Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, April 26, 1901, Page 6, Image 6

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Nlir.ltll l"N NAI.K,
Legal Notices.
Aslnilulwlrntor'w Flu.. Felice,
"OTICK li hereby given that the under
-"-a niinra, auniinisiraior 01 ine mill ei
Urac Smool, deceased, hai fllrd hit final
aocoutii and reort, iml bT order of the
Oouatr Court of the State of Oreiron (or
CUackamas County, Monday the flth day of
asay, i:ji, na reen tei tor me ninn(oi
objection to uch final cconnt and 111
avealemenl thereof.
W. 1). 8A1TINGT0N.
March .Vth, 1001. Administrator,
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, lor the County ot Clackamas,
Anna Shear, plaintiff)
Elmer T Sheer, deft. J
In the nime of the flute of Oregon,
ml punuant to an order made and
entered br the Honorable Tlioa. K
Kyan, judge ot the count r court for laid
coontj, and on the 20th day of March,
1001, directing thai Una nmmoni be
poblialied once a week for aix consecu-
tire weeks, the first publication thereof
to be on the 29th day of March, IiWl,
70a are hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint filed against you
In the above entitled suit, on or before
Use 10th dav of May, l'JOl. that being the
laet day ol the time prescribed In aaid
order of publication; and if you fail to
newer or appear, for want thereof, the
plaintiff will apply to the court for the
relief demanded in the complaint, to-wit
For a decree dissolving the bonds of
matrimony now existing between yon
ni tne plaintiff.
Oregon City, March 29, 1901.
J. F. Booths,
Attorney for plaintiff.
In ilia Circuit Court of the 8lete of Ore noil
lor thecouniy ot I'isckamaa.
T. T. Oeer at Oovernor, F. I.
I 'unbar at Nrrelary. and C.
8. Moore at Treasurer of Die
blaleol Or(rn,oiiniltutlii(
(lit 8tate Land Hoanl,
0. It. Plmlck a Administrator
or the Kataieof John K. Hod
deceased, Mara-aretha Hods,
John Hod, Mary Hedwia
Uotle, Frederick John Hod,
and Uerbard IM,
State of Oregon, I
Count j of Clackamas,)
Netlr I Creditor.
Nolle It hereby irtven that the under
signed bat been duly appointed by the Hon.
liioa. K, Ityan, JiKlKe of the county court,
of the flat of Oregon, for Clackamas
poimty, administrator of the estate n Kara
. Creasy, deceased. All ersona having
claims against said estate are hereby noti
fied lo present the same to 111 duly verllled
as by law required, at my reidence 111
M II ankle Oregon, or at Hie oltlce of J. t'.
Campbell, Oregon City, Oregon, within til
months from Hie dale hereof.
Dated this Cllli ilay of April, t'KM.
Administrator of tlieeslala of Kra VV.
Creasy, deceased.
J. ll. Campbell, attorney
for plaliitiir.
Malice f I'lnal Nrlf lenient.
der, decree and an execution duly Is
sued out of and nniler the seal ol tht abov
entitle court. In the above entitled cause,
to me duly directed and dated Ilia 3d dav
of April, I't'l. Uniii a Judgment reuderrd
and entered in tanl court on lb Itlth dav
ol March, l'.OI, In lavor of the plalniltli and
against tbe esiatt of John K. Hod, deceased,
and O. II. Ihmlck at Administrator, de
fendanU, for the sum of $;U0, with Interest
thereon at the rate of 8 per cent per annum
from tbe -Till day o July, 1 st7. and the
further tout of IliV as aliomey't lee. and
fur er sum ol f.U costs and disbursements,
aim me costs of and upon thia writ, com
mainline me to makesala ol the lollowine
described real proi-erty. tituate In the
county of liackaioaa, state of Oregon, to
The weet half (U) of the north-west onar I L nder entbority of an order of sale
Urol section two u'ftownahipfourt) onih Igra .ted by the county couit of the state
In the County Court of the Slate of Oregon,
for lb County of Clackamas.
