Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, December 14, 1900, Page 7, Image 7

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k Local Eve i; t
Orlllllli, Ilia hypnotist, will bo Ht tlm
opura litfiiK tlio Imlmit' of tlm wink
Willi Halurday matlnim,
In tint case "( J'. J. Illilhiux vs. A. I',
ml Mary l,svrty In circuit court
rulluii Us Imiaii UbiiikI n ioii Ilia tw.' of
..o T. 0 H.Jt. 2 K.
A large cli'irus choir of Ida Coimrrga.
tloiml rliuri'li, la preparing itri itspnclally
altrai live in iinK itl C'lirUltniiM service for
the hunduy evening- preceding (Jlirlst
A i'll iniMttiiig of lli council was
called it 12:30 p. in, Thursday, to ro-
coiiallr lli resolution rlalnltig to
air bonds, It mm voted IIihI tlm re
t'oflcr IvnriliMt (or I1I1U In tlm Oreg"n
Cliy KnixrprlMi as appears In another
lUlpliT. SLr.UII had lilt right foot
badly an'IdniiUlly lacerated nr-er lli
nkle by mi es In tlm lumlt of fellow
laborer at lli W. I' A I'. Co. Wadiiea.
day, r'lva atltrhea weie taken In sew
log op tlm wound Ho will I several
.weeks recovering.
Mr. K. J. Mspla ha prepared an
ewaey dearrlbliig "Mow Almolution In
K'am'n waa lnriesed under Richelieu,
Maaarlnand Lout XIV" Him shows In
pleading anl Infereatliig atyle.the x.l
cles, trails ami diararlnr of these three
potentates anl alio the conditio!! of
Franc" politically during their time
The art Ida la valuable anl II spare would
iriult, alioiil l Imi published In full.
Tht KawlAlbrlght handiruflr exhibited
t Bhlvely'a ball Saturday night raiilid
In sutt ees for Albright through Hawl'a
fowls. An enthusiastic crowd gathvrml
lo witness Iho iiigllla. thia being tha
lrt eihlblllon of anything of the aort In
Oregon City. Two other combats of
alii air urt in U pugiisllous profeaelon
entertained tba eteUrs in manner.
Admission to tha exhibition ranged
from 60 cent toll, according to loca
tion. W'edd kg Annitrraary.
The twolllli annlverssry of tha mar
riage of Mr. and Mr. Win Alldredge
wes celebrated at the family resilience
on Kevenlh street lest Thurlay. Mia.
Alldredge rM.dved sever! iM-autiful
piece of linen, among which were a
lolly of drawn work from Mra. Carrie
Milter, and a reiih-rpinoe of drain wuik
from Mra. H. M. (iibeon, Mra. J. 1',
Keating and Miaa llatlle Cochrane. A
act of damask towels ami beautiful a4tln
damask tabl-cloth, with servilities to
match, in Cryeantheinuiu oaiU rn,
jointly presented by Meadamea (1.
V. (irate, U. W. Church, Kd John
aim, T. L. Cbarman, K. U Catiflrld, A.
J. Montgomery, K. 1- Newton, II. M.
Duff, A. Beamann, Jennie May, IMU
Omen, V. K. Charman, A. Warner,1
lleurf Meldrum, J. II. Heaven, T. V
llyan, W. Howell, T. S. Lawrence,
Oreen. I.illio Hhepherd, A. Uolertaon,
(1. K. Ilayea, K. Athey, J.W.Cooke,
V. Cole, It, M. !Hililtl. A. W. Cheney.
J, 1. Keating, Ihiana F.ly. J.C. 7,imer,
V. II. Cook. KM Williama. little
Alldiedge, V. IUbco'k; Miaeea Nteta
McCaryer, Klla William, Ilatlie and
Nan Cochrane,
Flna nemllawork, mualo and pleaaant
converaatlon made Iho time pa all too
ewlllly, until & o'cluk, when an elabo
rate luncheon, waa aeryed. After lunch
eon by aperlal re(tieat, Mm. Grara
danced the Highland Fling, in liar uaual
art iat io atylo.
