Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, August 09, 1901, Page 3, Image 3

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Personal Mention
Mutt (Nxkrel! tm lii Albany Hunday,
Hlit Hlrlti1, of 1'ortUiiil, In Hi Wlllioll
Hi'V. A. J. Mniilioiniiry and family
hv fuiurimil frum mi uutiiiK on Mount
Jul. II W. IMlr returned yxaterday
fro ii fUlilii( Mini liiihtli.K Irlp in the
(IniiiKfl MisUllvery arrlvnd yeaterday
irmii I'.vnretl, V bhIi,, to Ink a poalllon
fea. 0. j&. .0. 4. A ikAI A'l
(,'larkama county owe the lUte
i.o;:o.:'n iiiniy tai.
VHWWVWWWW VWWwWW ww wwUWw w w w w v a www w WWW wW'
vii from Kaloui
n from
J from ,
(irll.l Hl.CpC
('haile W.
fit.e.ly Monday.
1 Norrl rolur
Wlllioll Hptlng
MIm Veva Tull, of Harlow, I vlalllng
(,,.inl In Aatoil
Jmni'i ("hutch l enjoying the summer
,r at Newmrt
K-yi filled wlil In roil wait.
& J.emli. Main street.
We are selling good ftt a great reduc
tlun kt the Racket Htore,
i. f,MlMl.. I.aa rtiliiruiHl from 1,1 ,lm "'IIUl
I . t a j i . a.
(Umlt, who, a, naming ami lemny nii yon
Ml.. Harriet V"I.. b x.J-.urnimc at w " " "'"'
l."l..t.(lllf WUHHU.
Ml'""- .
v . i. ruiaii, oi Montague, lai , was
In (own Wednesday Willi hi brother, H
I), hlewarl, of htone,
i:il. a ml Mm. lobert A. Miliar re
turned Tiii'dy frum a foiloUM' vll
with relallvna In Palem and Macleay.
MIm I.ola Feeble, of Weaton, I tU
um-.t of Col, and Mm. It. A. Millar at
wlad.tona u ml will filial ii about 10 day
I'atrli k 1'olUit. a prominent (i. A. It.
mail, wl.o Waa iii.ii.iltiiti.t In lml rlri'Iiia.
, i;. Auaien. 'f Fowell Iley, wa , 1)W .,,ym tm Anml. taMoi-
In town Ndnee.ay. ,U
Mi. a Mafia W llrjr, of rellwod, vlallnd I MIm I'hii Uk, of I'nrtland. Paaaed
,r parent Monday. through Ori-uoii City Today iiiornliiK,
I. i;. I'liai'inaii, of rlillniiialli, aa lit no ruuia U lhauoii to vUll ln r grand
llmliiy Wadlllay. Iliolliwr.
Cl,.iln. II. I'auflnld and family am Mra. Olio K. Olauri, Mlaa Harriet (Jami,
-Ill I I I Mlaa I'.rrU I'..., !!... I Kn.l Mlaa fl.lniai.il
CHiii'"a - .
1 1.. mi.,., I.aa rrturnrdfromalUI.il.. r.iuriKd halurJay Irow an outing at anal you nui aav. ai uhummiw
t r - l ..... . I
. . .... i.-... .... H..I.I....I ..-I Ha. . n. uriin, irua ami cini'i ana
J"' ' . l. VI.. 1 It.l.... I-... It.
, .u.l..rM trip Kaiurlay. . . . . , . ' V ... 1 . ..
.. . ......... i lor a iu uiti migum ai vroan i ara un
;..,iia Tii noiiian ami f.. ii. iiiiu
Mr. and Mm. It. II. TaW Irft Hatui
day for Cannon lira, h to ty ll.a month
olAuKiut. M r. Tabor I.aa a lioiniHitoad
i.rar ll.a !( ti.
N. A. Flynn. fonnarly iirorUtor
Ilia aaainlll at Handy, aMl tliruilyh
Orrif ni (My Turaday on lila way to Wll
hull to tl.lt mlallVta.
