Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, August 23, 1901, Page 3, Image 3

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Personal Mention
frank Jours baa returned (rum West
Mi.n Pollle Cruet nt Hufiilay at Wll
hull. William Andremm and wife are al
Claud Huffman U In the city vUltlng
Mi family.
I'miI Milrr vltlil friends In 1'ort
l.n.l Holiday.'
V. M. C7. of Harlow, wte In Hit
rlly Haturday.
Thomas McCubhliia wst In town from
bvn Friday.
kliM l.uti J'reper list Heaalda fori
Mrs, Ada McClnrt and children hm
"luriw.1 fro.,, Albany, whore ll.ey were
Hit KUMU uf Mr.. H. A. II. Veal.
Mr. J. M. Kull.,r snd dsiiKhtor, Mm.
J W. lrea, of l'ortlai.d. vlalM
friends In Oregon (jiy Wednesday.
Mr.. J, Wi-nnr snd Mr.. Harry
r.,T iVW returnM from a vr.it lolhelr
lirtrfhrr. Will K. .,.t Victoria, . C.
ni.iiain J.dwsrd UatU.lt, ,d A Lamb.
lirliiM !..., I ui..
nmi,y irmii watrrtown,
N. V., and Hill nuka their home In n,.
MIm I'liMim WIN-hart, of Mt. rii..,,i,
Ml Haturday fr IortlMrii and will I
llio gii.i ,l Mm. Ann KiiKlin for a
k Local Eyci;.
Nest Monday Is labor day.
fJnn repairing, Johnson A Lamb.
l!l yclo sundries of all kinds, Johnson
MIm Zilnlit (iillowMv
Nepo'tlna few days. Jfrr health ,.
IffMtly hemfliM by her Mux
Dancing In the evening si tli
Cro inilt,
Nsw wheels to
John A l.smb.
rent. Prices rigid.
K. ya filled while you wait. Johnson
Lsmlt, Main street.
I'ro. H. I'tirtitr. of f.oa
A.V. Cooke wss In lown Ksltirdsy ,, been vi.itl,.tf his brother. Jhn ti
Imm Damascus. Torlrr for als weeks pail, loft yesterday
City Uh:",I" Duc C, Curry ami lor home,
family are at NeW.rl. MUa lir.m Tlllar.l, ,o haa n vl.
n, (Irani liaitm rluriiiil Tulay I""IC Mlm Iwtliwdu for avrl
from a viU lylun. ""ka ..t, rnturnml lo bur lioma In
Mri.Jan.pallnrkar.l baa g-l.t U hm- '""''" Mon.lay,
till lo) 'in bar liulanJ. Mr, aid Mra. Jomli rjtitt, of 'orl-
County IbvufUr Tom V. KamUtl '"'. M-'fl "n.lay at tlia Mt. rir.,,i
.n...t Hun.lay at H.aal.U. mim W iiwirm umim, wliioa rif li t
...... I. . Ina'taof Mr. i'a'i'iKt,
in. lt I ttl arvnr lima ln .n.i. I .
Irg a f" a at Halila.
Harry anJ Tbomaa TremUth ro
urutl from trip lo Hattl,
Allrnry J. K. Illua baa rrlnrnej
from a tlnra trip ti Tiwoma.
Mr. John Taiton, of Iua, In
tuantl'la vl'ltlni rlallv,
XI Itcrrlitan Ufl Tuialay morning for
I tk'a outlnf at Wllboit Hprlng.
Mr It. II. Hirllt. of I'ortUnJ, m
lolU tliy TurkUy tUiiini IrlomU.
Mn. j, j. iua rpiurnr-i Mumlay
wm t ' rlaliM at Mvlall.
J. II. Vrrnon, of PilvtriiNt, l.aa ao
(Jt MiUon In lluntlry'a drug Ur.
NdJ Mc Arthur, of Nw Kra,
JuJri tmln4 In Oifn City halurUay.
