Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, November 16, 1900, Page 8, Image 8

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r V , I iV tV . .1.
Friday, Nov. B.
Practically complete returns from Ne
braska siv MeKlnlejr 8,000 plurality
and Piotrioh, repitbli-an, for jovenor
froi" 2.0X) to 8,000.
Senator Hsntia aayi Ida parly will
make Unlit for the electoral voto of
Gov. Tanner announces lliat lie It a
candidate for United Stales senator.
I.i a statement to the public JinV
Yates aava he in mortified and diseatia-
tiod ovir the vote lie received in Chicago.
Lord Salisbury, at the lord niayor'a
tutivt, aaya Great Uritian rejoices
over NKKinloy'i election, lie al re
fers to affairs in China and susis dan
Ker from France by urging atronger de
fence. lV'mier Bond scores a sweeping victory
over Ueil iu Newfoundland's election.
Tie rebellion in Colombia gain ground
and the government i on the verge of
Injing overthrown.
Filipino are pleased with the work of
the civil commission and the fact that
they are given opportunity to ex pre
their views on proposed measure.
Japan's minister in I-ondon aayi the
power can't avoid dividing China among
Tu president and hia cabinet divide
to ir.ake no departure from the adruiui
travon' previous policy.
Agreive prosecution of the campaign
in tin Philippines wasdecidel upon at a
cabinet meeting in Washington.
Saturday, Nov. 10.
Congressman Cannon of Illonoia is
said to be a candidate (or the United
States senate to succeed Cullotn.
Keutuckr ia democratic on both nati
onal and ttate issues.
A citizens' movement ia talked of In
New York to smash Tammany and ex
terminate Crokerism.
It Is announced that William J. Bryan
is not a candidate for United States sen
ator from Nebraska.
Literals capture the Canadian elections
oy a large majority.
All England rejoices in McKinley'i
election and American stocks boom in
Fans pair thinks congress should
carb McKinley in his "capitalistic-ex-pan':un"
Chicago traders clear up over f 1,000,
000 iu the stock market.
The day after election opens in Wall
street with unprecedented buoyancy.
The convoys at IVkiii have agreed
upon a basis of ncgutiation.
Chinese are worried by the recent exe
cutions at l'ao Tang Fu.
The power may ask for but a nuxl
erato indemnity.
The election of Dcckham as j,ivernor
of Kentucky will not he contested.
Congressman Mercer, of Nebraska, is
a caudidate for senator.
The Taris exposition dosed yeaterday.
Three, appoint inenia to Rngland'a cab
inet are announced.
Iniortation of American steel baia
threatens the extinction of Kngland'a in
dustry. Henrr Ylllard died at hia home near
Pobba Ferry, N. Y.
Marcus Paly, the Montana copper
king, is dead.
Wednesday, Nov. U.
President McKinley aks the membera
of the Cabint to remain with him.
Indemnity claims by Philippine cor
Hition will be submitted to cougn.
Tne stability of the concert of the
power agitates the London press.
Japanese troois in China disappear.
Indiscriminate execution of Chinese
olliicials uuy have a bad effect.
Ambassador I'boate lectured on Lin
coln at Edinburgh.
Uraiil and Argentina may forte Chile
to grant Bolivia's demands.
The treaty of I'aris wss denounced at
the Spanish-American congress.
A bill to diitifranchle Negroes waa
introduced in the Georgia legislature.
The Kentucky election returns will Ins
canvassed IVcemU-r 3.
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ltoad Pistricl No. 24
J I!oe f 2 5d
U Itrockart 1 L'S
I) Spraira 1 M
John Owings ' 4)
Wm Owing 3 lj
A Fyman 2 6o
Warren Atkins 5 00
T IKjiielson 3 75
W Sconce 2 60
II Warnock 1 87
i Oaings 2 25
J B No 8 50
E Yoder 1 '.'5
J Meyers 5 00
A MonUndan 19 00
Isaac Miller 5 tio
J S Yoder 1 Ot
Nlll.ltll'I'N atAl.ll.
In lit ('lirull ("our I of tn Hlatvuf Oregon
lor ill County ul t'laokainaa.
Peter Anderson,
Kdward M. Atkinson,
Ntat of Oregon, County of Clackamas, .
