Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, March 08, 1901, Page 3, Image 3

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T V k.
at -a At. a.joj0i .. .a .a.'
J. II. Hnhrlger, formerly of lUIUm!",
ha letornvd front F..trn Oiegou ind ,
will make lil horn. br In tint future.
fPcrsonal Mention
jlin lifr, of Mol.lla, came to town
t,nlnM IliU week
v a - a 1 1 4 I 4 .... 1
peMiiiH-".. give an entertainment Hetuniey evening
J..I11 A. MeUler, of Mllwaukl. wa t 7 ,;K, 0viw k ff tl.Un-flt of ih Im.l
ip u,.n Tuedy on builne... 0
F,.i.k Jeg.r,i .-..t-t hM coflrmM.
llHln. In ' " '" , Mlf o ,0 u, ,h .uk.
J. K. Mark, ol Marks I'rlrt. I" Cm)tlf Tu M WM ,mri.li)M)(
ju.n !' Aral I1'1 ' lU by N. F. N.l..n. for t.ltt.
... mi-. ..I III.. I. Ian. I aa a
Ki.ii.r.l Millar, ol lllglilao.1, w
Litut In 'I I"'1 Tulay
lli May Wllllame, of Central I'olnl,
t. vla.llngHrs.O. F. Williams
ti n..l.v.i( Loa-an. aa vlltr
.tori... Ui M'ly ol B,'k
Mr. H. 0. Curry, we cl, 10 ,ui'
uii'i ly 'np ' ''
In laai week'a new from llorlng. J
llaiiilln aa referred U aa head lawyer
at Weaver s mill. this wae an am,
nil alxiiiM have read chief engineer.
The worthy grand matron of tha Order
of tha l a.lprll Mar la eipecled to llt
rioiu.r Chapter No. i'HTueaday evening.
In 111 ra reiiiiaatJ
" I Fl !! II . i'. nil ." " -
i M Hhbley. ol nprmgweier, waa ... u .,.,,.
" . . ..l , .jI. i..LJT, '
dulog Ma iieiaei -
Mr A l. Marahall. of Portland,
vliltnl rolellvealu Cenemah during tin
W II. Hurkhardl, of halrm, wee In
.in ihia week li.klug after Ma railroad
Intnr.u, 1 ,M been confirmed l.y Hyn, ol
A.lkloa.olCaribr. tl Mmr. ..
.u.mUl tha mwHlliM of oa4 au
jr !"
M raulaon, of , M
li,k nut fur tha tiritarlainmotit to U
Klten y lha Iloy'a '.tHh fft'tury Cluh
at hl.laly' i'rra booaa. Frlilay va-
Ming, March .ft. Thla W"U rartainiy I
tha avrnt ol tha raan fur tha
Tha aala of tha itnarlfr artl'n of lM'l,
hrloriglng to tha aaUta ol IloUrt Daly,
la tin
il. mm.! ruurt. Tha troiirty
iurchaHl lj NaW It. JohnaoD fir 2.m
W. H. U'reo rtiuf on hi trip U
KuUll. Air Ira on Morula? rl.ll.g Mart h
JH. at It o. lurk, at IhaWtl'amnlU llaJl.i
l.,r ll.a triiflt of I ha W. It. C. A abort
city Wihliuailay anJ callal at Ih
Cra yr,4,UMak.lmrg. aa at-1 )f,m m U glvan. AJ
Uila ark
f Don't Experiment
AiioUht wheel may m 11 right
yow know the Columbia in.
. 40
Columbia, Mudol 72.
Morrow counter brake on any
wheel fJ.OO extra.
Cunhlon Frame 15.00 extra.
!M ! 1 J ! 11 1 n ! 3 ! 3 p
Known everywhere a "the wheel
that aUrulrj Uji" and kfj.a out
of tho repair iihop. The WOl
iiitxIeU are up to date, with all
tho new century idea.
Creacent, Chainlets .... .r0
" MwM3 35
- " 31 30
M f. 25
The Standard of the World
Tor 3J years the Columbia has act the pace. "Just as
good as a Columbia" is the highest praise you can five
a bicycle, ftronger than any other, yet lighter In
weight by from J to 5 pounds. Why not ride the best?
