Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, July 06, 1900, Page 3, Image 3

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rcrsonal Mention
Jul.n W. l-odar, I" Fourth t
H. !),
., A, Jlardliia" andeoii, U, H'iit
lilt at Alil.
W, It, Kllneaiiillli, of lliyl.land, Mm
i .,iiTlmiwlr.
Will Maraliall of till i lly conducted a
.und at 1 1 nM.r. July 4th.
J. I', llaliiea, a irinnlneiit farmer of
ii.K". ti In rliy Monday.
' . If Mattooii, nl Viol, It In lm
lU in (he llitereal of lieller Med.
i, J. II. Mtllrr n.l Alln-rt M. Urllley
,,iillti Fourth at Hllvnr t'rni'k I'alta.
j.;nlrlan Charlie Miller alll move
Vlihk' family U Mad I. en nnl
J W. Tlion.m, iimii of the Ixn'ling
l.rn pr tl Hl Hifliig, wae In tl.e i lly
cii hiullli, of Needy, Waa In Iimii
' l.ui'.Uy lr mini linij t.nait.eae ith tl.e
t.,iini)' hoard
'I'.iin ', llandall riit n.een.iire
J'.r at lluitevlll. lid rrMiiU a roiiBirK
rlrl. ration,
i Mi Hliwr, teacher of Multnomah
f 'ttiy, attended id liidituto In tltl
.iv, Hiiirliy.
- Will lturgl.ir.lt and Charle Iteal
rina dott Oil tliolr aheele from Kalern
.undey luoriilntf.
AU..iny J. II. Mid lleioo.of 1'ortleri.l,
a attending tjI.i metier In thia
-:ty lit Monday.
(illr . Parvtr, jrmlnent firmer o'
tola, In lli city Moii.Uy iovli.g
t on lilt l.oitieatead.
Mix Celt and .xli liol Uinltli leave
today lot lhre-eae ttay with thrlr
arenla In Kugen,
Mim Klla l-aronaon, of I'orlland, aa
(he K'ir.l of Miae Hyhll l.liill veral
lya during tlia week,
Mr a. A. K, Utotimlla, of MeMlnnvllla,
la vUlllntf ( ilia rraldence of her on, I.
". Utotiretlai.fll.leclty.
tiao, W. Hoo in. I wife retaliated
tt Fourth at Mo, ahrra Ilia lor .tier a
tl.it rhlrf orator of tha day.
Juatlra Chariot Wall,' of Canny, wta
in tha rlty teat Monday alillii-op th
affair of hi falliar lata.
John ami Valantln hlokea, of Na
ra. al tliroiigh oor city Mon.lay
fiKirnlog ilh a rub twar in Uir ui
a. ..n.
Kiuty HhrrlfT Jark. I.Uy Hll.p, Mr.
k-r aint L. AJam tunlt Hi Math-
ol.tt ramtmptln at f alaI Tl'lnmt, lt
tiirf ay.
MiMa SVIIIa Itllay and Ma! K
rrkpr, of Alhany, wfr in tm rlly yr
l. f.tay anrout to I'urlland hrr thay
m 111 tlil durinit tl. prk.
Mr. V. II. Vanatoy, of Montana. I
in tl. city lUin hr Lrottirr O. II.
.(!. am. Mr. Van.-y la th prraldont
l it. n t'mvarally of Montana.
II. .. A. H. Iirrar an I if wait
irava liral wcok I f vi. II to lila oi l
I. .ini. In U.aaUlni-l Mlu'. II Intrn li
to maka 1. 1 tay Ul lwui a uuiuli.
M. W. MrCon h4 diwl of lila
I.. anj lot in thli city l tltto UliMll,
an. lalll lv lth hi family in the
lirar luliiro for Malfonl, Orpcon, wlitr
tl.ry all) maka tliolr fulur hum.
Max Holla, k and family and Mlaa
'! (l.il.Luiith riurnd lal Monday
Irum iMr trip to Snavlnw, Wah.,htr
tl.ry Lava tMMm for th Imnrflt of Mr.
l.lVk Imallli. They will rwturn
k.'into tl.la outing plaro in tho tnon'b
ol V.tiul)r.
