Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, October 19, 1900, Page 16, Image 16

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Unbleached Muslin
Atlantic L I- in. wide. r yd.
Host Cabot W, 30 in. wi do, per yd.
Albany C Sheeting. 36 in. w ide, yd.
Bleached Muslin
Lonsdale Muslin. 30 in.wide.per yJ.
Hope Muslin, 36 in. wide, per yd.
Homestead Bleached Muslin.3' in.
t wide, per yd
Butter Cloth. vr yd
Lonsdale Cambric
Y in. wide, per yJ
Apron check Ginghams, standard
goods per yd
Cloaking and Cassimere
Waterproof, 54 in. wide
Cassimere. heavy quality, per yd . 50c
All-wool cassimere, velour finish,
Pryd 75c
Jeans, per yd. 15. ro and 2$c
Ladies' cloth, black and colors, 50
Jinches w ide, per yd 50c
Black broad cloth for capes, etc,54
Finches wide, per yd. ... .75c and I 00
.Melton cloaking, per yd 50c
Gingham 50c, 75c and I 00
Silk 4 1 25 and upward
Gray 'cotton blankets 75c
Gray wool blankets $2.00
Graall wool blankets, 4 lb $3.00
Gray all wool blankets. 5 lb $375
Vicuna all wool blankets, 6 lb. . . . $4.50
Dress Goods
We are well supplied to meet your
requirements in Dress Goods, as our
stock is finely assorted in all grades,
and it will be an unusual want that we
are not able to fill to your entire satis
faction. Black serge, 40 in. wide, per yd . . 25c
Navy-blue serge, 40 in. wide, yd.. 25c
34-in. black and colored cassimere 15c
7. ST . .
36-in. black and colored henriettas
Double-fold domestic plaids.peryd
28-in. half-wool brocades, per yd..
34-in. all-wool tricots, black and
colors, per yd 35c
30-in. illuminated crystal cloth, yd
38-in. novelty suitings, in variety
of coloring, per yd
46-in. all-wool storm serge, navy
blue or black.per yd
50 -in., all wool, bUck brocaded
.! soleils, per yd 75c
36-in. boucle effects, newest com-
bination of the season, per yd..
40-in.Kroenbergs silk-finished Jlen
rietta, black and colors, per yd.
54-in. all-wool covert cloths, the
correct thing for tailor-made
suits, per yd 90c
38-in. ail-wool German Henriettas,
f black and colors, per yd 50c
45-in. black brocaded skirting, yd. 40c
Brocaded satines, per yd 50c
Changeable silk?, suitable for lin-
ings, per yd 25c
Shirting, Ticking, Etc.
Domestic shirtings, per yd 7c
Extra heavy shirtings, per yd.. . . 9c
Napped cheviot, best quality, yd. 12
Black duck; twilled shirting, yd . . I2
Best black satine, per yd 9c
iBetter qualities 12 4, 1 5 and 20c
Sllkoline, plain or figured, per yd. 10c
"White shaker flannel, per yd 5c
Better grades 8 and 10c
Straw ticking, per yd 7c
Heavy feather ticking, yd, 15 and 20c
Double fold ticking, 32 in.wide, yd. 15c
Cue or brown denims, per yd,... 10c
Bunting, in white and colors yd. . 5c
Bunt in g. double fold, in while and
colors Icr j d IOC
Capes and Jackets
We are fully stocked with a complete
assortment of the latest and most pop
ular Myle.
Ladies' cloth capes. $1 50, $2, $2 jo up
vj?fr i .
Ladies' plush capts $2 00 upward
Ladies Golf capes. . . .
Ladies' Boucle capes.
r-. WW'
Ladie' Plush capes, novcltits. . .
ranging up to $15 00
Women's, Misses' and Children's Jackets
we have a representative line of
fashionable garments.
Women's Bress Skirts
Our styles arc up-to-date, prices arc
extremely low, considering1 the high
grade line we are offering.
Boys' natural wool shirts or draw
ers, sizes 26 to 34 25c
Youths' heavy fleeced shirts or
drawer, all sizes t , , . 25c
Childs' or Misses' natural wool
Tshirts, ranging in prices 15c to 25c
Childs' union suits 25c
Misses' union suits, clastic derby
rib 25c
Ladies' union suits, knit from a
good quality" domestic yarn.. . . 35c
Ladies' union suits, various styles,
50c, 75c, $1.00 and $(.25
(.::. Ski PJS.
Ladies' jersey rihlJ vtMsflceccd,
.shapt'd waist, clastic cull. 1 . . . . 2c
I'ants to match J5C
Ladies' jersey knit, jarr brown
o! or.ho.ivy weight, pci fed flitting $(K
rant to match
Ladies' wool plaited shirts y.
Pant j to match .
