Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, December 07, 1900, Page 7, Image 7

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sr-ir pr-V r-r 0"orTr W-ie)
' Jamn Itlutoul and MIm Until Cowing
Wi-re iimrrlml ni llin rioddnnce of M
and Mr. T, K.UowIng, Hr. on ItaimulMir
tli I INN). In Hit irnwiiM.' of a fww friend
i .... "7 7
On TluiriiUjr evening, Pncninlier 13
i..r will U a free Incttir at the Y, M
0, A. room liy ltiv. W, K. OoptilNiid, of
tb" Hurl" On operative brotherhood, on
(be ai'lmic of ri)-uMrallii.
J. Hurt Moore, pliytlulaii ami iirguoii
i located In Oregon City with olllt
taiKiximrlly at rnldni'e on IV ii lli itrnn
iiliif Ji-lfiroii. Prompt rooiio
,f,,1nii'nl ralU.
Tim November elglith grade pulili
HOlnxil esaiuittelioll wa lii III una
dlntrli t only in (,l keina county Mia
W. Iliiiiiwy rrport tlia holding of audi
elimination In Hull Hun dlatrlcl,
received In tliU city laal
Vi'tii'itf mi man niriraiarm nal ill
at M. ViiiiKiit'a lloltl during tli
I all. 1, . I I I . I II
altrriKwjii, at Ida age ol IH year
Funeral from Hapllat church, UxUy a
1 o'clock.
At the 8 o'clock tnrvica nail Sunday
the Hev. 1. K. Ilainiiiaulilof Ht. I'atil'a
B.ici.l church will by r'ict, ak
on Clirlatlan Hclence. Everyone cor
dJelly Invited Ui the service at II a. in
aii I 6 p. in.
- In (he matter of the etlai of lllram
frllowa, decvaaed. It waa ordered tlia
Citation lean to tlia heir to a eer with
la twenty Jay from data of publication
of citation and ahow cauaa, If any they
tiave, why tha Inatruninut purporting to
ba tba lat will ami utamaot of d
aav should not 'xs declared void and
Ttio eoclal danoo given at tba armory
Friday evening under tba direction of
Sir. N. W. Ua fence and Ml.a Hard
kig, tta largely attended. Kvereat'f
orbeetra dlacoiiraed iweat rnuaio and
Upward of 40 couple participated In
the dame. A goodly number of spec
Uiora were premnt and tba uccaaion
fjaa tba' moat enjoyable and aucceeaful
0l the araaon.
,'Tlia caae of Maud A. (irlifm va
Charlea r.. Konnell coiiteatinir title to
Und In auction 34 T. 3 N. 11. 8. W. and
See 3. T. 3. N, K. H. W. waa tried at tba
.fend oHlce Friday lal conauiiilng the en
Jro day. Tba land He In a valuable
pait of I'tateop county and both partina
tro determined lo bold tba land. ( ol
B. A. Miller and T. K. Cowing, repre-
rut the reectlve peatie, In tbeconleat.
ltev. Willard Lalourelto wa In the
city Saturday on hi way to Hilverlon
land Ml. Angel In the Interval of Mc
Mlnnville college which be alaloa ha
drgiio a moot proaperoiii year' work.
osrrI tttidenU fnxn CUckama county
are In attendance at (bit limtltullon,
iinoni them being K. A Hmlth, cj inem
ber Company I, Kecond Oregon Vola.
JoMle R. Porter, of Cancinali ani Cha.
B'Hberford, of Molalla.
(Opera lnt fur AppradlclU.
Ir. K. A. Hoinmer haa recently
Oirate! uou two rxtrema caaea of ap
pendk-ltli. On Novembor 13 ba in
formed an oteratlon npon A. J, Ilohba,
ol Bolton, who I upward of M year of
t and on tha 24th of November It wa
Oft'eeaary to operate upon the ( year
old eon of Mr. and Mr. John Wllhclm,
4 Kellwcxxl. Hoth have entirely re
covered, notwithstanding the utiuaual
nature of the cax.
County Clerk and Itororder'a Kcporl.
, County Hncordur T. I'. Kandall, ha
received during November juit paat
lt.h ;W for oiitering upon the county
record Hi ded, .10 mortgage eight
United Htale patent and Ave chattel
mortgage and upward of 40 cancella
tion of real estate mortgagt', tMmldca
power of attorney bill of la bond for
deed, leaae, agriMimenta toaell land etc.
