Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, August 03, 1900, Page 7, Image 7

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(uKAMHoim him
j..rt Wr Wnl V'7H tr In
Juries 8uUlnrd. ,
An amended mmplaliit for dainagee
U ' J"""1 Ware,
.hsh. I' sustained I" fnrl, will coat
el jin'i'" ,m"'1 i-i'i"".
Tim plaintiff, for '" 'l action, rone
,,Uli.. mi'l ailcgea:
1 ttt defendant, CJseaamss county,
Orft I" '"'I' cori-irsllon, ft
(ill rig it imIit constitution and Inn of
Id ' "' ' ''""
Tl( as "'" h r"rprailin It U lh tl'ily
of said defendant I" seep and maintain
i i ... i .
ti r- M'i" "" roe'inm in KiMni fpir
,i,. In rr-aminnl'ly ssfs condition for iimi
,,!,) trayrl by MHiKr, Irani! tnl y-
Tl at "' I'1 1 1'1' '''X July, IHjh, and
(of long H'"" I'flnr llmritto, there
n Ihe livlcd riiiif of the M ll lT ril
CI.toii load, a place on lhe 1111 near
i,t Springs, a uri rut or waahntil, and
by rrax'U of ''I nit or waahoul,
u I in an nun!", ili ltM tlv ami
JtiigeruiiS I'OtidHloll, and that il do
Irn.Uiit rii. tiled li rut or ral.oul to
I. mil continue in ssld rued fur long
pin after having actual notice that the
mii.!- as unafr, ili'dxtUt and dangur
. .. i i... i... ..i
Qtifl I'T " BM'I l"l liaHM.
111 cm Ilia lllli day of July, kH,
( I. arli K. Nuliliiit ami n u tied and
Ju tfkf lli aummrr pain irrat 1 a
atayacoeill lltm beta ran Oregon City
tn l Hla Mjirlng. over lh Miller and
( li j i'Hi nl, and on said day plaintiff
lawfully traveling ami driving
iUrf i' It ilru ly four l.nrara over
Mel road.
Iliat Ml 1'laliillH driving l.
stage rrll I'll side 'if plaintiff! ychli la
fril Into ssld rut or asahoiit aul lr'i;tt
1,0 loi .rim of said coai ll allnit to the
ground, ".hereby on id lb tnrw got
one foot over al'l tongue, all of alilili
fnhtrhrd plaintiff' trim ao that Hi
liort Immiii unmanageable and ran
away; ami l.il l'l (ram running
away said roach overturned ami
plaintiff throan violently out of 1 1m
tatiiAaml aa Mivrrrly Ifj'irril an l I I
li fl )rg titokrn ami M lai k irrraCy
imrtirl arnl lrniel, anil .UInli(T
II irrl'f audrrnl (rrat alxl iiritiiaheiil I'l
i.,.M I., lila itftt aiilt atitl hv reaaih fif aald
rlea ,'l.l.,irrw..r,.,fl,.rdto.Ud
railing limn, and that plalnnir Hill J
....r ... tn.l .lialrn.aandi.aln an. I i.lain.
li-T I In a great drgrea irmanrntly dia-
.i.ird f..r ai.rk and lal-r. and hr r-"n
vi naid inlurir t.riilitr wa ohligrd to
im ur liah.liliea f..r ph)iiian'a de In
itt ..,.ll,,f h.n.li j an.l r.rt. I
In the turn of I HO. and plaint. ft ll tine
nw.nih. of Ida labor. wl.Uli 1 le.i.hly
..ithlt'4. and laintiO'iffereddmaga
in l-Klily and mental pain In the mini of
Whrrefore. plaint ir dm.anda J-ldg-
.. . . i'L,L.,.,.a n,,i. ,IhIiI.
at.! I. r n.iniYiUatolV damaitn fur hi
li. junea a above .Urg-d In the lol.I .uni
UM Tiand f..r I.I. c-t and d.brv
inrnt. In tin .rt...n to U laird "
.,,.1 ..m out of lonrt on demurrer. J ml.