Hxwlng macliliifa and lUlit maclilncry
rcpalrnd, Jolmaon A I.amh.
Wantvd, Ut riclianga town pror:
for a larm. KmUlr at (lila ollii e.
Il'irn Tlmmday, July 25, at Holland,
toll.awifMol W. II. lioimrjr, a nln
jiiiid loy.
IolU at roat and ladow coat. NoW l
tlii) time to buy and av niom-y at Ilia
IU( knl hlora.
hi-rvlroa will not m liTd in St. I'aul'a
Klw oial ihuftli next Hiinday erenli'K.
Morning a.rvlrra a u.ual.
hl.nriir J. J. Cooka aunouni'fa lo delln
qiiflil lux .yrr ll.al Con la will addud
to laxva alior loih Auuul.
It I. Iiiiialiili lo iiiva iiriru through
tlm aM-m. Coma and I tonvim.'rd of
Huntley's Book Store.
Some Special Prices To Stimulate a Dull Month's Business.
pi In I'mlland Sunday.
Mr. and Mm. I. Img, of Hildal Veil,
iM li.orl to Oirgow City.
Ma. Iturmalalrr rolurtird Monday
Iruin an .Hillna- at NwjKirt.
V W. Marm I.aa ma lo H. Ilrlvna
lo du "Ui rariiUr woik.
Mia. I. I- I'ortur rrtttriipd Winlnraday
rvanln li-i'i lif Hl-rlnga. J,(., rUrduiii, fonw-rly uni of the
Mi. I ury Wlilllnglon and aon, C aa UoUln iVilk-Cj., al tl.ia jIuI, waa
Youua. ars at Wlllioll Hj.ili.g. )n i.jWn r.io..Uy. Me la coiiurclod
Mr. Ada MK'lura l.a lori lHing I llh O. U. A N. C
Mr. IC A. II. Vral, In Aloany. Mia Ijui I'-.ul I.aa roturnrd from
ii. .J Mil ('.. I'. Harlow, and a moi.di'a trip In ! Kat. M viaiifl
William I'arlow, arc at Will.olt.
M. t, Manilla t,f h.Uin. tlailad Of
g in City friri.da during ll.a rrk.
Mr and Mr. V. (I. Churrb ara an
l iying an outing rear Ml. Ho-l
Mr. K. K. Williaiwa, oH'oMland, wat
lo loin Monday vUiling frlaoda.
(a r. (1. Iluntwtv of Uila city la
landing a faw wk at hoaaida
Mia Jp in Humidirya liai rrturntHl
from an outing at Wlllioll hrlnga
tlri.iit Coiintr Aa4air J. U. I'ortar
and family aiit Hunday at rWaald
I. A. Faln louali and Mlaa llnln) l
Falrvloogh ippnl hunday at Wlllioll.
Mi. Nlnta Harding I at Clataoj
ltrli, iKr gurat of Miaa Aid Itrmlgl.ton
MUt lUnha (iohUmlih lft Monday
avrnlng for Kugrne to vl.lt lirr parnita.
Mra ri.arUa lllpfka. U I'oltland. la
vl.iilng lirr ( arcni. Mr. and Mra Frank
Mn.J.C. iHitaon and Jasigl.trr wrra
tfllnata vlaltlllif fnmda In l'.ro n. villa
la. I work.
Mm. (ioorna C. Urowmdl and fvn,
Aiubroat), ol Ihla city, ara aojoiuning
at ha.lilr
the r.ulfal'i ran-Ampinan KiiMwilion
and many of Ida paatrrn ill ira.
Mi. Kale and llallia I.aalry, of Kan-
aaaCiiy, Mo., who have bwn yditing
ti.pir aunt, Ma M. C. Cuir, lor a fort
night ai, l"(t Krlday for home.
Aitorimy II. K. Cro. Irlt ytrrday
.(iernu.ni for Kanle ( fwk 10 loin lit
lainlly, who ar ru.tkaiiag there. Mr
Cruaa will alo lnjct tlmhar landa.
