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rft S liS , 0 A
Fin pm. .'one 25. School closed Fri
day afternoon with appropriate exercises.
Harry Hill, of Forest Orove, w here
a lew days last wwk visiting his father.
Mr. Welfle, PulTorJ farmer, preached
an eloquent sermon in tlie Congrega
tional church tliii rooming.
Atla Moehnke and Klnor Ctinther and
Kobert Ginlher, have returned horn.
Their wpevtive schools having closed
last Friday.
Mr. Mawingcr wss married lat week,
hi wife having arrived few daya pre
vious. In the evening the married men
of the neighborhood charivaried him in
good natcred way. Of course some of
the young men were in it, too. They
were all invited to come inside where all
were well received.
Kev. Fig intends leaving tor the
Eat in few day. Miunderstandings
all around, between himself and hie con
gregation, seem to have discouraged tiira. i
However, Mr. E-wig is an intelligent,
earneot, and well-meaning young man,
and deserves a better reward.
We will celebrate the Fourth. Mr.
Moehnke'e grore is being fixed op for
the occasion. We will have speaking,
pinging, games, contest, etc. Kobert
Ointher will deliver the addresa of the
dy, and Ada Moehnke will read the
Declaration of Independence.
Mrs. Grimmer, of Albany, is visiting
ber daughter, Mrs. E. W. Hornschuh.
Chris Homfchuh and wife spent yes
terday in Oregon City.
Our road supervieor.E. W. Hornschuh,
has the road now ready for plank.
John Heft A Co bare abont completed
Mr. Hermann's barn.
Tj' clowns how everything aeeru to show
that Sanity will celebrate to I remem
bered. Meiuinger A Co. started to drive
about 40,000 ties down the Mainly river.
Miss Tillie Trims is out from Portland.
Home once more.
Mi ks Annie Nelson has make a trip to
Portland and bark again in the same
day on her new wheel, the first of Sandy
girls to accomplish this.
A young man, while assisting to drive
tie down the Sandy river, in going over
rapids had his boat capaiaed and come
Tery near drowning, was only rescued
after considerable work.
Redlasd, June 23. Grain, fall sown,
is very poor. Spring better. Aphes
is qnite plentiful. lorries are a good
crop. Gardens and weeds look fine.
A large number of the young folks at
tended the party given by the newly
welled couple at the parsonage.
Hurrah for the Glorious Fourth!
Union Park will celebrate again in
grand style. Geo. C, Brownell orator of
the day. An excellent committee has
been appointed and a fitting program
prepired. Plug Uglies, bike races, foot
race, horse race, roost graceful lady rider
and swing All who wish a pleasant
time will not be disappointed. No liquor.
Coma oue aud till.
F. E. M unlock, of llacksburg. was
Been on our streets again Sunday.
Frank, you never come to ReUland when
-the school mam is not at home.
Harry Mosher closed a Tery successful
term of school at Stone a few days ago
with a flag ramug.
W. H. Mattoon has Wen traveling our
berg in behalf of our road.
Miss Casbie Vilcox is visiting in Tort'
Royal Slpratfue, of Stone, was seen in
onr berg one evening last week.
Harry Mother spent Friday and Sat
nrday visiting at Elwood.
Services at both charche Sunday.
Mrs. Leonard N'ewkirk spent Sunday
visiting in Red'.and.
Mr. and Mrs. Ward, of Butte, Mont.,
are visiting Mrs. Wards mother, Mrs. J.
M. Bihymer.
Q lite a crowd went to Viola to quar
terly services Sunday and Monday.
Willard Ostnn, of Logan, will open a
2,'j months term of school at the Ever
green schoolhouse.
Urva wood.
Moehnke closed a very successful three
months term of school lit Friday. The
entertainment and ice cream social
which was given in the evening was welt
attended. Alter the entertainment was
over, ice cream, straw berries, cake and ;
lemonade were served by several of the i
young ladies of the neighlntrhood. The '
booths which were decorated with the !
national colors, evergreens and flowers, 1
presented very pretty apix-araiu-e and
wre well patronised : the receipts of i w
the evening amounted to $-5. I
Mr Jones, who arrived from South j
Africa last week, is visiting his sister j
Mrs Wm Jones.
Walter Rider bs gone to Eastern Ore
gon to work during harvest.
Frank McCormack of the L P. R. R.
pent Tuesday at his home in Green
wood. E M Waldron, of Central Point and C
II Rider, of Greenwood, will start for
Morrow county Tuesday, where they
will work through heading and thresh
ing. Pro. Griffith was calling in Greenwood
on his way to Mulino.
