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Our correspondents will please send
in article! before Wednedays of each
week, otherwise it reaches ua too late (or
Harvest is just commencing.
A. Harrington has lost Ave calve
witli hlacktongne.
People are going to t lie mountains
every day for black berries.
Quite a number from here attended
rsmpmeeting at Viola and report a good
Crops are good. There will be an
abundant yield of oats, and wheat is far
over average.
Mr. Geo. Stevens and children, cf
Beaver Creek, are visitiug Mr. and Mrs,
11. 0. Card.
Mrs. Walton, of Oregon City, returned
home last Saturday after visiting two
weeks with old friends.
Mrs. James Ueckart and son Lloyd, of
PortLnd, a ho have been visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Al Harrington tor the past
week, returned boiue today.
Thomas Hickman, of Missouri, who
built a saw mill here thirty years ago.
Is back again shaking hands ith old
friends. He is a brother of the late
Chas. Hickman.
Warm weather still continue.
Bert Wade made a business
Silverton last week.
trip to
M. A. Nicholson was visiting her
brother at Turner last meek.
J. L. Ctouee was dolns; business at
the county aeat Wednesday last.
A. E. Thomas, of Scotts Mills, was
haying In this section last week.
The county assesor was seen pawing
through this section one day last wee.
Charley and Thomas Slaughter lout a
valuable bull from an unknown cause
last week.
Ii. Wade and son have taken the con-
trait of cu tint; 50 cords of mood for F.
Brenton Yedder, of McKee, oar ex
school master, was visiting his pupils
and many friends in this vicinity lat
X. J. Thomas is making regular trips
on Suuday over near Down's station.
There mast be something very aitractive
over there.
Ainu Items
O. V. Hickman and wife, of Monta
villa, are visiting relatives here. "
Mrs. Roberts and her two children, of
Portland, are the guests of Mrs. Johann-
esen, this week.
J. A. Hickman and son Rex went to
Portland Friday of last week, and re
turned Saturday.
Some of our people spent pleasant
day at the head works of the Bull Run
pipe line Wednesday.
Mrs. L. C. Lowe, while picking berries
came in contact with poison oak, and is
now suffering from the effects of it.
Mr. Britt, who is in the empioy of the
O. & C. R Co., recently passed through
here. He was looking after the interest
of the company.
Mrs. Harry Bramhall spent last week
with her Darents, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph
Aschoff, of Marmot, while Harry went
to Mount Hood.
Mr. Ponock and wife, of Portland, are
spending their summer outing in this
neck of the woods, where pure air and
clear, cold water abounds.
Mr. J. W. Mullen made a flying trip
to Lewieton, Idaho, and returned,
bringing with him, his aged mother,
who expects to make her home with
The Johanneson's were agreeably
surprised Thursday evening by a party
of young folks who gathered there for a
pleasant time in honor of Mrs. Roberts
and family.
1 he secular people of Aims seems to
be getting in in earnest. They held
meeting two weeks ago, which was well
attended, and another is appointed for
Sunday next.
We are sorry to eay that the bottom
has fallen out of the railroad tie business,
stopping the sawmills and throwing
many men out of employment, and
affecting life generally.
Pleasure seeking Is the order of the
day now. Mr. W. D. Thomas and wife,
Chas. Bramhall and Miss Emma Jones,
and several guests from abroad, spent a
day of last week fishing in Bull Run.
w In summer can be prevented f)
oy taking
Scott s Emulsion
Its as beneficial In summer aa
In winter. If you are weak or
run down, It will build you up.
Send for fr sample.
BCOTT & DOWNE, Chemists,
409-415 Pearl Street, New York.
50c na flop; an dnjppiiita.
j Mr, and Mrs. ("has. Brown of this
ptaii wra agreeably surprised few
i dava HID). A ladv ram lil lliolr Iuiuim
,'and applied fr the position of cook.
' informe! that she was not
wanted, and m she turned a ay a team
and two men stopped in front of the
house. They proved to be father,
mother ami brother, of Mr. Brown, trom
Kansas, whom they had not aevn for
many years.