A. J. l.ralliwalt and family left for
Monday nliura thvy liav rriitod
a i-otUiia lor tna tnwun. Mr. Ilh
wlto returned hoiiia Thur.lay, ar
gttliw tlilinr In ahaj for their aumuier
cutuiic, and will x)iid till vacation with
tl.mn lu Atitt'tat.
I). W. Klndalrd arrived In tho city
Tm-mlay evenlnu from a lurveylntt trip
In Umulaa rotinly. Ho aya tho
UoliiMii'an inlnea in that loi-ality aro
.roK)nlilun and thaithey can
l .n..d ImiiIi wlnUtr and aiimmer.
f,.r ICaalimn Oregon Thura.lay
looming '
r-or y,, ty-iy sr-W
Local Eyci;1!.
.lOt O, A. A. A AX .Ol CS.-KS ll iM
U'. Randolph had a IUiigUn hnro
die (Ma week that ho valued at filO.
A In fiiho to wed waa Imiwd Saturday
Jtint. :mi to Mlnnlo O'Connor and W. (J.
l!""i, tothn wifo of IajiiI Funk, of
ltH.lluu.l, a 10 pound iclrl on tho 30th.
Mr. Funk la fuollnu cpilto happy nd all
doing wi,
1'intrlut Attorney llarriaon Alton haa
ppoliitod J. U. CainplM'U his deputy
'"r Olackmniui county. (I'll apolnt
ioent la a iplondld one.
Jniiidi L. Itooth, of Vantlilll county,
today lllod proof In the Oregon City
United KUtoa Land Olllee on a"Htono"
cluliu, nituated in Yamhill county.
County Clerk Cooper h moved Into
J. C. Bradley rooldonco on Kixth
street, Mr. JJradloy and family Laving
removed to the Jaggur houa on Main
treet. i
( Ir.nlt CuiKt ,.,mven ( Oregon
('ilV July I'.', Tin, aeaaion will m a
hurt iiin, aa iln.ru am n4 many run
mi l lit iiM'kt, 'flier may lm no Jury
AJvertland letter remaining iniiUlmed
t l'aiklm n noatotll. Clai kamaa Co.
'"'"'ttii m'li midm Jun 31, W. (!
Charier, Mla A.U Martin, Mr, deorg
Harriott and Miaa Amy Thoiiiaa,
W, A. lloi.MKa, rfrt.tiiialer.
It la aald Ibat Mali Coiiiinlaalorier Uee
III rncoiiiliieinl that tho Heat legUlatur
liorlell the Halting neaaaii to two Inoiillia
Inalaad of four, aa la now th law. Ill
ran.)!! for llil la that tint lUli ar rapidly
b Mlig eleruilliata..
Tim wild plynoii nan haao4ne. arid
aporlameii of Una city ari embracing
very day whilii It laata. Haiunlay Tom
Itandall and Itoaa Holman kllln.l K) and
Dm lollowmg iUy Chaile Wrlglitand
Cliarlea Miller w1iki W.
lion, Alri Tholii.aou, a pioneer
teai her i (Mackamaa atatlon, U allud
ing Id leaclier'a li.alilutn now in acnalon
In tl.la i lly, la einpl.aaia the fad
ll.al Ihn foada which havn Ihhmi graded
III that rljofi nf I tin I'oiinly will havit to
ha gravelml of loc.iiiin lmpaaable during
lha winter inoi.ll.a,
Hupervlaor Jaiura Atkin, of Candy
pit, iiu i will ak th rouuty board to
glavel aleml llirtxi mile of tha Canhy
and Million road, which i otherwl In
g'xxl condition, lis la having an ouillna
draft of tha H. I'. road, lh central linn
road, th Molalla road and th Canhy
TJtd prepared for prartlral nan,
John Haker, of hlilngtown, ia danger
ouly III at I. la home Willi an attack of
paralyila. reiaral da) a ago h waa
rickau avrly, and medical atiittanco
waa pro'uiaI. Owing to Mr. Itakar'a
a-lvanrad ag th afllntlon gora hard
wild blin, and hia rl.ani eaof ull'niato
liiiprovnnetil are doubtful.
