Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, May 31, 1901, Page 6, Image 6

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    T Mm.
Session Oiicns July .'I at Gladstone and
Continues Eleven Days.
IOi.IO A. M.
1 :30 T.
11 KK)
12::5;ir. M.
2. -00
OI'KMSfl DAY, Jl l.V 3UI, l'.Wl.
Music, Chemawa Indian Rand.
Invocation. Dr. W. II. Kellogg.
Address ol Welcome. President W. C. Hawley. o( Salem.
Response, Kev. A. W. Ackerman, of Portland. ,
Organisation ol classes and announcement by Instructors.
Reading, Miss May Keal, Northwestern University, Illinois,
lecture, "The Invisible iu Nature," Prof. J. Ivey, of San Francisco,
Ball Game.
Band Concert.
Lecture, "The Philippines. Tlieir People, Products and Prospects,"
Chaplain C. C. Batemao, ol V. S. rmy.
KCOND DAY, ji it 4rn, IsWl.
10:00 to 10:40 A. XI. Kami Concert, Chemawa Indian Band.
Music, Chorus ol Fifty Voire.
Prayer, Pr. A. J. Froet. Lo Angeles, California.
Music by Clorua.
Reading of the Declaration, of In.1eiendence. Mia May Neal. of the
Norihweetcrn Vol Vfrnit v, Chicago, III.
Oration, "Building ol the Nation," Hen. Thomas J. Morgan, of New
York City.
Basket Pinner. BARBECUE.
Field Pay Sports ' mile foot race, mile loot race, 100 yard dash,
220 yard dash, pole vault, 1 mile relay race, (teams of (our), three
legged race, sack race, obstacle race.
Baloon Ascension and Parachute Jump.
Fall Game.
Band Concert, Cbemawa Indian Band.
Gold and ilver medsls lor each event.
TII1BD DAY, JI LT 5th, 1901.
8:00 to 11 :00 A.M. Classes.
Round Table, conducted by Mrs. William Galloway.
Band Concert, Chemawa Indian Band.
Lecture, "Gumption," Pr. Alexinder Blackburn, of Portland.
Ball Game.
Band Concert.
lecture, "The Negro Problem," Gen. Tho. J. Morgan, of New York
FOURTH DAY, Jl LY tjTH, 1901.
8:00 to 11. 00 A.M. CUt-ea.
Round Tabif, conducted by Mrs. William Galloway.
Band Conceit, Cbemawa Indian Band.
Lecture, "The Prize Taker," Pr. Chas. Bayard Mitchell, of Minne
apolis. Ball Game.
Band Concert.
Ballad Concert under the direction of Prof. W. II. Bnyer, ol Portland,
assisted by Weber's Mandolin Club.
nrru day, jcly 7th, 1901.
Sunday School.
Cbemaaa Indian Band, Sacred Concert.
Chautauqua Chorus.
Sermon, Pr. Charles Bayard Mitchell.
Sacred MuBic by the Band.
HXT1I CAT, JCLY 8TH, 1901.
8:00 to 11:00 A. M. Chutes.
11:00 Lecture by Rev. H. V. GivlerJ). D., pastor 1st M. E. church of
Tacoma, Washington.
M. Band.
Lecture, "My Ideal Boy," Dr. Charles Bayard Mitchell.
Ball Game.
Band Concert.
Y. M. C. A. Entertainment under the direction of Prof. M. M. Rig.
ler, of Portland Y. M. C. A.
The MsruoDirr Itisekast Cub, of Oregon, will hold a rally on the grounds
today, complimentary to the presence on our platform this season oi Dr. Charles
Bayard Mitchell and Dr. Bathford. Dr. Givler especially represents the club at
the 11 :00 o'clock hour.
8:00 to 11:00 A. M. Classes.
11 :00 Willamette University morning lector by President W. C. Hawley
1 :30 P. M. Band Concert.
Reading, Mies May Neal.
2.-00 Lecture, "Wesley and Goethe," Dr. J. M. Bashford, president ol
Wesleyan University, Deleware, Ohio.
3:30 Ball Game.
7:30 Band Concert.
8:00 Oratorio, "The Prodigal Son," given by 60 picked voices of Portland,
under the direction ol Prof. W. H. Boyer, and assisted by Brown's
The Methodist Iti.nkbast Clib will hold three sessions today, morning,
afternoon and evening. Addresses and papers from distinguished scholars and
ministers from the emit.
