Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, August 09, 1901, Page 8, Image 8

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f News of I lie Week
Friday, Aiitftixt 2.
Northwestern be hull Skne, l;
2'urtUml, 4 ; Tacoma, 3; Seattle 1.
Miss Ivy Parker, of Portland, lis Ihh n
hoaen queen of the Astoiia roHtin.
Throe negroes lynched it I'arrollton,
Jlisa., fur I ho murder of Mr, and Mm, K.
T. Taliferro.
J. Pierpont Morgan rcfuaca to roocn
the ge conference ml the steel stiike
Is likely to go on.
The yacht Independence) as defeated
by Columbia in SiVmile race ly five
minute Mul 14 seconds.
The national socialist convention ad
Jnirns. Kesolutious were adopted con
demning the judiciary of the country.
The situation in eimiela i rritical.
The war minister hat resigned and the
Sovernmenl troops have Iwn defeated in
their diet ei. counter with the reMa.
The Maryland dcmorcatic state con
rent ion is under Oornian's control stif
will adopt his platform. Klimina'ion
of the nrro from politics aill be made
Governor Odell. of New York, ha
just roiiinpleted a tour of the state's
institutions and will inaugurate radical
changes in the management of state hos
pitals ou which he expects to save foOO,
000 a year.
The government statement shows that
the receipts for July, I'M, amounted to
t-'jS.TJO.S-W, and the expenditures o2,
307 J&W, which leaves a surplus for the
month of 112,750, ss against a deficit for
the month of Jul, I'M), of f 4,000.000.
The drawing of winning numbers in
the I nited Hates land lottery at El
Keno, O. T., was concluded today, 13.
000 envelope having been taken from
the wheels 6,500 for each land district.
Beginning August 0th, 125 names in each
district will be called daily for sixty days
for the filing of homestead entries,
Columbia Kiver fishermen will form a
union to make a five-year' contract with
tnme company to deliver to it all the fih
caujiht, at a specified price, which shall
not be changed after the season opens,
and there shall be no limit placed on the
c itch. It will also be specified that the
company snail operate botn a cannery
and a cold storage plant, so as to handle
both large and small fish. The combin
atioo will include 1,000 boats.
Within a week every union man will
bo called out and the steel strike will bo
general. Amalgamated ollUinl no
longer hoe to end tht struggle by
peaceful means.
Ir. W. W. Watklna was shot and
Instantly killed by William Mellon, a
laborer. In Moscow, Idaho. Stcllen was
violently insane and took refuse In a
boil where ho wax killed by a posse.
Insurgents are driven out of Mindero
I.cniis and have tied into the interior. I
ineir commander, Mow ant, wlio la a
d.'M'rliT, Is hiding in the mountain and
Americans are in pursuit. Adjutant
General Corbin ha returned to Manila
after a II days tour of the Island and
loft for Shanghai this afternoon.
Congressman Shafroth, ol Colorado,
who ha closely investigating the ques
tion of public land in the ritillppinc,
urges the commisjioii to take step to
establish the homestead laws, allowing
any person doing work to the value of
flit) on government land to occupy a
certain amount of it, and, if possible,
agisting in stocking it. He also urges
a similar arrangement with reference to
mining claims.
w- .vr .Yi
i a .a 1 1 i
IhA 1'AAnAl s
Saturday, August 3.
A town of 10,000 people to be known
as Lawton has grown op in a single
n;ght on the Oklahoma reserve.
British colonial office has instructed
General Kitchener to execute Boers who
shoot natives in British employ. There
will be no more leniency.
Hugh Keller, Minister of Agriculture,
cstimstes the yield of wheat in Manitoba
and the Northwest Territory for this year
at 55,000,000 to CO, 000,000 bushels.
Colorado celebrates ber 25th annivers
ary of admission to statehood at Colo
rado Sprirjgs. Vice-President Roosevelt
epoke oo "The Growth of the West
lurin( the last Quarter of a Century."
