Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, September 14, 1900, Page 4, Image 4

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Oregon City Enterprise.
City and Connt Official Paper.
John Matioii. . . .
William k I r v i t) .
lio.al SplagUe .
Publltthed Every Friday.
L. I. PORTER, Fanrairros.
.11 00
. 1 00
Tiik per capita circulation of money In
Ont year
Bn month
TnaJ ubcrtptlon two month 23 ; n,;, ,.0trT on Sepl.mer 1, wa .M.S.I
A discount or .v mil on an (uiwcnpiioni
or on vrar, 2A mil (or n months, II
paid in a.lvanc.
Advrnting rale given on application.
Buberriher mill find tha dat of expira
tion stamped on tbrir paper following
their nam. II lh! dale u nol changrd
within two week artrr a payment, kindly
notify ni ami w will look aitrr iu
ground, and (It (lie .nrfiue, lliorr .y
concrrvce tha itiolaturt) o iiectMary to
plant growth, a nothing elm. ran. I( a
treaty of peace, but now proleat against crop ! grown, aa la iually tli caae, -
wi II it ii. I Milwauki road.
V I' kirchem, road lund .
T Wailn
Jacob Mi'iiiilcr
( N Tta.cy
A.lolph Houston
K.ll saalr
li lUnwii
I 'an. I S, III'!!
tu cultivator or uim narrow aliouM ! I'lmrN a Jolumoii
Ireely uhI
on wlilrh oala, or other grain liaa been
who art unwilling to accept iti cN'ar con
aequencr, a there are those among u
who advocated the ralillration of Ilia
lla offiligation, Nalloni which go to ' Utora are tha beat crop to I followed by
war must W prepared to accept lla re- j wheat, anil the neat beat I com.
(iillant obligations, and when they make i Tim corn la uiiallr put Into altm-k 12
treatiea must keep them. Excerpt from hill iquar, ami 1( proper ran ami cub
7 (Hi! I! S Calkin ..
l) fxl I mmkwi' Srrlry . .
7 Mi lliiii ll-r
Ira Mr! Viini'll ,
H32 :i Jame M.Cowiell . . . ,
Koad.li.t.ict No. l-l aU.r on Crla. " m V',"'
i .Mill II , Ugl. IHR.
let ! I'.'ier H-oa, grii fund .
I ( i.aaer inoa, iiiinoor
() M
.1 (
10 AO
11 71
tl 7.1
I m
4 it)
3 HO
I ft' i
H 40
McKlnlcy'a acceptance peech.
the greaieet in It history. No wonder
tivatiou ha lxHn given the aoll it la read
forth iiraln ill ill. Kr heavy clajr aoll
Toprrpare tiitihle groiuul , ' , ,M'. ,,
Jake M-lillHn-.
CliarliHi lull
lli'iiry liahli-r.
i, i i iuiii iniiiii, rM'iimi i
y tm Unit Jari r, grn liiii'l.
? M
Inlal iwi V' i
lal iliitrli t Nor 31
J.a M ill, rwrt'l lull. I
ti ii ;ti V. l.lp.
It Mi K.I Hrtt.li.rl
'J ': II Tt.Mnl.aUi
fl IX) 1 1 Kr.
V (Ml
It 00
U 00
tntrJ at th p.ioBic in I'rrfon City,
Or., as ixvond claw matter.
Bearer Creek..
ililwaukie .....
Vnion Mill...
iieaJow Brook.
New Era
Caru . ...
Bail nil
ax I'rrek....
I . .1 I II J
maipryan mu-neno learn u.e neui 'rv-wn. re.j re n,or laW ami eh'ne,
nnanra ami l.are tn lpia lorget a .0 lor p.kI smunJ, rnhuh .ho.ihl rliiotNT
.lire pml lot ion he n.a.le four yeara ao ,,j H, t,Mf ,( '"' "
in the event of M.Kintey'a election, j 1llKm ,M,,0W ,0 foOWri, J(kU ,. J ffi.JVTkui "
Pryan livea In the future and wanta to i ld Utn)m ,ml folpf w)1,n , , . Y
mt the people from the niething that ; tllll, tont oxrfi ,)(M (h Ufom i(u,
will hapr'n unlen he govern the 1 nlWt ,houlJ rontinUlv t(,rv fw
people. Ilia prelik-e aa a prophet l not j j,v ulliI g 10roiwllly Rnf,
ami coinpa.lol.