A u
The Next Best g
has to do for some. Yoa will
find It In It Martford. Mado
Iv the Columbia factories by
Colombia workmen, it gives tho
most for the money among me
dium priced wheels. The Co
lumbia guarantee goes with every
Hartford, Model 21 ... J35
u 21 .... 20
r, i
r. i
For thoHe who want service aod
practical use of a wheel, and are
willing to dipenH with the re
finements of the higher priced
wheels, we offer the Vidette, an
other output of the Columbia
factorics.with the Columbia guar
antee. A wheel that would fetch
more money if more were asked.
lUily ll'uthara, haa atariai luair
m mill "' 2'ly on a cuuirail Id gt
out rilrl tla.
1,1 iira.lr. a tirnmlnent I'wtlanJ laa
yt, in Kn ahakln liamla witlt hit
ftni iWii!l Ihia waal.
W,Jf. a porter, whu la attrmlltis
Work onTha ania to Ua F.leclrlc ho-
inl U t.riiiwwt rii'lillr. Un.lloid
('awl aaya ha will data It flnUhad ty
tha ml.llla of Atrll. Tha annri win
ronlaln'.'O fu.nna, wl.Ub will glva toa
butal M fixMiia In all
Wa aril nothing ao chrtp that we
do not itaud hack of It with a liUral
W give choir of Ounlop, O fltj or
llartfurd tire on all wheel ctcrpl
a . a
We Kll bicrcle on easy inrtaii
n.enu and Uke old wbl in ex
We hare orer 50 new Licyclea in
to wlrrt from. Come in and
look them orer and get a catalogue.
A inaHeatfaM IVH.iKWon tha prrty
una 1 ------- ...
-j.tM.itinnvlll. la vLMlng I... ' "
1 . 1. 1 ... I... Twii nr wa nia-l l"T ra.rn una
harii a(anauiah fuf a low uy. 1' ' .ii..i.i v....i
. Tl.a morlittifa a n fafur of tha ortl
J X l't. 4 MlWrtx. ona i4 tha ,. i v.-v.wk.
1 AniPllt - v I 7 ----- - - -
cwi.iy cmiiil..tf ol Marlon coanty, ThU uk,n M . i0,(ratijn that the
...in UMu iwu; on a -ar an ia lu rtiaka Improvement
.. . 1 1 ' : .
... .1 i.t. I. ...
I'r. aril ira. 11. ji. 1 arriwi, -....-
fur a divurra atflit
t..I,UlUr.gtl.lrlMoll.rr,.f.ia.i..., iri-.i-li-..rl.-t.
j I in iiiai 1'iri 1111 couti. ! s t a--
. gtioa U th.lr l.o.a at vwian. ...m.r
1 ir. rw (r '"
laal.mgton. .,,,,1,. r.llf..rnU. June'
AlUm M.tnlg. a prominent and pro- (4 Jhv; n N(,v.nibrf 2l ikw ,la
tltl. ol Handy, wa in the city ' , . . . nJ fi Wn on.tll to
Irarn liar wirrrabiita
'Mb Angrier Ih Allrjr.
