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    n 0 Curry
Oregon City . Enterprise.
vol,, m. no. 11.
oliKKT A MIM...H
l,nnl TIIIcm iiinl I .Mini ( )rrice
I inline ii Hprc'lnlly
Will piaitlcr I" Court nf ill' Htnte
kMiiil ,1, Wrlnhard tl1(
jj.j, fowl IIomw, OrigiHI t'llv, Oirgmi
Jiuly I'nhlui. Al-tracter.
John W. Lodor
Allritfy Al I.nw
Transits (.nuial L'iw Ilusir.css
Jjw " ii"'i'ev lend money to you
Colin Uolia HMlally,
t(fir, SlrVCll ' NulMlng, OJp lUtlV of
0, V. KflKiImm 0. It. piiulrk.
Ci)iiiinT'i"l. Ileal Ktat nnI 'ri-
bale Law, H'ciatir.
AUtl ( ( Till Miadr, Mottry leaned
Orgn City, Oregon
C1 (. I' U l ATol'Htrtt,
Ciil'NhMjljUM AT LAW
4I araiir ilBkOoM ITV, OBIOnS.
faful.h A'-.tarla of Till. Um Mubaf ful.
i,im M.iiM ! tiaa.att ll.ii.ltl
i r. lilinW.M.I l
Kill tK'lw ! M.e f.MKU (if II. tll i
(a I -' Mill III.
y $ ( ins.
Orfm Ciijr, Mrvifu'i.
n a'nuuitKi..
Offii Prf III killrii a hin hinif, i.raf
lUuk of lnim City.
Ilium" I'lTV . . (Htu' i.
' K HAVfrt
rroi:NKV a r law.
I,UI Ui ii.in k i in fVui'iy r.iuil
ll ll l'i'l' lli.lt.
C'.t,r 'llf.. In h'l'' bulMitif ,
ii -i.m ui.k ( t4.mi t'llj,
1 ft AUI'hKI.I,
Cl.a I III.
Will .trti. In illhaOuu'U III Halt. CM'
ra, ,i lit ( i u li
K. l'ltM:l.
Ompver U. Kiiiflr Him Hint, i.r.r
lit lUiik til llrrgoi,(lly.
stttsatrtar rersarv rvtmiMin.
0r ! n()r'in CUT fo'-rirl
XK or ONKOC'K t lTT.
otacjt B.rtiu Hew !i lie cny.
rM its Capital. I'ft.na,
Mi.itimT, c' rftiK
till m.MT, . k. M
Ct.NII. i ClV?fU
A i.a.ial htntlni buliiri. lrtrtU.
lt,.n. rrltti iHhlerl In rlivrk
P iot. bin uil Biiirt dlHHmiiUil
tVffii ll tiM clljr ffnt bnmbl
Imdi mil m llhl imurilf.
I.rh.in. MU(Ulllil MlUt.
do Innlnn. m l rinill
l I . 1 1 llnU In Prl n( Ihwnrl4
l-itf,l,r tnin oil nil PortUnJ, Nu
fTlirlM-i. Illilrn mul Viifl.
tl'MI l I ltd 1 1 III lltl'l
lloiiiiiil iiid rrivi Krlii.J
'flirt Ilia iirnfi-Mlmiftl rrvlivi In ili I""
(il ul (IrrKuil '.'lir iml Vtrlliliy. h'll
Ifriitlnii 1'il't to Culmrll Hint
I lirnnlo ilirc. llii nl rilN
i-lirr. xlnrn. Ilfllr III V llinrll
Uulliling Oitlnn hiuir! Ill In IV . in.,
4 In II i. m,
CltKidN CUV oKKfins
JJH. L. U riCKKNrt,
I'riici Mixlwrnlf. All Orllon
Harduy liulKliiiK Onmon Cily, Or,
or okkuon cny.
'1IU, ..... 1100,01)0
,""' mml. Illlli itKfliiiiiitiKl. M.km col
""'ii'iu. mut mill gii'lmnna on all iwihm
thlluliiHiiiia, Kuropo mil llmif Kmif,
"Pltii rtii'vl)..! tilijocii lu ohiHk, Bank
l'ulrimA.ii.04r. .
r. J. MKYKR CaiVvr.