A I'ah.ful Arrldrnt.
K. 0 Shaw, city nlghtwatch, mat,
with a painful accident on Monday
veiling about an hour and a half after
midnight reatilting m fracturing.bla right
lot( near lh ankle joint. Ho, In com
pany with Kd Hechnor waa In front ol
the building occupied by the Hook and
ladder Company, alien without warn
ing be alepmxl uon a alippery walk at
that place and middonly alipped In audi
a way aa lo throw hli entire welijht ion
bla right log and twlxtod hla foot com
pletidy bakward, breaking both bones
in Ma right leg juat above the ankle
joint. Dr. Bummer waa called lm
media My and droimed tho fracture. Tha
bruak la aeyoro and painful and Mr.
8haw will In couaeiuonco thuroof bo con
fined to Ida room for aeveral weeks.
When you need a aoothing and healing
antlaopllo application for any purpose,
waf-lUa orlglnul DoWltt'a. Witch Har.el
Hiil a", a well known cure for pilea and
eklu diHoaaoa. It liualx aorea without
leaving a Bear. Unwaro of counterfeits.
O. A. Harding.
Xmaa troe ornaments at Charman A
Co., the cut-price Christmas druggists.
A Mew Hook far the Youth of Oregon.
Mrs. Eva Emory Dye's "Stories of
Oregon" dedicated to the native daugh
ters of Oregon presonts In fascinating
stylo the history in duUill of the state of
Oregon from the discovery of the TacKlo
to the time of completing the first trans
continental railway across the continent.
The book Is full of Interest, surpassing
anything of the kind oyer published on
Oregon and Is abuilrably arranged to
arouse the curiosity of tho youth to
prolltuble research into things portal n
icg to the history, organization and
growth of the state of Oregon.
Hound Mrrr In tlm Sum of $2000,
Jiirtlna O'Donald, of the Hllvrrton
ju leacour, (held Hmijamln War guilty
, of aroWn on the Kllli d.iy of Doceuihr,
I nuui . I i aii
iir.ni, himi iHjiirni inrii over lo the i Intuit
ouurt grand Jury In theaum of I'.DIN),
which mi in I. Ilunjtmln, the employer of
Wle, (Inrf)ll4id n court In canh,
Tb evident; showed that Wlaa was
employed to run tlm store by J. Itenja-
luiii and that recently tha buxliieaa bad
been Insured for mor than tlm propurty
waa aarlli, which gav inducemiiiit for
burning the stock, and lwl.ln( (he ImihI.
tie-a had recently failed lo be profitable
to tha mamigiir. Wian bad the only key
to the burned building an I the fir was
flrat diaooverd in thtt rear of the build
lug. Wise waa not lll'td promptly of the
fire, but made noeirorl to put it out, did
not even unlock the door, though be
only had tb key,aud while Othure tried
t control the lira be stood ailn and
amoked a cigar, and a Untie later hlrd
a 'earn and drov to Woodhurn. Muddr
fiHitpilnta lorrenpoiidliig to thou of
Wine were found on the stairway leading
up to W lan'a room and hla muddy cloth
ing was found In bin room In hi valine
a found the a lea book allowing light
buina and a lot of aiik baudkercbii f.
In a Iditlon lo the cane of amon.the in
auranre company ia proaecutiug a cane
againt Wlmi for iiiciudeariiiui to Invali
date the iimuranc rm ently taken out on
the trk of g'xxli.
The Eminent Kidney
and Bladder Specialist
Ta McT(rr at lwaai-Kat at Wart la
Ther Is dlaeaaa prevalllnff ta this
country moat dangerous because so decep
tive. Many sudden deaths are caused by
U Deirt ducaae, pneumonia, neart lallure
or apoplexy ara often tha result of kidney
dlseatt. If kidney trouble Is allowed to ad
vane tha kldney-polaoned blood will attack
tha vital orcana, or the kidneys themselves
break down and waste away cell by Mil
Than tha richness of tha Hood the albumen
Uaksoul and the auflerer hu Brlghl'a
Disease, the wont form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamc-Koot tha new dla
covery Is the true speclllc for kidney, bladder
and urinary troubles. It has cured thousands
of apparently nope lan cases, alter all other
efforts hav failed. Aldruf(tsts In fifty-cent
and dollar alios. A sample bottle eent free
by mall, also a book tailing about Swamp-
Root and It wuiderful cures. Address
Dr. Kilmer & CoM Blnghamion, N. Y. and
mention this paper.