VlItri'K OK A Jt lMlMKNT Olt
ilenlivree.aiiil an eievuliini, ilulv laaitril
of and under Hi aaalof Hie bImiv enlllletl out
eouri, in tli sinne entitled came, lo in
tluiv illreote.l and ilmrd Hi ITlh ilav of
iViotwr, I '.i, upon a Jiidgtnenl rendered
mt nierl in sslil eoiir. on Hi 1.1th day of
NnvemlxT, IHtai.ln lavurnf 1'rtrr Anileratni,
plaiiiitlt, ami a-ainat K.la aril M. Aikinnn,
ilrlriManl, lor lli auni ( Initio, ailli
interval tliereon al Ilia rata ot in per rem
ler ii i ii in from tits I Uli ilty nf .Niiveiitliar,
li.iHl Hi further nun ol .HiX) allor
liv' fr, ami Ilia furllier tiilil of flO.it)
(H and ilnlHirsenienls, suit lh costs ol
ami uhhi lln writ, i-oiiiinaiiiliiiK ma lo
ntak Ml ol lb lollottlnil ileM-rilieil real
property, lilnaie In III counly ot Clarka
ni, iials itf trrson, lo wil :
IWIhk part of tli Kra Kl.tisr I I.. C. Nn.
44. lytttic In ctton .VI, liiwmliip smilli,
rn 1 rat of Willaitmits merl.lian, Ih-Iii-nittic
al a ixilnt 11'.' chains north 1 ilrg.
rsi ami 40 chain outh ST ilr. M lulu.
ral Irvini lh nulharnl comrr ol salil claim
41, 'liivnce miilh l.'Ai i liln, tlirni- soulli
ST ilrKv Siiiiii. rani !'.' .tl chains lnthsill.lv
Ion lln Iwtween lh liushaml' and wile's
half ol laiil claim No. II. Ihenr north I.'.
chain tracimr sanl dlvlalmi llns; Ihance
north ST lieu. .V mill, weal I.' '.ll i-halns lo
lh lacof hrinnliiK, eonlalnlnt- II Uacres.
No. Ilisrstnre. hv virtua of !! sieeu
lion, Jiiiltniiil order ami ilet-rra, ami in
coniliam-e allh Ihrcoininaiul of laiil writ,;
I wul on Saturday, Id
17 lh liwjr o .sifwber, lOOf j
at the hour of on o clock p. in., al tit front J
it.Hir ol Ui cuumy court house In Ihvcily nl j
Ori-uon I'llv, III ! I counly ami tal. M-ll al ,
pukllo auction. ulJecl lo reileinplion, to
the hik'tiril tlllr, (or I'. H. Rnlil coin Cash
In ham), all lha ritrht, nil ami lntr.l
Inch IU wilhiii naiurtl tlelemlant had on
(he date of lha ninrUat,' hirln or sine
ba-i In or lo lha alMivilrM-ntl real prop
rrlv Or any fart thri.f, lo satialy aaid ir
cuiion, linlitiiieiil order, decrre, Inlereal,
coat ami all snvrulng coat.
Sherilt of Clackama connlv, Orwori.
Paled. Oregon City, Or., tkU 17. t'-M.
Sunday, Nov. 11,
UiiotTicial returns from every precinct
in Kentucky itive Bryan 7033 majority.
Republican allege fraud.
Nebraska gives McKinley 7000 plural
ity, with the governorship in doubt.
Van Sant, republican, is elected gov
e;noi of Minnesota by from 1400 to 5100.
Kansas republicans will send a solid
delegation to congress.
Bryan democrats are opposed to recon
struction of tne party.
Cabinet members think the Philippine
rebellion is nearly ended. j
Poeseesion of Sibutu and Cagayen are
cetcasary to the United States.
MscArthur has mapped out a plan of
Stanford University defeated Oregon
el ta by a score of 34 to 0.
Governor Geer designates November
29 as Oregon's Thanksgiving day.
Bij; project to irrigite the Powder
Hirer Valley in Baker County.
Sixto Lopez says the Filipino rebel"
writ not give up.
ToUl $07 W
Sme Piatrict, by Kinzer
II T Kamsdell 31 25
John Taylor 4 ro
Charles Colden 7 51
John K tiner 17 60
T Ackerson 2 50
Wm Stewe 2 50
George Hortlcr 6 2"
William Covey 25
P J I'arinenter 8 25
G A Kinzer 11 2
Jacob Keuck k... 1 7
William Barlow 2 40
Monday, Nov. 12.