Grudimte of the North wenturn Unlve
lt Denial Hohool. Gliivniio.
o American t'olleKe of DenUl Burgery, J
Willamette Block, Orf goa City.
teat Clearance Sale
of Jackets and CaDes
Our Entlro Stock, All Cholco New Goods,
nbout 300 Jnckots In nil, At Nearly Half
tho Regular Prlco.
Misses' JacketsReduced toNearly Half Price
Our Kiitim .Slin k i Miam-a1 mul Clii!Jr ii' Jncki-tn
)ivil-l into Tliri' l.
l.' l I - All our i-Un.lnl
liw lhal rt 1 71
ami ti
I. i.t II -All oar iWnii.
tulur I Iml fir Hal
anil It 7A, mm
Children's Reefer Jackets Reduced toNearly
Half Price
Our Kntirc t.rk !ivir into Thno Iita:
I ...I I All i.f afUailnl l 1. 1, l . All imr .Wnil, I I... I Ill-All our Irn'IM
. ..... . '. nm, II .5
Ladies' Jackets Reduced to Nearly Half Price
Our Kntirf Slin k of I.mliiV Jn kot DivMnl intoTlirce IxjIi
Kr Sjk ily S lliii(:
l ot II All imr iUnilii
talurt thai trrr 4 Vl,
ft V ) AO, rxlwc.il lu
I j.l I -All nvr ,l.ll.
aliw. thai rf IJkl,
I I 'if,, I I Ml, lllMl lu
14 Third 5t., M. MMf!ai
smru Mai tn ? rrr.iTrrm rntta i
Hardware, Siovos, Mechanics'
Tools, Woodchopper's Tools,
Fanning Tools, Air Tight
Healers, Elc., Etc.
We have a fine line of Warranted Pocket Kniven
that will make very desirable Christmas i'riH'nts.
Special Attention given to Plumbing. f
4th & Main OHKCiON
We are prepared to execute firtt-clati Printing promptly at the
toweit price contiitenl with tklllful and Intelligent execution.
Your Work Solicited.
'5 mi jot a-eiwitjaCTMiaggl
Automatic Sticker, Wind rta-k
-n, th'TDi Powere, Tlirt'shennon
'jufipfl-'S oi All Mnu.H,
,,r-Min-iTr ro" r-vrrir
Urlo Avid In the Itlotul dunea Ilhi'iiiuatlHm, 8ilutloa, Gout and KetiralKta
The Rex lMiciimatic King.
rmovo the rniiHo. A writuur k"'"''" with ':h ring to return your money in
HO iliiya il nut I'litirrly nutinfaotoiy. 1'KICK $2.00. A poatel card will bring our
little i hooUha that tells the .tor,. AdLross,
BuumcisTicR A Andhkbkn.
Uregon City, Oregon.
h'Ui-a are 12 to IS ymr:
l.i.l Ill-All oar ai.lrnilKl
thai rr 7.nu,
r.u ami aanU, all
1 holia a'l'Hla, allk liiwd
86.25 I
alM. Itial writ 14 Till,
It ft I'. M, ". U r.
tluivij II.
.l III-A II our a.trnillit
talari thai arn 11 HO,
7 ,Vi, a.Ul, IO r.O, r
cluml lu
aa4 Vaaialll !..
lORTl-AM), OR.
& Co.
CITY. OR., Tclrj.hone 465
Traction or Portable, 5lmplo or Com
pound, Wood or Strew Burners.
hmo pricrs..
Hartford, toon.
Vlilorlu'H 1,0 11 (,'!.' Ik 11 IIhhCohh'
to an KncJ.
i Til K rltlM KOr VTil lH II UlMi
11m (i.riliit (hrl llio hirri'la ttt
World Hurruwhe V Hie
&, Iain iA Wight, Jan. V Clntn-o
WWiria la dal and K lwanJ VII relgna.
The Kfateat rnt in the moiiiury of
thii gfecratiun, the mmit etuni"ua
I rliai'gi In rxlatiiig rondill'ina thai ronld
,'.y l imigiii"!, hi taktn Ie
qoifttly, aliiKjat gontly, iifm the anni
I vn.ary ,f , Jatli of Queen Victor i't
' fathrr, the luke of Kent. Tl.e end of
' thiararra-r, iinvr t"(iulfl by any wormn
In Ilia wijrM'i lil.liry, caiu in a limply
I fuin alil fxnn in Oihorne Huom. Tim
moat rriri-tMl of won.en living or d !,
I lay Iq a irrpat f'ur "iel bd arid tuadn
j a iluurikfn aiorn Ikmmj aKvl f" snd
, fli-ure wire a rrtifl mo kery of the fair
girl ho, in WJ, tygin to rule over Eng
land. Around hrr re KiihereJ almoat
eery dnM-rndant of hi-r line. SV1I with
I in nr "I tier dying eyt-e mere iiarig
j pot trail of tin I'rinca Cotiaort. Il mu
J he who deaignrd the ruoin and every
; I a'l of the cot!.
