Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, October 05, 1900, Page 5, Image 5

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Oregon City Enterprise
(Com li Ht.)
7:00 A
it J"
10 45
A. M,
it Si
4 jo
11 y
1 45
i '3
4 45
r. M.
r, u.
i yi onl? to
H) only tn
9 13
IJ io only o
V ij
10 y ntf to
11 4V
Ntw I'mio Hrn Ir. Flrit kUnl
ntiiiiiiift lil lutriillmi i( rttH-lliiK
Urk'f dilll'llntf llxin hi Hrvrlilli (rnt(
.nliir 011 lli lilll, liril irliiK( wirra
m xill cili'llHt a KKlmril drug sil l J.fe
Hrlliull liiialiiDM,
1 1, (', lUmi OfK(in City U lo hay
I mnl tliU Inter. Ketnal nf Ida miioli !
an bav coma to tbla rom lnilun and
will brgin prarllciriK during Iba winter
In.. nll.a a till Ilia llilal.ltiiifl III ttirM'lld I
l-riiiaiuuil organliation.
Tiiniia Comixu lion. Thoma II.
Tuiigua baa urnn hilled to deliver a
l-olitlial addrre lo Orrgun City, halur
lr, OcloUr 13, Bl7::ni p.m. The re
piil'llcaiii are making prvparatiun for a
Urge audlitiice on Ihi o t tinn, a Mr.
Tongue la one ol the alilral oratoia In
tie aiate.
Jomrni Tiu AkMT Jeob (I. Hiralgbt,
i f (Irrgnii City, want down to l'ortlnd
Unt Friday and filrmd the mruil that
are lo l aviit lo Manila lo fill up the
ilrdilelulea dinting In lb regiment
now in the ialand. lie Ull fur Han
( ranclaro Monday morning, whertf be
la now aaalling embarkation on the
tranajuH for Manila. He la rnliated fr
l lite year.
A Xw Fikx.-Weldon M. r-'bank of
Cauby, will rruioy with hla family to
ttila city the latter Prt of Oil week.
Mr. riliabk Intamli forming co-partner.
ahlp with Win. Iliaaell and engaging In
the undertaking buaineaa. They wJI
on pailora in Urn building now occu
pied by Mrt. Carlton, drriamaker, who
There are lots of people in this county who
do not know how many different lines we handle.
things which wo could supply. We want to show
them some of our prices.
In Watchr
We have tlm Wnltlmiii ami
In tioM lilli-J from
In Silver from
In Nickel from
Other maker) low Iti
Clocks, all styles
Kino I'iulit tliy clock that ntrikoi every half hour.
rtttol with Alririn l.r.()to j
Others' very IiuiuIhoiiio $ to 2
Tho fluent Alarm Clock mndo for tl
See our HpiiMiniHlio Alarm Clookn, they will got you
up every titno.
Spccfiicles and Eyeglasses
"re have n very fine Kycnieter for fitting nnd ! not
chiirBe for examining eyt'H. OoM, (SolJ-fillod nml Steel
Spcctach h and KyegliWHen from 250. to $H.
Wo repair glaHHeH at rcaHonullo prices n:.d if they need
straightening we will do it free of charge.
Silver Novelties
Such as Manicure eels, Comhn. Rrunhes, Files, Hooks,
SciHHorn, Stamp Uoxcm, Match Hoxes, rapcr-cuttorH,
Klottorn, Hook Marks, Tablets, It.k Stands, from 10c. to
Musical Instruments
Violin- from : 2. to J30
(iuitars, Hanjoa. Mandolins from 0 if?
Accordions from iVrV? l
Autoharnn, Guitars 12.60 to 8
Harmonicas from Be. to.fl.oO
In our Repairing Department we have added another experienced workman, and are able to turn
out work promptly. We repair watches, clocks, jewelry and spectacles, and guarantee our work.
BURMEISTER St KNDRESEN, The Oregon City Jewelers.
"It'lon millinery morn. Mr. Ahank
awl family M:ii.y tint Martin Imiiao.
"it loiirtli iii Oiitnr .lrul.
