Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, February 22, 1901, Page 6, Image 6

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Legal Notices.
Iletle for l'ubllcMloa.
Pkfartmknt op tiik Istkrio.,
land Olllre l Oregon City, Oiegon,
Jannary 10th, l'.H)l.
Notice it hereby given thnt the follow
ing Mined let tier ha filed noticed hi
intention lo make finl proof in etipport
ciii rUIni, miii (htt Mid prof mill be
Bade before th Begiiier and Receiver
t Oregon City, Oregon, on March 11th,
1901, vn:
II. E. 111M, for the 8. H of tti N. E X
and the 8. K. U ol the N. W. of ec.
J2. Tp. 5 8., R. 3 K.
lie name the following witneeeeito
prove hi continnou residence opon and
cultivation oliid land.vii; J a me Baty,
Stephen A. D. Ilungate, iiarry I. Kastali
And Isnm Vanghan. all of Molalla. Ore.
CIIAS. B. MOOKE, Kegiater.
Id the Circuit Conrt of the State
Oregon for the County of Multnomah.
Tortland Trust Company of
J. C. Htvely and Anna
Stti or Oaiooa,
County ol Clackamaa,!
iltr. decie and an execution duly le
aned out ot and n:der the teal of th abort
muled oourl in the above entitled cause, to
id duly directed and dated lb 2Wh day of
Jenuaty, iH'l, upon a jungmeni renoerea
and entered in taid court on Hit ISth day of
June. 1900. iu lavor of Portland Trust Com
pai.y of Oregon, plamutl, and against J. C.
Ilavely and Anna Haraly, defendant, and
11. W. Rose, surety, for the turn of &tj.30.
with interest thereon at tlie rata of 10 per
cent per annum Irora tbe Z4tn day ot July,
I'.sjO. wbicb judgment was enrolled and
doikeled id ttia clerk'aqttice of taid court
in said county on toe otn oay oi January,
JK01; and, wnereas, notice of contnbtition
and repayment a a tiled by Lucinda Koss,
administiatrix. Minnie L. Foster and Lsnora
Bos, by her guardian, Lurinda Roes. No
vember 2nd, 10, commanding rue out of
tbe rsonal property of aaid defendants,
and li W. Rom, surety, and if antlicient
could not ba tound, then out of tbe real
property belonging to said detentlanta and
aurcty, lo salisly tne sdoi oi nj. witu
Interest ibeieonat tbe rale of 10 percent ier
annum trom tne 2!;h day of December, PJuO,
also costs upon itiis writ.
Kv, then-lore, by virtue of said execn
tion, judgment order and decree and in
eorupumice with the commands of said writ.
being uuarjla to nna any personal property
ot said deteudanta or surety, I did on the
Slit dav of January, psjl. Only levy upon
Uie folio siiiguescrioed real property of said
defendants and surety, situate and being in
the county ol Clackamas and state of Ore'
ron. to- it:
An undivided one-1 bird (13) interest iu
and loall of the lolloaing oeacri bed real
D remises, to-wu:
Lou three (3) and four (4), in block two
(2), in the loan ot Canemah, Clackamas
county, Oregon, as ttiowu by the plats and
aurve s of said town ot Canemah now on
file in tbe county clerk's oflice ol Clackamas
county. Oregon.
Tne north ball (U)of lot n umbered one
(1) and tbe north bail of lot numbered
eicnt (8), in block numbered Iweiuy-seven
127). according to the map and plat of tbe
town of Oregon City, Oregon, on tile in tbe
county clerk sottlce of CUckamaa county,
Oregon, said lots commencing at tbe norm
vest corner ol taid block twenty-seven 271
and running tlience easterly 210 feet; tbeuc
aoulherh M feet and 3 inches; thence west
erly 210 feel to Main atreei; thence 34 leet
and 3 inches to the plaoe of beginnier.
The south half Si of tbe J sines Waldmp
donation land claim, notification yo. viSi,
la sections 1, 12 and 13, township three 3J
aoulb. range three 3 east M iilamette meri
dian, Clackamaa county, Oregon, contain
log one hundred and fifty three 153 J acres,
mora or less.
Beginning at a stake 12.86 chains south
nd 43 chains v est from the northern corner
of the John 8. Uowland donation land
claim; thence south 40 degrees 45 minutes
east 40 chains to a stone; thence south 43
degrees 30 minutes west 8 chains to a atone;
thence north 48 degrees 43 minutes west 40
chains to a stakeon the northwest boun
dary of said claim; thence north 43 degrees
eat l 7 03 chains to tbe place ot beginning,
containing 32 aare, more or lees, iu Clacka
mas county, Oregon.
Beginning at the northwest corner of
Iaaao Uoriloii a land, or land formerly
owned by bun, thence along tbe line of said
Gordon's tract In a southeasterly direction
70 rods; thence at right angles running
westerly to the line of a tract of land for
merly owned by L. D. Harding; thence
northerly along said Una of said Harding's
tract of land 70 rods, more or less, to L. D
. Harding's northwest corner; thence in an
easterly direction to the northwest corner
of a tract of land formerly owned by L icy
A. Burnett; thence southerly to tbe south
west comer of said tract formerly owned by
aaid l.ucy A. Burnett 110 rods; thence east
erly along the line of said l.ucy A. Burnett
tract ol laud to the place of beginning, con
taining 100 acres, the same being part of
Philip Foster's D. L. C, in Clackamas
county, Oregon.
