Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, August 02, 1901, Page 7, Image 7

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    onrcaoN city enterprise, Friday, august 2, 1901.
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it "11
tllBO !
,rder '
I limb, llirmi 1 , ,
Anil "' Bad bWoh
Anil UiIiIii( rlillilrr m,
Ami In hf I'1 I'l'w imiIkiimhI
lM ulli'i lllllp l
A M allll atlllml III' lllllt
Nkim mI l'iti'l l" '
Anil hi ll fcr di in.) i4
Ami ni'lt "I !''' ww't
Ami I'll !' '"'k
(in win In hlryUiul.
Ill r warm Hal ! rf?ul,
Tfuittfliit o'f hull tml ilUl,
III llitr lli ut llil
A II l Uut
T1 Mil wl'l-M Mnilltili
HIiMI .lHikll ol Itwll I III.
A Iml U !""!.
l,u aw Ui the Ur ),
An'l rw.lwl .- four Hl" imt tj
In in iml n. Ui..
lull !. I i'ilf till,
(t.uM ' I I'
- IUnll l'l'niU Hf"A.t la Ollllaf't,
A r"'" l-M A Ik fraa
lor1 lill I sarla.
Iii vrln, a morning after tU vi-r-liilu
Itml Ih'vii particularly rlgurutia. I
paid puiiirMilMg tmmllc alxiut getting
lrk I" il' country. Au Armenian
liu rtird Uttnf comfort III
(), cuiuo nr.vnimnry heard It and
iiillnl. living nil Armenian, ho haled
tliu IVmlaiia. nrotial'ljr. Incidentally
ll,o vrinii reciprocate.
Will, lM Armenian, rulilitiitf lila
J,ainU and bead BkBWvd over
cm i.tm side, said; '""" JTln have
,trtu tot verythlna;. Tli7 l"
, (rml fur what you Mid Jut now. It
U Hil:
"Allah-that I God-on- tatd to tit
ank'rl. 'I UI b world wtilcb I
"And Allah ami tho angel dcacend
d lurUlMo In t cloud to tlta earth,
and tl nrt plar at which they r
rird waa r"raiitttiiBl t. In Keren
gtilitaii. And titer they BW tlio rail
roads, and Ida tramways, and ttio the
ater.' and Oto great picture gallerlca.
And Allah lixiki-d lit i1l(iKiliitiiiriit
and aM: 'AU. no I Ttila la mt Ilia
wurtd wUU-n I maun. I uiadv tiono of
tlire tlilne-'
"Ho llirjr jounirynl to IliBli-kUlail
that l. Knliid and tluro pr
iui(Uj t' It) tlx liarlM.ra and bug
111IIU blli makv all BoM ot ttilnga
and fxl In t'U'iitr- And again Allab
ii.l: 'Alt, no! TliU t tint llio World
lilb I made.' And prjflT thrjr
trT.I..I In lli rloud Allah liMiknl lilU
tlir Iniid and oaI1. 'No; till li Mot It'
"At U(. Ill ilnialr, III augrl li-d tb
y to I'rmla, and Allab al lilm-lf
diiwii ni-'ii a trrjr Msli mountain, and.
Iklng far on evrrjr aide, lie m l
!irr railpiad nor irinaya nor tlir
Uri nor (ili iuro gntli-rli-a nor lil nor
niill riur -tiiMiltiouM- nor (ilciit to
"And Allab aald: 'Ye, at laL I'lil
la tha world wlilrli I made Not ft
thing la rhangnt Th riil wbom I
ut Ui r liato dona nothing.' M
"Why didn't ho rumo to Ainrrlt ar I
"Sir," anawrrrd tba Armenian. "In
I'mta thry hnd but even hrard of
AnirrUV-llarixT'a Wprkly.
Aa OI4 9W Jrtf arolli.
