Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, April 20, 1900, Page 4, Image 4

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flrpcmn Ctv KnMrnrkp l'0,l,tl r0,,iv ,lu' i,ron
Published Kvery Friday.
L. I- PORTER, PHora.rroa.
tofor had. Tho new Industry should be.
the means of educating the farmer of
llit vicinity of the taneftti to W de
rived from feeding oil cake.
Washington recently to Join similar 'you lollultt to wallow, and all In the
delegations from the west in a pioleat j name of Mm in.
before tho house coimiilttooa ifttinit j It I about time, that a spado. I tHcl
the Imposition of the proved tax. a spade In this county,
I " ay on Mai'dnlF; and diiiiuiM be him
llul tlrst fries, Hll. pnnili."
Tin senate committee, on Privilege i .
How many vatieiiesof democrat arojand Kleetlon ha Iotill unanimously
there? There it the gold democrat, the I that Mr. Clark, of Montana, la not en
anti-expansion democrat, tit Pryan
JJJ democrat, the freo silver expansion
One year
Six months...
Trial subscription two months 25 democrat, th gold anti-expansion
A discount o .Vlcents on all iitwenplioiis .
one Year. 25 eenta for in month. I ..
for one Year, 25 cenls for six months, II
Ifi1 in advance.
Advertising rates given on application
democrat the Pewey democrat.
While th Courier Herald la ranting
. .....ft I ft J 1 -
Bubsrrihers still flint tha dil of ex,.ra- wiei.i s. neai, an oPs .muting
tu.n nan.pfd on their papett following j . ,j over ,he f0nntrv. it might In
their name. It this date i not changed I
within two weeks alter a pavntent, kindly I tercst it reader by saying something
notify at and mill look al.er ...
- m j-s.fss J " ' i v f miia. H'i eP fNMS IWV
year-old steers and 4 cent a pound hoa
I (HSH N W tit.
Tim War department ha ptepatt"! an
Entered at tit ivstoffp In Oreson City,
Or., as vecond class nutter.
in 1900, aa against t'.'S and M5 work
hordes, $10 two-year-old steer and 2
cent-a pound hog in lS'.Ht.
The nomination for district attorney
could not be gained for CUt kamai county
one of the
...lr. T. B. Thomas
Geo. Knicht
A. Matber,
Oscar V tmnKr j hut the man nominated it
!.V!H;haT"i!'l n'l present city
"'-M-irl'y Astoria.
Sohuehel, nomi-
E. L. Russell ! nattsl on the fusion ticket, will probably
C.'t." Howard '"t" nlore 'l'n bia party vote but can-
Bearer Creek....
Union Mill
Meadow Brook...,
Kesr Era
K. .M.tKiernot exjWl 0 carry this county aKinnt
Alolalla Annie Miibt I ' '
Manitiam E. M. Hartman j Allen.
Butkrille B. Jennir.
Aurora Henry A. Sutder
Eale Treek "H. Wtii-rn
Jniaru J. C. Elliott
Faudj E. ti UK-h
Cnrrinsville Geo. J. I'urnn
Cherryville Mr. M.J. Hammer
Marmot Adolph AscboB
titled to a plac in tho United Siitl' lnMrm-livo atatemont, rompaiiiig tho
senate, and has recommended that hi j mortality Inures In th Spattili-Amerl-scat
1 declared vacant. This ran Ih',-i, war with tho of th that six
don by a maiorlty vol instead of the mimth of the prcnettt Soulh African ar,
two-thitda ncveenary if tit committee J ttio purxise belm; to show that th
had recommended Mr. Clark's pul-Lwualties sttirored by th American
sion. The coinniilte doea not find that triKH.. at iIih ,, ,,i ih.ur occurrenc
Mr. Clatk himself hat Uen utility of j (w (il. li were regarded In somo ipiatters
bribery, but hold that th Montana j,,,, ,.Xlv,..!y and were th baxis of
statute providinu that only I:'.!' mticit ctitUiom). wer actually my
It Has Never
a dttiKHist, I have never handled a itiei. r H f
any iiittuio ttut Kv un it comoleto st ! V - JJ
At ker a I'nluli Krmrdv for 'I hroat fAX
iiiij I ronhlrK, I have sold liimdirilof iV .
shall b spent in any eltvtion, as
violated and that the larg amount ad
mitted to have teen spent by Mr. Clark
ia prima facie evidence of its illegitimate
two. At almost the same lime, the
much les in itumtwr proportionately
than thtvte suffered by the I'litiiih army
u to date.