November a year ago the receipt of
the olllce woro lfll.l5 and only 75 ileod
wero recorded and over 40 mortgage
and less than thirty cancellation of nuirt
Vft. Tha oounty clerk received during
Novcmlwr $104.75 and only f.M5.75 No
vonibcr a ago, Ilia aggrogute
amount t ur'h lncludia district at'
torney fee of the November torm ol
court and alao trial foe and other court
tilmiiRe. Twenty marriage llruime
weru IhhikhI during the mouth of Nov.
and thirty-throe divorce granted at
which ratH It I only a qneatlon of time
when the dork will have tho entire
county divorced.
' MemlnruNtNo. 2,(1. A. K.
At the Init meeting of the Toot hold on
Monday, December, 3d, the following
comrade wero elected aaofllcet for the
year, lwt:
P. 0 P. Colbert; 8. V. C.,0. A.
Chonoy j J. V. C, F. II. flench ; chap.,
J. Doremue; Hurgoon, Schuyler Kuo; O.
D.,0. II. Pauchy ; Q. M., O. A. Hard
ing; Adjt. 0. A. WIIHamajO. G.. L.W.
Ingraham ; 8. M. F. Hollo, Q. M, 8., J.
M. Taylor.
Tho Pout la jiiRt cloaing ono of tho moHt
proRperou year In II history, having
touhled lis memborHhip since the report
of Due, 31, 1890. At the present rate ol
i i. I,.
ItcelebraUi It twentieth anniversary In
AUynext, 'J be spirit ol fraternity and
g'xxl fellowablp t preaent pravalling
among the comrade i imperially grail
fylng and tha prosperity of the Post for
usiifiiliies to tho old aoldinr wra never
better. An entertainment will U given
In the near future for the benefit of the
relief fund,
The next meeting of tba Post will be
held at Willamette ball on Katurday,
DecemlHir 15 at 1 o'clock p. in, to which
all comrade of the (1. A. It. are Invited.
How to ( lira ( roup.
Mr. It. dray, who live near Amenla,
Diicbesa oonnty, N, Y., sayi: "Cham'
hertalu'i Cough Kemedy I the best
medicine I have ever used. It I a fine
children' remedy for croup and never
fall lo cure." When given a soon
the child become hoarse, or even after
tho croiipy cough ba develuiied, It will
preyent the attack. This should be,
home In mind and a l.ottln of the Cough
Itemody kept at band ready for Instant
use a eonn a the symptom appear.
For salu by (J. A. Harding, diuggist.
Oregon City Market Ifrport.
(Corrected weekly.)
Wheat-No, 1,61c In bulk.
Flour Portland, .'l.25; Howard'
(test, ; Fisher' Iteet, 1 2.00.
Oats In sacks, whit, 37 to 40 :ents
per bushel, gray, 35 to 37,
Millstuira llran, 1 5.00 per ton
shorte, I0.W per ton.
Potatoea 45 to 50 ct per sa k.
Fgg Oregon ,30 lo 35c ; Kasiern, 27,',
to .Ii Ic -r doren.
Putter Itanch, 40 to 45 cent per roll
Onions, f 1.00 lo 1.25 per rack.
Oreen applea, 25 to 50 cent per box
dried 5 eta per pound.
LIveabM'k and Pressed Meat IW,
live, 3to4c; hog, live, 4,','cj hogs,
dmsaed, lo 6 cent; aheep, 2.:'5 lo
4 par bead ; veal, dresaed 7,' to He.
It Nared Ilia Lrf
P. A. Panfort, of LaGrange, Ga.,
auflered Intensely for aiz month with a
frightful running aore oo hi leg, but
write that Iiuckleo'a Arnica halve
wholly cured It In ten day, For ulcer,
wound, burn, bolls, pain or pile it's
the beat salve In the world. Cure guar
anteeed. Only 25c. Hold by Geo. A.
Harding, druggist.
Wedding stationery, tlia latest styles
and fliioat assortment ever brought to
Oregon City at the Karaai-aisi
xm a lovcii.
