Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, December 21, 1900, Page 2, Image 2

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"T8' Mis. J. It. I.ewla ha been attending a
- i - - m -
few day la Portland. 8h 1 Intending
d trt for Wale booh after Chriittn,
WiwJ lift lieen rnifiived tlit I.ilin
iOkiCAk.jki Or! Ill ill line reached Sen Franclaco from
Manila ami It detained there by lllucea.
Ilium M, IVc. 1(5. Considerable
Vloeing n being done, preparatory for
eprii g main-
rt pMl are juliiUnt ovr the ap
poititmcnt of juM:ii of peec. They
llro r tin a tio.iof lh county court.
Highland (iranr electal ulU.fr at it
It tiicrting and Will inntall them at the
January meeting.
Mi Jennie MayftVM i hiving lum
ber hauled onlo Iter farm, preparatory
t j f ri-tln i a m-at cottage in the pring.
Mr. and Mra. J 8. Copley Ml on
Wcdnci- lay nnniin(t (or San Francisco, ,
Iter KNiiliiiit verUv vii(iri Mr. '
Copley' parent. Mr. ami Mr. F.d Har
rington. A mo llarnn.toii't no honse i cotn
v'ctel an I In ill o.vupy it in a lew
Su-pben Hutthiu i building a brick
cellar, uliirh I both uelul and or-
M: Jei Ley i improving loly.
Ciid KngV. of M-.Uila. ma le lliti
laiiil a vinl lat Saturday and Sunday.
M m Iv llarrir.tion. the .Vulalla ! ' catching the back of hia hand
ecb.xd teacher, m.de Iter patent a vtatil ' " twin th fleah.
Pktaoca, IW. 17. Noah Hover, of I
laM, Ore,, la flatting Ma brother end
friend her
Many of Ilia young people gathered at
Albert Cook' realdenc lnl Sunday
evening and epeiil a very pleaaaul even-
iiiK allying.
0. R Rcyer lutein! to build
home on bia farm.
Mie Maggie fell, from Kaalcrn Ore
gon, b( been visiting hertiater, Mr a. A.
Newell, tb paat acek.
Mr. Km! Iorn, Irom Portland, baa
been viaiting Mr. St bnil.lt lately.
There. wa a dame at Mr. Christian
lliier'a lat Saturday veiling.
Tba little daughter of Mr. an.l Mr.
Bock u burie.t at the Pemaacue iviue
terr laat Tburlr.
I a 1
Witiioir, IW. 17. W. M. Maiiugo
got hia ban.l badly burl ile jumping
from bia barn with a hammer In hia
band. Tba hammer caught in a crack,
Satnrday and Sun.l.y
Mr. K ti. Mart.n, of California. pent
erk vbiting ber uAet, Mr. I'd Har
rington. Harataay.
Harmjxv, IV-.-. 17. The Sunday
acliol i pr ;rii g a program for an en
tertainment lo b jivm Cbritniaevr.
Fal! farm aork a well along befora
the recrnt rain bevan.
Mr. and Mr. William Jonea and fam
ilr have gNie 10 Seattle, vVaah, abera
li-y intend to rruiain.
1 1 1 ram Batin ia ojrurning ilb rela
tive in Clark oniitv, Wanhirgton,
Lindin I'bul'p. bob bot-n staying
here the pt to month, baa returned
to hia home at Manning.
Mora Ktan, of l'ortland, i having
tiie brufli .1. are l frtjtu bi 30 acre here.
Mr. McLaughlin i removing a large
naiubt-r of htutupa from hi land. I
Mr Krrta ii cutting woud attain in the
tiaitx-r be Mght ome timaag'j.
B. (jarner bat ri turnrd from l'enn.yl
vania, where h vititing bis Uther
jaud bioiher. '
CaRt s, IW. 17. 0 Ptvnee has lately
bought a ne rream M-parator and a
fanning mill.
Central Urargp, ahirh hold it meet
in if a at Heaver Creek, ha lately in
CTeaw'l its oiemteri.hip by seven ol
Caruh' bright yorv 'pie.
j;r. ami Mr. t. . in ilowaru gave a
Ta"ly Un- s!u'iI.t 1 vemng. at ahitb
about a 1. 111 'lied invited gueats mere
present. Canls and dancing were the
amuM-niL'titit of ti t- evening- Supper
w fervrd at midnlit.