In lh matter of the eetate o Jacob 8. Mo
Comb, oeceased.
"aJOTICK Is hereby given that lb Under
signd. admlnlsiralrls ol the estate of
Jacob8. Mil'omb, deceased, has tiled her
tlnal accouil In said lustier, and the ciumy
Judge of said I lackamas loonty lias ap
IHilmetl Tuesday, lb ?lh day of May, llla.lt .
al Wo clock, A. M. as a lime for the hear
lug of objection lo said tlnal account and
for Ih aeillemenl of the same.
lulh.CinmllCotirtofil.e Hml- f '"h
gon lur The County ol Clackamas.
Jsred Karstelter,
Elmer Hardi-aly,
To Elmrllerdaiy,dindil shuts i.emd.
Retire erXatle mC Ural I'.siaie.
In the Circuit Court of tbe 8tale of Ore
gon, lor Clackamas County:
William R. Davis, Plaintiff,
John Lund, Aurora 0. For
syth, asexectftrix ot the last
will and testament of James
Forsyth, deceased, Harvey
K. Davis, Viola B. Yunkert
and Isrit 1 unkeni, her V
nusoand. innie fc. t or
eytb. a minor, Keuben J.
or?yth, a minor, KmuiaC
Mills and John Mills, bsr
husband. Nahum C. Mower
aod Mary Mower, hit wife.
To John Lund. Emma C. Mills and John
Mills, ber husband, and Nahum C Mower
and Mary Mower, hit wile, ol the above
named defendant!-.
Oregon, yon are lureby required to ap
pear ami answer tuecoiup.ainl hied against
joo in the above entitled suit in Ibe above
nuued eoun on or berorethe expiration
of tbe tim prescribed In tbe order lor
publication of thtt summons being not
wee inau once a wees lor tix weeks,
which day it Friday tbe 19th day of April,
1901. and if you rail lo to appear and answer
judgment will be liken agai'ist you for
want thereof, and the plaintiff will apply lo
the Court fur the relief demanded in the
complaint. -Tbe
relief demanded Is for the forclosnr
of a certain mortgair executed by John
Lund and delivered to A urora O. Land, now
Aurora O Kursj lb, on the IMU day of Feb
ruary, 1i2, to secure the pavment of a cer
tain promissory note of the defendant John
Land for f.io.OO payable live years after
date, which ssid note and mortgage was trans
ferred ami delivered to A. King Wilson and
by said Wilson to the plaintiff, and it It now
held and sued npon by plaintiff, which.
mortgage is upon the nest ball of Ih
tsoutiiwest quarter 01 section twenty-six pi)
-iownsnii' ui,e (J) Houtb KMiige Three iJ)
East of Willamette Meridian in Clackaniss
County, Oregon Aod further a decree
barn ng and foreclosing yoo from any and
all right, title, interest and equity in and to
am real propeny, ana Darriug you, and
each ol you, from hereinafter setting up
auiy ciairu mereio or 10 any pari tnereor
This summons i published and served
onon you by order ol lb Honorable Thos
F. Evan, County Juit(te of the County of
. . 1 . 1 .
vmoiin', ciai "i vreson, mane oil ine
1st day of March, 11 1, and published tint
on tne BID day of March, 10C1.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
range three (.1) east of the Willamette Mer
idian containing rO iA acres mom or less,
save and except a track of land ol about
one-lourtb ol an acre uikiii which a liaptiet
church i muaied; also ttie north east
quarter of lb south-west quarter of section
to(:') township four (t) south rang three
(3)ejnor in miiameii Meridian, con
Mining so acre more or lest.
