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nrtr Vjr v " Tliry now luv HlOtf Uttf (US on 4 I
J foul iol floatinir on t lie breri, Fuch
r. rDLMTCPnVnnVPK patriotic scholars ill m.ko a success ol
their tin. lies.
Several i( our von folks attended
I tb match came baseball lietween thr
U'mit'V nine and lliihl'srdiles, Siin.t y.
v.... .v M. M Hurrah we if
,-Bl,t in "lorn .' A tUily mal no. Welt, ! I'.ir mad - ! .Milling In most of hi. I
, f. . l n.iil at Urwe no on ,l,e rv,,,,- ""'T "'nt to ,KI 1
astl.-ydidas they tried very hard to 8)J wn.
,uld oil the daily mail till they ,j.t their! Mr. Mole.m has not on new lot ol
i ...u.l an.l lliort thev wanted dry uvd and they are marked doa a at
ff Km mutt l' liamred and a dally mail -
tahlished. Thought they mould kill
Kedland, lull slipH up j'Ht at the
moment they eie sura of success. ou
cant a!as catch Kedland a napping
Piini.k, .'.viand, Zei. hank, Toole,
Iiresner, TalU rl and other cam cut
nl spoke on the political issues of the
dar, Saturday f veninh'.Aril -S. We are
.roud of tlie men Uat represent the
republican j'rty.
Are much pleased to hear that we will I
)ie id 0 p-.rtuniiy to her two of the
norid's greatest men.W'm. McKinley and
lieo IVwey at the Chautau.pi this
Qiite in a.-reAtfe of Ute potatoes will
be planted thin season.
The people are noing to meet on
Memorial day nJ clean up the cemetery
ixl put thine in order. The cemetery
lias ,sd a new fence tuiilt around it auJ
ly Memorial day will be painted, this
adds much totlie looks of thectuietery
anl eotnniur.ity.
I. F. Linn i q-iite sick with aathrua.
Mrs F. K. Linn is visiting withlier
mother Mrs Commons, at Treniont.
P. H. Mother has been taking orders
(or a tailor. n rompany of Chicago.
They give pet feet satisfaction.
hot torn i riles,
U. It. and lieorge
Ihmick anl
Chapman were anions our Marion county
visitor, Monday.
Kit Ma.lilot k't genial face looks natural
among the candidate .
Mrs. Cramer is ipiiteskk a;ain.
May Keiser ha gune to Needy to
Tne young men of (he chivarivi crowd
jot left.
r rr
(Too iate for lat-t week.)
Nkkdv. Mv 15. Died at hit residence
near Seedr Monday, May Tth.of Typhoid
fever, Arthur Verdue aed 2S jeara
He leavea a wife, one sister and three
brothers to mourn his low. They all
l.ave the heart felt nvmpitby of the
cotnrauiiity.for be was an honest upright
limn, a tcool neighbor ami valueJ friend.
He was buried at Kotk creek, lle Pick
officiating. The floral offerings were the
finest ever seen at Hoc Creek.
Married, May 9th, at buh noon at the
residence ol tlie bride's parents, Mamie
Crocker and Lawerence Hein, Rev. Pick,
of Hubbard, performing tlie ceremony in
the presence of a few relatives and
friends, and they were the recipients of
tuany nice pr m jts. Tliev have gone to
liouoe keening and w ill lie at home to
their many friends at the old Elgin farm
There w as a large attendance at the
republican rally Mondy night and the
candidates did credit to themselves.
They all made hhort (leeches and it
would take too much tiiiie to mention
each operate Lud, think they all make
good record. Mr. Z noer is in the right
I'lace, and his t-hort Ulk was received
with applause, and U. B. Dimick, o'
course.is not on the ticke'.'liey take bitn
along to liven the people up and for the
funny speech linker, hut getting right
down to liUine-e,A S. Pres-ier takes the
lead. The meeting went off very peaci
My, but we could get along very well
without that hoodl'nn element that stay
out side and make so much noise.
Needy is booming, Will & ToiiiD-on are
do'ig well for new beginners. Miss
Jlyrtie's millinery department helps out
Hie store wonderfully.