JO .'a
Y 00
r n
V4 7.1
lit 71
: io
II 71
H .' i
. lr. T. B. Thoma i
Geo. Kniichl I
A. Malner
..IVwar iMitiirrr
.O. J. Tnillmter
on the riie.
Wiiix a man runa for ctfio every
little mean trick he ever li.l cotuea to
M rron Hal.lcr . .
NoHol-r whowilUv.il hiuel( of tl. j j t- Klr
lik-ht ami i plce.nefor the ave. of lt UcX' liolJ that theia wa. IVfr Viian
.... ' . ; .. -ii!.-..- i. n:. . , I I'aU.U l..nrr.
pal.lic, an.! Kme
,nj any alliance between our auMiera and
(ill rmli.T.
ia. Hoiman 'iwi'Ie too can't tillifranJ he iW him !,n" ,nur't'nl, 0,1 ,n.T promiae of , 1 darir. I Inim
,V. f. Nelcrrr I . ... . .......... . : iiitli'lH'tiilriui. a aa mi,U In llim I ......
Henrr Miler "ou;d I oui lei luni Oie, no matter lio
: mean he haa been, the puhlic anJ the ! brl" lr,,rr hJ Manila they
.V.'.'.tVt.'HoJarJ ipreaa will hunt np all the good qualiliea r'",o!v, th1 coiumaml,.r ol the
;;;.Vnn1;iuKlhw po anJ .oM them UpiAw"'B navy wouM give them arma
... E. M. Hart man ! ,. , With which to (Mil the tinaniah arm
u i.ntiirM I wiutv mo rjn u mt it-oi'ip, owiiijuk i r -
.'.ll.nrt ; A. Snr.ler everT Lin, wnat kinj , olJ
. ii. n i.orrn
reprobate he may have teen.
.J. C. Kilioti
F. O.vurh
Ceo. J. Curnn
..Sin. M. J. Hammer
Adolpb A-cbod
alflTThe way la billd ap Oregai City
H ta give Orrgaa fltj People year
For Preniitnt.
ol Ohio.
For VW-Prei.JTit.
ol York.
For Preirntil Elector.
Tilwax Fod Marion County
J. C. Fi'lliktos lKjuelai CoUBlV
W.J. Frtxim I'aiatuia County
O. F. I'iXTos Mullnoniali Couniy
Th horselew carriaue ia Hill a novelty,
but fixxiie?s eatine ia yet to I discovered.
Fivt years aro we were aelling govern
ment boad hearing aa hih a 5 per cent
interest. Now we are redeeming them
with a bond at par bearing 2 per cent in- j tiria tn,t ,n'T ahoulJ have In.lepen
Wreet. We are aelling our aurplu pro- j J"lf- To auch let me repeat the facta,
ducti and lending our aurplua money lo j n ll,e I8-. Admiral IVw.
they would later turn upon u. which
they did, murdrroualy and without ahow
of cause or justitkation, There ara Ihuae
without the meana of full information
who believe that we were inailiaoca with
the !nurgenti, and that wa aured
Europe. One result of our elling to oth
er nations ao macb more than we have
bonght from them duiicg the pat Uirra
yeara ia a radical improvement in our
financial relations. Excerpt from Mc
Kinley'a acceptance eech.
WitiDcx ia better than richea that is
if it ia onr own wisdom and other
people's riches.
A tviling man, whom thedrnmmers
of thia atate have clarified a a iVmo
crat with McKinley leaning, wa in Ore
gon City lately. He has been on a aevr rl
month' vacation and haa traveled from
ey w instructed by me to make no alli
ance with any tarty or faction in the
Philippine that would incur liability to
maintain their cauea in the future, and
he replied under date of June 0, IS'.M:
"Have acted according to spirit uf de
partments instruction from the begin
ning, and I hare entered into no alliance
with the insurgent or with any fjctiun.
Thia iquadrun can reduce the defense of
Manila at any moment, but it i ronid
ered uelee until the arrival of uf!lcirnt
Kulla K-.f.l .
Tom hinlih
V. A Nnilili
11 Ml lllci! lUt.lolf
4 .VI j
IM Total ts 71
liuil.r 0.3 In the mailer ( claim II led h,'lnt
" CI m k a in cum y , the Imaul haVH'g r-
Total lit' to i amliinil ail . lalina and being a.. Iwl, II
I almr on Springaater and Milaaukl J U nfderr-l by Ilia IhmU'I Ii , ! ts
r,ia.l. I hall luiin Warrant on the gelirral lull. I
S alter Micprd, t.l fund ... .M 4) ill lavor ol II. rii ami lr II.
