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Obkoox Citv, Oregon, January '.'8, 1901.
To the Taxpayer of School District No. (U, Clackamas County, Oregon
Ladiks and (iknti.kmkn : We, your board of directors, submit the following
estimate of the cost of conducting the public echoola of ilil dimru-t for the fiscal
year ending March 1, 190:!, together with the available funds to bo rtcclvcd during
that time:
Salaries of teachers
Janitors' salariea
School supplies
Interest on bond (fixed charge)
Clerk's salary (fixed charge)
rainiing and repairs, Kaatliatu building
Inside stairs and sidewalks for Han-lay school.
Insurance for three years, due id August
Hewer assessment
Indebtedness March 1st, liHI ,
siiERirrssALE on execution.
ftl.tUio IW
7U fat
':." 00
5K) 00
7J0 IK)
100 (X)
2.V) IK)
li'ti 00
13 12
3.2-J5 00
" In the Circuit Court of the Stall
Oregon (or.ilio County o( Miiltnoiiiah.
1'ortland Trust Company o(
J. C. lUveiv and Anna
llavely. '
Defendants, j
Total estimate I12.KI3 U
fly compaiison with last year'a report, yon will 8ml that this estimate it prac
tically the same, the only diligence being the Insurance and needed repairs.
The item of paintir.g Eastharo building was asked for last yesr, but, owing to
the high price of painting material, it was deemed advisable to let it go another
The item of f 13.12 for sewer assessment is one-tenth of the amount due under
the Bancroft act, and will have to be provided for each year until paid.
The past year we have received from various funds as follows :
County fund 13,019 62 on a valuation of 14,714,000, 5 nulla
State fund l.SCii IX)
Special tax 4,079 9-i
on a valuation of ft4i,4l5, 0 mills
with an indebtedness ot I3.2-J3
Total S,yt7 43
Ye should receive this year as follows :
From the county on a 5-mill levy on $4,2&3,84l.O0 valuation...
From the stale apportionment
From a special tax of 7 nulls on 1641,757.00 valuation
12,400 00
Svt or Oanoo,
County ul Clackamas
ilr, ilecie anil an execution duly is
sued out ol nt uoder Ihs seal ol the above
entitled oourl in Ihs aliove entitled causa, lo
ms duly dinsottd and dated ili '.Mill day of
Jauuaiy, !UI, upon a Judgment rendered
and entered In aid couilon the llh day of
June, !!., In lavor o( I'urlland 1 ruel Com
pany ol Oregon, idaimHt. and aiiainat J. O.
llavely and Anna tiavrlv, deleudaiila, and
11. W.'ltose. surety, tor the sum ol J..ki .10,
uli interest thereon al U rata ol lu per
rent per annum truni Ihs i'Ph day ol July,
p.sO, allien judgment was enrolled end
docketed in the clerk's otllre ul said courl
In said county on the Ath dav of January,
lull; and, aiiereae. notice of ciiiilritiiiliuu
and repay nienl u tiled by l.iiomda Hots,
admtnlalialrix. Mliinif U Foster and Ignore
Hon. ty liar guardian, l.urluda lloae. No
veniber Hud, p.s.0, cotiunaiiding in our of
lh personal properly ol said drlendanla,
and II W. Koa, surely, and it sulttciciil
could not be loui.d, then out of (he real
property tx longing lo said di leinlanls and
surety, in utility the sum ol IM.T.M, ailh
lulerral the eon at Ihs rale ol 10 rcnt er
annum Ironi tne -'Ivli day uf Urcemtxr, l!l),
alMiconla Uh.ii Una aril.
Now, tlirreiore, by villus of talil execn-'
linn, Jutli(iuetil orxlrr and decree, and In
idiii puanee auli Hi coiiiwaiitla ol aaid aril.
oeing unaiiis to uud any perxinal properly
ol aid drlendanla or ur.), did on Ilis
Niii.iiirrN nai r
.8,tWl 00
with a rloatii g debt at the end ol the year of about 14,000 00.
The school census for 1900 w as 1198. We believe that there will be no loss in
this ret-pect.
The taxable property in the district being $5,000 lower than last yesr, 7 mill
levy will produce but 400 over last year, and the county valuation being almost
foOO.&O lower, and the lev; the same, will bring only fJ, 400, which ia O0 les
than the past year. In view of these facts, we recommend a 7-mill tax. w hich will
pay the current expeuses and leave the district with an indebtedness of alout
14,000 at tbe end of the fiscal year, or about 1500 more than last year.
Kespeclfolly submitted,
Board of Directors School District No. 62.
Interr sting Mrtlrp II Id at Harlow
Lal Saturday.
The regular meeting of the Clackamas
County Teacher.' Association was held
t Barlow, Saturday, January 26, 1901.
Called to order at 10:30 a. m. by Supt.
