IftCOOO.
WM.",nkll btmln.il iraniaotad
cataLii a. CArriau.
ao. a. ii a am Ma.
a. oauriau).
f ill, nmeidUoouulod.
" allaMa laourU.
lu.T?m'la promuil.
h'lh n . In anjr part of tha world
a(ii.., ;,rru""" an :
I boat
J iub
vol to oliaok.
. '"Jouirmo dupotlla.
n roruaua. nan
la- ;V V
W'c carry the only complete line ol
Caakru. Colfini, Rot, Lining, and
hart the ouly fint claa and np-to-date
hrane In the county.
Our pricra are ncrer exorbitant.
We guarantee aatltfactlon.
We can give you better good and
better arnrict for lraa money than
Calla promptly attended night or day.
any otbrr undertaker In the county.
Undertakers and Embalmera
Talephon 413 and 304.
7th Street, bet. Brldga and Depot
Moore's Pharmacy
a On Sovonth Streot,
School Books, Tablets,
School Supplies of all Kinds.
During tho month of September in order to make
room for Fall Stock we will greatly reduce prices
on all Stoves and Ranges, Granite and Tin Ware.
, ' ' '
Enterprise and W. Oregonian $2.
1 11.0,000
Si mi"!!- .",,!''At iB animaie.
rite"' rop and Hon, Von..
""oai. L . ""tool o euo. nana
UTU!TTI, Praildnl.
f. J. MKYEB Caihlar.
Wa are prepared to execute f.rit-cla.e Printing promptly at ti.a
loweit prlcei con.latent with .klllful and Intelligent e-xecutlor.,
Your Work Sollolte
(Jeorgn A. Lyon, ho recently dla-
poad of hla loloreeU In the "Loxky
Boy" mine In the Blue Kiver dletrict,
aa In the city the paat ek and fur-
Dialled (La KnUirprUe an lute raiting
lory of the fa in one oilna.
tp to 14 yeare aco, Mr. Dyaon bad
boon a mi'lent of P-rownirllla, Ore., at
which place ba wae en-Krd lo tlie tin
ning buiineaa for i'O yeart . Daring that
time he had been honored with teveral
poeitlona of Unit, having been city re
corder and poaimater at that place.
lie w.a alio tecretary ol the Browna-
nlle Woolen Mill and editor of tha
Browmvllle Admliaer.
In Mr. Dyaon. in company with
two other Broanavilla citisvua, . B
Sundiik aod J. W. Moore, atarted for
the Blue Biver aiining diitlct, vblch,
Op to that lime, waa comparatively little
known. It bad been frequently iroa
pcted prevlonnly, but the proapectora
were not rewarded with any promiainK
Audi. The diaulct at that time bring to
inacceaaible that ojuib diinmlty Lad
b- n encountered in tranaporting ade-
j'ute mining fadlitie. Mr. Dyaon and
bia party, upon arriving in tha diatrict.
immediately atarted prospecting, aod
alter a weary aearcti ana iruiueee ' pan
olng" they finally bit upon the "Lucky
Boy" mine. There followed eleven
yuan of bard, unremitting toil. Ham
pered at they were for lack of capital to
purcbaee machinery with which to oper
ate the mine at a profit, they atrugxled
oo undaunted. Having a faith that waa
alwoel lubllma a to the richneea of the
ledge they never gave op. IIowever,in
September, 1898, Mr. Dyaon came lo
Oregon City with the avowed intention
of enliatlng capital for the eatabllahment
ofaSatamp mill at the "Lucky Boy,"
and alao fur tho construction of a wagon
road 6, mile in length to connect with
the oonnty road leading to Eugene, the
distributing center of all tho outlylug
mining diathcta. Mr. Dyaon offered a
half Interest in the mine to Meser.
Latourrtte and Cooke, of Oregon City,
in return for their aaalstance in eecuriog
the much needed mill and the road.
These gentlemen, however, failed to im
mediately discern tha prospect of any
sure return on auch an investment, and
although strongly tempted by the rich
specimens submitted by Mr, Dyson, tbe
Jul y ml their decisive answer until too
late. Mr. Dyson had secured financial
backing in Portland. Mr. Louis Zim
merman, of the Zimmerman Packing
Company, Mr. F. C. Sharkey, of the
same firm, and Mr. F. E. Sharkey, of
Salt Lake, were the fortunate trio whose
quick perception and discernment se
cured for them a halt Interest In what
proved later to be one of the ' richest
mlnne in Oregon.
"I gave Mr. Lutein ette end Mr. Cooke
the Drat chance," laid Mr. Dyson, "but
their procrastination proved fatal.' How
ever, they still have an opportunity for
inveetmeut In other good minea of the
Calainwia and Blue Kiver districts if
they tool so disposed. I shall make
some Investments myself in either one
of the two districts.