The board of admission announces that
the attendance at the Buffalo exposition,
during the first three months ending at
midnight, July 31, was 2.774,908. With
the exception of one week, the admis
sions have shown a steady increase.
The protocol committee of the Minis
ters of the powers have virtually finished
the draft and submitted the same for ap
proval to the other Ministers. All ques
tions will be signed within a few days
unless there should be some dissgree
ment as to the phraseology, resembling
the discussion that arose over the word
"irrevocable', m the early stages of the
egotiations. Should such a hitch occur
the signing may be indefinitely post
Tuesday, August 6.
The successor of Admiral Kimberly on
the Schley court of inquiry has not jet
been announced.
Mayor Phelan has abandoned his ef
fort to act as mediator in the San Fran
cisco labor troubles as he cannot get the
employers together.
One steel mill ha resumed operations
wit ii nonunion hands. The American
federation of labor may lend its moral
and material assistance.
Six Philadelphia buildings were
wrecked by a gasoline explosion and 20
persons were killed. About 40 persons
were more or less seriously injured.
Empress Frederick, of Germany, dies
atCronberg. She was long a sufferer i
from dropsy and cancer. The interment
will be at Potsdam and King K J ward
will attend the funeral.
Keports from textile industries show
that the number of woolen mills under
taken to be built in the first six months
of I'JOl was a gain of 2"0 per cent over
the number built in the !t six months
of l'JOO. During the first half of ll"0l the
number of mills constructed or contrac
ted for was 2iil. a gain of S7 over the 224
reported in all textile manufactories for
l'JOO. Of the 201 mills 143 are devoted to
cotton, 35 to wool, 58 to knit goods, such
as hosiery, etc., and 25 to miscellaneous
Of wnmutilv health would l cstrenied
in pricclcM ry tlioiiMiiils of sullelliig
women, l.'m h iii'MUli sera them moan
ing in a darkened room. At the It!
they endure ixiitt every day. At the
worxt the pu in hrcotnr torment.
The secret of womnnly health In
keeping the woniitiily oruni"! in a per
fectly lirjtllhv utate.' Tills can te done
by the ue of !r. I'iercr'a I'sviu ie Pre
scription. U rrguUtr Hie iwriod, dtirs
debilitating iliiuin, hcttta llill.iinuuitloti
and ulceration, and cuiv female weak
ness. It niiKe wt-nk women strxnig and
sick women well. '
Women suffering from chronic fonns
of disease are invilel to consult lr.
Pierce, by l.-tter, fnf. All cornspuid
ence i held as ancrvdly coutiteiiti.ti and
wotnanly ctmridem-es are gumded by
strict professioii.il privacy. Address !r
R. V. herce. ItiHiaio, N. Y.
Accept no sulistitute for Ir. lierct's
l-avonte Prescription. ihere is noth
ing rise "just as good" for womanly
"t uffrrst Sr nwwr than ten Yr with
frmlr Ofiknisa ,. rrv Ix.t um wrltn
Mr li Mtw..l. nf Trrlirrnr. Ml..n!, Co..
Mnil.4i "I ii-it r l'irrT t-iriKil I'rr
vTU'lion nn.l ' (iol.lrll Mr ll. ml lKsivrv ' llh
.! rr.ii 1 1 am ,'.1, , a ,r own wink
now I tlx nil k uow hnw to lhatik vvhi rmHiii
f-r th kin.l a.tiri.T v.m hr artit ni r Irtlrr
Yimr rrttifslin ilul f,r m mm than all ishrr
H.vtufa nmlutiirt. an.) I haw Ukro lut i(
Ir. Picrce'a Pleasant Pclluti cure biU-ousnesa.
M. K. Hmith !rv. T. P. Ilavnea, pa'tor.
I Mul Mil ikIii v al I lilleil llreiliren Oliiin'ti.
prri rliinlll Ite V. J. V. Kliln.l(e, ms
lur, I'learlilng llml and llilril I ue.lai al
II a in,; prover ineJiliiil every Tliurilay
ii'liliK, Hi'ivlrra lialil III Hie I 'titttl K
llonal t tiiiri'li al Kit villi.