AlvehUwrrmw llardinan, who aaya
hlmaell that he a a "nice young man
mm In Juatiiw MeAonlty's court Ut
W-.lm-a.lar, fltarged with aawult and
Uttrry. It aeeina that Mr. Iltrdman la
iihe alrikht. hut ha waa ml I11U1 dit--
i rallng the hat.t'ath Ihrutigh hi love for
M.aa lore Thornton. 11 alt liawnei
Kinwt.v aiirrr(Mn In the aller te-
i... ll, (an ta.anlilllf liOUIM-i known
John Kiwh-lhawh haa fiM an action ., (he ('lilt lliwae and tha New F.ngtand
ronuiia m,i,i. Njui" My were iryiug i - h
friendly flghU A new .oy named
Itkoda llagby ! rw-eiitly eirived In
towu from Mlalla Corner. II I red
headed anl a acra.r. He ha not
ll.kod all the bojr In Oregon City yet,
but he ia polishing Uiem ofTooe by one,
The work ol bla.ting the ledge ol rorksl r
oppoaita the fall, haa n carried on; J We'carrr a compleU line of coffin flA'ft'A'A t
by W Southern Pa.:inc ItailroaJ com- g ,nd CakrU. aXVJLO
pany wild a great deal ot difficulty the' J We j,ve tu ja buineaa fortwer ( f 1 f
pwtwe-k. The cur In the track at jj un V) (VK ) I g
tlua point la to be atraightene! ana mau q w ,jw,t ,de an effort to A V- V
a . a 1
mora awnre. Od relderita recall trie I
fact that alot 20 year ago a man waa jj
k.llrd on thla ledtfe. under peculiar clr.'J
cumalancee. 8mie rocka were being 1
t.l.n nut atitin an u nar en rharir f ill- w
namite eiploded. Inquiry reveale.1 the w. fctitof COnUgiou gerwa and
I art that more than ten year pretiou. k ofTcn.ive odor when called to
workmen engaged in taking out roca lor l
the foundation of the woolen mu'e, had
aatitfr our bereaved friend.
We are under amall epene and
do not ak large protiU.
We thoroughly undenund the
preacrration of the dead.
Tii Cocn S-J1 tf Cent Hibkl
Toraday on bualnea. lie mad the Kn
tart.rlae nir.ee a plea-ant call. . Tl ,nd ualng alt klnde ol liniment for hi
T. J. .re. ol lb. Weal Hid., baa Wen -',on r " m". . la ih. r..n.me.
.n,.-a,-a,; al J. W. Orar, of au.a . aw , Moow
. i... ll.i. I. av.nlntf. u. w. aiariio waa 1 - . ...
l-a.kl1.ee, realgued, a a member 01 - , . " . r. Hiram Coe,r and aev.ral other boy.
iha ruonie aiaminlns board lot the) tf . . . ' ... . 1 1 iWl,!,l to eomuina ana irlve the reo
1. 1 whoiee gmKl. Nnona ueuieueoi rretv -", 7 , , M . r ..
.,..ngoflrarh.ra. W. llum,J..y waa reeWtI tr-urer Leadl wonde, Irom Molall. Corner.
Hrpreaenutiv J. U Krue, went l J J xu , lr,t utauassl .oc, a drohblng that b . mother would
UUm Tho-lay morning, to bl. J J UIkM(j0 k. b.v. to gather up bU old photograph, to
daughter lio la U k with t phohl lever : . rememir how be icxm
tahpital in that city. Miaa Kruae The H.lvaUn Army will beln on i on n, Urm. Inch
a dark In ll.a legi.latur and wa Petri. Ve Pay to r-iet.r.i a wee. l I nary tkirmlth, there w
Uk.n.U. .luring the teaaion. Hhe wl Prt)r and ae.l-denl.l. II haa len .0lit on In lb wlley.
. . 1 i . . 1 . . .. 1 .. .. ... mi a Ma
1.1 11 ...a.,n..i n la ah a rtialom U liua niiiiiiii"ii -
U.aia lii art artart a week In which to
. . u 1 . 1..1 ., 1... re. ra ae a- Hlonal lUnu lO carrj a uie
tounty u,rlnten.lent Inaer. h re- .,
uia ini'i wmw ' 1
IloiKh, who I at the bead of the army.
. I .t A ..a VilinAl
prrpmrc iu ui.u " iai vn
left a charge of dynamite that did not j TJf AT AT XTJT ATATATAAATJrJAMrAr
explode when lgnueu. Aer oeing m m
rock for more than ten yeara U exploded
with fatal reaulU.
Uoney to loan at
Hanoi A OairrtTH.
loweat rate.
Get our Prices on Job Printing.
relvrd the riamliialion paer fr"m the
eighth grade pupil. ltre are w ran
di.lalra frum the lollewlng ehool di
trl.ta: CurrlnaTllle, Harlow, Pamaarua,
rrmetnlier bow be lcxikrxJ wben n waa
dent to a prellinl-
a aome .wearing
going on in the alley. Mi Cor Ttiom-
ln 'a mother keep the ew r.ngianu
hoarding hooae, and Miaa Cora waa at
home vialtlng with her mother. Among
Ibe boardere ia Alvah Uwrence Hard-
man, 20 year old, with a Byronlo cait ol ;
. ..... ... i. .1...
