Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, November 09, 1900, Page 6, Image 6

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flaw Ike Mmm Vmm I m Meeker
Pnn4 Arewad I'I ad Kite I a III
llnll I'nlw (rki, slfce I.Ik (
.Hindi yrr Moae callk la fcv
rr Pocket.
A Krvnt many mm have crauky Ideas
jlwuu preparing their bills for ready
I andllng. One plan la lo fold each Mil
separately, keeping the denominations
lu the various divisions of their
,OCi:otlHVk. This method facilitates
llie search for the desired sum when
making a purchase. This l almost a
ure guard agaluM passing out a Mil
tf the wrong ileuomln.itlou.
Then there are men who make a
ecu roll of all their M!K The flint li
rolled by Itself to alviit the sle of
lea J ncll. the next U l.ippd about
It, ar.d so on to the cud. Then a rub
ber baud Is pluvd about the entire
lot. When It In deslrc-d to ue one of
the Mil, the rubier U removed an J
the etui of Cie first Mil caught b ,
tweeu the thumb aud forefinger of the t
right band while tin roll la held lie- j
twein the thumb and forefinger of the ;
left l and. Then the Mil U tiulckly un- !
ivcu::d. none of the other N-Ing dis- j
A great many men never carry a
iwketbook. One mw for this la
that a well worn purse more cully j
lips from the iHK-ket than a roll cf i
bill. Then, again, the bulk of a pock j
ctlwk U annoying. It lakes up too j
much room, especially where the pan.
fcilco.ii are made antig. When pocket
twnit are not carried, a favorite re-
ceptaoU la the watch pocket When i
tU a used, the Mil are made up Into j
little, hard bunch. Their presence j
Is always felt against the body. Id a
crowd there Is no danger of losln j
them, and when traveling with any '
considerable sum tbla Is a safe de- (
pos'tory j
Feme men have a fad of carrying a
lot of new bills In an envelope that la
kept In one of the Inside pockets. Now
and then a man Is found who keeps
few Mils In every pocket. He goes on
the theory that If be Is robbed of one
lot a sufficient amount will remain to
last Mm until he reachea borne. He
tarts out feeling that be Is going to
be robbed and makes provision to meet
every possible emergency. He usually
macs three folds of bis bills and
tucks them away In the corners of bis
pockets with extreme care. He doe
Hot feel surprised If he finds upon
making an Inventory after arriving
borne that a pitrt of bis funds has dis- j lll4kt lbt iisnlg drcntie. real
apit amL as be expveted to be robbed, i roperty, situate In the county ol Clacka
Suy number of men are found who . n... sute of un-ron. to ait:
t t . ii. .i ....Li.. ..n. i i Urivf part of the Krs Htir l. I.. C. No.
Veep only a llttl worklDg cap.tal In . inV1B .., a. township 3 s-.uth.
thtir trousers pickets, the bulk of their I ramte 2 isl of iliamrtte mrri.liau, brgin
funs being concvaled In broad, flat J mng at a jmint U.i rbain nonii t deg.
-.11..i In th. lnl.1u m t..t nt their ! eat and I') etisin aoutti 7 lrif. M nun.
Tva'.ftcoats. Thesi' bills are always of
large denominations and folded once.
VI.PD a man brines forth bis reserve
furds. It will be found that ail the
bills bare a smooth, bright appear
ance. They have been with him ao
lotg that they are as flat as a shift
fr :a a letter press.
Very few men In this country carry
coins in purses. In England pures are
cc:::mon. The material Is generally
pl"k!n. but undressed kid Is also used
extensively. The former have two
cou-partments. one for small sold colna
and the other for silver. It Is some
times amusing to watch a man with a
little undressed kid bag pay his fare
op the street cars, especially If be l.
wearing thick doeskin gloves. Duly
conductors with gn-ut patieuce can
wait b the proceeding with complacen
cy. A woman can pick out five pennlea
from beneath a roll of bills In con
siderably less time than It takes the
man with the kid purse to bring forth
a n'r-kel. One reason that the kid
pur.e is not popular Is because It feels
like the half of a small dumbbell In
the pocket when fairly well tilled. In
London It Is the proper thing to carry a
i!pKkln owlns to the large circulation
Of sovereigns. It la essential to keep
th" fold and silver separate In order to
avoid mistakes.
There are coin cranks as well as pa
per money cranks. Some years ago
there lived a little, round faced man
cvw In the Back Hay who came Into
the ' business district every week day
mc::,!ng at precisely 9 o'clock. In
pajiLg bis fare he always passed up a
bri'bt. new nickel that looked as If It I
La'J come to blm fresh from the mint.
V. !j-re or bow be got them was a mys
tery to the conductor, but he finally do
cl'.cil that bis customer was connect
ed with some banking Institution and
that the new money was used to es
cape the chances of contracting disease
tbrui.gh the bandllD? of monw that
Lad been In common use.
Ttiere are any number of people who
ca;:'i)t let go a new coin without ex
per'"ncing a pang. They will hold on
to ft new I a If dollar until the last ex
tr.o::ty. Then there are those who
Vb t the subtreasury every few days
n 1 get a pocketful of new 10 cent
filet.es. They experience a special de
li;:! ; In passing them out. as they feel
that those who receive them will won
der "who that man la." Boston Hcr
alu. Eieaaable.
YIckwirp From a auperflclal notice
I e! ould aay you had a holy terror of
water. Am I right?
Jl'mgry Hlgglna You are. And If
you'd bad a wife that made you carry
all the wotter fer the washln she done
for rJve years and kept you so busy at
It yoa didn't have time to run away
Xk'd Jifllf. J'je "toff. too. y.ou. would.