Tim imntl of today would think hla
c M.riuiililia very grrnt If bo could
tD t!i acliiMil r-iulMin-nl of htinilirl
yraraagn. A Morrla county (N. J.)
v'hool of that xrlod la thua di-acrllMtl
In au old h iii-r f nit of It atti'iulanta:
Tlu hiiltdliii; w aa cuiutrtictrd of log,
and Inairad of glan for wlndowa,
ahcriMiklna wrrw alrvlrltttl over tb
aM-ntiri'i niad ly tawing off an otra
tloiial log. Tli Window bad olio
Un-rit - tlii-y prevented puiilla from
lilng ltiurriiiiil In their atudy ly
liot una going on outldv ' Tho llino
b rigiilatrd ly an hoiirgla, and
tho iii;iil drank water from a tutu
Mir nudtf of a cow'a born or from a
grunnd khi-ll.
lu illo of theno dlfferplicea of cHllv
nieut. tho aclioota of a century ago rv
x iulili il ttiimo of tixtny In one uotnhlo
r-ii-t they bnd for tho uit l'rt
llm mine crent literary work that arc
tho BiiimhinU of our Inugungo now.
Tho Ki.'iiir.t llterntur la fortunately
tlio iKimmnniuii of uiuny ceiiturlea.
Nat Halo,
Ho hnd been trying all evnln2 ta
Diuko a gMKl lmiirclon. Ilo bad told
'l hl hiinioroua atorlca and bad given
otio liniiuNNluued. aiM-ecb from "Cyra
no." htit wiu aal 111 uncoiiHcloua. Tbli'k
BklntuMl, bo fulled to nvrcelvo all her
'ffurta to get rid of bliu. IMnully thero
' a deep Hlli'ticc. Fidgeting, ho
Krew nervoiia and cnt about for aoine
thing to any.
I'o you wear tbnt rt of collar aa a
nT' ho atamiiR.red foollably.
"No." tho hunghty Uiuld reldled frig
Mir: "na a cotlnr."
Tlitiii ho flcd.-Now York Tljnca.
lp Oplalon of CompllmonU.
"No," anld Minn Cayeimo, "I don't
fn) for pouplo who continually pay
""lit It ahowa an amlablo disposi
tion." IVrhnna. lint lm linlilt n.inlnila mo
"'it Niunii peoplo nr willing to pay
""'y w hnt coma thorn nothing and what
' don't ronlly owo'-Wnablngton
n ( tha Wrong Tim.
Employer tr. nixtlnk rnn in off
Ftorduy afternoon under tlio plea of
f'clg 111. I mw you afterward irolng
rncoa, nnd you didn't appear to
,e "t all 1111 well
r, " "BU v W lilt V v w
U!r tho aocond ntco, air. I woa bad
-kii inen.-TIt-IJitii.
't Is folly to flMiitiinf In nliinan AVflPV.
KM'y' It inilllura ut In ulil,.h rilroA.
; n a mini fnoea bo tiiUHt ot necessity
lr" hlH bllrk fin linlf lm nff.l.l T!lil.
"o Nowa.
u . ufc n uuvj iiivnunua nun
l" UtillRlty,
Tka Tuala Nmall II of ,d fow Ilia
Woalt Kllaa.
Thero U a 5 -nr i.ll boy lu Mnan
I'litmella Bveiinii ulu. U i.t il... 1. 1.., ..I
lllllrlolM. Ilia iri'iin,lr,.ll.... ...... l i. ..n. I
' . M T. I, - . IMIU.
Hie Meilcnii nnd civil wiira, nud bla fa
ther waa alao a Boldler, coimeijueiitly
llm lltllo fellow tma lienrd inm li "llig"
lulk lu 14m abort II fu mid him enilied
Idena of Mm proieeilvo iimllilca. Ilo
waa llm Imhy of llm futility till very re
cently and occupied a crib bed In bla
inother'B room, When tho new Imhy
iiiiiie, llnrold wan put to Bleep In a
room adjoining hla inother'a, nud na bo
bad never alept nhmo beforo bla ainnll
BOIll W'BB filled Willi linincleNB fear
whh b bo wna loo proud to ti ll In full.