"The new company, composed of Louis
Zimmerman, F. E. and F. O. Sharkey,
N. B. Standisb, J, W. Moore and George
A. Dyson, then commenced operations
on an extensive and profitable scale.
They constructed the 5-nille road and
erected a 5 stamp mill. This greatly
i expedited the work at the mine and the
monthly output toon began to excite
wide-spread Interest, ,aml many eyes
turned longingly to the Blue River dis
trict. From the profits of the "Lucky
Toy" the new company later erected a
ID-stamp mill and the monthly output
reached the enticing figures of $13,000
This showing, with only a 10-sUmp mill,
attracted the attention of outside capital,
and the owners of the "Lucky Boy" mine
today are easily worth a quarter million
of dollars. The ledge it 30 feet wide, all
free-milling oie.
''Mr. Moore and I", Mr. Dyaon con
tinued, "sold our interests at a sacri
fice. We have been working hard in
that place for 14 years and have become
tired of It. I am getting along tn years
and the speculative fever that once per
meated my being when a younger man
hat been cooled by advancing yean, and
I do not feel justified In sinking my share
of the profits In the "Lucky Boy" in itlll
more extensive mining machinery for
an indefinite period at the present own
ers intend doing. My faith, however,
Larffe Amount of 1'roperljr ,SoM
bjr Sheriff Cooke.
Prealdettllawley, f The Crew a pjper
Co., Bujt Timber Lad. iLe
tar Enteral lamtmmt O.
the Blue River and Callnooia ditrira I t rT Ti'AfTnt.m
it unbounded. Tha mlnee are yet In
mcir miaocy as lar at development it
concerned. Noon with mining fever
need go to Alaska, for they csn find
plenty of rU h claims in the BJoe Kiver
district. In my opinion there It a Bold
belt reaching clear through the state of
uregon from north to south and many
rich claims are ret lo be discovered
"The Callpoola district It to all indi
cations a richer one than the Wo Kiver.
but not at large nor at acceawible. A
Una wagon road haa been boilt from
Browotville by the Linn county people
to the now present eoonty lins separa
ting Linn and Lane counties. There the
road stop juat 4 miles from Gold Hill,
wnitn was s part of the former county
line, but was changed by the legialatore
pon a bill and petition introduced bv
the Lane countv reoreaenUti vm ll ...
piece of petty thievery on the part of
Lane county, aa Linn bad agreed lo
relinquish claim of this short 4,',-mile
strip set forth In the petition, but was
confronted with the startling discover
upon the paessg of Die bill that this
short atrip bad been ink-eniou.lv
sireictiea outii it recbed to the eastern
extremity of the county. Lane county
properly refuses to complete the road
across tbit 4 mile strip acquired by
Lane which would give a mode of In
gres to Gold Hill where lie the rich
Callpoola mine. Lane county, notwith
standing the duly it owes to Ue told-
bearing district within her borders, ar
bitrarily refuses to complete Iks road,
nd there the matter atanda."
Meur. Zimmerman. F. C. and t. E.
Sharkley and Blandish now comprise
the "Lm ky Boy" owner and they will
make such extensive Improvement in
their property that it is destined to be
come still more valnahla. With D.a
raple water power furnished by the
Blue River they are erecting a 3C,000
lectrie plant, and next year thev con
template the placing in operation of 35
more stamps. With these at work the
monthly output will run from ,40,000 to
Stftl Strike Ended.
Ntw Yoac, Sept 14 The great steel
strike, which began on Jane 30, was
brought to an end at conference held
today between the leaders of the Amal
gamated Association and officers of the
Sheriffs tale of delinquent prooertr
for the years 18V2, 1803. 1894 and 1S07.
commenced last fcaturday at the coort
bouse door. Only two piere were solj
on that day and the sale was adjourned
when the first newt of the prei!ent's
death was received. On Monday the
sale was cuitiooed and will U held
dally until all of the prorrtT I sold.
Competition it fierce though a larse
amount of tht property brought less than
the taxfSaMese agalnit it. Following
1 given the name of the owner to whom
the property la aaeeaaed, a description of
the hand, tue amount of the tax. the
buyer and U prico which lb property
Drought at (lit tale:
J. Halbert, admin., lots 1 and 3 in blk
94 and lots 20 to 38 inclusive in blk 93,
Mintborn addition to Portland. As
sessed at $15 03 and sold to J. W. Grsale
lor $16.
Heirs pf (Jeo. Albright, fractional lot
2, blk 2. ManbfielJ. Aawaaed at (0.17
and so I J to I. II. M-rlat for o.M.
Geo. II. Allen. 131.80 acres of J.
McN'ary donation land claim. Aswm1
tt $62.39 aod sold to G. W. At wood for
Mr. A. Amo, CO acres in e.'i of aa'X
tp3t, rSe. Aaaeweed at $14 35 and sold
to Ina U. Cbas for $7.