The ineetirg wss held in the Methodist
church which was well filled.
Tbe minutes of the Wilsonville meet
init were read by the secretary, Fannie
G. Porter, and approved.
The sr-mi-anuual election of offi.ere
wss held wi'b the following results:
Vice-president, T. J. Gary.
Secretsry, Fannie G. Poiter.
Treasurer. Kate Casto.
Editor, Bertha M. iibn.
The following officers of the Library
Association were elected :
President, T. J. Gary; vice-presidents.
II. D. Wilcox, and Fannie G. forter;
treasurer, Kaie Casto.
Tbe program was opened by singing
"How can we Ioteret Patrons and
Children was the subject assigned to
Vf, W. Austen. Tbe teacher in order
to interest others in her work, must be
interested in it herself. The teacher
must be able to do good work ; must be
well informed, and a good disciplinarian,
avud also a student of human nature in
order to be really successful. Co-operation
between the teacher and the
cchool board, ia necessary to up-baild
the school system. The children are
being trained for citizenship, and morals
nd manners should be taught, as well I
aa lextbxks." W. W. Jesse also spoke
on this subject.
The teachers were invited out to lunch
liy different residents of Barlow.
Called to order at 1 :30 p. in. by Supt.
Zinfer. The program began "villi a
aong t,y Miss Hilton.
"The Recitation" was the subject of a
cart-ftillv prepared and well read paper!
members of the program committee.
The AsM.-iation aang "The Red White
anil Blue" and then adjourned to meet
again the last Saturday in February.
Behtua M. Gibson.
Notice of Slate Cxatalnatloa of Trarbers
Notice ia hereby given that for the put
poee of examining all persons who may
offer themselves as candidates for teach
era of the schools of the state of Oregon
the county school superintendent ot this
county will hold a putilic examination at
tbe court bouse at Oretcou City, Oregon
Wednesday, February 13, 1901.
Dated thin 21 at day of January, 1901
School Superintendent of
Clackamas County, Oregon,
Legal Noticed
otlre Tor l'ubliralion
Pki-abtmint of thk Interior.
Land Office at Oregon City, Oregon,
December 29, 1900.
Notice is hereby eiven that the follow
ing named settler has riled notice of his
intention to make final proof in support
oi ins Claim, and that said proof will be
made before the Register and receiver at
Oregon City. Ore , on Feb. 11, 1901, viz:
II. E. 11724. for lota 1. 2. 3 and 4. sec.
26.Tp.2S, R 2E.
lie names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous renidence upon and
cultivation of said land, vis: Dan Watts.
L. D. Mumpower. Waller Holcomb and
John C. Holcomb, all of Oregon City,
Oregon. CHAS. B. M.OOKES.
l.StA) IX) j 311 dav ol January, P'l. Uxly levy.iiimn
4,491 liOMba lolloalng deacriua,! ral pruparly of aaid
dflendania and aurely, ailuala and being in
the county ol Clackamas and alalaol Ore
gon. lo-!i:
An undivided one-third (13) iiileraal In
and to all ol Ilia lolloalng described real
preiiiiaex, t-all:
Lois three (3) and four (4k In block two
('.'), In Ilia loa n of I'aiiemah, I'lackainat
county, Oregon, aa alio n by Ilia plata and
urvet i ol aaid .loan ol Cauriiiali nor on
hie In lb county clerk'iotlica ol I'lackamaa
county, Oregon.
1'lie north ball ( S) of lol hil'iilwrrd ona
(I) and Hie north liail(S) of lot numbered
emit (.), In block iiuintM-red taeiily-aeven
l-T). according loth map and plat of lha
loan of Oregon t'lty, Orrgon, on tlla In lha
rouuty rieik a olttce of i'lackaiuaa rounly,
Oregon, aaid Iota commencing al Iba noriii-
ral corner ol aaid block laeiiiy-aeven ?7,
and runmna Ihenceeaaisrly 210 leel; thence
aouliierl) 34 feel and 3 iucliea: thenca weal-
erly 1M0 feel ! Main alrevi; ihai.ee Si I eel
ami o Iucliea lo the la' of brniunli g.
The aoulu half (SI of the Jamea Waldrnp
donation land elaiui. noillUatlon No. 7'i.'.
in aecliona 1,1.' ami l.'t, loanhit three .1J
aoulb. ranica Hire (.J east Wliiamelta man.
dtan, Clat'kama county, Oreaon O'liiain.
lug one hundred and llliy Hire l.VIJ acre,
mora or iraa, ,
lWiniiii. at a stake 15 M chains aoulh
and 43 chains a eai from tne northern corner
of the John b. lowland donation land
Claim; Ibenceaouili 4i Urgreaa 43 mlnutea
eal 40cnain to a stone; Ihenc aoutli 43
degree 30 mlnutea a est S chain lo a atone;
llience nonh 4l degree 43 luinulea aeal 40
chainalo a itake on In nonnae.l boun
dary ol aaid claim ; tbriire north 43 degrees
eal 7 !ii chains lo Hi place ol brinning,
coutaiinug X! acrea, more or lex, In Clacka
inai county, Oregon.
