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MinncMota and the Dakota. In the Jef
ferson City, Mo. churches prayers were
made for rain.
f News of the Week
Friday, July 12. .
Statistics Indicate there are 1000 lepers
In th United Slate.
Lieut. Iboan, Second Infantry, i on
trial at Manila tor shooting a native.
Northwestern barn-ball: Portland, 3;
Health, 2; Spokane, i; Taeoina, 8.
Columbia won trial race, wilhConsti
tution second and Independence third.
Census return ihow that 37 per cent
of the people of the United State live in
John and Tom Considine are held for
trial at September term of court, for the
killing of Chief Meredith in Seattle,
In a fight between fish boat on the
Frer river sixteen Japanese fishermen
were taken prisoner by uniou men.,
A steel rail pool has been formed and
greed upon f'.'S a the price for the com
ing year. Thi i f2 a ton higher thai)
lat year.
Labor conference at Pittsburg tailed to
come to an agreement " Manufacturer
are preparetl to so a lone w ay to gain a
peaceful mention of the trouble.
National Kducatioual Association it in
session at Detroit reaffirmed it resoln
tion for a National University at Wash
ington to be supported by the govern
tnent. Kates are raised in the Pythian En
dowment rank to meet the deficiency
caused by the Iocs of 25,000 by misap
propriation of funds. If in this way
money is not quickly enougn forthcom
ing, it is likely that a secial assessment
of 50 cents will be put on every member
of the order for the benefit of the endow
ment rank. This latter move would
speedily raise .'50,000.
Saturday, July 13.
J. J. Hill is in control of the Northern
Pacific and President Melleo is expected
to retire soon.
Rates between Portland to San Fran
cisco go np to $21.25 net first class and
14 net second class.
Congregational church at Forest Grove
destroyed by fire. The building cost
13000 and will be a total loss.
Columbia defeat Constitution by two
minutes and 19 seconds. The Independ
ence lost her topmast at the start and
might have won the race but for the ac
cident. Forty-seven Japanese fishermen are
spirited away by onion men on the
Eraser river and held on an is'and. Of
ficer are trying to locate them and there
is talk of calling ont the militia.
Yield of corn in Kansas will be less
loan y, ol last year, Ine state is
stricken with a drought worse than any
since 1S00. About 20,000 acres of wheat
in the stack has been burned in the past
two weeks. The loss to the farmers is
esti mated at f50,0C0,000.
Sunday, July 14.
Pat Crowe is in Johannesburg.
Baseball scores : Portland, 9 ; Seattle.
3; Spokane, 8; Tacoma, 2.
Governor Allen leaves Porto Rico and
will not return. It is semi-offically an
nounced that he will enter the diplomatic
Steamer Humbolt reaches Seattle with
$300,000 In Klondike guld. One-third of
the treasure was brought out by four
The Pittsburg meeting between repre
sentatives of the steel trust and the
general executive board of the Amalga
mated Association of Iron, Steel and
Tinworkers, failed to reach an agreement
and a strike has been ordered acting
75,000 men.
Total imports fot fiscal vear were 8?2
756,5:53, total exports ,1.487,656,544 and
the excess of exports over imports $044
800,011. The imports are $27,184,351 be
low those of last year, and the exports
are f'J3, 173,402 above those of last year.
The excess of exports over imports ex
ceed that of last year by $120,358,113 and
is $49,467,335 greater than the highest
record ever before made, that of 1898
Under the new relations with Hawaii
and Porto Rico, the commerce with these
islands is no longer included in the reg
ular statement of foreign commerce of
the Uniied States. Had they been so
included, as ha ' been the carte in former
years, the total exports would have ex
ceeded $1,500,000,000, aa the exports to
these inlands during the year have ag
gregated about $25,000,000.
Tuesday, July lfl.
The machinist' strike In Cincinnati
was practically ended tooay by the ie
turn of more than 2000 workn.cn to their
various shop.
Rieardo Xavares Rivera, postmaster
at Mameyes, Porto Rico, has been ar
rested for embvuling letters containing
valuable enclosures.
Sevenly-tlve thousand men of the
Amalgamated Association of Steel
Worker, are out. All indication how
ever point to an early settlement ol the
The strike of tho machinists in Newark
N. J,, which has been prolonged for
many weeks, came loan end today. All
the men returned to work at the terms
olleied by the bosses.
The Idaho State Hoard of Pardons to
dy unanimously decided to commute
the sentence of "Pianiondileld Jack"
to imprisonment for life. Pavis was
under seuteuce to hang Wednesday
for the murder of tao sheepmeu in
Cia county in Febiuary, IS'.Hi.