J - Witt's Witch Hazel Salve will quick
ly in ul the worst burns and scalds and
not Y. uvea scar. It can be applieed to cuts
and raw surfaces with prompt and Booth
ing effect. Use it for piles and skin dis
ca. .'j. Beware of worthless counterfeits,
Oewit-e A, Harding.
It you have ever seen acblld In Hi ago-
, ny of rroupa you can realise bow grateful
mother are (or One Minute. Cough Cure
hitch gives relief as soon as it Is admin
istered It quietly cures roughs, and all
throat and lung troubles, iloorga A,
Attention Ladles.
We will give you sHvial prices on all
millinery Friday and talnrdey Nov. t
ani iu.
Mk. M. K. Himiiton, Ke.1 Front.
I'atent Krrorii.
"Money to patent gmnl Ideas may I
secured by our aid, address The Talent
Kecortl, Itsltiinore, M.l "
Legal Notice.
."sat Ice far lubMraltea.
I'KrAaTUKXT or Til K ITS0,
l.and Oilier) at Oregon City, Oregon,
October i:, I'M).
NOTlCK is hereby given thl the fol
lowing named settler has tiled no
tice of bis intention to make tJust proof
in support ol bis claim, and that said
proof will be' nude before the Krister
ami Receiver at Oregon City, Oregon, on
IVoeixber 3, Ut vis:
II. K. No bVUO. (or the w, of se','. aec.
5. T. 5 S., K. 3 K.
He name the following witnesses to
prove hi continuous residence uion and
cultivation of said land, vis: I.. I'. Wil
lisms. William Kdgevomb, I'eter l-affer-tr
and J.Um IoUn, all of Mealobruok,
Oregon. CI! AS. U. MOOKKS,
Mii:itii--H nai.i:
In the Circuit Court of In Stat of Oregon
for lb County of Claekania.
rler AnderiKin.
EJasrd M. Atkiixon,
btats of Oregon, County of Clackamas, ts.
dertlM-rre.and an rirculi.iu.ilulv U
of sud under ttie teal of ineahovrvntlllril out
court, tn the ahov ntilled rnw, lo ru
1 iii y dirrctet and dated tlx 17th dsy of
itictotxfr, l'.Ji, upon a Jmlgnient rn.!rr.l
and f niernl in tld cour on tri 1 lib day of
: November. lij.tn lavorof I'rter Anurrson,
, piamtitl. and agaliitt K'laard M. Atkinson,
1 ilefcinlant, lor tfi sum of $.'"4 WJ. with
j intrrtst thereon at l' rste ol I') per cent
tr snnuni from II. e l.ttli day uf Novrinber,
lokaiul Hi (urthrr sum ol $ attor
I r.ev't If, and t!i further sum of $IO.m
xsli and iiiiburwmeiiti, sn l tb cotis ol
! ami upon tins writ, coinnian'ting me to
ait Iroui h outhaeatcornrrol tsld claim
j ft. thene auulti 1J..V. rhiins; Ihrnca south
7 .leg. .'0 nun. rail VI .11 chains to the divis
ion line he l t-n the liuihanU's ai d a ilr'a
I half ol said claim No. 41. thence north l :i
cbaini tracing tanl division line; (hence
I north 87 drtr. 5o mtn. t 12 ii chains to
(h (ilaceol hrginni-Jg, coiitsinlng II 'J acrra.
o. therefore, by virtue o aaid jrcu
lion, Jn.lgment order and ilcr, and in
i riniipiianre l(h thrconimanda of ful ant,
! 1 will o'l taturday, the
J l?lh ly ol .airmbrr. 100,
at the hour of one o clock p. m., al the front
' d.iorof the county court bouse in ibecity of
! Orrenn Citv, in (ai l county and state, aell at
j public auction, aiihjfi'i in re-lemptiun, lo
the hitThent bi.Mer, (or I'. 6. goi.l roin cult
in haml. all th right, title and inu-rcat
I which the within named defendant had on
' the tlate of the nmrtgair herein or since
I bail In or to the Bbove Umcrthed real prop
I erty or any part thereof, to unify aaid exe
cution, PnJicmehl or.ii-r, decree, Interest,
costs and sll accruing costs.
J J. C0"KK.
Hherit! of Clsrkamsa cotinir, Oreiron.
Dated. Oregon City, Ore., OjL 17, l'.MJ.
4 a iu mo na.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Ore-
; gun for the County of Ciackaiua.
j Olive Walter, plaintiff, )
Wert D. Walter, defendant.)
To Wert D Walter, above named defend
ant: In the name of the ritate of Oregon, you
are hereby required lo appearand answer
the complaint filed ak'aii.at you in the shove
entitled suit In the ahove named court on or
before December J I, l:'J. the tame being
seven weeka Iroin the lirsl pulillcstlon of tins
caninions; and you will take notice that if
you fail to so app-sr and snawer aaid com
plaint, the plaiDtili will app'y to the court
for the relief demanded in aaid complaint.
to-wit: That the bonds of matrimony ex
inting between you and plaintill' be dis
solved. This summons is published br toe order
of M. C. (Jeorire. Indite of the Fourth indie-
I isl district ol the state of Oregon, in the
Oregon City Enterprise for seven successive
weeka, commencing November 2. V.H), and
continuing fores h week thereafter to and
including December U, PiOO.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Nil ram on a
In the Circuit Court of the State
Oregon for Clackamas County.
Ura il. Craig, plaintill I
John Craig, defendant)
To John Craig defendant :
In the name of the state of Oregon you
are hereby commanded to be and appear
in tne circuit court oi me slate ot Oregon
for Clackamas county on or before the
10th day of November, l'JOO and make
answer to the complaint filed by the
plaintiff in this suit and in default there
of the plaintiff will apply to the court for
a decree against you for the relief de
manded in the complaint to-wit: The
dissolution of the bonds of matrimony
now and heretofore existing between
pUintilf and defenditnt herein.
