Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, July 20, 1900, Image 1

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,v 1 II II ft. ..If I
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i It f littil
V . Orniiin
' 211
(,j uTui'n.
lui ' .,...
fyl'NHKMMin A l inn
la B1'"
Mia.V. Pnf.
"V. i.. r.iaifh and
V uaii..uii WU) lit. m.,
i 1 f. HI.
f BV W I"
Lt:iiw Of
aid '
i All Operation
ws fon C'tlf, Or.
irr'HJtev at law.
, ,ti Itxntitjr'i Drug (ior.
.noitmAT law.
ijihti ot " my.
. Dktuul.
Li'fcrik. cM eroe-na, ell kind ol
In a Imslm-M iroxinkton If It cnn
l" for you. (.) of Two Thlngt,
Jlako irou Money
Save Yon Money.
fr onti'l ufloii I'.rirk, Vo.l or Hlonc. A dry jiowder read
fr um) by adding mU r iimdiiiri White and 10 color. From 3 to
ft lit. make otift "allnn.
V will anil you ny color at l-lo. a pound.
It will not wale or ruh off. It alio make a first-clam
jiriiiilnn rott for oil paint.
Now Is the tiui" to Uautify your home and we are making
-vll price on Paint, Oil and Ilruslie, Varnishes, Albantine,
Knainrli Ac.
Cut Price Paint Druggists.
l'Uf Card a I'ree,
111 Hen II ti be Hbot Rather Tbaa
HuffiT Oilnwte Tartar.
Hrlii Kflcilon K-pvrUd Ittwe(o
A I He,.
NiwYoM.Joly dipU;b to
Ui Journal ml AdrertiMir (rm Tlon
Tlo, JolyS, Mfi! lnfTctul atUiurW
liave Ua wkU U eoncI th IwrribU
(act thai Admiral 8yuur wn com
oellod lo ihul bla own wounded during
the rnl diiaatrooi rlfal U Ilia I'akln
relief exjadltlun.
All Ilia wounded and trlaonera who
(ell Into tin banda ol tlie Chlneaa wr
(rigblully torlured. Tle bo-liea of two
inaioM wbo were cautorad by the
Chlnaae ware recoyered. The bodiea
bad Ua cut into piecae. Urat, Uie
yea bad Wo hacked out; tbeo the
cheeka, arina and luge cut off, until
dratti eoded Ute enflWIogi of the poor
IUilroi-1 TickctH to all point East at low rates.
When Admiral Beytnour, In bla re
reUeat.fuund blinel( 0 bard preeaed
that be a unable looKr to carry bla
wounded with bini, he a iked the men:
"Wbicbaoyoo prefer, to be left to the
aervtea 4 the Cbineae or be abut by
your on coimadeeT"
Aa Admiral Seymour put the queetioo,
the tean ware running down biacbeeka.
death to torture. Shoot
oa now, that we may die like men," waa
the piteoui reepoi.ee of the helpleaa men.
A firing m'lad tu Udd off, and while
Him hula allied fufce etoii)d and beat
off wlih gun Ore the Chineee lwrde thai
aurruunded It. loaide lu liuea au act o
mercy wm performed, aa the firing uad
carried out lla orderi.
A (e tuerciful olleya frota the riflea
n ii.. I...., I. r.f filHfida and the bar-
a aj aa v w
r.ul atueJiiion waa relieved of ita bur
dan of wounded : the fanatical tbmeee
horde wai cheated of vicUma lor IU lor
lure, and the aufferinga and fearaofthe
onfortubatea were brought to an end to
In reference to the runiora that Euro
peana were een workina the Chineie
iuna at Tien Tain, the Standard learna
that eight ftuanUn military Instructor!,
f'jrcihly detained by the Chineae, were
compelled to work the gone, Oneet
eaped and reauhad Ue Iluaaiao libea.
A apodal cjrreapondent of the Dalty
Expreaa at Tien Tain contraita the
"aplendld work and perfect eq-iiprnent"
of the Japanese with the "lnade.piaie
auppliea of the Brltiah, German and
Ameriran contingentN,whlcb are terribly
lacking In the moat obvlone neceaaariea."
