Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, June 29, 1900, Page 5, Image 5

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Oregon City Enterprise
Tim('""' I"11" Co ran y
(Cimtli 6t.)
7:00 A. M.
II 13
J '5
4 4)
I fj onl to
1 UtttVU
10 y milr Ifl
11 4"
1"3 . M.
II W ft M.
4 "J
4 50
7 "5
t.KJ 1
only f
It 50 only (o
aillwauk I
It.ii tuM rVMooi.uoi ia, The contract
(If lllO PftH-ltoll ll (IB OriO-flKiUI IH'lllXll
tiillilliin l ImiIIuii Iim rrn awarded to
I'rol H. lUkrr. Work will 11(1 at nore.
htm in run Mum The cutter
department of tli Willamette I'll I p A
J'Tf Co. aperlenced another atrke
Turajr morning. Te atrlkars nunc
In-red alitit don, lint to wera In
duced lo remain, whlla tl ntliere lmli
on l and llirlr placee rt aupllad I7
no wen. They vera receiving on an
average about 7J cente day and liny
struck for dollar.
J, K01 (ilia of moat de
lightful out-door part Ire of lh iraiun oc
curred on Hi lawn ! Ida liuma of I,
and Mia. K. A. Kotnmer laal Friday
evening. Ml the party illlrrr wart
levlahly served, anil amuaeinenli galore,
Including dancing, war Indulged In urv
til a lite hour. The aortal waa kWiq
under the aualrao the ladlea' (MM
of Hi. Paul 'a Kplrial cliurvli, an J
proved a happy succeae.
Ai-roiariu AimiTBiu I.al Hat
tirday, Alblna llmdru keuii, through her
attorneys. I'lmlrk an J Kaatliain, waa ap
pointed adtulnlalretrii 0 lharatateof
her drreaaed bmhand, IUnjrnln Hen
drlckaun. Tta raoral prurly la val
ued al 1 110, an) Ilia rval rurtr la
ukI allli'fiO. Itenjainln !leivlr!kn la
lti man whoiuddattly diaapjieartd from
tit liimia al Maple I .a tie euiue iiiunilia
a', ami w I" body waa recently found
II ating In the Willamette tUrr.
PrikiTt-aiiara at Ntw Ft. A ro
Iracted ir liualUllo canipmreting waa
lVn al Nw Kia, iaal Saturday umlir
Hie lnli(rliirnl ol Ilia hlntfl h'lrilill-
ta AM-Utnn. Many t!ivra In
ttua Uk trine from all 'rtoft!io aute
ar III atlrtxlaliro. Tlia Initial d-alurr
w a daiK-o glvrn lii Nt Kra lialt,
Mmliutna Iruitt I'aliloi 11U, (inoria, and
Clilmg ), aro Ilia atar ot(urinnra, wlilla
local a.lvlwra aro rcriil. Tliy
aro liavlnf Urga auilir-ncra, many Hla
rainplrtit on Ilia (rutiml. TIhm anrvlrra
will i-uiituiua atMiiil Ihrra wiMika,
CitrKAMaa TiK IUr. IVtmaln
W. J. I'Wrltrn, o( KpriiiKKatrr, ami
l n rrlurned Turailay morning (nun a
taoarrk'a lour of Marion, I'ulk, IJnn,
and llt'iit'in rountira. In raking of
Hi condition ol rrja at romparril with
llifl of ClarkamatMinniy, Mr. I-Hvllca
aid: "Our cruHi look txittar Idwn any
witni'Mixl In Hit countioa vlaiUnl. In
Bimtun county I waa in rutio orchard
roiiialninK alioul lOOacrra, and It la aala
to my tdera wnro not over 11 Motmi
Imnlirln of runrt In Ilia ultra) fluid.
TI10 rait, rclally In IJnn county,
arnpirollrnt, bill Clackamat county In
Kinr4l aurataitt litem all and H nvrr
i"ptt grandeur mora than It did
tiK'ii my return from oilier couutiot."
UiMiMlcari ri(frm.
(('oiillimrMl from pax. 01m.)
ami iliMi'rndilod rurrnnry, Ilia alm ilon of
iliMiiocralifl prnaldnnt c M riot fall to
Impair tlm country 'a cradlt and Io bring
onrn mura Into iiuxatlon Ida liiUuitlon of
tlin A riiBrlran noda will imyir lolnratt
Ilia ClilragD ilalfiirui, Wa rm-ognlaa Ilia
iitM .nity ami oropilnty of Wi lionnat !
Deration of railtal to 111 ml naw bual
naa comlltlont ami rlally to aitnnd
our rapidly Incrnaalng foielgn trada, but
a roinlnmn all i'oiiaplrai:l and coiuM-1
natlona Inlamtnd lo raalrlct bulna. tolHlatnt, rarlng ronlrol of tlia diatribu
I'tr-aUi monoiillria, lo limit protlui'tlun or I
t' control pr lira, and favor aucli Inglala-j
lion aa will alfm lually raatrain and lira 1
vant all dm b abtiMt, protm and pro-
inoKi romprlltlon ami aocura Ilia rlglita
of pro.ucrt, lalxirura and all wboara
angag! In induatry ami cauimnrra.