The enumeration of Alaska has been
TLj Industrial Commission heard test
imony regxrding New York sweat-shops.
Toe Emperor and Em press will return
to Pekin.
Musleins in Western China may rebel.
Another expedition will be sent into the
interior of China.
The Czar of ItuHsia has typhoid fever.
The German Reichstag was opened
Bv'ha sends Roberts the terms on
which he will surrender,
Kruger arrives at Port Said, France.
W. L. Strong A Co., of New York, fail
for millions.
Rival conventions of the K. of L, are
wtill holding separate eennions.
J. W. McuMllon.aSweet Home farmer
hai been missing three weeks. Foul
.play Is suspected.
Tl e Southern Pacific Railroad will
connect the Woodburn branch with its
raaia line.
Total f ry 4fl
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la Ker II.
Mn. Cniunpr - Ii..-rine. my darling,
do you xMt-t CV.u-t-t r.t tonight T
Ernestitie C'f xnire. mamma. Whf
do yon ininirT
Mrs. Chinnir If be il(s yoa to
marry him. tell him to come and speak
to taa
Erootttioe And if beduesn'task met
Mrs. Chioner - Tell him 1 am coming
to speak to hi in Brooklyn Lia
Million (Jlteq Away.
It is certainly gratifying to the public
to know of one concern in the land who
are not afraid to be generoua to the
needy and suffering. The proprietors ol
Pr. King's Sew Piscovery for Consump
tion, Coughs and Cold, have given
away over ten million trial bottles of
this great medicine; and have the satin
faction of knowing it has absolutely cured
thousand of hoelea case. Asthma,
Bronchitis, Hoarseness and all diseases
of the Throat. Cheat and Lung are
surelv cured by it Call on Geo. A.
Harding and get a free trial bottle.
Regular size 50c. and 11. Every bottle
guaranteed, or price refunded.
AND PERMANENTLY cured by uin
Moki Tea. A pleasant herb diink.
Curea constipation and indigeiton, make
you eat, Bleep, work and happy. Sat
isiai-uon Kuaranieeu or money tiacx.
eta. and 50 ct. G. A. Harding, Pruggist
Sundny Services.
St. John', Calliullc Its. A. Itlllehrand,
paalor, On Hiiiulav, litaai al S and ID::) a.
in. Third Hiiinlar In ch month, Herman
aermon aflsr N o'clock mass; al all oilier
ltiaa, KnitHxh sermon. HuiiilaV'achnol
al 'J .10 p, 111. Vsapera, sMiliillcal auliju'ia
and heiirdiciimt al 1 p, 111.
Herman Kianitrlical l.ullirtan ImuiNii
til Comal KiKlilli and i.U- Adatn it. ;
It. Krurai J. , .Macs, aiur, humlay
ai-hoo. ,al U a. III. ; weekly aery ice every
Tliurada al l. III. Herman achnol f rry
.Saturday from (J lo IJ, Kverylsnly Invited,
Msltiitillal Fdeopal Cliurch Key, It. A
A Ik Ina, alor, MurnliiK aervii'e al ii ;4.V
Siimlay Hclin.il al in uu. t'laaa uioiln alter
mnriilii ami. Rtaiiltis aertlca al I M
riiwnrth l.easua Hiveiins amnlaf areu'iij al
Jo I'rayar at on 1 11 1 hint.la; aiiln al N
traiiinraeurdlallt liilld,
riKMT I'KKsnvritKUN ciii rcii -kit. a
J. MniitsiiniKrr, I'aalnr Hrieaal II a a. and
!Nr . Salil'ath Hhmd al IU a. a. Voim
l'ls'aSiMlly uf t'krlatlau Kudeafor mwi
srrrr atoii.lajr anlii( at t JO Itnnadat
11 lug ("' Bisstlns al T at). Hsala fr
KVANHKI It'AI. t'liritl'll-t'ornar nf
Ktafli I Ii ami Malitou street, K M. I'opUy
pa. lor. Sarvlcea every 8lhlh allla lit
and 1 . lit. Hun. la Hcliu.il 10 a. Ill
I'rarer iiimiIiih S p nt. All ar wlcoui
Itsv. P. K. llaiiiiniiud. Itrclnr. rWrvlcea
every Hii'Wav al II. m, ami .1 lai p. 111.
Suiiilay scmxil al Ido'cliM-k, Other aervlcs
at inav Ik anmuiiiifd. AllMalalrea. Slraii
tier cordially luvttrd.