..... .Ti 1 Tn ..I Mr and countenance and nut-brown hair that
IVrrr. the four year old .on ol Mr. and . n ti.-i
vM..rll Plna.anl (nil CUI I H Corn laaneia in .no .
Mr, (ieo. Kidder, ol Mt. I leaaant, . . .,.
Union, Needy, Maple Una, Weet ('r' nnn the bay-mow and alrm k a .awed - , 7 , J, it .
n.y,MUw.ukie, Harmony, Clark., 'Ir, Monday. The fall re.ul.ed Cora, I. 00 wonder He l .tened .
Ml. Ple...nl. Concord, HherwooJ, . xvn moaftA on , bead. When w7 """"a ',"
)l.k.hurg.d Ueorge. .M up, ho WM onCon.lou.. Dr. C.rll TTlfZ
It llolmTn. leading undertaker and U..ummoned "TrS.1 l.er hearing. VU
,U.mer, Oregon City. Ore. Two door. At ...t re,H,n ,.. ,u. of h deyoUon
1 nlrwlv. I . .
Miih ol court hnoee. - ' and laid "yes."
. At the regular meeting of Mead Teat No. U wea Uien that the trouble began,
hrkeel l.lrrtlon. t.i. .anin- a num. ti.- ,,nn man' went forth a a
. .. I I a.-- 1111
Annual kIiooI election Monday Jlarcu ...,. ir n.-mW.hlo were knlirht errant and apeedily got mixed up
11 I'M, from . to 0 p, nt. at council L., The work of muaterlng In the with the youngnter.. In the Cliff bouae
tl''"1'. .... ...'.,tw.ra will lake idace al 1 o.clork the Itanbv family ltTen. Charlea llagby.
Saturday afternoon, March 10. All tn older brot er ol the youthful pugilist,
in nl ataml nir are Invilml to tl.a "nli-e vountf man ' ruKa
ruiiii 'n i" - r. ia ... -
l.i . f .. .H.l H.til mil Ia
Juiliri-a-H. C. Hteavena, C. N. f'reen-
ban, C. C. liatNurk ar.
Ulerk-J. F.. llhoed.
Ni-IimI Keiiort.
TIim f.. lit. a. In.. ...I .lla wre nelllier ah-
..... 1
be preaent.
r..l.iml.uaSietilien. a young man em-
lhr ah- , . uii!amiu ruin and Paper
ei.t or tardy during the month of rcb- . mH waa quite aeverely Injur.
i..r.ria 1 .t 1
niarv. in arln.il ilialrlct. No. HO
Btliiiial. Nellie ItiehhulT. Anna Mum
wa'r, Clyde McMurry, Huth Schmale,
Vi.l Wall. Joe Uachman, (.an mum
Poaer, Flnle Watta, Myrtle bchmaie,
Annie Hiidiliuff, Melvln Stewart JUy
Sli aart. Numlier of yUitoi prenoiit, 11.
Mar Asnaaws, Teacher.
the nilx-up and went out to take a band.
He oon retired with a black eye, pre
aeiited to him by the "nice young man."
The boy went out of the alley and the
.t.I. aa nver teniKorar Iv.
It appear that Carl Moore, one 01 ue
..1 Tn..lav morning. He waa acting In
the capacity ol back tender at one of the UJ ,olently plln.d op
machlnea, when Ma arm wa aciiuen. 7 ,nU building In the skriuitnage.
caught lutlie roll.. The tendon o hi. ,J, , Bol lDjurw, but u,on Ue back
arm were
.trained and be will bo laid up . tMt.es o( pklnt
foreveral day. John A. Moore, the lather of the boy,
. . . .1 r n.r.nn rit Lanra mil a warrant for tho arrest of Al
erhnol dl-trlct held la.t Monday evening, v.h Lawrence Hardm.n. Hi. trial took
gotal representation of tax- place before Justice McAnulty and a
mere waa a go- . 1 , ..!. ,, while on the wltneea
. Ophite the Itank ol Oregon City payer. ..ico
Utl,e,,,.H,in tho city. All kin,. rector. heou,..n
e.h home-made camlle. aiway. on m me ui.ciia-iii. v. ' . .
littlhralih'a CuufectlonerT.
kiiul, Sailed almoml. to order,
- r-
For Young Men and loung rfomen.