Wa rannw our faltb In lb policy of
prolix. lion to American labor. In Ibat
(xillry our Induatrlr bara bean eatal
llthwl, divunirliij ami maliitainl. I!y
prot ling Ida boma, ronilion baa Un
llinulalrtd aud rolurtlo clia!ial.
Opportunity to Uia Invautlva gniilua of
our Mopla bit IxHiti ao ure and waga
In rvrry ili-partmrnt of latxir mlntalufl
al blglt rata, blgbnr now than dvrr
fura, lwayt diatlnguUblng our working
pnopla In llirlr Ixillrr condiliont of Ilia
from Uioaa of any romiting country.
Knjoylng I ha bliwlnga of Atnarlran
eomuiuu at'hoota, hk iiib In tht right of
anlf govrrniiiBiit and protrll In Iba
occupancy ol t hxlr own tuarkala,
Ibair comtanlly ncrialtig know
la-lgn and akill bava aiiahtnd tbrm
finally to anUtr Iba market! ol Ida world.
Wa favor Iba aaaodaled policy of reel
pro ly, ao dlrecUxl aa lo ojtt our mar-
keta on favoiabla Inrtna for what wa do
ni ounwlvti proiluca In return for fraa
foraigq ruarkaU.
In Ilia further lotareat of American
workman, wefivor a mora ffm-tlva rv
tril lion of Iba immigialloo of cheap
labor from foreign landa, tha etr-nlon
of 0MrtuultiMi of aturation for our
chllilrro, to raiaa Iba aga limit fur child
lahur, tha protection of frea labor at
a-ainet contract, cm v It I laW and an
alfiH-llva tyatam of laW Inauranca.
Our pteannt drprndelica on foreign
hlp4ng for nlna lentbt of our lurvlg D
carrying I a great loaa Xa the lnduitriea(
of tbla countiy. Il I alao a er 0 j
darnrer to our lra.W. for lie auddon with-j
drawal In Ilia event of a r.uropran war
would) aerlouily cripple our expanding
brrrlgn commrrre. The National d-j
a . ..!. I . ait . t .fall-
iruaa anu oavai tmc-ncy o. ..... cuo... ,
try, moreover, .upply a tunhtni
on (ur letfiiiaiion which will enable ut
lo rwroyer our former plaice among Iba
trad carrying fleeia of the world.
Tha nation owea a debt of profound
gratitude lo the aoldier and tailor who
have foughl lie battle aixl It I lb
nivvrnniKiilV .till v la nmvide for ibo
urtivor and for Ibe w.doa and 1
orphan of ihoae who have f4llen In the
cointry't war.
The pennon law a, founded on (hi jut
reiitlinent ihotild be In eral and ibould i commended. Ny ni-uiing lo our unui
m loyally adiiiliililerrd, and preference! vldl cnnlrol the moat important liland
ihuuld be given, wherever piaclUable, of the Samoan group and the beet harbor
with reipect to employinenl in the public
aervUe, to aoldier and aailora audio
their widowt and orphan.
Wa commend the inilU y of lha repub
lican party in maintaining the rlllciency
of Ibe civil ervbe. The admlniitration
ha a. ted windy in It I'lfort lo eecure for
public aervli-o In Cuba, I'orto Klco, Ha
waii and the Philippine Iilaml only
ttuiao whole lltneaa baa been ilolermined
by training and exetleiiie. We believe
that employment In the publlo aervice in
theaa lerrltorlea ihuuld te coiiflntvl. aa
far at piacllcable, to their Inhabitant!.
It waa the plain pur.oe of the 13th
afiieitdiueiit to the comtitullon to pie-vv-nt
discrimination u account ol race or
color In regulating the elective Iranchiae.
1 )ov ice of tate government, whether
by atatutory or conilltutlonal enactment
to avoid llie purpoae of tblt amendment,
aro revolutionary, and tbould be con
de 111 lied.
rubliu movementa, looking to a r-
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maimrit ImprovaniHiit of tba road and
lilghwayt of tlia country, mont with our
oonllal approval, and wa rM'Oimrinil
tbla aubct Vt tlia aarnnat conaldnratlon
of tlia pli and of tlia leglalaturat of
ilia aavaral atafa.
Wa favor tlia aitanilon of tlia rural
(nm dullvary imrvlca wUraver lit e xtr-n
tlon may U Juatlflixl,
In furtlmr tiumiarina of tliaconntarit
policy of Ida rr-pulllcan party to provlda
fraa liouma on Ida public domain, wa
rm:aiiimm aipita national litgUlallon
lo rar.lalm tlia arid lamia of Ilia Unilad
Hon of watnr for Irrigation to Ilia rmimc-
lira alalia ami tirrltorlia.