M.l'.rid holding that tha pUlntiir
knoale.lgeof the iaig"roll condition ol
the fad rien.pled ll.e rotinty from lla
bllity In a null for datixg".
A n renl de i.n by Judge C. K. Wi.U
veitiiu, I'l lh auprrliie court id Ibla alat,
!. gUrn t tin attorneya fur plalnlilTnew
h- and ther bava f.leil tha alwye
an, i n. lid complaint.
A 1 1'iDi.n of Ju.ljre Wotvrrtoti'a opinion
Wl.lt It glvra rticoiliagemelit lu plailillir
fuli'iai :
"Tt.al tha evidence leuda to nho that
the nad aaa faulty and that It condition
rcntrihuteil to the a.i Idelit ; that if tlm
cniiilitlnii i if ba rod ronntltiittd the one
rui, i luring t'auae of the ai'rldent williout
whuli it would not have happened, then
the (.unity Would lw held liable. "
( .Khucbel and V. 8. I'Ken are at
tonic) fi.r tdnlniilT.
(' rrult Conrl.
J'i-lg' T. A. Mi UiI.Ih held a -rclal
. i-i..ii of ( trcull court In thl city ll
Paluiday, at which Ihu follow Inn order
Weld inado: '
In tl e matter of tho iMttalo of Alcian
'h r MiHUrvry, ll w onh'ted, on con
tw in ol i.arllea, for the piirpooo ol rclor
ItiK hi th Men the tramrript of leailmnny
taken 1 1 Pi' county court, that carUm
copy I' i reof, tcrlllled by Unbelt F. Hell
ain copy of thn original, may l i"
filed l.etit and ritillld for rllrll orlgHllitl,
"'i'l t lint lor lint purpono of ri'ntotiuri tin
i-xhiblt In thn crhii lo tlm III) , a copy
theienf Hindu by John W, IahUt, certl-J
II... I ... . .. IT. I ...1.. . I., i.vfl
I iw ny nun a imvuiK .""
him It. .in tlm nrlglnnl thereof on tile,
iiuiy hn llii( nuliHtltiitt'd therefor.
C. V. riUiliud waa rallied a derrco of
divorce fr,n ,M Klaiu tStwinul, on
thu groiinda of di'mirtloii.
W. F. MnrahRll waa granted a divorce
from I.,i Muialiall. 1'em'rtlou waa al
leged. In thn anil Iwluirein JoHi-ph Melndtd la
pltiintiir and 0. Hamilton et at (!
fiimlanlH, the dufemlantH wilhdiawiiitf
their (limnirrtir, on Bgruomunt of purtioa,
It Wkh ordered Unit the defendant. Iinve
iintll Novombur 2, 11KH), to aiwwer In tho
In llu,cRof U.K. Nobl'ovi. Ki-hool
DiHtrlct No. Kill, Cliickiiiima County, do
fendiuit waa given !)U duyi from Hlmtf of
llndinga to move for a now trlul.
It will surprint) you to exporlonce tho
boneflt obtained by UMing tho dainty and
famous llttlo pill known DeVVitfa
Little Eaily Itlaeri. Geo. A. Harding
rrufi r Mf;irrrili nf Hid 0.
ilhvn AiMi'ii.
A. C.
l, h-n lUnlliiK, a aluilxrit In Ilia r
U'Ht Atrili'iiltiiral (illi'tiH, win) now at
li'iin fur Ma amiiiiinr vamllnii, han r-
wlvml a roimiMili ntl'iri fioui I'ruf, K. M.