Sow. therefor, by virtu of said execu
tlou, judgment order and decree, and In
compliance with the commends of said writ,
l will, on t-alurday,
THE 4th DAY OF MAY, 1901,
t the hour of I :.K) o'clock p. m.,at the front
door of lh county court house In Ih city of
Oregon City , in said county and state, sell
of Oregon, for the county of Clackamas,
dated the oI March, A. 1. mil. 1 will
sell at private sale the following de
ecriheJ real estate, belonging to the
eetate of Die iViidernen, deceased :
The east half of the N. W. quarter of
section eleven Ol) in township two I'i)
south of range lour (4) east of the Wil
lamette meridian, containing eighty (SO;
acres, more or less and lying and being
in toe county ot Clackamas, state of
The said sale will be made on or after
April 27, A, I). l'JOl and bids will be re
ceived at the resilience of the adminis
trator, whose poatofflre address la Kelso,
ai public auction, snhj t to redemption, lo Clackamas county, Oregon
meoigneel Didder, lor V. . go Id coin cash I T.m,. nl .! .. f,,n.,... T
in hand, all lh right, title and interest ... 1 1.1 iJ ...1
fc l i. , . 1 , . . , 1 v u . iv , n iiu m tiiiiv w pull- Bliu iciv
which the within named defendant orlw.i .V- .,
iiherof them i,.d n in. .,( i... n.nrt. ' w m oe paui on connrmauoo 01
gage herein or since had in or 10 lb above b" '' J"" of the county court for
drscrioei real pruierty or any part there- viaiaamae cuuiuy.
In the Circuit Court ol the State of Oregon
or me lounty 01 uacKainaa
John Kiedelbauch,
Fortunanda Kiedelbauch,
To Fortunanda Kiedelbauch:
IN tbe name of the State of Oregon, you
are hereby required to auiar and an
swer the complaint filed against you In the
oove eniiuea i.oun ana cause, en or before
the 20th day of Marcb, 11, that being the
time prescribed in the order for tbe publica
tion of this summons, as the time lor an
swer, the day of tbe tint publication of this
summons being the 8U1 day of March, IUjI
and the last day being April 12th, I'M, and
11 you fan to so appear and answer the
plain till will apply lo the Court for the re
lief prayed for In tbe complaint herein, to
wn: for a decree dissolving the bondtof
matrimony now existing between yoo and
the plaintiff, on the ground of wilful aban
donment of plaintiff by you for more than
t year prior to the commencement ol thu
auit. This summons is published br order
of Hon. Tbos. F. Ryan, County Judge of
Clackamas County, Oregon, Thomas A.
McBride, Judge of the above entitled Court
being absent from this county.
- Attorney for Plaintiff
Farm for Sale.
19 Miles south of Oregon City, three
miles south of Molalla, known as the
Teasel Farm, containing 310 acres, 140
clear plow land, 40 in creek bottom, 100
ap land; 7 acres orchard, all well
watered and fenced with stake and wire
fence, and drained with atone and tile
ditches. Good buildings, 00 rods from
school bouse, 115 rods from church.
Good location for taking stock to moun
tains, I'riee f-L'O per acre ; $1,200 down,
balance to suit at 5 per cent interest.
For further particulars apply to
Cimick & Eastham, Oregon City,
Or A. J, c'awtell, on farm.
of. to satisfy said execution, judgment order
uecree, inter, si. costs aod all accruing coals.
Sheriff of Clackamas County, Oreirun.
By J. E. JACK.
Dated, Oregon City. Ore.. April J, 1;H.
Id tbe Circuit Court of the State of Ore
gon for Clackamst County.
Edward Daberco, plaimitfi
v. I
Carolina Daberco. deft. )
To Carolina Daberco, defendant.
In li e name of the Mate of Oregon,
yon are nerety required 10 appear and an
swer ti.e complaint filed against you in the
boot entitled cause in the ahov entitled
court on or before the 2lh day of May,
1001, the same being more than six weeks
I rum the date of tbe first publication of this
summons and that being the dale fixed bv
tbe court within wbicti you are required to
appear ami answer lti- said complaint
1 ou will take notice that it you tail lo ap
pear and answer lh said complaint on or
Deiore tne date name,), the plaintiff will
take judgment against you for the redef as
prayed lor In his complaint herein to wil:
for decree dissolving tbe marriage contract
now eiisting between you and tl.e plaintiff.
This summons it pnhludied bv order of
Tho. t. Kvan, county judae of Clackamas
county, O'egon, Thomas A. McBride, Judge
01 ine anove entitled court bring absent
from Clackamas cnuntv, 1 irevnn.