Wa favor homarula for and tbaaarlrad-
1 '
million V) atatidiooil of Iba terrlUirlet of
Naw Meilco, Arlwria an J Oklohoma.
War IUf nua,
Tha Dlngley ai t, amndl to proylda
auflklnnt revenue for tha conduct of Iba
war, baa wall pnifw ted iU work thai
It baa len xiihla U reluca tht war
debt In Iba aum of K),(X)0,0(X). Ho
ample ara tha governmant'f revenue
and ao g'tat la Iba public confldenca in
tha Integrity of It obligation that iU
newly funded 2 a-r cent bond aell at
pramluiii. The country la now JuitiflVd
in eipecUng and it will l tha olicy of
Uia republiran parly to bring about a re
duction of tha war tale.
Wa favor the conitrtictlon, ownertblp,
control ami protactloo of an Utbmlan
ranal by Iba government of Ilia United
Naw market are nereaaary for Iba la
crening mrplui of our farm prolucta,
Kvery rmrt abould la mala to open and
obtain new market, eipejUlly In lha
Orient, and iba Administration 1 warmly
lo la commended for it auct-anaful eUort
t it commit all trading and roloniting tia
tlona to tha olicy of Iba open door in
In lha inlereat of our eipandiog com
mrce, wa recommend that congreaa cre
ate Imparl meut of Commerce and In
d utr.e 1 io tie charge of a secretary with
a aeal In the cabinet.
The CniUd hutoa Couautar yatm
abould be raorganiaed under the luper-
viilon of tbl new department, upon audi
a bain of appointment and tenura aa
will render it allll mora aervicaabla lo
Iba Nation 'a iucreaiing trade.
The American government muat tro
,u ro0 0d projrty of every
tiun, woerever Ibey are wiooglully
jn ,wril.
We congratulate Iba women of America
Uon their aplemlld record of public aerr
volunteer aid ablation and
. , durinif
. . , .
the Kaalern and Weitern Indie, and we
appleciata their faithful co-operatioo in j
all worka of education and induatry.
1'ieaidrnl MiKlnley ha conducted
the foreign affair of the United Hutea
with diitiiiguiihcd ctod.t to the Ametl-
c'n ,,H,,,,e
In ri'teaiing' ut Irom tha vexatioiii
Kuropean alliance for the government of
Samoa, hie courne It enpeciallv to tie-
in the Soutliern raciflr, etery American
intereet ba Ix-en raleguarded
We approve the annexation of the Ha
waiian Inland to the United State.
Wa recommend the part taken by our
government in the eace conference al
the lligne. Wt aaaert our tteadfaat
adherence lo the policy announced in
the Monroe iXicrine. The provlaient
of The Hague conference were wiiely
regarded when President McKinley
tendered hi friendly otlicc in the
lnteret of eiice between (iied Britain
and the South African Republics. While
the American government muit continue
the jiolicy pieacrilwd by Waehington,
alllrmed by eyery auccet'ding preaideiit,
and impoeod upon ot by the Hwue
treaty of nouinterventlon in KuroHn
controveriiee, the American peoplo
earneetly lioe that a way may toon be
found, honorable alike lo both contend
ing parllea, to terminate the ttrlfe be
tween them.
this ruiurntrn,
In accepting, ty Hit treaty of I'arla,
the reapomlhilily of our vlvtorloe In the
BpanUlj war, the praiidiint and the
Kinati won (he undoubted approval of
the A merlcan people, No other coo me
w oilble thiin to di-atroy Hpain't
fjvarelgnty throughout the Went Indie
and in the Philippine laland. That
couraa creite l our reiponaibillty before
tha world the unorganized (emulation
whom our Intervention bad freed from
Hpaln, lo provide for (be maintenance of
law and order, and for the eatabllilunent
of good government and for (be per
formance of International obligation.
Our authority could not be lea than our
reaporiaihility, and wherever eoverelgn
rlgbtfl were extended It became the high
duty of the government to maintain It
authority to put down armed Imurrec
Hon and lo confer the hleaiing of liUrty
and civilization on all the rercued
Tlie largeit tneature of aelf govern
ment coniiitent with their welfare and
our dutlet alie.ll be aecurei to them by
law. To Cuba, Independancc and eelf
government ware amired in Ibe aame
voice by which war wit declared, and lo
the letter thii pledge ihall be performed.
The republican party, upon iU blitory
and upon Una declaration of it prim-i-
plire anJ ollciea. confidently Invokea
the conaiderite and approylng judgment
of the American people.
(ivrmini am Iba Coateatlon.
I'.KBi.ia, June 21 The National Zei-
tung. commenting upon the proceeding!
of Ibe Itepublican National Convention
al Itiiladelphia, refer to Mr. Wolcott'e
expreaalon of tympethy for the Iloera in
hi ipnerb at the opening of the conven
tion aa "lingular after the republican
admlniatratiun bad refuted American
eupport to the Boera." It le preiuraed
tMi waa a political maneuver deiigned
to take the wind out of the tail of the
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