J Tra.'.'y M w amount herelnalter WilUnln ,.
I (. I law lev 17 70 inriil .! aald claim :
I 00 I
II oo
?i to
In to
"i Tliat t'ic morning rail irf Chantli leer,
)! ' , If a wrlr.mi i rv to a well man. Hut
till luiilali.Milirti
M-rttia to lia.e lrn
, , l.illv an wntrltrJitng
1'istiiior; who wakr
Willi hurtling etc.
Jf ; tlifohUi.K hra.1. and
'',4, , a l. taiic in the
' " niouth, II meana
1 n!y a nrw ilay'a
11-UU.r ou tl.el in mm h a i.hvttcal
condition hralth U
t- i inott utlv and
I to iltlv rTt.tr. by
1 OA !,( uar ..I UL4
- - j I'lefiVal liililn Mr.
Tulal ., ft M , Iiorry It
I rurra diaraar i,( the
- i. i
i ft III a""1 11 mm' f kii
lin William, NM.iir'a
J l Toiler
V I". Kamaby
II M It Hlil..ara.in, leaiiii.r'.'W
J W Oray " '
Htalaof Hregoii ta J ,,lf''
.'I '
T 1 1 JnlUfU'l, I
I tll'aul Ji.ln.tinl, ruiialahln.
Kdw lumleiliark, Witne
i: n Hiiu.ii ' '
Marion K IvMiI..,, wiine f
Nate y Mr. Ilnu. tU,
aim, ilUtrli l No. H ' ""
r ii I'uiigan, j p
K II I'llimatl, elri tlmi 1(1
Itlaa A I'tllill.
i )
. :m ,
so Oc
'll-tri. I
13 4)
i lu
11 70
riank "ilMiii....
rred Shlieiilcr .
deorge Trotter. . . ,
II A lien gt run
Carl lU-iigtniu
K Neakl.k
K W Foa'rr
O ) Koli.,m . . ..
T.-lal ..... ..
Road itmttn l No
rit.-r and UnKlii.g bridge r.li
K II TaU.r
I. II Feaater
F W llAk,r
I.aU.r on the Candy road.
I. II T.I .... I f I
HenrvJorhiik .WW" .".'i.'.". 4 to J'tf-fm and nu-
F An.'l;ewa 4 M trl.m r, l It ru.r
X Thorn 3 U 1 '
II Matl.n a l.l '' ' '"f
I..n..!..v ASm. gen fund 11 W . ,urk'; ."'''".' .
W to-.n A CM-ke 1 ' ",c"
' origin in a dirar.l rorwlitioa of th
. . , . ,
Total 13
tng g'.ain!, and rrry
I 1 I
wiaa ,n rMi,ii,Ml,( .(iji1ip,.. u' r
r.iiirler-llerald, priming J
Matey. I'M (Iratton, J p ,itil, v
4 '
J W M. Ai.ully, Jr. . . .
U K lliim. o.n.ial.le !..
tl V. Joaeph. llnl lnr, j 'p 'd ,,,
J W McAimliy, I ii i ,
II M M.MHlv.tHin.tahtai Mai
tir'r.NV 4 j,,,m ,,ul1"' k' ' f
J V M. Aiiulla, J p a ,
.... ,,M.iaiin q ,m
K A homiiier, in ml eiaiuOialMn rti
Marry Milnley, aline)
Win I'yrr. " "
Jolitl Yanllilien, a It nn
W A ll'.liu., pauper ac ...
Ii.m Hatnarl'au li.Mt.ltal
S (U.alali.l, M liiaii biij.i , '''
Water C llliilaiii
W F. Cai.l. r Ja-tir Hull.. k iM
aane , , . , ,
I Hrlilntf, (.iiK.f ae
W II V-.ung. C II a.- .,
J J Cia.ke, l. nl prlaniier
Kiitetpriati printing
" aialuuieiy
I' Nvhreii, C II ac.
W l ('oiinaell, road enginerr
T It llankina, heflfl r
J J Cooke, cr aaaeaiii'l ,
Ina M Chaae, alienrfac.
Kll.el Caiinel l "
J I? Itiallry, C II ae WW.