Mr .n.l Mra J. 1). Ilakrr. have ao
cored the Iloalman le.idrniw on the cor
iter of Fourth and VnUt atrerU, where
thry a ill be at home to Iht'ir friend.
Mr. and Mm. W. W. 11. Haiuaoo, MU
M.C. Cuatrr.ol Oregon t'Hjr, Mr. ob-
lni ..I NmhIv. and Mr. Armatroiitf. of
lUilow, m ruailrallng In the mountain.
Mr. a oil Mm. K. N. Carter, Mm. Henry
M-CiarUn. of I'ortland, and ll.a Mle
I'ratt l.-lt Wrdiir-aday morning for the
Klntio hatihery for a 10 weeka outing.
Mra t). I.. Clou and daughter, of
Portland, are vlaiting at lha Mount
rieaa.nl home of Mm. Cloil-e' brother,
(ieoign Uirlle, and will tay aU)Ut ten
Itov. . 1. Wella, .ator of the Wall
airet-l M. K. churth of Jem-monyllie,
ii i .t-..f ii.. iIi.Mm InJ ,whobale.n vi.itlin! Key. W. K
Herman U,r-rder of tha thriving
Utile town of Canby, waa in th city
lo.la Trail and John Uwlbwaite
WKt.l loNeKrt Monday morning (or a
l.orl vacation
Mi riliaiiibmok. Mia Hacry and Mra.
M,ilU.. ,.f It.uMl.nrj Orriroil. W ill
tlil city Monday.
Ml..e Mailorlo and Kthal Caufield n
lurnml Monday Irmu a fortnlubt'e vl.it
Willi Halein friend.
Jamea Mcl.auuhlln and w ile, of 8tru
ble, Iowa, arrived Wedneaday and will
Irohebly locate hero.
lirlm In thlacily, left lor hi homo Hat
W. 1. tlmre, of Baker City, who ha
Wn vUillim lil brother, i. W. (irace,
In Ihla cllv. left Monday lor .New ut
lo attend tho Maaoiilc convention, w hich
convene S'liletnlicr 18
Dr. Kdward Welch, of Kanaaa, ia via
lllmt hi iart.nta in Portland, and wa in
or-..,.., rnv tlil. week. Ho wa riael
R ...
here and w warmly welcome! VJ
many old attiiaintancea.
Mr. K.lU-n rimon,. who Uvea near
Marm.mn I very low and It 1 leared
.t.. ... M..t....t liniv.ir ni.iili longer. She
lllll I.IIO i.ii'n -.-.--
Mia Claudia ll't, arcoinpanM y i. lha molber of W. W. II. Hamaun, of
..... . I : . . I . . . . i i
her alater, Mia flirliie, are aj'nn'imn " ihl city and haa n-acneu an auvanieu
few week at Neaaide. tt
Dr. J. H. Caato.oruanlx-rof tho Pa- Mr, rarrich. of Oregon City and Mr.
Iron of lliwbandrv. wa in town from tM (JuIhov. of Aurora, mother and
Portland Wedneaday. dl.ter, renpectlvuly, of our fwllow-cit'ren,
I..Kchwhchor,acrelaryandg.merl j. W., arrived yeaterday evening for a
i. ........ ..I Ik. Prrian I'all.ir Coniimiiy. vlHlt at the lattor'a homo. Toledo
In inwn tl.lai week. I.ettilor
Frank Ilarlow ami family will move nv. William Ktoever, who recently
i-u'.i ui MtMiinr. formorlv Miinrned from the eaat, ha aocepled a
iiiiu iiiq imiri pun - i . .
1...1 1... v v wmi.ma. mil from the Herman Lutheran clinrcn
.... . r p..ii. ,.i i,r.i?iin. Waal)., and will lavo In
ar..c.e mi tun v...., u. - - o hU
V IV W f fl1)ll IV lll""; - I I
i .1 i n ( i now iinntoraie
luiiu mo w.nioiim vi ....iiiii.