Hikiii w.,iik,-TIi nw work of tlm
JW.ytrlmi church wlili li ni o iniich
iii-mUl In Ihii (lnNiilriK wf rKpnlrliiK ol
Ihri ntnMi Ki,i Krouinln bImiiiI tint rlnircli
I uuliitt on vi-ry nlcnljr umlnr tlm illmc
Hon of tlm l.mtliV A hi Hwliity. Tim
woik firm knn up l.y Dm primary
Um Intliirn of Mr. (Ihu. II. Jarkaon
nd Iim Mioi'llly limm pnaMiik Dm work
kIoiik, alal ,y tlm I.hiIIiV Alii
l.Ai'Ni luu Nnw Hoat Tlm Willairi-'
Uo 'uli ml J'ht t'oiiiany Imioi hnil
nil ilirUlKiiml tUIr imw Ixrttt N. J,
I miK lal HmiinUy, Tlm rrft wan iiw
iliiml liy DiiKlninr K van, of 1 1 9 Hali'in,
ml final roi'tnit by Htiiln Un. of Tort
land. Tlm lxal lia a Wi-font Uani, la
IM fwt In li-iiKili, with rapacity of
tuna TI10 boat can t tiwd at tlio very
luwnat alan of tr a it ran ran In
only 20 itirlma of watnr. Captain Yoiiiik
will i-oiiiiiiaml Ilia now bark ami It will
I ul fur Koniral Mirxaa by tlm
,Nl KvAi'oMAToMa. To iIIhIixIko tlm
liiinUkuli ln that thara woubl ba a
grnt ahortaga In Iba fruit crii of
C'larkmnaa rontlly, a trip through the
country will tiilllifl. You wl m r-
lrw. lo not tba huinlrv! of tmumlt of i
of fruit lhal am volnx to waul in I
tlia ibiri'M'nt oichtrdt Ih-cuimi thrie l'
Out nullitlriit vaoiator raia4.ity tocarej
fur It. The fruit ia I hern but the faclll
J for handling It ari alu-iit, and, of
:roura, a Irna quanilty of marketable
flfcliAf il tif fMlilflH fi.lli.i t'rntl ifiiniir,
were admonlaheil parly In tlm aeaaon lo
be aure and have plenty of evaporator
capacity' In order that, If they Ihrrn
nlvea, did not have much fruit, lliey
could at leaat lake rare of that of their
neighbor, but (intra have been bard
wllb the groaera, and they have been
unable lo make auflicietit preparation,
ciieipiviitly a great ) will be eT
Juim mi Cihi l-t. Mie Janie I.uolling
eiienda a cordial Invitation for all tboee
I I. I I- . 1 !..!.. - at . ,1 -
I imiiaing oi joining iob ,nuia cjua
circle Ihi w inter lo nirel at brr borne,
neil dor lo Judge Uyan's at H o'eba k
'neit Monday evening, October 8, lo
urgenlre and plan for the winter. (Julie
a humher of our moat Intellectual euple
are Inlrrea ed In Ihi movement ami
will lie prtwenl. The fact that Oregon
City la the borne of tlm large! Chautau
qua aaaembly on the I'ariflc cnaat ahould
make Hall the eaaier lo organise anil
IliaiuUin here an enlbuaiaalic circle.
A a tocial reunion a well aa meana of
mental liiipruemenl, the ChauluiUa
circle i par tier Hence) the nioveiiieut of
thetuuea. Following are the rrjuirrd
Kljin in (toll from.. . .I'Jft up
10 up
. G up
5 up
ii riuiiovn id tlm t Mr,
book for t IiIm yuar'a coiiraoi Tlm
1'iwirli HmvuIiiiIoii. Hlmiler MHi-w,
Onlvemlly of CIiii!k'), Mi:ln Iflalory
(fully IllnatraUil), Jain lllc;linl Joy.
(iri'ik I.kii'Ih ami h-Ut, IvUanl
t'aa, I'nlvuraity of (.'hli-ayi Tlm
lliiiiiHii Natorn Club, V. L. Tliornilik",
C'oliiinbla L'lilvntiilfy,
tii k roi iiii Ab ror.