"It'a nilghiy loiii'noino In here, miliu
ms." bu culled tlio llmt night after ha
bnd been lurked In bla llttlu wblto bed.
"Jut remember llm augela aro iiear
you and caring fur you," replied innin
tna from tho outer room.
"Hut, inniiiiiiii," ho objected, "I ain't
ac'iualuted wlili any augela, and I'd bn
Beared of t bein If they enmo hmtllng
round, humid aa 1 would o( any other
at ranger."
".Now, Harold, you inilxt go to aleep
quietly. Nothing will hurt you."
"Can't 1 haw tha gaa lighted lu
"No; mamma doean't think It uveca
aary, and It la not healthy."
Thero waa bIIi iko for noma time, and
then thv Biuall volro piped up agalu.
"), mamina!"
"Yea, dear."
"May I have grandpa' fiagT
"Why, what for J I want you to go
right to Bleep."
"l'eao, tuainiuar and a amotl night
gowned tig lira appeared at tha door.
"Jubi let ma Btl.k tha flag up at tho
bead of tny bed, and then I'll go right
to Bleep, tildecd I Will! You klloW tho
other ulght grandpa Bald at tho meet
ing that 'uuder the protecting fulda of
tho flag tha weakeat Would ba nafe,'
and 1 feel mighty weak, mamma."
Ha got tho flag, and when bla mother
hxiked Iii on hint an hour later bo waa
fail aaleep, with a fat llttla flt under
bla red cheek, holding fat tho end
of tho "protecting" flag. W'aahlngton
Wkr Mafa Baalr llvrl. Taal
Ha HUa'l llata I'aralr!.
The xy'a nania I Itufu. and he wa
butlly eiigogi-d lu ollhliig tho doctor"
bIiim while b wa lHlng ahaveti. A
hi ciintotn, th diM tur aald, "How
aro you feeling. ItuftiaT
"I ain't mm It. Kindly Mihly, Umnk
you, doctab," anawerrd tbe boy.
"What'B the uiaiterr
Had tbe doctor Hot beet) ao Well ac
quainted w lib tba negro rare, bo might
have allowed hlumvlf to ahow aitonlth
nieut A It wa. he determined to ac
what would rvault from further In
qulrlea. "Wbcre'B your ptvralyiUT" be akel
Itufua wa drawing a rag awlftly
arro the h-ft ahoo.
"In the right hip. doctab," ba au
"If probably rbeuniatlim." ugget
ed tha ph) lclan.
"No, ln.les). It' paralyal. I reckon
I know rhetimatUiii and I know
paralyala. Till la auttetily paralyila."
Tho doctor drew a good led plu
from the lnn of bla coat
"WelL Uufua." bo aald acrlounly,
"thero la only ono way to tell Coma
hero. I'm going to Jab thl pin In your
hip. If It hurt, then you have rheu
inatUm. If you don't feel It. then you
are right, and you have pnralyal."
The Ixiy did not rle, but draw tho
rag thoughtfully nrroM tho ahoc
FInnlly he auld:
"liiKtnli, I reikoii you mua' know
more nlHiut them thing than I do. 1
know It alu't nothlu but Jc' common
do mliM'ry." Kamut City Star.
What forlr I'olva Make.
A gixxl atory la told about a certain
profeaor w hoao bunlueit It waa to lec
ture, to a number of aludet t on aur
veylng. Pnrlug olio of tho lecture, tho
profeMor anld that In hi opinion tho
polo wa of little or no value. To tho
antonlnlitnent of thoao preNeiit a PoIIhIi
geiitletnnn nrono and, after accunlng
tho profeor of Inaiiltlng hi country
men, demanded nil aHilogy,
Tho profeor thereupon explalued
that tho polo to which ho referred vn
merely a term of tiicnaureuicnt Tho
Pol lull gentleman, aeclug hi mistake,
Baked tho professor to forglvo hi ap
parent rudencB. To thla tho profoHor
amartly rcpllwl:
"You could not bo rude, air, even If
you tried, for It take 40 polui to uiaka
oue rood!"
Qalla Fit.
