Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, August 02, 1901, Image 1

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Oregon City Enterprise.
VOL. .'50. NO. 38
(;!:. T. iloWAUD
notary ithlic
At K"d I'l""1. Colli t II'MKC IlIlM k
Oirgtm ("laOrrguii
OHIi-a nail l Of'M ll r.
Ct n i . I.ATyiMr.i iit,
Mil itNlir 0'tOX I ITr, OMkliiiN.
ntnlih ..iraeie ill Till. I..MU M-hir. fui.
rlixa U'irif '"' I'au.arl 'iwtul
,a Ionian.
JKO. lllt"vVNr:l.l..
Orrgrni City, - - Oregon
Will i.i nr III all Ida rmirta nt Ilia (lata.
ortw, in i'unll i.uiliinj.
i I'.cAMrnKi.i..
I'lff. Moa
will (iftrtlr la all lha ruurli al iba aula. Ol
ra. Is I -u' U l-'-'lii
() W, I'n.tliftlll (J. It. I'illli' k.
('(muni -fetal, Ural Ktat nnl I'r-
lite l.aw, J-'jacihltlot.
Aha'ri.H of Title made, Money leaned
Orr'oii City, Orison j
A H. lKrKU.
OfflaoTf V Kuuli k'a Ml.ua hiofa. mar
Ilia Hank ol Dragon I'lty.
(MI" Off, ... taoi.
Justice of the iVaee.
Will (Hand locullrrlloti and Mil faalratale.
liflVa on Mala Hirl,
, Aitt(ht Waal Maikat, Jltn t'Mjr.
W. aV O'l.a 0. Bial
Attorney at Ijw.
JlcntlMjcr iXbuoliat.
Will ITaellca in all murii, make oi.llaclkina
and arillatiieMa of ratalea.
t uri.Uh aixirani of lilla. land you rnnnay
and land your money un 0rl morgana.
Offlco In Entorprlso Building,
OrrifMi Cliy, Orrgun.
I.nmt Titles Mini I.ml Office
MimlncMn it HpcctiiHy
Will ptactice In all Court of the Slate
Kim.iii J, Wrliihard Wdg.
epp Court llouae, Oregon City. Oregon
(Jf A.STl'AUT, M-D.
(mica In WiUamalie HMaT.
Ortn('liy. Oriton
cm.a Imura: JO a lit. lo J'i m., t lo 4 . m.
ami 7 lu a . in.
bl-rl.l aiirnilon all lo Ittiaiimallim aim
('email (Haraara.
Call anawtred day ot nluht.
Uraduato of the North wcal-i n Unlvor-
aiit V Denial Hrhoul, UlilcaK".
Alio American Co1Ihkpo( iK'ntal riiirgory,
WlllaiiHilt lUfx k, Oregon City.
J) 11. L.L.I'ICKKNS,
Trlcca Molerate. All Operatlone
Karclay Ilulldlnu Oreuon City, Or.
Ilonplul and Private Experience.)
Oflera hid proreaalnnal aervleea to the eo.
le ol Ore nun Cltf and idiitiy. Heolal
atleiitimi ald lo I'alarrli and
i;iirulilo dlaeaaei. Ileal f relar.
enrea ven. tilllea In Wlllanietta
llulldltiK. Olllce linuri! 10 to 12a. in.,
4 to 0 . in.
Livory, Feed and Sale Stable
Double and Single Rigs, and sad
dle horHHH always on hand at the
lowont pricoB. A corral) connected
with the barn for loose stock.
Information regarding any kind ol
stock promptly attended to by pomon of
Horses Doutrht and Sold.
Horsm Boarded and Fed on reason
able terms.
Btaam Ht and Mlealel Uljht,-
t.l Mdola lii limn iii lit rnl.
Jacoh Sclia
taddlrt, Hrnll.a ami ill
kli.rta i( hna giHalt.
any other undertaker In the county.
Undertakers and Embalmors
Taltphona 413 and 304.
we hu i in
U:i or
Iijiriil wiali
1931 Ecfisli
We are Sole Agrnla for the Celebrated
Syracuse Chilled and Steel Plows, Harrows
and Cultivators.
Pope & Co.
4,h ft Main Sta, OKKOON CITY. OR., Telephone 465
Wholesale Prices.
iiinr a y, a f r h:u.LHAMS, add to voir, rjsivtss
WIUl-awuv: T:,ink M t..o nDApunpunfjf
The enormous r ile of tin' (imrhophotie. e U .1111111 I lUll L
t uo ci" "" ' - " - , ., , , ' ,. ,
cnuai'U uy uiu ioii :" 1
That on WrtNSt 01 SIR! tor POSSESION la awakenwl la all v. bo kear lU
An lnahatibl orfO ol Woader and Delight to all
U la almnle In ronstnu tlon. and prices are arranged to suit all pocket books; while tin
a Jlu win con! lime ua long a liuiiiun nalure exiu.
denm id will ton 1 ' aa h Ilt0 a community at once creates an Increnslng
demand f"StlS K C0NI.WW MISINLSS .. Ua. ..UbHahad. Why not
sJcmi the Hbel P'- l,owed -e,er,?