This summons is published once a
week for a period of six successive weeks
prior to the 10th day of November, I'M),
in accordance with the order of Thomas
F. Kvan, judge of the county court of
the state ol Uregon lor Clackamas county
made and entered on the 3d day of Oct.
11)00, the day of the first publication of
this summons is Oct. 6, 1M0.
Attorney for I'iaintiff.
Ml IHt
In lh Circuit Court of th Htsl uf Oregon
lor III County o( Clackamas,
J II. Ilawley, I'lsHUitt, 1
l.lna II a If y, IWrn.lehl.f
To I. In llawlry, lit almv named tlrfrnd
T 1 1 K N A M K 0 F T 1 1 K H I A T K of Ore
gon, t on ar hervhv eoininsiiileil to 1
and appear In aid court tut or Iwfurs lh
lotli ilav u( NiHtnilwr, 'i, and mak am
er to' li e complaint tiled ty plslnlllt In
IMi i-aiiav, and In ilrlsull hrf His plain
lilt' mil sppiy to the court lor a iler
again.) ) u lor th rvllel prated lor In Hit
ivinilaiiil. I'll rrllrl played lor by plain
lilt In IH said eouip'ainl ! tor Hi ilUxiln.
lion of Id Niiidi ol niatriiitonv fluting l
larrlt II. parti lo tills Bull, and Uisl
plaiiiilll le iliviil lo be lh owner In lp
ii in pi lu Ills on nam and rigid ol all lh
real property 0ertlir, at lolluai, In t:
1 1. north lao lhlnUol lot vigtil (S), Itloek
on humlrvd and lwlv (ll.'i, A A ln
ni'i Itroa.laay A.hllllon loH.alil; Ihers.l
hair of lh uili thirty lrl al lot 'j In lilm'k
larlv I t'.'l, KsiMlra llomettrsd Aimn-i.
lion A.ldillon to 8-lll; lol tilnelMii (l''t
tiUH'k lluriy lo (.v.'i, huppl menial I'lai II.
I. Ynlrr's Flrt A Uliiloii .i Sraltl; lol
oil. ('.I, hlmk fliihlan 111), Kda ami
Knighl A'ldition lo rvaill; lol run (U),
hliK k onel 1 1. Fairniouiil .VI liliou to he
lie; lol. Il and (it (A A ), block llurtj
io U). II. I- Ydrrs Kiral Addition lo
Sesllir; part ol Ion laoamt Ihrr J A J(.
in lilm k inly one ii. I. f. Iiiiiy Park
A.KIUum lo Nralllr, uM'riiMx lolloaa
Itrginaiiig at a IhiiiiI al lh tiit'rctloii ol
lh aririy marginal Un ol l.skainn
ar titi llirth lfrl, thnc toulhariliirly.
along nai.l l.ak arnu ti.M'l Irvl, tlivnc
iioribairrl) ami at right angle lo l.ak
avvnu Ts.! 1 lri, iline aitrl to lh Ix
ginnli'g; allot block sevvnlv (7U, Wood
iaau Park A.I llUon to tiratli; imrlli hsll
ol lotrlevvn (ll. block lavnljr -lour f.'ll, .
Coiiiplon AitJiiion lo toatlle; all In King I
county, xate ol Wsihlnglou. U1 two i'J . '
block (our hundred ami tantv-Mn (l.'.j I
of tb govrumntal Toaniil AMot-tation ,
lu I'urt Angrlr. in Claani diuiiiy, Wah-;
ington: lot larnly lao I'.V, block lautv
il l.ak Park, lu l'irea cmuiy. j
Washington ; tb north liallol lh outhut
iiuartrrul lb norlharat outrter ol lh !
oiilheait ciuarti-r ol mk-Iioii nlil, townhlp
I .S iiorld, range al, containing fli a. rM,
In WbstiMiii county, W saiilngton ; lh
northarM iuartr of th nortbl quarlar,
lb soulbaest ijusrtrr of th lior III a (
(J.isrtrr. Hi iiortiieait iuartr of the soulb-
rtt qiirtr and th northant unartvr ol
th snutba! quarlar uf srction Si, loau
hlp .'il north, rang 1 eat. In K'Uap coun
ty, VV atilniftiiii ; til s-miliam iurir ul
th iiorthraJl q jarur, lb soutbail iusrtr
cf lb north l iiuartar, th northai
iuartro( th uutbt q isrtr ami tb
iiorthaeM ijuarlrr ol lh aunlbra! i)usrtrr
of wclion ii, toandilp -H north, rang 2
Wt. Jrtforwui Ciiunly. Watlungion; alio
all of lh following ilrfcrthed rl properly
in Multnomah e xinty. Orgoit: IU
Klmiliig at a iMiiut in th lion lin V) ro.li
at ol th outhat cornr of reliiin M,
toantbip I north, rang i al, Willarutl
nirrliliau. Ihenca Dorlh .Vl trt, thtnc rati
ili roiU. Ihrni aouth .'U frel, lhnra arstl
to th plai e of brslmiing, ami Urlng a part 1
of Mi.io Park: lol lvu III. block Ihir
leen 111. Voollaan; lot
block lao .'!.
Vei'era Addition: lots three and twelve It
A C). blo k len 10, loll.bl.rklvn ll,
lol twelve (U'j.bhH-k lifteeii 1.: lol twelve.