IleKinuitiK al the nortbaest comer of
haao lioroon a land, or land formerly
ownrd by him, llience along the line of aid
Uiirdon'a Iraci In a aou(hralerly dlrecilou
o rixli; thence al right anglea running
wenlerly lo lha line of a trart ol land for
merly oatird by L. D. Harding; llieiua
norineriy along aaid line ol aaid Harding a
trai l ol land 7U rod, more or leon, lo I.. U
lU'dn g nortiiaesi corner; thence in an
easterly uirrcii'iii lo ine northae! corner
ol a tract of laml liirinrrly ownrd by I. cy
A. liiiruelt ; llience aouth -riy lo tne aoutli
aert corner of aaid I rail furtnerlv owned bir
aani i.ucy A. itiirneit liurod: llience eanl-
eny along the line of aaid l.ui y A. Burnett
tract ol land lo the place ol beKinnlng. con
taming Hi) acrea, the aame being part of
rniilu roster V. L. l In Clackamai
coniity, Ureifon
tiritii.miia at a point thirty IT" I feet rati
of ahere the aoulb line of section ulna Ul. I E
lownvnp i aouio, range i earn or tne " li
In His Clrcull Courl of the Slats ol Oregon
lor the cuiluiy ol Clni kamas.
Mnry Leonard,
llaorge Diitilavy.
Ii li'inUnl.
Stus or OMooa, I (
County ol Clackamas!
execution and order ol sale, dul) luaued
nut ol and under the seal of His atmve null
tied courl, In Hie ala eulllled raue, lo
ma dulv directed and daleil tha l.ttlt day of
Jantiaiy, limi, uihiii a judgment remlerad
and entered In said court on lha '.'I h day
of November, l'.Ml, In lavor of Mary lon
ard, plalntilt, and aKalnst tlrirtre D'uulavy,
defendant, lor Ilia sum uf I Jo 7. with In
lerasl thereon at the rata ol 10 per cent per
annum from lha Villi dav ol November,
and lha fiirther auiii ol KM) ( as attor
ney's fee, ami lha lurlher nun of tl I 7.1 eosis
and dlnliurseinenla, and His costs of and
upon Mils a ril, commanding me lo make
talent Ilia lolKiwina lescnlisii real proierly.
annate In Ihecounly ol Clarkamaa, alais of
Oregon, lo an:
Cnuimeuclng at a point oit th uorlh
Imundary ol lha l. U C. ol ltolerl Allen In
towmliip tl south, range I eaal of ilia Wil
lamette meridian, In ll.ltiouniy.au chains
and eiv'til links irom the noriheaai corner
thereof, thence north Ml dryrera .to mltiulva
millif north litiuiiilaiy line ol said
claim S M chains; llience soiilli i)drgrra
0 ndnulra eaal H i'l chnlna lo the side of the
County road leading lo Hilverloo; llie'ira
nor ill lOdeKrresA minutes ran A M chalna
lo Hie place ol beginning, containing 1. 711
No, therefore, by virtue of said execu
tion, JuilKUient order and decree, and in
comi'iiaiice a ith the commands ol said aril,
1 a ill, on ttaturday,
al the hour of 1 :20 oVIin k p. ui., al (lis
(rout door of the county courl liouae In
the city of Oregon C Iv, In said ouinly and
stale, tell at puhlio audio'), sutijrct lo re
demption to His highest bidder, for I'. H
gold coin, caati In band, all the rigid, title
and Interral ahlcli the within liameil Qe
lamlaiit had on the dale of lha atlachiitvnl,
or it tire had, in or lo lha aixiv ,learrld
real proeny, or any part thereof, toaslWy
said exrciilion, Jiidtf mai l order, ileerra, In
la.'aal, costs and all accru.nacoata.
J. J. t OOKK.
HirrllTot Clarkamaa Coiinly. I irn.Mii,
Dated Oregon City. Ore., Jan. Id, I 01.
Nlll ltlll'Ss NAI.i:.
In Hie Circuit Court of lliaHlalsof Oreguii
for lliecoiinly ol Clm sanma,
Clmrli s Hpangler,
mi ntiom.
In the Circuit Court ol the Stale ol Ore
gon for Clatkamas County.
Chaa. Draer, plaintiff,
Grace A. Draper, defendant.