Ha turned with disgust from an
otherwise) lovable girl with aoofTenaive
reath. Karl'a Clover Itoot Tea purities
the breath by lU action on the bowel,
etc., nothing else will. Hold for years
on absolute gusraulee. Price 25 eta,
and 50 eta. C. U. Huntley the Pruggista.
Ualhralth' (onfccll inrry.
Got your nocbe, eocoannt Ice, date
cream, vanilla, chocolate crvama at
Ibraith'a confectionery and you will
never regret It
Itememtter the ltarket 6iora for fine
Mechlin Isce or handkerchief. Going
at a bargain.
I have tho best land in the county for
the least money. Try me.
J. K. IlxtxiK.
City Treasurer' Notice,
Notice la hereby given that there are
auHlolent fund on hand In the Cemetery
fund ol Oregon City to pay all outstand'
ing warranta endorsed prior to date,
Interest cease with date of thi notice.
November 2!, 1000.
CUy Treasurer,
Sunday Services.
Bt. John's, Csthollc-Uev. A. Hlllelirsnd,
pentor. on Humisy, maxs at H and lo.-.w a.
I nini eunuay in eacn moiun, uerman
srrnion after H o'clock mass; at all oilier
ni .(, Kngllnll sermons. Hiiiulay-school
si:':.'W(v, in. Vespen, spologetlcal subjects
nil bonediallnn si I .M p. in.
German Kvaiik-clirnl Lutheran Inimaii
nal t ornai hlgiilli anil J. y. AUama ats.;
Ke, Krnpst J. W.'Mack, pssior. bumlay
school, at 10 a. m.: weekly services every
Thursday at 8 P. m. Herman school every
Hatunlay from 0 to 12. K very body Invited.
Methodist Episcopal Church Key. It. A.
Atkins, pastor. Mornlnir service at 10:45.
HiimUy HohDot at 10:00. Olss mMliii altei
mnriilng aorvlre. Kvoutna serrlce at 7:80
nwnrih LeKiie meelmg BuinUy evealnc at
M: l'rsvor Mdotlni Thiiraday ereulni at 7:80.
atrsniors aordlsllr invited.
MontKomi'ry, Cmtor. Hervicri st 11 a.m. sua
80 r. u. Hsbbsth Hchnol at 10 A. a. Youni
people's Mneluty o( Chriatlau Kndeavor meu
evvry Hmiday evening at t'.BO. Ihuiidsj
evening prsyur mooting at 7:80. Boats free.
Klglitli ami Mailinoii street, Uuv. 8. Copley
iaitor, Her vices every Hunaam at u a. in
ml 1A!i p. m. tiumlay Hohool 10 a. in
rayer meeting 8 p. in. All are welcome
ELY'S CREAM IMI.M la a poslttTecnra,
nri.ininih noitHl. It Is nnieklv shor()d. as
eBl t Dnnrglsta or by mail j tumpies I On. by sill
inurrx it win nave mora tnan one
hundred member upon It roll before
SLT lUIUiuKUa, as Hima u, mi m v
Don't ml (he rummage tale Pea. 1
and I I. Klaborata preparation are be
lug ir:ad U pleitno the public, Don'
mis It,
Don't use any of tba counterfeit of
Do Will' Wilch Hazel Halve, Most of
theiu are worthless or liable to cause In
jury. The original DeWitt's Witch Ifa
r.ol Halve I a certain cure for pile, ac
tenia, cut, scalds, burn, aore and skin
diaease. 0. A, Ifsrding.
( litlsiiuas Gifts.
(let your, nilis and overcoat made to
order at half price. You have to pay
here for China labor at lialatko V Har
lis', ftan Krancici.'o. White labor only.
The Fanners' and Mechanic' More,
agent. M. Miciukm, Prop
Vur lace
Kbow the stale ol your feeling and the
lata ol your health a well. Impure
blixxJ make Itself apparent In a pale
and sallow complexion, pimple and skin
eruption. If you are fueling weak and
worn out and do not hive a healthy ap
aranre you should try Acker' Hlood
Klixlr. It cure all hlood disease
where cheap Harssparillas anl so called
purillers fail ; knowing this wa anil every
l-o t tie on a pisliive guarantee, (i. A
Harding, druggist.
The Packet Store must get rid of lU
iiock of doll, doll beads, kid body
doll, and game for lack of room. You
get them at your own pi ice.
Great reduction sale on
all trimmeJ
hat. Mis (ioldunltb.
