Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, December 07, 1900, Page 3, Image 3

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Personal Mention
Dr. J.J. Uavltt, of Molalla, waa
town Wudmtaday.
0. T, llciwMnl, of Miillno, iru at the
county seat Tnwaday .
Mr Jamea Ilaaly, of thla city, In null
confined to III Imi1.
(lm llrown, of Nnw Ura, had IhinIiium
at llio county mat Monday.
Ml hvelyn Dempster, wu on the
Irk lint a lew day tlil wtii-k,
1'. 0, Hiding anil bride, ol Mrjumn,
were In Oregon City, Saturday.
K. ('. Hamilton, him joined his brother
at Alaska, In lint mining im.
Hon. W. 0, Johnson, In suffering from
a severe cold recently contractitd.
tiarey ja'oi, na rtiiurnmi rum an
rilindml sojourn In New York illy.
), K. Wilson, of Corvallla, visited Or
egon City (rlwnd the first of tlio wnek.
O. I'. Yodnr, of Needy, wu transact
ing business In Oregon ( lly Thursday
. V'wt Mary ami Ann In olan of Fort-
lankr In Oregon t'lly Tuesday,
Jui(nan Mia. T. r. Kyen, spnt
Thanksgiving day In Portland, with rel
ative. lr. J. W. Thonue.of Molalla, as In
town Tuesday attainting a mooting of
tlia grange.
J. K. tiraham, a protiresalve fur rue r
of Carua, Kt (ha F.nterprU a pleasant
rail Thursday.
1 1n ma Uault, conductor of Ilia (Had
ahum rar, la laid ofT fur we k on ac
count of lllllDM,
JMr. and Mr! J. Orday, of rortland,
were iit til the family of (i. A. Hard'
Ing over Sunday,
Ku.l. Zinr will attend a inwt n of
the Marlon county teachera, to be held
at Aurora, Saturday,
Mra J.C. Keller, of till rlly, alio
haa la-en very III for (ha at Iwo wika,
la slowly recovering.
m. Mount, ol t antiy. In town
Tumxlay on business concerning tlio es
tate of KllraUth Mount.
Jtarney Sullivan, ofllighland. waa In
tlia rlty Wedr.Uy doing hualnrsa le
for Ida rommliMilotiitr'a court.
Henry llughna, waa In the city from
Ilnavar Crmik Thursday, doing biislm
with tlie county rncordnr.
Tim young tmopbj, of tlia liaptUt
church will have a sociable this Friday
tvnulng at tlia residence of J. II, Heaven.
Will Hodman, of I'ayton, ex-moinhtr
of Company I, 2nd Oregon Voluntatis,
will reside hereafter In Oregon City,
Mis Iorotha Lynch, of l'ortland, waa
tlia gunat of Mr, and Mra. Win Galloway
during Thanksgiving holidays.
Jama I'arrUli, of Highland, waa in
tlia ully during Tliankagiyliig the guest
of Ida uaughtar, Mra. Nawt Karr.
1). W. UtherUon, of Illaanll, one of
Clackamaa couuly'a prosperous slock
men, waa In tola cltf laat Friday.
Mr, Kit Maddotk, of thla city, visltnd
Ida daughter Mia (Juaaie, a fuw da) a
laat week, who li teaching achool at
Kagle Creek.
Jacob (J. Miller, spent Tuesday In tha
city In tha interest of tha Kail estate
with Ida nephew Henry Mlllor, of l'ortland.
Chaa. Ilorlman, representative, from
Marlon county, aa in loan railing on
friends Iht Art ol tha wrrk.
Mra. Charlpa Meikl. of Portland, la
quite ill at tha home of her mother, M'.
F.T Harlow, of thla city,
Martin F. Iloylf and John Hhaver,
tame In from Molalla Monday, with a
drove of beef cattle for tha tnaiketa of
II. lUl.ke and T. K. llrown.
Charlea V Calloway, returned to hi
father'a farm In Yamhill county Ttu-a.
day, after holng conflnal at hla home in
I'ark placa for two weeka with a badly
lararaled f(Mjt.