Aaoual Ilaxaar,
The ladiea of St. 1'atil' (iiiild will bold
their annual baraar at Willamette ball,
on Monday evening, IWember 17. Will
have for aale a number ol nm-lol and
ornamental articles, home nude randies,
prettily dreaaed dolla. At the doll's
booth will be an elegant display of
d ill's millinerv, each bat a selection of
the milliner' art. For the amusement
of the young people a few hour will be
given lo dancing, which g-ntlemen will
be charged 2') rent.
Itefreahmenta, coaiatlng of mince,
pumpkins pies, doughnuts and coll"'),
will I) served for fifteen cents.
Admission free. The ladiea will also
hold an afteroon aale, to which there
will be no admission, on the same day.
A Might of Terror.
"Awful anxiety waa felt for the widow
of the brave General Hurnham of
Machiaa, Me., when the doctor said
she could not live till morning" writes
Mr, fi. H. Lincoln, who attended her
that fearful night. "Although aha
mutt aoon die from Pneumonia, she
begged for Dr. King's New Discovery,
saying it had more than once saved her
life, ami bad cured her of Consumption.
After three small doees she slept easily
all night, and Ita further use completely
cured her." This marvelous medicine is
guaranteed to cure all Throat, Chest and
I.nng DisoaRes. Only 50c and $1 00.
Trial buttles free at Geo. A. Harding's
ding store.
Witli every CO cent purchase at the
Racket Store you will recoive a coupon
for the silver tea set.
City TreuHtircr's Notice.
Notice Is hereby given that there are
sufficient funds on hand In the Cemetery
fund of Oregon City to pay all outstand
ing warrants endorsed prior to date.
Interest ceases with date of this notice.
November 20, 11)00.
City Treasurer.
Elf's Cream Balm
Ky and pluuant to
nun, Contafua Do in
Jiirlnn Snig.
lllvo Kellotat onca.
W o75r. cmrocalDi
It Open and CIcitnM
Allnvft lnllitniiiittLUin.
Iliwl and Prnuwt tha Meuihrnna. Rratore the
Hi'Iimw of Taat and Bmrll. Urw- Snw. SO cent l
Dniirclit or hr mull; Trial Ble, lOccni by mall.
, KLY BUCimitS, M Wairau fitnet, Nw York.
Cold Hiael Or Drstb.
"There Is but one small chance to
ssve your life and that is through an op
eration," was tha awful proapect set be
(ore Mrs. I, IS. Hunt, of Mine Hidge,
Wis , by her doctor after vainly trying
lo cure her of a frightful csao of stomach
trouble and yellow jaundice. II didn't
count on th marvelou power of Elec
tric Hitter to cure Hlomach and Liver
trouble, but aim beard of it, look seven
bottles, wss wholly cured, avoided sur
geon's knife, now weighs more and feels
better than ever. It's positively guar
anteed to cure Stomach, Liver and Kid
ney trouble and never disappoint.
1'rlce Mo at (Jeo. A. Harding' drug
Don't ue any of the counterfeits of
DeWitl's Witch Ifaxet Halve. Most of
them are worthies or liable lo cauwt In
J'iry. The original Da Wilt's Witch Ho
tel Halve la a certain cur for piles, ac
wins, cut, acaldn, burns, iwre and skin
dlsesaes. G. A. Ilirdlng.
ChrUtma (JlfU.
(let your suits and overcoats made to
order at half price. You have to pay
here for China labor at I!alatko A Ifar-
la', Han Franciaco. White labor only.