Don't trouble yourself witbeskes, et:
when you can get them the best and
cheapest at Kuerten's.
sick and delicate need a genlte Ionic
tlinulent. It la often a matter of life
and death with them. The Ineal nutri
ment and restorative Is HIIAW'S PURE
MALT. Hold by K. Mmiiixs, Oregon
City, Ore.
We always have tlia latest atyle In
millinery and the lowest pricea.
Mis Goldsmith.
No one cso reasonably boe for good
health unlea Lie boa el move once
each day. When thi I not attended to,
diaorder of the stomach arise, blliousueas,
headache dyspepsia and pile aoon fol
low. If you wish to avoid these ailmenle
keep your bowel regular by taking
Chamberlain' Stomach and Liver Tah
leta when required The v are to easy
to take and mild and gentle in effect.
For aala by G. A. Harding.
Notice to Water
Consumers and
Property Owners
At a mooting; of the Hoard of
Water ComiiiiHoioneni on Septem
Ixjr 2'Jth, ult., the following change
in monthly water rates was made
To lake eflert oa ! filler Janu.
airy I, OI.
Automatic Closing FJush Tank
Closets, private - - 15c.
Automatic Cloning Flush Tank
Closets, public - - - 50c.
All Otukh Closkts - - fi.oo.
Theo rates apply where water
is UHcd for other service.
In order to eet the benefit of the
above rates a change of fixture as
indicated above uiUHt be made by
tho date mentioned.
Ily order of the board.
T. L. Charmax, Sec'y.
Oregon City, Or., Oct, 10, ltWO.
Over-Work Weakens
Your Kidneys,
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Wood.
All the blood In your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
i no moneys are your
blood purifiers, they de
ter out the waste or
Impurities In tha blood.
If they are sick or out
of order, they fall to do
their work.
Pains, achesandrheu
matlsm come from ex
cess of urlo acid In the
blood, due to neclected
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart beats, and makes one feel as though
they had heart trouble, because the heart is
over-working In pumping thick, kldney
polsoned blood through veins and arteries.
II used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases have their begin
ning In kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy Is
aoon realised. It stands the highest for Its
wonderful cures of the most distressing cases
nrl la mntii An ll mArtt VW
by all druggists In fifty'
cent and one-dollar siz
es. You may have a
sample oottie oy man noma or swunp-Roc.
free, also pamphlet telling you how to find
out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
b Co., Blnghamton, N. Y.
For Sale 200 Acres
Part of If, Johnson D. L. C.,(our miles
from Oregon City j improved. In small
tracts if desired, Trice reasonable; part
cash ; balance, time to suit purchaser at
0 per co nt Interest. Address
I'ortland, Ore.
Or sea
CffS70 mJodoaBdUsiB
It I very unusual for a regular physician of good reputation to publicly
endorse a proprietary remedy. We have often heard of case where doctora
have secretly prescribed Acker" Knglisb Remedy, but it la tooat gratiyina; to
receive me following voluntary letter
from C. P. Smith, M. I)., the moat
successful physician of Glean, N. Y.:
"Mensr. W. II. Hooker k Co.,
New York City: 1 wish to add my
professional testimony to the value
of your Knirlisli preparation known
a Acker's Knglish Remedy for Aith
ma, etc. In several instance, after I
have tried my utmost to give even
rchff, I have prescribed yourremedy,
and it haa acted almost like a miracle,
not only relieving, but permanently
curi:i( every one of the pa'ient. I en
dorse the preparation a one of the
most valuable additiona to the prac
tice of medicine."
Such a frank endowment as the
above i phenomenal. Coming from
so distinguished a member of the
medical profession, it carries with it
an assurance which the public will be
sure to avail themselves of. It W rec
ommendation like thi which make
it possible to Kive the broad guaran.
tee that is a part of every sale ol Ack
er's Knlish Remedy for Couh.
Colds, Asthrra, Hronchiti and Consumption. It must either do all that Is
claimed for l, or your money will be refunded. iJo you know of any other
in-d ic i no aoU on the terms? iJo you know of any other medicines which
prominent doctor regularly prescribe in their own practice as being better than
prcs'.ription they write themselves? These facta are well worth considering.
They ure of especial interest to those with aore throats and weak lungs.
