Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, July 27, 1900, Page 4, Image 4

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Oregon City Enterprise.
City and Coonty Official Paper.
L. U rORTER, raoraiaroa.
t .-
On Tr
I.' on
I'll month.
1 '
Trial .ur-cr.,lion lo n.onm,. -,
A discount ot SO renl. on aM .iitwenpuons ' .....
for on. vrar, m.ii for ait menUi, "tip. 8oonrr or later he has to ai know
rSdwrtwSi givan on application. I Ww that he ia not .npreme. We do
. . ! not dignify tliia person. a. areliel.ora
revolutionit, or Washington of Wher-
iX'WSiw kw u'i,m,,3r'
their name. If tbi date 11 not chanr! iW. beaker, dissatisfied with the control
wOMn tin weeks after a
paviurni, ihwj
t'Mify ni and w ill look alter tU
Inter! at tr.a poatoffir In Prrron City,
Or., m second claw matter.
Beaver Crerk...1 lr. T. B. Ttioma
Canby Kiutbi
Cactamas A. Mather
M''aukie tcar Wimifer
Fnion Mill J. Trtilimner
Meaiow Brook...
hew Kra
Park place
CIim. ibWmaii
....W. t. Sewherry
Henry Miley
"r"fjT?'ii '
C. T. Howard I
R. M. loerl
, Annie tubbt I
E. l. Hartman I
B. Jennir.pt '
Aurora.. Itenrr A. MiToer
Kale Creek.
'H. Wi!irn
J. C. Klliott
K. (i't'laeh
... t;o. Currin
..Mr.. M. 1. Jfammer
Adolph AH'botl
. , 1,-111 ni.nr.nB( ll i
. . , ,, .,'mini.tratora. If Aguinaldo is looking
IS IO (lie vrrgvu vnj wj.iv ;i
Ir'.a dull town that can't be stirred
op by Riod advertising.
Tji mer.'liant mho advertises only
wrben rmsmees is goo.i. is api io uuu iue
time between season, grow longerand
Imperialism mav wrveas a campaign
fcare crow, uui wiore me narvrsi ui ,
.tP !. c-amnrH,! nett Noveuiher. the I
. . .
i ,
people will recogui'24 that it is but a
thing of straw.
A soldier boy in Luzon writes that he
has named his little dog after Bryan.
"When I first found the dog," says he,
"he was barking like h 1, and had
chased eitteen monkeys up one tree."
All this
talk about imperialism is
"tommyrot." Half the people who are
vailing about it, don't know the defini
tion of the word when it comes lo a show
down. This "trock" aboot Andy Jack-
ton, JeiTersonian democracy and Lincoln
republicanism has nothing to do w ith
the expansion issue. It ia simply a
question as to whether or not its right,
and, if so, will it benefit os. The ma
jority of the American people have eaid
it right and will benefit as, and Ameii
cans are never wrong.
Hekb are some frozen facta that the
sidewalk demo-pop politicians are con"
tinually trying to dielodge. It shows
that prosperity ia gradually spreading
over the country, and they cannot argue
around it, (brought it, over it, or under
it Vhey are like a man walking fcouth,
toward democratic depression at the
re of four miles an boor, when he ia on
iboard a train that is pulling him north
toward republican prosperity at the rate,
of forty miles an hour.
The following article is taken from the
Albany Herald:
'Mr. Gillette, of San Francisco, of the
8. P. R. K., is in Eugene this week,
looking after the Mohawk branch of the
S. P. li. K. He Bays it is nearly impos
sible to procure tracklayers, hence the
delay in putting down the rails on the
branch line. The company bag a large
force of tracklavers on their coast exten
sion but cannot get enough to send
jnen here. The company is advertining
for men at $2 per day to help in the
work, but have thus far been unable to I
procure thera. The Mohawk bridge is J
completed excepting tlie painting, and a j
tU' of n.unterrf are now at work on t hp
same. A work train is being employed tl,c Chincfie Positions, and at two o'clock
en the branch, surtacing. The Curtifts ir the afternoon a force of seven thong
Lumber Company, of this county are and allies attempted to etorm the wall,
advertising for 30 men to work in its
mill at fliiii uny ana are onenng f z h
day and are unable to secure enough
men to do the work"
The proclamation of amnesty to the
Filipino rebels ia as wise in policy as it
is broad in itu provisions, It has been 1
evident to all intelligent observers for
some time that as an actual war the re-
bellion in the islands is over, It does j
not require the actual surrender 61 the
leailera o( an enterprise of thle aort to
bring Ilia thing to close. Fighting, in
(ImI, ol one kind or another may be
kept up Indefinitely, ami prohaWjr will
Isj, but the issue it clued. AguinaMo
and bii followe ra have no bo) of ulti
mate snecee. hv (ore of linn, ami their J
failure to ack now Wire the fact which
J tbey must reco.-ni.e place, llirm in the
i category of mere rioter. The w al
!wavhav with us. Within our own
brleraa nun who detlea the law ia
. . .. u u,V(sl
which eociety exercin-e over liiiu and
hi. taste for "independence." What ia
going cm In the Philippine Ialanda today
U precinely anakvout. We have ai
quired onr authority there properly and
without any n heming whatsoever, and
it ia our duty to ee that authority i.