Ladies' camel hair, wool garments,
ohiits or pants . . . ($:
Ladiri'all-uool, evtiy tlneail fine
iahmerc wih yarn, vests or
pants I iKJ
Ladies' all-wool scarlet shirtt or
pants Jt
Men's natural wool, all seams fin
ished, shirts or draen
Men's heavy weight, tlceccil lined
shirlH or drawers joi
Men's shiits ordrav cm, gray mer.
ino j 5c
Men's Vicuna shirts or drawers.. 75c
Men's all-wool, c ei y thro a fine
cashmere wool yarn, shirts or
drawers I c.
Ladles' Wrappers
In outing flannel, percale anil
calico, we carry a complete line,
ranging from tv t $1 $0
Indies' outing flannel night gowns
full regular made 50 and 75c
Child's Coats
In eider down and Ixuiclc
prices. $1 25 to $J 00
Indigo blue figured oil calico, yd. jc
American Light Colored Print, yd. 4'
Dark colored calico, standard, yd.- 4c
Garnet figured, prints yd jc
Cad inal figured, print, yd . . . . I . . $c
Best German Indigo, printed on
fruit of loom, muslin 30 in. wide
per yd 10c
Satine finished prints, per yd. . . . nc
Ked twilled flannel, all-wool, yd.. 18c
Medicated Uillcd, all-wool, led
flannel, per yd 54
All-wool eider down flannel, yd.. 30
Red or scarlet pressed flannel, all
wool, per yd 25c
Blue-gray, all-wool, pressed flan
nel, per yd 25c
White shirting flannel, 25, 35 and 4c
Eonse Furnishing Gods
White marbled oil cloth, per yd. . I St
Figured oil cloth, per yd iSc
White crochet quilts, 45c 75c and I 00
Scrim, per yd 3c, c and toe
Window blinds, Hartshorn rollers,
with wide dado. pa-r 23c
Window blinds, Hartshorn rollers,
with wide dado, linen 40C
Unbleached table linen, per yd. . 25c
Bleached table linen, per yd 35c
Bleached tabic linen, pure flax, yd 50c
Turkey red damask, oil finish, per
yd 18, 23. 40 and 50c
Crctones. twilled, per yd, 8, 10 and 15c
Curtain cretonc, jier yd 7c
Linen napkin., bleached, pr set
S. 75 and 1 rx
Linen napkins, unbleached, jjer set 251
I .ace curtains per pair, 45c, 75c, $1 up
Cotton towels, small size 5c
Cotton towels large size 10c
Linen towels, pure flax, 2 for. . . . 25c
Linen towels, extra size, satin fin
ish, damask, pure flax 23c
Crash towels 10 and 15c
Lrasn bath towels 25c
Bleached pillow cases, size 42x30 I2ji
Crash toweling, cotton, per yd... 5c
Turkey red table covers,75c, I and I 2$
Chcnile table covers, 75C, 1 00 and I 50
Bools and Shoes
Ladies' dongola button patent tips$l.oo
Ladies' dongola lace, patent tips. . $1.00
Ladies' I. goat button, seamless
back $1.00
Ladies' kang. calf, lace or button. $1.75
Ladies' dongola stock tip, lace or
button. Well built in every de
tail $1.50
Ladies' kip bals, full stck $1.50
Misses' kip riveted bals $1.25
Child's kip riveted bals $1.00
Men's calf bals $1.25
Men's genuine satin calf bals, sol
id leather outer and inner soles
and counters $1.50
Men's plow shoes, tap sole $1.25
Men's kip Alexis, tap sole, seam
less back. Warranted solid
throughout $1.50
Men's uplit Imots, tap nolo, saddle
seam $'75
Men calf iWti. . . ,$ju $j.y $.!
Boys' split I'.iN $1 (
Boy' buckle shoes
Men's dress sh.xvi i. $J JO. $3. 3 $ $
In rublw-r gonls, we handle only high
grade, known as first quality, which wc
recommend to our customers.
Outing Flannel
Outing flannel, medium weight, in
light or dark, ier yd 5C
Good "eight, in light or dark, yd. c
Dress gdi effect, outing flannel,
heavy weight, per yd lov
Brow n or blue niuttlcd outing flan
nel, heavy weight, per yd i
Marsadlcs outing flannel, suitable
for childs' coats or ladies' 4iks,
Canton Flannel
I.iht weight, er yd $c
Good quality, per yd 7c
Kxtra heavy, jer yJ 8 and IK
Colored, heavy qualily, er yd.. . toe
Cotton Batting
Goth! quality, per xmrid 10c
Kxtra quality, per pounJ 1 $c
Sheet wadding, 2 sheets for JC
This vasnn' style ho a very clever
combination of colors prices jo-, 75c,
$! CO and $1 2$.
Hen's Furnishing Goods
Men's Cheviot shirts jjc
Men's twilled duck hirts 50c
Men's navy blue flannel shirts... $100
Men's duck Coats, blanket lined.. $l io
Men's dutk coats, rubber interlined j l. 50
Men's stnenders 10, 1 5, 25. 35, .jr( jo
Men's leather suspenders. . 2jc and coc
Men's bicycle caps jjc
Men's black satiric caps 10c
Men's white shirts, linen bovxnt.. 45c
Men's heavy working gloves 23, 50, 75c
Men's y-o overalls, patent button,
patent reinforced stay 45c
Men's jeans pants. We carry the
Ox breeches, "Another pair free
if they rip." prirc ij
Men's wool sweaters, colors, green
black or red $1,00
Men's carjK-ntcr aprons ijr.