W A Huntley, taiiotiety .
(Coiillnt. hell Wark )
Tha Fhlarpriae to pr yoar.
5 ft)
7q 14
1 (0
It 11
i T
71 (A
1 ')
4 CO
ll w
19 U)
7 to
, . i .. ...
,, , ,. ,. I ' nu.rinim. II innr in atlliy
1. . . .1 .ll.lt... 1 sn.fl 1 .1 It. ...... -!.. ... .. . '
............... v, , .M-..iU..i. . ,K ,Me M,,i.makti
rgau ia l-nrlile. In (ha Iraultmg In
rrrii'nte, trank li'i'litioli, loreman.
.Nrw Fra uitru t
Frank ttlrnnun, rNd fund
J It Cole
WJ McCord
ti ll. Ol
"Iwl.Irli llnlual IHmrry" Contain
no alcuhol aial la rntlrrly ftre froto
I oO o)iuin, rixaine and Hlirr narcotic.
V f 'l.l trB M,1u. t..,t I),
Ca'arTk km,lr a .4 t'" 1
WncSI l. " viilra 1 r. 1 l"..,unl A "..
ol VbOa :i.h, ia. a, I iu 1
a'-- mmi M.n. rr.lira r . 4 I
..!. il.fro. ba I cMiuaal fll ol
anMtT I f-rm ll ill a maa Aa hm ,
la ! ul m. lk4 liiittn i a .1 cala.ik 1
fm:4 Hi n.. U'Uf Ih.a ... uta 0..lm,al .4 1
I a V tim I ! I.U M.4k laa a' all 1
l(ni ia I Ma i:,m .4 liaaaa
The Cmnn Srnae Mntli 1 A. Mart,
chh hi mil rig, arnt frr l.y the aullw,
on recnpl ui i one rut atimj, Mr
ri).iar o( n ailing ! In paprr rovrt
Jl olK.rnl a(ai(l! Addltae Ir. K. V.
l'lrrre. l ullal.i, N. V.
Caiirini.il diatrict
Frank (ilennon, r..ail fund.
W J Mdoid
John Crlnarr
John Cradrr ....
Kotuf ditru t No. Irl
TW lilanchard, roai lund...
F Cl.it.n
Ed r.ralll
J I. M.tl a k
What thia coantry moat needa is
more noise from the hammer and saw
and less from the politician.
Ax inebriate was heard to say, the
other day. that he drank to drown his
troubles. They must be in his stomach.
the lakea to the Gulf and from Pan Fran-j United State forcea to retain poaars
clsco to New York City, and everywhere sion." In the report of the fitat Philip
he has found the most prosperous condi- pine commission, uhinittsl on Novem
tions he ever knew If anything other ber 2, IS'U. Admiral IVwey.oneof the
than office-seeking or a pull of aome kind j meinbeM, laid: 'No alliance of any
i . . i . ,. . . . .
can muuee a man 10 warn me aumiMra-1 kind was entered nto with Airtiinal.tn :
tion chauirrd. he ha faileil loiliarnvnr it I ... - . . - i ... i .r !'r ''
,iuunrv ui iu.ii ien.irn( e . J y I'ruga
" . made to him at an v time." Exiert.i T V :ian. hard
Tiieii is scarcely a business man who . .. .....
i from Jlckinlev'a arrenlanra iiimi.I.
mrmm in , I. - r. l.r m a- r.f ......I . . ! I I
a . in? ci'juiucni ui uiiAiriaiB in
come, or no man w ho was a mechanic or
; laboring man who did not feel the disas-
terous effect of democratic rule from
1&I3 to 1$!. If this claxi ofcitizena
realized today that the return to that I Thomas Iieehe...
i James rraglea
112 75 j
14 to''
. V
. 1 to
. 1 &0
.11 Ul
A CLOE obeerving editor says that short
akirtg do not necessarily make a wo
man look shorter, but they almost al
ways make the men look longer.
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' ()
ti M)
ti in
0 00
lo :)
10 11
:t iw
1 hi
7 ;a
Ii iO
: b . J r T
i I
. I
in every town
.unl vill.t-'c
may lc h.iil
th it m.tkes your
1 to
F I'.riirga
J Unl
J Cradrr
VV Critraef . , .
C lU-amer H n.)
I l .iiiiiiiirrlii lJ ;i i.i
ii (irllirick ..
i I'.laiichard.
I II lingle
II A tit hour
.4k. JC. A .