maintained and reepected, whether Mr.
I'.rvan and Mr. Atkinson llieve in ita
maintenance or not. Tlie proclamation
.luulutely conaieient with the Urong
.... , ,
policy which the AJminmtration ha.
follower! Irom the biEinnins. It aerve.
notit nPoo the miguide.l follower, of a
fatuou. leader that we have no wicked
, . , , ...... ...
uesigna ujhu ineui, aim ii -
. h uneouivo-al acknowle!-
ment of the power of the law. If we
cannot maintain the law we had better
go out of businew. That we mean to do
so must be evident to every one, aave
WW " "0P ,or cnangtj in us ai-
1. i . - i...n ,i.A "A.i.;M .i..n
Iiorwaruioa iiuio .urn iti n ..muivu
, policy is to be directed by i-ron who
I would abandon American reapor.ibiIi
ties in the Fast, hi present course is
conceivable. There are several others
who etpect a populi-it victory next
autumn, but it is a terrible bit of decep-
iBOtumn, but it is a terrible bit of dtH-eir
,em,ran.ent to
leadhimtoWieve that the American
I people will permit even tne popniiita io j
. . i... - I .!.....):.:.. 1 I
intra rn.in niii m . ir.ru urir u L uu in
force them into a wicked dereliction in I
tl line of their plain .!
duty. If Senor '
! . ii .? ... :.. I
, Agilinal'lO Is aiiiicij'ai.ou a imuurui iu
j which the American people w ill depart
lr.,n tliwlr I r 1 1 it ii ir il resoect for au'bor-
jty, hi. day. to come will le but a pro- j
1 .ngation of hie past miwry and diap
pointment. Meanwhile, if the generou
offer of the Administration is accepted
by those whom it was designed to reach,
finding himself without a following the
r . ... ma .... nlln,Mi ,,
t) corne into the fold and behave himself
like a reasonable and a respectable citi-
zn. If be had done this ia the be
ginning, be might by this time have
been acknowledged by the whole world
as the Governor of the Philippine.
The most important news of the week
frim China was the final nieces of the
allied forces over the Chinese on July
Htli at Tien tsin. There had been con
tinued fighting here since the first of the
month. On July 3d a force of thirty-
thousand Chinese made a determined j
attack from the north, east, and west on j bodies.
the allies, who numbered fourteen j Kentucky democrats nominated lieck
thousand. The next day the a tack was j bam, the present uovernor, to succeed
continued with unabated fury, but to
ward night a tremendous downpour of
rain forced them to retire. On July Ctli
the rain having ceased, the Chinese re
newed the attack, and during the next
three days the fighting was continuous,
The Chinese were steadily increasing in
numbers, and daily drawing in closer to
the lines of the allies. The artillery of
the Chinese continued to be heavier than
that of the allies, and waa splendidly
served, the shells causing considerable
destruction in the foreign city.
On July 131b the allied commanders j
decided that they could not remain I
. , - , , . . ,
:r such a heavy fire, and determined i
upon a combined attack on the Chinese (
city. The attack bean at daylight, and '
continued until seven o'clock in the !
evening. Over forty guns bombarded
the number of Chinese on the wall being
eHtitnated at twenty thousand. The
Americans, Japanese, French, and
British attacked from the west, and the
Rut-mans made au assault from the
east. The Chinese were prepared, hav-
inz evidently been warned by spies, and
poured in a deadly fire upon the besiegers
from machine-guns and rifles. Both j
attacks were repulsed with heavy loss,
the Russians and Americans suffering
.. estimated that
tiutat Mvnrlv.