To (trace A. Draper, alrove named de
fendant :
In the name of the atale of Oregon, yon
are hereby required to appear and
answer the complnint filed ag a mat von
in I tie alrove entitled auil on or belore
February 111, llK.ll, (hat bHiig the last
day preacribed In the order of publica
tion of tbia luminous, and if you fail to
ao appearand answer said complaint
the plaintiff will apply to the court lor
the reliel therein prayed ltr.toa.it:
divorce iruiu the iMimla ot inarriage ex
isting tietweeu toil and plaintiff.
This sumtnolia is publialied by order ol
lion. I. r Kvan, Judge of the county
court p Llackamaa county, Oregon
made on the 2i h day of lVceinlel, I'.HX)
the tlrat ptihltcaiioli tieltigull tl e4tli day
oi January. 19UI
Attorney fur 1'UiirilT.
V K. I'alue, D. K. I'alne, Klla
I'aine, Jane I'aliie and and
J. II, Martin, C. K. Martin
and 0, K. Martin, parluera,
doing liutliieas under His
llrm name ol Martin X yon,
Hlais of Oregon, I
fount) ol Clarkamaa
i' der, Oerreaand an eirrinloii, duly Is
sued out of and under the seal ol lha above
eiitlllra! court, In lha above anlllled cause,
lo ins duly directed and dated lha Hill day
of January, l'l, Upon a Judgmelil reu
ilared and entered In said ismrt on Oie HHh
dav of November, 1111, In lavor of Charles
heanxler, iilaliilllf, and agallial V, K. I'aiue
and 1 1. K. Value, drfemlauis, lor Hie sum of
fium Oo, Willi lulereal thereon al lha rats id
S par rant par anniini Irom lha 4lli day ul
July, IMI7, and Ilia further turn ,f I.'.4I
laias, will) Interest thereon from lha II li
day of July, I'nai. and Hie lurther sum ol
I .'0ii as attorney's (era. and llieluriliersuiii
ol f.'l.oi oosla and disbuiaeiiit nit, and lha
oosis ol and uihiii this writ, commending
me lu make y la ol lha following deecrihed
real properly, annate In the county ol
fia kamas, stale of Oreoo, to. ait :
Coniniencliig al lha aoiiihweal corner u
Ibe donalioii land claim ol Kraut Is I . o.
ard, III srcllon live (.). lown.lill. lour (I)
aoutli, range lau ('.) ea.l of I tie Willamette
meridian, running thence norlb one bun.
dred and twenty seven (I. '7) ro le an. I llllirn
(l.'iilliika; Ihnira saat silly live r.'i) roils
ihriire south one hundred ami lsniy.hr
(iri) riKls, tbriira rat laaive 1 1.') to.ls,
Iheiire aoulh to Ilia south Una ol ih rram
da f. lard donation land claim ; Ihenre
west lo lha plera of lirgliiidi g, coi lalnlug
ft It jr lu (X') arras more or !, anoated In
Cia. katnas county, Oratfon,
Now, Iheralura, iy virtue of said execi
Hon, Judgment order ami drcree, and In
compliant- with Ilia roiiiiiiandaol said writ,
1 will, on haturday,
at Ilia hour id I i.'kio'clork p. m., at II. a front
door of Hie luuniv court loniaa in lha i Py ul
Oregon City , In said county and state, sell
at public BU. tioii, aiil.J.--l to rrdmllon. In
the lilKhral bidder, lor C. H. g ild colli raali
lo hand, all Hia ri(M. title and Interral
hull lha within named delelulauls, or
either ol Iheni, dad on Hie dale of Hit
tnorlgsKe herein, or alin e ba I. in or ,t lha
aluva de-rtlied real pio-eriy, or any pail
hrreuf, lo taiAly said elrrulioii, Juda
maul order, drcree, Inlrre.t, csta ami
all aivrulng costs.
Sheriff uf Clarkamaa Couuly, Of'Kori.
Dated, uregoii City, t ire.. Jan, N, iai.
Uryulttr ,Iihuhi'i Term of th
i'oi uf llimrtt.
J. It, Morton, John l.ewnllcit ami T.
Kllllll, Collltlllaalniiera,
.Ilro ! I'IbsiI NctlleMsrMl.
at I .VI VI .
In the Circuit Court of the Slat of Ore
gon for the County ol Clackamas.
lamette meridian cro.es the center ol the ".trick Byrne, Defendant
Oregon and Calilurnia railroad, ruiinina
M. Howell, I'laint.lT, I
V. V
thence northerly tracing the eastern buuu
dary line of said railroad right of way lo a
iniiiii loriy rooa iionnni sain section line ol
aid section nine lJ; thence east parallel
witti said section line siity-eighl 'J rods
totbewest boundary of tbe county road:
thence in a southerly directum tracing th
west ooiimiarv line ol said county road lirty
and a half M)4 twit to line of aaid section
nine 91; thence west thirty nine ;l rods
tracing sain section una to place ol begin
To Patrick Byrne, defendant above
named :
In the name of I he Stale of Oregon,
you are hereby commanded (o appear
and anaaer the complaint tiled against
you in the above entitled action o .or lie.
lore the tut e prescribed in the order for
the publication of this auininona. to-wit:
un or m-iore six (0) weeks alter publica
, n-i,iiuii due w uiaioui oeirin.i... , . .,
nlng. containing thirteen and thrta-elgtith tlon "'ereol ; and it you fail ao to appear
l.'ll acres, more or leaa.