The Farmer' and Mechanics' Htore,
agents. M, Miciiakm, Prop.
ri.mii on
Dull llsadache, I'alna in varions parts
of the body, linking at tin pit of the
itomach, Ixxi of appetite, Feverisbnesa,
I'implua or Korea are all osltive eviden
ce of Impure blood. No matter how it
bocsrue so it must lie purifier in order to
obtain good health. Acker's Blood
tllilr has never failed to cure Hcrufulous
or Hypbititic oiona or any other blood
diaeaaes. It I certainly a wonderful
remedy and w aell every bottle on a
positive guarantee. Q. A. Harding,
tialbralth's CoofrrtluBjrry.
Get your panocbe, cocoa nut Ice, date
creams, vanilla, chocolate creame at
Galbraitb'a confectionery and you will
never regret it.
No one can reasonably bop for good
health unleas bis bowels moye once
each day. When this la not attended to,
disorder of the stomach arise, biliousness,
headache dyapepsia and piles aoon fol
low. If you wish to avoid these ailment
keep your bowela regular by taking
Chamberlain's btomach and Liver Tab
leta when required. Ther are to easy
to take and mild and gentle in effect.
For aale by (J. A. Harding.
Iton't trouble yourself with cakes, etc.,
when you can get them tba best and
cheapest at Koerien'a.
BaartU lhi ioA Yw Haw Unit Bacfl
imiind Ym Haw Unn
County Treasurer's Notice.
I now have funds in my bsnds to pay
road warrant endorsed prior lo July
7tb. 1900.
Intereat will cease on the warranta in
cluded in this notice on the date hereof.
Oregon City, Dec. 13, 1000.
A. Li sluxo,
Treasurer Clackamas County, Oregon.
DON'T 8TAMP.-Don't go stamping
about in cheap shoes as long as you can
buy such excellent styles and superb
qualities as we are showing at 3 In our
FLORAL QUEEN Shoe. We've cheap
or ones, and better ones, but none with
more real value and satisfaction at the
r.MUbUahed 1SS.
Ifanfllef and Expfe,
Freight and parcels delivered
to all parts of the city.
For Sale -200 Acres
Part of H, Johnson D. L. C.,four miles
from Oregon City; improved. In small
tracts if desired. Trice reasonable; part
cash ; balance, time to suit purchaser at
0 per cent interest. Address
Portland, Ore.
Or see
vb py Shoes.
It Has Never Failed
Mr, C, S. I'eaalce, the rell-lnown drni' (t
Morgan City, La , lahijrhly thought (A In hia neigh
borhood bccMijftu of bis skill and care In filling pre
acriptiona, The heat physicians In the place send
their patients to his store whenever they can. Any
thing which Mr. I'eaalce may say can le depended
upon absolutely. In a letter to W. II. Hooker &
Co., New York City, proprietors of Acker's English
Remedy, ho says: " In all my many years' experi
ence a a drugi;1'. I have never handled a medi
cine of any nature that gave such complete satis
faction as Acker's English kemedy for Throat
and Lung Troubles. 1 have sold hundreds of
bottles, and have yet to learn of a single case
wnere n laiioa to cure, in
croup, it acta with a cer
tainty that Is really mar
velous. My wife docs not
take much stock in medi
cine, but she has sbnolnte
faith in Acker s Knf h
Kemedy, always having it
at her elbow in case the
children ara attacked by
croup at night. It la a
positively harmless rem
edy, aa I can personally
tent if v. I know of a little
girl who accidentally drank a whole bottle. She waa, of course, lick at her
stomach lor a short time, but the sickness passed away, and then the child was
in better bealth than ever before. I can understand why Acker's English Rem
edy is so efficacious, because I am a druggist. It is sot a mere expectorant,
but a strengthening, invigorating tonic aa well. While it heals the irritations
of the mucous membrane, it also builds up the constitution and purifies the
blood. I endorse it absolutely."
Bold at 2$c, joe. and i a bottle, throughout the United States and Canada;
and in England, at is. ad., t. 3d., 4s. 6d. If you are not satisfied after buying,
return the bottle to your druggist, and get your money back.