Mrl.llfi'nli, of Ilia ili'i'Krtuifiit of tnhvy
of Iliat Irmlltutlon, conrnriiliiK tlm do
alrtii tlun of Urn cm worm . Tim follow
Ilia MiarfU at lakmi from Ida nttr :
"in riily to your liillnr coiunruliia'
rl Kfinn, can lay dial It la rlaliuml
iUliH will ulaml a milium of otm
xiini to IVI galloni of water, lut It l
iC'iinrally KiimMiifii'l that om inurii of
arla gmnn lo 10) KIIoi of wad-r la
rii'iiiKli to kill iiioul cutworma amlotlirr
M14 ji la alway lr to unit a
liilluli Ulialarkn l limn, or mora a yotl (lo
-nil h"ii. Thl aliouhl Im alarknl
ami then B'hli- I, ami I lr If dniin
wdlla warm. Cam huuhl ! Ukn If
lit i w t u r e la to f lntja (iray imiiip to
train out all Iiiiiii. A ln with lnvy
wlrn iixti, ahoiit lik fly arrcti fur
ini'li, 1 a gol vlraiiH'r,
"Anollixr preparation romiiinmlcil
for mIIh at hia I inadu a fallow
Mil thoroughly alilln dry onn miii(mI of
paria urcicii and f) ounda hrau, f linn
wnl wild napnlriiid wal'T, hut do riot
grt ran l"'py. If tha dran la thfii
dialrlhilU'd In llin I riiM tii.n of on
tahliiMiiiful to a plant, it will fix all
worm. lo not i alter tlio hran, lull
placa a lump at cai li alalk ao It will not
dry out o fat.
I liavn Iwrn ret'otniiiPlnhng ri
gfi-ell llnk'ellier, li ui there U liolli
lug rln al.li li ran ha Uwd that 1 lex
likely to hum lolit. london pniph
may ha lined In lh Mine prorlloli a
pan Kneii, hut limn mutt ti ue(. or it
will hum leair. In uing allher
iheae.rara inunt I taken In mixing and
keeping Ida nilitura of uniform Iretig'h
at they aetilo lo Ilia ImiIIoiu. In ml
Ing pari grreu, Very llttlo water ahntlld
Iki ieurei on ll at flrt, Joat enough o
that It a III atir up lika lnilli or pat,
then llmay Ixi thlnuiiel.
" The work cf tliei tut worm will proh
aMy end within lOdnya or two wn k,
after alildi they will uato In th
A 1UU' ,0 ,,ln'U
Mr. Img, tha wretry of tha Nvy,
U lh final Cal.ll.i t dinner of the
" "I' wl (ha yacht Hylpli. It
Mr. Iing who tlioiiacl.t of Ilia Idea of
rlvlng Ihi ollii lal fum tion aboard
luiurli.u Uial on the Poloinae. II I
alwr Individual and never dora what
other pl do,
l h ae. retary of the navy announce
I. a ... .1.: . . 1 i I ... a..
a in ery non roinpri mm
rr.lrriain on water lii.tead cl land, and
avrr meinlier of the Cabinet coiifewa
'al liodlnner la looked forward to with
"U'li adtlrinatlon a that given by Mr.
" 10 1 Ww,,,,r ?"
j U tha a-n Ul iueti.n that li.tere.t the
Cab.iirl lr weeka Uf.na the rvning
!'" And i t the lt dinner he
vtlMf "" u.iw
It w lu tha form of a iMih'y letter
rvad aloud by Mr. tiage, aw retary of the
treamryr Mr. McKinley baa long en
In tha habit of readm lo the Cabinet
Mr. Iuo ev a weekly letter on ime
iaaiie of national politic. The "hit"
on the public olmiala are ery much
Taking thl a a me, Mr. 1-otig, when
c.ilfeo waa K-rved, announced that, ac
corllngto ciiftom, Mr. IWIey'a la'fl
letter would t read ami that it waa
written lr the occaalon.
The but added that Mr. IWr)' with
characleriaiic inalght ha nini'd hi
article: "Why no Cabinet member can
In nominated for the vice prealdency."
Hecretary tlagn red tha letter, and in
dialect, aplrlt, humor and kwn pene
trallun It liore o v. rlly the hall inuik of
ooley that the gileat were kept In a
gala of merriment. It wa written In a
particularly happy Vein, and w filled
with ao many percaiwl alluxion and
with no many joke that referred to
doing or iliacuMian In the Cabinet
that there were about of laughing
ami'iteiiii nt. Tho preldnl liimmdl I
Hold to have enjoyed It more than any
thing t-le written thl year.