Annie Nelson hasieturned home from
Jack Malrla has returned to his posi
tion in Astoria.
Miss Tillie Bruns has Uen very sick,
but ia recovering.
Idleman, our grocervman, was visited
by his brother, the past week.
J. II. Weiwer will start at once saw
ing lumber. . He will put in a plainer.
Mr. IVxIge was considerably bruised
in a runaway accident that happened in
hi Strowbridge, of Portland, is in
town greeting everybody with the same
old smile.
Sanity just now is having a hit tune;
ltwin.the shade is the warmest ever
known here.
Urain of all kinds is ripening rapidly
Several farmers have started their
harvesting machines already.
Mr. Davie has been awarded the con
tract of building Kelso schoolhouae
site of building is 2iix40, 14 foot post.
E. T. Bruns has returned to Sandy,
having just finished bmdsome resi
dence for N. 0. Nylander in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Boehlin are spend
ing their summer vacation at their
beautiful country home on the Sandy
Berry pickers and pleasure seekers are
flocking out here by the dmens. An
automobile, with Mr. Weimer, of Tort-
land, at the helm, was out Sunday. It
aroused considerable interest among
hay seeds. Now the horses will have a
kick coming.
Gritty Camp No. 539 W. of V. will
give a harvest picnic in Meinlg's park,
August 24, 1901. Ii will be the grandest
of the kind ever celebrated on Sandy
Aims brass band will furnish music for
the occasion. A glee club will render
vocal music. Hon. George C. Brownell
and deliver an oration. Log sawing, rail
driving and various other amusements.
Come one, come all and have a good
The weather h. s been very hot for the
past week.
Julius Spagla has returned from east
ern Oregon.
Koy Cochran and Fred Mohr are cut
ting teasels at Car us.
The threshing machines are now rat
tling in every direction.
The people of Needy spent the Sunday
at Soda Springs and liau a good time.
Tl.. ...1... 1 . . .
i no iciepuone is now nuisiiea ana the
sweet voices of the good people are pass
ing through the phone to their full capa
The "hot wave" has struck this part of
the countrv; 94 degrees in the shade.
Mrs. Dond, of Mt. Tabor, and Mrs. Ira
Jones, of Oregon City, have been visiting
at Ii. R. Thomas.
Bert Perry, who was recently crippled
in the spine by being thrown from hi
hoise, is still improving.
The hot weather ia rushing hsrvest
along in great shape, almost too fast to
insure the plumpness of the topmost oat
Molalla never does anything by halves
John Cole and brother will come for
ward also with an "Advance" outfit
Tl... tl..l f. .1
iue uariets, onaver, Auams crew
have their new threshing outfit home
and will try it on oats tomorrow. It is
M horse Russell engine, and "Advance
ot to go to Wilhoit this hot weather
and wash the dust out of your throat is
to miss something good in season
AnioDg the representatives from Oregon
City Sunday we noticed Mayor Dimick
aiessrs. hastham and J. U. Campbell
drinking soda water.
Mrs. Anders had several of her younir
menus to dinner with her Suuday.
The Misses Davis are at home at pres
Their mother, Mrs. J. J. Davis, is
not well.
The thermometer registered 120 at 2
clock Sunday, in the sun, and 100 In
shade. Our hottest dav so far.
Mr. W. II. SnufTin and wife arespend-
ng a few days with Mrs. Snuffin's par-
euta. ihey reside at Mt. Tabor.
Grain is ripening fast this hot weather,
J. E. Tracey and Doc. Palmateer are
first to cut their fall wheat, which
can't be beat.
Fruit is in fine condition so far and
promises an abundant crop. Potatoes
are bo large that one makes all a small
family can eat.
A number of people have gone in the
woods for wild blackberries, but some
came home very tired with hut few ber
ries as there are none to get.