KIKsrt'oNHUKtl TIONAI. I'lU'ltt'll,
rornruf Main and Klevsnlli atreala Itsv.
K. H, tliiliiuitrr, ator. .Mnruluir service
0 : l; .Sunday Mi hiHil 12. Junior Kmlravr
A, Y. I'. H. ('. K. prayer iiiMting tl.:ui;
vulii( aarvha 7 -10.
nitsr ti f risr cnntt ii -it.v. j.
II. lran, ator. i'rvaclntig avrvlt-e
eirry Nniidavat l K) and 7 M , n Hun
lv aclintd at IJ ikhiii lo p. in, Junlura
npl In lh afternoon ami lhisntor Y"un
I'ropla'a siH-leiy an I It t ti la atmly rlaaa al
1 1 A p. Hi. Iliiirvlav evenlns. rrular
prayar arf ic at 7 .' p. in. vWdnravtajr
ttsiilnai, llihls atudy Claaa al Y. al. (', A
riHiiu Tel bv Itis paalor,
1'iiited ltrvlhreii-1'or. Fiithtlsml I'lsire
alrsvla. Krv. CiH-klng. pailor. xrvlev
every humlay al II a. 1 1. and !,(. in.;
Mimlay aeoiMil alloa. in.; toiina: pvui'lx a
meeilna' al li p. in ; prayer lusellng
every V.liiratly vanliig.
Kvanrellral Lutheran, Zlun ('nMKrr(-aliiin
l or. Kigtilb anil Jrtlvraoit atrreta. Key
Meyers, paator. Hundav-acliiMil al 1 M a.
tn.; avrvicea al 10 M a. m. and 7.:) p. m
M. t Soutli-Pev. T. I. Ilavnra. paalor.
Third Sunday al t'mted trihrn church.
Kr Melhixllal-IUv. J. W. Kldrtdt,-. pas
tor. I'r liiiia flral and l''rd Tuly al
It a in.; pruvar meatma' every Thurstlay
veiilliS1. Sorvicra held In lh t on rr Ra
tional church al Klyrllle.
For sprains, swelling and laiinuii'ss
there la nothing so gisid a Clisiulnr
Iain's pain halm, Try il. For sain by
G. A. Harding.
This Is llin season when mothers an
alarmed on account uf croup, It Is
ipiltkly cured by one mitiuln cough cure,
which t hllilraii like I.) tukii, (I, A, Haul-log-
For Veuiia Men and Tuutig rTonien.
Them la nothing thai will arotisa the
Irs nf a young man or woman ao 1411 ! k as
lo have Inferior laundry work put tin" on
them, They may tires ever ao well,
bill If their shirt front or shirt walat Is
tniisey their neat appeatancei la poiled.
The Troy laundry makes a specialty of
ladles' and gentlemen's Una work.
There can he no !eiter work than Is
done at the Troy, lava your tinier al
Johnson's barlier shop.
'! n r
lrjlnu;in'iMiralUiii'i si,,,.
till lit- ai at .! ..a .1. . ai '
' 'V , ","' "'7 P '',. re!
wlilclt adlicru lo lha iiiciuhim,,, ,( ,
IMwa, esiialiiK n fur morn iriinii, li.i,,!,.
ilie urdlmiry f.uiin.f enlmili, AV11 i
I..l...l.., a . 1 a.,
n iniiiiniiia, iiiiiina, ainnkua aii.l
nan in ,i nun 11 eii'UiD.ia
Inftl. r.ly'il'taui Hulni
anil kill till 'A iml.iril. tm
lly ami i.laa-anlly, t, (1 ,,. !
mailed fur Id cnl. All i1ru,;;ii,.i,
MM. also. My Hintlirrs, f.il ti u t
'I'ha llalut eilir WilhlMll p.iln, 1!
Irrltiila nr iMin.it knenniKl J( (j r', t
lvr ail liiiliilml ami a .t;ry ai.r ,, .
Ili4 Imii.a.lniUU tl,n .l ,, J h.u.,,,'
With I ly' lV., JUn, y.,a, ,
kniu; -a.l ( tfU.ili and i j J
in . ry. 1.1 a. 1 m
W . f B X f r aaW -A 1 aWiaa u.
.! ( 4HWa l.a. art) mr
l 4Mti) 4aljs4,
A. O. U. W. meet every Saturday
evening except the fifth In the A. tl. L.