Attorney for sMaiutifl.
Dated, March 25, l'JOl.
Administrator of the estate of Ole
i'endersen, deceased.
In the Circuit Court of the Stat ol Oregon
lor in cuuuty ol Cla, iame.
E. F.Riley.
F. W. Youman and
May Yoiimans.
uefendanta. J
8tt or Oaaonaj. I
Count; ol Clackamas!
police of riua.1 siettleiaeait.
in the County Court of the Slate ol Ors
on for Claikeu.st County.
Notice is be by given that the the on
dersigued, administrator of the Estate ol
Julia Btaben, deceased, has tiled in the
County Court of Clackamas County, State
of Oregon, hit final account as snch admin
istrator ol said eslaie, and that Monday the
3rd day of June, l'Jil, at the hour of 10
o'clock a. m , baa been Hied by said Court
as tbe time for bearing ol ohjwtioni to aaid
report, and the settlement thereof.
Administrator of the estate of
Julia Htabu, deceased.
Attorney lor Administrator.
Adinlnlntrator'a .follce.
Notice Is hereby ifiven that the under
signed administrator ol the estate of Mollie
8 moot, deceased, bat tiled his final accout
and report and bv order of the county court
of thebtate of Oregon lor Clackamas county
aoiiuaj. ine tun oay 01 Mty.iML, 1 as Dee 11
set for hearing of objection! to such final
account and the settlement thereof.
Dated March 30. lll.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Ore
gon for tbe County of Clackamas.
Angtiata Davidson, plaintiff, I
vs - - V
William T. Davidson, defendant)
To William T. Davidson, the said defend
In the name of the state of Oregon, yon
are hereby commanded to appearand an
swer the complaint Hied against yon in the
feoore entitled tun in the above entitled
court on or before the 3rd day of Msy, 1901
the same being seven weekt from thadata
ni the llrat publication of Ibit summons.
You are hereby untitled tbatlfvou tail lo
appearand answer the complaint, plaintiff
win apply 10 the Court lor tbe relief de
manded in tbe complaint, to wit:
1 hat the bonds of matrimony noTi
ing between you and tbe plaintifl be dis
solved and held for naiieht and for coats and
disbursements of this suit, and for the
cnange 01 plalntiira name to Augusta Volgt.
J bit summon Is published by order of
. U II rft .... - .
nun, jiior. r. iivm. conniv inritra nr
Clackamas coiiniy. mate ofOreirontn tha
Oregon City Enterprise for seven anccensive
weeks commencing with the Issue of Marcb,
This order is dated Urcl 20rh, JOnl.
Attorney for Plaintiff,
mott's pr
They overcome Weak
nc.KH. lrn-mitarlttr onj
f,5 OiuiMidona, inorca.se vite.
s or and bnnbih "paina
of menstruation. " They aro "LIFl SAVEISS" to girls at
womanhood, u'.,lt"g development of organs and body. No
L... 5 Jr women equals them. Cannot do harm life
bawiii -)!..TJiur3. ftl.W) PFH liOX 11Y MAIL. Sold
by druiti. DO. IIUXT'S CHEMICAL CO., Cleveland, Obk
drr, decree and an execution duly It
tued out ol and under the seal of Ilia abov
nulled court. In the abov eulllird cause, lo
in duly directed and dated lb .'i,d day of
April, It'll, uion a Imlgmenl rendered
and nt-red in said court on the li h day
... . . ., . . . .. ..