Ttie flrat Boner proclamation baa made
ita apoeerance la Shanghai. Il declare
thatKwan, the war god, deairea the
blood of forelgnera, and threaten 10
plagoea 1 1 Boier tenet are not fol
lowed and spread.
The Governors of the Province of Ho
nan. Hu I'i and Ilonan bare now openly
joined Prince Tuan and are marching
overland with their arm lea to Pekin.
The German relief column, sent into
the interior of the I'royioce of Khan Tung
to endeavor to reacue a party of 30 mla
alonarlei, German, American and Eng
liali, baa returned without having ob
tained anv UrflnKl of their whereabout,
and It la feared that all have been slain.
1 aoedal cotnmlaeioD la aitting In Kt.
reterihurg daily to arrange for the di-
pitch of troop to the far beat.
Ifivt Mhfattia ' A 1& '
dm Oldenherg,...,,. 6 62
KKrr r nz
Philip Kohl 73
MHJohnaUm It!
JaSfeDorig U
A i Jo'inaUm... 04,
Frak Partrh 8 W
Kmery Cromer 12 7'
Ralph Tra:ey.... 1 00
PL ration 1 00
JameaCromer..... 10 60
CarlBengtaon W
Total 387 53
Road district No. 1
A J Randolph, road fund f 3 7S
J loveice
ft Mattooe
WG V'ard
J O Brown
G Maytield
J Jlyera
F Maffleld
R V. Mard
1 K Icrov
M I ... . .
w ii aiaitoon,
Mowers and Binders
9 00
2 2T,
. 3 00
. 4 50
. rJOO
. 1 60
. 7 60
1 60
10 00
ToUl ,
Road district No. 14
Corlett.road fund....
Kobt Konald
Uodfred Blubm
Will Hodite
Wm Uinther.
Jaa (Shelly
L MauU
11 Williama....
A MauU
BP Linn
B Una
A B Linn
.152 00
Ii la announced from Shanghai tkit Louii KchulU
General Nleb baa been killed, bat there , George KchulU..
I .!.. -J from -'IJ
is no conuruiBiiuu vt i u.v.
Tien Tain. The Conm at Shanghai
have agreed to regard the Viceroy of
Nankin aa tbe chief, eo far a the collec
tion of revenue ia concerned. Th Vice
roy, when Informee of this attitude, ai
pointed Mr. Taylor, staii.tkel secreUry
of cnatoms, to be Inspector of Cotoms
ad Interim in ucreaeion to Sir Robert
Hart. '
15 00
. 6 00
. 300
6 00
6 00
10 60
6 0O
8 00
8 00
4 00
4 60
4 60
12 75
11 00
6 75
60 00
Regular July, iooo, Session of the
Commissioner of Clackamas
.Iltf 50
WillF Harris... .
17.-, I Hi.riot Vn 1V
R U Tabor, road fund f 12 60
Geo Kidder 1
K Kelloifg "40
Jaa Partlow 1
M C ilcCord 3 W
Elmer Hendrickaon 3 00
BUIark &
Y 51 Thompeon 1 60
8 Thompeon 1 60
M Teloid 1 35
8 Stephen 1 35
Bowers.... 1
R L Blanchard I 35
an bonarH 'hialh u
oUm kUaU tta
Tlve Knttab ao 1 America lora ae
i iMMtlier on ttie weal aide of
the town ; the Germane and Japanese on
the eouth aide; the French and Kunalans
on the oortii and a force of Coaaacka bold
the eait aide.
Heuuta report that Imperial Chinese
trtnt.a iva arrived from Pekin. well
iv..--.:-f:..n r.f nv llfml what some of vour,"",,T V"" U.M'
l i U in'v puirm-u"" v
I - . . a ! f . a.. i...nl il.Al.t
nK4Miiir.nr. ncichbor. in uacicamau wumy jr ""ui mv....
i.. . . ... . '
K.llghl.d.la I ulllag alia la mmpiira
Oaly Malarial l Iha bampUa
Canhy. Orrin, Nv i , I V-
MiKitrU. !' Tva Co .
I'.rttUnd, Orrgtitt.
llavinii tmri'haacd one
....... .... . M. ......
Lima , f... t.. County Cou.t.ofyoura'i 7u V".""