As to the l!ritilt alioaing, th stuto
ineiit covers the returns (tout IVloher II
senate reachevl an agreement to vote n i .,, April 7, nearly six month. There
the (juay ras in about tao weeks time.
jTlte chances are all in favor of Mr.
Quay being seated.
'Th way to Lnild op Oregon City
la t fir Ortfsn City People jonr
For representative in congresa for Erst
THOMAS H. TONGUE, of Washington.
For presidential electors
O. F. PAXTOX. Multnomah.
J. C. FULI.EKTON. Douglas.
W. D. FUKXISH, Umatilla.
For supreme jadge
For food and dairy commissioner
J. W. BAILEY, Multnomah.
For joint representative for Multnomah
and Clackamas
A. S. DRESSER, Clackamaa.
For district attorney for fifth district
For representatives-
J. L. K RUSE, of Stafford.
JOHN TALBERT, of Clackamas.
CHARLES TOOLE, of Csneraah.
For county commiiioner8
JOHN LEWELLEN.ofSpringwater
For sheriff
W. H. SMITH, of Abernelhy.
For clerk
For recorder
1HOS. P. RANDALL, of Oregon City.
For assessor
ELI WILLIAMS, of Currinsville.
For treasurer
ELI WHITE, of Damascus.
For Bchool superintendent
J. C. ZIXSER, of Oregon City.
For enrvevor
Wa hear tlie.-e days a good deal of
talk about Jeffersonian democracy, but
if the spirit of that illustrious gentleman
should wander hereabouts and w itnesa
Geng'ebaiioh and his tribe trying to run
the democratic party, what a ghost
dance there would d.
The Paris exp)ition has opened and
will be an extensive affair. The United
Statea has more than twice the space of
any other nation, excepting France.
The American exhibit will he a credit to
the nation, and it ia believed much good
will result to thia country in the way of
education to foreign nations, as to our
ability and puth in manufacturing and
trade as well as resources.
w.'te :lt'.l otlicrrN and ll'.'ll men killed In
action, by accident or by wound ami
ill wane, There wer set down as uilw
ing and aa primmer, HI otlkers and
4Ut men were invalided home, making
ttie total IWitUli loeit, exclusive of
S:ck and aoiimh'lin the luwpltals In
Sjiitu Africa, 7'U ulllceraand l.'.t-tO men.
It is catimalfd that l early 10. torn olticers ;
and men are sick and wounded in the
The ticket placed in ih field by tin
republican party will sweep the county
like a tidal wave. It is no longer a
question of who wilt be elected; It is
simply what w ill the republican majority
There is a cause for every effect, and ! ,u"l"uU '"' ''
the reason in this cae is that th rn-ulr l!r"nl,, in'- ,,m l- K'"' '
liean ti.ket, from top to bottom, is com- ,nl"'"1 !'000 ,"PU- Tl'" "'
I . Ill a
! poaed of men whoa word ia their bond, u"'"'"
who are particularly adapt, for the r- I ,,u""" wi,,' sl"'". l uM
spective offcea the to(.. have eatIIJ tat-s armjr lawt by death 7 otHwra
them to fulfill, men of integrity, ability ( '"' -,s,)-"'"n. There were wounded 113
and sound iudrfinent. men who can look 0 ,uv" ,ml ",,,, I"'
the whole world In the far and say IjC'"" ' u" Ameri.ai death rat re-
know no favorites, no man owns me. a ,ul""1 ,rom occurre-t in utile,
Mr. ('. S peale, the well-known tlrttrt;Ul of
Motgaii CUV. I. a . oihlgltlv HimiKht 'f In hlneiK.
