Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, August 30, 1901, Page 4, Image 4

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Orpcrnn ( itv FnfprnrKP man of great uienta end ) knack of!
v . v w v . v m w j a . a v . , ' a WW .
('It; and Coonty Official 1'aper.
Published Every Krlduy.
Ihs chord, ol ,,ubllo I J r v v vv vy s. v- n m
sympathy with remarkable uiwas.M FT r M M Af IT M f 4tf
I. be lives h, ill smveed hln.aelf as1 iiO ClIJU 1 Cll J
mnator (rum Clackamas county. Saleui
L. L. POIUEK, ror.iTi
Oiisyear 2 00
hit monthi 1 IV)
Trial lutMKTii'tlun tiro months 23
A diwiount ol Wwnli on ell subscriptions
for on Vfr, 25 mil (or aiz months, it
paid In advance.
Advertising rates given on application.
Subscriber m ill find tht dl of I ra
tion stamped on their pt m following
their nam. If this date it not chanced
witt.ln tao wrrk- after a pavment, kniU.j
notify ui and we will look after tu
.Entered at th postofflc in Oregon City,
Or., at second class mailer.
Tits. Cor kiir IIhuld says tltat if we
aoiiKI go bark lo a count; j idge and two
commissioner, that the co'iity judge
could do all county business exeett
routino matters an J then when tha three
members nirt, the acta of the Judge could
bo ratified in a Jay or lao only, anJ
thereby rave money. It a at lor the
very reason that Ihe judge ws. tha whole
court that the change wn made. If it
ia lo save money thla change la wanted,
then abolish the commissioners and let
the judge le the court in name aa well
at (act. l'eople in town have not the
iuterest in the board, that the country
people have. The great bulk of the
txta go on the roads an.l the country
ihouU aelect the men that expend thit
money, which they do with the present
yeteiu. it h the county judge a aalary
cut down, the present system ia cheaper
than the old one and the farmers select
the board that expends their money.
The people of tbia county approve the
change, irrespective of party. The
only monitor of the legislature of the
opposition party (rout thia county whan
the change waa tuaJe waa the uioet en,
thuaiastic tupuorter of the bill. Th.
C'lrrinaville Ceo. J. Currin
Utnuot Adolph AKboff Courier Herald issore Weause it could
not work the preeent Loard for the
Bearer Creek lr.T. B. Thomas
Canby K. . 8im
Tnion Mill....
Meadow Brook.
New Era ,
Ptaflord ,
kf arquara
..A. Mather
...Oscar la-iuger
...O. J. Tmliinmr
... nas. ttoiman
..W. f. Nearherrv
Uennr W ilejr
li. O. tloln.ee
C. T. Howard
K. M. Cower
Annie htubhs
... .J. C. M sniuam
... ...B. Jennirfra
Aurora ilsnrv A. 8nvur
Eale Creek ."H. Wiihern
Pamawua J. C. Kllioti
F-vtv K. Oo Uch I
AV-'h commendable enterprise The
Chicaito Poet has eeenred an expression
of opinion from a large number of tena
tore and rtpreienUtivea on the advis
ability ol changing Inauguration day
(rout March 4 to some convenient date
iu the spring.
While there are are quite a number ol
leading men who, like Congreseman
Hopkins, are opposed to'changing the
d-ite, the majority follow the lead of
Senator Allison, who lavors it. The
The reasons which appea- to have most
weight with the majority are the Inclem
ent weather likely to prevail in Washing
ton on March 4 and the advantage of
leogth'iDg the second sessisn of congress
Those who favor a change generally
tnstgnt April 30 lor the dat. as that is
the anniversary ol the day Washlng'on
ouk the oath. But when the change is
made it would be advisable to avoid a
specified day of the month, which would
fall on inconvenient days ol the week,
and fix npon the first Tuesday or Wed
nesday of Msy.
S. E. Mores very truly says that a
county printing.
