Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, August 02, 1901, Page 8, Image 8

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LNews of the Week i
A &rS .CS A-i .... lkjS?
Friday, July I'll.
Northwestern baseball: SeMl, 11;
I'ortlmiil, 4; Spokane 13; Tacoina, 7.
The president ha issued liiii proclama
tion rtallihinjt fre tradtt letecn
I'orto Kico and the I'nited State, mill
declaring the iirsmiilitin o( a civil j:ov
eminent for the island.
The I'orllsn 1 Charier Commission dr
dared (lie cit'a title to bo inalienable to
II water tronl, wharves, avenue,
Afreet etc., whirh it no own, or which
It mar hereafter acquire; ut a "5-year
limit on franchise, ami affirmed it
riyhl to take over all franchise upon
expiration of the time limit.
The Hoard of Inquiry is to investigate
the controversal points in connection
with Admiil Schley's conduct during
the Spanish war and will be composed of
Admiral (.ieorye IVwet, president of
the ivurt, and Kear-Admjral 1-ewis A
Kiniherley and Andrew K. K. Henham.
The court will meet at the navy depart
ment in Washington, September 12.
V-Atil aluutr,! an, I ttrr.ul.t.l a. alt.,. ....I f
. n a . r . It Mill
relH'l. Tho iiirii wrapied himself in the
Ki-or' color a a mean of protec
lion, hut the (t.i was torn from him tud
dubbed a "dirty r!.' The incident
ha been reported to the I term an gov-eminent.
Saturday. July 27.
Hand of 5(X1 insurgent surrender on
Ialand of Sawar.
Light rainfall in corn belt and situa
tion i regarded a improved.
William Hunt, secretary of TortoRico,
will succeed Chas. H. Allen a governor
in September.
National Tube Works Company hare
aaked their skilled workmen to sign
individual contract practically repudi
ating any labor union and if they refuse
their position will be declared vacant.
Navy department finishes precept in
Fchley race and the admiral' conduct,
during the operations in West Indan
water is ordered investigated. Admiral
Cetera may be a itiiees.
Title Guaranteed Trust Co. brings!
suit in Multnomah county to test the
constitutionally of the act of February
S3, 1901, which authorizes counties to
ell all land heretofore bid in bv them
for delinquent taxes,
Sunday, July 23.
New battleship Maine is launched in
Baseball score : Portland, 7; Seattle,
3. Tacoma, 12; Spokane, 7.
Steel magnates and labor leaders open
negotiations to end the strike. Morgan
and Schwab and Schaffer and William
re the conferees.
Admiral Sampson replies to bis critics
and give bis side of the Santiago contro-
Tersy. He says that be left the fleet
with his flagship and went to Siboney at
uenerai bbaiter a request. lie bas no
desire to criticise Schley.
The drouth is broken. Copious rains
have fallen in many Darts ot Kansas and
Stockmen are jubilant. The sale of
garden seeds in the state yesterday was
phenomenal. The corn crop will be
benefitted in but few districts.
Another steel combination, embracing
the principal plants engaged in making
eteel castings, is to be formed. The
capital is to be upward of 15,000,030,
with the prospect that the amount will
be considerably increased later on.
Monday, July 29.
Events have already indicated that
the tax law drawn up by the legislators
of Porto liico will provide ample means
for the island's requirements.
The 535 nailers and packers in the 22
flour mills of Minneapolis have presented
to their employers a demand foi an in
crease of wages. They alto demand a
contract for five years. The employers
have agreed to raise the wages, but will
enter into no contract.
Feter Tillbury, an ironworker of
Muncie, Ind., called on Mr. Mary Torry
and threw the contents of a small bottle
of carbolic acid into her face. The acid
burned out the woman's eyes and
burned her neck, breast and arms
frightfully. Tillbury had vainly pleaded
with the woman to marry him.
A sack containing 1000 silver dollars
bas mysteriously disappeared from the
Commercial National Bank of Chicago.