VI, block atilrn, pi. and lol nine, !. block;
thirteen. 13, In IjiicoIu Park; beginning al
a 4iinl fltty feet north of th onhj cor
ner ol lol on. I. In block thirty lao. 31. In
Multnomah, thence northerly on Ibe eaal
line nf aaid lot on, 1, on hundred and l.u.
ltd, feel, thence we.terly on a curve along
Ibe beml of lleacb Mrret to the norlhatt
corner of said lot one, I, thence aoutheriv
along the West line of lot one, I, to a point
tilt. SO lert north to Ibe south aal corner
of aaid lol one, I. thence easterly and paral
lel a lib the sooth line of aaid lol one, I. on
hundred feel, pro, lo th place of beginning,
and twin s part of lot one, I, In block Iblr-tv-lwo.
.1J, in Multnomah ; lota on to nine,
1 to 'J. Inclusive and thirty one to forty, .11
to !), Inclusive in bl.x k lime, U, In Prion
solar Addition number 2; lota thirty one,
thirty-two. thirty three, 31. M, M. In block
arventy-one. 71 In Univeraiiy park: Iota
five, o. block five. 5. Sn.lth'a .Subdivision
an.l A.ldition lo Kal Portland: lot one, I
block seventy-six, 7'i. hellwood; alao lb
aoutbaeal ipiarteruf section li, Inwnai.lp II
south, range U aeat, lu l.lncolu county
Oregon; also the southwest quarter of lb
northwest uuarter ol section pi, township
1 1 south, range S west, in Lincoln county
Oregon; also the southwest 'piarter ol lh
aoiilbra-t quarter of section ... township .'!
unth. range 7 west, in Ilouglas county
oreiron; also lot thirteen, 1 1, nines eiM
J. (.'. Austin a A Idition In Wildomer. and
lot twelve, 1.', in block seven, 7, in U.eTowii
of ildomer, in Kiveral.le counlv, I alilor
nla: m.') acres of land In the town of I'llftnn
Park, Maratoge counly, New York, being ail
of lam owned by plainlvJT In aaid county
also house and lot on which house nunite-r
I'.'i Mulh avenue, Troy, New York, and
bouse and lot on wbirh bouse num'ier 173
hi x tl avenue. Troy. New lork.are ailu
ated, together with a varanll.d having a
frontnire of it feet j lining aaid liouae nil ru
ber 173 Siith ain-ntie. all In Kenaseiair
county, itate of New York, and being all of
the properly owned by plaintill In aaid
And that defenilsnt be forever barred
from claiming or setting up any right, title
or Interest In or to or lien uimn Urn sarue or
any part thereof, and for bis costa ami dis
bursements of this atiit.
This summons is published nice a week
for a erlod of all weeka successively prior
to the aaid Pith day of November, l', In
accordance with the order of Honorable
Thos. F, Kvsn, Judge of the county court of
trie state oi Oregon lor the counlv ol I Inr k
amas, made and entered on the 27th day of
oentemiier, i:ei.
The date nf the first publication of this
umriiom is heptember 2-ttJi, i
0. 0. WII.I.IH.
Attorney for l'lal'itilf.
In the Circuit Court ol theHlals of Oregon
for the County of Clackamas,
Maud Vanavery, plaintiff, 1
vs. ,
Charles II. Vanavery, deft.)
To Charles M. Vanavery, above-named
In the name of the state of Oregon, you
are iierouy repiire'i to appear and
answer the complaint filed sgsinst you
in the above entitled suit in the above
named court on or before November, 10,
l'JOO, the same being seven wrks from
the date of the first publication of ibis
summons, and you will take notice that
it you fail so to appear and answer said
complaint, the plaintiff will apply to the
court lor tne reiiei demanded in sshl
complaint to-wit, that the bonds of
matrimony existing between you anil
plaintill be dissolved, aad Unit plaintiff
ue decreed tne care, custody and control
of their certain minor child, Hyiva Vana
very. This summons is published by an
order of Alfred F. Hears Jr. Judge of the
Fourth judicial district of said state, in
the Oregon City Enterprise for seven
successive weeks commencing Octolxtr 5,
l'JOO and continuing for each weeg there
after to and including November, 10,11)00
Attorney for plaintiff.
1 lh umlr.ignd. Juph K. Iltg,
eieeiilor ol lb will ol Jnasph lllg. d
r.ar.l. alll lioni ami ahr Haiur.lsv, lh
I, lh day of Nnveinlier. l!"'. proer.! lo krll
lh reainlsl ol Ui Joepli ll'dg-
ilreratrd, ileerlted lolloar lo alli
i. Iils 1 sml I. hloi k 17, Csnemali, Clark
ama eounty, Oregon.
J tlnedialMnlereal (undivided) HI lot
hliK k I, Cansuiah, Cla. kamas county, Or.
"x l b of lh netiSn.l lh liri, of Hi
m. .V., lp. I s. r. 4 W, M., CI, ksmss
I'inmlv. irilon,
I Itrglnnlng al the inrmt rornrr oi
-e! .11. Tp. i . It. t W. M . In CI, ka
I m coilnlv. "regoii. Iheui onlli 7 hU;
l thorn a! I'' riult; then.' norlll 7S ro.lt.
then. ra.l ! ro.U In pl. ol beginning,
j Ami thai !.! sal hsll I luf catli or His
: twal terms nhlalnalil. lh balance remain
i ins on on )rr i Urn teeure.l by niorlgas
en lh property ol.l al U -r cni intr.
ir annum or mr
1 J.isKI'll K IIFIHIK1.
KiiH'tnor nl lh v IU ol
Joaeph lU.lg't, tleeeaaed.
Colli e l i;rrlr.
In lh nillr of lb Kilst of llliam
r'rlloas, decratrd.
Nolle la lirhy Kit an I hat lh un.Ur-
it;iH t ol ' alal of Hiram
re.loaa. drt'raaed, baa llld hla llnsl reHirt
itllh III rink nl lh t'ounlv t'ourt of Hi
Stat uf Orrgoti lor Clackamea munly,
a auib r. ulor nl aanl alal and lh
.-onrt baa rli, Mon.lav, lh Jl day of
IVeemlwr, l'"i al lh hour oil in'lk,p
in. ol .al I .lav a lh Urn lor lb b'lng
of .ai.1 report and auv and all ih ilon
thai II. rf. mar l lo the .an. il an nl
Paled Ihlai.lb.Uv of IM.-Iw. A l I J.