Tut prune crop of the coun'ry has a
big deficiency. America producing only
about one half of Ut yr'a crop. This
should make good prices for the Oregon
.rop which is estimated at 1100 carloads
of evaporated fruit. Thia should help
the fruit raiser materially.
Si'uab bet I culture ia proving to be
profitable in southeastern Washington,
and the present season hss shown a
large increase in the out pat which is es
timated at 2400 tons. What has become
of the factory we were to have op the
Value of llumlilo Ihet lo the farmer.
IWa it occur to the farmer that the
destruction of bumble twea and their
nests, which Is of so frnmeiil occurrence.
Is greatly againal hie own Inters!?
Houibts-toee are the only iuaecta thai,
or the principle once, In a great measure
we are Indebted to (or the lertilittion of
our red clover bloaaoma, and were It not
(or their persistent work we could not
expect to reap (he benefila of the prec
ioua golden clover seed that we value
more highly thau al nost any other
thing that grows on the farm, writes A.
II. Puffin "Farm Field and Fireside.'' .
It Is well known, and an established
lact, that red clover, when first Intro
dnced into Australia, failed to seed until
the bumble Uea were Introduced there,
after which It seeded. The bumble-le
Islnnowl-ean encroachment on any.
thing or any one in this country, owing
to it numerous number. We need ev
ery bumble bee that hare, and not a
single specimen lo spars; then, why
would naughty boys and Ignorant mou
turn in ana destroy their tirateT There
ought lo be enough pvople that know,
and see, the harm it doe, and, thus
posted on the subject lo prevent It,
We must be largely dependent m thia
sicie of insect lo do this great work,
and a great big job of it is (or the (ew in
sect a that can master it. Tha bumble
bee i a persistent worker and it would
be surprising if we could follow one Jnt
one day, and see tlie great amount of
work he does, and If we would but watch
him an hour, aud study him closely, we
would perhaps chsrge our. mind, and
protect their nests rather than to destroy
them. The bumble toe Is not increas
ing in this country, but rsther decreas-
.iV.iek.k jSj J.j( .KS.iOv C iCv 0i rt AS -N A iV'
e red by the honey le, hence the ferllll
sit Ion ol the same.
Hew to kill CsiiikU Tills" lo
W. II. Cunnell gives the (olluwina:
from "rVl,s"(iraitrof North America,"!
(or killing Canada Ihlailes;
"Canada IhUtlea have long roots
which store up nourishment during thel
latter pari ol the summer and f sail, lo
feed the spring growth, To kill the Ihls-
tlrs without the loss o a croi'i have thai
land rich, If possible; al leal have III
well aeedeil lo clover, and by lop-dreM-
ing with land plaster, anhes, or hy some I
means, get a good a itrowth lo lha clo
ver as poMible, At on as the clover i
in lull bloom, ami here ami there shows
a broaaom, mow and make lha crop,
thistles and all, Into hay. Alter mowing
apply a little plaster to uuickly start (he
growth of clover. Yon will Cud thla to I
come much quicker than the thistles.
As soon s the clover hss a gout start I
(nun July 'SHU to Au;til 5th- plow down, I
totng carsful to plow all the laud and to I
fully cover all Kiowth. Then roll and
harrow al once, so as to cover every this
tle. tut few thistles will ever show after
Ibis, and they will look pale' and weak.
When they do show, militate thoroughly
with a cultivator having l-roa.l, sharp
teeth, so as lo cut evi-ry one elf under!
the ground. In two d-trs go over w ith a
sharp hue and cut off any that may have
ecaied the cultivator. Watt h the this
tles snd keep using the row ati-l cultiva
tor until (reeslng weather. You will see
hem getting scarcer each time and look
ing as though they had the consnmntlon.
lly plowing Ihe land just Uf.ire fivrilug
you will hav It In tli4 flneat condition
for the spring crop. Thia plan not only
1 w I
ti rfn J I M
The ICIntl Voti llnvo Alwnya Ilotight, nml uhlh lm(
Iu ii ho for over ;i( j curs, hnn ItortiA llio aUturii (lf
mm imw weni innuo uiiticr Ills Imt
S-jtfTtrfr, ",ml 'lM,-vM"i "turn Its Infancy.