Beginning at a point thirty 30 feet east
Of where the south line of section nine HI,
township 2 south, range 2 east of the Wil
lamette meridian, crosses the center of the
Oregon and California railroad, running
thence northerly tracing the eastern boun
dary line of said railroad right of way to a
point forty roils no th of said section line ol
aaid section nine 'Jj; thence east parallel
with said section line sixty-eight i8J rods
to the weit boundary of the county road;
thence in a southerly direction tracing the
west boundary line of said county road tilly
nd a half ) rods to line of said section
nine It; thence west thirty nine .'&) rods
tracing said section line to place of begin
ning, containing thirteen and three-eighths
13J acres, more or less.
Aih lots 3, 4, and 6, block 30, Oregon
City, Clackamas county, Oregon
And I will, on Saturday,
THE 2nd DAY OF MARCH, 1901,
at the hour ot two o'clock p. m,, at the front
door of the county court house, in the city
of Oregon City, in said county and state,
sell at public auction, subject to redemp
tion, to the highest bidder, for U, 8, gold
coin, cash in hand, all the right, title and
interest which the within named defend
ants, or surety, or either of them, have in
or to the above described real property, or
any part thereof, to eatisly said execution,
judgment order, decree, interest, costs and
11 accruing costs.
Bheriff of Clackamas County, Oregon.
Dated Oregon City, Ore., Jan. 31, 1001.
i r
. . .. m. "r BMU owriiuu pains
of menstrua'-ioii.' They are "LIFE 8AVKIM" to girl at
wotuanhoo 1, ei1 duvclopment of organs and body. No
L ,n -r"" r womun equals them. Cannot do harm Ufa
becurne n u:.ur3. ifil.OO 1F.U liOX liY MAIL. Sold
by Clrucivula. DJi. MOTT'S CUKMICAL CO., CleveUad. ObJ
'1$ $
nolle) t i'lnl Neltleruratt.
"OTICK it hereby given that the under.
-4-1 signed, executor of the will of Julia
Ann Meicslf, deceased, bat tiled his account
fur nnal settlement In the county court for
Clackamas county, Oregon, and that aaid
court has appointed Monday, the llth day
of March, l'.Ml, at the hour of 10 o clock
a m., for hearing objections to said ac
count at settlement thereof.
Dated tliiirl'h dav ot February. l'.XU.
Kxecutor of Hit will of
Julia Ann Metcalf.
In the Circuit Court of tht State of Oregon
for tht County ot Clackamas,
Magglt Brock, plaintiff,)
Ben Brock, defendant.)
To Ben Brock, the above named defendant:
In the name or the cUate of Oregon, You
ara hereby required to appear and answer
the complaint tiled against you in the above
entitled suit on or before the 22d day of
March, I'M, that being the last day pre
scribed In Hit order of publication of thu
summons; and if you fail to appear and
answtr said complaint, the plaintiff will
apply to the court for the relief therein
prayed for, lo-wll: A dissolution of tbe
bonds of marriage between you and the
This summons I published by order of
tbe Hon. Tho. F. Ryan, judge of the coun
ty court of said Clackamas county, Oregon,
made and entered on the 6th day ol Feb
guarv, 1!1, and tbe first publication being
the lUb day of February, 11M1.
Attorneys for I'lainiitf.
In the Justice Court, District So. 4, County
of Clackamas, 8 tale ot Oregon.
J. 8, Welch.
Wni. liowlett.
To Wru. Howlett, the above named defend
J- o
Oregon, ya are hereby required to ap
pear and answer tbe complaint hied against
you in the above entitled court on or before
tbe 23d day of February, 1001. that being
the last day prescribed in tbe order for pub
lication ot this summons for you to appear
and answer said complaint: and if you fail
to appear and answer said complaint, (or
want thereof, plaintitr will take judgment
against you lor the sum ol f Jti.Ou, together
with tbe costs and disbursement of this
First publication of tbia summon it Jan
Dated this 8th day of January, 1001.
Justice of the Peace, District No. 4.
Dimick A Eastham,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
In tbe Circuit Court of tbe State ot Ore
gon for tbe County of Clackamas,
Robert L. Russell,
Cyms B. Straight, Alice
Straight, his wife, and F.
Stati op Okioob. I
County of Clackamas.