Tlm Iti-iiuMlcan Ar Oolnv To Will
Warm Jul Ilcfoif lliri
Tb r'iibllcana of Orfon have rori"
citlval Km Idea of acirtalnliij( I bin fall
Jut bow ovrwhi'linlriKly they can -riy
Ibn atale for Mi Kliilcy, Itryan aland
Uaten badly In Ongon, right now, It
only ijoMtion of what will the majority
In, The Went m rititfiiiK lor eipaiiMion
ourni iiiuiikv ami irolw.'lion to Ameri
can laUr. and Clackaiuae county la
going to add brr mile In helping to for-
vrr ahi-lve that "hltmlant bltbler
aklla," W, .f. Jiryao, and leach dniii
ocracy that if ah la to cope with lh
rrpiibllcan party hen-afti-r for prrnldi-nt-
al bonora, that aim inimt put Up plat-
forma and candidal that are of high
Una grade admiaaihle lo aound ilitica
In about a we.'k the boyi of thl
county will U-gin lo ginger up a hi tut
and Ix fore November tltli llmre will be
more than one hot limn In tlm old city
and co'Oity. rWnral (fr from
abroad will brotiKbt Into the county
and nuiiii'roiia local lurn will lnj beaid
Iwlora Ilia raiiipalxn I coricbuM,
Thoma II. Toiiku will ! brr Hiitur-
day, October 13. (1. IS. Mini, k, Hon. A
f, Irr-r, lion. Vtt. (,'. lirownell, lion,
(i, F. IUvhi and oIIimii anit in the
rmn Irii I tfl t'Miil. I l.jikM in. nnumi.nl a
have been made fr outalde apeaker '
re to apl-earln Cortland.
A Mliil.ter'a MUtake.
A city miuiater wa rwently banded a
notice lo 1 read from hi pulpit. Ac
companying it waa clipping from
i.ewepaper learmg uuon the matter.
The clergyman alartrd to read the ex'
tract aad found that it began; "Take
Kemp' Ualaam, the beat Cough Core."
Tbi wa hardlv what be bad einertedl
nd. after a moment' beaitation. i., I
turned it over, and found on lb other
Ide the matter Intended for the reading
Fer Kale ,2.M
One lot and two houaew on Monroe
treel lete-n Sixth and Seventh atreela
Oregon City. Ilooae conatantly rented I
at 'i r month each.
DiMicK A F.AriiAH,
Oregon City.
I'atent Record.
"Money to patent good Ideaa may la
aeciinsl by our aid. addre The Tatenl
lleoord, Ilaltimore, Md."
The White Sewing Machine
Wo have one of tho very lient tnacliines mado. We would
liko to fhow their latest lall-lcaring machine. We
have machine"- from 125 up and sell them on install
ments. Needles for all makes of machines.
lnibrellas and Canes
Fine Umbrellas from 11.50 to 10
Canes from 50c. up
Our rnibrellas are guaranteed and if thev do not give
satisfaction wo repair them freo of charge."
Purses. Card Cases
with or without silver mountings from 25c. to $4
We have got in a new lino direct from the factory in tho
e&st. Tho new Finger Purse is one of tho most con
venient for ladies.
Such us Kings, Breastpins, Sleeve Buttons, Chains, Lock
' ets, Stick Pins. We have too many articles to mention.
You can find something suitable for everybody, at any
Sterling Silverware
For tho table Wo carry a complete lino of Spoons, Forks,
Ladles, Knives, both in single pieces and in sets, some B9
low as 50 cents, others 11.00, $1.50, and as high as ll-VOO.
Silver Plate That Wears
Is the only mako wo handle. This is the genuino Rogers
Bros. We have Tea Sets, Cako Stands, Fruit Dishes,
Bread Trays, Butter Dishes, Napkio Rings, Child's Sets,
Salts and Peppers, Knives, Forks and Spoons, etc. Prices
from 2?o to .foHUX).
sum: hkmisk.
t'rjni la Ifimm ll Din 'lurwliiy KuraliiK
of llfurl FuHnr.
I'r. J. J. Ivitt, of M'tlnlla, wn In Ibn
city WliiPlay, ari'l iuithi the In
formailoii of Iim vry imMfti death of
FrmicU M. Ilonwi-ll, a fnrrn-r liylng nar
W'illiolt, Tiifii lay monilnK the (l:ccael
a airanifiiiK no o Can by accoin-
lnml by hi wife, but on account of
rain the tilp una iotporied. About 0
o'c-I'M-k be complained of feeling ome
what III, and I'r, IavIH waa eent for.
liefora the doctor arrived, however, Mr.
