Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, May 03, 1901, Page 4, Image 4

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Oregon City Enterprise.
City aid Count; Official rirr.
Published Every Friday.
L. L. rOUrKK, PoriT0B.
Oris year M
on milium w
anai subscription two months 23
A discount of SO cstits on all subscriptions
u ' "MU" ,or u moiitus, 11
pwu 111 a.ivanrr.
AdrerUMiig rales give 11 on application.
Subscribers will tin.) ths dl of
Kun stamped on their pairs following
11 nic. 11 mis aaie 1 not cnanptM
wit bin two wreks aftr a pvmini, kindly
"u " 111 iook aner lu
JCntred at the postoftio In Oregon City
vt., a kvuiiu ciasa matter.
Bsarsr Creek..
Union Mills.. .
jjea.lnw Brook.
Sew Era
Eaele Creek....
Ur.T. B. Tbamu
E. I. fias
A. Mather
-.0. J.Trulliiier
. . in as. Holrnan
.V. K. K'.arh.rrv
Henr Mi ley
.... R. 0. holmes
J Q. lia
... C. T. ll..r.i
.....R. M.Oorr
, Annis Stubta
. J. C. Martjiiam
B. Jnnin
Henry A. Pnvir
H. Wilbern
J. C. Klliott
D , Mlii.ii. V blllUH
Cnrrinsville 7.7.7. Geo. j. Cnrrin
M,rmo Adolph Aarhotf
Tna prone dealers of California will
have to send for J. Pierpoot Morgan
when they forn the next prnne trust.
A Mariox county farmer stsrted lor
Faleni on horseback carrying a lantern.
HesaUhewas looking for an honett
mm. That night he rode back home in
Ihe dark. - Somebody bad stolen his
It ia reportod that the Southern Ta
cifle Railroad company ia attempting to
secure another route so aa to avoid Cow
Creek Canyon. Surveyors have been at
work running a line through the mount
aim that not only keeps away from the
Canyon, tut saves 40 mile. The Cow
Creek Canyon piece of road has been
treacherous ever since it was built, and
has coat the company immense amounts
of money to remove landslides.
ltoMNU for oil in Oregon Is getting to
be quite a fad. It Is not yet reported
that anybody has found oil, but one man
who smelled of the point of the auger
says that lie detected strong evidences of
petroleum. Perhaps this is enough foun-
datlon upon which to build a stock com
pany. Many a stock company has come
into existence on less provocation than
a strong smell.
Tut "absent treatment" fraud has re
ceived a eit-back at Nevada Missouri.
For a long time the "Weltmer Institute
of Magnetic Healing has been giving
'absent treatment" to thousands of poor
deluded dupes. The so called "insti
fute" was run by Stephen A. Weltmer
and Joseph A. Keely. They were mak
ng more money tbau Andrew Carnegie
when the PoetotBie Department stopped
their mail. They were fined f 1.500 each
by Judge Phillips in the United States
"otrorlngs" of the sick, the roatofllce the responsibility they assume.
Department pounced down on him and It has come to be ths citatom fur bond-
he la now in jail. If there ever was ing companies lo furnish security. Them)
proof needed that the dear public Is go- compaiilca have a large capital "tix k And
ing crasy, the "absent treatments" and are absolutely responsible, They rhama
vibrations," are nough to convince the a certain amount for every thousand del-
most sceptical. . lure they assume In case of Ions. They
Iimvh vntiuii 11 Inunlrv that la llior-
Tiu failure of two banks, one at ..,. llllMiHrn. p,.,,.,,, ,1.,,,, bond .