George McCormack, who baa been
working down on the Columbia, returned
home Thursday evening.
Geo Rider had the misfortune to lose
a valuable cow last week.
Dave Penman, who has been in Cali
fornia is home again.
Some of the farmers lost considerable
hay, it having been cut before the rain.
Geo Freeman, who has been in South
ern Oregon, has joine 1 his wife, who is
visiting at the home ( her parents, Mr
and Mrs Thomas.
Sandy, June 25. The entertainment
in the Cliff Side school house was a
rousing good success, and the exercises
were rendered in a manner to reflect
honor on participants, noteable among
which were Mi?e?s Kdith Phelps, Alice
McGugm, Bertha Oberst and Jessie
Gibbons and Frank McGugln, the come
dian. All have wou laurels as first class
nodal entertainer.
A grand ice cream social and school
entertainment will be given at Sandy
Ri'ijre school house June 30, where school
exerciees will be given and ice cream
Bold for the bent fit of (school Dis. No. 3D.
Sandy's Fourth of July celebrationis
proving to be one of the grandest affairs
eer had on Sandy by look of things.
Gresham, T'owels Valley, Orient, Kelso,
Boring, Kig'e Creek, Salmon, Aimes,
Marmot, Bullrun, Currennvll'e and Port
land w ill celebrate at Sandy. The Plug
Ugln'rt are making preparation to have a
time of their own on the Fourth and are
preparing for a regular Barnurn circm,
Dover, June 22. The past rain has
help-d the grain and gardens which are
looking splendid, some hay is down.
The strawberry crop is almost over for
this year, the blackberries are com
mencing to ripen.
Robert C Bowman and Jovph De
Shazer went to Portland last week with
Mrs. Cooper has moved her family
bick on the place for the summer.
Mr. Prebestel, of Portland, is visiting
his grand parents Mr. and Mrs, Bow
man. J A Strawbridge and wife have moved
to Firwood.
Mrs Thorp, of Pleasant Home, was in
Dover last week.
Mr French was visiting Joseph De
Shazer last Sunday.
Most of the people of Dover are going
to Sandy to celebrate the Fourth of July.
All expect to have a good time.
Mrs P DeShazer was visiting in Fir
wood last Wednesday.
out help, a
bald spot
It keeps
ing, until
at last your menus
say, How bald he Is
Not easy to cure
an old baldness, but
easy to stop the first
thinning, easy to
check the first falling
out. Used in time,
ness is
It stops falling,
promotes growth, and
takes out all dandruff.
It always restores
color to faded or gray
hair, all the dark, rich
color of early life. You
may depend upon it
every time. It brings
health to the hair.
Jl.OOakaCtl. AUDratitoU.
H 1 ha uH Ttir Hilr Vlgr tn4
am grvailT r)u,t
only u-l on bultl f It, and y
Bjf tuir Ku uf pl falllna ai4
hu lartoil to o" utolj."
Jcui W irr.
Kuck . !. I laota, S. I.
Writm Ik 0ew
If rnu aa A oh'.in : tt KMi.St
Ta l'rti fri ih m v4 lb
r1t. Ik thte-or ftlKMil it
A4ajM,Da. J.C A V.R.
l.u. aw.
14 !
Tiling to It the most painstaking car
thrr.'fore 1 it i
Ke-olved, That In the death of Mr1
Itonnrtt tliis community regrets the Umt
of one of Ha lt trhtle rltlsene i the'
mho4. district h-t man who was d
voteJ to its intert'st ; a frlend.'d e-lucatloii
who made many sacrifices lu Its mrvlc.
.,,.1 i.i limit th vouth of the dlrlrlct are
'grateful for the many advsnlagraaw uied
, for them by his labor, and that our,
i heart felt sympathy el"nde. to his
widow and family In their Ureavrment. 1
JveJ, that th fmegolng pre- '
amble and irstilution U ente'ed
! the records of the . ho.d district ; that a
'copy e sent to the family of thde-j
I ceae. and the county iirwarspe'-."
An election of inatructurs wa held
!a(lr the meeting which rraulted Inlia!
! Mi l.augl'hn lelng choeen prim Ipal. Mf
! Mclaughlin, while a young man, is unl- j
trim I lcniH-cie.1, aui
at'Uiid.tne of evperleiu In educational
oik. Ileiaalitoa patiinllciilucn. be
ing a inelnl'cr of the Second ttregoti Vol-
luiitrer infantry, during their alay In tbe
Mia Minerva Ttn-eaing was rluen aa
tbeteti lu r ol the iiiterm'iale grade.