01 April, i:ai, 111 iavor 01 r.. r. Uilry
piaintin, and against r. v. Yoamans. d
lendant, lor the turn of fAll.OU. with in
terest thereon at the rale ol f r Cent per
annuiu ironi ids isi aav ol January
J'.S'l. and Ih further aum ol HO On as attor
ney's fee, and th further turn of ild.ui cosi
and ilUbursenients, and lb costs of and
upon this writ, eommamllng me lo miss
sairoi Hi lilluwingdecri!d real proprr y,
silnate In the county of Clackamas, jtsle ol
virriioii, vo wu:
A Iran of land bounded bv a line hre-in
1 lng'.7 19 ft. N 6 deg. K. ol th North
nrst corner ol the Wm. T. Matlock dona-
ilon laml claim in T. 'i . of Rang i K. ol
the Willamette Merfoian at the north eil
corner ol 2l scops conved by F. W You
niam to raPh Youiiian by Deed recorded
InUookiJof leedsat iage S'l and run
ning thence 8. 1'l dev. 10 mm E. on the
line ol laid 'JO acr lra:l 10 the south rati
corner thereof I2a .VI feet lo the center of
th llilwauki and Clackamas mad, limit
N. ftX deg. E. on th canter of said road to
lh crnter ol the Harmony road, thence N
-ii rteg 8 min W. on center of ssld road
.03 L'tleet, thence N. 41 deg. 38 min. W
li.iwj leel, Ihenre N. litt.T.' Iret lo Ih north
Imeol said l. L. C, thence 8. i8 deg. M nun.
. on said ortb line to th nlaceol brun
ning, coiiUlnltig 25.u; acres, except li.a
grave yard and church lot therein siiustrd I
and tbe undivided one half of a tract ol land
nouiided by a line beginning at the North
east corner of the donation laud claim of
Hamuel ,. Camphel In T. 2 8. of Htuur 1
E. ol the Willamette Meridian and running
Ibence W. 37 M chain lo th 8. line of the
Win. r. Matlock D. L, C, thence South tvt
deg. W on ssid onlh line I.ltlchalni mure
or lees lo th North East corner of the land
cobveyed by said F. VV. Youmsns and wue
to M. T. Htiarret by derd recorded In 1! k,
71 of Deetla at Pag 'J3 ibence South llAI
C'ttlnt to th north lina ol laud devised by
T, Matlock to Kllen Chapman thence E.
IN the nam ol the Hi' of Oregon:
I ... i. ..i.. ....mud to ai'l'tar ami
,wrr th complaint lhe.1 agam.l '" '
Ive enli. led action. men .t-y ro.n
,h dale ol the. ervl.eol this "';;'' 1
Irrvsd Within Cla.-kan.as count). Orrg .
or II served ailhln any other .'.) ' '
Mlatelheu wlihltt Iw.nly ds Horn the dale
ullh service of thl. utmrnons lin you.
orllserved hy publication tne eo .
IhjI.ii Ibe IIHU dsy ul Jun. n"i. " '
.... i.. it. i.,r amwaraiice or answer t)
you Hied by ll.or.er ol the lourl lor the
publication of this summons, and If you
ail so to appear Ih plamUlt I .
ui.nl against you lor the sum ..I win .V) and
ii,lete.i ihereon from the tttti dsy ol reb.u-
1 1 II a. I tliaa tat I A 111 n 1W r IT II Iw e
Hum and tne cost and dlsi.iirseinei.la of
this action, an I will apply to Ih court lor
su onler lo sell the real premlwe berelolore
atiauli.) Ill this c.uw. whit b resl pieimsrs
are dcM-rlbed as lollows: A part ol the John
Wight l. U C No 8etw- I I" I
4 I. It. I K. ol W. M , described as follows:
tM-gluiung at a stone iiioi.uii.eni in -
K.,iinttarv 1 1 , ta lii .aid Claim N. y the
...... iw.n .11 k rtialii. E. Ih 8. W cor
ner of said Claim No. 3. a. pel 8. U Cam-i-il'.
.,..v n.i iii Iha ti. K. coinar ol Ihe
It I M..rr.. I.o.l. Ilienie North 17 def. ii
min. K. tract, a- said II J. MorrU1 . bouo-
iary Hue i'si. J Kls lo the N. K. comer of
lb said Morn land, theme Nrlh M deg.
IS min K iraci.K the N. boundary tin
said claim No. isl "0 rods, tin me 8 217 t
Mls lo UieN. boundary Imeol said claim
X; Ihenre VV. tracing the 8. boundary llns
of aaid Claim No. SI. 171 Nt rods lo t. place
of beginning, containing '.'Id acres of land.