I'oawell rie from hi chair and under,
took to walk to lil bed, but dropped
dead on the 0r before reaching it. Ilia
demiae waa attributed to organic trouble
of the heart.
Mr. lioewcll waa 00 year of age, Urn
In Miimourl, rained in Illinoi and came
to Oregon eleven year ago. He waa a
Union ol,iiT, and aerved in Ompany
If, 40th III. Infantry.
For Hale A IMerick hay preM, in
g'Hxl working order, cheap.
C. P. Ci.akk, Clackmna.
(raod (oucrrt.
There will s a grand concert given si
the 1'aptiat church in tin city about
Octotier It). Talent from I'orlland and
Oregon City, Full program publiahed
W, II, Lewia, Lawerenwville, V.
wriu-a, "I am ueing koiol dyapepaia
cure In my practice among aevera rate
of indlgeation and find It an a Jmlrable
remedy," Many hundred of pbyiician
depend upon the ue of kodol dyajx-paia
cure io aioinaclt trouble. It diiceet
i'i tou rai, aim anuwii jou vi rv in
... .
the good food yon need, providing you
do not overload your atomach. Give
instant relief and permanent cure. U.
A. Harding.
Clilhlrrn Should 't htudy at Home.
Notify your child' teacher that no
morektudy will be permitted In your
home, fee to it that your child I al
lowed to come borne from K-hool'wIth
the name eatialactory feeling that the
uian (eel when be come
home: that Ida day' work i done. It
1 over. It I behind him. He i ready
to give hi thought to oilier thing; to
clear hi mind of the day' work; to
calm hia brain for a repealling oight'a
rent to which be finally goe with
thought of other thing than huaioeet.
So rhould it be with the child. Hi
Hi atudie thoiild not be the laat thing
on hia mind. He ahould go lo tleeu
after hour of play and freh air. Then
hi deep will lie quiet and refreshing,
and hi mind, when be awaken, will tie
clear and freed for a new day' itudiea
Edward Iiox. in the October Ladiea'
Home Journal.
have never visited our store, and
They send east or go to Portland
these people how many lines we
Million (lven Away,
It la certainly gratifying to the public
to know of one concern in the land who
are not afraid to be generou to the
needy and aiilfiirlng. The proprietor of
I'r. King' New Iiiacovery for Conaurnp.
tion, Cough and Cold, have given
way over ten million trial bottle of
tliia great medicine ; and bav the eatia-
faction of knowing it hi abaolatvly cured '
thouaand of bopeliia cane. Aetbrna,
lironcblti, Hoaraenea and all diaeam-t
of the Throat, Cheat and Lnng are
turely cored by it. Call on duo. A.
Harding and gist a free trial bottle.
Hegular aiz oOc. and f 1. Kvery bottle
guaranteed, or price refunded.
The beat methol of cleansing (be liver
I the oee of the famou little pill known
a DeWitt'a witch hzt aalve, the liest
known cure for pile, Pewtre of worth
let counterfeit. (. A. Harding.
A Beautiful Complexion I an impoeai
bility without gixxi pure blood, the aort
that only exist in connection with good
dlgeation, a healthy liver und bowel.
Karl' Clover Root Tea act directly on
the bowels, liver and kidney keeping
them in perfect health. Price 2" cl.
tnd V) eta. C. O. Huntley, Druggist.
The Woman' Relief Corp will give
an entertainment and dance at the
Armory on Friday evening, October 12,
1!X). Admission 25 cent, including
"McI.oughJin and Old Oregon" by
Mr, I've, for Rale at Huntley' Book
Store at 1 15. I'ubliahen price,
The latest rtyle in millinery. Trice
the best Mis Goldsmith.
No other pills can equal DeWitt'a little
early riser for prompt ne,certainty and
efficiency. G. A. Hardimg.
The Enterprise $1 .50 per year.