Via, i'bailr Wrlgbt aa In Taroma
tlila rck atln.lln tl.a Klk'a rarnlval.
J. C. Mr Murray, ruti)lnint farmer
of Paniaarua, a la tb city Wolnc-
Vi. If. Counwll, roal ujrir ol
Iha tro Jlalrut, arsa la toa rlur
Mr. J. A. Ilrln baa ln lllin btt
diuglitrr, Mr. W. (tonebrakv, at I(um
Ma Mm Kally rlurne4 riurday
vriiiij fuuin lag ik'a ajara al
Mra. K. K. Willi. ma an I aon Itay, of
MUa lloblta ltal.lon Mt Katunlty
morning for tinattl Id ixtiiil illlt ninr
ltli bar aunt Mra. J. N. (iilnou.' hln
III alivml m IiooI tlnra.
Mr. and Mra. P. W. Waring and aon
and MUa ljftu, of iH-HaH, Kmih !
koU, tra to Iba city tbla nmk, (ha
iiPkUi Mra. 1. I). Taylor.
Mr. and Mra. A, (ilnv, of fUWi,
(Im Kiiral ol Cu and Mm. ItoWtA.
Miller, at (ilaiUiona Hundity. Mm.
IJIr.y Mra. Millxr'a alaiar.
Oxnrral rWrrlary W. (JllUirt JU.all a
will I lUnl friiiu Iha city Ks( ur lay
and Hunday, In attendamtr on Iba V. M
C. A, cohfrrrnra n I'nttland.
H. T. Ilul'rt, of MUrrion, aln town
W .tutelar. Ha la a tbrmtor of iba
lluita Crock Kalr A Uin, blch will
U tiald at Martnam (X I. 4 ana" 5.
Wallaro C'ola an.l family and Mlaa Ui
la Walker, of Urrfon City, and Mra.
H'a ar Killing g.l at a great roduc
tlou at tlio Ktrknt Hiorn.
Hiding rnacliliifa and llgbt machinery
rfpalrrtd, Jolmaon A Urnb,
Wanted, Ui rxi:liariga town pro(rty
for a lartn. KiKjnlra al Ibla olflc.
HubarrlUra dmlrlng to pay their tulr
arrlpiloti In wood liould do ao now.
Camra auppllea of all kinda, at Cbar
rnan A Co., tha Cut I'rica Druggiat.
l'0lol()0toloan on tliaitcl or pr
aonat arturlty. Dlmli k A Kattbaio, agti.
Saturday la tha day
Mag'ina'a park la tha pUca
For tha Had Cr picnic.
The plara to get It fl. U'batT
Your wbixd. Johnaon A I.arnb. Main
Marriage llrunaoa were laaund ytnter-
uay to tllisatwlli FreiUrlr ka Uluhrn, of
Oregon City, ?A, ai.d J(rwph Jfohle, of
I'ortland, ty; alo lo Mra. Klir.aheth
Cabm,S7, and J. W. KyJer, ol Clackamaa,
The I'ortland (inneral Klnc-trlo Com
Pny paid their lain Tueaday amount
IngtofKCSll. They are li.e btwvleal
laxpayara in the county. Over l;)0,000
baa ln colltn ted arid lea than fl7,0(X)
la due.
The Hoard of County CornmUnionere
held an adjourned lerrn yeaterday, but
beyond reading the journal and uaioing
few minor ordera, no biitlneaa waa
tranaacted. The m-it meeting; of tha
Hoard will be held Hept. 4.
Mra, Johanna I'llgcr died In Port'and
Sunday, aged Ciyeara, 5 months and, 1
lay. The funeral aervlcee wera held
Monday from the family realdenre, 381
Union avenue, and the Interment look
place In Damaama cemetery.
A meeting of the crwlitora of Geo. W.