"Mr. Upner," aald tho prosecuting at
torney, "thl la an action In wblcU tho
pluJntiff aeeka to recover damagca for
alleged tujuric received at tlio bund
of Wblto Copa. Havo you heard any
thing about trh tao1"
"No, air," replied tho talesman.
"We'll toko blm, your honor."
"Mr. Upner," aaked tho attorney for
tho defense "do you know what a
wbltecnp' lr
"Ye, air. It'a a wavo that's got
foam on top of It"
"W'o'll tnko him, your honor." Chica
go Tribune.
Hard tuck.
DttBhnway-MlBa I'lnkerly told mo
tho other day that her doctor had put
her on a meager diet nnd I thought It
would bo JiiBt tho time to ask her out
to luncheon.
Clovcrton And did sho accept?
"Did ahel Well, I ahould any ao.
Rho Informed me that thero wn ono
day lu tho week thnt ho allowed her to
eat anything ebo pleased." -Detroit
Freo Press,
Ila laalvhod , Oal of a Tool !
MaltfH Malal,
Tnreo men enmo vp carrying a long
Iron Bhnft. whleli bnd been cut In two,
bo Hint mi Iron ring could bo luertcd
between tho two halve. An empty
cruelhlu a foot wldu uud deep bung In
tint ring. Tim forward end of tho llo
held a croMMhnr, limiting It, a It were,
a hugii T. Two men held thu T part of
llm pole; tho third grimpcd tho rear
Hid. 'i'ha criicllilu hung between. Tho
remainder of tho molten metal front
the itildroii wna tipped Into olio cruci
ble, and the men trotted off with It, tha
two In front with atralued ftu'ea, tho
mail behind driving tlieiu coinplncent
ly, tho oddeat team lu tho world. Ilo
Bteered them throiiKli a doorwny, and
they emptied their crucible Into a biiiiiII
mold. A they went they kept Btep In
an iiuimual luiiutier. ItiNtend of atep
ping out right foot with right foot tha
left man' right b g and tho right iiinn'a
left bg wut forward together, knea
with kiiec, foot with fijnt V aked
"That." aald our guld. "I to prevent
tlieui from tripping. If they ahould
full, you know, that metal would pour
over them."
"(if courao audi a thing never bap-
"Ye, It did ouee. Ono of tha men
went down. Tho other Jumped clear,
but tho fellow on the floor wam lu It"
"Horrible! Of rour bo died Inalaut
ly. !or inauT'
"No; tha foreman of tha carrying
gang, taking lu tha altuatlon, mada
aeveral terrific bap for blm. jumped
right Into tho middle of It, picked blm
up and threw him out of It bodily.
Then he Jumped clear blinoelf, wttb
tho atuff dropping from bit ahoc.
They both went to tha honpluL but
they aro all right now. Heroic, waan't
It? Ily tho way, that'a him, the fore
man, JIri II., over there now. He I
I allll I.M.Iilntf afl.,r llw..n f..ll.. "
Wa looked over to where a big mus
cular fellow wa directing a gang of
men manipulating molteu metal. II
wa Dot tlu figured, and bo did uot look
! Ilk a hero, but thereafter the grime!
1 that covered blm ceu.cd noblo ludced.
t and bo would not aay a word of hi j
feat When we aouifht to talk with him
! ",K'ut " J" probably
never want for a Job aa long aa Maid
wlu'a I working From an Article on
tho Haldwln locoiuotlva Work to
Frank Ielle' Fopular Monthly.