Aiik lots 3. 4. and 6. h ock Oreirnn
n: i .. '
iiiy, Liai latnas county, uregun
Ana i win, on Saturday,
THK 2.hd DAY OK MARCH, IfrOl,'
od answer said complaint, for want
thereof, the plaintiff will lake a Judg
ment against you for Hie sum of flUi.tiO,
wliich ia a balance due upon one il) cer
tain proiiiuoiory note for flOO.Ig) made
and executed to one Meliaaa Smith ami
by George Strickland. He spoke par
ticularly of the teachers work, in every
recitation given. There is always a
"beet" way of doing everything, said
Franklin, and the teacher assumes the
responniljiliiy of indicating the "best"
way of doing tilings.
"Spelling. . its Place on the School
Program," was the subject of thor
oughly practical talk by Ara McLaugh
lin. He gave many helpful euggeHtions
to (etchers. Messrs. Hansen, Aunten
and Zinser diecuased this subject.
Several recitations were rendered by
mall pupils of the school.
Miss Moilie Harlow read an interesting
paper written by her father, comparing
tbe educational methods of 50 years ago
with those of today.
"Grading in Mixed Schools" was
handled in an instructive and helpful
manner by Fupt. J. C. Zinser. In a
plain and practical manner, he illus
trated his method of grading country
achools, by use of a blackboard. This
exposition of the grade work was ex
tremely beneficial to the teachers
A resolution of thanks to the good
people of Barlow for the kindness and
hoepitulity shown the association, was
passed unanimously.
The next place of meeting will be
elected by the superintendent and
In the Justice Court, District No. 4, County
of Clackamas, State ol Oregon.
J. S, Welch.
Wm. Howlelt.
Defendant, j
To Wm. Howlett, tha sbove named defend-ant:
Oregon, you are hereby required to ap
pear and answer tliscooii.aiiil tiled aKninst
you in the aliove entitled court on or before
the 23d day of February, l'joi. that beitiif
the last day preacribed in the order for pub
lication of tins somiuoiia for you to appear
and answer said complaint; and if you fail
to appear and answer said complaint, for
want thereof, plaintiff will take itidiiment
against you lor the sum ot 42'J tX, together
with the costs and disbursements of this
Kirst publication of this auinmons is Jan.
uary 11, 11.
Dated tint 8th day of January,
J. W. McANUl.TY,
JusiIrM- of the Peace, District No. 4.
Dm u k ib Kastium,
Attorneys for i'lsiiitiff.
at the hour ol two o'clock p. m., at the front by her aligned to D. K. Smith, and by
door ol Ibe county court bouse. In Hie ritv him aaak'ned
of Oregon City, in said county and state, lion to the plaintiff above named, who ia
fi.'rTiiji'ieTViXnc:-;' "' .'"'. '"''.
coin, cash in hand, all the riht. title and u'"reon 111 V'e r"'e "l ""()
interest wb'cli the wiibiu named ilefeud- 'r tenl '"!r "m"n '" tne loth day ol
anis, or surely, or either of them. I,v in Mepieinher, I'M), ami lor Hie costs and
or lo tne above described real properly, or I diabursernentaof thia action, and for the
'on uirreoi, io sauaiy sain execution, iiiruier sum oi .)(). un as attorney's fees
judgment order, decree, Interest, costs and I
an accruing costs.
hherlffof Clackamas County, Oregon.
Dated Oregon City, Ore., Jan. .'il, 1!.
Felice Tor 1'ublloallon.
Dkpabtmknt or tub Intxhiob,
Land OHice at Oregon City, Oregon,
January 19th, VJ01.
Notice ia hereby given that the follow
ing named settler has filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will lie
made before the Keiriiiter and Heceivnr
at Oregon City, Oregon, on March 11th,
1901, viz: ,
H. E. 11150, for the 8. of the N. E-U
and the 8. K. M ot the is. W. M ol sec.
32. Tp. 6 8., It. 3 E.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous resilience upon and
cultivation of said land, vix ; James Batv.