W. I., Wl.li render il.a following re
port from Aurora, (,'lackainaa county;
Owing to th continued wet tthr,
clover bay, both cut ami uncut, bat
been badly damaged. Cl.errira and
Iwrrlea ara a!o badly damagwl. (iraln
look a ld. H-ially fall -wn. homa
aprlng wheat and oaia or not doing
much In th way of Improvement ainra
lha damp wrather cam. lloa ara the
inual prumlalng crop at praarnl. (iar
den and relator lx.k well.
J. C Moraland, id I'orlland, wat In
Ilia city MondaV arltling up lb eJlat
of Itolrt .N'almin, dereaa. The vc
aculrlg, Kaiherinii Nelaon't report ahoaa
thatl7i0 in caah bat come Into her
band, alo including a proinlory note
irV). Alt the apf)iir of adminis
tration and prubalo having been paid,
lha remainder, according to th will uf
th itaeaaed, gor to tl.a etvoiltrll,
who la illarharged from further obllg
A d.apaU'li wa rereivrd from Floria
I'.n, California, yraterdar. aUtu.g that
Cliarlea leaver, an employe of lb Crown
l'aar M ilia there, bad lieen aifldenllly
killed wlul at work on th afternoon of
July 3. Th victim wa raoithl Initio
Ilia. I. Inert, llxl dereaand waa Until re
cently a rei. lent of Oregon City, where
l.n ti .a t- rn riiiiiloyrd in the r inllla.
The l" V aaa bruugbl brr lor burial.
Cl.arlra Is.v.r wa US year old, and
leavea a wue and two children. Ilia
family had intended to Jiin him at Flor
lalon liext Week. WixKlmen of tho
World will conduct tho funeral.
There la oiilUi a atir in theaawinill
Initlriea at Han.lv. Kvpiybody who can
alTord It or gt Iruat, la buying and build
ing taw milla, and timber ! conaidered
a valuable poaaeeaion, Conuning, Cole
A Co' mill ataited up and I aa a
force of 20 men at work. J, II. Weneia'
mill i complulo and la aawlng road
plank and lie. I,onard'a Mill Co., of
l'leanaul Homo, will move their mill up
to Handy. They liae puri'lianod ftuvcral
buudred acre of Umber in Ihlt l.H-ality.
About 0.'i,0tX) Ilea have been dumped In
tho Handy river by Uramhall'i and
Menlalnger' aawmlll and will at onco
begin to drive to Tmildnlo, where they
will bo taken out by an etui I cm chain
A a reault ol a conference held laat
Monday by I'realdent II. Wehrung, of
ilillrihoro, and HecreUry M.M. Wiadoir,
ol Portland, of tha Htato Agricultural
Hocloiyi and Kx-Counly -Commlariloner
It. Hcott, of Milwaukie j Judge T. F.
Kryan ami II. K. Croea, proaldont of tho
D mrd of Trade, and other prominent
morfof theoounty.lt was agreed that
Clnckamaa county plm-o an exhibit at
the State fulr to lie held In Palum during
tlm uinnth of Heiiteiiiher. A meeting of
of the Hoard of 1 radii waa iiibrequontly
hold, at whlchitwaaducidod to place the
mutter iu tho hand of a committee,
named by tho nroaident. Mr. Croa
nominated K. h. Charmnn. O. II.
F.iwtlium, Uichard 8colt. J. M. Tracy,
to roiiHtituto thia coinmitteo.
Iteaidna crenting an exhibit lor the
fair it will lie retained aa a permanent
advorilHenumt of tle roaourcoo of thia
county ami tilace In a oonaplmtona place
In Oregon City. There will boa Apodal
endeavor uiado on wheat, fruit, wooleu
goodn, patwr, poultry. There will aUo
lie a iliMlay of lioraea, boga, cattle and
horticultural and farm product..
Tho Orcffon HoniPHWktm Iinml((ratlon
SuggcHta a plan for (tolling your
form. Writo for it. Address I
Oregon Citj, Orogon.
The Water Commlalon la determined
tion action, but In Jnt what illrei tlon
tbey ara atlll uiidni'lded, to mpply th
city with heller water, CoiririiMoimr T,
t. Charman atate the Hoard la not tin
mindful of Hie condlllon of thowa'erat
preaent, and that they are working Ind.v
failgueahly upon aoina plan of relief.