B F. Smiths have had company from
JPortU'id the past wte'i. Mrs Brown, a
cousin, and ali-o Marcus Albert and Anna
f mith, of Hubbtrd.
Mr. Bishop, of Albany, is here visiting
liis sister, Alice Verdue, The latter will
return w'.th him to her former borne to
spend the BUmuier.
John Jfse liile working on bis barn
fell and broke three ribs and sustained
other hruii-es, confining him to bis bed.
I'raif-e should lie given the teacher and
bcIioIhm of No. 91 in their success.
Mariji im, May 22 Doc Logan, E.
Hartman and Mr. Little arrived home
. i Tl
irom a irip 10 r.asiern vrvgun, jury nr
port the crop outlo.'k fine and the
country prosperous, Krtiest Hartman
was looking for a business location for,'
b;s father, who intends to remove with
bis family to Wafenitia.
Chefdcy Bentley, of Salem, spent a day
or two with his parents Mr. and Mrs. U.
W. Bentley.
Mr. Kogers. of Eastern Oregon, is stop
ping at Manjuain with a band ol tine
homes to sell and is finding ready sale ,
for mo.-1 of them.
Quite a number of the young eople
attended tlie Turner's picnic at Silverton
last Sunday.
The public speaking of the republi
cans was not very well attended owing
to the stormy night,
Mrs. Lum and Irene visited at Molalla
on Saturday and Sunday, returning Lome
The father?
Gone for 'he
doctor, 'iiie
mother? Alone
with her sufTer-
I olilM
y II K k 11 II U.
come ?
Then there
is croup In
the house
ou ci n't
cet the doc
tor quick enough. It's
too dancerous to wilt.
Don't make such a mis
take igiln; It may cost
life. Always keep on
hand a dollar bottle of
i wi mm mm i i sir
It cures the croup at
once. Then when my
one In the family comes
down with a hard cold
or cough a few doses of
the Pectoral will cut
short the attack at once.
A 25 cent bottle will cure
a miserable cold; the 50c.
size Is better for a cold
that has been hangingon.
lit Iks Mlar slit at Sua,
About SS jrr fn I oini nwf
Nntimi'tin. Ml wa
l,ne Wvmao'a HHw "
rin tv giM a woiuiiu." aiild the girt,
"who lutHii t thought i i"th except
i drc. I know Hint aiiiM lior mini m
' tiiliul.n Ihlx pftrtlciihir wenklie.a to
; all women hut It's. inuiud. of
,vui-,. Hi'' tlti ill of ten of limb' ra
dilutes of women."
! si,e c.iii.ii. ivd u i. fia. lo'y luittoii mi
1 her gloM- 1'i'foie li' coiitlniHM. "Hut
, Hint woman who pnied u is, without
' (,iiilil. the uio-t dirt crnry Woninn I
1 h,ie eer met. She knows tin topic
' .e (hens -ciiu si'eilk of a other nub
' J.vt. She enil olio half of her time
' nt her drein:iker'. and the other hull
' t ni.sl In eiplolllng (ho liimdlcraft of
Hie mudiale. i.HMlnea only knows
1 wlieil she tnniiflges to get all) thing to
eat. She a dead to every fil ling. I !
Ileve. except Hull which has In do with
iliv. Aud hilt do )oil think she said
Siitui.lay I I met her n we were going
out of it house of mourning. A )oung
Winiitiu whom we Imth knew hud died,
ntid we hud U-cu nt the fuiieinl. Coin
lug down the steps I noticed my friend,
but the feeling of aorniw too fresh
upon me to iH-rtn It anvthlng more thuii
a uod of rci-ognltloti. For luilf a a.ju.ire
we nulked lido by side. Then I said.
Toor, dear Clara-alive and well one
week ngo, and uow-and she's goner"
"Ye,' answered my friend blandly,
'but wai.nl she dnsnd tn-n n 1 1 full.v ?
Keally. It was a treat lo see herr"
t'hllildelphlil I'reKS.
The people of Marquam uniteil with
the people of Silverton to bold the Me
morial set vice at the Millie church the
30 of May.
iiinr i!h Nntimi'tin
ciird with Att I hen I'wUirml,
nor whh h tim I hTkl't Ajrrf t
BinlM-lnrs In tIK bmiH ni rcuia
uroJ tUrm u all ml rnrtuU."