" I was given up to o"le with
quick consumption. I then began
to use Aycr'a Cherry Pectoral. I
Improved at once, and am now In
perfect health." Chas. E. Han
man, Cibbstown, N. Y.
It's too risky, playing
with your cough.
The first thing you
know it will be down
deep in your lungs and
the play will be over. Be
gin early with Aycr's
Cherry Pectoral and stop
the cough.
TkrM SUM I lie, ISt., II, Alleranta.
Couall tmt SMtor. If k take II.
Ihwt 4a u h mm. If k lain jfm not
a Uks II. ! aual Uk II. II klMIV.
L? U WHb Ml. ir llllnj
J. a Aim co.. lii. tuu,
The farmers are all jubilant over the
Ann crops.
icsieruay was a ousy uay wild our
If. II. Fyman, our undertaker, hat
purchased a hearse.
1'r. a. l. Savior started for the coast
this morning for a much needed rest.
The temperature was not so high here
yesterday by five degrees aa it was Sat'
unlay and Sunday. Sunday was the
warmest day we have had this season
the thermometer registered 101 In the
Rev. J. M. Barber preached to a well
filled bouse Sunday, hit (area el I sermon.
it is a itn much regret that we have to
report that he also temtwred hi resigna
tion as psstor of the fonicrrtraiional
church of this plsce.
P. T. Meekt and L. S. Mi Connell have
returned home from a two weeks' stay at
the Wilhoit springs. They say they did
not drink all the soda water. They both
speak very highly of the management
and aay the water is a wonderful restora
tive. Carai.
e are having very warm weather;
yesterday it was l5 degrees.
Teasel picking began last Thursday
with nearly forty nine pickers.
Mrs. J. R. Tresnon, of Portland. It up
visiting ber parents for a wek or two.
Harvest is in full blast. Urain is turn
ing out better than forteveral years past.
Wallace Graham, one of Cams' highly
esteemed young gentlemen, is going to
fortland in a few day a to work.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Worsham, of Mat-
heur, are visiting trie former's
Mrs. B. Faust, and the latter'a
Mrs. J. K. Graham.
Messrs. Arthur Dills and Virgil Griffin,
of Illinois, are visiting the former's
mother, Mrs. Ben Faust, whom he has
not seen for fourteen years.
Hot, Hotter, Hottest.
Mr. W. H. Boring made a trip to Ore
gon City today
Mr. Sloop'a new house is being rapidly
pushed to a finish
Mr. C. Y. Lake had the misfortune to
lose a fine horse recently.
Road boss 8. 8. Waybill has a crew of
nanda at arnrlr iin llm rr...l I
. ,v
J. D. Lea, superintendent of the pens
tentiary, was in Borings last week.
J. Usborn and James Richey returned
irom hattern Oregon last Wednesday.
Mr. O. W. Boring spent Sunday, July
28th, In Portland, visaing old friends.
A number of theyoung people attended
the dance at Pleasant Home Saturday
A number of the people of Borings
attended the G. A. R. reunion at Pit as-
KIIL IlfirriH IIHI WM'lr I
..v.-wrnu.. ,
The hot weather is ripening the grain
quite fast. The busy click of the binder
is hiard on all sides.
Mr. I. P. Welch and II. Utiger have tl
been building an addition to J. Jarl'a to
store at Kelso the past week.
Tll.l ! ...
...aucmeo .re very scarce u..e ye.r.
a. jjeouaxer is visuing hit sons In
Mrs. Cooper started for Portland last
Grain harvest is here; wheat and oats
are very heavy. ' .
Miss Mary Kitzmiller is home visiting
her parents at present,
Mrs. Rsglan has been visiting her
mother for a few weeks.
James and Joseph DeShazer made
quick trip to Portland this week.
Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Kitzmiller attended
quarterly meeting at Viola last week.
Mrs. N. Nelson is preparing to go to
Uresbam, where the can be nearer a physician.
Mrs. Huntsinger, from Kansas, was
visiting her sister, Mrs. Jos. DeShazer,
last week.
W, B. Tull droye to Oregon City Fri
Mis. (trailer Is u u i t o III.
