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Oregon City Enterprise.
( it; and loutily Olllclal lMprr.
and they not only want it nil but want it
now ilhout delay.
Published Kvery Frldny.
L. L. POKrKK, r.m.T.).
Oneyrar J 00
Oil month 1 00
Tr:l subscription two month 2.1
A diwHiunl ol .V) mill pn all lubar-nptloni
for on rear, vein (or u montlis, if
pai.i in advance.
Advancing rte give n on application.
i Tim great outdoor meeting of the
Woodmen of the Worlil at Portland last
faiur.lay in nidi over B500 candidate
were initiated in that order show tlio
great interest Unit Is taken in f ratornitl
orders that look toward t caw of the
iirk anil ilout of tlice order. If rightly
Farms and Fanning.
A. W, Cook, a native nun, engaged In
mixed tanning near Diiicus, lint
administered they am no doubt of great herd of nine um.li Jercy row, all (rood
r'alllll III ( III! kUIIIMH.
IVInc Ka-tnr
Bnhvrihem will flnA th dat of expira
tion stamped on their part following
their name. II thin da I ti nut changed
within two week after a pavment, kindly
notify ui and we mil look after it.
N'nolit to the mcmtei. Many a Hkr
man and w Mow would have Imhmi w itliotit
resource lint for tlmt received from
these organiitatioii.
tnirr producer. Mr, Cok ia one of
tli director of the Cooperative Cream
ery Association, lately organised, an. I In ) triUnl euatomer.
on Mr. Scott's large dairy farm at Mil
w.vikte, an. I fiirnlli a part of I'urtluu l a
milk supply . Foilycowa aie kept on
Martin' Wand, oppoaile Martill' bluff,
above Kalaitt. Tlie island contain K'i
acre, all of which, ex.ept A acre, bo
I.uum to Mr. Scott, The cream of the
milk frmn the Idand lu-i.l l g.iea In
Mr. S.'oll tin been
Kiitrd at th poaloilio In Oregon City,
Or., a second clas matter.
Beaver Creek..
Can by
Union Mill...
Meadow 11 rook.
New Era
Wllsonvills . ...
Park place.
Aurora ,
Kade Creek....
...t'r. T. ft. Thomaj
K. I. Sias
A Mai her
Oscar iincer
O. J.TriillinRer
Chan. Huliiian
....W. S. Newhernr
Henrr Milejr
K. O. iloliurt
J.O (iake
Q.I. Howar.1
K. XI. Cttoper
Annie Stubbi
.....J. Maninani
, B. Jenninm
... Henre A. Hnyiler
H. WilKern
J. C. Klliott
V Ci.vtj h
t'.eo. J. t'nrrtn
Adolph A'hoff
It ia auKI that the aluvniakera of Vi
enna w ill retort to forra to prevent the
openiiK of alio lioii!ea in that city
American hoea are KI cheaper titan
tliey are inn.lt' in tliat rity. Tim policy
of putliini; Anierican u.Hhli into loreitcn
markets will c'inj;o many of the aven
ue of tra.leam! make commercial war if
not actual war. .
Till fteel trust baa decided to fiht the
striker to a tinisli is the report sent out,
That it will tie a har.l ti;lit nooneJoubla
anj oue in which the sympathy of th j
people will be atcainst the trut do mat
er what the merit are, a the American
people relieve the a-reation cf capital
is not for the bet interest of the country.
to Infill active neratioii the conilnit fall
at the oKl hatchery on the t'lackama.
Mr. CiH.k i run. I iirviHor of roa.l (11.
trie! No. ;!, nt'liiilinn Pamaacua pre'inct,
anl ha In'en acting In thi capacity for
the pt ten year, ami i iloinn excellent
roa.lwork. A Ion stretch ol ra. be
tween lUmascii an. I the ura.le ewnl of
Koi k Creek bruise ia well j;ra.lel, ami
Ihmii plankej an.l u'alo.l, ati.l Klore
the tuuiuier i pant the Clackamas liot
toin roa.l eaot of the station will lie well
k-ravele.l. Mr. Cook 'a father. V. W.
Cook, was a pionwr of '5;', anJ the lol-
lo ni year took donation Ian J claim
near tniacu.
