Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, September 14, 1900, Page 5, Image 5

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Oregon City Enterprise!
r r r r r !'' mr er r m w
trMirK 'l -l.
fix Caki; Kastiih It ah wat Cohi-ant
( Colli ll M.)
7:1m A. M.
V 3
l) 45
1 1: V
11 11 r. m.
I 41
3 'J
4.. 1
4 41
"5 1 .
ia only to
7 "S A. M.
I) ft
II iU P, M.
1 .11
6 m
7 ...$
7 V
8m onl
U.yi only to
IM I MllwaUklt
Cincr Hi him Visit Chief Mi hem
Clirrrr. i'l U' 'i ii'li', paid TrlUof
Imi'iovotl (Ifilrr ol 1(I Men, No. ol
tin riiy Internal vill Tuly night.
Tlie I '''' iiv" splendid I-oui, ;
, k Taunt Put- 1 ! production
(lis Inline Ulnlll lllllf1P a tiding f'
r4ik'" l by "vnil young lalm ol (Ma
nlr. ll will I k 1 strictly ancret until i
till) Ut III lt Vllrl)r- U advrtiit. !
Kll'tIAHTIM Hi ll'll.. Mim Vara
('ndrl.l pinl Mim Ann Ntdgr will
rl.h''lt III lOndUctlllg killdarten achool
lluilllg III illtrr IIHIIIlll at til
liuiii Id l"riiu'f. I da m liliil olll
(; ii MuiiiUy, Kpte itilr, 17.
.Sen Jmrv TtAi at Tli (
pHlitiiietit of Ml Jane II. I. nulling, j
l.y lirT lather, A Kiel Luelliliir, a 1
Kputy County Trramirr, meet wlthj
Ip-tirral approval. Ml l.arlllng villi 1
fill lli vi m r rUM y the uVihIm ol
tho lata Jaiuh M.ade.
Ni Covvo Wniknirn are plar-
In In a new ronvrtor In conduct ' wl.eat
In. in llm Iriirtlainl V uiiriiitf Mil a Coin.
limy a warriiuu io ti.rif mill, in
o i ronvrrur nan iicru in umi mr tivef irn
yi-ara. iy nieanam ll lug augrr, ial
! ruiuturliM a iliaunr ol over tvifl leel
tin nr roumi
Not often does a price reduction by one firm effect every family in the
county. But wo reduce today tho price of all School Books (excepting Reed's
Word Lessons, Barnes's Brief History and Brooks Mental) from 10 per cent to
20 per cont. As nearly everybody knows, the American Book Co. has a con
tract with tho State of Oregon to furnish school books at certain prices. These
contract prices are what you have always paid for school books during the
past 8 years and are tho prices that will be paid all over Oregon this year, ex
cept in two other cities.
Wo shall sell all books and school supplies at the New York list prices
which run from 20 por cent to 10 per cent lower than state contract prices, and
with every new book wo give free a Perfection Book Cover.
Wo havo over $1000 worth of hcIiooI book in stock now every book that will bo used in Clackamas County. We have an
i'iially laro Hto k of School SujlieHf Ink, Penciln, Perm, Tablets, Note Rooka, Scholars Companions, R. R. Erasers, Chalk, Crayons all
tho nclnxl r)M iioct'HxiticH. In other word wo are HEADQUARTERS and if you buy here you know you will get the lowest possible
c. kikJ weather ti!l inui lit !
I p-ariirriiitf nl all cr a tlv ar trrt
; from molj ami III !anirf nf lir la pal.
1 l'irklti atlll ronlliiut nirgi'tirally in
id lar yanl. lnlo arvaral ol llm
mallrf livid hay (IiiWikI. Hie lio,.a
Uing Ulml ami lr.ly lor inaikrl.
Tli iiji!irt .rli i. X't -al ! Ill Clark
maa Coiiniy (or Imp la l:",' rrnta r
iuiti, Tlil rontiai l a mail jmr-r-tUy
iH-tarrii C. I.. Wolf anil I. I.. Clark
IHlUrr TaIK. Tli llrlll.irllt
lii roll will t imiIiIiIiI iiii limn
I . . t . A. I ft. .1 lftl.a. I I
utirinii i m nil ar. ill iirrMfin iiit ft.!Miiii 11 j .Hi nr. tin ifirr iu nti-
yii'tfaia iMH ii.i.i'u. viiiru Mirfill ; Vain .Mf.l. n(.iiin v tara tpih
( Mka I nnka ill Ih Iik ih kiI IiV kiOiO'ir im.uihI nn HV hit D'rklnif tiloricy
t - .i v
Irfiirfi tlm lifniwrl V ill Taira ran I ml In i.v an ail. lit onal liln rrnta ifr
lil I mi IhiIiI on it. titt.K-rlv roiitainnl
l'i ilia ilrlliuiiiriit lil atiil iauurtila am
Irinn inaili ilailv.