. 1. MtHHri.
Wrll th linrtof. irrMhaSB7
cntuuiint Kir n4 4iir lh
t.i mvoiril ..lio. writ Um dociur
frly. AJ.Ir .
lit. J C. ATsa. LowtlkMiM.
Habmjsy, May 22 Ada Biddle. who
left last Tuesday for an extended visit
with her broher at Gooseberry, was
tendered a surprise and farewell party
by her sister Millie and friends, a few
evenings pretious. l tie evening was
very enjoyably spent in games, music
and in the partaking; of a delicious lunch
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs.
Biddle, Misses Ada, Millie and Etlie
Biddle, Emma and Martha Sturchler,
Iva and Julia Spooner, Maude and
Blamh Fortner, Edith Tyler, Meada
McGrew and Mae Smart; Messrs. Jason
Biddle, Charles and William Millard,
Herman and Henry Kanne, Charles and
(ieorge Sievens, William and Haleigh
Ktrr, Walton Hag-'nburger, Walter
Tyler, Charles Otty, Hiram Panials and
Gordon Peel.
Mrs. E. A. Luther, commonly known
ai uranima l.ultier, intetnn to leave
soon for a yiit of several weeks with
relatives near Mountain Dale. She wa
given a surprise party by her many
friends last Friday afternoon and the oc
casion is one to ever be remembered by
those present, becauso of the pleasant
and enjoyable time spent. The gaets
Some of the old hands have been re
instated in the car barn during the laul
few days.
Mr Poaling carrier a full line of
groceries, confectionary, cigars and
SeMxtiWATSK, Msy 22 Some of our
young men that went to work in the
logging camp on the Columbia are talk,
iug of coming home to procure teams.
Mr. Livermore is going to move hi"
sawmill to IWavertou pit as soon as the
roads will permit. That will have us
without a sawmill in this vicinity. There
is about a tlimiiHiid acres of as rnid saw
timoer betweeu Springwater and Viola
as there is on the foot hills of the Can
cale mountains that can be procured on
easy terms by some mill company which
will be a benefit to the vicinity and to
the company that procures it.
The Children's Pay in the grange
was a grand (ucccs, Hon. George C
Browneil made an address to the c'lil
dien which was highly appreciated by
all. All were treated to leriiunnil" and
oranges. We had a flue dinner and
' A Waller ul Temperature.
Tlie Utile one's mother hud nld,
".Now, ihxtor. If there Is any rise of
i temperature"-h waa gtvut on tern
; peruiure. ty the way "I will aetid for
, you at oii.e. As you know, I hnve a
clinical thermometer and can take the
' temperature m)elf ivlthotit troubling
i ymi to come In for the purpose." Just
J as 1 was going to lid I was startled
I by a vloleiil ring al the bell and. has
i teulng to the diHir. saw- a lerriuVd do-
j lliestlc. Willi gHH-.l: 'HUl. sir. please,
I sir, do come nmud at once! Miss Mar
j Jury Is Worse. Missus said I was to
tell you tier temperature la i' aim is
rlslu fust"
Stnrcely waiting to put on my tint. I
rushed round lo tlie house of my little
patient and discovered the whole fam
ily assembled lu the slckrooju awaiting
tlie end of mn.t little Marjory, the
mother wringing her bauds lo agony
and crying ilrvu.lfully.
"Whnt'a I). temperature tiowT I al
most shoutetl lu my aglmtlou.
"Oh." aobtwil the ui.ither. "I hnven't
d.nreil lo look since! My pnor darling!
It was in, and they say thai Iv5 Is al
ways fatul." And she broke down
Without wastluc any more lime I
tiirti.il down the blanket and -found
that the thermometer had Itd thrust
N'tw-ei-n the child's stde ninl arm and
the bulb Imtx-dded In a fn-slilv applliil
hot poultice! 'IiiuiiImth' Joiirniil.
Kuril- Mr, l.aur rn llltv Mr. Slat'iin.