Stephen A. D. Hungate, Harry I. Kastall
herein. And you are hereby notified
that the plaintifl has caui-ed lo he at
tached certain real estate situated in the
county ol Clackamas, stale of Oregon, as
I. .1, - . . ( ... 7. '
loiiuwn. ira-wit; All ol Ion seven (7) and
fight (8), in block Iwenlyeiuht (28), in
tne town oi oiuwaiikie, Uackaiiiaa conn
ty, Oregon, accord tnu to the recorded
maps and plats on file in the office of the
recorder of conveyances of ShIiI conniw.
ior tne purpose oi satisfying eucli jinlg.
iiientae he may obtain uiion coinnlaint
on file herein.
The date of the first publication of this
summons Is January 4th. !!)!. and Hut
date of the last publication thereof Is the
To James Gregory, the above named 15th day of February. 1!K)I. which Is the
defendant: last uay within which you may annear
In the name of the stateof Orevon vnu nd answer the complaint herein, and
are hereby required to appear and ans- M''' summons Is published pursuant to
wer the complaint Bled against yon in the "n order made and entered herein by
above entitled suit ou or before February the county court of the state of Oregon
10. 1901, that beinir the laat iUv ,,r. for the county of Clack amas. Hon. Thoa
scribed in the order of the publication of Kyan, jmlge, on the 28th day of De-
mis summons, and if you fail to so ap- cemoer, iuw
Tt)TICK la hereby giver thai lha liinter
' Slgnol, as admlnlatrarrll of II. aataie
of Arthur . I'erdne. deceased, haa H.rd
her llnel reHirt altli the rounlv court ol
Clwkamaa counte, Hrrgm,, and thai His
Hon. Thomas K. Ittau, Juila-a ol tal.l
rourl, baa ae Monday, li a 4th day ol
Keiirna.y. I'M. al lo o'clock a. ni .aslhs
lime lor settlement thereof ami brarllig ob
jections thereto, Il any hv-uiede.
Daud Decemtiar II
AI.ICK J rr.nDt'K,
In tha Circuit Courl of Ibe Hiale n( Oregon
for lha Com ty ol Clai ktinn
C. D. A D. C. Ijitotir.ue.
Iivell and
Satnuel I
ljvt ll,
In the Circuit Court of the Sta'a of Ore
gon (or Clackamas County.
Lizzie Gregory, plaintiff,
James Gregory, defendant.
pear and answer said complaint, the
Miaiiinii win apply to tne court for the
relief therein prayed for, to wit: a di
vorce Irom the bonds of marriage exist
ing between you and plaintiff.
fhi summons ia published by order of
Hon. T. K. Kvan, judge of the county
court of Clackamas county, Oregon, made
on the 28th day of December, 1!KK). the
first publication being on the 4Ui day of
January, 1901.
Attorney for I'laintilT.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Such little pills as DeWitt'a Little
Early Risers are very easily taken, and
and Ieom Vanghan. all of Molalla. Ore. I tney are "derfully effective in cleans-
CUA8.;B. MOOItE, Kegiater. ing tbe liver and bowels. G. A. Harding.
Bsarstka IM Kind Yoii Haw Always Bought
hrTi or Ous.i". i
Count) ol Clarkamaa. I '
der, decree and an exi-rulloii, dulv Is
sued out ol and under tha seal of the alnive
entitled court Hi Ibe bImiv entitled cause, to
nia duly directed and dated Hie 1 Ith day id
lH-cetiiber, I'.as), uaun a Jiulgiiivnt randertd
and entered In said court on Hie ?llli dav of
Novemlier, ps), In favor of C. D. A D. C.
Itourette. plalntllls, and against ha -mel 1
l-o veil, deleiidanl, lor tha sum ol IHU.IO,
with Interest thereon at Hie rata of Pi r
caul er aiinuiii from Ilia 'Jlth day of No
vemlier, rs. ami lha lurther sum of .V0 1
as attorneys Ire. and, the further sum ot
l-VtMcosts and disbursements, and Ilia costs
of and Uixan this writ, coiiiniaiidlna ma lo
make tale o Ilia following descnlied
real iroirty. sltoala In the count ul
Markamas, atale of Oregon, to-wit:
ihs wast half o ihs west half ol the north
west quarter ol sertloli 3. lowiiihin.1 south.
oi ranaexeasi ol tne tv luamelle meridian.
o, therefore, hv virtue of said execu
tion, judgment order and decree and In
compliance with Hit commends ol said writ.
i will, on naturiiay,
al the hour of I :.V) o'clock p. ui at lha front
door of the county court houaa in Hie nliv
of Oregon City, In said county and slate,
sell at public aitrllnn, auhjeci lo redeiu
Hon, In lha lileliest bidder, lor IT. 8 ariild
coin caah In h it nil, all tbe right, title ami In
terest wtiti'ii Ilia w thin named defendant
had on the data of the mortKSKa herein.
or since had, in or to the aliove deacribed
real properly or any part thereof, lo satisfy
said execution, Judgment order decree, In
terest, costs anil all accruina costs.