Mia Threat ng pawd I li!gl et III
tlm ti'ahe' rtaininatloii U't )'
Catlit iine C"t J elc te-l to Ibe p'iui.
ary department. Her range In achl
work date back 12 year. Tlie director
are well pleai-ed wilti the rrauU ol ti e
e'tH-tmn and feel that they have an rlfi
c ent corps ol Inalructor at the school.
The lord will now roiiamt of F Ihrae
merer, rhalrman; G W lirale an I U
Stt. Mi F.lgiva Mullen I clerk.
1900 Model
$25 f $30
Strictly High firn.li', Kiltel with Any Kind f Tire.
Call ninl Soi Our Sin'lct lUf.-re Vmi Huy.
Pope & Co.
Oregon (, ()r,
Cor. 4th and Main Sti.
poJ sal I location were working against
their own interest.
Horace William and family, of Oregon
City were guests of W W May and wilu.
Cahcs, June 2-3. "Oregon isn't Ore
gon any more," is the complaint of the
older reiidentq, in view of the present
outlook for harvest. While no great lack
of food BtufTis apprehended, "Man does
not live by bread alone." He would
like a little money to pay debts, taxes,
interest, etc. to say nothing of a trip to
the coast, a few books and magazines,
new clothing, and other like luxuries.
"To be thankful for the thing! we haven't
got" requires real heroism.
Mrs Humphrey Jones has deferred her
trip East till after harvest.
Prof Griffith, the phrenologist, gave a
series of lectures in the M. E. church
last week. Tne attendance was gooi,
and the young people, especially, were
well entertained.
Een Faust recently sold wagon, har
ness and team for 1240, or there about.
He then bought a pair of bunch grans
horses and ban had a merry time break
ing thum in. They eeera to work well
now at hauling a load, or driving.
HO Inskeep has lately done sotrw
fine work in repainting buggies for Henry
HornHliuh and Fred Lindsley.
Lewis Gardner and family have ie
turned from California. They rnailo the
trip with waj; on an'l ponies and have
been absent nine or ten months,
Mr and Mrs R M Cooper drove to town
last Rabbath to attend church.
Joseph Eaton, Charlie Baker, II O
Inskeep and Mr. fitewart have done ex-
;llent work on the Lewis road and
liar mot r.
Harw'INET, June i). Some hay was
harve-ted tefore the recent rains, while
a fe acres of it were cut too late and re
in ttis in the field.
We were Informed fcxlny that a Fourth
of July relt-b'ation will he held here on
the old U D campmeeting ground .
The Sunday school has changed its
time of meeting from 10 a m to 2 p in.
Our school teacher have cloted their
spring terms of school and arrived home
Their names and places of leaching tlii
spring are as follows: Wm II Karr,
Eagle Creek; Ara MtLaUKldin C'ncord ;
Ada McLiUghiin, Sprinigwater; Martha
.Sturchler, Happy Hollow; Emma
Sturchler, Columbia Grove; Eluabetu
Blakuey, Aurora. Several others have
pjfesed the teachers examination.
Mm William Konetvau, is very ill, at
this writing.
Utter I.Ut.
The following Is the liat of letter re
maining in the poatotl'u-e at Oregon City,
Ore. on June2, llW.
woeaxa' IJT.
Barbur, K T Mr Nukelaon, Edna
iilcunon, Fram i Mrsl'aipietle, PrlMilla
Jo.'i niton. C It Mr h-mimer, Clara
UU, V C Mr Wln.luw. Fr Mr
MclKiwell, Laura MrsWilaon Maggie
aax's tir.
lUuen, Mr
hitdile. Elmer
Kave, llugn
Emia, Silnev 1!
(iitiba, Marrow
Hubbard. F. I.
Howell, John
Horton, Wm
llarille, Jw
11.11. I'.enjl F
llaa-ev. IVter II
Miller, Mr
Miller, J S
MeMann, Th
.M. Uiiwhllu P F
Shannon, Francis
Mm Uh, Krank
I 'lie letter addreed Samut-I I'uhef,
Clackamas Co Ore.
For ale.
The Achorn Place, near Damaicu,
One of the fluent farm In Clackama
fjiinly. En-pur of I. L. Porter.