Salem and the other at Vancouver, ,. , ,m.i,i. u... rem.ire lo
teaches an oft told lesson. The people ,,, . ...t 1 well .a I.I.
put their hard-earned money In the Lmimtl worlh .,, ,.,,, parar.,r.
banks. The bank elllclals used the tlmtrM ... ,:. ,, t,..,!.l bv a
money to promote their own enterprises. L i.i I .1
The banks failed and the depositor. I U)0W u ,Q Uf ,0 VNK(
...,..Wa.,mrH man a. mougt, a , .,, (f n)01ri
imiHiii nail taken the 1 11 mis and forlifle.l
hlmevil against nil comers. It would he With Hie Kxchuiigt a
harsh and somewhat iimiviliiml t.i
A proposition has been made lo Port
land by an advertising company, to pat
np street signs with soap advertisements
below Ibem. There is only one step be
yond this barbarity. It is an advertise
ment on the side of a hearse.
Is the appointment of Henry Meldrnm
to the position of surveyor general, the
selection was evidently made with a
Tiew to seenring a man who was quali
fiedfortbe place. Mr. Meldram is
ciyil engineer of hih ability and large
Ax unusual nnmber of small banks
throughout the country are being dyna
mited and robbed. The robbers are no
doubt anxious depositors who want to
get their money out before the cashier
has a chance to blow it in on stock speculations.
It might be well to remark that
President William McKinley will pans
through Oregou City in less than three
weeks. If the presidential eye ever
fixes itself on some of the alleys, Oregon
City will never get a rating for cleanli
ness or Godliness. The vista will pre
sent to President McKinley an assort
ment of dead cats, tomato cans and
ash barrels such as the good man has
never seen outside of a garbage crematory.
A woman well known in Oregon City
has recently achieved fame as the author
of two books on bird lore. She is Fanny
Hardy Ec kstorm, and her books are en
titled "The Bird Book" and "The Wood-
peckers." Mrs. Eckstorm will be re
membered as the wife of Jacob A. Eck
storm, pastor of St. Pauls church in Ore
gon City, in 1893 and 1891.
Oatoo.N again claims distinction in the
world of music, for William Wallace
Graham, of Clackamas county, has been
admitted to the Konig Hocufchule of
Berlin. Mr. Graham Is a son of one of
Clackamas county's oldebt settlers. He
was born and raised at Graham'a Ferry.
All the old riyermen know him, for he
need to sit on the bank and play them
tunes upon bis violin. He has many
relatives in Clackamas county, amoog
them bis talented sister, Mrs. Marion
Young, of Wilsonville.
seriously rgu that a det.ulting banker , ?' , ' " ,K'U, " 1 ,
1 is iichiii on inungiiiio piuMen 111 mi
should be punished for his misdeeds, L,,,,,,,, inJ , , t,Ml ,lol nM to ,1IM,
aim yei some 01 ineiu ougtii 10 le vac- who have luveoted In farm -n.ity on
cinated with ttie virus of retribution, It time. Industry and Old llimsy will carry
Is entirely possible under the simple snd ,J I"0""'"' ' hun.lre.ls of
softly Vieldimc l.ws. to rob an entire r.r"T " 'T C""",y MU """,Jf
tlllaiuook lleailliglit.
community auJ then go scot-free -
of anything resemblimr DUtiUhment. T. 1 Henderson Is one of Yamhill's
ti,,- . , ,, ... farmers upon whom the spirit of diversi
luere wis a time when the cry of stop ,, ., . . . .. ,
1 tied farming is moving. lie has sieiit
thief awakened the burghers ,to great ol,0.,Umlred dollars this spring (or grass
activity in defense of their belonina i,, clover seed, and Intends engaging
But that was a long time ago, dear more exteusively In tlie gioaingof hy
children. n'l ',ra8 for hia Increasing herds i f
line sMk. Yamhill Reporter
n . . .1 -
tngianu is iiaving enough of I ,. .....i., .... 1 . . ,
1 vfinuuHii 1110 ru lei i inf tinnrii"
war. From day to day and from month ntf ii1H roiM.-t. .lti, nr.n.l.
louioninine contest in bout 11 Africa into articles of commerce are being In-
drags on. It is costing tl.ODO.OOO every ,ll. A sngar factory, forty saw
.l.v it,;i;i, 1. i .1 . j . 1 1 mills, ten flouruiir. mills, four creameries.