II K A V Kit I'KKKK Al Hie Wel.li fun.
nrrcslimial liniri li, Mimlav arrvlii a will Ih
i liil In t I'rrMi'lili'K at In
Ki v. J .MuilMin liii'l.anla. II. I)
Mhlnlli h.i.il at 'J I'. M : weekly
Hireling M lnesiv al T P. M ; ivlrlita
lliiii ol Ilia laird ii''r, ninil Suinlay ul
rai'li Mioiilll.
rsn Mi
Family IVlodlolrioo.
!' W ill Ih i JL III
:;Coogli Honey.
Kidney Baekaclies
For Cougln, Ooldi, Grip, or"
Ooia'iaANVPART of body,
Lieutenant-Governor John Ilerriott,
Stuart. Judge of the supreme court S.
M. Weaver, Iowa Falls. Kailroad com
niUsioner K. C. Prown, Sheldon. Su
leriiitenderit of public instruction U. C,
Barrett, Onage.
in ses-"whlte
Sunday, August 4.
Baseball: Portland, 3; Spokane, 2;
Tacoma, 4; Seattle, 3.
Thief takes registered mail pouch from
Portland terminal depot and geU away
with his plunder.
The steel strike will be a finish fight
and the trust resolves to give the strikers
no quarter. The peace conference was
a failure.
Eain, which appears to be general
throughout the northern part of Ne
braska, southern South Dakota and the
northern portion of Iowa, commenced
falling early this morning, and continued
with but slight intermission until late
this afternoon.
Hundreds of homeseekerswhofailod to
draw a claim in the new Kioa-Com-
mancbe country are selling their tents,
liorses and waguiiB at a sacrifice in order
to reach their homes. Many others who
nave camped on the borders of the land
for months, expecting that it would be
opened by a "run," are destitute, and
suffering is already apparent. Hundreds
are drifting Boutn toward the three pro
jected towns of Anadarko, Hobart and
Lawton, hoping that somptluiig may turn
up. Many merchants and profeBgional
men arew claims, while hundreds of
needy have found themeelveg without
either the hoped-for land or money sufli
cient to purchase necessities.
Wednesday, August 7.
Baseball scores: Portland, 6; Tacoma,
3. Seattle, 13 ; Spokane, 4.
Admiral Howison will be the third
member of the Schley court of inquiry.
Portland charter suit committee favors
strict civil service for all city employers.
British minister refuses to sign the
Chinese protocol and settlement of the
question is delayed.
Kepublican state convention
sion at Baltimore ignores the
supremacy" question.
The military government of
ceases today and commissioners
take charge of municipal alLt.rs.
The expected general strike order has
been issued and all nnion men in steel
trust plants will be called out next Mon
The Selby Smelting & Lead Company,
of San Francisco, has been robbed of
280,(00 worth of gold bullion. There ii
no clue to the robbers.
A national wholesale grocery t'ust is
to be formed with a capitalization of
1100.000.000. There are about 2700 lead
ing grocery jobbers in the United States
and the plan is to unite under one con
trol 10 per cent of the entire number.
The Division of Insular Affairs of the
War Department is in receipt of Its regu
lar monthly report from the Collector of
Customs at Manila, which shows that
the imports at that port for the month of
May, 1901, amounted to 12,400,431. A
noticeable feature of the report is the
fact that for the first time during the
American occupation, the United State
heads the list of imports with a total of
Vvj,Zi, England comes next with
Ak yutir grocer today to show ymi a
package of iKAl.NO, the new food
drink that takes the place of roffee.
The children may drink it without In
jury as well as the adult. All who try
it. like it. GKAI.VO has that rich seal
brow n of Mocha or Java, but it is made
from pure grains, and the moat delicate
stomach receives it without dmtrraa. ..
the price of coffee. I.'k:. and 25 cts. er
package. Sold by all g rocers.