Finally there came the explanation
an explanation that elicited more ap
pliinne thun did tho origin d reading. It
wa no Pooley Iclterlo which the Cabi
n..i I. n.l d.ien liHteninu for the aecretary
of the navy hud written evety word of it.
r ruin
Fr Sulct
ti'M 15 acre timber land.:!1 mile out
$,ilH)-:iO acre, all cleared, b.'ltom Un.l
$iilM ItW acre uood land
$ imi-80 acre partly Improved
;lil00 li acre; Iroiitaon nver; boat
landing on place; three kindiol
mil ; largo holme
I'.'HOO-IHO acre; M improved; laro
huurio and barn
1500- 212 abre. 35 Improved; Iiouho
....l l. m atiick ranch
$HIH)-I0 acre nfr town ; well improved
$10iHr 2 acre on plunk road, clone in
tM acre rich limtmr land idieap.
Hevcral liouxoa and lota on inn-all-
J, A. TitAVKit, Box .123.
niHiiinrkN Iron Nerve.
Waa tho reanlt of hi nplondid health.
Indoniitahlo will and tremendous energy
aro not found whore stomach, liver,
kidneys and bowels are out ol order. If
you want them) uuatities and the succeHs
they brliiK, uho Dr. Kin's New Life
I'lllB. They develop every power of
brain and body. Only 25 cents at
Geo, A. Harding's drug store,
T Navr Maa'a l.M:
"Ijiytiii'ii mil our life exciting ami
think Unit ww aee a lot of tho world,"
mi Id Hie mi vy mini, "hut lt' a big ml
tnki', U'luit do we kuowr of any of the
poria wv vlall? The filer, other bonis
tlmt tuny hnpieri to be there at Hie
an me lime, mid I lie l',ligllll club of the
town Uint a nil wc ace. And It's all
ww know n bout, After you've touched
at a few iH.ria and gone through tha
same perforiiiHuce over and over agnln,
you gi't mighty 'lied of 1 1.
"A for. our life, what I It but a
perpeiunl dub life? There are a fewr
profeaaloiial club (cnnml, hut the ret
of our lime I apeiit In much the aame
way that a mini spends hi at Ids club
lu smoking, rending, lu swapping
Ilea, In making oneaelf agreeable to
one's frli-ml who may do him the hon
or of a vlalt and In making oneaelf
agreeable to aome other fellow's
frh-uils who may do him the honor
of n vlltthnt' the sum of our ex
istence, and when you think that's It
for dny In and dny out. you ran but
agree that a whole lifetime of It might
begin to pull.
"It's like wealing evening clothes all
he. lime or iwndlng one's life at the
ojMTft. or always hsvlng ihaaert and I
nothing clae for dinner. All piny ami i
no work make a dull hoy of almoat ,
any Jin k. I aometliiie wonder now
any of ua navy men manage' to rl
atiMTlor to our o'xirtuiiltlc for Ink
ing Into Btupldlty's low eat depths."
New York Hun.
oajerer Coaoarraa.
It I a remarkable and l(itnictlv
fact Hint the career of four of the
moat renowned characters that ever
lived cloted will) a violent or mournful
Alexander, after looking down from
tlie dlxxy heights of bis ambition uxin
a romjuered world and weeping that
there were no more to comjuiT, died
of Intoilintloii In a acene of debauch,
or. aa some suppose, by poison mingled
lu his wine.
Ilaiinlbnl. whose nam carried ter
ror to the heart of Itome llwlf. after
having croawil the Alps and put to
fight the armies of the mistress of
the world, was driveu from his coun
try and diiil at last of mlou adminis
tered by his own hands In a foreign
land, unlamctiicd and unwept.
t'neaar. the eomiernr of ws) cities,
and his temples bound with chaplcts
dipped lo the blood of a million of his
fiM-s. was mlwrahly aaluatcd by
thoae ti con I ilc red hi Uean-nt friends.
(loiinparte. wlnwe mandnte king and
emperor obeyel. after tilling the rurth
with the terror of hi name, cloacd his
days lu lortely hanlhmeut uikid a bar
ren rocU lu the midst of the Atlantic
Hucn the four men w ho may le in
sldered n-preiu tuntlvcs of all w hom
the world calls great, and sucb their
eiid-liitoxlcstlnii. or iM.lson. suicide,
murderwl by friends, lonely exile!