A . .a. A i. jo. a a 4. A. AA Jk.
, i.i I .i:t. .. . .. i . .
same democrat rule is almost sure to (Clii a; 1;:;.' .WW Z 1 N-lrV l" h Z ' ' '
Total las ;i
Road district No,
plunge them into the same troublous j " A Mcinig..
times there would be no apathy nor
poesibiliiy of Bryan'a aaccesa. The
great difficulty is in convincing contented j wV s'lngfe ,UnJ '
men that there ia a possibility of danger ; r K Miangle..
ahead. Everybody realize that in 18K2
the same difficulty arose, and the result
was four yeara of democratic diaaster.
1 '.'."il Wil.on Cooke..
0 (SI
.1 ( o
7 .o
7 to ;
4 lo
Just Received
l'J7 10 4
It is said that trusts will be the para
mount issue in Missouri. The demo
cratic party ia fortunate enough this year
t) Lave paramount issues sufficient to
give one to each state. Chicago Record. ' 'our 'ear of Jr(1 timeB. which
j felt by every man in the country,
If there could be a proper duty levied
on all the wool that Bryan ia now trying
to pull over the people's eyes, the out
come would pay all the expenses of this
Combinations of capital which control
the market in commodities necessary to
the general use of the people by auppress-
government and soon add a big eurplua lntf natural and ordinary competition,
(' P H are, gen fund
I!en Morrow
W K Shangle
Peter Stone
W Strachen
F K Shangle
J H Wewer
I I l: . . ... i
lioao uiairici o. 11 I j
f II 00 j J W Iirap. r.roa.1 fund I 1 M I S
ii" i ii r.orii I ;) ,v
o i 'i.ni.'i
0 i) Thoina lvi Is.
4 .V) Frank liuenther
'A (X) ' Win Im'iimji) A Son, gen fund
1 to I J ti Cumins
1 -01 ' "
10 00 Total
A IH'W lillf of l;l.ii.'rt t hliirln,
la.lii-H fancy n.orcl uiuliTxkirU.
Honicry for " ladies ami chilil
ri'ti, ami lac. nirtaitn from l"
nts a pair upwanl.
20 to
to the U. S. treasury.
Hekb is a combination, which when
tied together in the bonds of political
and anarchistic friendship, produces a
boquet of most beautiful office-seeking
posies; '
Bryan Adlia, Aguinaldo and Anti-
The American voter will say B A-A-A !
Whex a person takes a view of the
jTanfias City platform worthy of the in
telligent atmosphere of the grand old
atate of Oregon, it settles itself down to
"Pull down the flag.
Rip the credit of the country up the
Get a bugaboo and call it imperialism.
Then stuff the people full of chaff."
Tub Vermont election shows that the i
republicans are more thau holding their
own and as an index is very favorable to
the republican cause. In 18W5 the repub
licans cast 80 per cent of tha entire vote.
In 18D8. at the election for governor, the
vote was 71 per cent of the vote cant,
while at the election just held for state
officers the republicans cabt 74 per cent
of the vote.
thus enhancing prices to the general con
sumer, are obnoxious to the common
law and the public welfare. They are
dangeroua conspiracies against the public
good, and should be made the aubjeci of
prohibitory or penal legislation. Pub
licity will be a helpful influence to check
this evil. This uniformity of legislation
in the several states should be secured.
Discrimination between what is injurious
and what is useful and necessary in busi
ness operations is essential to the wise
and effective treatment of this subject.
ifynest co-operation of carjital is necei-
sary to meet new buidnees conditions
and extend our rapidly increasing foreign
trade, but conspiracies and combinations
intended to restrict business, create mo
nopolies and control prices should be
effectually restrained. Excerpt from
McKinley'a acceptance speech.
F A Meinig. 17 a.-,
Total 79 h5
Road district No. 11LaWon l.'ol
comb road J E Smith, upeivior.
John E Smith, general fund 1 .', (mi
W W Smith ; 7.-,
M Heurth 4
J E Smith, n ad fund ID (X)
W Forstthe 0 7-.
..17 2.1
. . 6 71
. . 6 21
... 11 112
.. t f.O
. . 0 85
Bert Wheeler, road fund
J Hugarman
I) Watts
Jeo B Kate A Co, gen fund
W A Holmes ,
J A Jones ,
. 2 (10
1 no
. 22.1 I")
. 12 VJ
1211 CJ
ye m w wr w vy -a ve"
11. 1 . 1 . .... 1 . . .