It had been left oulBide the vault by
mistake when the bauk closed for the
night. This is the second strange disap
pearance of a package of money belong
Jng to the bank within a year. De
tectives are still searching for a bundle
of $20,000 in bills, shipped by the bank
with the Adams Express Company to
the National State bank at Arlington, la.
last August. When the package was
opened at Burlington, it contained only
clippings of paper.
Wednesday, July 31.
lUsehall mures: Spokane !, Portland
5, Seattle. 3, Tacoma 0.
Thirty-four insitigent, the majority ol
them armed with rifle, have been cap
tured by the First Cavalry iu liaUug
George H. Phillips, the corn king, ha
reported to the postal authorities hi
du -oveiy of an aliened attempt at a
gigantic indle. The country, Mr.
Phillips told Inspector Stenart, ha
been flooded w ith circular emanating
from New York, asking lor subscription
to a 12,000,000 fictitious pool for a deal iu
September corn.
The lbor d.uVnltie in! San Francisco
have leached a crisis. Maritime tralll
and labor alonj shore are at a standstill
and industry i almost completely jr
lye.l. The order for a general walkout
of the City Front Federation has Iwn
made effective. The federation com
prise 14 union and organization, will
a membership of about 15.000. Twelve
thousand of these have oheved the order
to strike.
a . a a
An au-tiay ngni occured teen t e
Boer and a column of British near
Mauta, July 2S, in which the British
narrowly escaped the loan of a gun of
the Sixty-eeventh Field Battery. Four
hundred Boers repeatedlv rushed the
British position, killing Major Edward
and Gunner Carpenter. The gun was
limbered up, and taken at a gallop for
three miles under a heavy fire. Five
British wre killed.
Though the drouth ha been broken,
the woeful etTect of the agricultural situ
uoo i now iTiug brought home to
Chicago and other cities) as well. Prices
of vegetables average double what tliey
were a year ago. Poultry and veal come
in deteriorated to an extent that has
caused a material falling off in the de
mand. Eggs arrive with an excessively
large percentage of loss. So seriously
bas the fruit crop suffered that fur can
ning purpose price are almost prohibi
a ! .. - J r ,'t
uve, anu lamornia irniis are now
bringing almost as much as tbey did at
the beginning of the season.
P it
V V (-44
Ihe little fellow
luta blown with all
his strength, mid the
downy l,t .(ill
ft cling to the dande
lion stem, Accord
ing to the onule of
childhood mother
W not want him.
Put mother would Ml
a ditlctvut alory, She
ho in. inc. I the weak
ness ol the lungs, and
if she mw him now.
flushed with hi unusual
rtTott and struggling to
suue wie mug it wliiili
followed it, she'll ferl
how much she wanted
him, and uatilcd those
"weak" lungs made
strong, that she might
not loir limi.
l-'or " weak "
lungs, oUtinate
cough, hctiior
lliac, wrukliesa
a u il i-tnui'iiitiiiii
there is no medicine so healing and -w
airengtiirnini; as Ir. IVrcc' Golden
Molual Ihnovcry. It is rsttvlallv
valuable for childteti, building up weak
Wklici witli souiiil, br.ilthv I'.cah. It is
entirely frve from alcohol mid narcotic.
-wmirr i-i..r ima. mv ..Ileal l.y I who U
now nrarljr h innoMi, hn.l a lcrillt 4-iKh.
he hil a llir rh.'lr xnilri ami ; uiimirT
wnirs j si Fair. Ivn . ,. CNitirmn. s. irvm
I a, (.. rhyii-t.-ui ill. I hitii no fsl stiil n.4l,
I ti ,1 mv wiir an.l ,l il,. him tiir (..,
Aurr uur iMtvrTy- nail cuml m iliiglt
qui.iv. mnrn rvrrMlonn rlM- lilr,l. I mt4r
mr wiir lo l.rm him lWvk fn.m l hr tvuuliv.
Hr hvint i-nmr.l him llirtr lo rr II ihr i lint
wixiiu no nun utxni m wm-t iiviiih in Savan
nah, al thr limr Hhr brought hint t-a.
ami snrr kiviiiu nun ror rai loil.lm Mr. I
aval DlKMVTry lor lliur. h rtiltrr It rrivnr.