Bat irate IB. Carloaltf at 1 "O early court recoru coubibi largely
a fork row. of action brought for Blander and sa
lt wa only a oug, and an old one at i Mu't- H recordwl that a man was
that, but It came tienr causing a block ! arrested for catling an official a "anap
on tho Itroadway aurfuce lino the other! pertje," another wa put In Jail, charg
dy. Tho singer wa a black aa the ' 1 with having called bla neighbor a
coal lu tbe cart be wa driving, but j "dick bccMc" and allll another waa
that fart coat no shadow on bis eiubcr-jctapM Into Jail for having called a
ant spirits. Aa be awung hla chariot ' certain ofllclnl a "bloodsucker.". Some
from Broadway Into Cortlnodt street of the old IiAch recorda make Interest
bo ralael bis voice. Then the trouble . Ing reading.
t.gtm. 1 And the court meted out Justice Id all
When tho note of "Old Black Joe" these cases with a regard for common
rang out blgb and clear above tbe din , sense and a dlKrcgard for statute law
of traffic, expressions of blank amaw-
rm.iif (iv.mnn-ad tho faces of the bur -
rylng pedcstrlaua who thronged tho penalties m be cited:
sidewalks. Neck were craned lu a! The village tavern keeper and a con
vain search for the location of aome . teutlou woman both appeared before
newly patented phonograph. Crowd , Uie court, asking Justice. They bad
collected and gazed vacautly upon the ; quarreled. The woman had accused the
air. a If they cxjccted to locate the j lnukeeHr of watering bla brandy, and
sound In aome office window; tennis bo In turn had applied an opprobrious
were drawn up until a long line of
trucks extended up C'ortlandt street to
Broadway, barring arcesa to tho atrect
thnt their driver might ascertain tbe
cnuoo of the crowd's curiosity. Sud
denly a newslmy cried:
"Ah. mlilH-r! Imntcher see It's only
do nigger a slnglnT"
Tho crowd laughed. Tho darky, now
lustily holding forth on "The Suwannee
Itlver." turned ahnrply Into Church
street, totnlly oblivious to tbe excite
ment he had caused. The crowd then
dlscrwcd. and the long lino of wagons
began to move once more.
"Well." exelnlined a Jenieyman on
hi way to the ferry. "New Yorkers call
country people curious, but" He
shrugged his shoulders and passed on.
-New York Mall nud Express.
Treasures of tho While lloaae.
There are doubtless In every large
city In tho country larger and more val
uable collections of bric-n brac and art
furniture than that to bo found In tho
private aparttneuta of tho executive
mansion, but It I a
question whetiier
there Ib In the length and breadth of
the hind any other half so Interesting.
Itnrlty I. of course, a universal charac
teristic of the artistic gems scattered
through tho homo of tho presidents,
but better than thnt Is tho fact that al
most every piece I fraught with mem
ories and associations that make It a
prised possession. Of the wholo num
ber probably half are tho gifts of kings
and rulers, tokens of appreciation from
friendly nations, nnd the remainder,
having been fashioned especially for
tho White House, bare no duplicates
anywhere else In tho world. Woman's
Home Companion.
Verr Like a. Scandal.
"This dollar thnt I hold In my band,"
ho said, "reminds mo of a deep, dark,
scandulous secret"
"Oh, George!" his wlfo exclaimed,
dropping her hands In her lap and
beudlug forward eagerly, "tell mo
about It"
"Yes," he went on, "It reminds mo of
a secret of that kind, because It's so
hard to keep."
And then she refused to speak to him
for three hours. Chicago Tiroes-Herald.
It's Withholding That Costs.
! Diner Come, tell mo straight Is It
any real advantngo to a mnn who gives
you a tip?
Truthful Walter ITonestly, I can't
say that It Is, but It Is apt to go hard
with tho gentleman that doesn't tip
mo. Boston Transcript
It Waa Too larlanlva aa4 Waka4
Mint Hilar,
On of tho older member of the JtaU
tJrnuro bnr tell thin nneedoto of li
Into Hevern Teni klo Wnlll a 111 untrat
Ing llm cleveriieiia and Burcaatn of Mr.
Mr. Wnlll wiin defending tho wll of
a weulihy toaintor, ami, a tho lawyer
any, when the cutiilu U birgo a lawyer
will wrcatlo wltft a will with a wllL"
A proiiilniiit plij-nlHiin wnn cnlled to
tiNtify for tlioMt conteBtliig the will.