In ararrely aadible ord, the ehile
' haired I'iahop of Wincheater prayeI be.
id her, at he bad often prayed, for he
her chalain at Winder. Willi
hueed hradl the iinlri'il rater of thi
; (irrnian Kmplre and the man who la
now King of England, the woman who
j haa I'irrmJed to the title of Queen, the
i I'rinree and I'ri'iceaare, and tlioaeof leaa
i than royal draignelion, h.trned to the
I bialmji'i rramrlr praying.
Fil o'rlor k patted. The liiihop con
j tinned hia loiercrealon. One of the
j younger children aked queetion in
I ehrill, childiali treble and was irnmedi
j auly allent-eil. The women of this royal
family entitled faintly and the eaen ahuf
fld uneaaily.
At eiai tly half it eii, Kir Jamee Held
Iteid op bla brad, and the people lhn
knew that England had loat ber Qoeen
Ttie blahop prononncwl tlie benedictioo.
The Qura-n paraed away q iile peacefully.
Hie RtilT.-rrd bo pain. Tlie moat of the
motimpra wriit to their rootni.
A few mlnnle later the loeviutile e!e
t niriit of uiaterialiain att-pis into thi
: palhrtic chapter o interna'.ional l.i'orjr,
j for the court ladle went bu-ilr to work
ordering their mourning Jrom London.
The wheela of the world were jirrrd
hen the announcrinent came hut in thia
palai-e at Orhorne everything ptinued
; the mual courae. iKjwn in the kitchen
j ihry were ivokiog a huge dinner for an
J aaaemhlage. the like of which baa eel. loin
been knjwn in England, and the dinner
j preparation! proceeded just aa il nothing
had happened.
The body of Queen Victoria was em
balmed and will probably be taken to
Windsor Saturday. The coffin arrived
lent evening (row London.
Ooeea Tlrlvrla'a Lir.
Alexandrine Victoria, queen of Great
Britain and Ireland, and empress of
India, daughter and only child of
Edward, Iuke of Kent, fourth son ol
George IV, and Victoria Mary Louiaa,
fourth daughter ol Francis, Duke ol
Sexe-Coburg'Saairield, and aiiter of
Iopold, king of Belgium was born at
Kennington Palace, May 24, 1819. She
acceded to the Throne ol Great Britain
and Ireland, lune 20, 1X37. She wai
proclaimed queen June 21, 1&I7, and
crow ned at Weattninster, June 28. 1&J8
Phe was married to Prince Altert of
Saxe Cohurg and Gotha, February 10,
1S40. She was proclaimed empress o'
India in 1870 Her husband died
December 14. 18til.
Such ia the outline of the life of
woman who, for 64 years, haa
ruled England. A woman, who, at the
age of 18 years took a polluted scepter
and ascended a tottering throne to gov
ern a nation thst hud been gradually,
but surely, sinking to ruin since the
demise of Anne, the last of the Stuarts,
in 1714. The Hanoverian line had
sunk, through the successive reigns of
live kings of that house, almost into
oblivion and extinction. England was
vexed and torn with interna) strife and
threatened with foreign aggressions and
Such wai the condition that confront
ed the young daughter of Kent upon her
accession. With unexampled courage
and good tense, she at once set to work
to mend the sflairs of state, by conces
sions and arbitrament. Her womanli
ness prevailed where queeuliness alone
might have failed. She restored order
in tlie kingdom and her reign become
oue of peace and tranquility, and ver
remained such. She was a devoted
Christian woman and relied upon the
power of her God for the strength which
she knew could come from no earthly
Her son, Albert Edward is now King
Edward VII.
A llfa,"m I'lrkup.