The Common Sense Mnlicul Advisrr
srtlt yrr-r n receipt of stamp to pay
expense or mailing oniv. ynil 21 tine
cent stamp for iMprr-lsuind lik, or u
Uiiips for cloth Uuud. Addre Dr.
li. V. Pierce, ltuffalo, N. V.
1 1
M. K. Siiiitli--Kev. T. I'. Ilavnr. pastor. I r" f ' J
I'lilid SuniliiV l l'lllll llrsiliii'ii elHirc'i, I " II
V.m. l.il,,li.i . Ki.v. J. V. Klilrnli.'e. pa-' II 11 r 1
lor. Iresilinig llr.l Slid IMr.l h.eaiai.ai ! M i J I lC ( r lill I r I t
n:s;. 'Wvwi Uy UU I U lb UJ Uvl lb UU
Family LVIodlolnoo.
ijCongli Honey.
Iiiiiial cliiiri-li at Klvvllle
UK VV Kit ( Ki:l K At Hi Welsh dm
gn-Kiilloiial I'liiireli, - 11 1 l ra y servliri sill I
I.illona: rii-S'-HM K si I" hi n .11. n
li.-v. J, Morlsis IlirliSfi", IL t. piiir;
M 1I1I.4I h si-lui il al IV. M ; weekly prsvrr
iiii-eiinir (U.I lav si 1 I . M ; relelira-
Hon ol llm l.onl s supper, arx-onil .Siilnlsy ol 1
li iii.-nlli. . i
Thursday, August 1.
Tea growers of Japan are to combine
Ex-Premier Crispi, of Italy, is dying.
Conferees on steel strike are still un
able to agree.
Northwestern baseball: Portland, 11:
Spokane, 0 ; Tacoma, 5 ; Seattle, 2.
Five masked men bold up a train near
Chicago, but obtain nothing. They dy
namited a mail car by mistake, thinking
it was an express car.
Anarchist named Garriotti arrested in
Switzerland, lie was 00 bis way to
Kussia from Paterson, S.J., and left the
United States for the purpose of killing
the Czar.
Dr. Sangel Gardiras, at the head of
5,000 men, has revolted againstJ'resident
Castro, of Venxuela. The insurgents are
on the Colombian frontier, and the gov
ernuent has sent 10,000 troops to sup
press the uprising. Other outbreak are
expected a the whole country is ready
lo rise sgainst Castro. Martial law has
been proclaimed in Caracas.
General Wood, mililary governor of
Cuba, discussing Cuban affairs today
said: "Cuba is a totally undeveloped
island, and has a great future before it
lellow lever, in another year will cease
to be epidemic We have not had a
single case of yellow fever in Havana tin
summer, and none in Eastern Cuba for
two years past. Cuba's resources require
time for deyelopement. The last enor
mous sugar crop was raided on 8 per cent
of the entire sugar producing lands.
Only this small percentage is under cul
tivation. We have $1,500,000 in our re
serve lund atd can pay all our debts.
and get out of Cuba within the next
Mrs HaadU Mllllaaa,
The government Is more trustful cf
the employees In Its financlnl center
ttmn I any private corporation. In
the I'liltcd Stales treasury the whole
output of tlio iutlou"a currency I
handli-d by men who ore under neither
urvcllhihce nor bond. The paying tell
er handles f p.is:,i.u or $.Vi.un,in) a
yar. The exchange clerk ha weery day
f H0.ik) In change at hand. The money
In charge of the kevper of tho cash
room run from f ITo.ono.fftio upward.
and the chief of the Issue dlvlalon
handle millions every day. Any of
these nieu could get away with enor
mous amounts of money and be rvaaon
ably secure against detection for a con
siderable length of time. Nevertheless,
peculations from the treasury havo
bcog few and smnll In amount during
Its history. There Is an axiom In the
department which runs as follows:
"Wherever money la bandied there
la a polut at which the honesty of the
Individual must be the main reliance."