. - . .... .v:.i. i.-i.-.i
ieniy.nreiH.rwn.ome.,mlu uu,
State. Infantry Regiment were either
killed or wounded, Colonel l.lciim, lh
commanding offl.vr being among the
.lain. Theneil day the attack w
rene eJ. The gun. of the
illit-a did
Immense damage to tlie native city and Om-ral Wool have agrvc.l on r-eptem-caused
many large conflagration.. M 15 M the time fr holding the rlec-
. i,.,n In Cuba for dlrgat-a to the conMI-
Unallyallotineenfmy. gun. were on
the railway embankment, and the fort
and WMt arterial were rplured by the
allied forvea. Then the Amerh-ana.
Fn.mhlJ.ne,.ndltriti-h adv.noe.1
. . . . , .
on the n.Uve c.ty, a breach having boon
made In the wall. After hard fighting,
the alliea wore auceeiwful, and occupied
the city and ita defenece, the Chinexo
having been completely routed. The
. , ... , ,,.
anair, inougn ww-nu., - .
out ita cost, aa the casiialtlea among the
alliea numbered right hundred.
The fighting at Tien-Uin emphaaiaea
the fact that the tmak U fore the allied
nation ia a inoet aenoua one. The,
I itiiMilil not oe etmiiien io ioo hmmw
Chines are Mh able .ml willing 'Jw;lh Url Iulloll. rt.rl through tlie
fight. It ia war letween two civilia-1 i-,tol Silew, nur aliould the i'pl I
. . . . . . . . i i . i i.. I .1.,
lion, ami me i ninera peopio aie
uniUMand tlioruoyinv in rami! ,i
. . . . . .
lukewarm aa they were in the war with
Japan. China ha. long Ufn preparing
a most formidable limitary organltion ;
her eoldicre are well drilled and well
equipped. I'rince Tuin ia rejorted to
to have raised an army of nearly one
million men, and the atliea can not io,e
toopjoethis army witn any lorce ol
eighty thousand, which ia the numer
now iroporl. (ieneial Corbin announ
that there are now lrt.Wij American
troop, in China, or enroute to China or j
Portions ol Hie rourieenini
Infantry and the Fifth Artillery have
embarked from Manila, and the t if -
teeiith Infantry sailed from this ,K,rt on
. i- .i . .i
Tuesday. Corbin announcf that the
available force now en route to China
cm be increased by not more than from
four thousand to eigni uiousan.i men
four thousand to eight thousand men
, .,! Cuba. It is not
considered i-e to withdraw any more
troop, Irom the Fhilip.-ines. in view of
. . i ,r
me inreaiiing i"
,l.ur fn tl.a.M ..Iri'tltllultf lml it IKOri
I .nr. . . .. v. v - - ...
fortunate that international p-sloos es
.vw,,,l.i 1.. ,u..r..iltMl In t;nt,in..r nf.r
iiivuiu m . , - --
trons, yet tbia is what threatens t ) e
the rase.
I News of the Week
V- XX A X o. .P. .Si I ii A Vi. 9l&
Friday, July 3).
Tlie Shanghai corresjondont to the
Oaily Express says:
"Intense indignation ia felt here at ,
i the honora in Hong Kong that have been
accorded to Li Hung Chang, whoia
looked upon in Shanghai as the origina
tor of the whole fiendish anti foreign
plot. A Chin eee merchant w ho haa j'lst
arrived from Pekin gives horrible detaile
of the massacre. He say be saw Eu
ropean women hauled into the street by
shrieking Boxers, who t ripped them
and hacked them to piece. Their dia
seyered limba were toe 1 to ttie crowd
and carried ofT w ith how ls of triuinpli.
Home were already dead, having len
shot hy foreign civilians. He iys lie
saw Chinese soldiers carrying the bodies
of white children aloft on th"ir sieara
while their companions ahot at their
Kussia has given the Chinese Minister
at St. Petersburg hi. passports. England
and Germany may do likewise.
The president appointed V. W. Rock
hill a special commissioner to investigate
the situation in China.
Battle-shipOregon reached K lire, Japan,
where temporary iepa!ra will be made.
She will return to Taku.
Although campaign funds are not
forthcoming with as great readiness as
might be noped, the republican com
mittee is going ahead and preparing a
strong aggressive campaign. It is in-
io wiurap l ie nwr country witu
strong orators, assigning iiooftiveii io
.. ,,, . u . c , . .
the West. Ho much confidence ih tdaced
in ,biIit. together with the irend of
sentiment in favor of repubiicar,;jrn, aa
a result of good times, that republican
leaders now count on the solid West for
Saturday, July 'ii.