Columbia Phonograph Co.,-
125 Qeary Street, SAN FRANCISCO, CAL.
H . Tltu Oi.lv Firrt-Clam
. . JJJJ lloti-I in town.
rete $ day end upujarde
JA oil I AMM-, l'r.irllr.
i ii i
ZHarnossmaker and Saddler.
Main Hirvi't, bet. Fourth ami Fifth, Orei"ri City
llar-iea ra mat In tip lo-rfafi" Hi) l,
Ilaniossos a Specialty.
We are the agents for Premo
Camera, and the price is re
duced from 25 to 50 per cent.
oor carntal raliprr,
U'a Imllla, V
" " Toamlataad
Hlln Halb. V
" " fiilac Balk, V
Latest Novelties In the Photo
lino at roducod prices.
We Tarry the only complete line ot
Caaketa. Coflini, KoUa, Linin, and
have the only tint cUtt ami up-to-date
hrarac lu the county.
Our Jricr are nrver norbiUnt.
We guarantee aatiafaction.
We can give you better gnoria and
Utter aervlce fur le money thin
Calla jroiintly attended night or day.
7th Strtat, btt. Brldga and Depot
nm wi!i m
Hi. or Tire is.
Coaster Bnkei
First Cornor
From Court
Aulliornlilp of lrulr!f Klovicr
Im Disi'iikM'il.
How ller f'allu r W rote the Maniiiu-rliit
and How IN niift lte ii-d ttm
Thefolloalng letter of Mr. Nora Moai
Clark will be of miii Ii Inlereat to the "d literary epi-ode of the early hiatory
pioneer and othera of thia vh inity, to '. o(Or.gon. lew American notel have
whom Mr. Moi ha long Uen a promj. ' a more extended iua than thia one
neiil figure. Ao editorial from the Ore-j 'ad In ila day; and their can be no
gonlan folloaa the letter : ,'t 1r'e edition of "The Prairie
Oaxoos City, Ore,, July ifl (To! Klower," and of it neouel, "Leni Ioti,"
the Kditor.) I have wm.h your JitorUl now rrprinted, could be aoid in the
of Holiday the 2Hth lu regard lo the auih- IVific Northweat Hiate. It ha had no
onhip of "The Prairie Hoaer " From circulation here these thirty or perhap
earlieat chlldl.ood I have heard the fa:t '"
in connection with the writing- of thi For a long time everybody attributed
pioneer !ook. For five )eara, during 'the authorahiti to Kmeraon lien net t.
the two campaign of William Henry j Liv-rary knowledge, critical judgment,
llarrieon for the preanlea y, rny father, j acarcely exiated then in the WeU And
H, W. Moaa. wa editor of the Piqua ' In ihe literary morld Hcott, Irving and
(Ohio; (iaf-tle. rtJ had alway been ' innumerable writer had followed the
tuore or lea ac4-iitoiued to literary work. I plan of preenting their romance and
1 i
- ' - ,
W. a, .a '
This nhotoCTaph of Willamette Falls was taken from be
low the falls and shows tlie
backcround. It is probably
existence, taken during high
their best.
In April, 142, my father arrived in In-1
dependem-e, Mo., intending to go on a
geological aurvey to tlie Kotky Mount'
aint, but aome delay occurring, he j dr.ed
ao emigrant party for Oreg-on. For tome
time he had had in mind a atory of the
Weat, and upon thia Journey of 1M2 he
began "The Prairie Flower," Incorporate
ing into It many description of actual
acene along the way. The real heroine
of the atory, aa I have alway beard, waa
a beautiful girl of thai emigration. Her
real name I never knew, or have forgot
ten. My mother described her aa being
veiy graceful and pretty. A well-known
pot on the bloff above Willamette Fall,
called in the book "The Lovera' Retreat"
wa often pointed out to me aa the place
where ihe heroine and her family camped
on their arrival at Oretton City
tale wa completed here in Oregon City,
and parU of it were read In the old Ly -
ceum In the Winter of 1K4-' and 1M3.
When the Spectator waa started, and the
Argua lalei, my father waa an occasional
contributor and some ot theie early effu
110ns are still in his acrapbook.