hullli'tt In ottiac 'f hli nklll Htld title III IHIllig pie
seiipttoii'' Tlio best phyli utna In the lac send
their ptii iittoliu sioie whenever thevtau. Any
thing hi, It Mr. IVasle niaysnvt nn ! ilepriiilrd
ittMin l'olott ly In a letter to W. II Ihx.krr
Co., New Yoik City, proptleioiaof Atker's I'ligluh
Wine. le. lie Suva " In all ntv litaliv vraia'rsprtt-
ritco as n diligent, I have never handled a itieiii
cine of any n.iune th.it
ami I. unkf
botilea. and have yet to Irani of a single case
wlirte It f.tilcil to cute. Ill
trotip. It acta Willi a trr
thinly that la really mar
veh'iii. My wife iloes not
take much stk In mnlt
tine, but he hia atnlot
faith in Acker's Kngfl.h
Keinrdy. l a having It
at her cll'W in i' the
chthlteii at altacknl by
trotip at liik;ht. It I
poiilivelv harmleaa iem
cdv. I can personally
t tt v. I kti"w of a littl
j;ltl ttlto accidentally drank a whol l-ttl. Rh wa. of c)tir rJK j,r
loinai h lr a ah rt tint, but th sn kness passed away, and then tho rliild WM
In belter health than ever More, I van understand why A kers English I'em.
rdy Is no rtticactotts. because I am a druggist. It la lint a mora eijie. tnim
hut a sticngtlicmng. Inv Igotatlng tmnc as well. While It hrals the ltritait..ni
o( the mucous nirmhtauo. It also builds up tho cotisttttitioii aul Hirfus i;
MhkI. I cttdotse It aUulutety."
Soht at ttf . k. and ft a lMle. throughout th United States and Canada,
and in KugUml. at is. id., Is, id . d If you are not satlatied after b.iynig
return the bottle to your druggist, and get your money Imtk.
I) c u.A- i.i At in trwKUnJx. M'. II. llt"kl K 4 ( , vfabvi, ,V, j,
Fur sal by Oeo A. Harding.
a 4a' r aVswT I
, illl,f luha.rv ieMI. Rlf-IP Nil
faiakts iat at Isar Wa , a,
tjiC)rwi4iras)a itotmU
J,.a. ysariBas lata W4, t-j
! ) lsj swaMs(Vaas4 sT
is Ml
pnblic office is a public trust; and wl en
while the corresuiiding rate (or the
More money per capita, more gold,
more silver, and a larger total of money
in circulation than ever before ia the
summarization of the "Circulation
Statement" insued by the treasury de
partment for April 1, l!M). For the first
time in the history of the country,
tbe per capita circulation has
increased the f'.'O line and the year 1900
carried the total for the first time past
the two billion dollar line, while the
amount ol gold and gold certificates in
i circulation is larger than at the corres-
ponding date of any previous year.
elected they will practice what tle, : 'w'"'' army was ti! 13 percent The
j,reach. Jdepsrtment statement rea ls as follows
Standing upon a sound republican
platform, thece gentlemen believe in a
dollar whose value is the same yesterday,
today and tomorrow ; thev believe in a
in conclusion :
"The conditions, both military and
Climatic, under whl. lt the cam signs
were carried on, wei so different that
government with an arm long enough to dlir'cult ,0 rn"1"' comparison.
reach the collar of any rascal beneath its
flag; they believe in a government with
a sword sharp enough to strike down
tyrrany wherever it shows its snaky
the American campaigns were carried
on in the tropics in mid summer, the
ni'St unfavorable twaaon of the year.
The diseases most prevalent wer
m an I U I
J-Tw I 1 w I Evr " . T. . 1 . I -V.