A beautiful wetlding took place at the
home of the bride's parent at S.-ott'a
M il on Monday, IW. 10. Miaa Minnie
M. Lintock 10 Mr. Jamei Katun, of iVrt
lanu. iney were preeeule.1 aitti many
uaeful article f jr hoaaekeeplng.
Mr. I-ealey i moving onto tba Wil
liam place.
Mr. Nicholson and family were away
flatting last week.
mi cough
Mp on
You have used all
sorts of cough reme
dies but it does not
I yield; it is too deep
j seated. It may wear
itself out m time, but
it is more liable to
produce la grippe,
I pneumonia or a serr-
ous throat affection.
You need something
that will give you
strength and build
up the body.
will do this when everything
else fails. There is no doubt
about it It nourishes, j
strengthens, builds up and 1
I. it I a?
manes ine Doay strong and
healthy, not only to throw
off this hard cough, but to
fortify the system against
further attacks. If you are
run down or emaciated you
should certainly take this
nourishing food medicine.
Cotton Pec. 17. Mr. Hubbard, Mr
Carlson and A. Ciorbett comtitute tba
ick list this week.
Mr. Pluard held the lu. kr number for
the quilt that wat ratllej tt night.
dollar and thirty cent waa realiseU on
the quilt.
The public ball la under good headway
and will be oearlug completion by
Miaa Beaai Hubbard w a called home
from Portland last Friday to attend her
mother, who is qujte ill.
Mie Alice and Amy Bonney and
Criasie Carlaun were flailing at Kllwood
lait Sunday.
KM.rs Clark and Colman, Latter-day
Saint, held services at the school bouse
laat Sunday.
Mr. Marra, of Springwater, ia visiting
ber mother. Mrs. Hubbard, tin week.
Mr. and Mr. Crr made a business
trip to town laat week.
The silk sofa pillow that y rallied off
last Saturday night was won by W. S
CaBY. Dec. 1!).-Mr. (J. W.Perry, of
Damascus, visited her siater, Mrs. J.
Whipple, last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Hildin came home to
spend the holiday with Mr. Wildin'i
Sliss Emma Clayton it visiting her sis
ter, Mrs. .1. Si a.
K. Stalnsker and family have moved
into the old Cox house. The place they
were living on has been sold.
iri , . ... .
, lueurama ana entertainment given
by the yonng people of the Order of
Washington at Knight'aball last evening
wa a derided success.
Will Armstrong and Gladstone Stev
ena have returned home from Eastern
Washington, wheie they have been for
the past lew month.
Sam Cox came home Tuesday evening
Charles BoiToughs ia home to sptnd
the holidays with his family.
Mr. and Mrs Kirk have moved into
the house with her daughter, Mrs. lior
Look it your tongue.
Is it coitcd?
Then you hive a bid
tistc in your mouth every
morning. Your irpctite
is poor, tnd food dis
tresses you. You hive
frequent headaches and
are often dizzy. Your
stomich Is weak and
your bowels are always
There's an old and re
liable cure:
Don't take a cathartic
dose and then stop. Bet
ter tike i laxative dose
each night, just enough to
cause one good free move
ment the day following.
You fcl better the
very next diy. Your
appetite returns, your
dyspepsia Is cured, your
headaches pass away,
your tongue clears up.
your liver acts well, and
your bowels no longer
give you trouble.
Price. 21 cm (a. AR Jrwtflate.
"I ha taka AW, H1U Snr M
yan, tad I euMklx than lb bC
toad. lMrlUAMBtaunr4
lha half ibiil aaj vthaf fcii.4 I
k .ir irlMt,
Mr. S. C Tiiaov.
MartaJMaaa. Arruiua, Eaaa.
yx. nd f i.oo, all druggitta.
TT 4 BOWNB, Chemisu. New York.
Ktlio Sou
Kklso, 17. Our debating ociety
is doing well. At the last rneeing a joint
debate was bad on the subject "Unsolved
that the United State is justified in its
expansion policy." The home society
was represented by J. II. ICevenue and
Oluf Mikkelson on the affirmative side el
the question, while Borings' speakers
were O. W. Boring and Willie ICichev.
C. II. Johnson, Kd Boring and Kstella
Kichey were the Judges. The decision
was for the affirmative.
Uul'la Jarl has gone for an extended
visit to her former home in Wisconsin.
Bert Jonsrud is our new assistant post'
uiHHter and clerk in Jarl's store.