And so the treasury dispenses with
the service of spotters. However,
private business Interests Involving the
handling of large sums of money are
Dot likely to follow this example.
Spotters may be an evil, but they are
a necessity In the present phase of
human development, and until some
psychological chemist devls. a prep
aration to make men honest the type
la likely to Derslat-S. IL Adama In
CiiUmrl .o.ljr No, 70, K. of P. 'I
tverv Wi'.lni'xl.t V r- on 1 11 .t III lied .Men
hall. Visitiui; knight invited loattnud,
J, I'erki.ver, K. ol It. and S,
Order of Washington. Noiipnriet l'nl"ll
No .'17, meets every Saturday evening,
nt Willamette hall. lr. I .nit 10 Foley,
A. (1. I'. W. meets every Saturday
evening e xrepi hip iimii 111 win a, o. i-
W. Temple, II, J, lUi.tiiiit, rectiider.
UeN'kah WllUmelle KeU h lslg
No. 2 meet second and fourth Fri.la of
li inonih at I. O. (I, F. Temple
Maiaiet Williams secretary.
Coiirl luil. in Iinh No, 1, Forester ol
Aiui-ru a. meeU liral and third Friday in
the iiiontli in Ki'-I . Mi-u' 1111, W. II.
Stafford secrcUry ; I-ill Meyer, duel
Clackaiua Chapter No. 2, U. A. M.,
meet on the tliuil Momur of each
uioiiih 111 .Masonic Hall. M. Pollack,
Willamette Fall Camp No US. W. ti
W. meet 1st and 3rd Fildat In Ihe
Willitmelle Hall. C. I'., S1. S. Walker
and clerk (i. Old.
Or.lrr of IVii.to riissls rrsrr Mon.tsr
nltilil al Iveifineii's lisll. HrS'l I oniiaor,
M. Sen p lure, Mrs. Is) lor san-rnary
Oregon City Camp, No, 64' Modern
WiHHlmenof Aiui-rira meetsevery stni l
and fourth Tue.tar in the ui-nilli. at
iMsinetio Hall (i
Catholic Knigbta uf America SI. John's
ftiancli No. (it 7, meet every Tuesday ol
the mouth.
Tualatin Tent. K. 0. T. M.. in ret is
led Mr-n'a Hall, every Ti uia.lr even
ing. K E. Tavlor, retin kreis'r.
Meade Put No. 2. (i. A. K
nmt .Monday evening In each moritli at
7 :M and third Saturdav In each month
at I o'clock p. in. in Wilamette Hall.
P. Colbert, Commander.
I'm Ha, Ml
nr 1
Blood and Liver
my and Nerve Tonic
For Coufhi, Cold, Grip, or
"Cold'Ji. ANY PART of body.
Il fVM 1,.., "
I'l ilo i....,i, ,h.
- I" SI l,a I, 1 .J."
1 '.;''''
- 1... 1 1 1., ,
' ' su tla. li. r '
' ... Jillm , )., "
' '"'" silm, .
-.; in .,,,1,:;
l'l.)alrl lr,,,3
i I r. .,,11, I ., J
fr. rnnr s mi ,,5
.J Msrvs Twnl ... u.rl
tMSSS ll4ll4,W
liu im a I" .
'I Utw
to r ' 1
Croat rllnod rlsanstti Kamsdy fnr Rprlug
llosdsi lias, Cilil'lU.n
Dyspepsia Curei
Golden Relief
&l ll.lil.a bu.u.fe U, a..... .
Tli.,1 " M.lli.i.. U all. k. ...n.....l !.'.. ..''...' ' '"
r imv
I all i( II... 1- imIii i. .ru. .... il.jr'Tl
1 1, a 11 p. a. rli.ili.i. lil,.,il ,"J
y l.Mrll. br. r.wa.r lM.'.,,'
ami llm list.,.' li rfl. . t. . rJf "
imlUr 1 a a I li mi data. 1
nation liam Ix-rn 1 111.. I I,
'iir. rVln
Mv l"ar lr vmrr, mlnhia
' kl.K.
