Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, April 19, 1901, Page 3, Image 3

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Personal Mention
Ulyd Htok", the 8 year-old ton of A. Er',Br '"r'ov vf-rvrvr
.... ... ..... ...IF
U. 1'. Ikr, ' WM
(hit week,
Dr. C H. He man he moved lit nfflea
to l'ortlixl.
Kurher. of IUrl-w. wa In luon
at Monday.
Dr. Cealo, of Catut, w al Ilia romt
Iiuiim lt Motility.
John Hi lineder, of Needy, mm it th
Jacob Thompson, of Heaver Crock
we In loon 11 Tudy.
l'n.x ('Mil, of New Era, wat In town
the laiier perl of leal week.
I'. AUii. nf Canemb, w a vlaitor
at ritri Uo ofllt llil "k.
Mil, A. t. Hill died l I'aikUc Tues
day evening el the g of 7 year.
Mr. TimIiI, of i: 1 1 lull I'MlrU, I vl.ll
th Itmlly u( Ui IteV, I'. K. Hammond
Mr. W. B.Turney, of I'urtland, ha
'no flailing ttr brother, It. I- llolman
" J.J. Rlr, who ram frin Eal,
lfi on Wednesday's ireln lor M bom
I. A. 8'ebmn,of MuUlU, wa In town
Dili week ti'l cllel ( Ui Fiiternrle
lo If HI ding btiJ krn Spending llif
eea In Iti Sehalcm country vlalllng
A. V. I'elereoB, of Cortland, vlelled tle
iti.MK Ethel and llr.lflr Carllel It.t
Tl Uv. Father Haw, fn in Champoeg,
tieillng tl Uev. Father lltidbiend
Uila rk.
N I. I(iliin, ol Ktn rrancieeo,
vUlting brother, William Itohlaon,
but Sunday.
Mr. E. N. Carter end m Faulkner,
It-ft raturdar fur Virginia, on a vl.lt to
tirr paielll.
Clirlo Ferhart, Ida bailor, I going
lo ft ii a hp In ili new edJtllon lo
lb Etw tru lnMl.
Mr. and Mr. W. II. (Vnni.ll, of Hill.
Uito, rl lb gue.M of III Itev, It. A.
Alain. I lil week.
Mr. (irge FX, of I'oitlaod. Vieltrd
l.r iiioilier. Mr. J. M. liraliaui, of
till city Wednesday.
Dr. Emet A. Hommer rrait.nl bom
Nunday, alter an elm-tic of all week,
traveling In Hi Eaat. i
Mr. A. 11. (irahin,o( 1'urtlaoil, at
In Oregon l ily Wedtireday lo attend
Iho funeral of Mr. Field.
L lUkor anl J. lUkr. of I'iru, vera
In loan liila 'k. Tiy iii1 llm K.n
(rirl oin a plraaaot oil.
Tti young n of Wlty My, a Carat
frmr. foil from b' biryel lal lrllay.
arnJ lulfi-i J niful Injur r
Cuunij Hti.l. inxr I ilannU'g an
rtltii.tlrxl irii viiilii mIioiiU, am! will
Out I In lii oltlc lr ml Mumlay,
('. li. lloHinan, alio lltri lull. vi lo
lly ol Ni-.ly, n.a.l a lull n.'.ljjr.l cil
Urn l.y Julan K)u ll.lt arrk,
Tlit IVrtlaO'l (irlioral Kim trio Com
lny 1 intialliug a u 00 lux ; or
Krl)rlr l Wval Drrfuu ( liy.
Jol.U lrllhg, of Mal alio la
twiiiHK Hi tU rritilJ at haloin,
a a vlaiior In loan lal haiurtlay.
K. K. Taylor ul to tli MM-ati
ronvmiiUn at I'urtlanJ U.l a a
uVlritai (ruin Tualatin Tfnl No. 74.