EIGHTH DAT, JILT 10tH, 1001.
S :00 to 11 :00 A. M. Classes.
11 :00 Program by W. C. T. U. nnder the direction ol Mrs. Helen D. Har
ford, state president, of Newberg,
Band Concert.
Special Orchestral Concert by the celebrated Park Sisters, of New
York City.
Ball Game.
Band Concert.
Reading, Miss May Neal.
Lecture, "The Twentieth Century," Dr. J. M. Bashford.
Last day of Itinerants Club. Papers and talks on Geology, Chemistry,
Scripture Interpretations and Practical Church Work, to be participated in by
picked men from Portland district and from other sections of Oregon, Washing
ton and Idaho.
ninth day, july 11th, 1901.
8:00 to 11 :00 A. M. Classes.
1 :.10 P,
2 :00
3 ;A
3 ;30
7 :30
8 :X1
VI :30
Chemawa Indian Hand,
Special Entertainment, Folk Miller.
Annual meeting ot Stockholder.
1UII Game.
Miscellaneous Program.
Fire Works.
Music Prol. W, II. Boyer, ..f Portland.
Psychology. Dr. II. W. Kellogg, ol Portland.
Bible Study Pr. Alexander Blackburn, of Portland, and Pr.
A. J. Front, ol I os Angeles, Calilornl.
Normal Method In Arithmetic... .Prol I. E. Richardson, of A!iny College.
Reading and Elocution Mm My Ncl, of Northwestern I'nlversitv. III.
United Slate History Pres. W.V. Ilswhy, ol Willamette Culver. Ity.
Physical Culture
Art CU
English Literature
Amateur Photograph. . ,
....Prof. M M. Kingler, ol Portland Jl.l. A.
.....Prof. J. Ivey, of San Francisco.
prof. J. H. Homer, of tho State Agrlculluial
Under management of Woodard, Clark A Co.,
of Portland.
HII1T DO TDK ( Mil niO.X Dlllkl
iKni'lglve them lea or collee. Have
you tried (lis new food drink called
DRAIN OT It I dolit'loii and nourish
ing and lakes the. plan) of collon. The
OKI'S OR UNO yon give the children,
the iinir health you distribute, through
their system. Grain O I made ol puis)
grains, and when proerly prepared ,
tan'c like tli rlioii r gra.lc vt colro hut
costs slvool t a inui'li. All grocer ll
It. I"c and .'V.
A ileMlluB) (rr 4'atiisMMiers,
Rate for sprinkling or Irrigation In ad-t
dilloii lo wousohold or other Use, I (I .
for the season of lsl, rvsi a Jimin I I
This Includes use of hose during li e
Pu I ii hack of your
eyci? Hcivv prcmuro
In your head? And are
you sometimes faint and
dizzy? Is your tongue
coated? Had iumc In
your niou
your loo
A c you
hive '
arc y
Around the Court House.
Ruby Seiufurth ask for a ilissolution
of marriage and deer of divoice from
Willard C- Seiufurth, ar.d to resume her
maiden nam of Kuby Wade. The
couple were married In Portland, July 2,
half. The administratrix was discharged
and Kmdsineu exonerated,
Willlsm Pitman ha sued Cummin
A Cole, the Sandy sawmill torn, for
1 1 JO !K) for labor. He I represented by
Attorney John W. I.odrr. Pitman as
1.H). The plaintiff alleges that the de-1 cutting lie lor Ihtt ileten.Iants, an.ll
lendaut had a wile living at the lime of : secure.! a leiu on the lies. A t.retiim
their mrrUg. J. J. Fitigerald, of Poit-j meichanl ha a mortgage, on them and
land, is her attorney. will probably guarantee the amount of
Herman Vorphal ha sued je hlnmn's rlalrn to aeruw hl m.irlgagf.,
v.,.u i. . .I.-. .. which ia noi prior 10 a lein. i roirr.i-
i VI rstui ii'i at rw n m swt'Ii
They were marriel at Canity In ISS'i i
Yorpabl s.y her treatment of him wa:
1 :30 P,
S 00
1:30 1'
H .00
10:30 A. M.