E. Telhill. a native of West I.ilierty,
Ia., i in mixed farming on a liX) acre
farm near I'ainavu. His plan to rid
land of French sorrel is to plant plow
contimiouxly oiir In the mi!k ImiIi;i
(linn any oilier lUliyuian The stink
nmnl in his dairy biixinc li inoatly
!aie ihoithoriis, of hii h he ha for
many Vear U'Cll breedilii; for beat milk
train. Mr, Sxill ha inall, but tine,
II.N'k of Cotild and Iiitt sheei
The rnrnMit K'u hi 0'ie C t'Wold and
two rrw brevl ear had triplet each,
and lt eaon one IVrnet eae had
tripioia. inn ihjibi are line, irko
sheen, and lery prohllc, uaually priKluc
iiiitlaiiia Mr. Scott aya tit IViiwl
lamb outgrow all otliera, the beat one
. Increaitii a pound a day, lie has a
wonderfully Hue Voikhire boar, a year
old May Kth, weighing- ."iX hiuu.U. lie
j has 17 Yorkahirrs, little ami big Mr,
j I S-olt's son, liilbert, ha some Very tin
poultry, anions the lot I) pulli-t and
curn as KrWU soiuntf crop, ami tow the ,rr cockerel of I'.xon and Chipman
cm fallow with winter wheat, and after ,.,,, .d a penol It. I'. Itocks. lawn's
the next tram harve.t, as won aa the L,tH.k, ,u0 ,itia yilll, ltlH.k ,j( i,,,
ttrouna is in comicion. to plow under the breeds.-lViflc Karu.er
stuhtile and pasture well with sheen
ia u
A covpakison of the treasury tate
ments of money in circulation in the
years IS1 C and l'.X)l shows what baa
taken place. In gold coin there has been
an increase of more than f 164,000.000;
in jrold certificates, nearly fC12.500.OH);
in silver dollars, nearly $15,000,000; in
subsidiary silver, more than fJO.OOO.OV;
in silver certificates, nearly $;4.0il,000;
in United States notes, 1 102.500,000. In
addition to theoe, the act of March, l'.KX),
extending national-bank orgnirjtion,
Las added a volume of more than fl.7,
ti,000 in bank-notes. There was some
decrease in treasury notes and in cur
rency certificates, but the totals of the
statements show a net increase of over
t45,000,000 in the circulating money of
the country, or an increase of nearly 42
per cent. Relatively to the population,
the per capita circulation is now $iS.18,
as against (21.43 in 1S90. All of this is
equivalent to doubling the volume of
currency in about twelve years.
The results are also w jrth noting.
Prices have materially advanced botb
for commodities and for labor, and
money ia cheaper. An era of speculation, j
such as always accompanies financial
Potii the fruit crop and jiniin are bet
ter than for some year in Oregon while
the present prosper! is that a failure or
. .1. .1 . 1 ... .... .
i lire i.iri uierv win i a nri crop either Itirnetl under or tlrM crop cut
Uirotixti the .Mississippi valley. Una
means better prices and a larger harvest
for Oregon. Kastern inquiries are now
being nude for Oregon dried fruit.
Ttl life of the Dowager Fm press Fred
erick, mother of Fmieror William and
a daughter of (jueen Victoria, ha drawn
to a close. 8he has exen-ised consider
able influence in her adopted country
although her noted son has little sym
pathy for anything Enulich.
The annual apportionment of the pro
ceeds of the ir'educib'e common school
fund has been made. Clackamas county
receives f.t,2J5 64 and 7,5;2 pupils are
registered. Only three other couuties in
this state rank these figures.
We are getting a practical illustration
of the trust in that just farmed by the
s tlmon canneries. After the run that
has Uka place in the Columbia this
year the trust will want this catch also.
during the fall and winter, plowing and
cultivating well again In the spring, and
sow lo oats and clover. And the follow
ingspiing the rank clover growth is
for !
hay, and the late fall crop turned under
and put iu grain either In the (all or fol
losing siring, and not ternitting the
land to remain in grae longer than one
year at a time, that destroying the sorrel,
and not permitting it to get a start, Mr.