4 fruii iii.iUh.
tir, oiilia liun.lay s
w iior.YK.
a lt t work a Hpadaity.
stnaill arid aaUilactlon
Oill.eln raurtald Btk
orokiuo in T.
atL ataaiaa sriiaa. .
...(. inn. .ii. m.1 Mikaa rl
aftm4 Mtlt irhaas no all pilou
:it4 iiutet, SinM aul lions
rw..t tiililx-l lo shark
. a i"r a.
Lrgrarna, rnxMani.
f. I. MRVr.H vaaar.
. ..' i il... vrar. I draire lo ti
'. l.r.. a lu a hat art
'... i.l... ii .. i.n.1 what wurk it can do.
In conatiuclton it ia aim!lr. and mjually
nuf e aiinpl lo han.llevfnlc In operation,
and I aui aetUfird that nothing but the
be. I kind of ttialrrtala are uaeu in iv.
manufacture. 1 have cut lony acre. o.
the hravir.t clover I ever aaw, no CU-
clng up. but il'ly 1 ' W ,
tn Ut aha,. It U the tat mower I
tvrr aaw. and thoe ot my nr.gnuo..
ho aaw it work will My me earnr.
John Han v.
Mitchell Wagons
ire Standanl
and have been
for 65 years.
' DltEs.SK It.
I'tr MrKlttrlrk'i Httoa Hioxe,
Ui Hank ulOrrKiintlty.
Mws City,
Wkera fllira fallad
Oregon City, Ore., Nov. in. l8y8.
Mitciikll, Lawi it 8TvH Co.
Portland, Oregon.
Gentlemen:! have one of your
...n tl.vmilrr Mowers, bouvht
of a j of you Isat year, and am pleaard loaaf
that I Iriea me inacnine muiwuui; u
all particular and do not find It wauling
in any reiect. It will cut anything any
where and on any kind of ground. I
...l .l-i.i.l.i In ruitinir wraM with my
Haymaker that owners of other machines
could not anil woul.J not cut with theira.
The Champion Haymaker la all that
any man can ak for in a mowing
machine. Jo Snarra.
Troopa of native cavalry and borde of
Boxer are coming from the east and
Martvoa rrletlon KaporUd Belweaa the
J. R. Morton, Chairman; T. B. Killin,
John Leaellen, Comroiaioners.
. - -
(Continued irom laai week.)
Road dialrict No. 12
(too U Kate A Co, gen fund.... I 8 8
iVpeACo f
Howard Gill.road fund 2 ii
Jake Gerber, road fund - 2
N Smith .1 1
Chaa Johnson . .
14 oo
S 49
lo 12
20 62
2S .'.0
14 4U
4 12
2 00
2.1 J5
26 0
Road .district No. 16
W ilvon A Cooke, gen .fund
W 8 Rider, road fund
J L Waldron
Kliner Veteto
O H Ki.ter
i? M Waldron
.$97 40
A.lolph Bengtaon
Kuitcne Arthur.
Jake Minder....
W P Kirchem..
Joe Spraiue....
David Sctiupp..
Henry BalHiuier
Bernard Fallert
T P McCubhin
I ia oiM - r .
II Partch 5 5:
Whon von bv a Mitchell you buy the best that can
possibly bi built, and run no chances as to quwii).
Mitchell, liOVis iv.ounti
Front and Taylor Sts., Portland, ur.
"Ticrior r.inTT riaaiNao,
Hlooreion Cllf Kiiiri'rl'a.
"I of the NorthwoaUrn Univer-
llln Ik.. ..I.l u. I l. !......
I-.. .fi.ii.Hi ri;iiiRj, vi.i.
American College of Dnntal Surgflry.
'iiikmntte Block, re on City.
Banklm House In the Cltr.
up raiillal, M,000.
kurplui, ju,NMJ.
;ilt. . ... rArviiLft.
'"Miuekt, . a an. a. alanine.
. mm m. m . uiur rmj.
rli.. ..ti.. - i . . . ..4
Li. S ""nm"a ,iim.iuw..
piUreooiyjJmijiao! to eheok.
I'lTfcl I.I.I- . .
I ". aim iiniea aipofiinuvu.
J Jinit city warrant! bousht.
i'Bvla on available laourlty.
tlOII. m..l. .1.