W. Temple. H.J. Harding, recorder.
Rehekahs Willamette Kehekah Islga
No. 2 meet second and fourth Kriday of
each mouth at I. t). O. F. Temple
Margaret William secretary.
Court Robin Hood No. 0, Forester of
America, meets flrat ami third Friday la
the month In lUd Men'a IU1I. W. II.
Stafford secretary; Frit Meyer, chlei
P0.10U KS0W.
Consjmption is preventable? Science
has proven that, and also that neglect is
suicidal. The worst cold or cough can
be cured with fhiloh'a Cough and Con
sumption Cure. Sold on positive guar
antee for over fifty yeara. 0. G
Huntley, Puuggiat.
The ar Maa's Lira.
"Laymen call our life exciting and
think that we see a lot of the world."
said the navy man. "but It's a big mis
take. What do we know of any of the
porta we visit? The pier, other boats
that may happen to be there at the
tame time, and the English club of the
toavn-that'a all we see. And It's all
we know atwint. After you've touched
at a few ports and gone through the
same performance over and over again,
yoo get uiiphty tired of It.
"Aa for our life, what Is It but a
perpetual club life? Tkere are a few
.professional club demand, but the rest
or our time Is spent Iu much the same
way that a man spend his at hia club
In smoking, reading. In swapping
lies, hi making oneself agreeable to
one's friends who may do him the hon
or of a visit and lo making oneself
agreeable to some other fellow'a
friends who may do hlrn the honor
of a vlsit-that's the sum of our ex
istence, and when you think that's It
for day In nnd day out. you can but
agree that a whole lifetime of It might
begin to pall.
"It's like wearing evening clothea all
the time or upending orie'a life at the
opera, or always having dessert and
nothing else for dinner. All ploy and
no work makea a dull boy of almost
any Jack. I sometimes wonder how
auiy of us navy men manage to rise
superior to our opportunities for sluic
ing Into stupidity's lowest depths."
ftew lork Sua.
The Excitement ot Over.
The rush at the drug atore still con
tinues and daily scores of people call for
a bottle of Kemp's Balsam for the Throat
and Lungs for the Throat and Lungs for
the cure of Coughs, Colds, Asthma,
Bronchitis and Consumption. Kemp's
Balsam, the standard family remedy, ia
sold on guarantee and never fails to
give entire satisfaction. Trice 2'c and
"I have used Chamberlain'a Colic,
Cholera and Piarrhoea Remedy and And
it to be a grat medicine," says Mr. E' 8.
rhilitiS. of I'oteau. Ark. "It cured inn
of l.lrvMl flux. Iran not ane-k t,. l,ll.i. Willamette Falls Camp No 14S. W. O
,.fi, ti.i. -.1-. I .Y.. n"' " ! " blayi In the
- ... ---j. ' Willamette Hall. C. C, Sol. K. Walker
H'lwi opinion, 11 not praise, 01 uioso wuo 1 anu clerk u. Ulua.
It. A. Ma,
of eAcft
Clackamas Chapter No. 2,
meet on the third .Monday
month In Masonic 1111. M.
Fioneer Chspter No. 2S. t). E. S. meets
the seeond and fourth Tuesday in each
month at Masonic Hall. Mis Jentus
Rowen, secretary.
Oregon Ixlge .No. 3. 1. (J. (). F.. meets
every Thursday in Odd Fellows' Hall.
T. F. Ryan, secretary.
talla Encampment No. 4. I. O O. F
meet first and third TueMlav in eac
month. Judson lloaell, secretary.
Order or Pernio meeta ersry Monday
nicii ai i.axjmen a nan. llra-l l.ounaaiiir.
B. ft. ncrtpmre; Mr. May Taylor secretary
Redinen acheno Trite No. 13, Imp
u. K. .11 ., meets Tuesday evening 7;30
atlW Men'a Hall. A . B. Pillman, C
01 li. ; uarry llaxu-r, aachem.
Multnomah Ixlge No. 1, A. F. A. M
meets first and third Saturdays In eac
month at Masonic Hall. T. F. Ryan
.Meai Helief Corps No IS, meet at
Willamette Hall the first Monday In
every month at 2 o'clock n. m. and the
third Monday in every month at 7.:tO
,.'-1..1. ...