Nursing f.!olhers fL'z
(f) dread hot weather. They mic;iien
t Know now it weakens and A 1 e t at "J t(-vei.
fnuw mis anccis me DaDy. I
All such mothers need 7 p
Scott's Emulsion. It gives Wu
them strength and makes v) !th
RUinther, Mr McArthur and another
I p-irty, whone .name we did not learn,
Aft , ih came uui iiibi 'icca to view uuu lucaie
Ml them strength and makes ) tLe r,r0pofled new road thromh thoibm-
fine D3Dy S food richer and fft and Kolfleisch placeu. We are informed
more abundant. - that their decision was in favor of the
--iiZ!--S ' wish of tl.e majority as to location. In
yv tuti'r opinion, those who bo earnebfly op-1 conxecutive years
Milwai'kie, June 2(1. Mr and Mrs
Eminel, of Middleton, Or, are visiting
some ol their relatives here and are
guetts at Mr John E Weiilcr.
Mrs. Schinder, ol Newberg, is visiting
her two daughters, Mrs Ed Wetzleran
Mrs Oatker.
Mrs Fornesworth, was taken t) the
Good Samaritan hoxpilal this week, she
Is very ill.
Mr ami Mrs L L Moore, have both Wn
visiting their parents up the valley last
week. The profcesor will have charge of
the Concord school in tlio lull.
Will Scott, is home from college at
Corvallis, he exacts to b! home moft of
Itev P J 8ekncrt, of Clarks, preached
at the German M E church Sunday.
Chas Mullen did not go to Nome, as
rejiorled lant week, he t U-tier poni
tion with some large contractors in Port
land, lie will have cliare of the car
pen'er work on some brl l contracts on
the O 11 & N. He is no at Hay in
flistern Or.
Fred Eoesinger has gone to Europe
where he will go to the 1'uris exposition
ana to his lormer home in (iermsny.
He will be back sometime h the fall.
Geo Miller and Will Itoirdon will go to
Walla Walla thn week to Like in lnrvel-
Friday evening the eli-ctors of Mil
waukie fichool district No. 1 held an In
teresting meeting at thn school building
The main purpose of the ):ttherlng was
to elect a director to fill the vacancy
caused by the death of J G Bonnet,
After a spirited contctt It Scott was elec
ted to the' position.
Following the disposition of the usual
busineHS routine the following resolution
was nnanimouHly adopted :
"Whereas, The agency of death hns
removed from our coinrniir.iiy J G Bon-
nett, wbj has been one of our most loyal
citizens, serving this school district for 13
as a director and de-
All who sutler from pile will 1 glad
to learn that IK-Witl's Witch Hat-I
Salve will itive them iiitnl and perma
nent reliof. It will cure f xema and all
kin diM-uaca. Itewaie of t-otintetleita,
Geor.-e A. Harding.
New hat ami cap lor babies. Mia
Ladle an Hear Slioi-
One aize smaller after iiHing Alien's
Foot-Kane, a owder to lie ahaken into
ttie fli'M'S, It makes tiht or hew ahor
(el eay ; give Instant mhel to corn a
and bunion. It's th retel comfort
discovery of llira;. Cure aud prevents
swollen feet, blisters, callous and aorn
pots. Allen' Fool-Fane I a certain
cure lor sweating, hot, aching feet. Al
all druititist and alio stores, Tr. Trial
package FKF.Kby mail. AadrrM, Allen
S. Olmsted, Leltoy, N. Y.
The bent (juality lied, White and Blue
bunting 5c yd., Hags from he. a dou-n up,
at Golden Itule Buz tar.
Wholesale Prices.
First Corner
From Court
J i t m rt'rt n ttri rrta rrm i rt i rmm 1 1 m m rtvWrtrm
V tjr Tuarc MM
''ffltl Covei0Kf4c
Qnlrtif hi Cur !tvi-a IvaM Vt
Itivafwitl"! M hmhif hfw''r- I Uafc.
! ttrlrtif ft. liJ 1 1 kan 1 ' ' l'ttt
r fro I M U4 aytf f - terwnt., ..
laUi liiMMk Mttiin aa 4 a ta4vl
$f4 fty, VHlvxil r.aewa. Ut Ik
Scientific American.
Msjiatt nt in? t-M0" -! tfa. ft
MUNNiCo.5"8- New York
iv a arm. w.,1,.,.,, ui
. r.W MAIf? ' DALSAM
' iV -Jl r" t-" " v v
t f r...i, ... )- te,
r D J - i.r f.i a I --
,,!,, y II ... I.. Viri C-1-.
V l- Ml--. I
'.' I.KOtuilr, of Io,rd
tance trlrtdiotie win it
On gon, Vhitigtor,Ca!i
forma atul Idaho tmw It
oiteratloii liy the Vtcl'u
Matioit TIed)one (on
j-ny. cvtrinic 2.2V
tw II ,
Quick, accurate cheap
All the satisfaction of t
i-Torift! citnmtiniradnt
Pitanre no rITect to
rlear uii'!erttnlir.jf. Hf
lai o ati'l an ttunotc.
a eai!r hear) i'urt
Ian. I.