K'1 at nr., ye and t a brittle, throughout th United Sutes and Canada; and in Eoc
lmt.t i. ,-i , j.t . iA. If ynu art But satUnsd after baying;, rstarn th botti to your
druggut, anil ft your munsy bs k,
W autKiria U ttUer qvvnxitt. W. It. UMKIR 4r CO., frvpritton Hew York.
For tale by Ueo. A. Harding.
A grand old remedy for Cough, Cold
and Con so mPt Ion; used through the
world for half a century, ba cured In
numerable case of Incipient conumpli-
oo and relieved many inadvanced stage.
If you are not satisfied with the result
we will refund your monev. Price 25
eta., and 50 cts. and 1 1.00. C. 0. Huntley
the Druggiit.
The lateat style It trimmed bat and
price the beat. Mia Goldsmith.
All books aold at cut rates at Huntley's
Book Store. Taper bound booka 10 and :
I5c. Large list ta sehct from.
li t Han i'wan Botja
Harding Block,
Oregon City, - Oregon
Telephone 013.
ail t i
15 cents
Pound Citron or Lemon reel.
2ri cents
2 Pounds English Walnuts
25 cents
3 pound Mince Meat.
Gallon Maple Syrup
, 15 cents
Pound Costa Rica Coffee.
15 cents
Pound Shredded Coconut
40 cents
10 pound Macoroni
25 cents
Pound Mocha and Java
Nlorea Orr;ni 'lty
asiitl PortUad.
CQnn YEARLY to Chris-
tian man or women
to look after our growing busi
ness in this, and adjoining
counties; to act as manager
and correspondent; work can
be done at your home. En-
A close self-addressed, stamped
J envelope for particulars to II.
. A. Sherman, general manager,
Corcoran building, opposite
United States Treasury, Wash-
s ington, D. C.
Do You
Know the News
You can have It all for
in. the Evening Telegram, of Tort
land, Oregon. It la the largest
evening newspaper published In
Oregon ; it contains all the news
of the State and of the Nation.
Try it for a month. A sample
copy will be mailed to you free.
The Telegram,
Portland, Or.
MT: m AAlJJaWaTaLIaTJr; 9Mwrt
When you buy goods at
our store, far our guaran
tee goes with every pur
chase, whether it costs
little or much.
Complete stock of Gro
ceries, fresh Bread, Buns,
Cakes, etc., always in
You leave your order;
we do the rest.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and
All kinds of repairing neatly done
and warranted.
PetoflIce Ilidff. C'aaiby, Orrto
Oregon p&ort Line
The Direct Route to
Montana. Utah, Colorado
and all Eastern Points.
Gives choice of two favorite routes, via
the UNION TAC1FIC Fast Mall Line,
or the RIO GRANDE Scenic Lines.
No Change of Cars.
on the Tortland-Chicago Special, "the
best in the West."
Equipped with
Elegant Standard Sleepers
Fine New Ordinary (Tourist) Sleepers
Superb Library-Buffet Cars
Splendid Diners (meals a la carte)
Free Reclining Chair Cars.
Comfortable Coaches and Smokers
Entire Train Completely Vestibuled
. For further information, apply to
Trav. Pass. Agt Gen'l Agent
14a Third St, Portland. Or.
By tho fast
and com
modious steamer
Leaves Portland daily except
Sunday at 7 a. m.
This is the Great Scenio Route.
All tourist admit that the Bcenery
on the Middle Columbia is not ex
celled for beauty and grandeur in
the United States. Full informa
tion by addressing or calling on
J. S. BOOTH, Agent,
Tel. 914. Portland, Or.,
Office and wharf, foot of Oak St
Kiwi Li.
Of the
Train ltv Ornron Cltjr for Portlnd and
way nation t 8:24 A. M. and 6:03 1. M.
I,? Portland AM am 7:00 rat
l.v Oreaon Clijr :'.! am TMrm
ArAhianl 1'J::ham 11:.Wa
Hacranifnfo f:) n 4 Ma Mi
" rian franclaco 7:10 r 8:15 a as
' 0ln 6 45 am 11:4.1am
" Inr 0:'i0a m ic.iio m
' KanaClljr 7:Mk 7:2ft am
" Ctiicaao 7:46 a m 9:30 a M
U.Ana;ie 1 :20 r M 7:001
" Kll'aao fl:00r M fl:(l0ri
" Fort Worth fi:.V)AM fl:.'AJ
" City of Moxlco U:M a m 9 M a m
' Hoimlon 4 HO A M 4:00 a at
" NewOrlan fl:i'i r u 8:26 r
" Wanfiinuton 6:42 fM 0:42 A M
" Nr Vora 12:43 fM 12:43 rai
Piillinan and Tourint car on both train.