I l l FKI l.iW..
Ftecuior ol lh tai ol Hiram Fviloaa
drt rl.
bailee lor laibllriiua).
Forral Ker l.lu l and Silectlon No. I.
l". M. Lend OltW. Oregon Cily. Orgon,
m tolr. IJ. I an.
Notice la herehv gUrtt that A II. Ham
m oid, a Ii.im Miiilb.- a l lfala I'nrliaml.
lirrfou. hai mad eppllealloii to aleet
under lh A.-olJun I. tvi.-. (Vlalala,.
lh lolloalng lra l of land, elilrb when aur
iryrd. alll he ilrtcrlnrd aa lollowa til
ri.'V. B'.dat of .M-, Nn-IIoii ll, W, ol
S K'. I "I I. ' ami ua I. ol liw ac. S.
r,.i..liii. .1 Sunn, Kan U ) .!, IMIIam.
elie Meridian
S ithhi th neit thirty tier from date
hereof proUata or emileat agamal th a lec
tion on ll. ground thai lb land le'rl..
nr any i-othoi lhro(, la mora :ua'.l lor
Ita mii.rra a than fr agrlrultaral pufi,
will l rcil and Hotel lor report ! lh
Commiaaioncr of lh Oenrral land I title.
i'ail. II. M x.ata
ir inn
In the Coiiniy Court id the stale of Ore
gon for the ctiunty of Cl kauia.
In the matter ol the estate of
tirace Suiool, deoraaod. (
To Alter hniool and May hiiiixd ('
knuwuas May Howard or May Young).
I heir ol said tirace Sinoot, ilna-ased. ami
ioallotliersuiikliown.il any such there
v ,,rrrl,ni
1 n
name uf Ibe S'atn of Oregon,
you are hereby cited an.l rtniutmd to
appear In the county court ol Ibe
state ul Oregon lor the county ol Cl ka
nias at the court neon thereof at Oregon
City, in the County d Clackamas on Sat
urday, the 17th day of Novetulirr, !'),
at ID o'clock In the forenoon of that day.
then and there lo show rail, if any et
ll, why the petition of the administrator
ol the said estate for leave lo ell the real
property hereinafter mentioned l.ohg
ing In tlin said estate ahould lint br al
lowed at.d an order in ..In directing tb
sale therrof :
An undivided orie-lbir.l Internal In and
to the real property ..lusted in Clacks
ma county, Oregon, to-w it : lu .1 ami
of section Id; Iba north ol the
nortbaewt '4' and lota numbered I and 'i
of sec. I 'i, in T. .1 H uf ( 4 east. In the.
dlatrict of lands aur jit t to sale in Oregon
Citv. Oregon, coiitaiiiing Dn'.lll acres, ex
cept 20 acres iIi-sni., to Father I iilben
by dit-d recordnl in Issik lit, page of
Ibe records ol d'-eda of Clackamas coun
ty, and I'O acres deeded to II M .Marshall
by deed recorded In Inmk f)'. page s57'J. ol
the records of deed uf Cla. kauiaa county,
M itness the lion, Thus. F. Uyan, Judge
of the county court of the stale; of Oregon
for the county of Clackamas, with the
seal of said court afllxed, this Utb day of
October, A. I). I INK).
Attest; K. H.COOJ'F.U, Clerk.
In the Circuit Court of the Htate of 0'
gun, for Cl. kainaa County.
T. T. (ieer, as liovernor of th )
niate oi ureKon, r . I. Duu
bar, aa hecremry of the Kate
of Oregon, C, ft. Moore, a
Treasurer of the State of Or
egon. consllliitliiK the Htate
band Hoard, i'laintllfa,
(1. II. IMmlck, aa administra
tor of I he ealale of John
Frederick llude, decease.),
Margaretba llnde, John
II.Mle, Mary lllwig ll.xle,
Frederick John Hod and
Uorhard H'xle, Ili-fendanu
To Marvareths llode, Jlin llod. Mary
lledwlg lloile. Frederick Jul, n Itud and
Uorhard llode, said delemlsnta:
In the nsmeof IbeHtataof lireirmi! V..,,
are hereby notified lo spi-ar and answer
Ibe complaint tiled against vou in Ibe aiu.vi.
entitled ault on rir before ;'Jsl dayuf lie
centner, A. 1). VH and If yo i fail ao lo ana
wer, the iilallilltr will annlv to the Pl.t.rl hi.
the relief demanded in the rumi.laii.i nd
lor Judgment and decree aualnat ins.i.i.,..
dams for isi-j, altii Interest on same si the
rate of eight per cent Per annum rr,
dsleuf filing cnmiilalut and ll.'si attornev
fee and for coats and ilisbursnmnntaaud for.
closing the innrlgHge on the real property
described In Ibe complaint securing pay
merit of tame, which leas follows, to-wit;
The west half Ul of the northwest .m.r.
ter of section township 4 totilb rsiuui ft
3 esat of the Wlllainetiii meridian, contain,
ing SO. 15 acret more or less, save and eu-ept
s trsct of land of about 1-4 nf an at: upon
which a HsptUt church It innated : sla. in.
northeast quarter of the toulbweat otiarter
ofseetion 2, townsbln 4 smith, range ,1 east
of the) Willamette meridian, containing 40
acres, more or less.
And that said mortgaged uronerlv he
told according to law sml the proceeds of
tale be applied a by law and equity re
'iiired, and that defendant, and each of
them, be forever foreclosed and liHrm.1 ,.f
all interest and claim in or to laid real prop,
erty or any part thereof.