A. T. Melvin visited friends at Wood
bum Sunday.
Miss Viva In 1 1 is visaing friends at
Astoria this week.
The best Masmi jura si the lowest
prices at FiKvmau's.
K. lv Irwin wsa doing business In
Oanby Wednesday.
Miss llallie Irwin It visiting friends in
Portland this week.
. O. Ftecman was doing bitsiiirss at
Atiroia Wednesday.
It. Ii. Brattun in. Ik a tumbles trip to
Aurora Wednesday.
Mr. .iiuineiiiiaii, of Aiiroia, was a
pHrlow visitor Monday.
William I vie moved his household
goU to Silvetton, Monday.
Miss lU'asie Sheppard made a business
trip to Portland laat Friday.
U.I I... ..I I I I.. . I.
vfuwioi, o. mo ..-.
VI .lltl. tl'lllt. IV. till
nl II... .1.. U II. . .UL
Mr. and Mr. C. V. Barlow have re
turned from their California trip.
W, Hurst and F, Will, of Aurora, were
business visltoi at Barlow Monday,
I. O. Freeman sells the famous Wash
ington shoes, every pair guaranteed.
Mooes tj'iliit, of Oregon Clly, visited
friend In Barlow the first of the wrek.
Git your Carbolineuiu al Freeman's.
Only one dollar and fifteen rents a gal
Mrs. Frank Hilton and Mrs. Frank
May visited friends in Orrgu Cl'y Wed
Mr. Williams, representing I.ng A
Co., of Portland, was buaiiipes visitor
at Harlow .Monday.
Wm. Barlow, C. Toll and Mr. and
Mrs. C. T. Ilarlow left Wednesday for a
few dsya outing at Soda Springs.
Clyde Kvans, representing the Roa-
entleld Smith tobacco Co , of Portland,
was a busineaa visitor at Harlow Monday.
Bpnnf water.
Springwater Is bousiing.
Nine additiona to the chun h.
Born, to the wife of W. M. Yonce,
August i, a Uy.
Kveryone haa their hay In and ate
commencing harvesting.
nara ms. have lust returned from f
t... i i ..... ........
umaiiti mm a new billler.
Shibley and son had luO tons of hay.
1 hey took a load ol new Httota to port
land Monday which brought N'mj r .
sack. 1
Mrs. Barrett, of Port Townsend, an
evaugKhst, cIomhI last Sunday a very In
teresting and spiritual series of uimlinic
at Viola.
taabjr. '
Mr K. Shull has returned to his work
in Oakland, Oregon.
Mrs. Camther. of Kastern Oit-gon, la
visiting Mrs. A. Kocher. I
Jl r Xulan. 0f l)a(ur. I. .(u,,llri . i !
- - ' 1 -
dayt with relatives hcie I
Mr. Snli ' .1 .1.. .1
the Woodmen celebration. 1
... 1
jih. u. 1'iiiiic are taking a
vacation in the mountains. ;
Mr. and Mrt. F. Roiteiikrant left here
last week on a camniiiK trio.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. An-
nam, uiei in spasms Saturday alturnouii. I
Mr. C. Armstrong expect to start with
hit threshing outfit somi-time m at wek.
Miss Kiiim Clayson, of Concord.
stayed over Sunday with heraister, Mrs
If:.- ... .. ...
Jiina reira kiiumi an.i i.nr. II.
'0J l Porllaud on their wheels last
Mr. Frank Wolgamot, of Portland.
made a short visit to his mother Mon
Mr. L. Wang and hie tister-in law.
u M,r'" Swanby, went to Portland
nenry Knight was kicked bv a bona
PIon,,av evening. The Injury, though
- '
Pln'ul, is not serious.
f-a..ll..l.. CM. ..II 1. .
Ming vai'ituia noun arriVHii rim
WaM,i'nKton'"MteveninK; hile here she
wl" ,Uv wl,n Mr- Shull
The city council met In
Kan' !' Monday evening. License
run (,oua " K'anted to II. Vor
ine grounds about the residence of
Mr. (i. Wniilit l.u.lu.l i.jm.. .