Mr. A. J. Uailiaall ami Infant Irlt
r'(nly rvvulng fur. Niagai, Wl. rtm
aa lnrt In Clili'aa'o J lirr liUil-aml.
lipid IUvl.1, of I'urtlanJ, alio own
omiiilnralila frujirriy In C'lai'kaiuaa
luui.ttr, a paying lilt laica llili r k
Mry IW-liall, Joatpli l.lnliarl atiJ
Cliarlia rcachall liav IlleU on tlirr
uarti milling claima In Ilia Hlmna dit
Iricl. It it aalil thai Hob Bnnltitt, Hi Hur
Hiik'inn Hattki)- man, alll aiMrcta tli
Coining inm'liiig of the C'liulaiitia at-
In the natato of Jainri A. Harliur wr.
mlaaiou hat lxin glvrii the tilinlnlair-
lor to aril 40 ai r of land worth iMO to
ai'ltl iHrMtingclaluia,
K. W, 8iudlnKr,of Clat kamaa, dlrd
lnm wnrk at the age of 81 year, lie had
llvt I In Oregon for n x yrar. having for
Dmrly l..n acltlr.cn of Iowa.
Hunt I'atilton, of (laorge, railed at the
EnterprlKo ollko limt mk, Mr, I'aulaon
ri'l-orK that the farmer are well along
llli tlmlr apring work In hla neighbor-
K. Htokea, ol Cannula h, full from th bin IT C
liai b li. II,. II..... ...Ill l-.l f.l I.. l. ,
.. v ... I...... ..in. imi i i mm j anrr
lioun, Th lllll liillo'w auaUliii'il )iaht'
fill liijurfe, baring lirokmi hla rolUr lxne
ami In led arm.
Mra. Franrm Tbomlon, ro.rUlrn of
Iba New I'.nglaud hole, led at Halur
day fur Ht.M kl.iii, (,'!., fur a vlall with
her daughter. Mm an oiuiianUd by
her llii UnKlilrt, flealrlra and Mar
guenl, Tby will b g.,n aUut a
Tl .r I lo b another gioi'ery (lore In
(own. The new landlilale la (J. M.
Kli'inaaii, who will M-ruiy one of lb
at ire In the a.Mlilon lo th K.lrclrlo bo
11. Mr, Klomaen Will li rUifinUre.
a an employ of lb flour mill II bat
llvd at Caneiiiali for a long llm and
own rry tbera.
U. J. Hiegler, tupreine r'ordir of lb
Knlnl.lt of lb Mitt'alMtrt, ar'ointatiled
by lr. J. C. flam bell, dltlrlul aurm
m..lal lauilimr fur lb unit order,
wat In town Mumlay, Mr, Hn?r livet
at I ort Huron, Midi, and lr. Hancbeil
al halt lke, I Wib have been attend
log the ine ling ot tb order al I'oriland.
Local Kverjfca;.
N nuvelilet In trltnmlnga and fluw
MiC. Oul lauilth.
tr (iiiziioif?(Mit.
Tkry t ail I (Jaa If) In Maibrt of Urn
eral Kanlrdg.
'1 J'ul e-ave a man hi full rlilonihlp
ir," aid County Judgp Uyan, "and
I guea he I all right. I rttiiemht-r on
man who ram her and b certainly wat
not niui li of a tliiton. It bad an attor
ney wiiu hUu. I atke-l bl in what b
knw aUiui Uil country and whether It
wa ruled by a king or piea
" I duti't knuw talJ be, 'but I tbluk
It 1 rulrl by a queen.'
' Then I hod him If be had ever eo
the ronailiiilion.
"'I tan'i aa;," wat the reply.
avrn't nen any of ibeiu around oiy
place yel."
"Why d i you want lo brrom a clil-
en?' I anke-l.
" 'Ho ran prav up on toy place,' Wat
lie anawer.
I eiolalned lo him that the govern
ment dij no rare partu-uUrly about bit
proving up. but want! blui lo know
ollielliilig almul lb iH.riatilutioti. He
went away wilbuul hi cii.innalup t a
ft, bul gut tbin Irom iu lg llollinger
at I'oriland the nrit day."
('urn and vlait the widow at Ohlvely'i
opera liouan HaluriUy night.
The I'ark place W.C'.T, V. will meet
with Mr, II. K Croat rieilTueaday a(-
Inrn'Kin at ZoVIm k. All lhoe inWreated
in the work are Invited to tie pretent.