I'roaaer, of Oawego, who Died petition
n liankrnpU'y ajine weeka ago, held a
meeting In the county court room Satur
day to conalder the avlnahillty of having
an atlgriee apjiolnted, but It waa deemed
j Social Hap
For the Ited Croa picnic lake Yonng'a
atagi at tha aaal end of the auapenaion
(lrl waatr4 for npa alra wrk. Ciood
area paid App'yat the lore r I.
Heilfkf .
Born Thurnlay, Augual 15, at Cane-
man, io ma a ne ol v. j. totxra a
Iia at cai and I lw coat. Now la
the lime to buy and aave money at tha
Itatket 8lore.
Underwear, boaerr, rihUma, dreaa
akirtaand walata at half prli-ea at the
Itacket Hlore.
(ilve tha children an outing at Ma-
May. and daughter, Miaa Carfie, of Tort- gone'a park, Sunday. Don't forget tin
land, have returned from Williolt.
Mra, Wm. Khlrldne, of Vancouver,
tu an Oregon City vltor Saturday and
In tha evening went to Salem to vlnl
illi her arent, Mr. and Mra. Kreyrnan.
Mr. I) W, Kiiinalrd, wife and tou re
turned Saturday n ghl from a three
monib'i trip In Kaatern Urrgon, where
Mr. Klnnaird baa been engagod In aur
lUvid Caufleld haa purchaaed the
Hed Croaa picnic.
Jaa. It. Smlih, of S.uithvitle, la com
ing to attend the Ited Croea picnic on
Saturday, Angnat 24.
Ioyd d. Weat, Win. K. Stone, and
Klecira lticbardaon have received pat-
enta at the land office.
go to
fl--t-a-a,aa'l . I
itwiiaau apeui auueauay auernuon nifyUT.H. Uarwnrw on the bill.
ei,1' . an I will move there In a abort lima with
Mra 1. 1., of Ibla city, wbo bat hit famllv. Mr. Uurence
been III fur the pa.i eek, It aloly re I'ortland to reilde.
tu,e""- , ' Mra. S. J. Ilarland. of Soringwaler.
Miaa Kate Halrd, of rorllanJ, nUItoJ haa niovtI lothlacltv with bla daugbtur.
. . .1
berai.irr, Mra. A. . IWr, during who will attend acbool.
It la Impoaalble lo give price tbrotigb
the papera. Come and bo couvlm el of
bat you can aave at the Itacket eWe.
K. K. Seal la papering and painting the
Interior of the Kirt Itaptlat church lie
la doing a neat job. The Improvement
will coat t-Vt.
the wk.
Mra. (. UI la and lo tnya are rutlra
ling on the NehaUm and will return
Sell tteek.
Fred Mllea and IajuU WeUmandol
Clarkamat county baa paid op ber
Mra. Ilarland atale and bounty taxet in lull, with all
bat purcbaaed a lot on the bill and will accrued Interest, and la now clear on the
erect a new houe. State Treaaurer'a bookt. The balance
Waldo Ad.ma !.! to XewiKt H ' P" nrtday
aa. Bta I . in .1
awheel la.i rl.lay ani win g-i io I u-illUm J Hlllv.r.l. J F. Ch.aA n.l
Kugene from ll.ere, to reaumeblaatu Ilea j l. Uke have fllml articlea of Incor-
)le a Hying trip lo I'ortland Sunday to In the State t'nlvemlty, fiom which be lor,ton ,,r the Woodmen Hall Aotorla
Tiil inen.la. twin grauuate neiijune, ,ion 0i 0rIl(n, Tl.a eit)I.,i Bt0fk
I'nited Statea Imirctor of HollcreOco. Jamea Willlamt and Chaa. F. Ponald- 1.:00, divided Into abaret of 13 each.