1 :30 P. M.
cruel and inhuman and he was at timea
subjected lo jeronl Indignities. She
accused htm of being false and un
true to her and of leing intimate with
other women, all of which he denies.
Mary Youmans want divorce from
rreeman ioumans. in rier compiaini , itB,r
she avers that her husband inado her
life burdensome and unbearable anil
lng are stayed, pending i'ttleiiul.
01T0X A L.IIU.
Twi Portland lloj liet llore
Watty and Forgrl to Helurn.
shortly after their marriage he'
began showing signs nf teier and ir
ritability. They have a son. Clarence,!
two years and elif ht month old. After,
the child was born he aemed to take a ,
dislike to Mary and refused to defray '
the expense necessarily incurred in '
I.st Sunday two Portland Itoy hired
a liors and buigy from the Pionerr
(hat city and started south.
Tl.i-y toll lbs liyeryutan thai thty would
h'tuni in a few hours. Mundy the !)
maintaining hi family. She' also
allegea that the defendnt wa guilty of Bj ww nilllhrj t,nBrB.U
l! I- I . . t ... . . . I ' '
various ain'i oi misireaimmi anu rv,
did not put iu an aixaran e and Tui-s-
d.y morning passe.1, bill no xy. Mu-r-iff
Frsiier w notified and he tele
phoned to sheriff Cooke to asrertaln the
whereabout of the youngster, if possl
h'e, and to arrest them. Shortly alter
tiie message was received the boys were
seen driving through town going north
re- ti... i..... i . u t
fused lo let her have milk for tb baby,: v,Ul!l(li ,)(( Mof- ,0 t ctss.lin
frequently throwing it away rather than itll(l m ,KJVi of ,r,,ny, UUt Tur
.ta.. -a:il if. 11 '
.ei ner nave u lor uie cnu.i. www;,, .u-rnottn a man named
not pay doctor or drug bills and forbid
grocers to sell her anything. Finally he
. day afternoon a man umed WuliT,
j brother lo one of the hoy, came up and
conferred with the authorities, agreeing
1:30 P.
1 :30 P. M
compeiie.1 ner io leave uie nous on , for u- iultm ... . ,)Ulf.
April 4. and sin.-e then bas , (gf h ,m u WM 0(, u( ,h iUM ni,
been compelled to l.v. on the charily of , tm) ,0 y , Mlt ,currej , tJl, taMI,
friends Mrs. Voomana asks to be Tllig ,M mctriti b, ,b liverrm.n
allowed to re.ome her maiden oau:e, j ailltlor.tie ami the boy, were re
Mary Park, and petitions the court for an , ,rM(Hl p0, 0 lQirj th cu (tlf Pur.
allowance from the defendant of 40 perl ,anJi u , , knon ,,ow Uf ify
month and to assess Youmans lor cowU ; w,, hnt v n(ll hom up ,
ana attorney s lees, ine complaint
states that defendant is worth H'tOO in
real estate and money. Mr. and Mm.
Youmans were married in Portland June
12, 18II7, when she was 13 years of age
and he was 50.
Wednesday noon.
The Pioneer stable sent a man op
after the horse and buggy Tuesday even
ing. In the bugity some trashy litera
ture of the blood and thunder order wa
found, which Probably incited tba b os
A. Hayharet. through his attorney, j 0 uk, , wiM ru
ttat.afritit . .rt
11 :00 Pound Table, program under direction of Mrs. William Galloway.
1 :30 P. M. Chemawa Indian Band.
Grand March through the Golden Gate.
Reading, Mins May Neal.
Recognition Exercises.
2:00 Lecture, "Some Forces that Win in Life," Dr. H. W. Kellogg, of the
First M. K. Cbnrch of Portland.
3:30 Ball Game.
7:30 Band Concert.
8 :00 Orchestral Concert, by the Park Sisters.
tknth day, JULY 12tii, 1901.
8:00 to 11 :00 A. M. Classes.
1 jSOP. M.
CJiemawa Indian School Morning, under direction of Prof. Thos. J.
Wotter, Supt.
Reading, Miss Mav Neal.
Lecture, "The Grand Canon of the Colorado," Dr. A. J. Frost, of
Ixis Angeles, Cat.
Ball Game.
Cbemawa Indian Band.
"Old Times Down South," Polk Miller, of America.
8 :00 to 11 :00 A. M. Classes.