Ul.llrr h..
r l.la
y IKiar vr I i-imrr, I rM.hi N y,
I ham . vt. rnnr Oo,l.B katlaf f .
L.ai.r r.r ..r li.n ill"a a... I a. . '',
for .1.1. li If la aO..-rli.ia...l !,.,
lull . .,..al lo all ;iu . lain. f. r II M '
rr.l4l fcl Jar'sH ltfJ
Vti for Cul. ritai Burni n a
ll.raltis. CoUs, Orlp, Sol Tbroal toil!'
,' bysanUrir. llol Tluubl, II la uu(alli7
' - ka.a a-M ..ka ft ai y,,.
m ....... f .. ill. . 1 1 if 1
Aik Jfuur clrujilil fur Aluianaofor lot ronUlnln rtasrrll'tlan of lb SamaluTTTi
tartlDialat ef tti Musi rBialkttil cuts vr atUIv4 by ln4u ica.
For Sale by C. G. HUNTLEY. Drufltjlst, Orcoon City, Or.
tirtiaseniiai ner, J-:Mr., an t Long iMatancr Trlrrhonr Hup.rlor In an. 8prlr. In AmJi,.
... . ... u k. -. . r . . k 1 1 ., - - 1 '
i.. iu.. vi nniu.nai.ini, gmrniin or nmnif i rouoi, or catarrh, Tfrra. i
per rrk an ! iiji. per day. luxation In l.Mitaa Co , Orrg.m.
CAIT. UI'.N IK IH ICJ.I., Praj,,
Siuthriu Pa ll'ic lialna stop al hotrl door Citislahllv oiri f.,r i,.i j
lUtll room n. Illlr.tr. I mailt Lull. Iliia- lW.,(h.i ft H..I . 1..
ti 1 1 . .
LONG BEACH HOTEL, the hackney cottage
tii.Wf . ir.-i.i Tt.i.
1! r r UkI k nut)
ntft jcl'tiaitt liur I n
'I Ht JtlA. lh(tl I'lHl Uf tssTt1V. T twr
(al.U arc 1t.t.hr. with I h (ri ih rM I
r-timt. ) I he ffu-i w h.. hr.tutu' tn
Ft.l. a. . ' as a
uou 1 oe saiisnen wnn temnorarv re
lief from indii(eiion. Kolol Dypepia
cure ermanen'ly and completely re
1 . . a. .
uiovrs iriis compiaini. it relieves per
manently because it allows the tin-1 sto
mach perfect rest. Dielinu won't rest
the stomach. Nature reieive supplies
from the food we eat. The sensible war
to help the stomach is lo use Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure, which digests what you eat
and can't help but do you K'od. Geo.
Sunday Services.
81. Jo'in's, Catliulic K-v. A. ilillfhrand.
.aaur. un miniiay, maaa al ami IO:.'IO a
in. Ttilrl Sunday In each momli. (Jermari
aeiiiiun aner n o cioca rnasa; al all oli.er
masse., r.iijiisii seniions. r-iiiulay-inhiiol
al :':.T0 p, in .rs. aKjloi?elical ubjecls
1 trciitruitilsJII m I ,Vt , Ml,
German Kvanirplical LiMlimn I 11 lltra ti
nal t'orrm KiK'uh ami J. y. A'laini si.:
nev Ernel J. W. Mack. i.a.Ujr. h...i..
sclioo at 10 a. in : weekly H-rvw-M ....,w
TIllirwluT St 8 II. III. firm. an al,.,..l
Satunlaj from 9 lo 12. Kverybo.fr inrlied.
Methodist Kl.iflCiinal Ctnirrti !? u If A
Atkins, cantor. Morninir srvip r' iii'.ja'
1 UuiKfsr Hchool at 10:00. Claas mtln afu-i
I mn.n . i 11 . -----
....., niTi.-a. Aim ni aervir-a
cigua uiouiui. r naye established rtr;." i'itmum nunoar eicmn
Tuesday, July 30.