This summons Is ptitnisiied III Hi Oregon
Cliy Enterprise, by order ol Ibe lion. T. A.
Mcllrid. Judge ot Ih Circuit Court ol Ih
Male ol Oregon lor Ciactamaa county, duly
mad and entered ol record on Ih 1'nii oar
l April. l!ti. Th Ural p.itilli anon of ibis
stimmoiis bvin i.rdned lo tie made on lbs
.'i ll dsy of April. l: l, and Ihe defendant
l-elng reuirr.1 lo sn.ser on or prior lbs
I'KI. day ol June, -n.
8 J. Ai'sws and
Ktwii .1 His hum.
Atiorue)s lor plaintiff.
Scml-Annunl noportof tho County ClQr
.. t . ,.,,, NlaleolOreg Iiowlng III tniiiilnl a.ij hkl '
litii. o the ,11.1 day of March. I "I. olll ' '',
lload.. - "'
Itoa.l and llfl.lge ...
'stir i( '
hlailonery " ' ' ' ' " '
t'oiirl Hs , " .
Cle.S , ...
HI.erilf,. .. ' "'
lleioKler ' ' " ' '
H l.iHil 8nflii'ei.d. I
Treasurer .. . - ' ' ' '
Assess, if "'
l'omml..loi ers ,
foiii.lv rny.u Isu ,
Count Priming
Iti4iiir - ' ' '
K.lrtiion ......
fas Kels
Armory llenl
Indigent Mdler
l..ya and toils Aid H.lely ... . . ..
I'lllleint.. Ilellel Home .
Jlislii' l'tr '
Halhfl '
Ihslrlrl Attorney
Iieli..unt Isl bale rnntlng
l iretilr Courl
Jury t 'if mil Conn
lUglsteMi-g Voters .... . ,
jload 8urvevln , ... ,
llehat of r'ee
hnpreme Court ......
Attorneys fees , ,. ... .
Total Amount claims allowed and drew it , . .
Kiitiiandins ut.mid county warrant on lb 3Ut day of March, s
Estill. alel ll.lere.l Kxrued lhrfw.ll , .. ......
Total an.oul id unid rvuuly warrant tr III tatr
! i
! I
! f
County ( Clsrlstuss. (
on laid Norlb line 3.U5 chains more or les
to the East line or said Campbell 1). U C.
thence North on said East line 13 311 cbaim
more or leu to th place of beginning con
taining 37 acres more or Its.
Now. therefor, by virtue of laid execu
tion. Judgment order and decree, and in
compliance with the commands ot said writ.
I will, on Tuesday,
THE 28th DAY OF MAY, 1901,
at the hour of II o'clock a. m., at the
(rent door of the county courl bouse in
the city of Oregon Cty, In laid county and
stale, tell at public auction, subject to re
demption 10 tbe highest bidder, for IJ, 8.
gold coin, cash in hand, all the right, tin
and interest which ibe within named de
fendants oreitherof them, had on the date of
the mortgSL'H herein or since had. in or to
tbe above fcescrlbed real proerty, or any
part thereof, to satisfy said execution, Judg-
nio.it oruer, aecree, iniersl, costs and all
accruing cost.
sheriff of Clackamas County, Oregon.
Hy J. E. J AlK, Di-puty.
Dated Oregon City, Ore., April ird l.,ijt.
ot re le Itrhlge llultd.it).
Notice is herehy given, thai scaled I -i 1 as
will he reteive.1 hy llie county treasurer
of C'lackauiaa county, Oregon, at his of
fice in the county court hoiiao, In Oregon
City, for building a bridge across Sucker
creek, on the Oswego and Aurora road,
on or before the 3rd day of May, l'JOl, at
twoo'clork p. in., ahere aaid bd will
he opened by the county surveyor, w ith
Ih county court, ami a contract awarded
to the low rat responsible bidder: the
courl reecrviug he right lo reject any
and all bid. Kach bidder will be re
quired to deposit wiih bis bil, five r
cent of the amount of audi bid, which
shall be forfeited to the county In rase
the award ia made to In in and be neg
lecis, or teliises, for the (aeriod of two
days alter tu. li award ia iiil, lo enter
into contract and file hie luml In the
manner required by and to the satisfac
tion of the county court.