1 .nf.i Uj is in mo nei.i. 1 ins I
did not seem a great sum for so wraith v ' " u,r " ' '"J""". "",'r
. . . a . 1 . ,. , . . I'111"' Houm'S, and now a faratoga
a country t first, but even Eng and be- ... , , . ...
I fli'P fai tory ami a jH)ssihle cannery or
gins to writhe under the stupendous ef. When i.ilod toother In one .m-
fort. Since the beainnlnir uf il It. r I tell.-e it Sollll.ld tik, ail fTilwiMtl t,f i.iih
war nearly ru.cuo men have died or been 1 ' m ' "ue nevtrtiieiess.
1 1 . 1 i . . 1 ,
i manently disabled. The entire cost
of the war according to the war olflce. Mr. L. K. Cogswell. of Olvmiiia. Wash
has teen $755,01)0,000. The great mon- ' "J dealer iu pur-hlXKl rr.1
AMk'f LiUtf IVi'i'nr.ilinnfof A
slmllnl hit; ltc tiuxl ami lltf uti -liiifj
die blvmvulti ml IVm-b i
fB-Mtr-iiMissasa ssaawssrsswHH
1 ('jini lllM Iti'lttbl r
IU ?n ill hi . .. ' s ss
()iiiiiiii,Moriliiiii' nor uiu.-r.il.
Jit Im
Forlnfitnti itnd ChlLw
The Kind You Hav
Always Bought
Boara tho
Ai-fi-jii -
ArHTcl Kcinly forrorcsllrwi
lion. Sour Slom.rh,I).iirlsi'rt
iurni.i,( onvuhami.fi'wriih
mas rukl Lohs or SLttr.
FufSimiW Si,'iulurS of
N t'.W YMM.
Lxact copy or wramch.
: r X If L '
s 01
For Over
Thirtv Year!
ISM " - '
''lifkH Willi,
archv iii nn r.ei.. . -Ud-i. .-.1 1 1 110"'' cattle, called upon T. P. Heiider-
j 1 m uuiui aini um
l ui: 1 . , son last week (or the purine of trying lo
been obhged to raise money In various b,7 ,,i. red polled bull. Mr. Cog,.ell
ways. It is proposed to place an export M m illintf to isv a fancy i-rice tor l.i.
duty Of What is 1111ivMl1.nl In -, .... . I lint Mr u..iifu..l. .r I ...
too on coal. IW tliin tueans Knyland r''1 lrau' rfIiM tht it y to
1 . I rat sua uuul ai.y.k II '....-..It I .
nopes 10 make the foreign buyers of v.-.-
Fn ... , , , , 0" 'he charter members of the red iwll
English coal pay some of the w.r expen- K .,.x.,.tlon o( AMriM( JUe
Ma, But as Eniflieh ctimim rce ii latriralv nmnnnnrM o,. ri ...iu i .n
m i I " - v va viat "U Wit 1 1
maintained by taking out coal and bring- purpose cattle. Yamhill liepurter.
Ing back articles of trade, the plsn may 1,,,,. 7T.... -l
not work very well. There is consider- contracts with buyers for this lessor.',
SNELL Ride a Good Wheel!
The Jli.'yrle rn U almt hrrv
M.KC thrc!. It lldtru th.n
rxrt Uf.,rc M.Ve up your min i
n what 111.-) el you all) ndr
taken at the contract price,
it In calling the attention of the i.ut.l 11' atilrrtl Anwtf.fias) sUsIm... . t. i
U to . ' l".vclr. io.i,lu. ,y ,.r mew,ilk.,..l.vtu,nf,u,nj,lfll
V nell-N ale Cycle Co . of Toledo. O . m ..f ..... ...., . i
J I do w Uliev.ng after h.ving c asm.... Mng Tube. t,. kA M I
g r.t every .heel in u- c Una Cost buy 01 that UiatcMaU aaJ vipret .,1. J
r: that tliey arc the . . 1
ruati.iiip raa p ,
luce. Yum (M j
t ut It with aa as. I
l ul It wi:ifTKl
tstk. pint, 14. I
. inai tney are the
!..( Im ..... 1 ... ..