1 his summons is published bv onb.n.r
the Hon. Thos. K. Kyan, Judge of the coun.
ty court of the state of Oregon for Clacks.
russ county, in the absence of th circuit
udge of mis liidicial district, made and ....
tered of record this 1st day of November
V.fiO. The (Isle ot the first puhiicalion oi
this summons Is Not, II, i:g;iJ,
Attorney for I'laintill.
In lh Clreull Court of Hi Mai nl Oregon
for Cla. ksmaa votliiiy.
Anns A. t'lilherlaun, I'lalulilf,
John It, Cullierlaoli, DeUmlsul.
To Joint It. Cllllxrlaou, dfmlul I
IN lh iiamaof Hi Hlale nf Utrgon you are
lirirhr riilrd lo appearand auar
Hi complaint ml anslnai you In lh bIhk
rnllH.! anil altliln an weeka afler the Ural
piihili auou of lli aiiuimoiia, lo a li on or
Ufni Hi Drat day ol Drwniber, l'l. Ihst
.ing lliedat pieacrllifd In lh order lor
pnl.llrallmi ol a.nnni.iin, and If yutl 111 ao
in apir and auaaer, lor waul ltiol
plalulill aill apply to lh court lor lb rllf
ilemn.ld In aaid eoniplainl, to all : for
ilevrv of dlvole lorr illaaolning I i
Imndaof uialrimonv now eilallug llan
you and lb plauililf ami giauling lh aula
and ifluaiv rar and ruaio-ly ul your mi
nor child, lon Augualua l ulUila.ni, .l
I lila auiumolia It tuiMiahed by order nl
lh II. m, Tbomaa F. Uvan. Judg f Hi"
i oiinl)! louil nl Cla a an. aa ion..l, Hlrgou,
ma I and uirl bvrein on Helolwr l ib,
ail, and lh del ul lb flial pul.l.i doll
bviMif la l. lotier IU. I '.
) . tan Faw"ka
B"d i, Wsai ai Hai l.,
Aitoiiiy lor I'laniiiit.
Waller far I'aslillretllaM
)trAktHssr or inn lrtsi .,
l.suj Oltiia at Oregon City, Oregon,
u i.iUr 11, rsi
OIICF. I lirnd.y given tbsl tb" fol
lowing named ecSHnr haa tile-1 lnr-
tneig 1.1 Intention to iiiasaunai pr.i
III supHirl ol hi rlalii, ami thai al.
prk'(all Iwt in I Inline the liek-nler
and Itcceivor at Oirg.m City, Oregon, on
NoveuiUr '.il. I'si'. vl ;
Wil l IAM 0. MoldlAN,
II. K. No. ImCS, of Ibo lie't uf he4' .
. T. 3 H, K I W.
II names the following aitnerlo
prove bla continuous rrsideme uirn an.l
i tiltivalloll of aahl leiial. l . Alf'r-lkk
Mutiny, of TuaUlin, tlirg.n; ti. rail-noia-rr,
of TusUtln, Ofron; jmia M.
Ilrrron, i4 M.eia.l, tlre.n; Nolaoii
Mii'olinrll, id M.rraoml, I Irrgoit
I'll AH. It. MIXIUF., lieglater.
SOaerlrr'a ajw mm l.trreillaei
In lh Circuit Court of lh Nisi uf Ursgon
for lh louniy of Cat katnaa.
I'. J Knlinga,
A. I'
and Mary Laierly.
htsl of Orgtn. C mult of ('!. tan. as, aa
nv viitrt'K ok a jciMiMi.vr ou.
dr, irrsai..l an ut"i, du.y la
aoe-l out of and un lr lb seal nl tb a'-ot
nlillea eoiirt. In lb '' nllll.l rati,
.i in duly illrsi-il and de. lbs ;"ib day
of IMolwr. I ). U-m a I idgmriit rn tr,l
and nirl In i ruurt on In lath dajr of I
Ntiiiir, !' In laiur of I'. ) lll lmft,
plainllir. and against A IV I VI a' I sr
rt y, dsfeiidani. lor lb sum of ll'.Mi),
a ilh inlrreal lliervon al ll rate r ri.
r annuta Irom lb Is h ,lsf of .i.i.if,
s-l. m paid 1'i.re.o. as of said dal.
and Iba luftl.r mm of "si ss ail'i a a
les. and II. f.ifther sun. of .' So exit ami
disiiur.i.iila, and lh rosl of a-d iiiii
thla aril, roiiin.a'.dli.g n unt of Iba r.
aonsl .rorv nl ssi I df..dnU, sod if
aurTl. irnt riu:d not n found, lbn oul uf
tb real .rorty tl..nli g lo aaid drn.
ant on and alter in .la'. of sa d J-plgmcnt,
to aalls'y tai I si I atlm end a to lbs ctta
upon lies aril.
Noa. Ihrr,ire. by tlrfuanf sai l leci
thin, Ju l(n. si, I or lr an I .Uco, and In
coii.pllani with lh ruii.it, a"'li ul tai I am,
twins u'.a'il lo nn.l any f.i.sl prony
ol ssi I drlri.da'ds, I ill I on the .'i.d ,v of
Notniilirr, I n), duly it -m in fo.i.iw
ing ie-ntial rest pr.. r t v of aat.l drn.
am til'iat and twli.g I'i tb county uf
I la. kan. as and atair uf ' '" ', lo sit
lb south aeat . pi artel of sr,l,l,i 7.', loan,
thlp n Koiti of range 1 ast of Ibe M lllsne
etls inerldisn.