John G. Woolley, Prohibition candi
date for the presidency of the United
States, was formally notified of his notnl
nation at a meeting held tonight in Cen
tral Music Hall, Chicago.
George Khimoon, a Persian student
who has been attending college in Illi
nois for several years and is pitssiug the
summer in Peoria, today received a
cablegram from bis home at Oroomiah,
Persia, stating that his brotht-r had been
captured by Mohammedans and that
there has been a general massacre of
3000 christians in Oroomiah. The letter
Wa Ul ! Wing of th. Mol.a.nn
dana against tlie
native I'liriiuans
( , m Wen av
Land to-hand battle, with fatalltl.'.
i, ,u,.a. Mr. Milinoon'e father la
naliv missionary, and this fact a.Ua
to tl "' against him and hi. family.
jt i, understood tiiat the president and
nmvention to he railed for the !
t f fonuulating a ronntiiution for
j ni(.iudnt government for I'nba.
on the return of tieneral Wmi.1 to Od-a
' c.,fer ta.tl. Ih. leader, of the
I Cuban people aa to the delaila ol the
: ,Mlu U (daitsl upon univeral
,f(llk ui the inland. It l now hoed
1 tliat the coii.iitutional convention will
j I" Md Wore the end f the year. and.
I if M.ide, aa early a. (Vtober l..
I ti.., u I..l,nl,.i .n coo.titntlon
that may U formulated will I a. rule j
llii'i'' - i
lined carefully by the preatdenl, an,
i,mibly by wngreaa lefore it la allowed
P "' t.r.tu.o1f..r it la the arltled
conviction of the ottblalu that tuba
.. .. ,..
, auowe.i u. .in.-.! ... ...
..!..... .Ill lit. .1 ....I III llil Ml IIV KUIOIII'
Sunday. July 22.
A aiecial dispatch from Ca Town,
dited lUv, sava; "lAird Kol-erl. has
attacked Mlddlehurg In foree, and a big
li.llle lo in uroirreaa. I'resident hrngi-r
L miU, ,ha turghera d,r.H ii..g the le
( The (.lin ,;,,,, U,.f,,mi A ia
lion of Canada i. gaming in iiumtier.
everydav. It now Inien ' toahowii"
! rengtU by a p.'";'" l' the guven,
mentaol tireal IWltain, in-rinany, me
United Stale, and Japan. It baa lvn
!,:.,,,. i ilt,,,iv.
j ), .i H pver Can lor
; ngnaturee. r prayer H u in- k'v
rrn nenta mentmne,! mav esta.h.h a
joint protectorate over China, to uu. It I
' '
t take the government ol the country,.
if((((1 j.;,U(M.rr ,j ,., ,,rVeiil the
,i,iiieioleriiient ol the ruii'lrn.
a i-il from Mr-h!! Muh.,nv:
' b.... i.n i .... i... v,,i,f i. . Ira
minute, during the r.,. . ( . b.-d
in aiorm. The w in I did iniu h .U.u-
ag1. blowing down u lr.l, larns ai.d
U iroofing hous.' stl I tire ik.l.g K'-
Mr. I'ottitr l'aimer, nf Chiogo, one '
ol the fluted Males conuus"! 'il lo tlie j
l'ns Kisi!i'in, t-i.iv
w .rd of V0 for ii.b.im i'iou leading to
tin return of a -kiaen value I al l,,.
OH, which is rnlsiiri
Moi.diy, July
i ie ur ol C
asserted in K-rliii that the Eui-!
Inna lu.l sent a lolrg'am lu
Emperor William, deploiirg the a-iu--,
sinatlon of thtron Vnn KeKeler, by the ,
relieiit, and deeUriit that the mii'dereis j
irn beiiirf actively xjiihl and will
piiniliel. Ha al epr'M'4 a Imj-v j
tint the relations f China with line
tinny would not sufTer from Ihi. state ul
thingw." j
It ia oflicially ie(ru-d that last wek j
2iX) insurgents were killed and 1'iOi
urrendered or were c.lured. One J
hundred rille. were laken. Twiivej
American were killed and II wounded
Thi. includes the casualties of Colom I
William K IVrkheimer'. engagement
CContiniled on p4gu '))
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For one year I w IrootiM with a cmifh."
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f til'
yV V '4 Jw -'
X ' : '1 I
I .
! iV'
l S3 -T.
r v i wi yta.
1 Lf
j, - R .;,.,;
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