The bridge must be constructed In ac
cordatice wltli the lana and epst-ift. a
tlons for building said bridge, which
plans snd speriflration are on file in the
cfll -e of the rotinty surveyor.
KkMsT I. ItAapa,
County Surveyor.
Ity Joiti W. Mxi i.aun,
MaslsMsn l.ierawe.
Notice ia hereby given that I will ap
ply to (he city council at Ita regular
meeting for a license to sell liquor
my present location on Main street.
K. Mittmiss
Itoud M arrsn's Called.
i i ......
u'i. naTB iiioiibj to p.iy ros'i war
ranta endorsed on or before July Wth
IW0. Interest Will ce4 on the day of
this noine.
A. Lt'gl.UKU, Treaaurer,
Clackamas County, Oregon
Oregon City. April 2ali, luoi.
I. E It C.if. Cut ly Clerk tl lb County of flat kn.. haw
hereby ceililv Ihsl the l.'fejMin Is line and roller! latoi, i ui !
amount ol claims allowed I t l .e t'ooni; Court ol sM County lo ibe
on lh list day of Man b. ( til, tin a t si enini.l I'. ii'nt were l!ue-l ,4 fc
o warrant! drawn, and II, '.(, ml of 'rm itelat,,llng and uii).4 Bj,
peart upon Ih iiii ol my h .,d In my official enstujy. ' 1
Vi ili.e.. n v i.aioj and Ihe sesi ! il.e Cuwhif Court, ot hj t at
I'nhutyof April. A I'. I"t.
ssaj ;. it, o-i.t rn r.,..iv r,, ,!
Hy EI.Mrit JI
Semi Annual Summnry Statement
Of lb Flnsnrlsl I'mnlolf,-, of II s County of Clay I a mas.
.1tl dsy of Mstcti, I si.
lt Kts'sof
t - m
Tn warrants drswn on lbs County Trsuf and ootetamlln and ukmU
Toestlmslrd amuunl ol Uileteal rru Uiereiin
ToUl l.isblllUa ........
it-u-in rn
Hy funds In hands of C .ui.ty T'sssnref etp:iri l lo h ti,.., J
I'oilhfr Warrant
lly funds lit bsnd.nl Cumy KUerifl p,.irbl to l. p., o..ni udmMt i
Warraiil ' -i
Ity e.(l,.t unpaid turret t..M , .llrM l. , armer.1 of Cont.lv I
H arp,n(. , . ' I
Hy e.tlmats-l uniol rted 11 ie..f, at a ,. ..! .:
' ls
" ? 1 1
" " " I'
l-o-i . '
Tutsi tteso'-ire elrluslf of County r fty
Total IridrMrdiieti of C.iunle
total Osourrea .1
Net Ih.lcbtfllleM , ,
To Srho hllL-ers.
An apptirtiuiinient ol ftl will be made
at the end of Ibis umnth, to coiunlcie
ine liny dollars to ea- h district.
J. C. KiNHka,
Ntlpt. of Hclioula.
10 acres grwxl land Vi mile from Ore
gon City, on Holcotnb road. Would
trade lor a house and lot (n Oregon City.
r . Mt'MuiUKKi,
Park place. Ore.
Inquire at Park place store.
Notice In Ilankruptry.
Notice Is hereby elven that on iha inii.
day of April, IIM, Jeremiah Johnson ami
Ella AUohnsoii ol Portland. Oreeim. ar.
duly atijudlcated bankrupt; and that the
first meeting of their creditor will be held
at Koom J00, Chamber of Commerce l.'tiiid.