Fulli-r n. I Un aniu l.iil .-l. arm. nf Tillamuuk. Win. Nurrla. of Nvha- I -
l,e holiday. ' lr, (-. K. IUownlng, of Blaine, and l Jn"
Fort. I'r.n and j.d.n il.a alia Morgena Sommer, of Sand I.ake, rro'.r.ur:r:.'ru"
I ll a.ialiatf-. i
rnuriied Monda from a furinUbl'a ool- UP ttn ''" 'nu 0""
I'rof. W. r. Mathewa, who wat prlncl
pal of the lUalhaiu a hool lat year, haa
Ix-en elected principal of the public
achoolt of Wilbur, Laatnrn Urrgon. I Micn, In the courte of buman eventa,
I'rof. Mathewa will ivmaln at Ocean It becomes noceaaary to buy a new emit
Park until early In September. of clothca, patronlie borne Induairv by
b'g at Nuaporu
t. W. K ramblln, the Macktburg uier-
chant, waa in lb city jealcrday with
Wrt. Scrainblln.
baa Maude Iwaatel baa returned to
her hoiun lt Molalla, after a five week't
Vlt In California.
Aumiant I'oaimaater W. F. Matbewt,
Portland, waa In lo'wo Tucaday ou
and ultlce bualneaa.
David H. Turnev left for bla home In
'inaha Monday after a three weok'a vinlt
lth Uiegon relativea.
William Ureeiibagnn and Artblo Walk-
of thla city, left laat wwk to accept
xaiiloii In Lebanon.
I'r. K. A. Hoinmer and arlfn rntuniBil
WliiMday morning from a Ave daya
triP to Vancouver, II. U.
Mr. and Mra. ("1. I). l aLonrntla and
f. and Mra. Cbarlea 1'ono have
birnod from Ix)iig Beach.
guarda and guarantee them lor the eea-
aon. Price $30, with any kind of a tire
Charman A Co., Cut Price Bicycle deal
County Judge Ityan, grand patriarch 8"lg to Joe Knowland, who will give
i.f tl. l.ft. O. F..lcft Tueedav morning you a perlect Ut. Miop on Seventh
on l.la official vialtlo lodge! on the Ore- ttreet, near depot
goncoaat. lie will prooamy oe aoaeni The excavation for the foundation of
twoweckaaud will vlalt 14 encamp- , uew fiUl,r pjint , COmnlHtHl and on
mcnlk In I-ane, Poiiglaa, Cooa and I urry tary ydt wm 0)en(Hi for t)ie con.
cou lit let. latruction of a concrete foundation and
Am,.ntfthabotidarrivalaat the Klcc- clear water well. Four hundred cubic
trio thla week wvre: I.J. Little, Dayton; yardt of concrete will be used on the
(tnrvaia: I- T. Harrla. foundation
Kugenej Deo. Nelaon, Sllverton; F. G.
McWillimni. Aahland. 0. F. Stafford,
Chriatlan Science aervlcea are hold In
rWne;B. Otto, Merid.n; J. II. Vlll.melte ball every Sunday morning
Vernon Salem. . T x
Miaa Ireiia Laiello, of Mt. Doaaant, I School at twolve o'clock. Wednesday
Will Williams, of rarkpince, siiH evmi,g meeting at eight o'clock. To
M..rll.. ml Mi Mlillll MlV. Oll.l I .11 ..!
j . i ji j i w wo- w.. .-- , , . infix) Durvivi'n ii uro nuiwiuvi
"i A. i in mi i i im im nira. ...-n,.i nr Mnn
"BlllOtI UP a ..I ...... I . .. .. ,...!. T ... i
.n.u,.wv tuiuDu Lawrence AiauiB, 01 niapie i.nuo, uu
. ,u 'ft'lbt at Wllboit. ,.,, i.llll,bB McCord. of Mt. Pleasant,
Attorney and Mra. 0. W. Kaatham anont Sunday at Wilholt.
ainl u.u i . . , I
M M o r..Vu , nwg,,H,n. ,ow W. A. Huntley and W.lllam Wrlghf,
u..iuKa una weva. flrtt ununt. f the W aon
. i nuv v -
V-ima. U. A brlirbt an.l Umllv and Miaa tl a ll..ll.kBj aiAiiiKtiiulIfill rail ll m ml
t , riLlLl l lull 111 T vuiiiiriuaii.ivrM
n Cochran, loft yeatorday for two Saturday night from a wock't flahlng trip
' outiinr
IUU IM" 1 1 VITI a i n sw. wn- vu
Mn mhi v at New nor t. The partv
Wedntiadny evening Irom a wocka' visit caught four fish, which devaHtatod the
tliuir daillf!,l.,r In H.(Ha rlvnr.