All CoiintcrrcUs, Iiittlntlona rtml Jtit-na.KiKMl nr
i:xporliuctita tlutt trills Hllli hikI riiliinir'r I ho lirulth of
Infant nml Children-riper lonco ttgulnat IUt'rliuciit,
CitatorU la i liiirinlraa anlist Ituto for Cnator Oil. laro.
ptrlc, Drops iiimI MmIiIiiu; Hjrtipa. It U I'lruiuint, I
iiilnlii4 neither 4 ihi in. Morphlno imr oilier Nurmtj,.
snibstnnco. It nifo l 1(4 guitriintrv. It destroy Yoriu
mid itlluya IVvcrllnn-s, It cure Dlarrluria utut lu4
C'ollo. It relieve) Trrtlilnir Troiiblca, rurea t'oiiatlniitlon
niul rhitiiN-iicy. It nsslinlliitca tlm 1'immI, rruuUtea tho
Moiiiiu-li iiikI Itowrle, kUIiiu; lirultliy nut liiitiiruj sleep,
Tho Chlldrcu,s l'tutuccis Tko Jlollu r' 1'rlcnJ.
Scars the Slgnaturo of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Uso For Over 30 Years.
It seems that the Alaska officiate have
to come out about so often to explain to
the government that their official actions
are all right. This nisy be a necessary
part of the program.
ing, and Ihe time may come that this
tnol valuable insect may become ex
tinct, and the only hope we have left la
Ihe beekeeper gcnilng to the front with
hie improved strains of the Italian toee
with the long tongues sufficient to reach
the hooey In the red clover tabes, and
the present improvement in the line ol
breeding by the expert beekeeper In Ibis
direction bids lair that in the near tuture
kills thistles, but oxeje daUlea ail I other
weeds, It Is much belter than a sum-
SI I . I - 1 s a
mer ibiiow ana wiinuui t:ie loss ui a I
Furnished Firry rTeok b; Iks ( larka.
Oregon apples bring 10 to 2d er eeuU Abatract k Tral I e sp lay.
better prices in Lon.hm than Ihe toal WLDCurntt lo A (trnemwky
California apples. This is admitted by S's' acrra lu claim 41. t 4 s. r t v M
W.N White in an aUdrt-ss tofore the J Kalhdicb 87 acres In FT How-
Watsonville, California, 1J. ard ol TraU. 'd claim 4 1 s, r 3 e 3:t
Oood Oregon winter spph-e are lomiiia- T llagniburger lo II I. Ilsirenbuiirer
lha red clover honey crop will be gatb-. more and more a profitable; crop. Iota 7 and 8 In block 30 MllasusU
' I ......
A it nurrtierd to N Nelson Ilk CO
4J and a- b n.rk.n... lt-1
September Wralhcr. HjU,lmn i i, r
T ,. U n.li... til i
.v -.' uaw, iviiiu(a wiiuui in n iiia claim, 1 1 e.rZs
Duty Tbat Fosters Troti Should be Re-
moved. Opinions Given.
fJiLLiBOBo. Aug. i5. Hon. T. II. Ton
gue today replied to a query of the
American Economist, Philadelphia, as
change in the date ol the assembling of (follows:
congress is more Important than a I Hiliaboro. Or., Aug. 24, 1901. Editor
change of Inauguration dar. It wonM ArorIcaD Economist: Dear Sir. Re
buzz! a p,ti.,!i..,i. w,. turning home after an absence of some
" ""- " BP'n iBti, in,i r io.i. .1.
why congress does not assemble in ukinr an f m. tTn -.1
-r .j .r
either revenoe or protection; that the
industries protecting these goods are
capable ol withstanding all foreign com
petition, that they are outstripping all
loreign competitors in their own domsin. for lbe m00th o Hepicluber.
uu rapiuiy capiurma lue maraeia Ol me
world, aud that these tariffs serve no
purpose except to enable the corporations
controlling lhee producta to extort un
reasonable prices from the home con
sumer while selling cheaper abroad,
then they should be repealed at once.