('atiMU't Lihlgr) No. Til, K. of P. meet
every WrilncvUv evening in lied Men's
I hull. VlniUnif Knik'lita Invited to attend,
J. Perknter, K, ol K. and S,
Oidrrof Waahiiik'tun, .Noiipwrlel Union
No :i7. lueel every. Suiiitilay evening,
at Willamette ball. Mr, l.oitln holey,
A. O. t W. meet every Saturday
evening eki'epl the Hull in the A. t. I'.
W, I'emplr). II, J. Hardin-, reemder.
Kehekahs Willamette Kebekah 1-odg
No. 2 meet second and fourth Friday ol
nu ll in. mill al I. II. O. F. Temple
Margaret William secretary.
Court Itiibiu Mood No. I, Foreatpraof
Aiuerii a, meet rl r it and third r inlay in 1
the month in lied Men' IUII.-W. It.!
Stafford secretary; Flit Meyer, ilnel
CUikitinaa CtuM'ler No. 2, . A. M,,i
meet on the third M unl.tv i.f earli !
month in Masonic Hall. M. Itollack,
Willamette Fall Camp No I4S, W. t)
W. meet lt and 3rd Ftldars In the
Willatnrtle Hall. C, C., SjI. S. Walker
and clerk G. Old.
Orilrr of IVihIo inrata evrv Mon.lar
nitil al Cfilmen lull. r. l'oui.rl"r.
S. ."4. Scripture; Mn. May alor werriary
Oregon City Camp, No. Modern
Woodmen of America meet every second
and fourth Tuea.tay in the m-nith, at
Willainelitf Hall (i. (troaaentmcher
I atholie Knitfl.t of America St. John's
Pianrh No. til7, liiwl etery TuenUy o
the tnoiith.
Blood and Liver
Rmcdy and fjerve Tonics
a wi...i. . .. t ., ., ' im
o.,.i, i.,'i..,i,i;,;,;; v.a,;i:,r,'''liJ,''
llli f.Mir.liit.i.,i.i i.i.v.i .I ' . ' "t'Oi
lii.ir.liif 'li. .,.'.. '"'I r-
)r, riinr Klrtn.y and n.ri.. V'"'. "
!. I ('
'l'lire knara
t tfl la ui I
I. .""
injr tii'Mii i
,i lur art
I... It I
J. M l
I ... k
III l.l.L I . " '
... ..,,(, ,Mlll
(lraal Mood CUanaltif
lloailai lie. Conatltloii
Rsniadir tir irln J
Tlrd. Hinuuii
""' ail ali,,i.I
ri uii i ,, '
Timid a,i. M
Dyspepsia Cure !
i ir.
t in , .
I 1 1 y
Curs ami
f almllar
rtratli'ii !
lit t no
-tk.ll, Uf
IM'I lull
II 1. .1. . .
i IHilu iin i, ii, -ii. . l"1.
in.ii. i,a hi,,
"ti. ..,), 1
ill-il br. rantiar a hi " "
lxll IlirrO
I'r r. J
ii tut
I r l.u
N V.
Golden Relief
SI, VilusrDa
Xl t ar Iff I'riiii. r. I mlniil.
I date iimiI Dr. ftBtlar s Uuhlaa M.li.i .
luaiir yrura
,.r alii. Ii II la ailorllar.
ally i.kI In all trim rlalm
Ua.d tor Cuts. Kruliat rjurr,, 04 .
Ifralns. Celila. Urlp, Bar, TVo,J f.
u r,,i r.-a, T "-. A. I, ,
Iin H
ilk !
1 " -
... t-t ai
a w ,.. w n 1 1
ill i I
Aik jruur itrusflal fur Almanac for Isol roauialns dascrlptlon of Ida '.
Ccrliacalts vf tits tuwat rsmarkabls curt trar aiMtrtd by Bisduia.
For Sale by C. G. HUNTLEY, Druggist, Oregon City, Or.
What A Tale It Tell.
If that mirror of yours shows
wretched, sallow complexion, a Jaundiced
look, moth patches and blotches on the
skin, it's liver tronhle; but Dr. King's
New Life P1IU regulate the lirer, purify
the blood, give cleai skin, rosy cheek,
rich complexion. Only 25c at (Jeo. A.