My father built the first hotel in Oregon
City, and among the many guests came
eventually William Johnson, an ola
friend of my father' first wife, who had
died In Cincinnati. On account ot old
association, 111 y father alway had a high
regard for Mr. Johnson, and when fi -
nally Mr. Johnson derided to return t
the States, he entrusted to !nn the man
uscript of "The Prairie Flower," to do
with It what lis would or could.
Mr. Johnson handed the manuscript to
Emerson Bennett, who in his preface
does not claim to have written it, but
gives a fanciful sketch of the mysterious
stranger who placed the document in his
hand. Unexpectedly the book became a
great success, but my father never re
ceived a cent of pay or credit. Oregon
wa far away then, out of the world, so
to peak, and hard to reach or hear from.
As a little child I heard all this discussed
in the family, but nothing was ever done
about it. In the meantime the book
went through several editions, amount
ing in all, so it is claimed, to 100,000 cop
ies, and out of it Bennett won fame and
fortune. No one arising to contest his
claim, it always weut under his name
and he added to it a weak and ineonse -
queut seqel
1 have often heard pioneers Bay that it
was the reading of that story that first
Influenced their fancy for Oregon. Boys
sitting on the old ox wagon tongues read
it in Missouri away back iu the '60s be
fore starting out "across the plains."
My father is now in his 02d year, and his
memory, of course, la failing, but I speak
of matters known in our family for years.
I Nora Moss Clark.
The account of the origin of the ro
mance or novel known as "The Prairie
Flower," given in a letter from Oregon
City, bears upon its face unquestionable
marks ot accuracy and truth. The novel
has so many touches of local color that it
cannot be doubted that the materials
were bad from one familiar with Oregon
and with the Journey across the plains.
That these materials, with much of the
narrative, ern anpplicd by Mr, Mom,
and ly 1. 1 in handed lo H'illimn Johnaon,
alio U,i-iii on to Knifraoii I!:tiiictt,
ae iwa no rwaaon to 1I011M, I'.cnr.clt,
(iieationlcaa, iiiiiIh addition, gave
touch- tliroii'noul, and rha. elaUir-at'-d
the plot. It a Kreal novel in it
day. Kverylody read it, and t'own
Ihi.H not leaa than lU).a00 toniea had been
The atalernenl ol bt. fieier lliat Wil
Ham jolinan am th author rc-elvea
explanation through the letter of Mri.
Clark, daughter of Mr. Moaa. To Dr.
(ieiger and otheri Johriafjn douhtleaa
claimed the aulhorhi). It Ii fortunate
indeed that light iathu throan on the
K'-neaia of thia highly interealirig romance
upjr river and bluffs in the
the best picture of the falls jn
waler when the falls are at
ctoriea "left by a myiterion atraoger,"
.or "found In an old garret." So there
wa no doubt that Emerson Dennett
j waa the actnal author of "The Prairie
. he n.
' Of large part of It doubtleee
But we think there can be no
doubt that the ootline or framework wa
! eupplied ' y Mr. Mow. Whether wil
; liam John son added anything to it ean
not now be known. Bat it i of highest
, inteiewi in Oregon to have these atate-
menu elicited about it.
All ProoN Sad This Year I'ndrr Tin
ber Art Are Sucpended.
On account of the timber land frauds
discovered in Montana and Idaho. Com-
I niiaalnnAr IT arm Ann nf tlia fwAnArftl TnH
j oilice, has sui ended all proof made
1 jurjni. (,e preeent vear under the timber
ln 1 ., ir, . nendina conclusion of the
full investigation and inquiry begun
some time ago. The suspension applies
to all states where government timber
land is purchased, and Involves thou
sand of cases. Many large companies
rnd speculator, it ia alleged, have had
"dummies' as agents, making purchases
of the lands trom the government.
Commissioner Hermann says:
Owing to the act of congress permit
; ting selections of valuable timber lands,
, inJemnity for landa held by Individ-
uals and corporations within forest re
serves, a speculation in so-called forest
reserve scrip has developed. This ia a
means 4y which the owner of such lands
within forest reserves may relinquish
them to the government and In lieu
thereof take valuable lands out of the
unappropriated public domain, or may
convey his holdings to another person
seeking to exercise the right of selection.
"This provision has produced great riv
alry among speculators and extensive
mining companies in the acquirements
of large tracts of timber lands. It has
induced many others, who are not own
ers of such scrip or exchangeable lands
inside lorest reserves, to avail themselves
of an earlier act of congress, approved
June 3, 187S, the timber and stone act.
"This limits each purchaser to 160
acres and expressly requires the appli
1 CRt)t to gwear that the purt.hase u not
speculative, but is made in good faith for
his own exclusive use, and that he has
made no agreement whatsoever with any
person for transfer ot his title.