...c.uc-. tun, ran. nun miyers lor lit' ei sou a W mi-
able gloom over the prospects of addil- crop, aa they have found tl.st tl... kJ "" material and
ional taxation. tract does not assure to the grower a j fniu having all
I puaitive assurance that his hops will he j! ,ll',",dtc
T ! , .. I..t . .1 . .. IU . I
Iff proveinciits, and
aiikhb ia m man in i irnjun i-iiw
..j "UUI
keeps a grocery. He refuses to extend n'rkl Pre is aoove the contract price , fj 4'me ",,ilb n" ltf25r ' K'Ti a rtc' vBpt
credit to anybody, .d he aleo refuse, to N '' W' M B Th Y.Te'c ' r ' W WJ Mr'j. J
. , price is below, some excuse w lie rua.ls Cl 1 cushion SLy SL' Vvx i . 1 .. I
allow anybody to extend credit to him. b, thfl gni;tor M te j f , ,.,,. UTL !
That his style of doing business is. kind pro,rly dried, picked t.x, gr,en, pi, ked ij m fur atrength. svmetry. .11 comnmn rim. ,.,., ,.!
of revelation need not U commented oo rijK, moldy, etc.-Yamtilll Ke,K.rter. H ,JC"y finish. The Sncll, Lady's rim. The onlv .,.. it. , . .,
1 , . kj orlirnf. i. ..I ....!.. .... . . ' -"" i"ia'jj 1
1111Y nsa a great time over in the
classic town of Tillamook the other night
One of the best residenpoa in
caugni nre and the volunteer fire depart- r . -' "-" ""T w The overland train which passed
laah an.l I . .
ment responded to the alarm. As the mereiore taxea advantage ol turouich here four hours late this morn-
hose hsd not been unwound for several ever' "I'P01-1""' buy for the least ing carried about 100 homeset kers cu.
hose hsd not been unwound for several
months it naturally burst at many
places. Seven lengths of hose went out
of service and the fire burned a hole in
the ground. It was a counterpart of
Homer Davenport's fire at Silyerton
where none of the fire apparatus could
be used.
The erection of a monument at Cham
poeg this week, is foi the pnrpose of com
memorating the first organized govern
ment west of the Rocky mountains. On
May 2, 1843, 52 men voted for the gov
ernment, while 50 voted against it. The
monument will stand upon the spot
1 where the meeting took place.
; Clackamas county is thrifty in the
promotion of divorce suits. As each di
vorce suit brings the sum of $22 in costs,
the revenue derived from this source is
not to be despised. At the present term
of the circuit court the number of d iyorce
contests reached 57, thereby furnishing
S reward of $1,254 for the county coffers.
One of the best towns in the state of
Oregon is La Grande. It is wide awake
and thoroughly up to date. Its last en
terprise is a Saratoga chip factory, and
the town proposes to supply the entire
Orient with the Saratoga chips of com
iaerce. This go-abead town can now
"hew to the line let tho chips fall where
they may."
money. He has no book-keeper and no rou,e 10 .t,,e Valley. . Tlmy
account books. When a farmer brings i , '"T y " ,0W'' I1"n,Ji, ,ud
1. h. .,. . iiioiaua. ami were enroute to To k. Yam-
n bis butter or eggs or produce of an, h, ,nd Marion cwn,
kind, the cash grocer trives him arx.t hava i.n u., 1.... , .
. - - -v. v ..a.v iijimii in some
cash for everything he has to sell. The 0' the counties In Eastern Oregon, hut
farmer can then do with the money as "uld have bemi a difficult matter to
he pleases. He can hand convinced them that this is the
i.o.b . .t. . ' Issstpart of the state, Dulles Times
back to the itrocer. or ha nan t-U it .n.t ....... , "
- - aiounwineer.
Ihk supreme court of the Unito.l o somewhere else to tral tk ...