-J'JIlD luiiiinui
Tuesday evenimr. the oncaa.oi. lH,intf
lawn party.
n uioiij uiur ui OOVB leu linra Hun
day morning for a days outing at Wilhoit
Springs. Those going were (J. Hampton,
PUTNAM FADELESS DYES color .nu, wool,
cotton w mixed goods at one boiling. Bright, durable colors,
without staining the hands or spotting the kettle (except
green and purple).
Prices on High Grade Coffeet cut in two.
Fresh Bread and Cakes In our Bakery.
Family Medicines, Cooling Drinks, Iced Soda and Lemonade.
Our Sixth Semi-Annual Big
Kegins on Moml.iy, July 8. 1 !)()!.
. .. i i i I at!
ri'Ycrui uo.rii imivo uim .mipm'b pihh'n at ci m a timr
Must Make Room for Pall Goods.
Salo Lasts 30 Days.
Ni'Xt door to Orison City Hank,
All Nice Clean (Jowls.
r. s.
k We carry the largest slmk Cssk
i; ets. Co tli in and Linings in Clack-
am county.
We are the only uudrrtakrra In
Clackamas county owning a
hrarsr aud will furuUli it fur lru
than can be had elM-whrre,
We are under small rapriiae and
do not aik large profit
Call promptly attended night or
I'kasM 474 ! 3oS.
Sept. 23-28 1901
Great Agricultural
Industrial Fair
Good Racing In the
Latest Attractions in New Audi
torium building livery Keening,
With Good Music
Beautiful Camp (Wounds Prec
Special Kate on Campers' Tick
rta. Come snd bring your fam
ilies. Reduced Rnten
On All ksilroads.
Por further particulars address
M. D. WISDOM, Sec, PorllaEl
B White, C. Plsl.er, O. Kvans, J. Buty
ami brother,
i....i. i ..
I'unmp ani air. narmore re
turned from the mountains last Friday
evening, bringing with them a deer and
plenty of trout.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Kvans and child,
of Portland, camo up on Saturday even
ing and stayed with the Utters parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Knight until Tuesday.
airs. j. Wchmllt received a telegram
Sunday afternoon from Portland Inform
Ing her of the death of her brother.
Mrs. Sclunltt left on the evening train.
in Day vou to raad
thlt advertisement.
Tost Office anil
Public Telephone Mutton
. .. 1 A w i
('Iiililrt'ii'n Hhk-h nt M comIm a
Tf ) C;:ri t.i'i sf C:trt H::.
iixl Com 3 cam '
T'!nat s 3 " 2ic
OvsUr 3 " l'
l.aiiu.lry Smj 10 hat '
I Koftst Coir.-o . . .from J(V t lb. op
C-rri Meal JO lbs. for 2Qo
Hulk Kxtracts j r ot. Ia
l'rmlurv taken in rxrlianga
for imrt liatuJise.
I(ed Front trading Co.
Court Houno Dlock
Dr. J. Arch Stowart
Eyo, Ear, Noso and Throat.
.117 Kkmn Building
Wegtiarantre that the eccentric sprocket
wheel on this machine will give an ab
solute gain of l6Ji per cent, of power at
time ol tiring and din harming bundle.
The force feed elevator will waste Ie
grain than any other.
There is Iras shattering.
The relief rake keeps inner cud of phu
form clear.
Kveryone of those using Champion Bind
ers anya It haa no equal.
Rend for catalogue.'
Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co.
Pirst and Taylor Sts., Portland, Oregon
Ojp. Iluntloy'a Drufl Store,
(Jroat Uritain and A m or lea.
Now It the time to buy your wall p!'
and MURROW, the paper hanger, will
sell it to you cheaper than you can buy
it In Portland, Drop a card in thepot
office and have a sample hook brought
to your house, or telephone Wy Bros.'
J. MURROW, Oregon City.