Marriage. Ilreiian were lamed tt.lt
week to Mia Carrie Kaly and John
Mlubba, 111 fiaiay II.-r. line and Jacob
lleam, Mia Ialay lit I tor and Kdward
A. Fender, young man employed In
one of the paper nulla, bad bit lull band
badly rruahed In the machinery leal
week. It iMTtm iincettary to amputate
two of hla flngert,
A. 1'eloreoii bat aold to I. Gerllnger,
400 tcfct of land near Deep Creek for
11.00. Mr. (inrllnger own a Urge
tract of timber land In the aame locality.
He alarj Uugbt 40 airri from M. Walton
fjr :.
fi. T. Kiaber, rh'el A pulice at Canty,
Wat a vlallor el lb Knlerprlae office laat
Tueaday. Whan Chief Klaher heard
there were &7. divorce caaee to lie ilia-p--f
of by Judge Mclirlde in lbeclrult
court, he wanted to know how many
marriage lirenae were being iiaoed.
Jacob Keatn and Mia Daity Iterdin
were tnt fried at Willamette Fallt at five
o'rl-irk Wm'neaday evening by the Itev.
It. A. Aiklnt, paatoroftbeM. E church.
The young coupl are IjoOi well known,
and their many frlendi offer congaatula
There wat a red hot chicken fight on
the WVtt Hide Wednesday afternoon.
"Vinegar Hitter," Hie hero of a hundred
lattice, met "Old lllue" in mortal com
bat. It I probably ur.neeeeaary to ay
i that "ioegar f.itiere" put another
notch on bia tlrk.
At last wo can show the many inquiring wheelmen the famous Orient wheel.
Our I00l sample arrived to-day. Tho Orient is known as the fastest bicycle
made and holds nearly all tho world's records on track and road. It is faster
LecauKo it has finer bearings is more rigid and has the correct lines.
Orient Triple Trum Fork Crown.
Orient Divided Crank Alio.
Bra Linfcl Anti Hunt Tubing.
Forged Frame Connection..
Orient Leader
Tailored Orient
. 8500
If tho best is nonn too good for you buy an Orient.
Agent for Columbia, Cretceifla, Hariferla and TedetUt, 25 fa I
We acll bicycle on eay Inatall
menU and Uke old wheel in ex
change. Second band wheel at your own
Aik for a catalogue free.
Tli will of Samuel Taylor, who died
Mirrli lo, ina .n ailuilllod to prolmte.
Chiirli.ite Taylor and J. M. Kartier are
nniinM ati-xecutora, Tha eatate li val
Ufd at f.'Oll.
There lint been much dtilay In coinpl(
'"'k Hie addition to the Klectrlo hotiib
on Roc.niit o the wtit woiithor. It la now
tl'onglit that It will be ready for occu
I'nn. y by May 1.
' rml Kaniralli hai rendered a flnnl atv
'nt hb admlnlatralor of the eadile of
Julia Nliilmri. Juno 3 ha been fixed ai
'ho lime for cloalng up the bunlneMi of
I'm iihUIb in the 1'robate court.
J- J. Koi'khii, trayuling roprHontntlve
o' the Han FnuiulHi-o Chrotilclo, w In
"n IuhI Saturday. Mr. Kvugnn auya
I i tli unnnrnlly ancupted bnllof that
rortliind Ih to have anothor morning
Widow IWdotl it ((M.klllg lor bu-
band. IVibapayou may nil Ih bill.
Come and her, a'urday night.
laurralef Amu 11,14.
The funeral of Aiuot Fiobl look plare
Wo-lneaJay alUrmou, tb lUv. '. K.
Ilamuiond, of li e Kaoopal rlmr.-b, of
flcialllig. Amua Field ja well klloWn
In (rrgin City and highly rnepcrled a a
klllul wurkioan In the o.ilru mille for
rvral year.
lie aat horn (.ear Yorkthlre, Ktigland,
and letrnfcO bit iia ln in the old country,
hating fluetkill a a "drewer," bich
conalait of rrrliig the Warp lor the
bHiin and carrying out the the Ueelgni
and palleina in the raving of tlutb.
Mr. Meld bmame a iiuaen of Oiegon
aUul JHMA, wben be hved al Itrownaville.