Tim doctor iH-cnme rent leu under tho
lengthy nnd exluiiintlve cron exainlna
tlou of .Mr. Wnlll, and finally bo petu
hiniljf em lulmed:
"Oh, Mr. Wnlll. I believe tho teata
lor wna Inmiue!"
Mr. Wullla kept hi temin r and aald
Jtiletly: "Inx tor, you are tho flrat jxr
kjii who tin ever Intimated In or out
lit court that the teNtutor win liiHano.
Why do you any bo wn Inaane?"
"I believe." the doctor replied, "that
every man I mora or lea ItiaaDa op
Borno one Btibjcct."
"I It your dillbcrnto profelonal
I opinion, .Mr. wnlll then nuked, "eg.
ipreed hero In court under oath, that :
every man la mora or lea Inaane on
BotllC BIlliJectT"
"Yea," the doctor replied; "I will aay
hero under ontb that from my rending,
knowlcdiro and cxM-rlenee I believe i
Unit every tunii la more or lea Inaane ;
on )lli0 one aubject." I
Then Mr. Wnlll nld In thnt fjno
tone of n na hid for which be wna not-1
cd, "Iioctor. hn It ever occurred to you
that you are luaune on the aubject of
Immediately the doctor fired tip and
eiclnluied, "tut. Mr. Wall!, I am not
Mr. Wallla arooe and aald: "Doctor,
according to your own aworn theory,
you miit be Inxnne on aome aubject I
pronounce you Inaane on tbe aubject of
Court, Jury and apectator laughed
aloud, and nothing more wa a1d alwut
the tcetator Udng Inaane. Baltimore
. Tfcef railed Earn otaer "aaaayert
Jra," aad !: M'oraa.
What a contentious crowd tbe In
habitant of thu village, then known a
Urcutkclcu, now part of Brooklyn,
The early record are filled with
rejMirt of Inqulrlc Into the cause of
rioting and disturbance of tbe peace.
1 1
that one cannot help but admire. One
1 Instance of curious adjustment of
epithet to the woman. The court after
bearing tho evidence adjudged both to
bo guilty. With rare discrimination
In making the punishment fit the crime
the man was fined 0 gulden and tbe
woman, who had Impugned the quality
of the brandy, was Quod 20 gulden.
With hundreds of times the popula
tion today, the courts of Brooklyn do
not have one-tenth the slander or as
sault coses that they had some 200
years ago, and, as for a riot there has
not been, oue of any magnitude even
threatened lu more thou a score of
years. Brooklyn Eagle.
A Taae l.laeola Woald Not Taka.
All clients knew that with "Old
Abo" as their lawyer, they would win
their case If It was fair; If not that it
was a waste of time to take It to him.
After listening some time ono day to a
would be client's statement with bis
eyes on the celling, he swuug suddenly
round lu his chair and exclaimed:
"Well, you have a pretty good case
In techulcal law, but a pretty bad one
tn canity and Justice. You'll have to
, get Jonlo otnor fdlow t0 w!n tula cnse
for you. I couldn't do It All tbe time,
whllo standing talking to that Jury, I'd
be thinking, 'Llucolu, you're a liar,' and
I believe I should forget myself and
say It out loud." Success.
Too Commoaptaea.
Little Jack Oh, mother, I do lore
cakel It'a awful nlco.
Mother (reprovingly) You should not
say you "love" cuke say "like." Do
not say "awful" say "very." Do not
say "nice" say "good." And, by tbe
way, the word "oh" should be omitted.
Now, my dear, repeat the sentence cor
rectly. Jack I like cake. It's very good.
Mother That's better.
Jack (with an air of disgust) It
Bounds as If I was only talking 'bout
bread. Loudon Tit-Lilts.
A Change.
"Do you think people In the next
world will follow the same occupa
tions they do here?" asked the gossip
ing lady.
"No," said the churchman; "every
body will attend to his own business
there." Syracuse Standard.
To have a perfect stomach a man or
a woman must dint well and breakfast
and sup simply. Ladles' Home Jour
nal Instead of buying an article you do
not need of an agent pay what you
owe. Atchison Globe.