-J der, decree and an execution, duly ia
tued out of and under tbe seal of the above
entitled court, in the above entitled cause,
to me duly directed and dated the 6th dav
of February, 1901, upon Judgment ren
dered and entered in said court on the 24th
day ol November, ltX), in favor of Robert
1. Russell, plaintiff, and against Cvrus B.
Straight and Alice Straight, defendant, for
tbe turn ot xM.OU, with interest thereon at
the rate of 1 per cent per annum from the
2ith day ol Novenib r, 1000, and the further
turn of 40.00 as attorney lee, and the fur
ther turn of $5 40 cost and disbursements,
and the costs of and upon Uiit writ, com-
maudir.g me to make sale of tbe following
described real property, situate in the coun
tv of Ulackama. stale ol Oregon, to-wit :
All that portion of the Hiram A. Straight
and Susan Straight, his wife, I). U, C. In T,
2 8.. R. 2 E. of the Willamette meridian, in
herited by me, said Cyras B. Straight, from
my mother, Susan Straight, and which bat
not heretofore been conveyed away by me,
being one sixth Interest In about thirteen
Now. therefore, by virtue of taid execu
tion, judgment order and decree, and in
compliance with the commands of taid
writ, I will, on Saturday,
THE th DAY OF MARCH, 1901,
at tbe hour of one o'clock p. m at the
front door cf the county court house, in the
city of Oregon City, in said county and
state, tell at public auction, subject to re
demption, to the highest bidder, for U. 8.
gold coin, cash In hand, all the right, title
and interest which tbe within named defend
ants, or either of them, had on the date of
tbe mortgage herein, or since bad, in or to
e above described real property, or any
part inereoi, v sviry sai'i execution, judg
ment order, decree, interest, costs and all
accruing costs.
Sheriff of Clackamas County, Oregon,
Dated, Oregon City, Ore., Feb. 6, 1001.
Notice of Hale of Heal IXate.
MOTICE la hereby given that in pursu-i-'
ance of an order of tale, made and en
tered by the county court, county of Clacka
urns, state of Oregon, on the 15tb day ot
January, A I), 1001, in the matter of the
estate of Hobert Bat v. deceased, the under
signed, the executor of the last will and tes
tament of said deceased, will sell at private
sale on and alter the 10th day of February,
I'M. tbe following described real estate, to
wn :
The south half of the south half of the A
J. Baty and Mary Baty D. L. C, containing
100 acres, more or less, situate in Clackamas
county, Oregon; also the north hall ol the
south half of the A. J. Baty and Mary Baty
u ii. yj., containing jou acres, more or less,
situate In Clackamaa county, Oregon, on
the premises, aaid tale to be for cash 10
per cent on day of sale and balance on con
firmation of sale by said coniitv court.
Executor ol the Last Will and
Testament of Robert Baty, Deceased.
Dated Jan. l(i, 1001.
They overcome Weak
ness, irregularity and
f omissions, increase vlop.
- I 1 .I--!
ailll.llIir'M NAM!.
In the Circuit Court of tne Slate of Oregon
for -the County of Clackamaa.
Jacob Cerher, Jr.,
W. C. Ward.
STATt PP Omiuov, I
County of Clat kamai,!
derdecree.and ait execution, duly issued
outof and under tht ealol ihtebova entitled
court, in the above entitled cause, lo me
duly directed and dated the 14th day of
February, IUUI, upon a Judgment rendered
and entered in aaldcour on th l.'th day of
February, l!Jl, In lavor of JacobUerber, Jr.,
plaiutitl, and against W. C. Ward, defend
ant, fur the inn of fl.M.21, with interest
thereon at the rate ol 10 rceul per annum
from the 12th day of February, ltkil, and
the further tu:u ol 120.28, aith Interest
thereon at the rata of II r cent Irum the
12ui day of February, I'M. and the further
urn ol t.Vl.00 a attoinev'a fee, a,ud the
lurther turn of f 10.00 costs and disburse
ments, and the cost ol and upon tht
writ, commanding me lo make salt of the
following defcnbrd real property, situate
in tbe county ol Clackamas, Hate of Ore
gon, to-wit:
Beginning at the northwest corner of tht
donation laud claim ol Allen MattKn, No.
4H, iu township 3 south, ol range 3 east ol
Wtllametie meridian, and running thence
north tr7 degrees 1 minutes east along the
north boundary 73 chains, lo the northeast
corner ol claim; thence south 22 degreet 1ft
minute east 1ft chains; thence south 07 de
gree 13 minute west 22 .' chains; turner
soutu 22 degree 13 minute east 8 73 chain ;
thence south 07 degree 13 minute el 67
chain to the southwest boundary of claim ;
thence north SO degrees est 10 Cham lo
tbe most westerly corner o" claim; thence
north 13 degreea east 22 00 chain lo the
place ol beginning, containing I) acre,
more or iesa.
Now, therefore, by virtue ol said execu
tion, Judgment order and decree, and in
compliance with thecommand of taid writ,
1 will on Saturday, the
3I May ( .March. 191,
at tbe hour of 1 :30 o'clock p.m., at Hit Ironl
door of tht county court Tiouse In theclty of
Oregon City, tn aid county and state, aril at
public auction, subject lo redemption, to
the highest bidder, for U. 8. gold coin cash
in hand, all the right, title and interest
which tbe within named defendant had on
tbedate of the mortgage herein orainre bad
in or to the above uescrihel real prop
erly or any part thereof, to satisfy taid exe
cution, Uiigment order, decree. Interest
coal and all accruing Cost.