There la nothing that will aronnethej
Ire of young man or woman .0 quick aa
to iiuvu mhirior laundry work put oil on
tbein. They may drea. ever ao wall,
but If their iihlrt front or ablrt walat U
iiihy tliuir neat appourance 1. toiled.
TI.b Troy laundry make a specialty ol
lidiim' and gimtleinen'a One work.
There can be no bolter work than I
duno at the Trov. Iave your order at
Jul.nrion'i barber abop.
Nl.imk A ItlriHull, the Undertaker. He
ln tlopot and bridge. Tolophono 304.
Night or day.
H1N(1 ACKK.lt'8 Dvannmla Tablola.
0e little Tablet will five Immediate re-
lint l In hand
oVnd thai the 7 mill la would mult In ..earing before a "nice young lady-
IUIIIIU lll I ill.. II.... T .A.nl..n imuunli In
the raining of more money than waa ai meii aa anew vu- r,f, : V
Viuppld. II was decided to paint be. Thla wa. the only reaaon that lm-
the Kaathan. building. No inrt.nt polled him to ,o Into the a Her and engage
changes or Improvements wore decided in battle. He incidentally accueed he
l """e"" ' ,., , . ,. ... i..., . .i.a ..anau.nl nir altnrnev and the
mum. The election win in ' wum pv -
Monday evening, wben a clerk aad one pnllr ofllcers of attempting to got him
5 Z o wi 1 2 I ected. to Plead guilty. IWutln. Attorney
dlret tor wuiuo Campbell, in order to clear himself of
Tha Hoy's 20ih Century Club of the t()0 WM BV(.orn by tha courl ,nd
Congregational Church will give their tlmt ,e md never soon the do
. ..1 ........ ...I.........! at RhlveleVB . . . . 11 ..1 1.... In .111
llret pUDliO euiuriai"" ' ICHUrtlH anu cuuiu U". im.o i'u
01-jra houaa on Friday evening, March con.plrftcy influence him to plead
15. The program will conaiat of songs , lUyii Tne oourt also wanted to nmke
',.1 ...i t.rniii. Tlio funny num.- . .,, nrv hut Attornov
rAl IIHLII1I1B MIIU imw" " . I a NIH1MIII.T111. W l'J v.-
bera of the program will bo inter-perned Campb.u t10V,Kht it was not according
with part, furnished by some of U)6 nmJal court ,,roceudure. Mayor
n...,nn ritv's ImhI talont. Mrs. Robert , counsel for the defendant,
v B .... cii..l..ar...araan .... . ... .
A. Miller will givo a Diiaann,,,.. ftndofIered no ohjocuona to me conr.
reading. The Perll.Uk Club Quartette Un , lUtement to the jury, absolv
. . 1 l....ll.na Tim tiro- 1.1 I lawn tha- a.wmmtinn nl the
wu. ren . r . ; After deliberating tor several
gram will appear next woo. wtwe . ji8Ugre6j, ,olir being for
Laminated Cotton loun
The best grade of staple cotton is used in the filling of all our
Laminated Cotton Down Mattresses, which is so prepared as to be
of an elastic nature. . N
Built up with layers of this filling it. produces an article that is
lofty in character, holds its shape and never becomes hard or lumpy.
For comfort and durability they cannot be excelled. There is
absolutely nothing on tho market that compares with these goods in
quality and workmanship. '
We recommend them as strictly first-class in every respect.
For sanitary reasons these mattresses are espe
cially desirable,
Price, $14.00. Same Iti Art Tick, $15 00
' IOIUIIUVM. .m ' 1 i.OUril lllO Jt J UIOli VOU iw a
mo tin .1 9 otm n A. HtrJinu, I " Lnnvii'tlmiandlwoIoracQuitUl.