Harding's dru store.
ine ua tea nm a. sad Eofj
Don't be satisfied with temporary re
lief from indigestion. Kodol Dyspepsia
Manila cures permanently and completely re
will i moves this complaint. It relieves rr.
" f -
manenlly because it allows the tired sto
mach perfect rest. Dieting won't rest
the stomach. Nature receives suimliea
f I -
irom the I'xkI we eat. The sensible way
to helo the atomacb is to use Kodo! Dys
pepsia Cure, which digests what you eat
and can't help hot do you good. Geo.
Sunday Services.
St. John's, Catholic-Rev. A. Hlllelirand.
Diiimay, niaa at 9 ami IO:.'j a
m. Thlni Humlay In eai-h morun, (ienuaii
acriiiiiu aiirr n u ciock nias ; at all oilier
inasura, r.iiKimri sermons. Hniiilay.arhiiol
" Ve",r".' l'l"Ketical suhjwjt
German Evsnirelical Luth
ual-Cornei Kighth and J. Q. A.lams sis.;
Key. Kriieat J. VV. Mack, naator S.....I...
sehoo at 10 a. in .: rrklv tvi,-..
Thlirsday at 8 p. in. (irrinan school every
HatunJa) from 9 to 12. Everybody invited
W .L If . ....
.niHiiooisi r, iiacona Clnirrh ir a
Atkins, naitor. Morninir arvl ai' in'.n'
Biinilay Hchool at 10:00. Cla. DiMtln. .it,,'
Dlfiruliif rvlc. Krenlnr acrvir. 2i
pworth Ufnt meeting Hum? ereuinr ai
Monday, AugiiBt 5.
Baecbull: .Spokane, 5; Portland, 3;
Beattle, 7 ; Tacoma 2.
Thursday, August 8.
Steel trust is preparing to open
closed milts.
Baseball: Tacoma, 5; Portland, 3.
heattle, 0; Spokane, 5.
Striking cigar makers at Tampa are
wavering and may give in.
Gunboat Machiaa ordered to Colon to
protect American interests.
Thirty-two horses were burned to
death in a livery utable fire in Portland.
Nearly 13000 has been pledged to the
Portland free swimming baths. The
committee want a total of $5000.
.Negro burned to death by a mob near
Enterprise, Alabama, for a brutal assault
upon the wife of a prominent farmer.
Hand teamsters quit work in San Fran
cisco and building contracts will be ser
iously hindered; Pacific Coast Kteam-
ahip Company's firemen walkout.
The Franco-Turkish dispute may re
sult in a French naval demonstration.
The squadron at Marseilles is waiting
the signal to proceed to Turkish waters.
The Iowa Republican state convention
made the following nominations; Gov
ernor A. B. Cummins. Dp Mninaa
traujteri cordially Invited.
J. MoDtsomerr. PaaUir. Hemeea al'll a aj and
People's Hoelety of Chrlttlau KnH...,
ouuiay BTcninir at sao. Ihmadst
yenlns riravar miii.. i.o. u .-. '
C If . ....... .
t.va..r.i.lL'Al, UHURCH-Cornar of
KNi" ami aianjaon street. Key. H. Copley
payor Hervi:s every Hahhath at II a. ni
and 7:45. 'p. ni. Hunday Hcl.ool 10 m
Prayer meeting 8 p. ni. All are welcome
Jtev. 1. K. Ilamriiond. Rector. Hrvlr.a
every nunaay at u a. rn, and 5:(Kjp. ,.
Hunday school at 10 o'clock, other services
a uiay in; announced. A mull Mi...
gers cordially invited.
corner of Main and Eleventh streets Rev!
io ; J , ,"M"r- ""rnliig service
IO:.Vl:HundavHf: hool 12- Iiml,,, C'.i
jr. V I U H ijt ,.in,riiFi,
o, r. l. a. (j K. prayer meeting 0:30:
evening service 7:30.