I.srg part of the Russian empire art
again threatened with famine. The
last official report which has just le n
published was dated June 21. Since
then not a drop of rain has fallen in the
eastern provinces, and it la believed the
crop are now largely bevond hope in
nianv districts.
The drought in Kan and Missouri
has been greatly alleviated by a bounti
ful rainfall. In no case was it heavy,
but much good resulted to crop from
what did fall. The rain came too late to
save the ctrn crop, but opportunely
enough to rescue the Kaffir corn and
alfalfa. Unless all indication fail the
dry spell in the two states will soon be
Under the provision of the will of
Lewis Elkin, who was well-known in
Philadelphia financial circles, as admitt-
ed to probate today, the bulk of his 2,
000,000 fortune is left in trust to create a
fund for the benefit of disabled female
teachers who have taught in the public
schools of the city for a period of 25 vear
and have no mean of support. Th
beneficiaries of the fund are to receive
an annuity of $400 a year.
Members of the Iron Molder Union
in Chicago went on a strike today, and
many of the machinery establishments
that have been running their molding
departments despite the strike of
machinists may have to close down, or
yield to the demand of the men. The
men were determined that their de
mands should be conceded and toted al
most unanimously to strike today unit
the minimum scale of $3 a day was
granted. This was refused when the
men presented their demands this morn
ing, and the men at once left the molding-room.
When a nun i drowning hi rescue
la a qut-ation of timely help, it 1 tit
Mine thing in disease. Many a lime the
doctor uti of a limit whose cundilion I
horleaa, "If you'd begun ill time you
might have been cured."
Thi is eteciitlly true when the dl-
ee atTect the lung, IVUv la danger,
on. The tuiirly ue of fr. ISercc's
Golden Medicul Discovery will result in
a quick cure of deep-seated coughs,
bronchitis, and weak lung. liven when
hemorrhage have lcen frequent and
prolime "Golden Medical lMcovcrr "
haftU-cn urd time and again with the
result of a perfect and pciiiimtcnt cure.
Mr. McCaulev, of Irechimrg. Artnatmng
Co., I'a.. had eiuhtv-one hritntrihitfra.
and after other medical aid had I .tiled
he wa completely cured by the uc of
"Golden Medical I M'acovcrvj"
Accept no tiUtitute for " Golden Med
ical Iicovcrv.a There is no other med
icine jut as good for " weak " lung.
I In w health when I amimrncul
taking H piriv nir.lMne, wnlra Mr Mlmrr
Lavlrt, of V.tl,t. )nrin Cu. In. I h..l
atnma.li.al.lm- hrart and lung Inxililra.
not aMrl.xluany 1 ha.1 a vm, nnwli
At tho Groat Altoratlon
and Clenranco Saloof
Portland, Oro.
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k. . i ... . -
rnrawh.. ,, I .1..'
aland i, ,, Ult m, l.i a , ,7.",1 M
l..,...l will, ...ir,intrr,1l
I'r. r.nnsr s kldn.y i4 ,
stttvp 1110 m ii'i-iY l riuti, j 1. 'i"rM Cf.
UktaiairA i...(....Iil. a. '
ti.mh. .e. . . hB, ;
.t"i-ti. I.rr,m7'
a I.. 11 1... ,.f pr, rnaa, ii Lu"
lvr kitu4y and harva tUUi.
'itnltiu rurr. 1" T""
tlt tl all l.l Ilia ......
ttalMita Kill) iTl.'.'S
mjt in mi Htm farii. ir .,
fr arrrtnl liinntl.. ill
III ir.
Cut ami II.. u-i.f I. .ir j L,'''
'''' "r ' ll.ai ..,.,..,u;d""f
i.Wral..o !, Ui, ruii l,r ,',, jk
l-l it. r j 1
IT aJMr l-r. I rnttrr, I Milli i v
I l.ao iia.., Dr. faanar Ouia ,iw,
InaiiV eaia fi.r Ilia Ui.a, ai.il a '
r.-r wiiii 11 11 la o.t .rii-. a,i , w
fully r.,u.l t.i alt y.H, rial,,, i. h ,","S
rrwaiBioa aiaar M f rk.:A
I Ihr r,.,a SJ...I... b
VlpiSll.. ColU.. (lllp. So, a fliio.1 f ?