II alao ktatea that tho aoutli fork of lb
Clackainaa baa been explored and It la
found that tha neareat pla. wber water
by gravitation could m tupplln'l, would
bo 111 mllei dia'ant from the city,
liravltallou from (lard aprlnga i Haaiblo
but th water aupply I abort. TI.e
lie.,..,, pi,,:, wlier. gj.vel filter Could
I. .rr.ngd, by fining larg- well, .op.
Piled by email auwella which ar. M
piled by
by nutnerou plpea, th water In which
haa flrat flown through gravel, and
tl.cn. e 'iimH)d to tl.a city, la f jnr mllei
It ia the Intention of lha Hoard to make
a practical aurvey of tha aitiullon a
aooii aa th waalher a perinlaall.la,
( aril of Tlianka.
Our-oov City, Or., Jun 22, 1'.KO.
..... ...... era an.. o,...
City A..ml,y .No. 7, trilled Artla.na.
f . I If 1 ..I M
' " " ,
Iwi.hlo.ipreMtr, yU ,y he.rtfe t
(hankaofor lha kind aitenlloi. l-alowe-l
ujein my llovnl wife, during bar recent
lllneaa, and for the ayinpathy extended
to myaidf and her family during our
mUforluu. I aUo wUhtorxprea my
lliankarth proinptne.,1,, wbli.l.tbolTlil,wniLjli VftmM ylom Vt)fU
lilprerue oin.:eil have paid th policy of
my d-ceaed wife. Wo joined the
ArlUaiia w I, en It waa in ita In la my and
have watched It gradually grow and
develop into on of lb alrongeal in lb
One mora thanking you all and will
ing our nohl order every u. c.
Your Truly,
It. A. Itiaru.
Itrafaeta Cannot be ( ired
by local application, aa the cannot
reach the diaraad portion of the ear.
There I only one way to enre deafneaa,
and that 1 by constitutional reuiedie.
iVafneaa 1 cauaed by an loflamel corv
d.lim of the inueou lining of t tie Ki
atachlan Tulo. When ttiia tube gel in
flamed you bav a rumbling aound or
luiajrferl bearing, and when It 1 entirely
cIimmv) deafnraa it tho reault, and unlea
the liifl'iiallun ran bo taken out and thia
tube real or ed to It normal condition,
hearing will U dealruyed forever; nine
caaea out of ten are cauaed by catarrh,
which ia nothing but an Infl lined condi
tion of th mucoua eurfarea. '
Wa will give One Hundred Dollar for
any re of IVafnea (cauaed by catarrh)
that cannot lie cured by 1 1 all's Catarrh
Cure, Kend for rircnlara, free.
F. J. I'll F.N KY A CO. Toledo, O.
Hold tiv dmirgint. 7V.
llall'a'Fariulv Till are tho beat.
The Heat Itrmrity fur Moniarh
llowel Trnablra.
"I Lave in lb drug hiiaineee for twenty
yrara and have aold moat all of the pro
prietary medicine of any not. Among
the entire Hal I have never found any
thing to equal Chamrlain'i Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Kerne.ly for al
alomacb and bowel t rouble, "aayi 0. W,
Wakefield, of Columhua, C.a. "Thia
remedy cured two aevera caaea of cholera
noibua in rny family and I have recotu
mended and ld hundred of bottle of
it to my customer to their entire eati
faction. It alTordi a quick and aure cure
Inapleaaant for in." For aalebyG. A.
Harding, Irng;it.
Ie ill a Little harly Kiaer aro
(moil little pilla for liver and bowel
tnxiblea. Never gripe. Geo, A. Marl
ing. During laat May an infant child of our
neighbor wat inllering from cholera in
fanlum. The doctor bad given up all
hope of recovery. I took a bott'o of
ChamWIain'i Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy to tho liouee, telling them
I felt dire it would do good if uaed ac
cording to direction. In two daya time
tho child had fully recoverrd. The child
I now vigorous and healthy. I have
recommended thia remedy frequently
and have never known It to fail. Mrs.
Curtlt Baker, Nook waller, Ohio. Hold
by U. A. Harding, DrnggUt.