Oldszt Mn I'M !i lit Cl!f.
f H ap cpiti, w,om.
riaiiT, . caitti a. rtrriikk,
ri';i rkiaibiaf, ao. a. ma.
!. - a. a CAtfiiLD.
4 larl hanklnt biidnMi trn(!t4.
IHiIkmim mrif iuboi io stiact.
4.prT4 Mill 4 uoiii1loouuud.
Ouuut; al cltj rrant bouihl.
Uo m vl n Tllttl aurltf.
Iirlnin wuhtul ol'l.
Col.cllim mU (iriimptlf.
Of .luxill avlli,l In tui part of th world
lolnrnptila trlin(i iillon Portland, Baa
rriiclMo.':hlc(aaii4 Ktw York.
itmt patJ oa lfn, dopotlu.
or okeoo trrr.
aplUl, ..... 1100,001)
Imiii mull. Hill 4l:oiiutd. Mik ml
count, hart ad Mil xohtni on all poluta
a th United Huui, Europ and l(m( Kona.
D-(xli rled in .): t to oback. itauK
d torn a. a. tot r. a.
'. C. LATOL'klTTg, Prldnt. v
f. 1. MCVER CMklor.
When you buy goods at
our store, for our guaran
tee goes with every pur
chase, whetfier it costs
little or much.
Complete stock of Gro
ceries, fresh Bread, Buns,
Cakes, etc., always in
You leave your order;
we do the rest.
Mnlai Lie.
By the fast
and com
modious steamer
Leaves Portland daily except
Sunday at 7 a. m.
This is the Great Scenic Route.
All tourist admit that the scenery
on the Middle Columbia is not ex
celled for beauty and grandeur in
the United States. Full informs
tion by addressing or calling on
J. S. BOOTH. Agent,
Tel. 914. Portland, Or
Office and wharf, foot of Oak St.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and
All kinds of repairing neatly done
and warranted.
ootolllce Illtlff. Corn by, Orrgon
Rupture and Tiles
Cured without operation or detentio
from business
Ml. 0. E. WATTS
Room 14, McKay Bldg. 3rd & Stark Sts,
Hours a to 4 and 7 to 8 P. M.
Tfca Lltateaant'a Brotkcr.
It may not be generally known that
It Is considered a serious offense for a
German soldier, no matter what may
be his rank, to appear In public except
In uniform, even though ho be on fur
lough. Tho army regulations strictly
enjoin that he must always wear bis
A certain Lieutenant Schmidt, who
was engaged In some lively adventure
or other, dressed up as a civilian and
was having altogether an enjoyable-
time until, on turning a corner, be un
expectedly met his colonel.
Tbe lieutenant did not, however, lose
hla presence of mind. He pretended
that he had never seen his colonel be
fore and In a changed voice asked:
"Can you tell me, sir, where Lieuten
ant Schmidt lives? I am his brothel
from the country and am paying him a
little visit, but I happen just now to
have lost my way."
The colonel quietly gave the desired
Information, and Lieutenant Schmidt,
congratulating himself on his lucky es
cape, hurried home and pnt on his uni
form with all possible speed.
lie thought, of course, that he bad
taken In his superior officer, but such
an idea was rudely dispelled when on
the next day he met his colonel, and
the latter said:
"Lieutenant Schmidt, If your brother
from tho country pays you another vis
it I'll have him placed in close confine
ment for 30 days.'
LAvr oh soon city
Going up, 8;00 a. M. Going down 2. 30 rat
0;.V)A.M. BMW A. If.
1:00 P.M. ' U:0f)
4;0U 2:.T0P. U.
7:00 :.T0
Pour round trip every day.
Leavr Orgon City at 7 and 10 a m, 1 30
arid 4 30 p m
leaves Portland 8 30 and 11 30 a ra ; 330
and 0 p m
25 cents round trip,
' J
Tims Casd V. C. & 0. II. II.
(Couch St.)
T-oo a. M.
I:i5 r. at.
8:30 only to
Ilof only to
7:05 A. K.