A. Gunderson is down with rheumatism.
auction of their wsres next fjMiirdav
The Kelso HewiiiHgCircle will have an
evening. A short literary Is also on the
Looas, Pec. 17. The heavy rains
have stopped the farmers plewing for a
few days.
Prof. W. W. AtiHtin was taken very ill
Thursday last, but is improving,
Mr. Steward, who was hurt at the barn
raising last Monday, is improving.
Fred KiebhofT gaye a party last Friday
evening. Fred knows bow to entertain.
Boatxos, IVc. 17. A pleasant party
wa given at the horns of ICev. (1, 1',
liicb Wedneadav evening.
A aurpna danc wa given at the
reaidence of (). Aemlaeier Sa'urdar
evening, llinth.
A pleaiant urprie party waa given at
the residence of M. Veiacb laat Welaet
day evening in honor of Iui Upail,
who wa to (tart for hi home in Ontario
on Friday.
There will h an entertainment and
auction sale given by the ladies' aewin
circle at Kelao next Saturday evening.
The proceed will go toward building a
Lutheran church.
Mia I.ucend ICirhey I attemling
K'hool Sycamore thl winter.
A. Vetach ha leen laid up with a tore
hand the past week.
Bev. Walts wa the guest of Mr. and
Mr. W. II. Boring laat week.
Anton On It expect (S atari to school
at the Oregon Agricultural College next
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Road district No. 24.
C Voder t)2
i Mlchler 1 (Mi
J Warhman 7 81
(leo Owing. 6 (II
! F.mil Montandon I z'
P Noetx 6 ts2
CZweilel CI
A Montandon 7 00
A Thompson, nail A 'M
Wm Owing, corduroy in
Total XJ K)
A. Montandon, Sutiervisor.
Ilof I district No. 2U.
John Khodea 2 23
W 11 Kngle 3 (W
Ivi Uobtjins
A WeMs 1 m
i 8tubl 3 00
I) Greaves f 3 (s)
Total $3 15
J. It. hliavtr, supervisor
Road district No. 20. '
Baker Bros, luttilx-r 113 13
C. I), r . Vv ilson, HujMjrvimjr.
Boad district No. 30.
Tualatin Mill Co, lumber 112 M
ll nr r. . i i i i -. i .
ii rtomiier, macKsmiiii. . 1 4)
II S Sands 4 Mi
G W hchafer 4 M)
II Piatt 0 73
Kankln a (U)
W linckstnan 3 no
W Wanker 4 f.O
i'y 10 ihj
t. l-ofin, team work !) 00
It B Willmont, do , if UO
Total . . .
,..71 154
(Continued next week )
A grand old remedy for Congh, Colds
and Consumption; used through the
world for half a century, has cured In
numerable cases of incipient consumpti
on and relieved many inadvanced stages.
If you are not satisfied with the results
we will refund your monev. Price 25
cts., and 50cts. and $1.00. C. G. Huntley
the Pruggist.
l rvpnuml.'d hi eiiecf II rrumlnrnl
K litor of th Fntarprlaet The f.illuw.
' lug extract ar copied Imiii Iitreni
Gr.niluiid' bonk, rnlllW, "Tba ('
operatlva Con mwealth." They inv
U loiind Im hapier XIII. under the head
j( "I'ha Coin In it Involution "
' "Tha voliiilnn if aoi'lely marcl es for
warlln spite uf all altiinblllig bloika;
one moment tpilplly In tba htalii til Hi
' thinker, the next tmiuieiil untnen llully
ever Ciir.ea. Hut It tloe not want
hUx . On tl.e tvt.lrary, II S"""! '
I lug In advance of every calaalrupha
U'e to llioaa who l U1 hear that
I warning,"
I "Thla then la our ohjucllve point i A
j respectable inlnorilvj trectable a to
1 number ; renins table aa riireainilng
! ilia moat advanced Intelligence;
l.ctble aa ctitiiiliig nii-ere and
liergrtio tepreaentatlvea from all fla'a-
lb minority lv which ihene ge ar
j "Give K-iliat ui h a nduotity-give
, tliein i"nly IO.iX'O am Ii men In, aay,. 1!0
Veara Irma n, In a H)iutati"n nf
7 (Hi csh and i.ur c.mntrr and It1
! luliirn a tlielr!'