Qaaer Slhla Abrnatl.
When I wa lu Alx -lew llalna laat
aui.inicr. I saw a stout (iermsn woman
Bitting at anoiner lai.ie eanng irom aa
riiortiious pile of plates. I tiiougm at
first she was curving or doing some
thing of that kind, but a the meal
progrcsicd and the pile became no Icks
I made Inquiry and found out that stie
was extremely nearsighted, and the
pile of plrttcB-exncily U In uuuiber-
wns ni-ceiianry to role her TkmI to a
point where It would come within her
rang" of flilon. She was no less a
pemoiiage than the Puchess of S.es
wick Holstcln.
In I inly they do not ue gtnss la tho
windows on account of the expense
aud replace It with wood or other ma
terial. In order lo relieve the monot
ony. I supM)e. they have a hnblt of
painting household aceiiea on these
blank spacea. In one window you will
ace an old chap reading his poper and
In another a young miss dolug up her
hair. There are alo other scenes of
even more intiunne lamuj cunrncit-r.
which I will leave to your Imagination.
In Alliens one day I went out to buy
something or other, which. I remem
ber. cot 5 drachmae For It I tender
ed a 10 drachma note In payment, ami
In order to make rhnnge the storckecp-
a -
er tore It neatly in two ami rcnirneu
me half to inc. Convenient, wasu t ItT
-New York Tribune.
hnrted tlrr Trrlh.
One of the Inst things people like to
admit usually la that their teeth are
uot their own In tho sense of not hav
ing grown In their mouths. A single
uieintMT from a porcelain factory Is uot
objectlonublc. The need of ll might bo
canned by an accident or for it good
many rcusons, but when It comes to
ncvciiil nnd a plate, thou tho subject
becomes a delicate one.
Hut there was a woman In the street
curs tlie oilier iniy who nppiireiiuj- unu
brand new set of teeth and she was
strangely proud of them. She llrst at
tracted the ntteiitluii of passengers by
the smiles Unit she lavished upon them
Indiscriminately. Kvery smile brought
the new teeth Into view more prom
inently nnd the evidence that they
Wero false and the people began to
smile (jttetly themselves. Hut even
then the woman was not sure that her
new treasures were properly observed. ;
and, drawing in her lower lip. she
brought her upper teeth down apon It
and tupped them carelessly with her
finger, looking off Into vacancy mean
while w ith a conscious nlr of uucoo
cloiiHiicss, New York Times.
Clierrins TTtni t p.
Llttlo Klmcr Ginmpii, why do you
look so sad?
Urntnpn 1 was Just thinking. Here
I am (K) yenra of ngo, and I have never
done anything that will be likely to
mnke posterity remember mo.
Little Klmer-Oh, well, dou't worry.
Mebby you'll still have a chance to
live lu history aa aoinebody'a grand
father. Chicago Times Uerald.
Orlealal llamor.
Kome of the similes ud by oriental
advertisers are as remarkable for hu
mor and linlvete as even those of the
Immortfll Hum VVeller. Here are one
or two eclmens which hare recently
appeared In eastern newspapers:
"(lood dispatched as expeditiously
a a cannon bull."
Tan-els done up with as much care
as that betowed ou her husband by a
loving wife,"
'Taper tough as elephant's hide."
"The print of our book Is ch ar as
crystal; the matter elegant as a sing
ing girl."
"Customers treated as politely aa by
the rival steamship companies."
"Hllks and mi tins smooth as lady's
cheek and colored tike the rainbow."
London Answers.
Sb SIIb1 Urlf,
Horace (Jreclcy once had a discus
sion with an advocate of women's
suffrage shortly In-fore the American
civil wnr. He was using as his Onal
argument the lunblllty of women to
fight. "What would you do, for In
stance," he nuked his friend, "la the
event of warT
"Just what you would do, Mr. flree
ley," she replied promptly. "1 should
stay In an ofllce and w rite articles urg
ing other people to go and flxht."
Meaaarlasj Time.