Ing, Portland, UrfKon. on the 7th ri.v ,.r
Msy '.)l at 10 o'clock a m., at which time
the said creditor! may attend. iirov ti,i.
claims, appoint a trustee, examine the hnnk
ruptt ami transact tucli other otisluent at
may properly com before ssld meeting.
Dated, I'ortland, Oregon, April 21, 1!K)1
Keleree in liaiikuptcy.
If the open door to China Hliall be
closed against Uncle Sara, perhaps steps
may be taksn to raise some of tbe east
Notice in ( onlractorH.
Notice is herehy given, that sealed bids
will be received by the board of directors
01 M.-11001 District No. 30, of Clackamas
county, Oregon, at Htone p.t-ol!lco,
for building and t-omnlutinir a .,.1..1!
. . - r. - ryj-
nouse throughout in Hchool Mslrict N0(
o. o., or w-iore the I.'Ull day of May,
1001, all o'clock p.m. when said bids
will be opened by the hoard of director's
nu contract awarded to the lowest re
spoiiHible kldtler. Tho lward reservm
the rigid to reject any and all hide ...1.1
- " 1 nuiu
solioolhon-e to bo comploted bv n....t
20th, l'JOl. Hchoolhotise mtiMt U buU
in accordance with the plans and .iu.,,n.
CtttlotiH, Which Plana
- "i.u HIIOIIR
are on me at Btone poHlolIice.
John IIatton,
Chairman Boar.J 0f Uireetora.
Stone, Apr. 18, l'JOl.
Scml-Annual Statement of County TreaiuT
(.l.r,il?'.V :'"nl,lr: "'V"-'"' "' ' aiM .isv sv i.
wt,.i ....7. .1 . ' 1 ' '""Mvsd and from what
whal amiunl n ool.
To amount on ham) from last riiri
To amounts re.ei , , ,,rra.'uies"etr
To smotini m, h,, fr,)(ll U(, fr
To amount rrtvt. i,t
A mount of r'!' " h,", ' ,ht Ul
t -'...dtuo,., noni:r,'
jly amom.i p., out on County Wsrrani.
Hy amount i.ai.i I
ii ...JuiiiT mriuif.i ir.it.,1
Hy hslatice lien.r.l V I .... . " ".
It., i i u : ' ' "" nailll .. .
My balance K. ,oo Kund on band
It Up) "J j
u.ir'j t;
lly amount nald nm r... t. . i
o . : . - ''. narre
. , .Mini ,a . nut to tlrevou -n ti . i i..
ly amount Paid M .i ol .,. ... . . .'. """"t
Us In n month
I 3I4M
Itosvl fund (
I r
S.TVf ft
lTt; ;i
lleneral rurxl
I isi a:
ltoal Fund
I l.l.'l
ICV 77
ill i
4ns7 7i'l
County of Clackam
I. A. I.lm .1.. I .
Ih. amount. rllV """."7.7"'' foregolne Is a tr .. and correct W- t
'""!! 7 f six month, ending ,, V.T ' .?. In Ih County Tf"T
nitueis m, ,.nd .1,1. n day o ! ApVu. Y. U. :.d ' ' ' "
A. U'EI.I.INO, County
Of ll
Semi-Annual Statement of County Sheriff
, , , a
e'.n.,.?".,",''!:rr Vrrst,., rocelvad f, ., ...... to
SpririK coughs are especially danger
ous and anleAes rurcl at once, MrioiM re
stilts often follow. 0,, Mi,,,,.,, r i.
Cure acts like magic. It is not, com
mon mixture but is a high Krade remedy.
Oeo. A. Harding.
rrTeoln ami eiireiicyVITTTT"
I On. 'f
Nov.'l lle I
I'l'ltlNO THE
to Coiiniy TVensiirer .
J, on. "K
Ifin.i M
County of Clackamas, )
'"" of ai.ic,
IH ItINO THE ttoNlH or
o- I l)o. jjun. rjrj?'
i correct ami tr,,.' ' Lo""r, do hereby certify lt the foreH"! "
WU "'"'-"""Ml , of April, A. I,. ,.(;,,. iC0B!
J. J. COOKE, 81erlirof ClackSinMl"