Piii Not Om.AMr -lat SIiiiiIt
n .-hi m tlm ilalr t lor Ilia oiir.inia.
(inn l ilrinm rtlr iinli in tin i llv
(ni Kulirlt A. SI lllpf. tlm rlili.I iirniiiix
til ol dm i lull, aa luliiiiioiicJ lu Jack
a.iiiilp Satiliilajr inniiiii j to alli'lul I.I
a.'r.l la'lmr at dial l'i"1, vidola Ivliirf
-f H .ti ! r III. (Ill tin an oil li I llmnnl.
lug hjIoiii until lifxt hatunlay
(ita a Ta. I.at rrnlay aftpnuain
Mr i. W. Oram iitrrUilirt a li-w
lr fi.di t a t,a party kivpii at lit r homo
on N i ni h atrt'ol. Tlm room wnto artia
lirally iioorylc with liiMilrlil air lorn
ii'l i1 N',liil tlm tahlf i'
Iavilim th ilalnly rnlrvatiinriita. All
iroiiniiiirml It a avvlal aorcraa, riiorni
I'riaciit nr: Mr. A. J. Monltmumy,
Mm. Dnir. .Mia. Kll William, Mr.
Mioniifr, Taiimm; MIm (ii-rtrmlo 8olr,
Tmoiim; Mra. (iimjih lluwar.1, !.!
l.iim; Mr. (I. W. drat.
Hop Crop Safe.
Ui'Hirl from all ovir tlm county liuli
inlii that the rrccnt raina diil no tlamiiK
liiivr to hop troiMi, Another wwk
tKiiiiiil hrn tlm crop ia hrvrti..
A rhaltrl ir.orlcaira aa plrel on ti e
Imp nop ol l Toy yrlniilay bf John
II WocxUanl. lor tlm aum ol t'.'VX).
FuraUhr 4 Firry Wrrk by the ( Urka
ma Abtrart k TriM ( emtiany.
4 V)
Thr l-anr Tliat Had no Tarnlnir.
Mine ailvniiiiirlnit Into K.'ypl In 'irt
ol the raw material of hleh fiction U
ma'le, Mr. (iillwrl I'arkrr'a Cana.lian
fletila have t-n lyinx fallow, lie ie
t un to tlmm, howiivrr, lth new tlKor,
ainl evrn lullrr tniwrr; ami the atrial
t.li li he haa ut Completed f! ml him
at llm liiiihiMt dramatic lerel to which
Irnha yet allainrl.
The I.an lhat Had No Turnini. Ia re
markahle (or It honent alrrimth,
lh'ir(iuth originality, ami ahwrhini.
lnlret. The acne o( the atory ia
I'ontlac (whither Valinnnd came), ami
tho perl'xl the inhMie (l(tira. The lead
line character are Madelinette, a (amoua
liiLrr. and her liuhand. Selitnior (
i. .i . - ...i -i.. .i-. ... .it ...i i
ronuac, uir mimii nn nir nii.t
rink all. The ttory Klna llerat a It
progrt'e and concludi with a ttriklnK
and wholly unri petted llnaln.
Tho Lane lhat Had No Turninit will
lnKin in the Saturday Evening l'oal lor
SepUimlwr S.D, aud runMhrouth flvo
nu in beta.
J (ierlwr to () I) Kohblna, 4 a in
2 a. 2 e
M II KichhoiT lo J Zk, blk 3,
K Ford to A K Ford. 14 KS a ec
2 . 1
J Tlioina lo J N Itrauihall, 44 a
arc 3:', I 5 e
O H Murray to aame, re of lie and
ne of ae of aame arc
(J K 1 1 on ton to I (J DvnlUin, tract
C, Clai kaiuaa Kiveraide
Win I.lvinpiione lo M (ilitk, tract
In aec 3. i a, 3
Hokane K T Co to W K Ispicer,
ilii-fai lliill of truat deed.
J C WrKterg.nl to M A I -a men, 2 a
wc 32. I a, 2 e
N Stephen lo C A I line, 14 a c
ID. 30. 3 i, 1 wr
Mi.'cie llohna to W Hohna, a of w
ol n w ol aec 2, 2 a, 3 e .decree
I'atfnt Kcrord.
"MoDey to patent good ideaa may be
wcu red hr our aid. address The TateDt
M'wy of a Slare.
To b Wind hand and foot for yeara
by the chain of diaeaM ia the wotnt form
of alavery. (ieorve D. Wllliama, ol j Hecord, Baltimore, Md
aiam iiMier, .Mien, leua nowiucn a nave
wi made Iree. He aay: "My wife
ha been ao tielpletta for five year that
he could not turn over in bed alone.