Mrs. ' Millard, Mrs. Tyler. Mrs. Fank-' erJ'"e '"i"' ""'""I T ""U'U
Does the
Baby Thrive
If not, something must be
wrong with its food. If the
X mother's milk doesn't nour-
ish it, she needs SCOTT'S
t EMULSION. It supplies the
X elements of fat required for
the baby. If baby is not
nourished by its artificial
food, then it requires
Scott's Emulsion
Half a teaspoonful three
tor four times a day in its
bottle will have the desired
T effort. It seems to have a
x magical effect upon babies
and children. A fifty-cent
bottle will prove the truth t
of our statements.
Should be taken In summer as
well as winter.
50f . and $r.oo, !l drugilts.
SCOTT & liuVVNE, Clitmmi, New York.
hauler, Mrs. Pannals, Mrs. Pollock and
Mrs. Kanne, also Mrs. John Davis,
Grandma's daughter, with whom she
hao made her home for several years.
Rev. Kobert Tierce, recently from
Boston, Ma.'-B., is the new Evangelical
The fall giain is heading. The fruit
crop promises to be fair with the excep
tion of prunes. Strawberr.es are rippen
iiig. Potato planting is in progress.
An increase of republicans in Harmony
over two years ago.
Milwai'me, May 22 F. Eiikemiereis
the father of a bouncing girl.
A large crowd of Milwaukieites at
tended the sham battle at Oswego Hun
day. One of the greatest dramatic plays
ever produced will 1-e given in Milwau
kie Town hall next Saturday evening.
Prof. Ara McLaughlin closed a sue-cesi-ful
term of school at Concord last
week, and will commence to take census
about the first of June.
L. L. Moore is on the silk list and Alex
Lehman is filling his place in the school.
James Oliver iH slowly improving from
another attack of sore eyes.
Chan. Lakin is under the weather at
Arthur Dowling has (juit bis job in
Portland and will be found in the store,
making ice cream and smiling on the
ladies the remainder of the summer.
Mr and Mrs Workman accompanied
by Mr and Mrs Mot, of Portland, spent
a day fibbing this week.
The fish market remains unchanged.
Mr Panlnter is improving very rapidly
and will soon be able to resume his
duties again.
J. W. James is employed on the 0 It
and X road now.
Frank Wills has returned to Milwau-
There were near two hundred in attend
We have had two political speaking
and no mudslinging, so far.
Our corresiKjiidence w ill please sen
in articles before Wediiedays of ei
week, otherwise it reaches us loo lute for
The Modern WorlA.
Compare the condition of our people
with that which prevailed In-fore the
aggregation of wealth and Intelligence
In the development of Industries, when
wen It h was obtained by compiest. not
by Industry, when the masses hud ment
but once a week, when their houses
were without chimneys ntid without
windows, when their clothing and sur
rouudings were Qlthy, wbcu the death
rate wns double what It Is today, and
you go bnck to a time when the nobll
Ity knew less of the world thnn the In
boring man of today; when the present
necessities of the musses were luxuries
only for the rich, and you realize thru
the emancipation proclamations were
written by Watt and Arkwrlght. Ste
phenson and Fulton, Franklin and
Morse and Itessemer and the great or
panlwrs who have applied their dls
coverles and distributed the ln-rii-fits of
their inventions to the whole world.
Charles It. Flint In Cassler's Magazine
How He Millies Friends.
A Missouri paper says that Senator
Cockrcll keeps lu closer touch with the
people of his state than any other man
In the senate. One of his habits, ac
cording to cnpltol goKtdp, Is to read In
the seriate the name of every con
stituent who sends him a petition.
Other senators content themselves
with presenting petitions In an Indefi
nite bunch, and In this Impersonal
fashion they are noted In The Congres
sional Record. fV-krell's way Is dif
ferent, and when The Record appears
there are the names of his cotiHtitu
ents, looking very huge. Forthwith to
each person thus distinguished goes
a copy of The Record, which Is shown
with much pride at the country store
or porftolllce, and the voter Is a friend
of Cockrell for life.
Ob the Mrwa la Chile.