J.,1,,-1 u, m. M. . ,.,,, l ..,l.l. I..llc.l Jo-
coume In dcntmiry
thriving in I.I. .oct.on o. mo no...,,. n owl
Mr. Ono.ll0llow, MIm MaWl HooU- FrJ 0 roconlly r0Ceived
fo bwand Mr. Linn will roiuru .rom -, -
Wllhoit Bprlng tho limt of the week.
Wf.rk liaa ftuwt ftiMin..! i.n III. n.MT
building of Howell A Siaven and Mr.
Ktrallou and they will U ouahed lanidly
to completion,
Andrew Hart, who I'lircliawx ilia ixt-
olllco alora of F. A. Mile alout a month
gj, I.aa Iran. erred ihe bu.inra to C.
W. lAjVr, of Portland, taking Mr. Lova'a
eaUbllal mvnt lo exchange.
K. I. 8oulii met with a painful accl-
dent Monday evening at ihe P4ier milla.
One of the big ahafta fell on hla foot,
badly brui.liiK It, and while the Injury
ia not aerioiie be will not be able to woik
for a week or two.
Drpuly Orijaniaer Kdward Lance, of
the Knixlil of th MbCtaheea, will meet
with Ihe Tualatin Tent next Thurtdav
evening. He will work lr the qlocal
lodk'o and xie'ta to make a large in
crrajwj In their memlerahl.
A email Are in the mar of the F.lectric
hotel Saturday bl.bt wa .rouitIy
tilxlued by Hie department and the
damage waa alight. The origin ol the
fire la a tnyatery but it la likely that the
blaxe w atari from a cigar ilub.
Clirl.llan Mence aervlce ara held In
Willametu hall every 8unday morning
at eleven o'clock. Subject for Punday,
Auguat 11, "rioul." Kuaday School at
twelve o'clock. Welneday evening
minting at eight o'clock. To then aer-
vlcea all are welcome.
Tli. tw.anl of dim-torn of the Y. M. C.
A. held a meeting Tueaday evening ana
Inatrucled Secretary IWatie to draw
i.latia and apeclflcallona (or bid for the
Improvement of the building. The im
provement committee ia Otto F. Olaon.
C. rvbuebcl, Franklin T. UrillUh, John
Ixler and F. J. Meyer.
Portland-Oret-on City loat Ptr. Iona
leave loot of F.iitlitl) 7 ml 10
and 1 :30 and 4 UIO p. m. Uavea Port
land at H:U0 and 11 :M a. m. and 3:00
and 6:15 o. m. Kouod trip '25 cent.
Tke ihe Leona if you want a good com
fortable ride. The run I made either
way In one hour and fifteen minutes.
New Books
All tlio popular new books reg
ular 1 1. f-O edition at "pedal
price of f Lift.
The CriiU Winnton Churchill
lirtler than Richard Carvel.
The Octoi'U McTeairue
The Helmet of Navarre Kunkle
Truth Dexter McCall
(Juincy Adam Sawyer Pidquin
John Window .. ...Henry Northrup
The Pupit Crown McCrath
Day I.Ike Theae .... E. W. Townaend
Weaterftlt W.N. Harebn
Heart and Soul. . .Henrietta Skinner
A Pair of Patient Lover . .Lilian Bell
l'.lranof Mm. Ward
Hal the Impoaeible... Sarah Crand
The Lott Continent... Cutcliffe Hyne
McLoughlin and Old Oregon, Mm. Dye
A Bicycle of Cathay...' Stockton
Napoleon: The Lait Pbaae, $1.15 net
Tribulation of a Princca,. .f j.50 net
Paper Covered Books
Over 200 choice titles in parx?r
covered hooks 10c
Cloth Bound ISmos
Jimt the right size for the pocket,
neatly and suhKtantially bound
in cloth; about 100 carefully
elected titles.