John Anderson, 10 acre in tp 4, t r 2
e. Aseeeeed at $11.43 and sold to W. P.
Hawley for 12.50.
Lorir II. Andrewa, lots 1 and S In b!k
21, Oregon City. Aseesed at $3.95 and
sold to P. H. Marley for $2.
Samoel and Aaelltb Atcbinaon. 5
comianiee of tha ITnitd
State bteel Corporation. An agreement Jecree in Georg Will D. L. C, in tp 1 1,
wB aiaueu miner wmcn i ue men win re
turn to work in the mill that have been
idle on Monday morning. The announce
ment wat made at the office In thia city
C. B. Cartel, 1 S3 acres in Jacob Gilra
D. L. C, in tp 2 a, r 3e. Assessed for
the parties to the conference that no
statement should be made until Preei- j
dent Bbaffer, of the Amalgamated Asso
ciation, isvues hla order to tha men to
return to work. This will be done to
morrow (Sunday) when he reaches Pitta
burg, whither he went immediately after
the conference. It wat learned, how
ever, from an authoritative source, that
oo concessions were made by the United
State Steel Corporation.
' Jtortharn Paclfle Statement.
St. Tavu Sept. 17. The annual report
of the Northern Pacific shows gross earn
ings tor the year ending June 30 of 132.-
500,084, an increase of $2,245,516, and
net earnings of 115,020,640, an increase
ol $294,150. Tlie dividends paid aggre
gate $6,200,000. Over $2,000,000 was ex
pended in betterments, and the total
surplus Is $3,507,421, an increase of
What M-all We Hare For Demerit
Tbit question arises in the family ev
ery day. Let ua answer it to-day.' Try
Jell-O, a delicious and healthful dessert.
Prepared in two minutes. No boiling 1
no baking 1 simply add boiling water and
set to cool. Flavor: Lemon, Orange'
Raspberry aud Strawberry. Get a pack
age at your grocer to-day. 10 cts.
Working Nlgnt nd Day.'
Tha busiest and mightiest little thing
that ever wat made is Dr. King's Nw
Life Plllt. These pillt change weakness
into strength, liallessnest into energy,
brain-tag into mental power. Toe r re
wonderful for building up the health.
Only25o per box. Sold by Geo. A.
le. Asaied at 124 30 and aold Lo P.
Marley for $7.
William Ball, 17J,' acre in Caleb
Richie D. L.C.. la tp 1 t. r 3 e As-
of the American Tin Plate Company, aeewed at $9 48 aod aold to to P. II. Mar
1 . . at a i a a- ll , .if
w i.iro Hie cumcronra waa ueiu. iniiu; iv fii
full terms of the settlement were not di-
vnlirtvl. and it n innnnmiUh.) I' '
wat in accordance with an agreement by $9 72 and aold to T. F. Ryan for f 2.
C. F. Barnes, 20 acre In Jaa. Bonoey
. L. C, in tec 36, tp 4 a, r 1 w. At-
teeeed at $6.15 and sold to G. E. flar
greaves for $2.
J. 8. and W. Bsrlow. lots 1 and 2. blk
22, Csnemah. Aseeeeed at $12.24 aud
told to C. U. Bsrlow for $1.
C. E. Barney, lot 1, blk 23, Falls View
addition to Oreion City. As8ed at
$4.M and aold to P. 11. M.rlav for 50
cent. ,
Margaret Bluer Iota 19and 20 in Pleas
ant Little Homes. No. 1. Assessed at
$16 44 and sold to P. U. MarlayfqroO
Frank II. Buelton, ICO acres in sec. 20
to 1 a. r 8 e. Aseeesed st $14.07 snd
told to P. II. Marlay for $1.
m. T. Burney, 40 acre In sec 3(5. to
3 s, r 8 e. Assessed at $40.29 and sold
to M. Wilcox for $2.50.
Wm. T. Burney and II. D. McGuire.
all of sec 36, tp 1 t. r 6 e. Assessed at
$33 30 and sold to J. K. Thomson for
Ella Broderick, lots 2 and 5. blk 156.
Oregon City. Assessed at $20.S5 and
sold to J. II. Thorn peon for $8.
W. M. Burhsrt. lot 1. blk 19. Holmes'
add to Oregon City. Assessed at $3.20
and aold to T. F, Ryan for $13.
Ben 8. Backuian, G5 acres In Isane
M. Foster D. L C. tp 2 t, r 3 e. Assess,
ed at $6.75 and sold to C. E. Nash for
H race Campbell, 120 acres in tp 3 s,
r 8J e. Assented at $17.10 and told to
P. II. Marlay for $2. .
Hen Capler, 40 acre in tec 21, tp 2 1,
r6e. Assessed at $11.61 and sold to
F. J. TJ'Ren for $17.
. (Continued on page 8.)
The United States Gov
ernment Report shows
Royal Baking Powder to
be stronger, purer and
better than any other.