Just when the day became dlvldi-d
Into hours Is not known, nor la the
process explained. The Greeks and
Itomans uieutired time by the water
glass and the sun dial. Tho hotirglasa.
filled with sand, was the outgrowth of
these veanel. from which the water
dripped through tiny openings.
ill- A 110 IT fAMt'OKm.
A llud.enif Kerira tf 5 n and I'srfol
California is the natural paradisoof the
holiday maker. Ita resource are inex
haustible, its Invita'ion universal, and
ita reaorta and. attractions among the
moat noted in the world.
The Southern l'aclflc Comrany pub
Ishes decrptlve literature containing
valuable information about all of them.
It Is for free dist titration and may be ob
tained from any Southern Pacific agent,
T. II. (lobdinan. General Tawnier
Agent at Sn Frsncieco, C. II. Markbam
General I'Msenger Agent at I'ortland,
Ore. If you apply by msil Inclose a
stamp for each publication.
"Kesorts and Attractions Along the
Coat Line" is a handsomely illustrated
folder, giving a description of the l.eslth
snd plessure reM.itson the roast between
Han Francisco ami Ia Angeles.
"Shsst Hewrrta." erntielhshed with
iN-sutiful hslf totie engraving, describes
the scenic and outing attractions of the
van! and wonderful Sl.sU region, the
grandest of pleasure grounds.
"California South of Tehachapi" te!s
all about the charm of that remarkably
favored scinic tropic garden spot, Suulh-
'frf) C.!i(triiaa
A hsndroine map of California, com
plete in detail, reliable, skillfully in
dexed, and full of information about the
a'atn'a resource. Ilia the only publica
tion of its kind conveniently folded for
nk kct use.
"Summer Outings" is a S'.'-psge folder
ile voted to the camping retreata in the
Shasta Hegion and Santa Cms Moun
tains. It appeals mure directly to that
Urge and growing class of recreation
svekers w ho prefer this popular form of
"Pacific (trove" is the Chautauqua of
the West, and this (older not only de
scribes the pretty place itself, but gives
a program of the religious and educa
tional meetings, conventions, schools,
etc. to be held there this summer.
Oilier publications are "Lake Taboe,"
"Geysers and take County," "Yoaem
ite," "Hotel del Monte," "Castle
Craiis," each brimful of information
about the places named, and printed in
the hiithest style ol the art.
OAs i on i a..
Boar, tin yfllK Kind Yoa Han Atsnrs Boi
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheerlulnesj soon
disappear when the kld-
r"?r neys r8 out ol order
ur uicueu.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it Is not uncommon
for a child to be born
afflicted with weak kid
neys. If the child urin
ates too often. If the
urlna scalds the flesh or If, when the child
reaches an age when It should bo able to
i ...i.a! L .... t. i. j . ..t.
' y
sy nudidi MV.-1 IV4 UUII Ita UIQ t,AUdQ VI
tho difficulty Is kidney trouble, and the first
step should bo towards the treatment of
these Important organs. This unpleasant
trouble Is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same exeat remedy.
The mild and tha Immediato effect ol
Swamp-Root Is soon realized. It Is sold
bv drutrclsts. in fiftv- tyK
cent and one dollar TCiT
sizes. You may have a tiii;
sample bottle by mall iiSIl
tree, also pamphlet tell- Bom of Bwaumiioot,
ing an aoout it, including many ot tn
thousands of testimonial letters received ,
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kllmei i
& Co.. Blnehamton, N. Y., be sura and
mention this paper.
ing all about it, Including many of the
A Minister4 (imk Advice,
"I bsd a severe attack of bilious colic,
'got a bottle of CiismberUln'sC'olic.C'liol-
era and I'iarrhoe It4irnely, Vfk two
dose and was entirely cured," ssys liev.
A. A. I'owers, of Kmovis, Kan. "My
nelghlKir twross the street was sick for
over a week, had two or three bottle of
medicine from the doctor. Ha nsed
them for three or four days without re
lief, then cslled in another doctor who
treated him for some days and gava hirn
no relief, so discharged hirn, I went
over lo see him the next morning. He
said his bowels were In a terrible fix,
that they have been running ciT ao long
that it was almost bloody flux. I asked
hirn if he had tried Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Piarrhoea Remedy and be
sai'l. 'No.' I went home and brought
hirn my bottle and gave him one dose ;
told him to take another doee in fifteen
or twenty minutes if be did not find re
lief, but he took no more and waa en
tirely cured." Kor sale by Geo. A.