This should be done, not to destroy, but
to preserve protection. They form no
part of a protective system. Ttiey give
plansibilil; to the argument that a pro
tective tariff fostera truste. They are
the enemies, not the friends of protec
tion. If we do not get rid of such tariffs
there is graver danger that the people,
nnmindtul of past experiences, stirred to
msdness by appeals lo prejudice against
of 20 years, have been compiled from the L Klnnaird lo I) W Klnnalrd In-
wr.mer ouremu recoroa ai i of uanu, Ur., Ureal In lot 2 blk 3. Kly'a all .
Windsor Land A Impvt Co to J 8
TtMraaanaa. I onntli Iota II and 12 In blk r)
Mean or normal temperature, 61 .ile. 1 U Lawrence lo M H Cautleld, lot
The warmest month was tbat ol Uvl, DIS ,JU ""iPn tly
with an average ol M deg.
The coldest month was that of 1876,
with an average ol 63 deg.
The highest temperature was 93 deg.
OO the 1Kb, m.
The lowest temperstiue was 30 deg. on
the 21st 1805.
Aversgedateon which lirst "killinit"
Irost occurred In autumn. Xov. 26.
Average date on which last "killine"
Irost occurred In spring, April II.
tllaln and melted snow).
a.vo wasjiiwotoji atajttr
tlmii. oaauon
A. P. nuiM, IX, O., Hia.lad
C(0 ,k'M".stlkk.iiJitJ. grUhs
m r-iMi aa fcouk., ... h.,,
I AU.1, ,f , fclk
. Oym all lh,fnt. Sil,uaJm.J..rua
?Mlhtni.w,uiMfl.ltal, La.,M
ko l.k, aa4 Im H u. Caul... S
1 400 I HmJ aJ
t L L a... ts vw a a . .
.. . . ( ikmiam iui J, f a
6 In blk 2, Oswego
F F Johnson to F Tattoo lot 16 in
blk 4H Oswego
J Mists to U ftluti, 20 acres In
sec 31, 1 2, sr I e
O A C K It lo K K Htone n',' of se"4'
ec31,t2s, rl a
Kellwood Land A ImptCo lo A T
Zandera loU 2 and 6 lo blk to, 2,
3 In 64. A 2 In "I Oak drove..
I r m ry I - ' ' ia-l I a
regular aession nntU thirteen month, g.rding general tariff revision," which 7"Uh- mt 'riM in lMr er'e tot ,th m?n,h' 173 M Zander. Tols 1 J'liu it ,
Iter it. election. All the constitution h been and now i. -attracting much "fTT m" 'mU,lan' """ f mih M ' M Z N E M and ; " 0k
..n....M-J...t....H. Attention throughout the coantrv." aa in 1832, and destroy the whole protec l"b or more, 8. ,?Z 1 ' tl 'k
jrear, and such meetimr ahall hA on tk. . , . after the moat careful eiaminti,n nf The least monthlv nr-ii,il.l!nn ... ""l 51 ' lanl Little Humes 1
frstMondsyin December onles. they TZ the probable effect of the action contem- 0.00 Inche. In 1S73. talS":?
.hall by law appoint a different day." "hole, both in producing needed revenue W l,oulJ l that the The greatest amount of precipitation , , , J " J 10 3;
c. . .... 7 ... and in atimnl.tin ti.. tn-i t.i 'ndustries affected could successful!, recorded in any 24 consecutive hours .! U'T n nd
allu:on UIIQK, lnat a C0Dtlta. - - - ----" withstand foreign com.-tition. ih.t . was 1.27 Inches or, th. 2ml. .,! ..... ,crM 10 dalw
I w '-wi - s s iu I a ft i .
. Di ui tun rnnnirv in 1 1 1 n s i a as f a r
uooti amendment would be necessary to ,.,.. , .,,. ...... A " "ere not destroying important enter- 1808.