Loan iiminci .o. iv i.atx.r on
una roai.
P Pendleton, road fund f 6 J.I
F Erickson ,'
A Uiiguri ft 21
W Wallace in
O A I ia via. 5 m-,1
r ..lulling 6 .1
Alliett Erickion 7,-,
J J Mallstt ,"' oil '
A Erickson 3 7 , i
J! s"er . . IU 50 1
r. 1 1 . hu.
dailies ..laiimi. j h)
A Neukirchm-r ' jo 5
Wurmley .WW 7 50!
A r.ru kanii r.. I
a. , , 1 j.r iki
V Itoytitoil 4 M)
J O Cuiiiiiuni 1.1 37 '
ir Y.n wiuit
Job prii7tir;5
T",al 1 1 33 37
Road distri. t No. 23-Labor on Weia-
munuei aim .Mane road,
Tiiehk are tliose who, two yeara ago,
were ruehing us on to war with Spain,
To succeed in raising a good crop of
wheat, it is necessary that we have soil
that is fertile, well-drained, and in good
mechanical condition for the reception
and germination of the seed, and also,
for the growth and development of the
future plant. Aa a preparation of the
soil for a crop of wheat, in my opinion,
there is nothing that equals the summer
fallow. The early plowing of the ground
and the frequent cultivations or harrow
ings that follow, firms and settles the I
Road district No 11 W II Counsell.
superintendent. Labor on Baker's
F rrv and Cason road.
Max Webster, road fund a im no
Fred Colson ' A Will, road fund .... q 4
David Thomas ...WW 3u0t) Koad disirict No. 21
1 00 ionarn vtaiaii, ruaI lurid 1 1 R11
61 00; Henry Walsh
4!l 50 j 1 is Miller, gen fund m
3d 10 j
45 00 I
70 50 !
47 60
.','.) 75
0 Sill i PIANO
Or an Oran
It will pay you to write
Charles Reiling
M Khhy
William Kkirvin
William Ktters
Frank Hull.
I harles Counsel!....
' 15 Sarver
Eli Rivers
Charles Moler
William Straight...
W W Smith
CE Smith
W II Forbin
M Rivers
P U Hull
Thomas Mooney
J Irwin
Milo Thompson
William Ettera
Krunlr Krr.u.n
Tom Tonge W W .W .W ? 10 50
C T Rodabtugh 7 iu
II lj Wolfer
John Page . " ' a rn
George Schneider in ki
John Hatton, gen fund 219
T III 1 -i I -
. 00
. B 00
. 7 50
. 2 25
. 21 50
. 21 00
.$ 30 00
7 50
. 15 (X)
. 22 60
. 17 25
1 50
rr a . I
'"i"' $12 80
Road district No. 27 Bridge work.
Aiex lay lor, gen lund f (j no
Elmer aughun u 75
1 nomas KiuingH 37;,
jonn Kimngs 3 (j,,
niiiiam Jackson (5 jjjj
Omar Marquam t 4
Keithley Quinn . 11 on
J K .Marquam 21 00
(ieftrge Dunlavy 2 10
Rich A Co, lumber 41
J (J Marquam, nails 2 60
Total 7l (ii
Road district No 30
A Biilloca, gen fund $ 21 OOj
A Waldorf 20 00 1
0 Childs (i 7r. I
a WBidori, roaa lund 11
J W Jones orlJli Hays
v a Holmes 1 r.a luaiaiin Hill uo., gen fund 211 30
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rjj uackett q 1
11 ii:i 00
11 Hitnler
(ieorge Hlmler
4 87
John Grender 4
D K Hatton..
3 75
Total $i0y 3,1
Road district No. 32 Labor on ISher.
wood and Boone'a Ferrv road.
Henry Voss, road funu $15 75
m Piano House
Office 351 Washington St.
Portland, Ore.
Wo am tho vroat i.rofit
$$$$ lo'H'Tfl find jiiano priro
r(,K'lators of tho northwcHt,
aml wit'1 our HM facilities
caiiHoll a lino piano or organ for
ens 1Uoc.y than you 'can got them elHcwhero.
W nto today. Catalogues for tho asking.
Our stock includes tl10 three greatest Ameri
ca'! pianos, tho Kimball, tho Weber, and tho
Uuckcnng, together with eight other good makes.