And I ant on Saturday, the
alia lay af lleerrsabrr, IIOO,
at the hour of I looVli. k p. n. ,al II. front
diMir 1,1 II, raillf.lv riHIfl I.i.iim Ii, ILarlll ..f 1
llfriton fits , In said county and slat, sell
al public aU' lion, aul lert i,i rtdainotioii, to
tbe bigbes, ,d l.r. lo, C. n e.., ritl.
lu baud, all the right, int. and li.i.r.il
w hirl, lb. will.l,, nan.sd d.fend.nls. ,
either ol lb.... ha I un lb -tat. nf aaid
I'l'il'lii'il. ... iii.i , .1. I, in l,r u iris ail Its r
oi ritiwi real plnrty. or any part b.fsol,
lo aatlaly said eiei utiuii, piog.uenl i.rd.i,
interval, cost and all accruing
coa la.
J. CooKF.
nlily, llrewn.
Nov, 1, I .
HherifT of Clarktmsa C
I 'ated, i ifecun I ny. t ire.
I I I I l
In the County Court of lin state uf Ore
gon for the county ol Clackamas.
In the matter of the estate off
Mollis hui Kit, di't-eaaed. (
To Alice Kuiool ami My fttmsd falao
known aa May Howard, or Young), heir
of taid Molbn hm -xit, dm ...ac.1, and lo
all olbers unknown, If sny r p-h tbere be,
sfrr-cl itiK : '
IN the name of the State nf Orr gon,
you are hereby t lied ai rniuireil to'
apar lu Ihe eotinty court uf thel
slate t, Oregon for the county of Clarke-
mas at the court room thereof In Oregon
City, In Ihe coiiniyol Clackamas, on hat
nr.Uy. tbe l7tbdyof November, llssi,
at lOo'clis k in Ihe forenoon of that day,
then and there to show i auto, If any e.
let, why the r.elillon of tbn silinlriii.tr
tor of lh said eatste. lor leave to sell the
real property hereiiisfter meiilioriml lie-
loriging to the ssld eslafa should not Imi
allowed and an order maile direct inu the
sale thereof :
An uiidivided one third Interest III and
lo the real proerty situated In Clacka
mas county, to-wit; Lots ,'J and i of e..c
I ion 10; the norili ,'v' 0f the northwest )1
and lois iitiinlieri'.l 1 and 2 of section I ft,
In T. II south of rang., nasi, In flits dis
trict of lands subject to sale In Oregon
City, Oregon, contiilning I ill! Ill acres,
except 20 acres deeded to I'.Hther (illbent
by deed recorded n book ill , psge Vi'A. of
the records of deeds of Clackamas conn,
ly, and 20 acres deeded i j $ttm
shall by d.H-d lecrileil n bmik Ml, psge
47!), of the records of deeds of Clackamas
county, Oregon.
Witness the Hon. Thos. F. Ityan. Judge
of the county court of the stale of Oring,,,,
for the counly of Clackamas, with the
eal of said court alllxnd, this Mb day of
October, A. I). 1!SHI.
Attest: I). II. COfM'F.K, Clerk.
oruaf."! r7,,",, ,or """ous prnstrattna and sll dlaeasea ' ?tHtnt'
at Mljat III elllliMaua .... VI
i Tiila.ii7 i7llH,V"",' Nlslilly Kmlsalona, Youthful Krrors, Wontal Worry, Si"; rt
irrCO lieiun as? i'000 or Owlum. which lad to Contuinpllun anO, Insaaity- ,M.
VIM US IK, Xi?r,".w."'ur,,l" e,,r" rtunl the money. Bold al J fj.gbl'
Mat mi ,
lnlliClietill Court ..(in. ,(.,.
for Cla.ksi.isa Counly, ""''"fOr,
ll-.il- U .. L - . I i . . .a
iioiiv rjtvm, piainiin, i
Atihtir Hyks. dfmtsui
To Ariliur Hyk.s. ,u., ...., A .
sni i oir,,
in in nam oi in mi i,f ii
are l.er.by ie.inr. a,.K,, '!".
lh iHimpialnl hl.d agsm.t ,,, , '''' "'
nlllld ault In lh ali.it. i, ' , """'-
or lfnr December 1 1,.. i
I'm '.7
';; fri
" esaaat ,m
aauie belli
evert Waeka fi
II. anon oi tiiia minimi
I 111 , .1.1 t.... f.a
and anaaer aaid complaint l( . 10 'M)
apply In la. court l. lh. 'fh, '"'"n H
in ron.pisi'.i, lo i , o... ..
n.alrl.nony ail. ling lwft ,uu " ".""
lilt Ix diasoltvd. '"uMsijk
. ' l'llbll.l,a. ,
M f. ti.orge, J.,.. - "It
di. in. I nl ii, .,ta li,,.,,,. HUi
go., C.ly Ki.lerp.is. (, ,,V"
aeeka, rommeui lug N..,nii, i"?""
'a b.:
eoi.ili.ulng for ar, u,.,,,, ', ,
Including iKxsn.l.r 14, ., ' "M
Oil! t llllMWS);!,
Allurnai , i. '
' ""HIS,
.llre a Oeitlu,
t. al tft . .
in win sMiniv id ii,.
. or.... i.,r uie t ,u.,tr ,,( ci( k -
1 1, ....II.. ..f l
htal-elt, ilmen,,
NoIIcb I hereby gUn, t t,BPfil.,
an I all -r.oh. fl( r.,(l,rr
ll.e .aid .lrHr In p,rwll,
ll.a proper toin brie alil.li, (l, "
from lb dale of lb flral u).lu
ll.la lioll.e U ,a l,dni.ll!,IIM ?
ofbiailbl. .Ibl.iay, f. h. liueU) ill
g ,n City, Oregon ,v
A liullnalrator ol be eatu ol i
.Nlalwti, (l,.ad. 4
Hlllllliri-n Mil;
In Tb Clfruil C i irl of ti,, siv q.j
oi f ,f Tb Counly of C:cta.uM
Ttio-uaaoi k;.(iiy
Fi .