J'Klld ..n..'i. i- .'.! aI lha world
r 'Plilo aialiaimai mid on Purllaud, Ban
f lwo .flhloajioaiM New York.
rDtlJ mi if.... rf.nn.lla
HirMri I
by the ITklWfJ
PrnKKi-T Fi.oi:r. Wheat that ia not
Ht'iiHonctl can not mnko a strong
Hour. The wheat from which our
Tatkst flour is niado, is allohl wtock.
AhIc vour grocer for Patent, and
rufiiHO to accept any "juet as pood,"
aw tliern ia none.
Portland Flouring Mills Co.
Oregon City, Orocon.
Lost, July 19, 4 a. m.-While evi
dence accumulate dally that China haa
long ben prejaring a formidable mill
Ury organuation in anticipation ol the
nniM.nl conflict and that the area of ihe
rebellion ia continuously eiendiug, bar-
monv aiuoni the alliee. which is lo meet
such a glare aituation, la still deplorably
lacking. The Russians have refused Ad
miral Seymour' request to handover
the restored Taku Tion Tain Ktilway to
the English company, and it is rumored
that Germany purpjae Uking a aerioua
independent alep. namely, to patrol toe
Ya-igtse Kiang with mn of-war. Such
step would he greatly resented by Eng
land. Still more alarming news has
been conveyed to the Daily Express from
Tokio, to the effect that the apparent re
lm lance of Germ my and Russia to con
sent to a Japanese commander lor me
rmy corps has led the Japanese Govern
ment to delay the forwarding ol the ui
vinion already mobilised.
"It is useless any longer to hide trom
ourselves the fact that China has de
eland war on civilisation and has plung
. 1 1. .in Ida mnflii't with rapid frentv. It
la aotiallv futile to discuss whether hos
tihties are being waged by the Chinese
Government, In whioh It is evident that
an alasiniatration of soma kind exists.
Tnleaa uninlstakahle evidence exculpat-
Ini! the Pekin Government is promptly
t..rt)wir.miiii. the nowers should treat
ItM UIVWM.1M-, - - a
riilna aa a bulliuerent state and act ac-
A similar line ol comment is taken oy
tli other morning papers. All applaud
the courso of Count von Bulow, the Ger,
man Foreign Secretary, In stopping Chi
miaaLeiratiou in Berlin, and all urge
othor powers to follow Germany a exam
The Russian general suit denies me
n.nrtthat the Chinese have raptured
Blagovestchonsk, capital of the Province
.... I 1. TU
of Amur, ami n ts rurooreu irum nauwa.
.1....1.. l.i.Ittna tauatakAil Alison. I
A anncUl dispatch from Tien Tsin tlis-
irlhntes the number of those killed at the
capture of the native city as follows:
lJnunUns 100. Japanese 07, imusn u
and Americans 37. The correspondent
who aends this asserts that thousands ol
Chinese were killed, and that fighting
was still going on when hie dispatch was
eat In various part of Tien Tarn
Matt Reed
Aug Huber
J C Sprague
Ralp Bacon
John Zurbucher.
Thomas Waach.
Henry Babler...
Edrone Gerber..
Geo Clark
2 '$
s 00
13 00
7 62
7 12
5 12
6 30
23 99
4 02
2 65
37 00
.... 81 W
16 27
Geo Rider 60
Kred Chino 65
J Albright 27 00
1 Borgoyne
fcoht Mc Arthur 26 65
Geo Pb-ister 12 00
Jiie Pheifter . 20 55
W ill Md'4rd I W
Geo Kidder 3 00
Wallace McCord J 50
AScbeer 20 65
Chaa McCormack 3.J 55
Homer Martin 3 00
GeoKelland 4 50
TotaL W82
W WiUon & Cooke, gen funJ...$ 13 15
Frsuk Oleunon, road fund...... 3J 00
J R Cole i
V Shannon 'l 0O
Pat Connor
H Hettman
J E Kalbfleach
Isaac ?horlledge
W J McCord. road fund
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15 15
13 35
10 95
12 75
6 00
. v. tf
Makes light, flaky, delicious hot
biscuits, rolls, muffins and crusts.
Makes hot bread wholesome. These
are qualities peculiar to it alone.
I have found the Royal Baking Towder superior
to all others.-C Corju, late Chef, Dclmonico's.