Genuine bargains for 2r'C
Cameras and Camera Supplies
Our LimineM. in thin line has trrown so that we are now
carrying n'-arly tlfKXl.OO of this stock. Large buying puts
f . . : . 1,...., . t.nn j.. .,.uu;v.1a wiiV.
US in jmuoii w maau jiricee iorr mini in jnoni..o nm.
amaller buvers. We sell as cheat) as any Camera supbly
house on the I'acific Coaet. .
Camera Specials for August
Foldine Pocket Kodak, 2nd hand, rcg. price $10.00. . 4.00
ChaHe Magazine, 4x5, Phopworn, " " 20 00.. 12 (X)
Willsie Camera, " 2nd liana " " iw.i-i.. o.
KurekaJr, Zx3i New " " 3.00.. 1.60
La Cross Jr., 2Jx2J i.n
Vive Camera, 4x5 Shopworn " " 10.W.. 5 00
' 3ix4i " " " 8.00.. 4.00
Only one of a kind in stock first come first served.
Hammocks At Cost
All ntir rpmainintr stock of Hammocks about 30 are
. Q -
to go at cot. Thia means a reduction of 2o per cent, from
ruunl Inn. nriiu.a Prpflpnt rripfi mark will be left on and
you can figure the reduction yourself. You can get a good
strong li&uiinocic ior nx.
Butterick Patterns
For Augut,The Delineator
and French Fashion Books
are all in. We cordially
invite all ldie8 to inspect
them at our pattern counter.
August Fashion Sheets free
for the asking.
Passe Partout
Materials. Mat Board. Bind
ing Paper, Glass, everything
for this most interesting art
We have new shades in
board at I-'hj.
Dennison's Pebbled Bind
iuz 10c roll.
Huntley's Book Store, Oregon City.
Camera auiip'ie of all klnda, at Char-
man A Co., the Cot Price Druftgiet.
When, In the couree of human events,
it become neceaaary to boy a new auil
of clothe, patronize home Industry by
going to Joa Knowland, who will give
you a perfect fit. fchop on Seventh
treet, near depot.
Bicycle lundriea of all kind. Johnson
& Lamb.
Emotion, cuta. burn, cald and
ore of all kinda quickly healed by De-
Witt' WiUh Harel Salve. Certain cure
for pilea. Beware of counterfeit. Be
ure you get the original DeWitt'.
Geo. Harding.
$20 lo $100 to loan on chattel or per
aonal aecuritv. Dimick k Eaatham, agt.
We pay the tx on "Oxford" Blcrelea
and give TAGS FREE, alo Bella, Panta
guards and guarantee them lor the sea
son. Price $30, with any kind of a tire.
Charman & Co., Cot Price Bicycle dealers.
ii n
CUaa1..a. .. -a,f rt Ml.lltlt TflttOf. tO
I'niuiiltjr Hill wwi w -
participate In the Woodmon ceremonies.
Frank Brown returned Tuesday from
Idubo, whoro ho 1ms been for the past
month in tho Intorost of fish propagation
i letter from his dnughtor, Mr. Netlio
M,.r,ir.l ii'lin la in Manila, where her
(lllhnrt Noe, of Needy, was In town h(wlmnJ 1h in tll8 employ of the quarter-
masler'a departmont.
w. A. Huntley. R. D. Wilson and
William Wright loft yesterday morning
for Hock Crock on the coaBt range in
f In.ill II fl.tll.tt V. Thov expoct to bo ab-
ant inn duvs and to catch enough IIhIi to
Mrs. L. A. Young and two children are gUrt a littlo combine of their own.
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Winslow in wo- , .
lulla. i tho action of your bowem is no. easy
1 . 1 -1.1 r.aa P.nrol. rn1rtr Hnrioua complicRtlons imiHt
dine Foli of Portland, v.siled the he the final lt. PeWItt . Mule Early
Misses Gloason, of this city, during tho RlBon will remove tl.l- .lnor. Safe,
week( pleasant and etloctivo. Goo. Harding.