11 :00 Agricultural College Morning.
Lecture, Prof. J. B, Horner, of Corrallia.
Col. Robert A. Miller, has brought suit
against II. 0. Inskeep and Minnie In
skeep to settle a boundary dispute be
tween their adjoining farm.
In the county court Monday Ella K.
Williams was appointed administrator
of the estate of Martha E. Partlow, de
ceased. The property is valued at f 700,
of which M00 is personal.
Minnie Caseday asks judgement
against P. 0. Lindstrom for 2W22, with
costs and disbursements. She was
formerly the wife of Lindstrom and
deeded him property valued at 1'J-V),
no part of which has Iteen paid. She
lent $420 to W. A. Grondhal, who re
turned the amount and Interest to Lind
strom, who pocketed it. Harvey L.
Cross is her attorney.
A license to wed was granted Minna
BravLer and Jacob Carviner by the
county clerk Tuesday.
John W. Loder has entered suit
against Joseph Bachroan and Bertha
Bachman, his wife, for the recovery of
250 on two promissory notes, which
were originally made to Frank and Sol
Miller, of Aurora and assigned to At
torney Loder.
8. W. R. Jones and Harrison Jones
have brought action against George E.
Hargreaves and others for ejectment.
In lH7r, 8. W. R. Jones bought 3500
acres of land from the Southern Pacific
Railroad and afterwards transferred a
portion of it to Harrison Jones. In
18!0 the property was sold to W. T.
Burney and a mortgage taken for a large
portion of ttie purchase price. Burney
did not keep up the taxes after 18!).t and
they became delinquent. The property
was bid in by the county and Hargreaves
bought certificates of sale for 1807, and
got a sheriff's deel to 1400 acres. He
now attempts to hold the land on tax
deeds and the suit Is brought through
Dimick & Eastharn to have the land
revert to the plaintiffs. Their attorneys
claim that the county had no power to
deed property bid in at sheriff's sale.
At the last session of the legislature a
bill was passed empowering counties to
dispose of delinquent property by giving
a warranty deed to the purchaser if the
land was not redeemed, but the new law
is not in effect until July 1,
The petition of Gracie D. MuJeke,
formerly Gracie D. McComb, praying
for the closing of the affairs of the estate
of Jacob S. McComb, deceased, was
granted in the county court Tuesday.
The value of the estate $1)754.45 Is cash,
of which Mrs.Mideke gets one-half and
Velma McComb, a daughter, of the de
ceased and Mrs. Midvke, received ono-
"I have been suffering froaj dyspepsia
for the past 20 year and have ben un
able after trying all preparations and
physician to get any relief. After tak
ing one bottle of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
I found relief and am now In better
health than I have !ren for twenty
years. I cannot praiso Kodol Pyepsia
Cure too highly." thus wrius Mr. C. O.
Roberts, North Creek, Ark. Geo. A.
Uap Visaed."
The operation of through trains Ik
tween San Francisco and Los Angeles,
via Surf and Santa Barbara, will begin on
Sunday, March 31, lUOl
on lbs new coast line. Two through
trains daily. The coast line limited
leaving each terminal in the morning,
equipped with elegant cafe and parlor
cars, will make daylight trip through
the most picturesque, varied and enter
taining scenes on the continent. In
quire of agents of the Southern Pacific.
You are much more liable lo disease
when your liver and bowels do not act
properly. IMVitt'a Little Early Riser
remove the cause of disease. ' Geo. A.
Itewnr of at Co tilth
A coutch is not a disease but a symp
tom. Consumption and bronchitis,
which are the most dangerous and fatal
diseases, have for their first indication a
persistent cough, and if properly treated
as soon as this cough appears are easily
cured. Chamberlain's Cough Remeny
has proven wonderfully successful, and
gained its wide reputation and extensivo
sale by its success in curing the diseases
which cause coughing. If it is not ben
eficial It will not cost you a cent. For
sale by G. A. Harding, druggist.
Billiousness Is a condition character
ized by a disturbance of the digestive
organs. The stomach is debiliated. the
liver torpid, the bowels constipated.
There la a loathing of food, pains in the
bowels, dizziness, coated tongue and
vomiting, first of the undigested or part
ly digested fowl and then of bile. Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
allay the disturbances of the stomach
and create a heulthy appetite. They
also tone up the liver to a healthy action
and regulate the bowels. Try them and
you are certain to be much pleased with
the result. For sale by G. W. Harding.