One Minute Cough Cure la the only
barmleea remedy that produce Immedi
ate roulta. Try it. Geo. A. IlardircJ
tiU. (la l cf. M 3
Karl's Clover Root Tea
IfeatitlrlMi tl.a Complril.m, Pnrillea Ilia
HI.M..I. iilvraa Krtwh.l'lrnr.skin. l'.m.L'i.n
lluill.,.i, ln.llxntl.m, ami all Kr.iptl" "
Ilia Ski... An aurrrnl.ln l.ni.tlvo Nnrvr
Wn'h, Sold nn nlo.il.ita tnarmilH ty all
druKnlsta at S5c., 60c. and fl.OO.
on raoeaiCToaa
For sale by.U. U. Huntley.
m iii:iih i.i m:hhi).i.
Tutor (Jallier for Tin lr Mulnal It' m fit.
t'nder Hi rtipi-rvieion f P'of, Jf. W.
lio-aland th laacliera of ('lai kamaa m
gan a three- lay Irietiluto In Ihe c'.uiity
court hoin-n Tl.uraday morning. The in
Olllii'o opened with wi ll ili.en inifo
dm lory remark by Huperinleiident
('owlarid and the rvu!ar outlined pro.
gram wai puraued.
The nr.n' In the aflerruon
were li.iir.ctid with phyalral
Clltur training I'V Heirelarr A. M.
"", V"""1 W',M'"""' ' ''" ,"
. '''"""'"l "'"X" ' '
T'? ' H"V"',' U'"lta '1In1""
and Mr. Knapp,
The follow ii.g lea' bera are fglalerrl
a atlend.rig Ilia flrat dava excrcl'i-t:
From Oregon City -O II I'yUnd, It M
Huliaidfiii, N K llolden, Jennie Y.
It'iwen, Mamie Adama, MaJor eCaufii Id,
Antore!ta Walilen.Kriria l.aurenre, I. vie
Laurence, II H (iibann, Maude K Kidder
Helen W (i'caw.n, Ida Oeiilner, Fred J
Melndl, ,Vi Iho Younger, Myrtle K Taylor,
' '
yM w,u,Jj Uw K
i,..,.... L-,lltwM ,.-t,v l. -.,,,.
I l'tlie, Florence V,
j m
F4l(i- 0 y
Kail.rjn I'or'er,
rom 4lem u K
lent'ey, Mra, K A Marah, W C llawley.
5lagie Waleui.aug'i. From Milwaukie
Floa '.f, Kigiva Millan, Ada Mi-
I-aill.lin, Marv i'oung, Minerva
land Olive M Miaamore. Ha'ah Hleeper,
J liuriiham. From Clai kamaa Koima
hliuri bier, Martha hl.iirtliler, Alex
Thompan, Ororg'a Until. From F.ly
KUIe M a i . From Marrj'iarn Klaio
J Taylor. From Needy J U Noe. From
lUdland Maude Htone, llattie Wilrof ,
D II Moaher. From Canhy M.irley
lluck, I'aiay 1'belia, Mra. F.litabrth
ItiM k. From l'a) n Vm II Karr Mar
tin Mee-figr, Klnora OiLlher from
hhuUl. From Vancouver, Wab IIeio
Kiegli. Frjw Hunoy-i le .Stella M Sun
ner, C K Mobler. From Campoeg Ad
di Ituuini. Fr.'in I)ainaarue Ktbel
Oaburn. From Ma(Trd II Iriauian,
lnxTboioHun, Aua Tboinpn. From
Willaniet'e FalU-Miliar ! Ilyait. From
Y.n Crek lieo T Mclrthur. Hnth
Hamparm From McK H'enton Veil
iler. From (.'ortwti lary L leader
From I'arkplaiv V.g Hill, From
Claix F.mtn Kleu.amith, Cliarlea 1'
The law bold m.ker and circulator of
a counterfeit epial'y guilty. The dea'e
who tell yoil a dangeroui counterfeit of
ItoWitt'a Witch llaxel Halve riak your
life to make a liUle la'ger profit. You
cannot truat him. leWiit' lathe only
genuine and original Witch IIxl Sa've,
a well known cure for pilra and all akin
diaaaaea. H-e that your dealer give
you DcWitt Halve.
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can't cora
p a r e our
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