Clialr car Barrariirnto t Oirilen and Kl
l'ao. and ton rial ran to Chicago, Ht. Louia,
New Orleans and WnliiiiKlon.
Connection at fan KrafclHCo with freral
ttranirhlpllr n lor Honolulu. Japan, China,
l'bilipplnet. Central and booth America.
Hrt Mr. E. K. HoiinKarner agent at
Oreirnn City nation or addreaa
ilanaKr, O. K. 4 P, Agent.
Portland, Oregon
Steamer G.W. Sharer,
Portland foot of Washington street Mon
day and Thursdays at 6 a. m. Return
ing Ieayes ClaUkanie on Tuesday and
Friday at 4 o'clock a. m.
Thi la the nearest and most direct
route to tbe great Nehelena valley,
Shaver Transportation Co
Chleano-8it uke, Denver. Ft. .
Portland Worth.Omaha.Kan
Special ,M t'itr. 8u Louis.
9:15 a. m. ctiicao and East.
B.fc.n. Salt Lake. Dentf r. Ft.
Vorth,Omaha,Kan- 7 a.m.
n JZ City. 8t- Louis,
op.ni. Chicago and East.
Atlantic Walla Walla, Lewi
Ezpresa ton, Spokane. Min- (iA.
9 p.m. neapolis. St. Paul, 0'',n-
Duluth, Milwaukee,
Chicago and East.
Oceaa 8teanuhlp
1p.m. All Bailing datea ub- 4 !
ject to change.
Forsaa Fraaeiaeo-
Sail vry 5 day
Daily Ex. "
Sunday. Columbia Kiter 4 p. m.
8 p. m. Bteamera Ex. Sua-
Saturday To Aa'oria a d Way day.
10 p. m. Uaiiag:
Willamette Elver
6a. m. Ex. Orei?on Citf, Newberg, :S0 P- .
Sunday Salem, Indepen bun
dence and Way- day.
Ta.ro. WlllamettfandTamhlil S :10 p.m.
Turn, Thar Kivcrs Mod, Wad.
andfrau Oregon Citr, Pajrtoa. aodFri.
anil W j -lncur .
6 a. m. Willamette Elver 4 JO p. m.
Tue-.Th ir. Port.anJ to Corralli! Tue.Thu,
aoJtat. mi Way-Lauding and 8ak
lave 8nak Elver Leave
Riparia Ripana to Lawiaton Lewiston
3:3.5 a. ru Daily
Daily. 8:30 a. ra.
Gen. Pass. Agent, Portland O r
Train No, 11
.. .. 13
9:22 a. in.
4:60 p. m.
9:14 p. m.
7 a. m.
9:22 a. m.
5 :40 p. m
Train No. 16
" " 14
" " 12
Mall close Rolng North 5 :50 p id, and 7:46a m
Mail closes goliiK 8outh8 :52 a ni and.7:22 p ra
Mail closes for Portland and distributing
points, 12 m. SI2J:
Mail closes for Milwaukle and Sellwood
9 a m.
Mail arrnes froro Portland 1:30 pm.
Oregon Citv to Ely, Carus, Mullno,
Liberal and Mollala leaves at 12 m, and
arrives st 1 :30 a m dally.
Oregon City to Beaver Creek. 8habel,
Clark, Meadow Brook, Union Mills and
Col ton leaves at 8 a m Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday, and returns on following
davs at4:36p ni.
Oregon CUy to Viola, Logan and Redland
leaves Oregon City Monday, Wednesday
and Friday at 1 p m, leaving Viola same
davs at 7 a m.
Oregon City to Willamette, Stafford,
Wilsonville and Graeme arrives at 10:30
a m and leaves at 11 :30 a ru daily.
General delivery window I open on 8ua
day from 10 to 11 a m, All letters dropped
into the box at the door 1 promptly eat
off Sunday a on othtr day.
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