United Ijrethren-Cor, Eighth and Pierce
streets. Rev. Cocking, pastor. Hervlces
every Numluv ai n . .. ..... . . .
" o. i.i. aim .) I), ni.:
Hunilay scboul at 10 a. m.; young people's
meeting at 0:30 p. ,.; prayer meeting
every Wednesday evening. 8
Tualatin Tent, K. (). T. M . i.,e. ta ir.
Red Men's Hall, every Ti madav evening-
K K. Taylor, nvonl keeiirr.
Meade J'jet No. 2, (!. A. K , mee'i
rlmt Monday evening in earli montfi at
7 :M and third atunlav In eai h inoiilii
al I uVha-k . in. in W'llainetlo Hall.
P, Colbert, Cotiiniander.
I.awton Coiiirnauil No. l.of Ornrmi
tliloll teterali I lin.n liurta aenin
urday 1 p. m. In llolninira I,. 'I .n.l
fourth Saturday at 7 p. in. in T. r. Cow
ing' ofhre.
Pioneer Chapter No. 2. II. . S. ineeta
the second and fourth Tiie.lav in earli
mouth at Masonic IU1I. Mra H M
Strange, secretary.
Oregon Lodge No 3. 1. O. (). K. n.net.
every Thursday in Odd Kellows' llall.-
1. t. Ivyan, secreUry.
Falls K'ncampmeni No. 4. I. O. (. F
meets flrsl and third Tuemlav in each
month. Judmin llowell, set retary. J
Itedmen WaehenoTrlhe No. 11 !..
O. K. M , meet Ttiea ) rv,nirg 7 ."0
at Red Men's Hall. .1 lilman.C.'
of K. ; Harry lUxter, sachetu.
Multnomah Ixxlge No. 1, a. V. A. M
meeu first and third Saturday in eai-l.
month al Maaonic Hall. T.'F. lUau
Mead Relief Corps No 11. meets at
nillametie Hall the first Monday in
every month at 2 o'clock p. m. and the
lliirl Monday In every uioiuh t ? hi
o'cloi k p. in.
United Artisan meet every Thursday
evening of eaeh inonth at the Willamette
Hall. Th six'lal meeting of this order
i second Ihurseay of each month. K.
.. i.uirr, secretary, i. UolUtk JI. A.
Lone Pine Lodite, No. 53, A. F. A A.
M., lyvan, Or., meet on the second
Saturday in eaeh iimrith from the Jat of
May to 1st of November al 2 p. in. and
from 1st of November to 11 of May at
10 a. tn. (ieo. C. Armstrong. Sec.
Ancient Order of Red I'roaa trr,,n di.
hxtlte. No. I. Iiiavls aecni.il ami r,u.rii. L-.f.
uajri in rscn iiiomiii in lllainetl hall.
l'iMTI.tMi. imiiiluS,
tuarillp( an.) ff krtimil fr tilrla.
Ilaa a N. .Html KliKlriKnilrn Tlalnlli l
iallmriil, Ml.l.li nil ,a.r a ..9ala lr.1
it r ii iv ..r k Ili.lrth'Allvn i ! I lila I all 1 lt
II.. a f 11014 I N-.t linriil .i I1 a licviful an.l
Mrii AManirr.i hnt r..i vi'iina; u.ii. t'.r
V at'i.'u i f (uflli.l lul .iimi,.,u a''I l i
xiish ;.i.i im Ti l" ni; 1 t , l-iiii. i.l
1" ,i aa. v. L
' -.In..., .,-',
Some Reasons
Why You SrvxiM Iraitl on Hjvln
uurtjiidir.i tiy any utlirr.
Heinle, hard r.il!(rr sijft.
fcjTu'.ly pir.,rr..
Ker nut k ilrr,
A heavy l.ir. nil.
At rairUrnt prrrvalee.
Red tier coat of yniii h.irnraa.
Nrvrr burn the leather; It
Efirirnry i iniferd.
ecurr l-t arrvlie.
tit the kept (row Itraklng.