AeroaiA, Jan, 21. A fxri:n of a ba
nian body waa bit kod up on the river
ahore at New Aatoria tolev. It wm er
hw tly naked, one arm and one leg were
ndaeing, and all the hair of the head waa
gone. The body was in aneitreme itate
of decomposition, and Identification wai
ImtxMaible. It could not even be deter
mined whether the body waa a male or
female. Il waa hurUd near where foam!.
ri'ftf'OM! II Hf.ACKMAIL
V.n.H.la Trlai in RquMia Amarl.
ran ('a.r.ra,
I'oat or Hjai, Trinidad, lirltiah Wet
Inliee, Jan. 21. (Via llaytieo Cable.)
The arrlrala tolay from Venezuela,
confirm the reporta ol the einieme vi
critical condition of aflairs in that repub
lic. A former Venetulean miniaier a
aerta Dial the pohticiane at Carai aa are
making a determine! raid on the Iter
mude Aifbalt Dmipany. lie addi
that they tried It More on modeat
cale, apjeexing 110,000 out ol the com
panr, when United tSutea liniabr
Looinie proUtel and stopped fu'ther
at tain of thia deaenptin. The govern
ment, the miniaier alao aayi, lutenwi to
reaaoo then, but ha now bait It head
and otlera to reatore the property for
1.000.0X), aiihoogh it is laid to have
tieen illegally taken by a dictatorial de
cree. In addition, the aaaertion ia again
made that If foreign govern rnente permit
the action ol the Venesuelan ao'horiiiee
Ui paae without some proteet. all foreign
Inveatori will be driven from rkiotb
America, for the latter claim they are
alwaya being illegally plundered. In
thii connection, the aeecr'ion is made
that no former Venesuelan government
would have dared to act as tbi one d iee
pjward Waahington. It la eiplained that
the Veneiuelan authorities are counting
on tbe difinchoahoo of strong nations to
coerce weak ones.
At the otfic of the Orinoco Company,
whoae two ateaaiers eere recently aeited
br the Venesuelan authorities, tbe man
ager tayi the Britiali Mioiater at Caracaa,
Mr. HaggarJ, haa informed the Ameri
can Minuter that tbe British Govern
nient will not protect the company !
cause its ehareholders are Americana.
The company ia said to be losing heavily
througn the seisure of the steamer.
The commander of the French cruiaer
Sochel, autioued st CurapAno for the
protection of the large French Interest
in that vicinity, reports that disturban
cee are increasing. The insurenta of
Venezuela have j ut gained a battle near
Aaaaaaranvnl r Vlrlorla'a Ocalh Made
at Ik WblU Uaa.
Wabiiixgtox, Jan. 21 The news an
nouncing the deitb of Qioen Victoiia
was convened to President McKinley
simultaneously with it receipt by the
newpaier. Although he had been
coriatantly adviedof her condition eioce
it became known her case waa hopeless,
the new of the Q leeo's death was a
great shock to him.
President McKinley has sent the
following message ol condolence to
King Edward VII:
"His Majesty, the King, Oaborne
Honse, Isle of Wight :
"I have received with profound sorrow
the lamentable tidings of the death ol
Her .Majeety, tbe Vfen. Allow me, sir,
to otTer my sincervyiupathy and that of
the American people in your personal
bereavemeut and in the loss England
has suffered in the death of this vener
able and illustrious sovereign, whose
noble hie snd beneficent influence have
promoted the peai-e and woo the affec
tion of the world."
The Week's Transactions at Tho County
Court House.
Business has been pretty quiet in the
halls of Clacksmas county's temple of
Justice this week, but asuflicient amount
of trouble has been goim; on to keep the
various officials in a becomingly meek
ami lowly spirit. Judge Ryan slipped
off the county ermine long enough to
take a little trip to Salem for a peep at
the senatorial tight. Superintendent of
schools Zinser, h ts been busy this week,
making visits to country districts and in
preparing lor the teacherb meeting at
Barlow, Saturday. County Clerk Cooper
and his proficient deputy, Dixon, have
kindly permitted several nice young peo
ple to get married, and transacted other
business of a like lienevolent nature.
Tbe county commissioners met lu ad
journed session Wednesday, to draw the
list of jurors ana levy the tat: for 1901.
Probate Orders.
In the matter of tbe guardianship of
Wm. Bissel, insane, court ordered that
Mrs. Mary Stephens and C. B. Frost,
guardians, be discharged, as said Bissel
bad been pronounced cured by the su
perintendent ol Insane Asylum, and
competent to manage his affairs.
Letters ol administration were Issued
to Ara K. Hawkins, in the estate of Wm.