W. says that not many farmer cultivate
vetcliet, aa they are liable to prove est
more or les, especially w hen mixing In
with wheat crop, the diameter of the
seed being much the Sixe of the wheat
grain It Is dilhcull lo fparate them. He
says vetches are all right on a place
where one does not care to raise milling
w heat. Mrs. W. has some line Plymouth
Kocks of 1'lvoti's strain.
F. J. Poring and brother started a
skimming sUtion a mile or to east of
laiuacua April 4th, but are not receiv
ing the patronage that they deaerve or
that was promised them, the milk re
ceived amounting to only a few hundred
pounds daily. For May, with the low
l ane county will have more wheat this
year than ever before, and no decrease is
expected in the number of gun accidents.
price of butter, they paid 14', cents for
Teacher's Examination.
Notice ia hereby given that the county
sunerintemlent nf flai-kamaa n.nm milt
ernanainn Kaa aut in tttnn.it, m-.tl, l,.a ! . . . . J
-r , 1COO . . , ,.,,;..; i
......... ,
of apprehension than would be felt if it
were based on free silver or fiat money.
Another claim of Bryaniem has been re
futed. It was claimed that the shortage
of money facilitated the gathering of
capital in a few hands and the ultimate
control of money by a syndicate. On
the contrary, we find our inflated period
more prolific of trusts and concentrated
capital than any period of depression
conld possibly have been. Commercial
and industrial benefits from the change
need not be enlarged upon. Politically
it has been demonstrated that the gold
standard ie not a foe of prosperity and
lree silver its only friend. Democrats
are dropping the money issue, and even
populists intimate that they will re-or
ganize a party oi tneir own with no
money clause in the platform.
The reasons are apparent, when it is
considered that if the Bryanites could
have opened the mints to free silver In
1890, and operated them day and night,
they could not have increased the circu
lating medium as it has been swollen in
the past five years. Populists might
Lave printed as much or more of irre
deemable paper in an equal time, but
not one of them would have been bold
enough to propose such a rapid inflation
ot the currency as has actually taken
Taa scheme of enlarging foreBt reserves
bo as to take iu large amounts of railroad
and other corporation land and then let
the corporations select in place of these
lands others of much more value seems
to have raised the suspicion that the cor
poration interest was the chief matter
being looked after. The corporations
will oteal enough at best. Tbey need no
help but the great forests of the coast
must be protected and protected now if
the government is to do its duty. Greed
is after the lumber as well as the salmon
and other natural resources of wealth
cants for state and county papers at the
court hom, Oregon City, Oregon, as
follows :
Commencing Wednesday, August 14,
at nine o'clock a. m. and continuing
until Saturday, August 17, at four
ednesday Penmanship, history,
spelling, algebra, reading, school law.
Thursday Written arithmetic, theory
of teaching, giammar, bookkeeping,
physics, civil government.
Priday Physiology, geography, men
tai arithmetic, composition, physical
Saturday Botany, plane geometry
general history, English literature.
Commencing Wednesday, AngustlJ
at nine o clock a. sn. and continuing
until Friday, August 10, at four o'clock
Wednesday Penmanship, history, or
thography, reading.
Thursday Written arithmetic, theory
o( teaching, grammar school law.
Friday Geography, mental arith
metic, physiology, civil goveynraent.
Wednesday Penmanship, orthogra
phy, reading.
Thursday Art of questioning, theory
of teaching, methods.
Friday Arithmetic, physiology.
J. C. Zinbek,
Superintendent of Schools
Oregon City, July 2'J, 1001.
butter fat, the market price for butter at
that time being 17,'i cent. Their father,
Joseph Boring, still living near Iarna
cus, was a pioneer of '62 from Illinois.
J. A. Wilson, a native of Crawford
county, III., and 20 years on a quarter
section of slightly sloping upland of clay
loam east of Damascus, is in mixed farm
ing. Early in June he was caught in
the act of doing something very much
condemned by Some agricultural writers,
but very much praised by .thers, and
that was summer (allowing Lis land, in
doing which he was plowing under a
spring crop of growiug clover to help
fertilize hi land. After plowing, came
harrowing with drag and disc harros to
put ground in tilth and kill wee! growth,
and in September wheat sowing will
follow. In the several acres of orchard
on the place there are not many apples,
except Baldwins and Northern Spy,
which show full crop, also good crop of
I cherries.