It Happened In a Drug $trf. T
"One day lat winter a Isdy came to
my drug store and asked for a brand of
cough medicine that I did not have in
stock," say Mr, C. R. Grandin, the
popular druggiat of Optario. N. Y. "She
was dia pointed and wanted to know
what cough preparation I could recom
mend. I aid to her, that I could recom
mend CbamlierUin'a cough remedy and
that the could take a bottle of .the remedy
aid after giving it a fair trial if abe did
not find it worth the money to bring
back the bottle and I would refund the
price paid. In the course of a day or
two the lady came back in company
with a friend in need of a cough medi
cine and adviaed her to buy a bottle of
Chamberlain' cough remedy. I con
idcr that a very good recommendation
for the remedy." It ia for le by G. A.
China Souvenir Ware
We import this ware in large quantities direct from Ger
many. Can furnish it in six different Oregon City scenes
and have a big assortment of cups, plates, creamers, etc.
Photographic Materials
Complete line of Eastman Kodacs, Premo, Poco, Cyclone
and several other mokes of Cameras from 1.00 to $35.00.
In materials you do not find any shop-worn goods.
Kimball Organs
Are too well known to advertise. We just want to tell
you that we have them from $G0 to $150 and sell them on
installments. Every instrument guaranteed for five years.
Gold Pens and
Parker Fountain Pens
The Pen with the Lucky Curve is the one you want.
There is nothing better mado in this line. From $2.00 to
$fi.OO. Other pens from $1.00 to $3.00.
have a great many articles besides these we
mention, and are receiving lots of new goods
every week. We are preparing for the largest
holiday trade this season since we have been ia
business. ,
The Excitement Mot Over.
The ruah at the drug More (till con
tinue and daily ncore of people call for
a bottle of Kemp' I!n1narn for the Throat
nd Lung for the Throat and Lunn for
the cure of Cougha, Cold, Aathma,
Hroncbiti and Consumption. Kiuip'
lialaarn, the standard family rime ly, ia
aoM on a guarantee and never fuii to
give entire aatiafaction. Trice Zc and
how in roi'ii wife,
Ha he loet tier beauty? If ao, Con
tipation, Indigestion, Hick Headache
re the principal cause. Karl' f i.,n,r
Koot Tea ha cured these ill for hall a
century. Trice 25 t-U. and 50 eta,
Money refunded if result are not satis
factory. C. U. Hnntley, Druggist.
Money to loan
IIkooi & GmrriTii.
at lowest rate.
Hat at lowest price, and sty It a the
beat. Mia Goldsmith,
Thia i the season when mother are
alarmed on account of croup. I,t i
qoickly cored by one minute coogh cure,
which children like to take, G. A. Hard
ing. For Yoang Men and Toong Women.
There ia nothing that will arouse the
ire of a young man or woman ao quick aa
to have inferior laundry work put off on
them. They may dres ever o well,
but if their ihirt front or shirt waist ia
musey their neat appearance ia spoiled.
The Troy laundry makes a specialty of
ladies' and gentlemen 'a fine work.
There can be no better work than i
done at the Troy. Leave your orders at
Johnson's barber shop.
Book covers free at Charm an and Co.
cut rate drug (tore.
Ely's Cream Balm
Eaay and p)aunt to
a. i. C.MitAiLa no in
Juriooa Sruc.
Ii ta q'ikk.ahnrNM!.
Girea kaiwf at once.
It i ,i , -i
llaklt and Frouria th Membrao. Reton th
pneof Tut and Kmeil. Ltrg Soe, u crsli at
Driijijina or by mail; Trial Bin, Kent bi mail.
. tLx BEOlttiia, 64 Wama Stmt. 'w York.
i Dr. Williams' Indian Pita
(W I I L Niliottne..! will cure H.lud.
I Mil rvBleetlin and Ilclilug
Jl I I ivi'llea. liatMorilbiimnr,
auaya an iu.-niuit ai once, acta
ja a Douiti. e. nvti Instant re
lief. Dr. Wil.iamV Indian Pil Oint
ment ia Drenared for Pi les and Itch-
In of ihe private parts, f.rcry box la
warrante-l. liy dniygi-uv by malt on ro-
clpt nf nnrr io eeata auj Sl.uu.' WILL Hat J
MANUFACTURING CO.. mp. t'leireland. otifc
others who have
for a great many
handle and give