"For many years, particularly the past
year, this law has been grossly violated
and abused by persons who perjure
themselves before the local land office.
The General Land Office has directed its
special agents to report on any further
cases that may be discovered and all
land officers have been warned to exer
cise the utmost strictness in the examl
nation of parties and witnesses. Many
of the fraudulent proofs made must have
been delected at the time had the regis
trars and officers at local land offices
strictly applied the rules for scrutiny of
proofs of applicants. After such proofs
have passed the local officers, showing
regularity and apparent good faith ol en
tries, it is impossible for the authorities
here to detect an error or iraua.
Hctl Mpn Victorious Orer
Forcstprs Last .Sunday,
Lalb r Team Hat Two Uamea Scheduled
to Play Here. Wllhimrtte
Vlu From Ilaml lent.
The 11 Men took the a-alpa of the
Forester last Hunday by a 21 to 11 score.
Willamette Held wa fairly well sprinkled
ailli fan when the uame waa calh-d and
both nine were photographed leore the
game. Ihe pluck of Pitcher liauilail la
deservln ot much commendation aa he
wa batted all over the lot and stayed
with it. Hierilf Cooke caught like a vet
eran and took the sphere off the bat with
amazing grace. Kelly ran baaea like A
scared wolf, while Heckner and Hoi man
showed the people how ball waa played
in the good old day that are past. The
Foresters are a younger and more springy
lot of men but the experience of the In
jun wa too much for tnem anl trie
score of 21 to II tells the tale. The
player and their positions were:
Red Men Position Foreterj
Ely LF T Fly im
Reckner 3 B Emery
Kelly . ,8 8 Price
Fromong U F Steveca
Randall P Hi!laird
Little CF B Flynn
Miller 1 B Gi-er
Holman 2 B Marsnall
Cooke C r.oll
Umpire Pratt and Boylan.
Company A'a nine played at Vancoa
ver last Sunday. The Vancouver put
a stiff game but the Oregon City team
held them level until Lee mised a fly
and let In two run. The (core stood 7
to 6. Company A will try for revenge
on Sunday, August 11, on which date
they will play Vancouver on Willamette
Falls field.
A game bai been scheduled for next
buoday afternoon by Company A wiih
the IlilUboro nine, which beat McMinn
villa some time ago. As McMinn ville
put it all over the Chemawas, it is evi
dent that Hiilsboro is op to snuff. Just
bow they will play against Company A
U another matter. The nine will leave
here in a special car for Portland, la
time to catch the 7 uX) train for Hiilsboro.
The Willamette Pulp A Paper Co's.
nine defeated the Portland Ramblers at
atOawego last Sunday, shutting them
out by a score ot 6 to 0. The Willam
ette have a game scheduled next Sun
day with the Stars at Gervais and will
play at McMinnville in the near future.
The players and their positions were:
Willamette Position Ramblers
W. Califf C Allen
E. Califf P Reed-
J. Jonea SS Walling
R. Rapp 1 B llacket
Hodgkins 2 B Darney
W. Purie 3 B McDonald
Koerner L F Boggs
Kieser C F Ladow
Guitner. R F Oswego
Willamettee 0 0 0 010 3 2 0-6
Ramblers 00000000 0-0
Bae on balls, Reed ; hit by pitcher,
Califf; two base hits, Koerner, W. Califf,
2; E. Califf, 2; three base hits, Hodg
kins; wild pitch, Reed; time of game,
one hour and 20 minutes ; umpires, Boy
lan and Woodward.
Busliim Men Form 1 Retail Mer
chants' Association.
Oregon City's business men met Tues
day evening in the city hall, and com
pleted ti e organization of a protective
association. The meeting was well at
tended and few ot the merchants were
absent. The following officers were
elected : Charles O. Albright, president ;
Frank Busch, vice-president; Frank
Barlow, treasurer; C. A. Schnebel, sec
retary. The board of directors will be
elected at the next meeting.
A constitution and bv-laws have been
prepared but will not be presented until
the next meeting, when it is expected
every business man in the city will at
tend. The organization will be known as the
Retail Merchant's Association of Oregon
City and its objects are :
To foster and maintain a permanent
social feeling among the merchants of
Oregon City.
To, devise ways and means to improve
and increase the retail trade of Oregon
To improve the roads, to provide mar
kets for all the products ot the country,
and lo advance in every legitimate way
the commercial interests of Oregon City.
To attain the results which experience
haB proven are not attainable by indi
vidual or divided effort.
The next meeting will be held Tues
day evening of next week and at that
time the new association will be placed
on a permanent working basis.