I. sxM in all
aaa4a4 Oil I mm.
Ilr.t JaMalt.tr lO Irtllhl. N'o au-a I.
or 1 ail hr tetter tlin a M Hi licit, Us,
I the irraui of .M t,H. lt Uw,
after llng tliofimhly ar,ii,4 Jy,
ak'i'll ! e!l llonrd. aril jli,,d. ,J
pii'l-.rtiniicd. and run. idr ia-iitr( erf
anv It la lirarly 7 Hill .lur lrtt
Mit.UrM taauii , Unit, ami (!,r, haiy
' trll t.iillt tout 1 11 111,111 y rtr .iii.ais,)!
. Mitilitil, When you luy Mit b:i.
I' Kr I lie a-trlit ill thi
' prrirtue,
! tMitchcll. Lewis & StaverCo.
I I lr.t and Taylor Su , p.tlan I. Orrr a
Mrs. S. II. AlltMirt, Johnstown, Pa
says: "Our little girl almost strangled to
death with croup. The doctors said she
couldn't live hut she was instantly re
lieved by One Minute Cough Cure "
Geo. Harding.
It. Heaven, pastor. Preaching services
every Hundayat lO-.'WJand 7:.p?ni. Hun
day school at 12 noon to 1 ,,. ,, Juniors
meet In the afternoon and tliedenior Vouiik
J eople s society and Uihle study cla ai
:u p. m. Ihuraday evenlne, regular
i;.w p. m. Wednesday
HVMIIlril II l I.I a a. ..I.. .1 . .... . '
1 aiuuy i;iasai I . Al, U, A,
rooms led by the pastor.
German IWllm.-Rervlra h.. fii a....
day of each month at 3 o'clock p. m.. con-
1 licta.l hv ltuw 1 II....I l: -. H "' CO"
j . i i k uinnur,
Al ranama, tolumlila, hy (hamlier
lain, Colic, Cholera and lllar
rhi a Rciiidly.
ur. Uim. II. Liter, a prominent ihv
siclan of Panama, Columbia, in a recent
letter states: "Last March I had as a pa-
neni a young lady sixteen years of agi.,
who had a very bad attack of dysenlory.
Everything I preacribsd lor bur proved
ineffectual snd she was growing worse
every hour. Her parents were sure she
would die. She had become so weak she
could not turn over in bed. What to do
at this critical moment was a sludy for
me, bull thought of Chamberlain's Colic.
tliolera and Diarrhea Remedy ami as
last resort prescribed it. Nio most won-
derful result was effected. Within eight
hours she was feeling much bettor: In
side of three days she was upon ber feet
and at the end of one week was eiitlrc.lv
well." For sale by (j. A. Hardin,
Evangelical Lutheran, Zior, Congregation
Cor. hifc-lilu and Jellerson street. lfe
I'aaujr. oiinuav-actiool at 0:.W a.
Meyers, pastor. Sunday-school at fKTo
services at 10:0 a. in. and 7:.I0 p. ni
LimIIcn Can Wear Nhoe.
One size smaller after using Allen's
Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken into
the shoes. It makes tight or new shoes
feel easy; gives instant relief to corns
and bunions. It's the greatest comfort
discovery of the age. Cures and pre
vents swollen feet, blisters, callous and
sore spots. Allen's Foot-Kase is a cer
tain cure for sweating, hot, aching feet.
At all druggists and shoe stores, Mr
Trial prckage free by mail. Address
Allen 8. Olmsted, Le Koy, N, Y.
A Herd Abuiit Mr her Piano.