A a. . , ' " '
tut, M rra riMh V M .ia
ana Ivrm.irth4 i.f Ihr lunv hill artrr u.in I - h.Ky wra.,J . rj ori-hualiitl lii.tl.rl. I
Tl mnlKinr a hll oinonrm-nl lo a.la i i ' D4U' hr,",. ""a" on lieallMI llpf "still.
lirnKlh an.l rh. ami al..t,v. rtnhin naht a lili'e CoUi Upright, a h at'COIld
Mr.li.al U.iTiT lh. anJ I. at prtna I ha.l ''all. I Uprl.'ht or .'lr plallO, or
Ot,p ami II arttlrU im n. lui.(. Iratin rnf
wilh a rr cuth I ha.l lw ,l,i..f. hii ha
di.ln t arm lu hrlp tat aur ; au I oiiuiurn.r.l
Cwr Bir.li.lnr (am ami .a Ihrrr ur hr
Itlra thr ' liiKwrrv ' ami two vlata of In.
lirnY'a rrllrta a.i.l tltal atral(htrnr. rnr U
I Irrl tlkr s d.itrtrnl prraun (la.ll r
mrn.1 v. Hit mcJtvinf lo all aultcma. h ka..
II curr.1 mr
'Golden Relief
Monday, July 15.
. Extreme heat is reported in Italy,
r Belgium and Germany.
Northwestern baseball: Portland, 6;
Seattlec 4 ; Spokane, 7 ; Tacoma, 4.
Squirrels are bothering the wheat
growers in some parts of Polk county.
Chinese officials are making elaborate
preparations for the emjtcror's entry into
Cape Nome is still ice-blocked as re
gards the discharge of freight from
e learners.
Daniel S. Lamont ex-secretary of war
and first vice president of the Northern
Pacific is stated to succeed President
Drought continues in Kansas, Texas,
Musouri, Mississippi, Iowa, Nebraska,
Wennesday, July 17.
Strike of mine firemen throws oat 30,
(XX) men in the anthracite region in Penn
sylvania out of work.
Litfle prospect of an early conclusion
of negotiations at Pekin. A radical
difference has developed between Great
Britain and Russia as to the details of
the plan of payment.
The "homeward bound" color of the
battleship Oregon were presented to the
state by four petty officers, representing
the Oregon's crew. The presentation
was made in Palem before 6000 people.
Not enough rain fell to benefit Kansas
crops to any considerable extent. How
ever the rin ha cooled the atmosphere
and freshened vegetation. President
Hill, of the Great Northern, says that
report of damages are exagerated.
Pension report shows the expenditure
for 1901 was $138,531,494, an excess over
1000 of $09,354. The increase in names
was 4305 names, making a total of 997,
834. Deaths among pensioners num
bered 38.C82 in 1801, or 2275 more than
in 1900. Records show that for the year
45,710 claims were filed on account of
the Spanish-American wsr. Of these
7806 were allowed and 7091 were adjudi
cated and rejected.
A statement of the strike situation
shows s revised list of the plants of the
three companies affected by the strike:
The tin-plate combination employes at
ita 270 mills, 7290 skilled worker. Of
this number COCO are on a strike and 324
are working at the National Works at
Monessen. The American Sheet Stee'
Company employs 4470 skilled men in
its 100 mills. Of this number 2250 skill
ed men are at work at the CO mills that
have not been closed by the strike. The
number of skilled men on strike is 5220. 1
In the American Steel Hoop Company
there are 7000 skilled workman, and all
but 250 at the Duncansville plant are
idle. This makes 19,000 skilled work
men out at present. It is estimated
that the unskilled labor in the various
mills affected by the strike will run the
total close to the claim of 74,000 idle
men made by the Amalgamated Association.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sena Medical
Adviser, paper cover, is sent ft ft on re
ceipt of 21 one-cent aUnt to p.ty ei
pene of untiling iv. A.UIrca l)t. K.
V. lierce. lluflulo, N.
Advice from St. Petersburg tal lint
Count ToMol U seriously ill and that hi
physiclana have given up all hope for Uit
Lord Pauncefot 4T that renova
tions for the Nicaragua canal lrety be
tween the United State and Ureal
Britain will 1 completed by fall.
W, A. Clark, of Montana, duriag hi
recent trip to Kurope, carue to Si. Peter
burg and Moscow incognito and with a
certain unnamed Count invested lO.ifcjO,
00U rublre in I'ral copper niluea.
The rain that hv fallen in Kanam
have practically assured a corn yield of
at least 50,000,fU bushels, and mar
even reach above tho fik-nre. This
will comprise about half a crop.
The strike of the teelorker is still
in progress and no move has a yet been
mail lo settle it. The attempt to re
open and operate the YYellsville plant
with non union men proved a failure.