j "The M'.iwlna- ci.rrepiiideiice In tlie
I New Yr run ltn Tituaville, I'a , "I
j Nov 4, IO, may give u ait Idea of
!pl'i!e ruining evtnl. 'The fart la,
I the state of I'enuaylvatila ha hal a
I nairnw eat ape Iroiuan Internal civtl war.
j Had certain man given lb word, there
'would have Urn an outbreak that ron-
templated the aeiiure of tlie railroad
I and runnlnu tl em, the capture and ri
jlnloflhe 1'i.llel I'll Line prwrty.
ami in all prvhahilliy I ha burning of all
the tiroperty of Iha Mandard (hi C-utn-pany
in the teuton The wen who
would have done thia, and may dj ll vet,
are Dot laborer or Iratiip Th rout
ing revolution uiay ariee out of a aim liar
truffle between our fleecing claaar."
"It I impuaalbl lo ay when we way
e iec the coming revolution But tl
la worth reflecting thai a pudnt man in
would hardly have Ukn Uko him
elf to furtetl th abolition of lvery In
NJ. Bui th great rbange la coining.
In ll wortUof Carlvle: 'Will not on
r'renc h revolution ufTl.n, or niual there
be 10 There wl be two if neeUI;
there 111 be j oat a many aa needed.' "
The book from which ha foreg-sng
eilracta are taken til oprria"hl I
14, Id tear ato. If the late v..e of
Kurtie V. for the preaidncy, ran
t rouiitsl a a "feejecta!le mlnoniy,"
then the KM-iahal have a much greater
number than Mr. Gronlundaaka fur Id
enat'le them lo take peMaann of every
thing In siht. Hul where atan fe "The
lUvolutioti"? To a man with hi eye
open It lk a though lb entire opl
piM- the country, and nut IO.PjO
SorialUla, nor any numUr of thai ft a
Further extracta fioni the b- k oxild
heuiveii. ahnwing Dial the author anlu I
pa'e a bhxly revolution. He augela
Dial ilynatnlte may I uaed, and ak
of it aa an "energetic auhetaute," bavltg
a "civdiilng power "
When rreai.lent Cleveland gave the
timely orlr for I niie. Htatr tr.n pato
Upprea the Prb riot in Chicago, ha
UikIiI a loaan of "civilising power
w nil ti nociallai lea-ler have remetnlirred
with wlvautage to Iheinafr4 and fol
lower. It waa a leaoon fur which every
man who love home and country will
be thankful while memory lta.
n are not to lclvlli. with dyne
mite not while (altpeter can be uaed to
uppreea anarchy.
Kly, Dec 15. Aaoi
How t Care ( map
Mr. K. Gray, who Uvea near Amenia
Pucheaa connly, N. Y say; "Cham
berlain Ixjngh Kemedy I the lieat
mixllclne I have ever used. It la a fine
children' remedy for croup and wvcr
fall lo cure." When given a aKjn a
the child become hoar, or even after
the coupy cough ha d..vlod, ll will
prevent me attack. Thla thould he
borne in mind and a bottle of the Cough
Kemedy kept at hand ready for lntani
use a soon a the tymptums appear
For ale by G. A. Harding, druggiat.
i .... ,f,.J,.Jr ...
Weddinif stationery, the latest stvle
and finest assortment ever brought to
uregoncity at the EsTaacaisr,
A Powder Mill i:xpolon
9 ..."
iiemovea everylding n atfutit : so do
Iraatie mineral pilU, but ln.th are mighty
dangerous. Pon't dynamiU the ilellcsl
machinery of your body with calomel.
croton oil or aloes pilH, when l)r. King'
ew 1.1m rum, which are uentlo as
summer nroejte, do the work ts rf.-ctlv
Cures Headache, CoiiHtipation. Only
tin., ror saio ny ueo. A. I nr. In..
Xmas tree ormitnunts at Charnian A
Co., the cuUnrlee ChrlHtinas druggists.
Dr. Fenner's
Kidney - BackacheVil
OUDP. weiabMiiinu 1. J Ktl.
iar veaw w v eeawvwj
Blood and Liver .
nwim Nerve Tonic
it i"n,.i. 1
"in Kill,
Ixl Hi. ,.
W I. L'T'.'i'V
IiIi.hH, jN u.ii.tvi k ' ''l'V
.. I'l.a.Ma.;, V i.lr'ki. i
I liait nrr ... .... ... ., ... '
(St iil.. t t. 1. n,
a. Uin l.i 1 1 1, H
llll III. .a 1 U .......