HV auOwrUt Ox Oban gwanitt. W. II. JIOOJCKS CO., PropHctort, .Vnj York.
For sale by Geo. A. Harding.
A Personal Matter
A well painted bouse la Ilk a neat
ly drel ron alwaya attract
ive and pleasant to look Uin,
Can b repainted and fmbened op
at a very reaaooabl price painU
ar vary cheap now. Don't leav II
until the tan make any more mark
and crack In It.
L?ave Orders at
Ely's Store.
Tbe fain
I have tne best land in the county for
tbe least money. Try me.
J. E. Hcdois.
Harding Block,
Oregon City,
Telephone S13.
5 cents
Quart good Peanuts v
8 cents
Tound Plain Mixed Candy
121 cents
Pound Boston Mixed Candy
20 cents
Pound Chocolate Creams
15 cents
Pound Beet Mixed Nuts
8 cents
Pound Gum Drops
12) cents
Pound Best Walnuts
This Stock will be in the first of
the month.
Silorta Oregon Cliy
and Portland.
CQfin YEARLY to Chris-
v tian man or women
to look after our growing busi
ness in this and adjoining
counties; to act as manager
and correspondent; work can
bo done at your home. En-
4 close self-addressed, stamped
envelope for particulars to II.
Ta, a.' 14 V S Lllsa UIIVIUI AiaC 14 I y
Corcoran building, opposite
United States Treasury, Wash-
el inglon, D. C. fe.
ftj ai w tgi vs m ly hi v y
Do You
Know the News
You can have It all for
in the Evening Telegram, of Port
land, Oregon. It is the largest
evening newspaper published in
Oregon ; it contains all tb news
of the State and of the Nation.
Try it for a month. A sample
copy will be mailed to you free.
. The Telegram,
Portland, Or
i X'Ji'X 'A ' 'AT x -a irre
When you buy goods at
our store, for our guaran
tee goes with every pur
chase, whether it costs
little or much.
Complete stock of Gro
ceries, fresh Bread, Buns,
Cakes, etc., always in
Ycu leave your order;
we do the rest.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and
v Spectacles.
All kinds of repairing neatly done
and warranted,
l'oatofllce Itldfr. Can by, Oregon
Oregon $M Line
The Direct Route to
Montana. Utah, Colorado
and all Eastern Points.
Give choice of two favorite routes, via
the USIOS PACIFIC Fast Mail Line,
or tbe RIO GRANDE Scenic Lines.
No Change of Cars.
on the Portland-Chicago Special, "the
best in tbe West."
Equipped with
Elegant Standard Sleepers
Fine New Ordinary (Tourist Sleepers
Superb Library-Buffet Cars
Splendid Diners (meals a la carte)
Free Reclining Chair Cars.
Comfortable Coaches and Smokers
Entire Train Completely Vestibuled
For further information, apply to
Trav. Pass. Agt. Gen'l Agent
142 Third St, Portland. Or.
Mii Li.
By tho fast .
sssr Reaulator
Leaves Portland daily except
Sunday at 7 a. m.
This is the Great Scenic Route,
All tourist admit that the scenery
on the Middle Columbia is not ex
celled for beauty and grandeur in
the United states. Full informs
tion by addressing or calling on
J. S. BOOTH, Agent,
Tel. 914. Portland, Or.,
Office and wharf, foot of Oak St.
Of the -
Trains Irsva Orrirrm City fur Portland anil
way nations at 8:21 A. M. and O;0:i V. M.
I.v Portland
l,v Orison City
Ar Aalilarirl
" Hacramcnto
" Han Krandaco
8 ft) A M
:. A K
12.U a m
ft:l) p M
7:45 f
7:00 rm
7:Mr M
11 :.-
4 M a M
6:45 a M
ft (iO A M
7:25 a
7:45 A
11:45 a is
0:00 A M
7 Ma
" flenvar
" Kariitaa City
" L'bicaKo
" f)S Ari(?elea l:Mr 7 :00a at
" KII'a.o fl:0t)M fl:00ria
Fort Worth 6:30 a m n-.'M a m
" Cily of Mexico U.M am 0:r5 a M
' llouotoii 4:K) a N 4:O0 A M
"New Orleans :5 r M 8:25 r IS
"Washington fl:42 rs 1:42 a at
" New Yora 12:43 r 12:43 p M
Pullman and Tourtxt cara on both train.