Sherilt of Clackamas couniv, On-gnn,
Dated. Oregon Citv, Or.. Feb. 15. MOl.
Notice ol 1'laal aieltleaueat.
"V"OTICE it hereby giver, that the under-i-i
ngi.ed, adminlstraiorof the estate of
Randolph Strk klln. drceased, iha tiled his
Dual account In said estate in the count
court of the state ofOrrgon lor Clackamas
county, and that Hit Judge of said court
has appointed Monday, u.a 1st day ol
April, 19ul, at 10 o clock a. m.. lor hearn
objections lo said account and settling said
estate. 1.1 VV .-SHI" P.
Administrator ol said Estate,
Notice ofFlaal ejcltleaaeat.
- the undersigned, executor of the es
tate and last will and testament of Oeo.-ge
Oiihena, deceased, ba Bled bia final account
in aid estate in tbe county court ol the
stateof Oregon for Clackamas county, and
that the Judge ol said court ha appointed
Monday, the 1st day of April, luol, at 10
o clock a. m., for bearing objection lo said
account and for aetihng said riaie.
Executor of tbe Last Will and testament
of George Githem, Deceased
by order of the Hon. County Court ol
the county of llackamai. Hate of uregou
I have been appointed administrator with
tbe will annexed of the estate of Hlran
A. Straight, deceased. All persons indebted
to said estate are required to make imme
diate payment, and these having claims
against said estate art hereby notified to
present the same to me, with proper vouch
ers, at the nfhYe of C. D. A D C Latouret e,
in Oregon Cily, Oregon, aithin tlx wombs
from tills date.
Dated this 7th dav of February, 1901.
H. K STEVENS. Administrator.
Nil Fit If 'FN NAFF,
In the Circuit Court of th State of Oregon
for the county of Clackamas,
Mary Leonard, '
George Dunlavy,
State op Okf.ooh,
County of Clackaniasf
execution and order of sale, duly issued
out of and under the seal of the above enti
tied court. In the a hove entitled cause, to
me d nl r directed and dated tbe 18th dav of
January, iijoi, upon a Judgment rendered
and entered in said court on the 24'h day
oi isovemoer, i:mj, in lavor oi Mary jeon-
ard, plaintiff, and against George Dunlavy
defendant, for the sum of l.ttK 75, with in
terest thereon at the rate ol 10 per cent per
annum irom tne z-un (lav 01 isovember,
'. and the further sum ol 00 as attor
ney's fee, and the further aum of $14.75 coal
and disbursements, and the costs of and
upon tins writ, commanding rue to make
aaleol the following desenbtd real propertv
situate in the county of Clackamas, state of
uregon, to wit:
Commencing at a point on the north
boundary of the D. L. C. of Robert Allen. In
township (I aoulh, range leant of the Wil
lamette meridian, in this county, six chains
and eight links from the northeast corner
thereof, thence north 80 degrees 30 minutes
west on the north boundary line of said
claim 8 M chains; thence south 40 degrees
9 minutes east 0 49 chains to the aide of the
county road leading to Silverton; the'ice
north 40 degrees) minutes east 5M chain
to the place of beginning, containing 1.70
Now. therefore, by virtue of aaid execa
lion, judgment order ana decree, and in
compliance with the commands of said writ,
1 win, on oaitipiay,
at the hour of 1:30 e'clock p. on., at the
(rent uoor 01 tne county court house in
theclty of Oregon City, in aaid countv and
stale, sell at public auction, subject to re-
uriiipuun iu iub iiignrsi imioer, lor l. H,
gold coin, cash in hand, all the right title
and interest which the within named de
fendant had on the date of th nltufl, ,,,....
or since bad, In or to the above described
real property, or any part thereof, to satisfy
said execution, judgment order, decree, in
terest, costs and all accruingcosts.
Sheriff of Clackamaa County, Oregon.
Dated Oregon City, Ore., Jan. 18, 1001, ,
NllF.ltll T'rt NAFF
I IheCliiMlit Court ol the ttt ol Oregon
for the County ot Clackamaa.
(leorg 7.iiiinirrinn ami NV.J.