United Artisans meet every Thurs.lav
evening of each month at the Willamette
Hall. I he social meetitik of this onl..r
la second Ihursesy of each month. K
It. Looper, secretary. M. Bo lack it. A
i K
Karrs Clover Root Tea
IWautiru IM I ..rU,l. '.,.iU, 1, 1
IIL..I ,1,.,, I twt K ,,,, j
Oyll.,, ,wll,..l..,, . . I I ... , I
oa Sain. m aa-"!-1 I atli. N-
I ''j H.4J a'-.a..la g bt t. .
!' 1.1. . V , ft. mnj f i-J
a C. WClLtj 4 CO., If aov. e
a t a
li as lima uu,..
! lBs!ii iai. ai-i.., 1.,.
faaa mjm iSaTaaisJiatf rill MrAl.. tuir
nil MrAi.i. (uirv.
1 1 Wart IMS Mnat, iinMI. naal
For sals by U. G. Huntley.
I . " -w w r-w-w-mw a-aj m aaw-asi i ft s BJ
f 4- tr ... I nrta l- ii.. a. .
use it. The quick cures which it effect
even in the most severe cases make it
favorite everywhere, for sale by G. A
Tuesday, Nov. 13.
Treasurer Roberts makes a satisfactory
report of the year's business.
The military force in Porto Rico Is to
be roiuced.
Dig naval gum are to be tested soon.
Ta:k of cabinet chanjes is revived.
Morocco declines to pay the United
Stags', demands for indemnity,
Alert to Prareat It.
"The great danger." said the grave
elttaen, "Is that we will drift Into a
paternal form of government."
"Yes," answered Mr. Meekton. with
a sigh. "Ifetirlette seems worried
about that every time I speak to tht
chlldren."-WanLlngton star.
"Watch M groeer' luoy." said the
Janitor philosopher. "If he throws up
hia coat collar whin he inters tli' kitch
en, he has a grudge ag'ln tli" house, it
he atralghtens up Ms necktie, hp'
B tb caaJt.-Curu g Nvv.
The Kiiterprine fl 60 per year.
Dull Headache, l'aina in various parts
of the body, Sinking at tha pit of the
stomach, Loss of appetite, Fevenshness
rimples or Sores are all positive eyiden
cea of impure bloixi. No matter how II
bocame so it must be purified in order to
obtain good health. Acker's Blood
Elixir lias never failed to cure Scrofulous
or Syphilitic poisons or any other blood
diseases. It is certainly a wondeiful
remedy and we sell every hottle on
positive guarantee. G. A. Harding,
Money to loan
HieooKS & Ghikcith.
at lowest rates.
Wanted. A place to work in private
family by middle aged woman. Ad
dress W. care Enterprise.
"For three days and nights I Buffered
agony untold from an attack of cholera
morbus brought on by eating cucum
bers," says M. E. Lowther. clerk of the
district court. Canlerville, Iowa. "I
thought I should surely die, and tried a
itozen uiuereni medicines Dut all to no
purpose, I sent for a bottle of Chamber
lain's colic, cholera and diarrhoea rem
edy and three doses relieved me en
tirely." This remedy is for sale by O
A. Harding.
Lone I'ine Iodge, No. M, A. F. A A
m., i-otfan, Or., meets on the second
Haturday in each month from the 1st ol
May to 1st of November at 2 p. m. and
from 1st of Novetn U-r to 1st of May al
iu a. m. (ieo. V. Armstrong. Sec.
Catholic Knik-hts of America St. .I.d.n
Bianch No. 047, meets every Tuesday ol
wia iuoihii.
' Tualatin Tent, K. 0. T. M., meets i a
Red Men'a Hall, on second and fourth
Wednesdays O. H. Hvatt.
Oreon City Camn. No. 6;flo Modern
Woodmen of America meets everv aeenml
and fourth Tuesday in the month, at
Willamette Hall. G. Orossenhaehnr.
Meade Tost No. 2. 0. A. R . rnenla
first Monday evening In each month at
Wliametle Hall. J. R. Williams. Com.
Lawton ( 'ommand No. 1. of Oreimn
Union Veterans Union meets second Sat
urday 1 p. in. in Rodman's hall ami
lourtn Haturdav at 7 n. m. n T. K. Cnw
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Get the Best.
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O. C A'.CHHUM CO., SprlsiflilO. Ml
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Automatic Stackers, Wind Sta'k
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Supplies of All Kinds.