States has recently handed down a makes the statement thai h. i.J L,8t Tuemlay morning considerable
cWon that forma a Drerednnt A J cash h. te.n,. ,1.. .t.... . u bad in O'Nell Bros.'
newspaper at Lincoln .Vehraska, known the community how to spend their Z, ', y tZ
, w..,H.alucu U)e j. .o iu noiaiiow mem to be- :naia. iiie chain became ulastnn.-d
Western Cnion Telegraph company was come Indebted to him. He forces them from Li" boarahip's neck and an attempt
charging it & for every 100 words, while to live within their incoma. IT "" rade 10 capture him. He was
a rival newspaper was receiving dis- mon( customers many who are l""ed ,U' ,r'.n. U"dtT lh" hoUM h
patches and paving tl.M for inn addicted to th. , , ? T'' n 10 Bat ''
T. .u. "" 01 01 ma nina rent Into a noose that was
I tie case was tried twice on apjieal in K"ing into debt lor their daily subsist- awaiting for him. lie um,Ie thin
Nebraska and then taken to the supreme ence- These customers have worn out rtttl'er lively and several attempt were
coart. In every case It una ,io..i.u.i their credit svr.v).. .-.i .t. made witu a lasso to catch him l.v 11...
against the telegraph company. The o him with their cash. Thev . .,..i . ' .Ut . vu,y M would
last decision is final. , lu i.t. . .. ..... .... . , ' . "n(1 t,,e ,00P 0,r- nHjr he was
- ' caugni anu aoont a half a doren men
Tiikbe is an open opportunity for Ore- ?" . ' W8' " Lm "ved were required to hold Bruin so that the
gonCity to establish and maintain . l"e'r W" 'niqitiM nM 7. M 'Ml"ml ,n, t,,r
W 11 .. . ' n" "ol', IU'"- and rntrra .f. '
g I-r. guaranteed f.,r . ,,, "LjlZ" I
aW t Cuillff at nil a- ... ii ......
C u.... ami r i... t. ,j .....
t.-.l..-.lh,r. ... h, r0,lBa ,
Uirlr ...(K-rliirii j.
Sn.v i H. W IflPtQma'c
VU .V . m d,cyclc 3hop L 1PT7P 01
The Lamp or Steady Habits
Jbc New Rocbcotcr.
I AM im w IH III. rtll . I. I ... BaV.AA.a.J
1 v ... y
11 lM 1 ' .
. .......raj iiisjr im filTrm.l .... a. 1. .
i w tarh-iira.)
1".'. 1
San Feancisco is struggling to main
tain the transport business to the I'hil
Ippines. A committee of citizens is now
in Washington urging the goyernment
to abandon the chartering of steamships
and turn the traffic over to a private cor
poration, that will run vessels from Kan
Francisco to Manila if the government
business can be secured.
enterprise that will be of lasting benefit
to the community. It is the founding of
a condensed milk factory, to supply the
growing demand for this useful article of
commerce. It is the opinion of those
who deal in condensed milk for foreign
shipment, that the trade will alwavs
prove remunerative. Portland dealers
imported approximately 40 carloads of
condensed milk last year. This milk
was brought 3,000 miles for shipment.
There is nothing fancilul or ephemeral
about establishing an enterprise of this
they count him as their friend and
without injuring someone, winch he
f " aiiv.ii IJr ,B,SBBSSBSSam
would not have been at all backward 'itii . , , , ,
shout. He was finally secured an.l an- satU. V . . 1 ,,lp"""r, "",
chored with a chaln.-IVInevllle Review. UTc7 ' , r1,m"'l""" ..u,br.
Tt ha. nnw .... . . A.. r . . 1 """'rtt Uiarrho.