(iard'D pot of the M ot Id.
The lug farm in ih Willamette valley
are rapidly being divided and .ld oil in
small t.a. t. a immigration fioiu the
Kaitrrt itatea int reaaea, flip result i
that the land I being more i arefully cul
tivated and i yielding a greater ipiant ty
at d varirtv of product i-aeli yar. The
looae and crele method of farming
that prevailed for year in the valley i ,
rapidlv tM-oiining a thing if the pt.
Large tracts ul land that formerly affor
ded a living to but one family are now
yielding rn r.jo:ly good living to a !,,!(
doieo fatnilie, ami me era nf diveraillt-d
and intensified farming ! only in ita be
ginning. The Willamette valley 1 with
out doubt the ttioat favored h,1 on the
lace ol the earth. It h the oil, the
climate, in fai l evi-ry advantage that na
ture can le-stow to uiaka it a foud-prihluc-ing
country, and the day i not far .lift
ant wlivn it will be the home of a million
-np and the garden siHit of the world
Polk County Observer.
Hto Mt'uvutct ami 1 VmvU ttf
rromoK'H Ui&'lliMiCUvrfiil
nrM nml llt'M iVnt.ilm ivlilrr
lltiiiii.Miutuiu nor Mtiu'f.il.
Mot Nahcotiu.
I ll w
AH i HHtutrroat
Aprrfcil lli-iut'dy forron,li,wi
Hun , So ur S lonttf h. I li.tt rU i
j UiriiLi.( oitvMNaiitH.K'svmh
1 nrMfliM I.ntor Sum'.
facSueiltf Sitfrutlur of
For Infunti mid Chlldrrn
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Boars tho
l II ! A fa
yi.a.,M an . II 1 II a II w III
r-LA.. i nit i li r i ii
fJr For Over
Thirty Years
., - ji GASTOBId
. aaaf. mt m ana.
( ret It ut ( 11 nil l.
W.J. Mg.Kn, who ha the I.gk'n
b-rry. wants it ondert.K that ha ha
not claimed and doe not claim develop
ment of Ihe berry, ay the Oregonian.
lie ha been experimenting with it, he
says, for the past ten year, on hi place,
on Gravel Hill, and has alwav recog
uiaed that it Is a very valuable fruit.
Mr. M agoon say that the origin of ihn
berry is somew hat in doubt. Friend ay
that Judge fjgan, of Calilornla, devel
0d it. ami Oilier ay the credit belong
to Mr. Fairbanks. Mr Magoon will
write Judge Ivgan and endeavor to trace
the originator. IU ha found that a
seedling of (he berry does not succeed,
ami that Instead of going forward, it will
run backward and depreciate.
The JLamp of Steady Habits
I " wop .... un i nni up t attw-aa, of r..a im
"S. i Km un.p Iil ...aa r-.. aLa)
.: via
The New Rocbcotcr.
fMln-f Um Kvav m iftr-t yt aa " twt aa ) "
If, anai l. a ,. ,.,,, ,.,( f r tmi g-m.U
4. H. wit ,a )a , ;,Crr. 1 Itaa
air anii j-n u t,na K 4 Xa I 'mt
v u i a.f r uii baa U. iiu arw-iina )
OM J.MItipat Mmlo Now.
"ran nU tnmty a at. I .s.in.aOrr u.tix.r yxni
Waul a brm Umii na (,,.. an .41 a Iriailkl nl.
kl-l. a a avutl .4 .ivrf iiwaka ui Un.p liu.l'4. W.(
- a nf-w Kocrteatvr a. l
"a .- i ai ii s m ina iraanaaaai af aiaaaaaa V . 1
lap. Cantullallua I kl I:. -av a-J
THE ROCHESTER LIMP HO., as r..t ri.r. a u i , i.,..
r iV.y,' j
wrvrTT- t J
A Core For Cholera Infantum.