, . , . - . . 1 ' vu ui.unuaiii OUUVCBQ1UI. UUf I .... I
coange me date ol inauguration, but this exDortssumaal!nrvinn.rn,.i prises while attempting to destroy mon- ciavm aud wtiub.
is by do means clear, m the date when are atill growing larger. With consumo- opoUeH' ib we were Dot mety chang- Average number ol clear days, 12;
the president', term and that of senators tion stiraulsted to the highest point, we in mft8'er"' 'nd entljronin foreign, P"iy cloudy dsys, 10; cloudy days. 8.
and congressman shall bein is not m.n- a,e P""". m foreign nations less 7. L '"' " T". . "u
j f i ... . i n m hii mini iimL net astira rn irtA iti'iai n f ,a . ...
tioned. Theweitofrminlnn iumi in proaucw, especially sucn as on. .... r; 7, V.. '"7 Paii.ng winds have hm!n from
-sr A'n laemaaa a .....-.. f.. 1 1 f at 1 trumt vis B--. t lltDO awiJUUliA II I tJl LIU If 1 1 al. HA.ll. a
lean to the theory that congress has we purchased during those years of ter- "d The facts fully known The highest velocity of the wind ws. TUU8T CO. are the
power to legislate on these matters. rible depression following the passage of ,clion ,l,ke" ,ho",d cautious. 45 mnegi from the QQ ,g,t u, lha Thorns
u the constitutional amendment is re- tne " uon-Oorroan law
A greatly in
quired to change the date ol Inaueura- creo8d remand for these ia supplied
tion day and the umwin. f . Iollyfrora our own farms, ranges, dair
6 ies. orcbs
congress witlun a reasonable time after
temperate, but firm and effective.
Thomas II. To.soie.
2nd, 18U7.
Date of issue, Aug. 26,
Forecaat Official, Weather Iiureau.
a rocaa ladi s life saved.
A Koberlaun to 0 Weismatidel lot
10. blk 4, Tark Add 473
M Fkstrand to II Alexander lot J
blk 13, Kails View 730
0 Bchmldeck to A Ilolle lot blk 2
Kdgewood 2tX)
iiiii A DMT It ACT i
ownera ol the copy
system of ahstrai i
induxes, for Clackamas county, aud hava
the only complete set of abstracts In t),.
County, can furnish Information as to
title to land at once, on application
Loans, InvestinenU.real estate, abstracts
stc. Office over Dank ol Oregon City.
Call and Investigate. Address boi 37.
irds and gardens. Successful Applicants.
Our Present trade balanr-A la enahtinal Below ia vtvnn a liat nl ano..!..! .n.
Its election the agitation might as well us to cancel our obligations to foreign pHcanU for certificates to teach in the
be dropped now. Such amendments ara nations, and its continuance for a few public schools of Clacka maa rnnnlv.
well niiih imoosslble. ReHlilna n.j years will make as the creditor nation of I There was long list of aspirants of which I Pn' ColumnM, ,y Chamber
w , "w saww 1 - . . .... I , ' I 1.1 '.a a . . .
one nrovMin,, in. , mewona. iaoor is well paid and fully Zo per cent were iriven the privilege of tuoicra aua uiar-
.... , . . ; . Ul employed. We should not likely imperil more lime to advance theraselve. before rh Remedy.
, - rw.s vou, peopIe these adv.nUges, or endanger the pros- they were allowed to be classed among Dr. Ch.s. II. Utter, a prominent phy- Ire of a Voung man 0 woman . n7w
more than either of these other changes, pent we now enjoy. To enter now upon the Instructors of ourcounty: itelw of Panama, Col umbia, In . recent to have. nleiJo? ?i ?