Jamea TiOuer, of Kugena, pawed
through Oregon City Monday, to Hen-
tier. Mr. Trouper haa gien op farming'
in tha valley, and will go Into tha iheep
bualneaa In Kaatern Oregon,
K. I). Old, ol Weat Oregon CUy, baa
recently pucchaal from Wiley IS. Allen
niuaic company, a new "Valley (Jem"
Ia Morehouse, tha noted photo
grapher waa taking photographic) viewa
Thurailay within the city, Including the
grave ol Pr. John Mclouglilin. Mr.
Morehouau'a photographic akekb of tlia
Indian twin haa on Ja him fauioua and
ha now ranka aa tlm foremoet photo
grapher ot tha north-went.
Harvey K. Cron", went to Kan Fran
cImo Monday evenlrg, via the Southern
I'arldo oveiland In tha intereat of the
Willamette Valley Chautauqua Aaaotia
Hon. lUgoraaa a delegate U a con
vention, of 1'adilo Coaat ChauUu'pia
rrpreaeiitalivea who thla early in tha
aeanon are making arrangementa for
lerturera and other talent fo tbo auin
mer ChaUuipia aeaaon. Mr. Croaa will
douhtleaa ai that nothing Inferior ia aa
elgnod the Willamelta Valley division.
The Christmas Rush
i LcRinning. Wo aro juitting aHido Holections every day now. Havo you picked out anything yet? Certainly
tlio limt choice from a block like ourn is worth considering, especially as you may havo it put away till you aro
ready for it, without any extra coat. We have hy far tho finest, most complete Holiday Stock we have ever shown
and our prices aro lower, notwithstanding tho fact that nino tenths of everything we sell has increased in value.
Tho secret: CASH buying direct from tho manufacturers in quantities large enough to get tho jobber discounts.
Tho stock is ready for inspection, goods are marked in plain figures; come in and look things over and judgo
for yourself, You aro never asked to buy HERE.
Buying B00k3 direct from the pub
1 mil era ia the reaaon we can make the aur
priaing prleta you will find in tliia stock
Good Cloth Hound Books aoc
I'anry Cloth Binding, 50 Title by
Standard Authors 5C
Dainty f lift Hooks, bound in white and
gold, Kilt toM, each in a box JSC
For the Boys and Girls we have
mure than double the stock we ever carried
liHore I'eople are tir.ning to appreciate
the influence good lxoks have on child
ren. Our juvenile Uxjka arc carefully and
tiioughlluiiy aelccted.
The Ilentr Books, lo titles stirr
ing tnlrs of war and adventure
The Abbott Hiktories
The I'ireside Series for Girls
The Vaaaar " " "
Iuiaa A loot t Rtjoka
Kipling's Jungle lioolt
Little Lord Fountlervy
Hoys and Cms Uaa.u a
Voun; Peoples Library
Tom Sawyer 3
Tom Sawyer Abroad I
lint lie ririiis and victory. J.oo
Life Washington, Sherman, Grant l oo
History of the Sea i.oo
I 5"
I jo
l 5
1. 15
I 5
I 98
I 5
And hundreds of others at same reduced prices
Our 25c and 50c Tables von
will be astonished at the variety of pretty
and desirable articles to be found on these
tables. In order to help both buyers and
ourselves, we bave grouped on these two
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the Joe table. We are selling them enough
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First choice is desirable.
BibleS We can and do undersell any ad
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Umbrellas Our second shipment from
the factory aince Oct. 15th is now in.
New designs in fancy handles for Holiday
presents, prices from f I 00 to $3. 00 and
every one guaranteed.
Games and Mechanical Toys
A bewildering assortment of the things
that make glad the heart of the youngs
ters. The pi ice fit all purses.