Zimmerman. Kiecutott of
I lie S III of Jacob limner
man, Deceased,
Louisa Logn. Executrix ol
the N ill ol Charlr Logos,
Deceased, Umlsa latins,
almnia Logan and Cliarlte
llvrmaii b'gus,
HsATa or OMktuiN, I t
County ul Ciackama,)
X der, det'iea and an etwuilon, duly le
aned out of and under th seal ol tht aiMtve
entitled court, In ttie bIhiv entitled can,
In me duly dtreciet and dated the llth day
of February, tool, upon a Judgment ren
dered and (nteied In !! court on the Mill
day ol iFvbruaiy. I'H'I, In lavor of tieorge
.an merman and W. J, Zimmerman, Xeo
utors of th will of Jacob Zimmerman, de
ceased, plamlilU, and agamal Louisa Ugua,
executrix ol the will of t'liarl L-g'i, da
craied, deleiulanl. lor lb sum til t.77
with interest thereon at the rale of N par
cent per tiuum from Iht llth day ol Fi
rtiary, HH'I. and Ilia lurllirr anoi ol t-UllK)
as attorney' he, and th lurther sum of
111.20 costs and disburseiueiiU, and the
oust ot and tion Ihlt writ, commanding
me lo mak sale of the lollowing drsorltied
real prorty, siluaie in llir count j u( Clack
mi3, tate of Oregon, to srlt :
Those certain piece, parcel and lot of
laud Hi section No, thirty t Hi), Iu lonlilp
No. n(l)oulh, of raugu.No. lao ('.') east,
Iu th county ul ClackauiK, date idlirvgon,
Hi th donation rlailu ol Hector Camptirll,
particularly descriuvd as lullo! llrglu
mug two li) chain and ninety (') link
rsi of the soullieasl corner of tieorge
Will' donation claim, same toanshlp and
rang aa aloreaaid, and Miming thenra
totiih twenty seven (27)chalnt and Hfty one
(M) links lo the tuuth line of tne 1 lector
Campbell donation claim aloreaaid; 1 hence
est oil tht south line ol said Campbell do
nation claim llilrty-tro i'Xl) chaint and
filiy-ruui (M) link lo a dune; thence north
taenty seven 27 ciialna and titty-one MJ
link to tht north line of sal. I Campbell do
nanon claim; 11. nice east on aaid line of
said Campbell donation claim thirty two
cnaln and lifts -four MJ link loth
place ol brglnlHiig, Cunlaiiilnn NI.M acre,
receiving a ngnt ul way lor n.e-l, a lnp
ol land on e rod wide along Ibe w bwi lengih
of said laud 011 the iiorth tide laervol.
Also I .at cerltiii oilier tract of laud de
scnoatl a loiluws: brglnulng at lh south
east corner ul tbe Krora Will donation
claim aioresaid, and running thence east
tour 4 chains and thirty srven S; link to
th arst line ol f. S. Mullau' land ; Ihtnce
soulh on in line ul said Mullau' laud
tntrieeii 13 chain and etiity six 70 links;
11. ence rt three 3 chains and iiiiy-lline
n3 links; ihriK sooth llitrlreii 13 chain
and seventy live "i Hi ks to the south line
ol thvsald Laii-poeil douatlou claim ; llienoe
rst un the suutu line ol said I'aiiipbell do
nation claim llirr 3 chain and sixty-four
ti liuks; insure norm taenty-ii 27
cliatn and lilt) -one SI link toll, north
una ol said Campbrll donation claim;
tnence east lo 3 chain and nlnet) U) link
lu the point ol tM-giniilng, conlaildng 1)
acres, rererving a right of ay one rod lde
lur road purpuw acru the north side ol
said land.
Also that certain olhrr tract described a
brgiiiulna at in southeast coraer of H, F.
Uiuver'a land, wbicti la on the aoulb lin of
George Willi' donation claim, sliusled In
rctlou thirty So, In loamhiu No, on 1
souib, of rang No. two 2 east, and running
thence north to ibe northeast corner 01 (aid
U. r. Glover's land; thence aoulli eighty
nine ItU degree east sixtreit 10 chain
thence north thirty 30 degree west lanly
th ee 23 chain and tony 40 link lo In
north liueol land bought 17 James Msmuii
01 lirorge and Sarati 1'. W11I: thence east
tracing said north line ten 10 cbalusand
taenty five 2S link lo th east Itn ul said
Wills' doi.ailoii claim; llieiic soulh along
said line to the southeast corner of said
Mills' donation claim; thence westerly
along ihesoutb line of aaid Will' donation
claim to th place of beginning, containing
ou acre 01 land.
Now, theretore, by virtue of said execu
tion, Judgment order and decree, and In
Compliance with Ibe command of said aril
I will, 011 baturday,
at the hour of 1:30 o'clock p.m.. at lb front
door of the county court bouse in Ibe city
01 urrgon uiy, tn said county and state,
en at public auction, eublrct to redemption
to the highest bidder, lor C. tt. gold coin
cash in hand, all Ibe right, title and Interest
which the witnlii named defendants, or
either of them, had 011 the data of Ibe mort
gage herein, or since bad, In or to the above
described real proirly,or any part thereof,
to sbiisit said execution, luogineui order,
decree, interest, cost and ail accruing coal,
Sheriff of Clsckama County, Oregon.
Dated, Oregon Cur, Or., Feb. IU, liKJl,
In the Circuit Court or the Slate of Oregon
lor 1 tie iounty 01 ciackama.