For Voonr Men and Toanf rTomcn.
mere is nothing that will arouse the
a steneral revision of tha tai-ifr ... First nm,af,nar. ti. v lttr atata-r m..i. f ... 1 ...... " wora puion on
w ---- w sfc 1 - w --'ivi in a i icn nv 11 . r 1 uemi Asaiiil A I UI 11 fta 1 II nin I liaau m.a .1-
ceoeoe c. BBowsnt. MmPt to remodel and rebuild our Indue- W. Downing. Annie J. Youmr. Iva M. tient a youog ladv sixteen vear nf ., b..i .1 ..... ..... ... w""'
Hon. Geo. C. Brownell, lUte senator V'a, would itself create alarm, Harrington, W. II. Karr. who had very bad attack of dysentery! many their no.t ,,,. i. n .
from Clackamas county since 1894, has .?'.L?"! Ry,KT?r1Wl0t Ler Proved The Troy laundry n.e. .iZ:;
openly announced himself. MnrtM.i. .7. "TL. f . ueu,."uu w -. .uu0.u. BU)Mi ..U0Ga... .uu .... was growlng'worse ladles' and gontlemen'a fine
. lauur. uu buddiibb. anti wnoroi nnro.t.Anna ifflmin i.n M n..n avnr nnnr i ....(. . .1 1 tm .
for the same place next year, fixing his and alarm. It would be better to bear Withey, Ethel o'sbome, Har.l would die. 8h, had become weak Z Z .Uhe W "i"" "
platform upon the advocacy of the ini- Tith "light Inconvenience, rather than Nen Gleason, Daisy WcAnulty, Mary could not turn over in bed. What to do Johtison'abarher'alion rt
tiative and referendum and the eWiinn to rush blindly opon untold disaster. E. Miller, H. Lieaman, Aruvl Jones. t this critical moment was a aimiv f,..
. . . 1 . . . . 1 .... . . j 1 .
of United States senators by direct vote must not aiirioute an nigner prices inird grade Annie Smith, Alice M. . butl thought of Chamberlaln'i Colic,
oftheoeoDle also tha nnrt.iin.ans t0 Bhli8ter lnfluences- Six years ago the Shannon, Marian Swanby, Ivab Olra- Cholera and Diarrhea Remedy and a. a
y ' "rminwnj Ol tne crvlnsr evil was "lnir nrUi " VCkan .11 loai Milt;. Vr... 1 .,..!.. r- ci tn.l
ubib. air. Brownell lias odd ways and are eagerly strivinz to tecum hlirlir Q. Roman. Ro. Paar..ra ir i dnrful result
, I I ' ' 4as " vr UdlU ClaCIlL
ilAnl 4hinn a t i ..... I 2 a I - . a If I . . . I a . ... "
""". uu i-no eise wouia think F"cc in mo presence 01 a pnenomenally wocnsieiter, ines L. Murray, Nora Hale, "ours site was feeling mnch better- in
v uuujfc nieui. ii9 is pernaps the only , mai, nouiun. cxci mac mwuo uwiuea, urace ManUAii, Katb- BIU0 ree unyn sne waa upon her feet
i i no ra tari i Via Shabam n i 11. . i . m , a I r we if mi w . . M.. i a a v a m
Dianin the state of recognized ability
On I f.1n;.- A 1--J I a
..llUB lo jenuerauip who would I of tha thins nnn.nm. . m:iu.
of recognized abilit y , increase In the price of the enne C. McMillan, Lottie Galbreath, nd at the end of one week was entirely
iderahlo who i n ftul'""u ul uluer 88 we" " oar own; vine iseniiart, Uertha L. Yoder, wen." i-or Bale by O. A. Hardlnir,
i muigo ho consume, as wen as urace aiiuer, druggist.
tnose we produce. We must not expect
have taken the advantage of an appoint
ment as orator at a Woodmen's picnic
An entirely fraternal gathering-to make
apolitical speech in avocacy of himself
lor an office. Yet Mr. Brownell ia a
T - Hn.fa- Tl a III . a I
to buy cheap, unlet we exnect la ll If the action f v,nr i,ni . 'y?"v "e- iml- MV
cheap and workcheap. and regular serious complies ion 't LZJ.l
But if a carfif.,1 ..min.t.nn .hMM h th final r,,n Tuw. ......... T' u. itjb. lie suiierea six
- -w..aHt,iWa biiwuiu s .WDUH, X-0 ff ill) M AjlLLlH IMlf 1 V
prove, what ia so often alleged, that there Riser, will remove this danger, fi.fo
are tariffs opon producta not needed for j pleasant and effective. Geo. Harding.