J. Mevur lnft vnatnriluv tnr a flablns I l n.n R,.tl.n:r nnd ami and (liillffb.
At - j ill I n. jv..
lrP. Ho will go up the valloy and ex- tor, Lawrence and Rao" Mrs. S. WoHt
lts to be absent about a week. hnlmor. Mrs. J. Oppenhelmer and
Mint Lucilo Aldorman. of Portland, diimrhtor. Miss Mny ; Mrs. K. Sichel and
mle a flying trip to this city during the two children; Dr. 0. Binswangor, W.
oek to visit relatives and frlonds. Ackoiman and Miss L. Ackerman passed
JVIU silver returned yesterday from trough Oregon City -Friday morning
Montana.. He , formerly an employe enro," to Will,0,t toT S fW
01 " WllUmotta Tulp A Paper Co. oxMn'
M. BoyloS. of Sllverton. waa In the Pnmnnnv A., o. N. O.. is holdina tnr-
ly this week. He rocently disposed of not oractice every Sunday. The hlghost
Talra tltA T.Anna if vnn Vant tvnrul inm.
ni blackamlth l.n.l nun In that clfo n.l I an rap haa Knnn mmln 1)V l'rlvftto I . . i i -j. rrn . i. .1.1
i.i .. u ... v.j - i " - , lorrunie ri(i. i no run ia innue euner
'ooklng for a location, soao rorclfull, 1 way in one hour and fifteen minutes. ;
Reports from Damascus show t good
yield of grain. Wheat Is averaging 25
bushels and oats 40 bushels to the acre.
Wheat is overweight and spring outs are
nearly as heavy again as last year. The
lute potato crop needs rain. Fruit is
practically a failure, though there is a
a fnlr slr.ed crop of pears, which are
hauled to Portland for canning.
At Ilolmaii's cigar store a camera is
up tor radio, the chances running from
one cent to $1. The camera is owned by
A. S. Hunt, ol Willamette, and is a fine
machine of the Blair manufacture,
measuring 5x8. It has three plate hold
ers and stands on a tripod. The original
cost of the camera was $ lit.
Tortland-Oregon City boat Str. Leona
leaves foot of Eighth St. at 7 and 10 a. ni.
and 1 :!!0 and 4 :.10 p. m. Leaves Port
land at 8 :30 and 11 :30 a. m. and 3:00
and 0:15 p. m. Round trip 5 cents.
The tVyear old aon of Thomas West (ell
from porch Tuesday evening and tua
talned a compound fracture of bis right
forearm. The liule fellow waa tdavinir
on I tie porch when the accident oc
curred. A physician was called and the
Injured limb waa set.
While spliitimr wood Fridsy, A.
(iraner, who lives at Stafford, let bis sx
slip, striking the blade into the bock of
bis left hand, completely severing the
bone of the drat finger, and a I moat lot
ting the band off. The wound was
drraeed by a phyalclan.
Filers piano boon, the general West
ern Agency for the Kimball plaoos have
jiut received three moie carloads of thee
world-famous rlanoa, and under preaent
cooditiont are aeliing tbeio to the people
at much leas than factory price. Call
at 3-11 Washington Street, (the retail
warerooma in the new music building)
Portland, Oregon.
pcnings. j
McKrrraicc Ma am.