Harding, Druggist.
Tbe Ijifest Tarn.
A Pittsburg drummer tells this new
yarn: I always carry a 1m tie of
Kemp's Pains ui In my grip. 1 lake
cold easily and a few doses of the Pal
sam always makes me a well man.
Kveryaherel go I speak a good word j
for Kemp. I take bold of my custom-.
ers I take oM men and young men,
and tell them confidentially what I do
when I take cold. At druggists, 2oc and
For Infant! and Children.
The Kind You Hare Always Bought
Bears tha
Signature of
If ton ast fil l ft rrfuUr. b)lhr nvrenl of lh
leirriiffrf df. r rft or mm b kmp fur I
tvai otafn. ftud Im vrtl. of oa in lb bAp? of I
TMinl )ble or rIll Hw"'- ' dftncinMift. Th I
ttxxftbarat. aMLtl ajxatt srrffn ft ol aV4MplCC tb I
0A4 C.rftf sVi4 CiUI is U lae
Pleaatnl. PaUtabl. -.Aen( TaaieOooS Donn4,
Nevrr Kirftrn. Wpakaa. or (rl. Mr. bin Wrll
foe rrr taaipl. kad bulrt ua brallb AMma
liii, Cklraaa, Btoal. Sea fart. SO
NiiUre In " IDTrniiva Ace
1 Uouk"UowtoobUuo PalnU"
Charyrt wkbraif. No tr till paU-ul ! arcnreU
' Lrttrra atrK-tlr cnnfi.lrntial. Adiirt,
' E. 6. SIGGERS. Pair! Lsmsr. Wiihinirta. 0. C
Oregon pfarrt Line
Tlie Direct Ronte to
Montana. Utah, Colorado
and all Eastern Points.
Gives choice of two favorite routes, via
the UNION PACIFIC Fast Mail Line,
or the KIO GRANDE Scenic Lines.
No Change of Cars.
on the Portland-Chicago Special,
best in tbe West."
Kquipped with
Elegant Standard Sleepers
Fine New Ordinary (Tourist) Sleepers
Superb Library-Buffet Cars
Splendid Diners (meals a la carte)
Free Reclining Chair Cars.
Comfortable Coaches and Smokers
Entire Train Completely Vestibuled
For further information, apply to
Trav. Pass. A;t.
141 Third St.,
Gen'l Agent
Portland. Or.
By the fust
ami com
modious steamer
Leaves Portltmtl daily except
Sunday at 7 a. ra.
This is the Great Scenic Route.
All tourist admit that the scenery
on tho Middle Columbia is not ex
celled for beauty and grandeur in
the United States. Full informs-
f. l a.l.JrPHS;n? or callinir on
UOn Dy c TnTir S i
J o. iL-U i 11, Agent,
Tel. 914. Portland, Or.,
Office and wharf, foot of Oak St.
ySkTV candy
vase ataaa saasriase
Mm is.
Of the
Trsin lar Orairon Pity for Portland ami
way itsiinata;2t A. M. and (LOT) p. M.
f.V Portland 10 7 00 r M
l.v (irrgon City ().'.' am 7 .'.' r m
ArAtlilsnd 12:.t)ASI ll:.ViM
" HMrsrnenlo ft ( r m 4 a w
" Hsn rrsnciaco 7:16 fx S I'i a al
Oit len ft I". a m a m
" Inver 0:lA :iOa
Ksnaasfily 7AI 7:asi
" Cbicsgo 7:1.1 A u 0.. a m
"l.Angls l:'.iirw 7Wasj
" Kl Pawi fl ;00 r m H i) r
" Von WV.rtli f.-."0 a M .".') a st
" City of Mexico U .'.l A U ". a tl
' lloualoe 4:U)AM 4 l A M
" New Orleans fi-.Z'i r u R r u
" WaliinKt.n t St fl:l2A!M
" New Yorx Vi AS r 12 t.1 r m
Piillrnsri snd Tourint csrs or. both trslna.