"Last May," says Mrs. Curtis Baker,
of Bookwalter, Ohio, "an infant child of
our neighbor's was suffering from chol
era infantum. The doctor had given up
all hopes of recovery. I took a bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhea Remedy to the house, telling them
I felt sure it would do good if used accor
ding to directions. In two days' time
the child had fully recovered, and is now
(nearly a year since) a vigorous, healthy
girl. I have recommended this Eemedy
frequently and have never known it to
fail in any single instance." For sale by
U. A. Harding, Druggist.
Tiie Year's Straw berrln.
II. F. Davidson, of the Davidson Fruit
Company, and (i. J. Gesnling, secretary
ot the Hood Iiiver Fruitgrowers' Union
have ftirninhed the following tacts rela
tive to the l'jOl strawberry crop:
"These two shipping concerns this
year shipped 3'.X)0 crates of the 40,000
crates of strawberries shipped from Hood
Kiver, or four-fifths of the entire crop,
They shipped 33 straight carloads undur
refrigeration, and between 15 and 20 cars
by express, or about 50 cars all told. The
cash returns to the growers for their 40,-
OW crates amounted to about Iftf.OOO
A deduction of $2.0.000 for cost of picking
ana crates leaves the groweri about tfiO,
000 above all expenses. The entire acre
age in strawberries in Hood Kiver Val
ley ana White Salmon is about 330.
which would make the average net to
the groweri above all expenses some
thing over $150 pr acre.
The output of Hood River strawber
ries should be gradually Increased until
we have three or four times as many as
we have now. The markets are taking
more each year than they did the pre
vious season, and there will be no trouble
about the markets Increasing with the
production. There was no market this
year that got all it asked for. Both the
Fruitgrowers' Union and the Davidson
Fruit Company made several sales of
strawberries for shipment to the Klon
dike country, and the berriei were re
ported as arriving there in good condi-
tion, and selling at 5 per pound box."
Mr. Scott's Big Farm.
Richard Scott, the veteran dairyman
of Milwaukie, and 27 years In the busi
ness, has 100 head of very choice milch
cows, mostly Shorthorns and grades, and
has one of the best dairy herds In the
country. Sixty head of cows are kent
Strange Things In a Funny Vrln.
A Salem girl named Jeie wa ent to
a famous eantern school ami alter a
year'a time wrote to her dad. Signing
"Jessica." In reply the old man wrote :
"Dear Jessica: Your welcome h-tter re
ceived. Mammica and papaica are well.
Aunt Maryica and (ieorgeh-a started for
California yesterday. I have bought a
new horseica. It is a beautna. It
name ia Monica. Your brother Tomii a
is doing finely, and the hired giriica is a
In raara of rniigb or croup give the In
tie one One M inula Cough Cum., Then
real raay and have no frar. The rhiM
will U-all right lii litiU) while. It
never faita. I'leaa.nt to take, ly
fe, sure and almost Itiatantaneou In
fifed, (inn, Harding.
A Fen i'ointera.
The recent itatialics of the niimUr of
death show that a large majority die
with coniinpi.,ii. T,, diwaau may
Commence with an apparently harm!.-.
cough which can I cured distantly by
Kemp's Balaam for the Throat and
Lung, which I guarantied to rum and
I I a a
relieve an can.-. Trice 2'.o and
For rale by all druggiata.
The father of a 17 year old young lady,
in town this week, told the following
story on a young man who sloptied at bis
home one night lutulv. Tho young nmn
called on his daughter lo spend the even
ing, and when he got ready to leave he
realized that a heavy rain storm was
raging. Ue had no umbrella or rubber
coat and when the girl's father asked
him to remain at the house ho readily
consented. He is a very bashful young
man, and next morning when he was In
vited to a seat at the table very reluct
antly accepted. He was very nervous
and agitated. He sat opposite a mirror
and discovered that he had forgotten to
comb his Lair; then he dropped his fork
on the floor and as he stooped to pick it
up, he upset his coffee. Mutters went
from bad to worse until finally In despair
the young man quit eating and put his
hands under the table. The loose of the
table cloth was lying in his lap, and
when he touched it he turned pale. He
thought it was his shirt, and in his ner
vous excitemknt had forgotten to put the
garment inside his trousers. That ac
counted for the smiles and his embarass-
ment. There was no time to lose. He
hurriedly stuffed the supposed shirt In
side his trousers. Two minutes later.
when the family arose there was a crash.