13:20 r. M
6: jo
ao only tn
11:40$ only to
11:50 Sat only
Except Saturdays, then only to Mil
waukie. fExcept Stturday, then to
Oregon City. JEqcept Saturdays. JTo
Milwaukie only.
Astoria & Columbia
River Railroad Co.
JT jD'ly Enectlva D'ly
Sal. I JulyU, 1'jOl
r.BT. ! A.M. a.X.
9 40)
8 35
M 2i
8 CO
7 ft
7 4l
7 2
7 17
U 4S
6 32
8 2U
6 10)
6 to, S 00 I.v
Portland .Aril KM
3 V
3 47
8 OA 9 06 Gobi .
S 20 8 IS ... Rainier
8 3 9 .V . . rvratiii.l
10 u
9 .V
4 0J
4 V, 8 44 40j.... Mayaer
9 .To!
1.1! 8 SO 9 5...
Qutucy ..
9 M
4 2-.t 8M10 0JI...
9 1
JJ 9 14 10 1M.. Marshland
9 v:
4 til l!l 10 21 ....Wwlporl .
4 5Tl 9 37 lOSS.... Clifton ..
8 ft.
8 37
5 17;10 bD u ftp ... Knappa..
3 21 10 04 11 10 .... 8veutn .
4 S 10 2011 22; . ...John Day .
8 i;
8 U
7 5N
5 M10 9i II :Ar.. Aon .Lr
1130a.m. A t ...
.. 7 40 a. na
.. 4 OOp.n
. .10 35 a. m
.. 5 JOp. o
..12 30 p. n
.. 7 20 p. n
.. 1 30 p.
.. 9 30 a. n
U 3.5 p.m .. !
3 .). m... f
8 15 a. m... J
8 15. m.
... .
9 4oa. ni. '.
All trains make close connection! at Gobi
with all northern Pacific trains to or Iron
tb East or bound Point.
At Portland wiui all trains leavinc union
Ac Aatona with I. K t V Co.' boats ami
rail line, and titeamer T. J. Potter, to and
(mm Ilwico ami North Beach Poinu.
Ticket othce, Z" Morrison at., and Union
depot. J. C. MaYO, Gen. Pas. Agt.
Astoria, Ur
Steamer G. W. Sharer,
Portland foot of Washington street Tues
days and Thursdays at 5 p. m., tor Clata
kanie and way landings- Sundays to
Oak point.
Returning, leaves Clatskanie Wednes
day and Thursdays at 4 p. m., tide per
This is the nearest and most direct
route to the great Nehalem valley.
Shaver Transportation Co
Shasta Route.
Trains leav Ore eon City for Portland and
wav station at7:00A.M., 9:22A.M. aud
6:30 P. M.
Lv Portland 8:30 am 8:00 r
Lv Oregon City 9:'J2am 9:14 ric
Ar Ashland 12:55 K 12:35 rat
" Sacramento 5:10pm 8 :00a
" San f rancisoo 7:45 r m 8:15 a at
" Ogden 4:5.'5aM 7:00 a K
" Denver 9:80 A M 9:15 PM
" Kansas City 7 :25 a m 7 :25 a m :
" Chicago 7:42 A M 8:30 m
"Los Angeles 2:00 pm 8:05 r
"ElPaso 0:00 pm fl.OOpar
" Fort Worth 6::0am 6:30 am
" City of Mexico 11 :30 a m 11 :30 a at
' Houston 7 :00 a M 7 :00 a k
"New Orleans 6:30 pm 6:30 pi
"Washington 6:42 am 6:42 A K
"NewYora 12:10 PM 12:10 pm
Pullman and Tourist cars on both trains.
Chair car Sacramento to OjMen and El
Paso, and tourist car to Chicago, St. Louis,
New Orleans and Washington.
Connection at 8an Francisco with several
steamship llr.ss lor Honolulu, Japan, China,
Philippines, Central and South America.
See agent at Oregon City station or ad
dress O. U. MARKHAM, O. P. A.,
Portland, Oregon.