The marriage of Mr. E, J. McKltfrlck
and Miat Lute Martin was solemnized
Monday evening at the homo of the
bride's mother, Iter Father Ifillebrsnd,
of St, John's church, officiating. Tha
ceremony was quiet v.ne, only the rela
tives and intimate friends of the conple
being present. The bride was becom
ingly attired in Landaome gown of
copper brown broadcloth, trimmed with
panne velvet and Persian embroidery,
and carried boquet of white carnations,
After the ceremony a aumptuoos wed
ding aupper was served to the guests, and
Tuesday morning Mr. and Mrs. McKitt-
rick left for Newport to spend their hon
eymoon The groom Is a well known
merchant of this city, and the couple
will make their borne hers after their re
turn. They were recipients of many
handsome gifts.
One of the most pleasant social gather
ings of the seaaon took place at "Poverty
Row" st Nye Crees, and was participated
in by a number of young people of that
vicinity. The hoatesses of the evening
were Miss Holds Holdeo and Miss
m . a m n . .
monger, wun c-i uregon uty, ably as
sisted by Mrs. H. A. Kelson and Mrs
Percy Young. The rooms were hand
somely decorated with flowers and ferna
and Illuminated wilh Chinese lanterns.
The evening was spent io playing pro
greaalve whist sod other games, followed
by wallet and Virginia reels, the
music being furnished by Mr. D. Haines
and Mrs. Young, on mandolin and guitar.
At the proper hour delicious refresh
ments were served. Those preaent were
Miafies M. Wiley, E. Batmsn, Ida and
May Stimpson, C. Sternberg, C. Ho
land, L. Smith, M. Withycombe, M.
Fisher, E. Irvine, II. Versteeg, Kefzger,
Holmes and Holden; M crura. A. Mc
Brsen, M. 8. Friendly, C. Sternberg, E.
W. Ktlmpaon, D. Haines, M. Cockrell,
F. B. Pratt and Meedame. li. A. Nelaon
i and P. A. Young -Newport Nswa.
Two hundred and flf'y million Chi
nook salmon egga bave been hatched
from the Upper Clackamas hatchery,
the number la increasing at tha rate of
1 20.000 per day. This promises to be
the blgeat season's work since the1
hatchery waa eaUblUhed.
many eggs sre being taken at
Glove branch, and the tnsnsgment Is
beginning to lake eggs at tbt new hatch-'
ery recently established at the north 1 Blfiatai
fork. I sf
What Shall We Here Far Desertl
This question sriaes in the family ev
ery day. Let os answer it to-day. Try
Jell 0, a delicious and healthful dessert
Prepared In two minntea. No boiling I
no baking! simply add boiling water and
set to cool. Flavors: Lemon, Orange
A irreat I RPSTy d Strawberry. Get a pack-
the Oak ' ge yoor t-dav. 1 0 cts.
Baart tks l Ut T3I Kilt inn brX
Wrong San Arrested and DMchargcd
From Cnttsdy.
The Bon Ton, a Main street fluid dlspen
siary owned by W. Rambo, was entered
snd robbed last Saturday morning.
The thief came through a window that
opens on an alley breaking the catch
and prying open the window with a
chisel. The money drswer wss not
molested but a nickel-in-the-slot ma
china was rifled of abont $15. Mr.
Ham bo cloaed the saloon abont mid
night and the burglary was not discov
ered until morning. James Gwinnp was
si rested for the crime bat npon examin
ation was discharged. P. E. Polk, who
was the complaining witness against
Gwinnp, Is now in jail charged with tha
robbery, bnt as Mr. Rambo does not
wish to prosecote the man may be sent
east where bis people reaide.
Heven Dayt at Carniral.
All tha transportation linea in tha
Northwest are arranging to give specially
low rstes to and from the Portland Car
nival, which runs from Sept. 18 to Oct.
19, and the excursion tickets will be good
for 7 dsys. This is the lor gent limit ever
given on such tickets, and will give peo
ple ample time to tee all the sights con
nected with tbe great exposition.