Innn.n l-m
Bl I I I I
.rr-m v lit ifii III I a rk
ir-H m its.; h i'& m i
1, l'IL
t. . .
'M sever
re urn
yeara. Doctor, failed to help him. Get
DeWIt.'a, Accept no imitation.. Geo.
A ( are V-r t h dra Isrsnitai.
"U.t May," says Mr.. Cnrtls Daksr,
ol Hookwalirr, Oi.lo, "an lnf.nl child ol
our tiriKhtiur'a was stiflWIng frm chiJ
ers liifai.ium. Tha d l..r bsd glvsn ob
sll h..a u( rrrovary. I look a Mils of
ChamlN-rtaln's Coll. Cholera and IHw
'l.aa Itcmvlv lo the hmise, Irlllng llisra
I (sit sure il would do good II um acrov
ding lodirrci ions. In Iwo days' timl
the child had fully rrcovend, and Is not
(nrarly a yejr since i a vigorous, hrallhy
girl. I have recoinrvendcd this Iti-nifJy
frrtinlly and have never known It to
fail in any aingle Instance." For sals by
U. A. Ilsrdlng, Drugglal.
Wh4 A Tale II TcFla,
If thai mirror ol yours show.
arolched, sallow complpxlon, a Jsundirsd
lok, moth patches and blotches on tin
ln, It's llvtr toubl.; bill Dr. Klng'l
New UU Mils rpgulste Ihe liver, purify
Ihe blood, give cleat skin, rosy cIikss,
rlciicompUxl.m. Only 2io at Geo. A.
Harding's drug store.
Only One Hay To Do It.
Get from I'orlland lo Chicago In 7J
hours-Just three days. The "Chkago-
I'ortland S(. leaving I'orlland
dally al 0 a. in. via. 0. It. A N.. arriri
at Chicago all) M the third day. New
York and Boston are reached the fourth
day. Thla train, acknowledged lo be
the fastest between the Northwest and
the East, Is solidly voatibuled and Its
etilpmiuit Is unsurpassed, rullmsa
drswlngrooiu sleeping csrs, up-to-date
tourist sleeping cars, library -smoking
car., free reclining chair car., snd un
excelled dining csrs, the mealaon which
are emiat to thoso served at the very
best hotels. Ilmneiubor this train rufll
olid I'orlland to Chicago; there 1. no
changn of cara, and the good of It li, It
costs no more to ride on It than on other
Wo hava other trains 'TacHlo Ex
press" lu.vtis I'orlland dally at 0 p. .
via Huntington, and tha "Spokane
Flyer" luavea at 0 p. m. daily via Spo
kane (or HI. l'aul and the East.
For rates, sleopinu car roservatlona,
call or write to
A. L. Ciiaig,
General rasHonuer Agent,
O. R. A N, Co., I'oitland, Oregon.
KLT'B CREAM BAI.M Is a posltWsenra
JU.I UUOIUaua, M Warraa at, Mew luck fk.
7Rfl maK William. ,fl1
Illl I lCfW I'llaOI'ISSKKT"'"
lis! & II It aura llllnd. Jllrluf:
''Hi and Iwhlnf ril". I
,tY I I 3 W aluorlis II... timiiir.. SI-
i I I J Ur.itis HohlnalJ
ara ay stl a.- sal 'f lai lift)"
paraS (Jntf for pi, and Itohl na uf lha prlral p.'1
T. "rf,r" arraiil4. driiiiiilMa, or "
Uui,l''.'Jm,),:1 "' prlos. Oa ami Sit . l'rA
WlLUaMS H V'U Co., 1'rop s, CL,aVV ULitilh
For tale by piiarman & Co., Druggists.