Men's muslin night gowns. . . .50c, 75c
Men's outing flannel night gowns 75c
Men's cheviot working shirts) dou
ble front and yoke 50c
Ladies' llceccd lined hose, 3-thrcad
heel and toe 2 pairs for 25c
Ladics'brown or blue inixcd.scam.
. lwfuse 3 iairg f(jr 2JC
Ladies black hose.color absolutely
guaranteed, 2 ply heel and toe
1 ,,.-,! for 2SC
Misses and Boys' extra weight,
doublc-kncc, heel and toe, sizes
. 5 t' 10 2 pairs for 25c
Boys' Bicycle Hose, wearing qual
ity warranted, sizes 7 to 10, pair 25c
Ladies all-wool hose, per pair.. , . 25c
Ladies' all-wool cashmere hose, pr. 25c
Ladies'all-wool.hcavy. weight hose
ribbed, per pair 2jc
Infants' all-wool hose, per pair. . '. 10c
Men's seamless sox, ribbed tops
7 pairs for ' 2,c
Men's 2-threud knit, full shaped,
foot and ankle, 3 pairs for 2c
Men s wool sox, seamless, 2 pairs 25c
Heavy lumbermen's wool sox, pair 25c
Notions, Etc.
German Knitting yarns 25c skein
I ins, Eagle, American, per paper 5c
Large size safety pins, per paper 5c
Knitting needles, set of 5 jc
1 lair nins, assorted sizes, per box . 5c
Bone hair pins, small size, per dz. 10c
Bone hair pins, large size, per dz. 15c
BUk garter elastic
I.d.es hosc supporter,, j,"
Ladies hose s.ippCM( ..
shoulder brac
Wool Sut4t lie braid, i.ii, VVi
iolor, per luiruh of 34 V.U
Lad.es' hair nets
I adir' heavy net
Tape, medium ami wide, V roll!"
let I
I;-t black darning cott,,,, j ' J j
C urling Irons, rnall,, . ct
f ...!..... 1.. ... 1 If
v.ihiiii limn, irge.,,,,
All silk baby riblion, ir yVi''" ,u
Combs jc I'n'j' ,c
Alumirium thimldrt.. U''1'
Velveteen skirt biriUing;;;,;;;;; J j
( unluiov skirt bindini' vil t
I.M. t. ... L I ! 1 . ." ' b f
ih i 41 Dram, uunui r
Crheth...ks y. In ill,
Money purse,. . ,e ,nJ
Llasilc arm hands '
Bone collar buttons, per lt. , , '
Men's Turkey red handler'. 1,','fV
large ie
Trimming braids in silk" ,'!,!,'' J
tinseled and bailed riCltV
1.l',,i,C. J' V,J Scndu'p
l.mbroiilery silk on sjvm.I, ic,,,
...six .,, 'f
Knitting cotton, lull
Blaik n.! colored Sixony, 'j,' '
1 1 t 1 1
Hoy't MiKaml fur hats. . .- ji,- t.
Mon.w.l hats
Men'i fedora hats
1 p
Men's fedora fur hats atin lined. $ip
Men's ledora hats $JtAJHjx
K.&G. Whatever your want may
I in this line, you ve certain
to find it in this nuke; price,.. JX
73c. Si u), $1.1 S. $IS, $175. jjj
Carpet Warp
Live pound bunches. "Pride of the
West" brand, endorsed as the
only warp that is uniform in
dye and finish, per bunch Jno
We can give you truer bar'mi
than has ever been our pleasurt
to ofrer our patrons. Our asvirt-
mcnt represents all that is Jar- '
able and deendablc.
Child's satinet suits well Imed
throughout JI-'J
Child's union cassimere suiti.... J.'-W
Our feature in lxy' clothing, the
"Kant wear out" brand, pants
are made with double seat, dou
"AtftiipraKJt- . ,,r-
ble knees and clastic waist barld. j
.V.rLin:inliin rw-rC-rt thrOUL'll'
j'VI ivv. .... (1 .
out, price. . .$2.50, $3.00, $3 5?-"'
Boys' suits, long pants, coats in
squaie or round cut, sizes 14 ,0 ,
ly years, price
V'oung men's nobby suits. $7 $':
Men's satinet suits neat style... .W00
Men's black cheviot suits heavy
winter weight
Men's all wool cassimere suits
perfect custom tailored suit and
will prove a wear resLstcr
Our assortment from $8.50 to $I5
is an elegant one In worsted,
cassimere and cheviot.
Ubtcrs, overcoats, top coats. .$4 t0 $'5
Susjicnsion Bridge Corner
Seventh and Main St. OREGON ClU
I. , t. I r f