Comte de Vaux, the famous aeronaut,
will attempt to cross the Mediterian in a
balloon about the middle of August.
Tom bharkey and James J. Jeffries
have been matched to fight for the
championship of the world before the
San Francisco Athletic Club, in Septem
ber. King Edward has sent a message to
the House of Lords to the effect that,
in consideration of the eminent services
of Field Marshal Roberts in South
Africa, recommending that Parliament
grant Lira the earn of 100,000 sterling.
The Colombia authorities at Savanilla,
Colombia, stopped a German steamer,
j.IjOO flourishing schools. Two years ago
we were obliged to provide about 100 or
phan asylums to protect the destitute
children Since then we have abolished
CO, and expect to be able to close more
before we retire from the management
of Cuban affairs. Our troot hav h,n
well cared for, and their health compares
favorably with that of the troops in this
country, showing that the island is
Prayer Meetlur Thiii-adar arnulna utin
trailers cordially Invited.
i, MooUromerr. Pni,r u. .-...
. -w m, aaMMaiij nennnt at in
Iiwnember that name when you want
a delicious, appetizing, nourishing food
drink to take the place of coffee. Sold
by all grocers and liked by all who have
used it. Grain-0 is made of pure grain
it aids digestion and strengthens the
neryeii. It is not a stimulent but a
health builder and the children as well
as the adults can drink it with great
benefit. Costs about as much as
coffee. 15c and 25c per package. Ask
your grocer for Grain-0.
What A Tale It Tells.
If that mirror of yours shows a
wretched, sallow complexion, a Jaundiced
look, moth patches and blotches on the
skin, it's liver trouble; but Dr. King's
ftew Life Pills regulate the liver, purify
the blood, give cleat skin, rosy cheeks,
rich complexion. Only 25c at Geo. A.
Harding's drug store.
M. nabbath Mrhnnl in . v .
People'! Society of Christian
-..7 nuu.jay cTernrir al eau. Ihui.dsT
uiccLii.aaw .lv. neait ires.
AVA.Mjhi.iuAI, CIIL'Kni-CoriiBr of
Kiiwi anil .-vi a'lisoii street, H-v. . Copley
.irr,.r. rvrry nal.l.BIli al II a. ni
and 7:45 ;p. m. Htiudtj Hcliool 10 a. m
1 rayer nieetltifi 8 p. m. All are welcome
i.ev. r. n.. llamnioiiil, Hector. Hervice
every nuiKjay al 11 a. m, ami 6:f)0p. in.
Bunnay choil at If) o clock, Olher service
a iiiayiwaiinounceu. All seat free. Htran
ger cordially invited.
.I.....F..I IJ..I.. I If, ..
. , . 11 rtiiu cieveiiiii stri-ela Iter.
r.. n. ooinriKir, pasior. Morning service
I0;,yi: HimiiIbv Mfhoril 19- In,..,. I.1,.,)....-...
a. vr .. ' .. - ' - - ' .ni".' bt-.i
o. i. 1. n. l. k. prayer meeling 0:.'KJ:
evening service 7:'W.
United Itrethren-Cor. KjKlith and Pierce
streela. itev. Cocking, puslor. Herviw
every Hun.lay at 11 a. n. anil 7;30 p. 111. ;
Hiinday school at 10 a. in.; young people'
meeting at 6:. p. m.j prayer meeting
every Wednesday evening.
I.awton Command No. I. of Oregon
C 11 ion Veteran t'nion mrrta aecon. h4t
ur.lay I p. m. in lifdtnan'a hall and
fourih Saturday at 7 P. m. In T. r . Cow
ing' oflire.
J'iorieer Chapter No. (). K. S. nierl
ihe e,xml and fourth Tuelar In ecl
month at Masonic llall.-Mr (1 M
Strange, secretary.
Oregon Lolge No. 3. 1. O. O. .. meet
every Thunalay in Odd Fellow' 1111.