D. Bedford, deceased,
Tlie Oregon IMalure Trying
to Select a jlan.
Iternrd tt the UmliifM liens In lbs
LeWa'sre from th Beginning
of the Keaslen.
Sai.su. Jan. 24. The fint ballot for
United Htsies senator was taken Tuesday
and reaulted a follows:
Corbett, 28; McBrlde. 17; tnith, 25;
Hernvn, 8.
Wednesday's ballot gave Corbot2Q,
Smith 'ifi, McBrlde 19, Herman 7, Kill ton
3, William 2 and Moore 1.
Thaiaday'e U:ot nave Corbett 21 Mc
Bride 19, ll-rman 6, Mnith 2, scattering
7, abaent 1, not Voting I.
Thla Vote indicate that there wiM bo
a s'ubborn fight befoie there is an elec
tion. The following U a complete record of
the legislative burines that has thus far
Iwen transacted by the Oregon legisla
ture: fAsesD THS Hoias.
II. B. 3, by Whitney To construct a
bridge arm s tbe Willamette riyer and to
levy toll. Pted Jan. 21.
II. B. 1C7, by Hawkins To smema
Dallaa incorporation act. Parsed Janu
ary 22.
II. B. 2o3. by ways and meani com
mitteeTo appropriate t-VIO) for legis
lative expenat-, and W,02".M7 (or defic
iencies. Patted January 23.
MaflXO Till SMATB.
8. B. 14. by Msrstera To loeorporata?
Canynoville. Paswd January 21.
S. B. 18. by Adams To incorporate
Silverton. Paaaed January 31.
S. B. 22, by Wade To incorporate El
gin. Parsed January 21.
8. B. 24, by Wa-le To Incorporate
Somruervill. Paaed Jasoary 21.
S. B. 71, bv Smith of Baker To amend
charter of Baker City. Passed Jan. 21 .
8. B. 89, by Brownell To submit th
initiative and referendum amendment to
the electors. Pasaed January 21.
S. B. 9o, by Porter To lower salary ol
Clackamas touuty judge. Paased Janu
ary 23.
S. B. 19, by Brownell To pry expen
ses ot war veterans' delegation to Wash
ington city. Parsed hou-Mt and senate
January 21.
II. B. 102, by McGreer To incorpo
rate Antelope. Paaied tl.e hou-e Janu
ary 21 ; the senate Janu iry 22.
House jiint tesijlution of 1', relative
to submiivaion of initiaiiv-t and referen
dum. Pa-ted by hou-e January 10; by
senate January 16.
S. B. Ml, by Daly To Incorporate
Corvallis. Passed January 23.
S. B. 102, by Smith ol Baker To in
corporate Sumpier. Passed January 23..
8. B. 104, by Sm.th of Multnomah To
authorise removal ol obstructions in Co
lumbia river. I'aMed January 23.
8. B. 113, by S week-To authorise
Portland to levy special tax. Pased.
January 23.
r. a. 14, by Stars ters lo incorporate
S. B. 71, by Smith of Baker To incor
porate Baker City.
S. B. 80, by Brownell To submit ini
tiative and referendum.
S. B. 19, by Brownell To pay expen
ses of Indian war veterans' delegation to
Washington. Signed January 23.
Tebe II II at Barbw, SaturJiy, Janu
ary 28.
"How Can we Interest Patrom anP
Children?" W. W. Austin.
"The Skin; Its Function and Care."
Robert Ointher.
"The Recitation; (a) The Teacher's;
Work;(b) The Pupil's Part "George
"Spoiling; Its Place on the School
Program." A. Mcl.snghlin.
"Grading a Mixed School" The Su
Train leaves Oregon City at 9:22.
Come and bring a friend.
Fhkd Mkindl,
Fanmi (J. Porter
J. C. Zinsrr,
llw to Cure troop.
Mr. R. Gray, who lives near Anienia,
Duchess connty, N. Y., sayi: "Cham
berlain's Congh Remedy is the beet
medicine I have ever used. It is a fine
children's remedy lor croup and never
falls to cure." When giyen as toon as
the child becomes hoarse, or even after
the croupy cough has developed, it wilt
prevent the attack. This should bet
bome in mind snd a bottle of the Cougl
Remedy kept at hand ready for instant
use as soon as tlie symptoms appear.
Fo tale by G. A. Harding, druggist.