For seven I days I noticed the word
pnniUeue" uihiii the bill of fare at
the hotel ami did not know what It
was. There U a brand of wine from
one of the Chilian vineyards with Unit
linme, and I KtipHid It was perhaps
the same thing referred lo, nlthoiigh
It wns dilhVult to understand w hy II
should appear among the desserts on
the menu at the dinner table and ou
the bills of fure for breakfast. The
best way to find out nlmnt such things
Is to try them, aud the next morning,
being lu an experimental mood, I or
dered a "pan.ueuc," which, lo our
oiiiazemeiit, was au ordinary griddle
cake. Then It dawned upon my dull
perceptions that ''pnnUeipie" spclh-d
pancake. I called the attention of the
head waiter lo the discovery, aud he
seemed ijulte astonished. He could
speak English well and claimed to bo
familiar with the culsluc of America.
Thirefore be did not see anything un
usual In my discovery, aud I rnthi-r
think he wrote the bill of fure himself,
for he remarked lu a surprised lone:
"What do you call a pancake lu
America?" Cor. Chicago Record.
Rh Did III. Qalrk.
Miss Jennie Iav, the famous Kngllsh
actress, was once playing "Jo" In Scot
laud. She was In the midst of the long
and harrowing death scene of poor Jo.
The stage was darkened, and the lime
light Illuminated the pale features of
the death stricken Ixiy. People were
sobbing all over the house.
Suddenly, to her consternation, Mi s
Lee heard the limelight man address
ing her In a brawny Scotch wIiIsjmt,
audible to half the house.
"Lieu quick. Miss Ix-c; doe quick!"
he roared softly. "The limelight's gin
She did die quick, but It wns for the
purpose of making a speech to that
limelight man which he said he would
never forget.
Til flullrr II I Mr.
One of the Interesting articles that
each governor of Massachusetts trans
mits to his successor Is the Rutler III
hie, the history of which Oenernl But
ler wrote on the fly leaf us follows:
Jan. I, IHM.
When I rams Into th rirmtlvt cUnilwr a ytr
ago, I could nut nrnl s cir ol lli Holy Stlp
turn. I suiipost rsrb (ovvrnor tx till sway
with him. A f ricfi.J give me Hill. I tiavp II a s
neeitnj trafilmlttrndurn to my aucrrMor In onVa,
to be read br Mm awl hli am i rauir, raih In
turn. IIksjimi V. Hi ri.rs, Uuvurnur.
I'rsal in lam f'herLrd.
"No," he complained, "I have never
succeeded In getting anything for noth
ing. I hnve always had to strive hard
for everything that bus come to inc.
"Whnt about the mumps you had
last winter'" his wife Interrupted.
Chicago Times Herald.
AYrCcUldc PrrparJtionfiHr As-SlmlUiltiifilhcrivdiinilKi'tfuU-ling
Hie bumutthi nrnl lovb of
l- "-
Irotnotr s llion.CIr t ful
tu-M nial !trsl Conlilni nrlllar
Ojiiiiin.Morjiltlite nor Muitxal.
jhs. n svournutu
. I.
AtxrfVcl RcittfJy forforwlifwi.
mm. Sour Siotiwuh.linitiv
Wiimts jCtvub ions .f'evrri h
tirss oinl LosMif tLItl'.
latSioaW 5itmtur ef
Forlnfunti nnd Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Boars tho
tXACTCOrTfCf VRAfrtll.
You Have
Always Bought.
Taoie Masiaa
'trm1 CoovsnoMT Ac.
Jtnt'iflr) v-" 1' t sir' -ute - n af
k)trs.if M-siift r f-tMltiaiti ttmm h a ISO vn
ntill't l r ' ' iwnimilraj
thfl tAU-itf triage 1r-l tl II Jl thas ft OS V
ft ! trim, f ' l rtr-f tut mf f ssW ' la.
riajii m t.i-t44 i & (i, fml
Scicniilic ;r.:rican.
A htft'totrnavlr llittr'M I,1! Mtmmwi n
ruittfi i.f mnw kv-fiifl V )
r : t'-nt Mi"(ba. l. hl4 t il 1ss.r,
MUNN & Co."' New York
Uivxa !.. r r Sl Wwhin.i., 1. t
U A Dm Ll'U
h4 nr Wt 1 I
J t.isSi inilra of Jri) di.
tuner lr! j liulie Mrn in
On cmi, Vsliiiitii ,('a!i
furnia aiiit Malm now In
nl-rratii.il r tin I'acihu
Mat lull Tr)riioli Coin
I'uiii. cuvcniiK 'i,'2'J)
(uick, twniratr, cheap.