....-. ...... P.I. I .,,
; Mu..v;:aU' :.::vav''4
"n I.. Ii J,M "".ti
H l...n...,l(fc1.,'
.l,.,,7. W
Uaaachaa.CoaaUv.JoB.1Tll4.' l.lvgu. ini f,irf,r 1
V....r DKlfLriUtUan
iii.ifu.g ,-M. , , ,, . Y "
iiii...i...i,.,.ii. ,,,, 1
i..ur,.ir...- ( r,,, ,,-
(Imp UIm.uI Im ii. 1. 1. t,.; fUvW
Dyspepsia Cure
I I'f l'l-'a
I !. Ikr
iW I. ,111, ,
1 ""v,s?r
lit J.art. II. k..i.
- zr j
On rinn lln inf t-xK
uuiugii nciici
t. a ti... I. . .... I. .u,
. .,..i.i. . ' I i
" . ',,M ".ri.,1 ?
kaiaarkabla Ceiaa U, 1 . ,,1. "H
For Sale by C G. HUNTLEY, DruoQlit, Oregon City, Or
rot rtJit wroitMATio -t ifc .
k ..u ilrurtrfl.l . ar!..! I. LlK M
In i vfiio. ui f vMuvi't ll. Mual kuiar k
1 a
in lei
I Clearance Sale
l cIov; Cost
Byery Hat Bif Ms
OUc upward;)
Kii.IiarJ'5 M.iic Stmj-inu Coi;
11 irsmimvm
Pe Witt's Little Early Kisers are dainty
little pills, but they never fail to cleanse
the liver, remove obstructions and In.
vlirorata tlm vatam CI A ir.'.lir. eaoUi at Dniinrlau r lir mail j aamjilea lor, br eiall.
vigoraw tne aystem. O, A, Hardirg, Ki.riiMOXiliU.MWarrBiK..iv,-k1i.
Vir CltEAM IMt.M laaBo.ltl,.nP.
Apply Into th mtrll, It la qnlrklf abmrtiwl, a
Bakery apd QoGtioijeiy
TCakp!, I'it-H, Doughnut, Ktc, Frchh Kvcry V3
I'ric Acid In tl.tj Wood Cauae Khetimaliatn, Hclatl. a, (Joul and Nroraga
..The Ilex lllieuinaiic King..
guaranty lth each ring to return vow nh
ry. I'KICK n'.ttO. A p.i'-l card UI Wh
remove thn cauan. A written
.'todays if not entirely satisfactory
iim imkAIhi that telle the atory. Addre,
num ny
Oregon City, Oregon
that bid will be received by
the Recorder of Oregon City, Oregon,
until noon Peccmber SW, I !)0. for street
and sewer Improvement ImiihU of Oiegon
City, Oregon, aggregating 12. OOO.IX).
The condition of sale of such Irnnd will
be a follows, to-wlt; held bonds will
bo sold to resident bidders In lots of not
to exceed f.VX).U( t0 Klly one Mraoii at
two tier cent premium.
The City Council reserve the rluhl to
rejm:t any or all liida. 1
Uy order of the City Council of Orriron
City, Oregon.
Ha lurntMl with li'K j
olherttlae lovable girl Uh MT ?,
breath, Karl'a Clover Kouiirk
the breath by its action n 'l'
etc.aa nothing else III HoU!J
on absoluta luaraulee. , I'rlff '
and 60 cU. V. U. Hnntlcv llie W '
If you would have an atmetlta like a
heur anda relish for your tneala take
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
TablotH. They correct disorders of the
stomach and regulate the liver and
liowola. j-r,.e 25 cents. Hamplea free
atO. A. Harding' drug itore.
Iteiiiember the Ka. k.-t Siort I"
Mechlin laco or liandkerclil"- u
at a bargain.
For roon Men and Ut
Thern la nothing that ttlVt
Ire of a young man or ""'.,
1. I..u. I..f...l,.r l.tlllllrV WOta '-
!... If 1I...1. .dirt front Of UH1"
to have Inferior latimiry
them. They may dress
. ..... , 1 . 1- .... ..r ah ft .
inussy their neat tppaartnc ! .
The Troy laundry niskc !
ladles' and geiitletnen' j
There can bn no better wori
done attheTrov. Mx..vayoronl-"
Johnson'! barber shop.
It. Holn.an, lowlinil i
embalmer, Oregon City, UM-
south ol court bouse. .