He afterward went lo han Krani im-u for
a tliorl tune, returning to OregtinCit In
in7 lu live, lie bought a rani ti near
lirant I' and went there for Ih bene
fll of hi wife' health. Her health did
nut Improve and both Mr. and Mr. Held
relumed in IS'..). Mr. Field died the
tame year at the borne of It. C. (Janotig,
her aon In law, In C'anmuali.
Alter Ih death of Mr. Field, A mot
Field woikrd but Utile In the woolen
mill, lie weul lo F.urope In IS'.N), and
apent a year viaiilng abroad and in
Newiork, Heturiiliig In 1KU7, he baa
eihoe made hia home with hi euna-lii-law
It. C and J. W. (laming. Mr. Field
waa 74 yeai of ag. He leave aevon
ihildrvn. John la lu New York, Mra,
F.mma I.uditiKton in Connocticiit, Mra.
Mary Smith at (Irani Fa, J. W. Fii-ftl
at Itiddle. Ore., Mr. It. C. Clanong at
Caneiiuh, Mra. J. W, (lanong at Fort'
land and William al Coquilla City, Ore,
Ton will want aome of that delUloua
Ire cream on aale at the M. E. church
Friday evening.
C. F. Haiter end family, of Alriandria(
Minn., tipel off tlii week on Iba way
home from California, to viait T. F. Cow
ing, tli aliortiey. Mr. Halter and Mr.
Cowing were boya together lo Minneaota
and Ihey enj'iyed a pleaaant remem
brance of old lime.
: Enterprise and V. Oregonian $2.
Judging from the heavy demand lor
eata lor the coming of Horace Ewlng'i
W idow Bedott thow, all of the theatre
goer, of town conleo. plate going to aee it
It doe not take long fur the rumor of
me coming 01 a g'xxi play and player to : r
...tJ .1.... - - .1 at.. i
all over the elate la loud In H prala of i M W c,rry cotnpleU line of coffin
tl.l excellent aggregation of comedy tab ,01 ckeU
ent which will open at Shicely' opera l w have been in botineM for over
1...... i... -t..i.. i ii. lo ten rear
input ouij, naiuruaj, , ex
i i
iiouae for one
April 20. FeaU on (ale at
50c. and 75c.
Sailor and walking bate juat arrived.
MiaaC. (Joldamith.
Money .to loan
lltooai & Gairrirn.
at loweit
Job Couldn't Have Stood It
If he'd had Iu hlng File. They're ter
rlhly annoying; but Hutklen'a Arnica
Salve will cure tho wortt caae of pile on
earlh. It ha cured thouaand. For In
Jnriea, Fain or Hodily Kruptiou it'a
the beat naive In the world. Frlce 25c
a box. Cure guaranteed. Bold by Clou.
A. Harding,
I have the Ixtat land In tho county for
the leaat money, Try me.
For 8nlu.
Farming land, cleared and unuloarml,
In Tualatin valley within 3 miloa of Ore
gun City. A Iho large quantity of second
hand common and lire brick at Oawego.
Apply to
Tita Oiikoom Iron ano Stkkl Co. (
3:il) Bhurlock Itulldlng,
101 tllltl J.
Uumiuly in any cuhb of coughs, colda or
.... a . . . I... I i;..i
croup. Miouiu ii iau logive luiiiimiuiiD
rtiliel money refuntled. 25 cts. and 60
eta. 0. A. Harding, Drugglat.
Judge J, W. MrAnulty I the father Of
anotber bouncing baby glil, that arrived
Wrdntw.lay. When babie were a new
thing to the Judge, be ued lo celebrate
their arrival by buying aullt of clothe
lor bl friend. Nw he Our good cigar
for everybody and call ll Kjuare.
The entertainment and dam-e given by
the lUK.tilcr'of (be King" of hi. I'aul'i
EiicoHil rhurrh, tail Friday, at
Armory, at m decided ucce. The
tlMr wu in charg of Mr. II. S.j
MooIyand Miaa Harding, and lolliein
la due the credit of a plraaant evening
ajwnt by the young jwopleof the town.
The tiel i.roifxxl of the evening
amounted to about
. . ' i
In tbe payment of Hie bicycle tax, the
owner ol a heel should no! fortfi'l thai
Hi lax it deaigned to improve bicycle
pallia fn that particular part of the
county where the lax ft paid, fit an or-
d ro( the County Hoard, the tax fa -plied
in Hi aeverl precinct where it I
paid, and it devoted to the Improvement
of paiha all over the county.