All the sallsfactii n of
ix-rsnnal nininuiiU'aliin.
isiance no rlJeil to a
dear uii'lerstiiilir(f Sjo.
k ai' at.il halt FraiiciiHO
ns easily h aril a I'ort
Or t;iiii City idlicr al
ll;in! ui's Dni aStore.
A Firm tlbnr ef tneqmtleJ tatuerraj'lrtl.
I'Ho-Xc. (incite and Comprchcnvlve IUJ.
lomcly Wntcd anil iKauiilully IllUirrtkd.
Allal-Mil II.Mwi Ci.mmo itrna TrrtUtt wt
J lllu.li all'tu ; elamUtil ink. I'l Its, y. Ceuiav
Allatsiul grit..aT Small 'iultafeet and Srr amsr
contain. (ii.l.-.l In like irifiliHiii.mi.lail.iina
VarHk.al .i ullii lllu.liallasu, 1 ik.t,yjCttl.
All a I . I l-i.tjllf y ; the Isral I'uuKt wk In raMrtK
Irllarvn ylhlns; '. IHil li.lii.il lllr Ilk. i'intalii,llis
(( nil Ihr in in- l(.al toicila, will) ivIki IllualialMu,
-rU. V Cents.
All alsmt Cuws and Hi Imliy liualnraa ; tiavlng a airal
sole; cimialn I t'AmtA life like rM.rnli.. Hi t i f . iU
bicca, oiia lit (Xher lllualralli.aa. I rk, lenle
No.5-Iil(KiLn SWINP. IMK)K
Jual 'vit. All ntx.it II. r- lliee.tlng, rrrillns. In'' h
cry, lilmn, rtr. C.iiln mrt l.snulul (.all
luiwaaiiilullirr eiigiatlngt. I 'ks, y Crula.
TheltKXll.I! HOOKA are iiiii.i,e.i,tlplii.,,w fi,l-vmi ei-W
aawaiiyllili,ilklh.ni-..i.ll..l eiiarnall.le llirr
me lilting ua rnuinema anlr- l a I We.l, f" !
rsilh. I.vrryim ohn kre a llmar C'u. I leaf
lllkkrn, lie irr-iwa Small I rulla, miylit lo as4 l(hl
way tut Hi lilUv.'ai UOOS.S. 1h
U rour tr, ma1 for row sail tint s rnl.M. l la tl yrars
.i I"'"' ,'ll"ll"n, till Iheiiallm tlie hc.it, -
uull snrr yoii liavr-Mlit II, Harm ami HmiarhoM l.aer In
ine wut in-oie i.igirm if l Ma alar In Ihr I'nlirit M. Ira
CI AmrrUa-harluatovrrs million anil a-tislfrrsulai rrnM i.
Any ONE of the BIGGLE BOOKS, and the FARM JOURf. AL 1
LtrTXQiT' ,nJ mut l "l
bamplcol PAltM JUtKNALamlclrcuUrdrairltilni DK1QLD 0OOKS (ee.
wir.uss a-rsiKaoaj. AJtlnaa,
Cua. . jSKKiaia,
I " -inn. in. nil,,,.. ...
a ...... M 1 1.. .i.
rractlfn or Portable, Slmplo or Com
pound, Wood or Straw Burners.
Roap has been In use for 3.000 years
and Is twice mentioned In the Itllile.
A few years aco a simp holler's shop
was discovered lu I'oinpell. The soap
found In the shop had not lost nil Its
efllcac, although It had heeii hurled
1,8J0 years.
Automatic Stackcra, Wind sta k- RIIQQCI I JB P.fl
era, florae Powers. Ti'rcMicrnu-n'a llllllliri I. tZl UUn
JbuppMr-S Of All Kl.ldH. "ww ,
1 'at.:te rcn catalogue and rr.iczz. PORTLAND, OR.