Chair rar Harrarnento to OKlen and Kl
l'aw, and tourl.it ran to Chicago, 8t, Ixiiila,
New Orleans and WaahinKton.
Connection at Han Kranciiico with seversl
tetmhlp llr.'a lor Horiolnlii. Japan, China,
rhiiipi'ines. Central and booth America.
Hee Mr. K. K. Hooin(firiier aient at
Oregon City elation or addrens
Manager, O. F. 4 P. Agent.
Portland, Oregon
,, ,, ,
Steamer G.W. Shaver,
Portland foot of Washington street Mon
days and Tbursdsys at 6 a. m. Return
ing leaves Clatekanie on Tuesdays and
Fridays at 4 o'clock a. m.
This ia the nearest and moat direct
route to the great Nehalem valley.
Shaver Transportation Co
Salt Lake. Denver. Ft.
Worth.Omati a, Kan
sas City, St. Ixui,
4 p. m.
9:15 a. m
Chicago and kaaU
Salt Lake. Denver. Ft.
6 p. ni.
aa City. St. Ixui
Chicago and East.
9 p. m.
Walla Walla, Lewia-
ton, Spokane, Mm
neaKjlts. Hi. Paul,
Duluth, Milwaukee,
Chicago and East.
8:40 a. m.
Oeeaa Steamablpa
All Bailing; datea sub
ject to change.
For sail Franciaoo
Sail every 3 days
Daily Ex
8 p. m.
Colombia Kiver
To Aa'oria aid Way
Landiaga. 4 p. m.
Ex. 8ua
day. Saturday
10 p. ni.
Willamette River
6 a.m. Ex.
Oregon City, Newberg,
1:30 p. m.
Ex. fcun-
eaiem, indepen
denre and Way
7 a. m.
SJOp. m.
Mnn, Wad.
aad Fri.
Tnea. Thur
Oragon City. Dayton
anil Wy-LanUi ga.
8 a. m.
Willamette River
Portland to CoiTtlll
anl Wny-Laudmga
4:S0d. in.
an 1 tat.
and Sat.
Hi pari a
Snake River
Riparia to Lewiaton
3:3.") a. ni
8:30 a. m.
Gen. Pass. Agent, Portland Or
Train No. 11
" " 13
.1 l5
9 :22 a. m.
4:60 p. m.
9:14 p. ui.
7 a.m.
9:22 a. m.
5 :40 p. m
Train No. 18
" " 14
" " 12
Mail closes going North 5:50 p id, and 7 :45a m
Mail closes going Sou th8 :52 a m and.7 :22 p ra
Mail closes for Portland and distributing
points, 12 ni. "- ;
Mail closes (or Milwaukie and Bell wood
9 am.
Mallarri7esfroM Portland 1:30 p m.
Oregon City to Ely, Csrns, Mullno.
Liberal and Mollala leaves at 12 ni, and
arrives at 1 :30 a m daily.
Oregon City to Beaver Creek, 8b abet.
Clark, Meadow Brook, Union Mills and
Colton leaves at 8am Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday, and returns on following
days at 4 :35 pm.
Oregon City to Viola, Logan and Bedland
leaves Oregon City Monday, Wednesday
and Friday at 1 p m, leaving Viola tame
days at 7 a ni.
Oregon City to Willamette, Stafford.
Wilsonville and Graeme arrives at 10:30
a m and leaves at 11:30 a m daily.
General delivery window is open on Bun
dsy from 10 to 11 a m, All letters dropped
into tha box at tbe door is promptly seai
off Sunday as on other days.
1.- -rS iiffai sA