J. J. I .'of IKK.
Hherlft of Clackamas county, Ori-troti
Dated Oregon City, Ore., Deo. W. P.tui,
rtollre) of Mule of It ml IMulr.
MOTICKIa hereby given (hat In pnrsii.
ance of an order of sale, mads and en-
lereu ny the county court, coiiniy nf Clacks
mas, stutitof tlreirou, on this ITilh day ol
January, A. D, Jimi, its the matter ol the
eHtateol Koherl llaty. deceaserl, lha tirider
sigued, His executor of the last will and tes
tament of said deceased, will sell al i. rivals
am on ami aner inc mm UHy or Svhruary,
' , mo loiiowiiiji u'.-surineu real estate, lo
The 101111 half of the aoulh hair of il,. a
J . llaty and Mary Hnty D. I,. C, containing
Vt) acrea, mure or lass, situate In Clackamas
county, Oregon; also the mirth hall ol the
south half ol the A. J. Daly and Mary llaty
D. L. C, containing I (to Hurt!. fiiurM uf Ikhbi
altuaie In Clnckaiiias county, Oregon, on
the premises, said aale t be for caah 10
per earn on nay or sals and balance on con
liriualiuii of sale hv said county court.
l-ilAltbKY IMUfJHKIlfY,
Executor id Hie I. ant Will and
Testament of Hubert liaty, Deccaaed,
Dated Jan. HI, 11KI1,
itrrt lieiV al el0C-.r',plum' wl'lcl, lett1 10 ConauinplU Faid Inaanity !. Wllh evSS
(Coiiilnticd from laal t.eck )
In the matter of (Indfrloil Nuiallny
aaklug for aid from tha couuly. Now
comes Mr. hinallev and repreanuia ami
shows lo the board that HoIiim H mi at I
Icy Is a man upwards ol 70 yeara ol agrs
and wnniiy wiiiiotii meana oi sttpiNiri
ami tha iHiard U-ing fully advised, it la
ordered that said liotlrltn! Hiiialley hav
(tl per inoiilli until further ordered.
In the matter of the Usee of Katlo
KiUH'kciilHog. This matter coming upott
petition and the hoard being fully l
vial. it la ordered that Katie Kmki'n
tiilig ixi and la hrrehy allowed In pay
laics uihiii HO acres ol land ul eeclinn :(,
t 4 a, r i o, In the aiiioiinia and for I ho
years na lnllows, o.lu For the )ear
laia. Ill.Wj I'M, I MM, nj;
imm, i imt, fl W; toul, ft I ;.3
Iii the matter of tit las at rebalu uf J.
8, bmilli, The Inal'ef coining on Umiii
the pi litioii ul J.sh, Hititlh lor a rebate)
upon iliiliiiiiiieiit Isxea Im.ukIiI at laa
aale by him and aasesaed and erroiie
ouely sold by the slierifl, am' Hie Uiaril
liaolig lillly advised, II la nr. lured Dial
sai-l ixditioti be granted In the sum of O
only and the clerk draw a warrant lr
aaid amount.
Uird now adj 'tlllied l meet loluol
row morning at U :) u'clm k.
Friday, January II, 1901.
Tha board imw iiml piiraiunt to
adjoiirtiiiieiil, the roiuiniaioiiera ami
tdln era piesenl,
III the mutter of Hie acceptaiice of hs
fiaiichlae of the tlfig ui Clly an,, h.,i,lli
eru Kailway Company by li. C Fl his,
"T'lia Oregon Oil y A Hon' born Ittdway
C'lnpaiiy, a cu hiiioii, imrsiiant lo a
rca.dtiiioii ol Its laianl ol tlirei lots, dl
teclllig Its prrsldi-lil, the lllnli lalglli'd,
an lu do, h reby ai ci pla the Irai ibls,
granted by the Umi-I of loiniiilMiooera
o Clarkamaa county, statu of Oirgoii,
by older ol aaid laid, dated Jauuary
IUtli,l'Jl, and which order la rei-ordn-k
in Journal III on page 3 1 7 . 31U and XIX
IUie. Hits January II, UJl.
"The O.rgoii Uity A uthvin Hallway
Company by (i. C. lielde. preal b ill.
Ill the tiirillerol laitida fur petllloiiiiig
and oatuing roads. Il la ordered that lb
Ikwril will eiaci a go-aland sulllcieol
bund upon ail pvliliona lor haa 1 1 u up
fe-I'M aliou ol riMilaand III C4a aaid raa.
or roads are not al'oae l or locsle-l Haw
bomlami'ii will be mpiiretl to pay ail
In the matter ul Ilia r .nilngniit lund
It appearing lo Hie board Uial the eon
lingciil lund has linie di-pli,,
llicrrlore, it la ordered that the treas
urer alaiai filAJ from the general lui.'l
Into the cidiliuaviit fund.