With two full military bands, a mili
tary tournament, a borse show, athletic
sports, exhibits of mining, sericulture,
horticulture and manufacturing, a full
midway, fireworks and an array of amuse
ment attractions, tbe Carnival will be
one of the greatest events of the seaaon,
and tbe admission fee is going to bo only
25 cents, 10 cents for children.
Oregon lltr Market Report.
(Corrected to Friday.)
Wheat No. 1, 52c bnshel.
Flour Portland, $3.30 per bbl. 8 c
per sk. Howard s tsl, We per suck.
(3.30 per bbl.
Ua'.a in sacks, white, :ents per
buahel, gray, 43.
Hay old Timothy. 112 per ton. evr
Timothy, H to 9jer ton. Clover $7 to
$ per ton.
Millstuffs Bran. 118 00 per ton.
shorts, (21.00 per ton, chop, (lrj per ton.
barley, rolled, (20.00 per ton.
fotatoea new, (0c lo Uflc per sack.
Eifg Oregon, 174 to 20c per dozen.
Butter Ranch, 25 to 35 cents per roll
Apple, Uravonateitis, 60 c to 90 e per
box. Other varities, 50 c to 75 e per
Peers, Btrtlett. 75 c to (1 per box.
Blackberries, 3 to 3c per I -ox.
Onions, choice, lc to l'c per lb.
Green peas, 2: per lb.
Dressed chickens, 10 lo 12V e per lb .
Livestock and dressed meals ; beef,
live, (3.00 to (3 50 per hundred. Hogs,
live, 5cts;bogs dresaed, 7c; sbeep,
2.V to S.'c; sheep, dresaed, 6V;
veal, dressed, 7,;lamba, live, 3l4c;
lambs, dressed, 6,'s'c.
The Housefurnisher.
There is a Figure beyond which competition and cutting dare
1 C not go and we have reached that figure in fixing the sale prices
t on all the goods in the store.
' J Yon'll Stare in astonishment at the values you'll see if you
J come early this week.
The Machine for You.
Don't work and worry with
your old machine, which makes
you so tired to run and fills
your ears with noise, but let us
show you our
Climax Machine
which is the perfection of
machine tusking and is a joy
to the user.
It costs only f 15.00 snd our
terms are easy.
Eor Bachelor Dens
Or family establishments, the
couch has come to be indispens
able. Here are some couch
bargains that arc exceptions in
all waya.
Fine aervicable couch, . $ 3.50
Best valour, .... 6.50
Leather covered, . . . 15.00
A Musical Center.
Your home becomes a musical
center when you have a first
quality piano there. You will
appreciate the musical qualities
of the
A rich tone, abundant volume
and easy touch. All for this
low price 1315.00, on easy payments.
Porch Furniture.
Are You Fixed for Sprinkling?
If not we csn fix you for it
in a little while for a little
Life is hardly worth living
unless you can sprinkle your
50 feet )4 Inch Rubber Hose
$3-50. "
Substantial Delicacy
Such are our beautiful
filmy Lace Curtains,
' a
They are msde of the strong
est thread and woven with tke
greatest care every thread in
to a line of beauty.
Newly embarked Housekeep
ers will do well to invest here.
1 flsSs
Here is a particularly excellent
collection of the easy "inform
al" furniture that helps away
the summer.
Rockers, Settees,
Steamer Chairs,
Arm Chairs.
We'll be glad to have you see
what we have to suit you.
Get Them Ready.
You ought to have your screens
, ready now. The flies and mus
quitos are not abundant as yet,
but will be soon. We have
screens that will fit. They are
of substantial but airy wire and
have durable frames. They
are right. We want you to see
how good they are. .
Trice 20 cents each.
A Bear Movement in China.
Prices on Clina are affected by
a regular bear movement they
are down lower than they have
been for a long time.
This is true of our stock just
now. Fine decorated ware
65c for 6 Dinner Plates
50c " ' Semi Porcelain
50c " 6 Cups and Saucers.
liWuaii 1