Clisir cars Hsr-ramento to vden and Kl
Pao, and tourint cars to Chicago, Ht. Iuis,
New Orleans snd WsahiriKtori.
Connection at hsn Krsncitco witli "-veral
remhlp 11 r. r lor Honolulu, Japan. China,
Phillpidrie. Central Biid booth Aim.; a.
He Mr. K. K. Hrxipenirtriier a,""l at
Orrgoii City ststion or aldrra
Isn'er. (J. V. Sl P. Agent.
Portlsnd, Oregon
Steamer G. W. Shaver,
Portlsnd foot of Washington street Mon
days and Thursdays at 6 a. m. Return
ing leaves CUtnkanie on Tutsdayi and
Fridays at 4 o'clock a. m.
This is the nearest and most direct
route to the great Xehalem valley.
Shaver Transportation Co
fisrisr Till 8CIIKHCLU
Chics ao-jka. D,nTr. Ft
t p.m.
9: IS a. ni
nas City. St. I-Jiuu.
Chicago and EaM.
C . m.
Salt I-akr, Dri.vr. Kl
Worth, (Hush. Kan
saa Cn. hi. Iiuir
(.'lucao and Ea.l.
9 p. til.
Wslls Wa la. Um ,.-1
tun, Spokane. Mirvi
neaHiji. ti". Paul.(
Iluluih. Milaaukre.'
Clucago ad Last, i
9:40 a. m.
Oeeaa Hteaaithips
tp. m-
All Sul.ll.K (ialra tub
i p. m.
ject to charge.
For j-aa Franoiaco
Sail every 5 days
Daily Ex
8 p. ni.
10 p. m.
Colnrabia liver
To Ai'ona a d W'ay
LaujdiUKa. i p. m.
Ex. t-un-ilav.
Willaautte River
6a. m. Ex
Oreeon Cl'.v, Nf wberg.
4 :.t0 p. m.
ealem, Indepen
ilenre and Way
ti. tun-
7 a. m.
Tuaa, Thur
it Jo d. m.
Oregon Citr. Payton.
ao.l Wiy-Lajiaii .
Miin. Wed.
and .-a
and Fn.
6 a. m.
Tu .lh r.
ao l rat.
Willamette Rlrrr
Port anil in Civl'l
an I Way-Land: una
4:W r. ra.
T. rtk. i bur.
hud aU
Ki paria
3 :;(.' a. n.
Snake Rlvrr
Ripaxia to Lawiatoo
lsily .
t:30a. m.
Gen. Pass. Agent, Portland, Or.
Train No, 11
.. .. 1;i
" " 13
:22 a. in.
4 :5 i p. m ,
U;14p. tn.
7 a. m.
NOT. Til BOl'NP.
Train No. 16
" " 14
9 a.
5:40 p.
Mail closes going North 5:S0piu,and 7:4.a m
Mail clows goliiK3initliS:oJ a in and 7..-' p in
Mail closes lor Portland and tlistiitintiiur,
points, 12 m.
Msil closes for Milwaiikie and frllwood
9 a ni.
Mail arrives frOM Portland 1:30 p in.
sins aoi'TKs.
Oregon Citv to Ely, Cams, Mulinu,
Liberal and Mollala leaves at 12 in, and
arrives at 1 :'t0 a m daily.
Oregon I'ity to lieavrr Creek, Sliuhcl,
Clark, Meadow I! rook, Union Mills and
C'olton leaves at 8 a m Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday, and returns on iV.'i.wiiit;
davs at 4:ICi p m.
0reon City to Viols. boi;an and P.edland
leaves' Orecon City Monday, We....lay
and Friilay at 1 p ni, leaving Viola same
Oregon City to Willamette, bialtord,
Wllsonville and Orsenie arrives n. 10:110
a m and leaves at 11 :1I0 s m daily.
General delivery window is open on Sun
day from 10 to It a in, All letters iboHW'd
into the box st the door is pronip ly eiU
oil Sunday as on other days.