In mailer ol the K Wehalieln private
road. .Soar at this ifuio Ibis matter
c-iiiiliig on lo Iv heard In on n court
ilu-re la'ing present J. It, Morion, rhair
III n of Hie laiaul ol CoUlily Collunla.loll.
era, John ltwellt-n, an I I boiuaa II. K.l
lio, county c ,iiitiii'ainiiire, and it ap-pi-ar
ing lii the rani Uiard of c iuiuiaioii
eia Irom the awui ii pelituui ul Mrs. K.
N elirtiiltii Uial beta the owner ol and
baa a rerldt hco upon Hie ptllowing dea
ciiba-d real i state lo-il: U, ginning at
a puilil II I!!! i liallis west ol Mm aoiill).
eaal cornerol tbe Hugh Onrriii D. I., C.
No. -PI, ta-ing uf Ibe laud Bold lo John,
Akltis in I J a, r 4 e, ol the IIUtnet(e
Ma-lldiali; lUlilillig llieii.e Weal 3 .1
chains; theiiCM aouth tl'Jdrgreea 'il iiiiii
utt-a west J chains: theme imrlli l' ilex
grr- west lN.I'i chains; tbein e uurllt
0U degrees 3l liiinules rast J,4.'i cl.aina.
llience iiorih U degn-ut we.t linaa,
Ibeoie north till tlegieea &0 iiiiiiulu eaal
1.1.74 chaiin, llience sotiili Id degrsx-a
east 19 A3 challia to pUce ul lxgtiiluhg.
Thai I er said ieaidci.ee ami prux ity la
liol leached by any public rowd hereto
fore provided by law and lha! It is llevee
aary that the public and herself sliouM
have have I greaa and egress lu ami
from her aaid prvmLea ami residence.
It ia then lore ordered Dial A. VV Cooke,
Willard Ilorihg and Kd Mit ler, Ihn-e die.
inli-realed fr-e holdeis ol CU'kainae
county, Oregon, be apH,lniei as vie er
to unci at iha hour ul 1U o'clock a. in.
on the :'.M day ul January, llsjl, on ibe
aaid promisee lo view and locale a road
) pel Hi aldth from preinim-a and real
dunce ol the aaid Mra. K. Wehrheliii to
some other county mad eeroea pioportv
ol .Nancy K Mianklaud and tim. J.
Currln, or the pruiHirty of eHber or laitli
uf Ihein, ejae In dutlie Icaat ilamagt
In the matter of bills for road ilia.
Iru l No M:
f J alklcy
0 V Itarlow Jk Co
Geo II Kute A Co
i . i .
to inn il Hiier n u a
I u...l . ..L . .1 . . . .
naiMin, iHM-eajM-ll . rviiu, coiimb
Albllia llniiilrlck Mliri. Ill,, .ItltloiMl..
Una of the estate ol ilctijamin lli-mlili k
Ison, dcct-ascil, and, and auks Hie boani
tor a rehatu i upon the pmhato
Ine in piobating said estate ami it appear
ing loilm board that the f.-ti paid fr
juolmting su'd catate was 7-fiO. the law.
ful feu lor an estate in lint amount of
lllMH), but that tho inventory of said ea-
taie snows aabl u-tute lo be worth tiio
sum ol Mo()aiid that lint Jawful feus fur
sitiim would only be i, tbemlure it ia
ordcied Ihat Alhiua Hciidrickson, ad
miiiiairaiti., of tbe estate of it. nj.imlia
llomlrickaon have rebate of f'.'.uO on
aid mutter ami that the clerk issue a.
warrant for same.
In the matter of tho petition f U It
, ""'i1'" U S,,ull ,0' 'ncellalioii
ol tax. 1 hia matter com I lllf flit I t. A
applicants appealing by O. II. Dunlck,
their attorney, and the Uard beiM
nil. advised, It is otdcreil that lhede
'imiunn' tax of It. II I .on.. ...t v 1
Hhtilta as appears on di linnimnt roll!
volume 1, nairn 18. he. and i.u.ui. u
Cai.celltd. ' .
In the niattur of tin, motitn,. 1," i.-
U liar.iian for tax rebate Irom school dla-
irn.V i0. 1 J Ilia mil'ter citinliur on
upon petition of K. E. Oharmun illml
herein and the bouril I mini folU ..i.
visud. it is ordered that saitl nciiiion i.,.
granted in the sum of $17.3: and ihat.
the clerk issue a warrant lor aabl
In the mailer if James. IVilaon. an In
digent person and a non-resident of
Clwcaamas county. This matter com Ing;
on forr.onsideiaiian and it appearing to
the board that James Wilson while paia-
....12 00
... -an
of ilenj.tliillk
"' i'a,Mii ii. hi pi,
""""""' I!i " """in in tMnmnrnmr .....