For aome time there ha been n un
dercurrent of excitement up on the bill
la the vicinity of Elyvilln. Certain per-
a m received through the mail piece of
brown pr on which had been drawn
aome vile picture. The matter waa
turned over to the 1'oUollke Department,
and an Itupector came to Investigate.
At a retull of the inveatlgaiion a number
of citixent have been called before the
United Statea grand Jury at Portland,
The evidence ottered bear upon the guilt
or Innocence of two young men who are
accuaed of being implicated In the aend
lugof the obacene pu'turei through the
AND PERMANENTLY cored by naing
Muki Tea. A pleaaant herb diink.
Caret conaiipaiion and indigeiton, make
you eat, ateep, work and bappv. Sat
(taction guaranteed or money back. 25
eta. and 60 eta. O. A. Harding, Druggitt
ten year
We have alwayt made an effort to
aatiafy our bereaved friend.
We are under email expente and
do not aik large profit.
We thoroughly understand the
preservation of tbe dead.
We destroy contagion germs and
offensive odor when called to
prepare tbe dead for burial.
Q prepare tbe dead for bunal. TT3 fa'.n S.".n,i Of Psrrt B"!!!!
w a " ie wveta ft vv4l MVltei V
a. II O
Get our Prices on Job Printing.
'fit Y
You will ml a treat If you (ail to hear
the Telford Quintet! at the M. E, church
Friday night.
Card of Thank.
We lake this meant of thanking the
many friends who olfered kindly consola
tion during the lllneaa and the death of
our beloved daughter Susie.
Ma. and Man. W. H. Coi'Nskll.
Milk Cowi For Sale
by Hobcr A IWgruan, on Main and 14th
St., Oregon City,
Beautiful line of chiffon data, in all
the latent styles. Call and Inspect.
tf Mies. Goldsmith.
Home fflMl
f".x ViT, vl r:i
You will bo able to have a greater amount of comfort and happiness in your
home if you buy the right kind of furniture and household articles.
We sell the Comfortable kind, full of good points and sold at the right
price. It is unnecessary to take chances about furniture when we sell you that
which has the very best reputation.
Skin troubles, cut, burns, scalds, and
chafing quickly healed by the use of
IHiWltt'a Witch llacel Salve. It is inti
tuled. He suro yon gel DeWitt'a. Geo.
A. Harding.
tor Suit'.
ll acres of land l,lg miles eaxt of Or
egon City, Boino timber, lays well, cheap
lor cash.
Address E. II. Coi.i.is,
108 Front St. FortUnd, Ore.
HoRiliicbe often results fiotn a dis
ordered condition of tho stomach and
onstipntlon of the liowels. A dose or
two of Chatulivrlain'a Stomach and Liver
Tablets will correct these disorders and
cure the hcaduch. Sold by G. A. Hard
There is no difficulty getting a
good machine for f 50 or $75, but
when we tell you we furnish a
good machine for f 15 yon are
surprised. You will find our
machine "Tbe Climax", an easy
runner, making reliable team,
and equal to the high priced
machine. It'a worth your attention.
There is solid comfort in the
Rocking Chair we are selling
this week lor f 1 00. It ia sub
stantially made, without any of
the flimsy, uncertain qualities
which usually go with cheap
furn iture . You will be comfort
able fat body and satisfied in
mind if yon buy one of these.
It i not hard work to sell carpets
from our stock. There ia such
a wide variety of design and
quality in what we carry. We
handle the one yon want and we
believe we have it marked at
the right price.
We want you to aee how well
we can cover the different floors
of your home without making it
cost you too much.
Gives you Comfort.
One of the things which add much to your comfort ia the pillow
on which yon sleep. If the pillow is soft, downy and fresh,
, it will Invite sleep for you.
The best pillows we are offering
are sold for $5.00 a pair. 1 They
are the finest selected feathers put
up in a case where the fine feathers
cannot escape. This will save you
much annoyance.
We keep also cheap pillows
75 cents a piece.
A pleasure for the whole family,
$6.00 and up.
FRANK BUSCH, The Housefurnisher.