"There ara hundred of nlam.n.
maker in the I'niteJ Slatra," says the '
New York Tribune, ' but not over four!
are undiaputably in the front rank, and
prominent among Hit (our is Hi boua
of Welmr. Although the founder, like i
the originator of the othrr leading
house, I no longer living, ihe great (c
lory whkli he established allll ge ,
and Ihe WeUr warerooiu conUln today
more e.tnaite example of U i
maker's art than acre ever before shon
hv thi renowned coniern. The elder
Weber wa a genius In the realm of tone
production and it ha been often said
that the quality tint Slradivarlus bo
stowed upon the violin, Welmr imparted
to hi pianoforte. Ill succeaaors have
strictly in iinlaine,) tlitt blKl, standard o
eicellence raiabllahed In the early day
of llu concern, and have perKttited
that wonderful tone quality for which
the Weber piano hat so long been dis
tinguished. The artistic production of
the lionae ,, ,,,, ,,. i(r(H.,
Me have a fine assortment of thei
beautiful piano. New designs in moat
I. .us . .
neauiiliil casing In all the Varieties of
handsomely figured wood.
Kii.khs Piano Hm sk,
361 Washington Street,
(In the New MiinIc Ilulldlng,)
Portland, Oregon.
-',') in i!r rfof)fd
t mice telejiliofie win is
Oregon, Vthliigtoo(C!i
fortiia atnl Mali.) nuw ia
..n...-ll .. I .1 tl '
. I'p raniiii ny me j kim
I Matioii Tflcjihoiis Coo-
j ny, covering 2,10
(jtiirk, atourate, cheap
All the satisfaction of I
tTsotial ctuiimunlcation.
distance no r-iTecl to i
clear urt'lerstatiilirg. Hpo
kfine ami Han Frsnnsrtt
as easily heard a Tort-
Oregon City offire t
Hanlmirs Dniir Store.
To Sae Her Millil.
From frightful disflgureuieiit Mrs. Nan
nie (Jalleger.of U Orange, ti., applied
nucaieri a Arnica Salvo to great sores on
tier head and lace, and wriles its uulck
llsaa w ........ I . I .111
...... , ,. ,)r .,,. II ,t..
wonders In Sores, jlrtiise. Skin Km...
lions, Cult, Iturns, Scalds and Piles. 2.",e.
Cure ginirai.teed by (i,,,,. A. Harding.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what vou cat.
TliW preparation contaliis all of tho
aiRiaianta and (llgcsts Uu klnclrs of i
.m i. itiKivusinHiiiiit relief and nevur
iiina uj euro, j i allows you to cut all
l.hn flilill linn inn,,l fl-l. ..... . ... I
, j"" " . 1 1 u, a in- uiimt suiisiiiva
8tom.ic.lm can tako lt. I!y Its Uno many
thousands of dyspeptics havo been
Hired after evorythlngdHn failed, n
i unequalled for all stomach troubles.
It can't help
but do you good
IV-piired only y E. n. fieWiri' A Co., I n.len,,,,
Ihe 1. boltlocoiiulus times theW slwL
Mvcry, FmI and Haletabl
Double and Singje Rlr;slandiJ'
die horses always on hand at (lit
lowest jiricfH. A corral) coiin;tJ
wi'.li the barn for loose stock.
Information regarding any kind
atoek promptly attended lo by pero1
Horaos Douarht and Sold.
Morses Roanled and Fed on raf
able terms.
'.ublUhed iaa.
I ran
rranfef and Exj
Krnlght end parcdn delivered
to all parts of the city.
Till la Hit arnaon foralilrt wnlli "j
rvtry woinnn miuliL to luiow ! 'v.
I he liitrat alylra ninl koimI f"f ,hl",M, .
nceeaanry nrtlile. We will arnd
liny win, inn w, win aeiid li hrr l"1"!
and aililrraa ninl a Uc aliinin to my I"'"
ir. a auiimli- riiiiv i.f "I.'AIM' ,
MOIIH," the llneat fiiahlon noo"'1!'
the world, wlili'h Klve liiiliilrrila "fl1 T ,
ent ilralKna, liinnv colored plutca, im" '
Infornim Ion nlinut drraa. .
KIiikUi eoplra Hfte riu'li or 1.1.50 iery"'
ill Kll llrwailriilrr
a Knat
IfOltSK-llltOtMlllTOy '. ,k I
IWtliWtrwet. . NfH'J