Oregon (,'ltj nflice at
llanluiirs Druir Store.
A Finn ttHir of tntrjniltej nine fnrt.t
l'p-i-dJtc, (oncttc and tomrrthcnvlve na"
aotnciy rrinuj and DcautiiuliT uiBao.
No. !-nHKll.n MORSG BOOK
AH .'-il ll'w-a Ciihm iwim Ttw l'
Jl liUrflalKHU ,a Ma4al4 I tk, CroU.
No.3-r.ktii.n bf.rrv hook
AlU'.ut itnwt.M Small fruit- frA A ' !
Crni ill . , ) , ...1 ik Ilka t..fni!ci'tol ..114
vartrtira a j o uthn IliuatialMu. -U,yCla
No,3-IH(Kll.! fOC'LTKY IMK)K
All lil I'outtrv '. ! Unt runllty B'fc lWw
. Ila.wil!ilti ; llhlt nJarl III Ilka frf.tn.lwM. t.
i.l.ll 11m-!.!. I jl UfVa,llh .wlf lllu.llaii.oa.
I rkr, vC'nla.
All !mI Owl ttt lha Ilir Bttaltaf I a
.itj riialna ..I1 lllc Ilka trttlMtt.
Uiol, llh lUdtbrr llluattaitliasa. I tK, Jel'rajla
No. 0-itKKii.n tiwiNn nooK
J.wtm.t Allah.! II.h- lttrr.llfi. Vr tier . W-l-
rtr, ltara, lc. ..Mllaln otrrr f. .illlul
I'tu-a aul iititrf ng aln(. h k. J trl.
TTwtlKKll.l! lUlOaaar umnw.m tr1tl .- f"u
awanylhln l) . lhrm-o n.1l-al, a.arnal Mr t
i haln .n ra.f"Ua tr-l'j I Wc. H ' ' "'I
tilh. I ty imt tfhu kerf ; !
f hi. kM n.i.ht lu KIN ila.it
way (of II.. UK. Ml UUUW.
Itfur the IloneU.
No matte' what ails you, headache to
a cancer, you will never get well until
your bowels are put right. CASC'A
RKT.S help nature, cure you without a
gripe or pain, produce easy natural
movements, costs you lust lu cents to
start getting your hea.tli hack. CAS.
CAKKTU Candy Cathaitie, Ibe genuine,
put up in metal boxes, every tablet ha
(J. U. C stamped on It, P.eware of
Onr corresiuinlence will please send
in articles In-fore Wednedays of each
week, otherwice it reaches ns too late for
Baan th ' " 'nn ii n ut ,s.rq B3Lr.t
! your paper, n.a.1. w ymi at trt a wtt.lll. H ' "
c!t ; It Ullia rrr.t l.,r.4lnm, hll lhr nall-rm-Oir "r'"
iill a(lrr it, l artn ae. ll.ioarlielil t'"' J
bl Attwiua-liavlug onr uilllluo ami a-baUrrlM rt
Any ONE of the BIGGLB BOOXS, and the FARM JOl'RJf AL
f YIIAKS (rrmalnrlrr f.r n .f ,t, ,,, i0J !,.) b 'nt t't
to any .MirM I r A iMII.I.Alt itll.t..
twruplcuf PAUM JOtlUMALauitilrctilar4rrtlt.lin PKIOLC ftCf-KS d"
A.'.lr.r. IMUU Kll'trr.'.I.
lMtLel'l-r' J
1 cuaa. . jaeama
Fall f)'f-f kuJ
Oregon City.
Pire Crackers and I'lngs, cut prices.
Table salt, better thun Livcrixjol, jo
pound 45c
50c Japan Tea, pound ..40c
60c. Gunpowder and Spider Leg Tea 45c
Roast Coffee, hulk U'it
Fine Sarghuin 60c. gal. 'j gul 35c
Cut Prices on Straw lints, Linen Huts
mid I'clt Hals
Warranted Knives, ciihti-ni prices, ioc
and up.
Warranted scisdors 50c up Automatic Stackers, Wind Stak
n;na,ii,.,l l.i,i,-ii, r Vniv.a im era, noro I'owsrs. TlirealiBrniun'a
Trade for Grain, Shingles, Potatoes and j wmfc FOR r
all farm produce.
Traction or Portable, 5impio -
pound, Wood or Straw Durnerf.