The steel strike is attracting much at
tention in F.ng'and and Germany, and
the comment of the pre of the two
countries are varied anent the steel trust
and the probable effect upon (he United
J. Pierport Morgan lias selected Jame
J.Hill, E. H. lUrriman, William K.
Rockefeller, H. McK Tromhley and
Samuel Rea to Oil vacancies to be
created in the directorate of the North
ern Pacific railroad.
A Washington dispatch states that it
appear to be the desire of some of the
great powers that the disposition of
Manchuria should go before the minis
ter at Pekin and be finally determined
by a joint agreement among (he power.
Although no definite step has been
taken in that direction, it is beingdis
cuesed by foreign representatives station
ed there, who fully expect thai the plan
will lie adopted. Russia, it is believed,
w ill be reluctant to argee to it.
are injured by the use of coffee. Recent
ly there has been placed in all the gro
cery store a new preparation called
GRA1X-0, made of pure grain, that
take the place of coffee. The must del
icate stomach receives it without dis
tress, and bot few can tell it from coffee.
It does not cost over4' as much. Child
ren may drink it with great benefit.
15 cts. and 25 els. per package. Try It,
Ask for GRAIN O.
Thursday, July 18.
North weBt baseball Portland, 7;
Tacoma. 4; Seattle, 5; Spokane, 2.
General Daniel ButterDeld is dead at
his home, Craigside, Cold Springs, N. Y.
The Baldwin-Zeigler expedition to the
north pole sailed from Tromsoe, Norway,
Leading Strawberry SpechilM.
Mr. C. W. Swallow, proprietor of Nut-
side Fruit Garden, Oregon City, is be
coming one of the leading strawberry
specialists of the state, say the Oregon
Agriculturalist. He ha tested a great
number of varieties, but is not prepared
to he dogmatic in the matter of recom
mending special varieties In a broad way
for all soils and conditions. There are
such great variations in the character of
Oregon soils and in the climatic condi
tions as they affect the strawberry Mutt
the variety which is best in one place
may not be suited to another a short dis
tance away. He thought for a time the
Magoou would not thrive upon his land,
but it did well with him last year and
better this, so that he now classes is
with the best, even for his land, which
is a high, dry upland, lacking in sand
and rather clayey. With him the War
variety. The fruit is of good size, color
and quality, and valuable both for the
table and for canning, He specially
recommends for canning the Wttrflold
and the Magoon. Upon Mr. Swallow's
farm the Glen Mary has borne exceed
ingly large and attractive fruit.
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Th shrvwd diat-rlittlnaiion of tlia pre
ut Intrltigsnl and piogreMlv age
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Oriiir) only the 11, while th tiilr. of
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In the grrat cnlrt for tgprmuary
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illustration i f ili Imi, In th wi.rl.l,
K lt!W, WASH.
w i.n r..f Ihr arai
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I Itni
ii.i. , .
a.N.1 a wml ilr.i, . i.l ..i.. t... . 7 -
T ll. aa.l lauiiful .....
r-iwa aaf t.il.i. a.u. - ... .-.
I'OhTI.AMK, li,;iiK
Itaardlwg mm4 Vf Wrka tt tut..
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ll,M. l.f k iM.la. .f mm t..u l . b .. .
than In the Klmt.all plauo liiauufaclttrol I l..ilo.a Ki.nn.i ..t.i aa (u
hyU W. W. K.mball ru,n,..n, of I Z , '..l
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I'lili ago.
Jualtrnyrars sg'i Ihe firat Klml all'
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drras and wa will mail on or t(b
a draired, (raw of all cUa'J.
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IUI. (J. K. WATl'S
Room u. M. Kav Hldg. v At Stark Sta
Hour i to 4 snd J to 8 P. M.
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Sore, Hilla, Ulcer, Carbuncle and Fel
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Corns. Hums, Scald snd Pile. Cure
guaranteed. 2,'ic at Geo. A. Ifardlmr's.
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Allen loot-has, a powder. It cure
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in sumps, trial package free. Address
Allen 8. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This rirnjiaratlon rantulnH all of tho
dlffCHtariLM and iIIkchU all kinds of
food. It KlvcslnHtfint relief and never
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Now Is the time to buy your wall paprf
and MURROW, the paper hanger, will
rl It to you chraer than you ess boy
It In Portland . Drop a card In the post'
office and have a sample book brought
lo your hoiiae, or telephone Wy Bro.'
J. MURROW. Oregon Cily.
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