E. F. RHey,
David Van Honten, Dan
iel Crowley, Ruth Crow
ley and James Boggeaa,
Stati op Okko'ik, i
County of Clackamaa,
der. decree and an execution
d til v
issued out of and under the seal of the
above entitled court. In the aliove entitled
cause, to me duly directed, and dated the
l.nti day ot rebruary, 1001, uimn a Judg
ment rendered and entered lu said court un
the 12tb day uf February, 1!K)1. in favor of
n. r. uiiey, planum, and against Uavld
Van tloiilen. ilelendant. lor the aum of
l-Vll.OO, alth Interest thereon at the rale of
per cent tier annum from the 12lhdayof
r eoruary, i:su, ami me Dinner sum ol f iO.OO
as attorney's lee. and the further aum nf
2I.OO cos 1 a and disbursements, and the
costs of and upon this writ, commanding
me to make sale of the following described
real property, situate in the county of Clack
amas. state of Oregon, to-wlt:
the weal hail ol the northeast nnarternf
section eighteen (is), in township two f2)
outn. 01 range lour if east of Willamette
Now, theretore, by virtue of said execu
tion, Judgment order and decree, ami in
compliance with the command of said
writ, i will, on Friday,
THE 22d DAY OF MARCH, 1001,
at the hour of one o'clock n. in., at the front
door of the county courthouse in the city
of Oregon City, In said county and state,
sell at public auction, subject lo redemp
tion, to tbe highest bidder, for U.S. gold
coin, cash In hand, all the right, title and
Interest which the within named deteud
anta, or either of them, had on the date of
the mortgage herein, or since bad, in or to
the above described real property or any
part thereof, to satisfy aaid execution, luilg.
ment order, decree, interest, coata and a II
accruing costs.
Sheriff of Clackamas County, Oregon,
Dated Oregon City, Ore., Feb. 14, 1000.
Tbe Enterprise $1.50 per year.
BillFUIFF'N nam:.
In Hi Circuit Court of thHttaof Oregon
lor lh county uf Clackamas.
E. M. Howell,
I'alrlck Byrne,
Slat ol Oregon,
Count) ol Ciackama
i' eXM'iulon and order ol sale, duly l
ud out uf and under lh seal ol the about
tullllrd court, In Hie ahov entitled cause,
lo ni duly directed and dated the IKth day
ol February, lia.il, Uhmi a Judgment ren
dered ami entered Iu said court on the I'llh
lay of February, H'l, In lavor of K. M,
llowvll, plaiuiilt.and against Patrick llyrnt
defendant, tor the sum ol fata V. and lh
further aum of MUi as atlomey'a fee, and
th lurther sum ol f.U.vi cosl and disbuts.
iiiiil, ad the cost id and iihiii tht writ,
commanding in to make sal of th folloa
lug drcntei rral properly, situate In lh
euiinty ul Clackamaa, slat of Oregon, to
wit: All of lot seven (7) and eight ("H" block
eeuly-elghl (:'H). In the Town ul Mllwau.
kt. Ciackama county, Oregon, aororiling
told recorded lnp and plata tin lite in
lh nine ot Iho recorder uf ciuvy ancei ul
Noa, therefor, by virtu uf ald execu
tion, judgment order and decree, and In
rs'iiipliauce tw tilt the commands ol aaid writ,
I will, on Saturday,
THE 2tu DAY oF MARCH. Itaul.
al lh hour of taoo'cha k p. m.. at the front
dour of the county court house In the 1 ty id
Orrgon Cut . In said rouniy and elate, el
el puhlie auction, ubje.-t 10 rwlemption, lo
tbeblghral tmldcr, lor U. H. gold colli cash
In hand, all lh rtghl. till ami Inter!
which the within namd d.fendant had
on lh dale ul the attachment herein, ut
ime bad, in or to the ab iv dcrlled real
pioiriy, or any part hereof, to eaiisly
said execution, )iidgmnl order, 'decree,
Interest, cost and all avrulug ni
J. J. CoKR,
KlierllTof Ciackama County. Oreg.in.
Itl. Oregon City. Or., Feb. la, luut.
Pintle la hereby given that I will apply lo
llieCliycoiiii.il a It rvgular meeting In
March, I'.ail, fur a hceri 10 sell (plrtumu
Iniuor at my place of husiim on Main
trrel, (Irrgon t'lly. iJcen lo dale Iron,
February 2 p.ail. J. VY. Col..
. l IFF.
Nntire la hereby given that I will apply
to lh ell v council al II regular ineellng In
March. I'.'l, lor I license lo Mil spirituous
IPpiuri ai my place ol busip. is, Main uel,
near Hixtn, Oregon l liy.
Fasaa Nauasa,
Dated Oregon City, Feb Pi, pad.
llUtKII OF tOwJstslaKKH.
Itegnlur r'rbmar Term of Ibe ( eaut)
J. kt,
Morttsa, John t.t.e aad T.
Klllln, CoMulslur.
(Continued from last week.)
(In the eccotitiu of road uprvlors
published lal eek a rtualek occurred
in the account ol district No. 20. Instead
ot a total ot 17U.B2, with IHJ.bddtxIucted
(or poll It tliould have lrn IW.oO
total, a Hie balance ol I'Jd V wa tou
tributed work, though it la tiot lndlcaie.1
in the report.
lathe matter of the 11)7 Ul of Geo
II. Cauaran riua matter coining un
upon petition of tieo, 11. Catiaran lor an
order authorising the clerk to cancel a
delinquent lax tale wherein acre was
doubly etfaod aud told lo Ciackama
couuty (or the year 1h'J7 lor ilciiiiijueut
taxet, and it apiwarlng to the hoard thai
I?,1 acre of land Waa owned and a
aoiMied to (ieo. 11. Canarao iu the Hector
Cauipliell 1). L. C, at page M, volume 1,
tor the year I U7, and that the aaid (ieo.