Try the new remedy for cosliveness,
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tab
lets. v Every box guaranteed. Price 25
centa. For sale by G. W. Harding.
Bale where water Is hot llsrd lor other
portxMc shall be J per month or I'i fr
the sessori, (mm May 1st In October 11,
pat able In advance
II. mis (,ir sprinkling or Irrigation are
from A M t oYlo.K monmkii ash
tiiMmi only
No consumer will be permitted lo
sprinkle or irrigate the premises of an
other, utiles ill regular rharge has been
An excessive usi of water will not l
For a disregard of rules and regula
tion, govtirnlng the Us of wa'er the ser
vice iimV In shut nil without further no
tice Oregon City, Oregon, May 31, llo
ll.Mun or Watin CoNVissitiMsas
xisaaue lnuts.
Ilerswnel naturalness Imprssse one,
say the New York Mail and Express, as
IhaUhtsiieotisly and pleaaanlly as the ;
weel puri'y of her voice, aud lbs Si)-
tain's A lson on loeei in ui-r prt-;
lilehts is wry null Ii the ssuie a Ilia Su
tsmie A. Ism wl.o kt.d sings so
charmingly as Juliet and Msrgurrlle.
Young, bnglil ejre.l, healthv and I appy, ;
unatTtfi le.l, sui'li Is Die youngest of Mr. .
(irsu's prim clonus, with the most I
fetching accent not American, not n-.
.actly Eoiilish, but with a delightful!
I ..... I I. .Ift-B' t
soup) oo oi iriu, tie'ptia an her r renin,
singing. "My molt er w Irish, you!
know,' she. says, "and I wa Ixirn in j
Massachusetts si Cambridge."
Mine. Adam has a hovel method of
practising. Inner parlor ty lbs) pistio
land two graphnphono. She sings Into
one ol thesn, alula her huilnd, who
teat'lie and acrompanira lo r, play Into
the other. The Song (hushed, they sit
down to rest while lbs graphophones
ara turns.) on, and out pour th alra
with piano accompaniment.
"in this way, sai.l Jims. A.lam, "as
get the effect, and ran toll whether w
want lodo It that way atfain ot-not. It
1 gret fun, to, aside from the help in
practicing. And one baa to Jo much
practicing and study of parU which pos-
ibly onn may nevtr sing "
The Columbia Phonograph Co., No.
SH Wahah avenue, Chicago, headquar
ters for graphophones and talking ma
chilis supplies of etsry kind, will scud
you catalogues on application.
Letter 1.1st.
The allowing I th list of letter re
maining in the poslofllre at Oregon City,
Ore., on May 30, I'.sil :
WOMXN'a list.
Ham Ion, Frons Robinson, I. Ilia
Milter, A K, Mr Thomas, Grace
Wilson, Fllsatwttli, Miss
r ,
They ict directly on
the liver. They cure
constipation, biliousness,
tick headache, nauna,
and dyspepsia. Tike i
laxative dose each night.
For AO yean years ihey
have been tho Standard
Family Fills.
fVW M CMl. Ad tVst4s).
I hs ( Atf l I'iiia frr.
Ui I .f sn b i. ll. Tl- L. 'I
cul-4 ims vt S kscU. hm, a
I ra s ! f'"M lu Iu I V
IM lltwwl fOI M'A tar
el lalh, 'iullil4 I m. u.
Imw aL.a Iu .In r-i nit
tLSil ....
Jul; ti, Ins. luisaa. Htm.
Writ a lis OssWaM.
ff v- aar attlaiM ak..f
a4 S-.lfa Ir.a b-.l M.u4 i M
.- 1 -i . lai.a aait,l ia
a i OV..I r. 44.1, M
fat.' u. I.H. Haa.
Brown, Alei
Brown. II I)
Baker, L It.
Cook, J A
Carroll, James
Cailif, Bardford
(ileawin, Fred
G latter, Wm
Hays, Andy
Klosterman, A (1
Kirk, Alpha
Miller, II O
Michael, A
Wyman, I) T
Oregon Illy Market Report.
(Corrected to Friday.)
Wheat No. l.flOc bushel.