T. F. Hyan, aecrttarv.
rail Kmampment No. 4. 1. O O F
meet first and third Tueadav In ea L
month. JuIn Howell, secretary.
ItrHlmen Warheno Trite No. 13. Imn.
O. K. M., meet Tne ay ewnitir 7. So,
iiitiM .Men a Hall . 1 Ii.uan.C.
of It. ; Harry II iter, aachein.
Multnomah Ixlye No. L A. V. A. M..
meet first and third Salurdav in each
month at Masonic Hall. T. F. Hyan.
Mead Relief Corp No IS, meel at
Willamette Hall (lie (lrt Monday in
everr month at 2 vY'lork p. m. and the
third Monday in everr month at 7.-M
o'clock p. m.
United Artisans meet everv Thursday
evening of esch month at the Willamette
Hall. The social meeting of this order
i si-cond Thuraesy of each month. K.
II Cooper, ecretary, M. iSolbtk M. A.
Lonu I'ine IIge, No. 63, A. F. A A.
M., Iwan, Or., meet on the second
"turday in earh month from the 1st ol
May to I t of Novemrier at 2 n. m. an.l
. . . .
mmi mi 01 noverniier 10 1st of May al
10 a. tn. Geo. C. ArmatroiiK. Sec.
Ancient Order of ld t'rosa (ra..n Cny
"fge. N', I, metfla an-iiml and fonrili Vrt.
lay. In each inoiilli 111 Wlllan.elle ball.
lo. aill n,,. It la.a.na In
Ira.llona 111. a aaaa- n.
a..n ..f lla alM a'.U.ail
r !, W 411.
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well a..ar.(,.l h'.in ..r ..an U.li.a l ..r
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(iihmI Corn . . .
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I.nuiiilry Smp
Konst CiifTco . ,
Corn Mi-itl .. ,
Hulk Kxtractn.
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.from 10c ju t lb. up
10 Urn. f.irl'O:
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2.' JO luIlfMI of lllflf dtf- I
tanco telei.hon wirv a i
Oregon, Wabiii(rton,Ci ,
fofiiia ami Idaho not it
oiK-ratlon bjr the l'w'.U
Matloii Trlri.hoiis Cos-
pnnjr, covering 2,W
Quick, accurate, chfjl
All the natisfactino cf il
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)istance no effect lo il
clear unilerstamlirg. Ps-!
kane and ran tunc.
a racily heard ai Pvfl I
Mr. S. II. AlliMjrt, Johnstown, I'.,
y: "Our little girl almost strangled to
death with croup. The doctor said she
couldn't live hut slis wa instantly re
1'riNlin'ti taken in exfltangn
for incr banilii
Rjed Front Tra ling Co.
Court Houno Dlock
Dr. J. Arch Stewart
Eyo, Ear, Noso nnd Throat.
317 I'ekuin Hull. ling
- Oregon Cltr ofTire at
Hanlmtfs Drujj Store
lieved hy One
Geo. Harding.
Minute Cough Cure.
II. Heaven, pastor, l'reaclilng service
every Sunday at 10-30 and 7:. p. ni. Hun
day school at 12 noon to 1 o. rn. Junior
meet In tlie afternoon and the Senior Young
'ple' society and Jiihle study class at
V' ". juiirsiiav even) ii if . regular
prayer service at 7:.')0 p. m. Wednesday
evening, Bible atudy class at Y. M. C. A
rooms led by the pastor.
German Haptlst-gervlces the first Bun
nay of each month at 3 o'clock p. m.. con
dueled by Key. Albert Graner.
Evangelical Lutheran, Zion Congregation
-Cor. fcightn and Jefferson streets. Key. I
M.UDM I.I..I.L. U. ......... . I - ...
'"i;'-,"i '"" nuiiiiay-wiiooi at 0:.iu a.
m.; service at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Al ran ii ins, (oluniliia, by ( lumber
liiln.it'nllr, ( holeraaud Ular
rliea Keiiii'dy.