11. Canaran'a laud tree again asm-ear!,
which made and constituted a double aa
easinetit, and the board being fully ad
vised, it la ortlered that the clerk cancel
laid deliiiiirtil tat aa It appear at page
II, volume 6 of delinquent lax aalea lor
the year 1807.
In the matter of bid for lumber for
I-ogsn and rtpringwater road Tbia mat
tor coming on In accordance with th
notice published, arid only two bid being
on file, to-wit: Bid of A. Lacy and li. U
Co per, and the bid of It. U. Copr be
ing the loweat bid, to-wlt; $5.60 er
thousand; therelore, it la ordered that
the contract lie awardml 10 H (i. Coe.et
utxjn hit filing a good and etilllclonl t'oml
and Pigning a contract lo be furnished by
the county clerk upon the pari of Clack
amaa county.
In the matter of the Fanton road and
report of viewer In the putter of the
report of F. A, Ely, J. N. Harrington
and Cli.. Moran, viewera appointed at
the last term of thia board to view ami
locate a county road equaled in Clacka
mas county, Oregon, and ilm-crilxiil In
full 011 page 333.334 ami 3:,6 of thia
journal, aaid viewer filed their report,
allowing that they had met on the 31at
day ol January, 1001, a day named in the
notice tnrvtMl upon them, and were duly
worn by subHcribli.g to a written muli
ol oilice admiiiiHtered by John W. Mid
drum, the deputy county iiirveyor, afte,
wlncli they proceeded to the designated
place ant) did view and cause to be sur
veyed by aaid tlnpniv county aurvevor
the aliove described road. They also
filed tin, Held nolo and plat of the sur
vey. Said viewera report favorahlr to
tho eataliliftliing of said road aa viewed
and surveyed, for the roanon that it is a
good, practical route and of imblic
utility. Said report waa read on Una day
on its llrat reading ami laid over for a
second reading tomorrow.
In the matter nf the not it Ion ol Mra. K.
Wehrbeim for a road Thia matter com-
ng on for hearing, it la ordered that the
further hearing be poHtponed until the
next meeting of the hoard.
I he hoard now adjourned until tomor
row at 0:30 a, 111.
Thuhhdav, February 7, 1901.
The board n,w convened, niirmiant to
adjournment, the coinmiaMionerg ami
odlcerH preHent a of yealerdaf ,
Ell Williams, nnHes.nor . 102 00
li Porter, do (tit 00
L K Williama, do 44 00
Portland (inn Electric Co ct Iioiiho 5 1)8
If Brietha' pt, J I'court 3()0
E L Elliott, do 2 00
A Newell, do 3 00.
Oregon City Courier-Herald 7 60
I 00
4 25
a 00
H Ik)
7 Ik)
8 ID
l 70
1 70
1 70
I 70
I 70
1 20
1 )
1 20
A 20
1 20
W II Kngle. do,,, ,
() W Kolihlna.tlu
II F (lihaon, do
C II Htnlth, do
(leu H Dpperaoii, do
J II Tracy, do .
J (! Iracy, 1I11
J It I'almatcer, do,.
A H llawkltia, do ,,
Christ llodewlg, do .
Kdward dray. do,,,.
Wm Knight, tin,,.,,,
A K other, do
Jamei Kvana, tin,,.,,,....
John W Udcr, do
J IIM111II. do
i. , .4 11 .
p ,iiuer, 00, ,,,,..,.,,, , . 1 1
Otto II Miller, do A 1
1 20
F: 111 II Kruger, do
hi. ils Knight, ilu
II A IHdman, do
I 70
1 70
I 70
1 70
II A Klnshaw, do..,
M U hlrlckland
Courier lleiald, printing
2-1 4A
32 70
11 2f
13 '.M
20 IN)
I Helling, pauper ..
IVter Nehren, court house .
J J I ooke, aherlir,
Oregon Dity F.iitcrprlae, atatlnnery M7 75
" printing.. SJ U0
A l Hilrnett, ahelllT H 00
Ina M Chase, do 4 00
Mr luidon, pauper t Ik)
W II Young, do I Ik)
W II Young, aherlir 2 110
Mra M N llacon.ilerk "I la)
Mial ydia WineMi, pauper 34 .'I'J
J W McAniiliy. J I' court l (XV
II H Moody, do 7 )
J W McAnultv, di 2 20
IIHMlv.do 4 IN)
Leila Fierce, clerk IU IK)
Ina M Chae, do 2.1 00
J W MelJruai, surveyor H IK)
I) It Dlininli'k, paiinr 3 00
F.rneal Rami, aurveyor 7 W
In th matter ol the Fanton road and
report o( viewer Kald report waa read
ou yeeirrday, and now on thia day un He
Mtcoiid reading, and It apiring lo the
board that John Kulbllelech, K II Cooper
and John II Orillltli have flloil claim lor
damage aa follow : John KolbllniM-fi
In th emu of o00. V. II Cooper In the
sum uf I'm) and John II (irilliili lu the
aunt of I.1IO, It la therefore ordered that
J l Myert, K W llornahuli and Robert
llughra be aud hereby are appoliilml
viewer ol damage, lo inert upon the
preoira of Said partp-a on the loth day
of February, l'.Wl. ami bbmnmi the dama
ge, if any there be, lo land ol laid par
line, and rrirt lh aame lu Dili board al
lie next regular aeaelon. It la further w
dered that the exne account ul taid
viewera and aurve)ora be paid.