Flour Portland, $.'!.:i0; Howard's
Best, 00c per sack, $.1..K) per bbl.
Oats in sacks, while, 41 3nts per
bushel, gray, 4.').
Milltu(T Bran, $15.00 per ton
shorts, $ltt 00 H.r ton, chojm $ni per ton.
Potatoes HO to $1 00 er sack.
ttgg Oregon, 11 to 12'y'o per dosnn.
Butter Ranch, !5 to 35 cents per roll
Onions, choice, U.'y'u ter lb.
Rhubarb, choice, 1 u c wr lb.
Green peas, 4c M-r lb.
OooselM'rries, Kl to 20c per gal.
Strawberries, 10 cents per box.
Dressed chickens, 10 lo RJjg c per lb.
Livestock and dressed meats; lieuf,
live, $4.00 to $4 85 per hundred. Hogs,
live, b4 cts ; hogs dressed, 7c; sheep,
with wool, 4c ; sheep sheared, 3 to 3,lic
sheep, dresnod, 7c; veal, dressed, l ;
lambs, live, 4c; lumhs, dressed, 8c
, A ItHtfliitr, ItoitrliiK I'lood,
Washed down tidegraph lino which
Cliss. C. Ellis, of Lisbon, la., had to re
pair. "Standing waist deep in Icy
water," gavo me a terrible edd and
cough. It grew Worse dally, Flrmlly
the best doctors In Oakland. Nob., Sioux
City and Omaha said I had consumption
and could not live. Then I began using
Dr. King's Now Discovery, and was
wholly cured by six bottles" Positively
guaranteed for Coughs, Colds and all
Throat and Lung troubles by George A.
Harding. Price 50c and $1.00.
SHAW'S PURE MALT is free from
adulteration, drugs, crude spirits and
other harmful ingredients. Absolutely
by K .Matthiks,
Oregon City, Ore.
Main street rscelvrd a tbofoiigli r'saQ.
Ing this week and lo.a pl k snd a.
Miss Jshnis (iP.rstb baa rlurnd
lit lis horn In Albany alter a iil of
several month In ihi city.
On July lat tli potloftlreat Hsllwsul
will U cohsoll.lste.1 With I'ortlsnd n4
tberesftpr known a Sella..! rtatiae.
Wanted a C(M)k.
Apj'ly at Woolen Mill oflficc.
Fsr Taring flea aat Isaac vfra.
There la nothing that will roili
Irs of a young man of woman so quirk as
lo have interior laundry work put oil on
them, Thev may dress ewr 'so tslt,
but il their shirt Irortl or shirt waist If
mossy their neat apptarauc Is spollsd.
The Troy laundry make a specially of
ladle' slid gentlemen's Una work.
There ran bt no bolter work tliso It
dona at lb Trov. Iavt your older) at
Johnsou's barlier shop.
lie kipt III Leg
Twelve yearssgo J. W. Sulllvsn, of
Hartfurd, Conn., acratche his 'eg with
a rusty wire. Inllsmatiun and bhwl
sjsoiilng set In. For two years Ii
aolTcred Intensely. Then the lesl doc
tors urged amputation, "but" h" write,
"1 use one bottle of Electric Hitters
and lMixeofBuiklelii'sArnlsHlvt
snd my leg was sound and well a ever."
For Eruption, Ecsema, Tetter, Ssll
Rheum, Sore and all blood disorders
Electric Hitler ha no rival on firth.
To them. Geo. A. Harding will guar
antee satisfaction or refund niuney
Only HO cent.
Ban to IK ald tM Hj Alwlrt
The least In quantity and moat In
uiiallty describes DeWitl's Little Fsrly
Risers, tho fsmoiis pills for const ipati"i
and liver complaints. Geo. A. Harding
ICI.V'M ('It RAM I1AI.M Is a poslllvs""
Art'ly Into ths uostrlls. II Is quickly alisnrlsnl.
emiU st llrinrKlaia or liy msll sstiiplrs It. tr "J
KLT IJllOi IIKIIH, M WUrrsa Si., Kew TurkHVi
Now is the time to buy your wull fKt
and MURROW, the pnper lmtiger, w"
sell it to you cheaper than you cnu buy
it in Portland. Drop a card In the po'
ofTice and liave a siimple book broiig"j
to your house, or telephone Bly Bros,
J. MURROW. Oregon city.