IJr. Cha. II. Uler, a prominent nhv
. I I. n . ...
iuibii oi i anariia, uoiuinbla, In a recent
letter states: "Lust March I had as a pa
nent a young Jady sixteen years of aire
who had a very had attack of dysentery
jvveryining i pruscriljud lor her proved
ineffectual snd she was growing worse
every hour. Her parents were sure she
would die. 8ho had hecome so weak she
could not turn over in bed. What to do
at this critical moment was a study for
me, but I thought of Chamberlain's Colin.
inoiora and idarrhea Kemedy and as
last resort prescrllMHl it. flm most won-
derful result was effected. Within eliht
nonrs she was feuling much hetler: in-
side of three days she was upon her feet
and at the end of one week was entirely
... 1 1 IS n a
wen." ror sale by O. A. Hardin.
IjiiIIcn Vn Wear Nlioea.
OriA a,i'M amalljk. r.... t .... .
. " '"" using Alien s
Foot-Kase, a powder to he shaken into
the shoes. It makes tight or new shoes
feel easy; gives instant relief to corns
an.l bunions. It s the greatest comfort
discovery of the ago. Cures and pre-
vents swollen feet, blisters, callous and
sore spots. Allen's Foot-Ease Is a cor
tain cure for sweating, hot, aching feet.
At all druggists and shoe stores. !Mc.
Trial prcksge free by mail. Addrex.
j Allen 8. Olmsted, I,e Koy, N. Y.
0p. Huntley' Drug Flora,
forty Yi:ARs"ixrnK!!;.vcE
(heat Hritain and America.
Q i TI
llest pcMMlljle to build. No Hi..n
or cn be Irrttcr than a Mitchell, Irecauae
me wcarn oi wooil KKk I lined, only
aft,. i. i i.... . 1 ... . '
- "-"'K looiuiiKiiiy isoiif(l. jit:
wgon i well ironed, well rmlnte.l w-ll
prortioued, and run the livhtrtt of
- .7. ii is nearly 70 year since the first
Mitchell wagon wa built, and they have
Olllll COIIT IIIIIOIIH V evi-r ail.,-. I...
Mitchell. When you buy a Mitchell,
you get the bem-fitof thi7o)enr'e'
iMitchell, Lewis & Staver Co.
First and Taylor St., Portland, Oregon
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you cat.
rrv.ia ............... 1 . , .. .
ni iin jiurui iiiu coniuiflH un or tno
dljfCHtanta and dlifcsts all kinds of
food. It fjlveu Instant relief and never
falls to cure. It allows you to eat all
tno rood you want. 1'lirmimt s,.i,uuiu.
stoniacfm can take It. hy Its use ninny
thousand of dyspeptics h,lVo bucri
airea aner evnrytlilnn elso failed. It
h uneq milled for all atouiacb troubles.
It can't help
but do you good
Preparefl only by K.C. I)RViTTAI!o..()li, aito
lim II. bollIecuuUluii time tbuboc. tU
Now the time to buy your irsll f i
and.MUkkOW, the jmprr liangrr,
ell it to you cheaper thn you co I
it in I'ortlaud. Drop a card In the p j
office and have a sample book brW j
to your house, or telephone Hty Brt"l
J. MURROW, OrrgoaCitr
I nil
Transfer1 and M
Freight and jiarcelu lIiver
to all parts of the city.
. ii
This la the season for shirt w"1"'','
every wnninn oiikIiI to know '
Ihe luteal atylra mill Kooils fur in' ,
nrcraaury arti.-lr. We will
any wniiinn who will srinl us
ami nililrcas nnd a lie slnmi't'' VJ
nr, n sninple copy (.1 J,,r
moiiii," llie lineal laaiiimi !
Hit- u-nrlil wlil. li ulvra Imililreils i" ,
. ... "1 ..1 1 ..Intra, s
.i. .it -niKiia, nu.ii.T i......... ,
Iiil'iirmiill.in ttliout flrrss. ....wi
KIiihIi- i-ui.li-a fine each orl-l-!""
at all newaileiilrrs,
mm., . NilW
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open fru
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