F A Fly, 1 day, Id mile ... ... I J M
J N Harrington, do 3 tJ
t'harle Aloiao, do 3 '
II KHlliith, I day 3 lO
Waller Km melt, do 2 OU
John C Ninth, do 2 00
John W iL Idruin, 2 day, IS mile tt "0
Total I'.ti tO
In lh matte' of the petition of Cbnt
Mor link ei al (or a clung In lh lie on
road lo the mat tar of the report of J I
Meyer, John (shannon and Eugene .w
ellen, vleaeia apsliited at the lsl lerut
ul tlil boa id lo view and locate a county
road !utr-d In Clackamaa county, Ore
gon, drwcnhrd on pagee 341 and 3t4
ul till Journal. ali viewer filed their
report, showing Ibal they hd melon
the 311 day of January, lool, a daf
named In the notice aorved upon them,
and were duly ru by ulxu rilnng lo a
ruti n oath of pfllc aliallilstered by
F.ruaal Rand, county survryor, alter
which they preceded It Ibe designated
place and did view and cause lo b aur
veyed by aaid county surveyor lh above
de.crinrd road. They alo tiled lh lleldl
notes) and plat of the survey. ftld view
er reixirt favorably to the establishing of
aaid road aa vleweil and tlrveywl, for
the reaaoha thai ll II a good, practice
root and ot public utility, haul rrtiort
waa read 011 thia day 00 it flrl reading
aud laid over lor a eevond reading to
morrow. The hoard now adjourned, to meet to
morrow. Friday. February H. I'.KJl. al 10)
o'clock a. m.
Faiiuv, February ft, I'JOl.
The hoard now convene.!, mirauant to
a-l jour nment, the comiiilaiioiiertand olll
ce r present aa on yesterday.
In the matter ot the petition ol ( brut
Moebiik et al lor a change in lh IUwo
road Keport ol vieaera .Said reiort
waa read un yesterday, and now un thia
day on Its scroti d reading, and ll appear
lug lo th board that there I no remon
strance nor ie Ition tor damage (lied
and that aaid road will tie of public util
ity, ll la ordered and adjudged that the
field note and plat of aaid eurvev lie re-
curded and in all rnieci approved, and
that said view and survey be paid for by
Clackamas county; mil the rleik I
hereby ordnred to iame the nicerf
notice hi the auiervlor of the dialilct or
district in which said Mad Ilea tn open
and work the same. All that portion of
road herelofor- deacritied and asked to
be vacated be arid the aame la hereby u
all res peels ordered vacated on the open
ing of aaltl road.
J U Meyer, 2 day 20 mile fil 00
hugene laelleii, do 0 (k)
John Shannon, 2 days, 0 inllo. . . . 4 IK)
W I.lvlngsian, 2 day 4 Ot)
OlloMiadihko. do 4 IN)
Ja 1) Bee on, do 4 (X)
LrneHt Band, 3 days, 20 11, ilea... 14 00
Total.. $12 IK
In the matter of the petition of J J
Kimball el al for a county road In the
matter of the report of J A Uamlolph,
liuo lliceniioiham and Newton Walker,
viewers poiiiied at the lat term of Ihl
hoard to view and locate a county road
situated n Clackamas county, Oreuon,
described in full on page 332 "I till jour
nal, aum viewer filed llielr reort, show
In ir that thev had met on thu 2Hih ila ot
Wilton A Cook, court liotiae,,,, ,
I'einhVI'el A Tul Co, da
Oirnd Samaritan lloltel, pauper
V II Diingati. I 1 court
J miliary, 1IK11. a day named In the notice
served upon them, and were duly eworr
by suhHciihliig to a written oath oiftlu
adiiiinihieroil by John W Meldruin, hep
tit y county mirveyor, after which they
proceeded to the designated place ami
did view and cause to be mrveyed by
iild deputy counly surveyor the above
described road. They a trio died the Held
notes and pint of tho survey. Haid view
er report favorably to the eatabllHliltig
of laid roatl a viewed and mirveved, for
the roHHoim that It la a good, practical
route, anil of public utility. Hit id report
was road on this day on Ita flrat reading
and laid over for a recoiid reading to
11101 row.
The board now adjourned, to meet to
morrow, February 0, 11)01,' at the hour of
0:30 a. m.
(Continued next week)