" "-v" ucmiuciv ueierminea. u yim euuor wiio lie.nl ii.oi I l" "iy.' a I). ... .:.
that Georae W. Davis, chirk nt n,a ...... I'resldent McKlnlev was ,olni ...... of Hartford .. 0"'""
n.j in. . n--"l -w rn , v- AISHV CMSlOltier
land board, was a ,lufu..u0. , Hirougb hia town became noetic in l.i. the r..,.,M,tu ... . . . '
ailmlr.tln ......... ...... ' "P"""" T Sale Oil
" ""owc.se, aaldtomu; ! .,.. im
A gentleman named Thomas Shelton
went from Arkansas to Denver about
two years ago and began the publication
of a newspaper called the "Christian."
He assumed to cure everything that
might afflict humanity, by sending "yj
brations" through the mails at so muca
per "vibrate." When he began receiv
ing so much money by mail that the
n . m . ' "od luiuier proved that ind
Denver postoffice was burdened with the l yidual bondsmen do not watch closely
land board, was a defaulter for exaeilJ . . " low" bwcal
130.078.33 of nuMl, m ,r .... ... a,,mlrtl0" "d wrote these lines :
, r .....,. Jlc nn lin.
der. bond of $-5,000 with Geor.e G. w ,,MWn'
n:..i. ,1 "v u. .,111 iU(:ker (0Wf) .
.,.lt.,. u.u..r.Mcu)rnack as sure- We've creased our pnts and hla ked
"t icii. iiie state last February, 0,,r auoes,
as soon as it was Intimntd tt,. . .1 Since we have learned ti.a r..i n.
..MV m B.iurb- j..... ijunq.
age In his accounts had been discoverod. 0ur wI,iHk" we have trimmed with
tin 1 - .1 . . . I Par A
ineiosaio me sia-.e and the flight of . ,
Davia would seem to bring forcibly into a"1 I! Yt ,llr Lair'
1 o''"'y into And wash our feet and scrub our facn
prominence the necessity for a better Iiefon McKinl.. .i.il
. . , .. 1 nio 1'iuce,
system of bonding public officials. No Wu'll l ,.i,i ...1 . . .
. . , ---....-Bllu nappy hand,
private corporation ever allows its money And celebrate to beat the band
w oe uius piaceu in aanger. It requires , 1,18 '"K-mned people who
a good and sufficient bond. Individual Exp6ct 10 come ,,eren review,
citizens arn nnf. mnat.loro.i . .1 .
We'll tog rluht un an.) t. m nil .1.1
men, for the reason, that they mav !. ?,, nlK,,t ,,r""k W'l
come insolvent through un.uckv sc,,. W !
' - - - B. .w aaiui juni a UU1HV DUII
lation or unavoidable misfortune. Ex- For nd Teddy are a pair, '
perience has further proved that indi- T,,Rt can,t be b,atfin anywhere.
vethat medicine saved m. m. .1..
... . i . iun 11 Ml
P"l summer while .. tl,.. .1 , .
.... t - ' "uii anil
"e iwcHine so eritl.n.ta.ii ..
I ,. . , """" "ver lis nier-
lt',lU!'.t,.C8.!',"(,u Pn.y mlndto
K-ll".an ni my store so over
come with colic pains that 1, l
Wo the floor. I gave him a dose 0
this reme.lv which helped him. r '
I'edthe dosoand in 15 minute, U
my shiro smllln.,lu i..r........ .
'taih-Miu weii . ";.''Tr
G, A. Harding, druggist. '
The Enterprise $l.C0pcr year.
Tor Infanti and Chlldr.n
The Kind You Have Always Bough!
2,000 mild of longdil
tanutt t!'j,!,one wire la
OwRon, Washington, Call
'urnia ami Idaho now In
"."ration hy tho I'aoill
nttttioa Tt),.,J,one Com
I"iiy, covering 2,20
Quick, accurate), cheap
AU tho natiMfaction of 1
Personal coramuniciition.
iHtance no cfloct to
clear undorHtamling. Spo
kane and Hun Fnuilwo
oaHiJy hoard as Port"
Oregon Citj- offlco at
Harding's Drug Store,
O J ft rrs i- -r- j
Bari tha m Thfl Kind You Ha Alwavs Bwi
1 mmndroi