After u.injj two bottlei of Klrctric Bit terg.
aim ia wonderfully improved and able to
do her own work." This supreme
remedy for female dieae quickly cure
liervuimneim, alceplemiieM,
headai he, bai kache, fainting and dixzy
apella. This miracle working medicine
iat godnend to weak, sickly, run down
people. Kvery bo'.tle guarantee.1. Only
50 cenU. Sold by Geo. A. Harding
SHAW'S IT UK MALT.-rerfect as
a beveratre or medicine. It prevents
chills and tones up the system. It exhil
arates and does not poison. Sold by E.
Mattiiiks, Oregon City, Ore.
Has turned with disgust from an
otherwise, lovable girl with an offensive
breath. Karl's Clover Root Tea purifies
the breath by its action on the bowels,
etc., as nothing else will. Sold for years
on absolute guarautce. Trice -25 cts.
melancholy J and 50 eta. C. U. Huntley the Druggists.
Dr. William' Ind'anPtlo
i Dtrntni will cure Ulltid,
HlccUitur atul ItcLiui
Pllr. Iiatortit.etumcr
u) ttie iichiuK at once, acts
a ruuit-e Kite Inntant r-
liel. Dr. U )i.Uia;' ln.lian J'llt Cut
in' ni lnrvDarrl (or I'limand lu h-
Int; of iha pr'n purt. Errry loi l
varranie I. Hr druri-K. by oiail on ri-
eHpt of nru-r in t-n. ami f I.IM. WILLIIKS
IkUflCTURIkG CO.. i'rop. teUnU, UUio-
RII cs
TRUST CO. are the owner of the copy
right lo the Thome system of abstract
indexes, for Clackamas county, and have
the only complete set of abstracts in the
County, can furnish Information as to
itle to land at once, on application.
Loans, Investments, real estate, abstract!
etc. OHUe over Bank of I re Hon City.
Call and inveiitiKate. Address box 377
Oregon City, Oregon.
Money to loan
llxixis A (iHirriTit.
at lowest rates.
Wed. linn stationery, the latest styles
and fluent assortment ever brought to
Oregon City at the Kktkkpkisi
In tbeSeptfinber number of the Review
of Review will be found a comprehensive
treatment of the ' imperialism" issue,
with particular reference to Mr. Bryan's
Indianapolis speech. The editor' re
view of Mr. Bryan's Philippine proposi
tions will be lead with interest, alike by
the adherents and opponents of the dem
ocratic candidate's policy.
Il will surprise you to experience the
benefit obtained by using the dainty and
famous little pills known as DeWitl's
Little Eaily RiMera. Geo. A. Harding
The Enterprise gets the news. Get
he Enterprise.
For Sale A Wheelock grand square
piano an A No. 1 instrument. Must lie
sold cheap. W. L. Block, the Home
Through the Vellowt"ne.
The new route via the Oregon Short
Line Railroad and MoniJa. Montana,
enables you to make a delightful trip
throunn the Yellowsone National Park,
entering via MoniJa and coming out via
Cinnabar, making it unnecessary to
cover any portion of the route twice.
For beautiful descriptive booklet, write
or call at Oregon Short Line Ticket
OlDce, 142 Third street, Portland, Or.
Strayed from my placeat Mount Pleas
ant, about July 1, one black Jersey
heifer, about 17 months old. Liberal
reward offered lor information leading to
recovery of said animal.
E. E. Kkllooo.
Oregon City.
For Tonus: Xrn and lonng yfomci.
There is nothing that will arouse the
ire of a young nran or woman so Quick as
to have inferior laundry work put off on
them. They may dress ever bo well,
but if their shirt front or shirt waist ia
mussy their neat appearance is spoiled.
The Troy laundry makes a specialty of
ladies' and gentlemen'a fine work.
There can be no better work than is
done at the Trov. Leave your orders at
Johnson's barber shop.
Harding Block,
Oregon City,
Telephone 313.
3 20
1 Bbl. Dimond Hood Wheat Flour
for 5 bbL lots.
15 cents
4 pound pkg. pyramid Wash
25 cents
7 pkg. 1776 washing powder.
55 cents
10 pound box crackers
15 cents
Arbuckle or Lion Coffee.
25 cents
3 cans of milk or cream.
30 bars Lenox soap.
and l'orllaaul.
Kodaks, Cameras and Photographic Materials.
Wo havo only had this lino a very short time and all the instruments and supplies wo handle are the very latest (not
shop wornK rocPivod our stock of Films, Tapers and Developers direct from the Eastman Company Factory.
Our Kodaks and Cameras are of the very latest make. Seo the many now improvements some of them have.
Wo carry all of Eastman's goods, tho Premo, Toco, Cyclone, Eureka, and can furnish you any instrument made on short
notice and give instructions freo to every purchaser.
We have ono of tho finest dark rooms fitted up for the use of our customers.
ny yiyyui ly iji'iy y? "VV -V""ty"VVV-V"'