The dishes lay in a broken mass on the
floor; the young man pulled two feet of
table cloth out of hia trousers and fled
through (he door. He is yet in the
woods back of his home near Damascus.
The young lady lie called on ii open for
engagement to a less nervous young man.
Why nt apetid the vacation at
Yaqmna Bay, where can U had ex
cellent fare, g.K,d llablng, g.n. boating,
sale bathing, alluring rtd and ramble.
The coure and exereUe at the sum.
titer school, of 1'toi, at NVwiM.rt, will
lfor. great variety of Inatriiciion.
diversion and entertainment . St other
resort offer e(iil attraction, and ad
vantage. Only (In., Way To lie .
(iet from Portland to Chicago in 72
bnurs-j.iHt three day. The "Chicago
Portland H,,ecil." ,.,vii,g Portland
daily at Ha. rn. vin O. . . N., arrlv,-
at Chicago at 0::i0 the third day. Ni,w
l ork and Boston are reached the fourth
day. This train, acknowledged t0 bo
the fastest between the Northwest arid
theKast, is solidly vestlhuled and ita
equipment is unsurpassed. Pullman
drawing room sleeping cars, up-to-date
ifiurisi Sleeping cars, library-amoklmf
cars, freo reclining chair cars, and tin.
excelled dining cars, the meals on which
are equal to those served at the very
best hotels. UeuiHinhnr this train rn.,. I
soiiu rortland to Chicago: there i. nn
change of cars, and the good of It Is, It
costs no more to ride on It than on other
We have other trains "Paclfln Ft.
press leaves Portland daily at 0 p. m.
via Huntington, and tho H..l,an
Flyer" leaves at 0 p. m. daily via Spo.
L I 1.1 ll a '
aano lor rn. t aui and the East.
For rates, sleeping car reservations,
call or write to
A. L.Ciiaio,
n . Umonl ''""""nger Agent,
O. R. A N. Co., Portland, Oregon.
P.T.Thomas, Humteryille, Ala., "I
was suffering from dyspepsia wl.un I
ri l l WNri
4"i united
(I UK full
Ely's CtraBata
fcaaf a. 4 .iaaaati In
t..:.u4 kt In-l-.iwxia
Ii I. r-i . i il-nM,
Ua..r fat ..-a. I
It '! a.,. I I Itai.aaa""
1 VVM3
Ilia 1-aa.aiTa.
A 1 ira i.fU.tta.v.a.
H nl I'roirria th Maiul-faM. la(.ia 04
"( T.ia a... S i. Ur -a auiaoltat
pi..,-i-'i.w i,r e...t; -nl ,, !,, i.f a-, '
tLV illlllll.lu, M W aiaa SUa.1, t -.
SthaUe mtm r Sthoea,
Allrn'a Foot-F.aae, a powder. Itrurea
painful, (tiiartiiig, nervotia feel and In
growing nail, and iliatanllv take till
atitig out of corn and bunion. It' lb
grealeat rotnforl discovery of the ag.
Allen's Foot I'.aJMi makea tight or new
shoe f.-nl eay. It la a certain curs for
swi-alltig, callou and hot, tlre.1, a. hlng
leet. Try it .j.y. Hold by all drug
glxta and li.xi ior. By mail fr '."c
ill taiiia. Trial package free. Address
Allen H. Olmsted, It Boy, N. Y.
r. Vltltaiaia taHtaa
I'llaOl VI Ml Vl'alli
suia Itlmat. Ilipaaiaa.
a.l llaalaa I'llaa. II
ftlparl lt tu.h.ir. 1
an llw lt..tilMai"n"i
antaaa a H.ulllra. tiai
la.... 'It III H fit
pH ontf for Ptlaaarwl tirtili.ai.r ihi.rtil'"
f-arf ia. ia ttarranla.1. S-.i.t l.r rtr..ili. ur f
W.T" "" 'wll't t Of lo, AO an.l I i'.l
For sale by Channan A Co., DruggUls.
The Kntnrprlse $1,60 sr year.
as d
commencea taking Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure. I took several bottles and can di
gest anything." Kodol Dyapepaia Cure
is the only preparation containing all ti...
natural digestive fluids. It irivea .,
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