The iue ol July 19 contained a local
about J. C. Elliott, who live at Pam-
...la l'1t!
cu. The Item Btaiea tnai nr. r.uion,
bile under the Influence of liquor, pro
voked a quarrel with J. W. Hilleary.
Upon investigation we find that Mr.
Klliott 1 a total abstainer and it Is re
gretted that the publication occurred.
Early Monday morning a Joint in the
main broke and the water waa shat off
for several hour until the damage was
repaired, llouaewive who rose with
the sun on Monday morning to get the
family wanhlng an the line belore the
heat became too great were Uisappoinieu,
but these accidents do not occur very
Fred G. Plummor, of the United States
Geological survey, accompanied by three
asuititanta. Is here making preparations
lo survey all that part of the Cascade for
t'Bt reserve north of OkIo Creek Moun
tain. Tho starting point will le near
tho boundary line between Clackamas
..n.l Marion countie and it la expected
l.ul ll will take six weeks to complete
the work.
In the office of Dimick A Eastham
there are some tine samples ot oats and
hay which came from the farm of the
mayor's father, J. B. L-lmlck, ol Hub
bard. The bottom land is vory prouuo
livo aa irrigation Is an. easy problem
there and 120 bushels of oats to the acre
have been raised there. The sample is
of the white Russian variety and stands
eight feet high. Mr. Dimick has 100
acres of bottom land in Timothy and ine
yield has been as high as three and one
half tons to the acre.
What Shall We Have For Dessortl
This question arises in the family ev
ery d;iy. Lot us answer it to-day. Try
Jell-O, a dollcious and healthful dessert.
Tropared in two minutes. No boiling I
no baking I simply add boiling water and
sot to cool. Flavors: Lemon, Orange'
Raspberry and Strawberry. Get a pack
age at your grocers to-day. 10 cts.
The Housefurnisher.
There is a Figure beyond which competition and cutting dare
not go and wo have reached that figure in fixing the sale prices
on all the goods in the store.
Yon'll Stare in astonishment at the values you'll see if you
come early this week.
The Machine for You.
Don't work and worry with
your old machine, which make
you so tired to run and fill
your ears with noise, but let u
how you our
Climax Machine
which is the perfection of
machine making and is a joy
to the user.
It costs only $J5- and our
term are easy.
Eor Bachelor Dens
Or family establishments, the
couch has come to be indispens
able. Here are some couch
. bargains that are exceptions in
all ways.
Fine servicable couch, . $ 3.50
Best valour 6.50
Leather covered, . . . 15.00
A Musical Center.
Your home becomes a musical
center when you have a first
qiiality piano there. You will
appreciate the musical qualities
of the
A rich tone, abundant volume
and easy touch. All for this
low price 1315 00, on easy payments.
Porch Furniture.
Are You Fixed for Sprinkling?
If not we can fix you for it
in a little while for a little
Life is hardly worth living
unless you can spriukle your
50 feet i inch Rubber Hose
Substantial Delicacy
Such are our beautiful
filmy Lace Curtains.
They are made of the strong
est thread and woven with the
greatest care every thread in
to a line of beauty.
Newly embarked Housekeep
ers will do well to invest here.
Here is a particularly excellent
collection of the easy "inform
al" furniture that helps away
the summer.
Rockers, Settees.
Steamer Chairs,
Arm Chairs.
We'll be glad to have you see
what we have to suit you.
Get Them Ready.
You ought to have your screens
ready now. The flies and mus
quitos are not abundant as yet,
but will be soon. We have
screens that will fit. They are
of substantial but airy wire and
have durable frames. They
are right. We want you to see
how good they are.
Frice Jo cents each.
A Bear Movement in China.
Frices on Clina are affected by
a regular bear movement they
are down lower than they have
been for a long time.
This is true of our stock just
now. Fine decorated ware S
65c for. 6 Dinner Plates
50c " " Semi Porcelain
50c " 6 Cups and Saucers.