Toy Books , , jc np
ABC Blocks 5c np
Game , , 5c np
Water Color acta loe
Paint Book 100
Transparent Slate JC
Dominoes, black, white spot
Checker Boarda
Chens Men, per set
Drawing Set, new
Christmas CardS-Our usual large
For teacher 50 for 30c
Calendar 10c
Booklets 5c
Guess on the Big Candle.
Choice of any J5.00 article in either store
given to the one who gnessea nearest the
number of hours the candle will burn.
See window.
Bwksi'ller anJ Stationer '
Oregon City, Oregon
Myron ttaMer, of Lotfao, who ha
tiewn at Pyramid Harbor Alaaka, with
the Alaska Packer Association tht lait
alx mouths returned a few day sk and
will remain until March w hen he expects
to retnrn to Alaska.
A. Nichols, of Highland, appeared bo
fore the commiitaioner'a court Wednesday
with a remonstrance against the appoint
ment of M. K. Handle, for Justice ol the
Peace of Highland litrict.
Carl Church met with a painful acci
dent on Sunday laat while gathering
miatle toe. Hi support gave way while
hlh op in a tree, and let hitn down a
distance o( fifteen or twenty feet inflict
inn a severe flesh wound over the left
The most effective little liver pills
made are I Witt' Little "arly Kiaers
They never gripe. Q. A. Harding.
Sidney Smyth, of Seattle, was in Ore
gon City Toeaday, on boldness. He re
ports the large Seattle contract Bearing
completion when he will tarn bis atteo
tion to business in San Francicao-
W. B. Wiggins, bookkeeper in the
Portland Flouring Mill otuYe of thi
city, haa renigned hia position to accept
similar one with a sawmill company
at Seaside. Jamea Church incceed
Mr. Wiggins.
roc thy ir.
IfSbiloh'a Counh and Consumption
Cure, which ia sold for the amall price of
25 cent and 50 rent and f 1.00, does not
core take the bottle back and we will re
fund your money. Sold for over fii'ty
year on this guarantee. Price 25 cen
and 50 cent. C. G. Hontley, the Drag-gist.
The Enterprise $1.50 per year.
- - r
fjkank Kinkier
Tlio Houscfurnislier
4 I
Store full of Holiday Gifts
I I K announce to the jmUic of Clackamaa County that our stock of Holi
VAy Jay Uuotln never -fore wan m complete as this season, we have 150
liflerent samples of Rocking Chairs on our floors, the finest line of
I.aeo Curtains that ever came to Oregon City. We have selected our Crockery,
Glassware and Lamps from tho largest and hest stock in the largest and best
market. We've bought them at low prices because, wo bought direct from importers or
The Ohristmas Toy
M ERE is fun a plenty from Trick Toys that run up hill to very real STEAM
J ENGINES with cars, equipments and right-of-way, as real as though
' owned by Wall street magnets.
And the Doll Family, holding court with all the splendor you please.
Each year finds more realness in the world of Make-Believe. Now the little
Cook Stove, the Toy Carpet Sweeper, the Toy Sad Iron, the Toy Wash Tub
and Toy Wash Board are all really practical and useful articles.
Doll House Furniture (Bamboo set 50c) from the very pretty Chairs to the desk.
Of course, sideboards, bureaus, tables and the rest of the things. .'Odifferent styles of games.
Cluss Cup Hoard, f3 50
1 1 r
Carpet Sweepers, ft 50 to f$ 50
Combination Oak Desk and
Hook Chhc f 14.50
Oak Hull Tree, f6 oo and tip
C 1 ij il-., mmtia .mil ''A
jyftv.,r. ...
- -"
Willi racket, 50 cent
Fine Decorated Dinner Set,
9 50
Trains with Steam Engines,
price on application
Dolls from ic
to f 10.00
Rocking Chairs
from 60c to $ 16.00
Magic Lantern
all sizes and prizes
Rug from 25c to (25 00
Nice Framed Pictures with
16x20 glass, f 1 .25
Table Scarfs all sizes and prices
Drums from 25c to f 1 .00 Express Wagons all sizes
Boys Buck Saw
Wheelbarrow 25c
Sad Irons 15c
r t