A Ikmeon,
Klsarl M
MU uf I ir.g.ni. ('..a.ily ul ( lrai
II. - ..4.1.,.
f ul (
,., ....... in m I'llllim oM. JLt
n I end .lee.illoa, du y isi w,,' toJ
Ui.dsr lh ! o in. ,i, ,,ll-4 "
iiiii.e.l iim, Ul u
d reris-l and dsi-l tb pad day ef
I a M upon Ju l..... (4 n
in s. mmi m. i 1 1 I, ,i,r , yn
e) In fsior of Tb.,n.a n .'
iiainlirf, ami e.n. (J
a I ii so , dalsnJsui. .,r llwauaisilia
sub I..lf.i n,,o at in. rata of tula,
rnl r a-num froiti In. j,
ttutwr, Jesi. and in uti, m V
tti,)'s f .d lb furti .i sajsf
nisi, and dislincasmsnia. ,4 l,, j
and tiin Una am, c...n.-.,ii, M a
mat:, uf i, .iiou.( .irna4 aj
poft, allual In II. ruui.ty of tt
in. Istsi ul I og in Ui ail
AH of bim k I lii ' r'alm.uM" as lal sa
if l'.daid M Alan...., and H.osa at
in niais an I pisis r,s nn f 4 j
le..i I In I'' i.rtl. of tlx l:.i )ii gj
lilliirsi, C'srka.i.at (Villi, ll'rfuw.
Sua. tb.i.bo. I y tirtu ul mi ttn
lion. J , I - s. i 01 l.r t"4 deir. asd a
mm lii.r aitb th eoiamcvdiai asJ SfS,
I alll on (Saturday. Iba
ItlksU al eteas Wer, lfM,
ai in b.r uf I K.., p m si 12a
front .li. of lb C-.tini l .oift l u a
lb c.ly uf Orsirm t ny. Pi sail ruui.li 4:4
slate, sad al puM.r i.inn, tu'j t Is
dsmplion, lu lb l,i(l.4 t..ll, Uil I t
gsiid roln .ash in ba t. a I lbs r !.l. See
an I liileresl a neb C eiil.ln natal
l.n dsn! b I 101 lh dW uf lb reoVs
bf.n of aiio b I is r lu II. abe V
srri)l r.al prriy r a y t art Ute
In atiff tai l ei.ruli in, ) .bjn elf,
Irrfs. ..tfl, rta and ao srsr-iisg tmu.
'sl-l, llrsg li City. IM,( 14 l.Ui
j 1 IVHl
M.snrlol Cla'ksmss iuaii;,is(ue
ni ntio
In Iba Clrrul! IVuH 1.1 U tl 4 Olf
gun for Clackamas Couatjr.
Annln iKinne, plsiniirf,
( John Andrea iinn ilefrSl'l)
, , , , ,, . , I . -
, T" Jo,,n A,",M,W J'''8j"rt'
f S .n name of Ibe Mate of (Wrfoa M
I , , ci.nine. to be .ad If
. ,, ' . J lUdtm
. iwar In II. r rlfi tut four! w u
i " v ,
j lore Iba t day of iM-etiitt. VAV. W
make answer In Iba rompiaml llty
Iba plalhlifT In Ible auil; sml l Msil
II.ertM.I ibe plaintiff will epp! lotbs'""
for a des rra against you snd wW"
brl .Irm.mled In lb rompltlot. k'l;
Tba disaoltlllon of Ibe le.li.l
inoiiy now and hereloUe iatle t
tweon plalniifTand drf. n.Unl li' J
for the riisuly and rontfol of lli "
ibil l, Jee.ie Mary Inilihe.
Tlil.aumliioUt la fuldiebvl utifia
lof a inr.sl uf sis successive eklp'
tu Ibe 1st day of mwrmlier. I'..l,?
r.,r. lance Willi Iba order of T,,uofJ''
Ityan, Judge of Iba county ruurt 4
.,..-. I. I .. CI., t. IllSt tVtWi
i.t" ill 'ii-'iii i- ,
made, and entered on Ibe I'll. IT"P
1 ,(. , n,,,.-,.-. ... .... . .
! l'. The date of ihe fl'sl V"
' ul H'ls suiumoii I M. I
Jtlll.l I'i I un .
Attorney lof I lalBi.ii-
HI'.1! MO"")
In lhClrrullCotirlof Hi Hlstsof Oft
for the Counly of Clai ksmaa.
I.ydla Kirkhsm,
Alfred Kirkhsm,
llendaut. J
To Alfrd Kirkhsm. alsiv nauu
ant: .
Oregon, you are hereby 'l'1 J.tr,t
ier and anaw.r lh corn plaint IU'1 ( wrt
you In the alaive entitled siH' l. Vyit,
nsined Court oil or before NnV. i
lb same being seven weeka Irtu " ' fA
pilbllcallun nf llila siiliimotia; "'' t
take notice that If ymi Isll .ill
sntwer tsld et.inplslnl.asl.l l'!"'" ,
spply In the court for lbs rt I-' 'n'n,n
In said complaint, lo-wlt: ''"M?'u is.
nf matrimony eslallng lietseell 7
Plslnllll be dissolved. . . .. lir of
Thla summons I pnbllahed ur tjft
M. (J. f).urge, Judge of Ihe Kou" J" p.
iilstrlet ul Ihe ttaleul Oregon, l
City Kulerprlse for seven succes ,lUi,i(
ftommeiicliig Hepleinber 21 ,n(!U(Jiii
for each week thereafter l ,nB
November 2,1 (, ..wjl W
n.. .....i... !' a I 1 1 if sir arvn - ...