' sn V in. iunr. ..i.i'r i lwEfiarl
nil,irt,u.JuMi, wl . I Sa
I ai sVSiih s i. aiw w I i. j IT
Minn u
TVfwauuSs u(Ml.a.
ttm W,J mm r'r
at a .af
W Irttua Itmm. a4 r-. ;4 tft
fmt M M a llloa t.t
saatas, innKkr.) ti
altUSW. IWtaSilmlN!,
I IllSt 4 C. Mliatt, .
head; they want a government that will tro-ica! levers. The climate in the
protect the humblest citizen in the land 1 "I operationa in Smith Afriea is
standing in the sunlight of his little 1 ' arkalily healthy. There was mu lt
cabin, just as quickly as it w ill protect ! 'nesa at Ladysmith, hut that was
ERNEST RAXDS. of Oregon Citv.
For coroner
J. W. XORRIS, of Oregon City.
Have you registered? If you wUh to
vote you must attend to this important
The Enterprise has a larger circula
tion than any other paper in the eounty
Vanderbilt in his palace of marble and
Reports have been received from every
cross road, precinct and towntdiip in the
county, telling of daily gains for the
county republican ticket. The ticket
For new and ingenious machinery the j elt'cl"1 from ,0' to 1,01,0,11
world seems now to be looking to the
United States. Exports of electrical
machinery increased from 017,43 in
18117 to 2,5l-3,C44 in 1.SD3, $3.l,3;i6 in
1SW; metal-working, from about M.UO0-
In last week 's Courier-Herald appeared
an article stating that the proprietor ol
this paper and Commissioner Scott had
000,000 in 1S97 to nearly 17,000,000 in
1S99; railway engines, from 3,000,000
in 1897 to nearly 15,000,000 in 18W; type
writing machines, from fl, 500,910 in
1897 to J2,77t),3a in 1899. while such
lines of machinery as catth registers,
laundry machinery, printing presses,
shoe manufacturing machinery and fire
and stationery enginea also show a
marked growth.
If five people read each copy, then
10.000 people read the Enterprise each
Once more the Boers are reminding
the English that it is real war they are
engaged in.
A. S. Dkeskee received the compli
ment of the unanimous nomination for
joint representative from this and
Multnomah counties,
Since the late convention, where is
the man in Clackamas county that can
boaBf'Iaraa democrat? He won't be
in it unless he aJds the fusion tail,
pops s lver republican.
The demand is overwhelming in Great
Britian that promotion in the army here
after be made on brain and not money
ct title. Experience teaches many a
The state convention could not have
made two better nominations than
Judge Wolverton for the supreme bench
and F. M. Bailey for food and dairy com
missioner. The demand for Wolverton
was unanimous and testified to the
opinion held by the people. Mr. Bailey
has taken such vigorous action against
the adulterated butter trade and kindred
matter to make the people believe that
he is the right man in the right place.
j entered into an agreement by which
the Enterprise was to have the county
printing for two years. The proprietor
of this paper w iuhes to say that such a
proposition was never thought of, much
less talked to Scott, or any other person.
The Courier Herald knew that a con
tract beyond the time of the prenent
boird could not be entered into by the
board, yet it maliciously publishes this
lie, under direction, of course. Mr. J
Scott informs us that when Cheney is
pressed for his source of information he
says "Stipp told him." When the latter
is asked for his source of information he
refuses to divulge it to Scott but says
"we" were after Porter. Tho lie seems
to be up to Stipp but does any one think
it started there? Hardly. j
Scott went out of his way to help the j
Courier-Herald and has never been a !
friend to the Enterprise, but he is no 1
due to liege conditions and riot to
climate. In the American campaigns
the clothing worn waa ashpit aa pos
sihte. Ird RotN-rt has snt from
I'doemfontein for warmer da', ing fur
his army on account of thn aieiied pre
vilenee of pneumonia."
Nip worn
Extra strain needs extra strength.
When a nmn begins to add to hi hours
of lalwr, ami subtract from his hour
of rest, he is putting an extra strain on
brain and body. In such cases mnnv
men make the serious mi-take of using
Stiltiulutltlir liotlora. nr ale.il.. Mr. .....iT
dues. These cun only injure. The spur
unr uu me norsr, Dili doc riot
strengthen him. Stimulants are only
apurs. The need of the Unly u
strength. Dr. Pierce'a Golden Medical
Discovery is invaluable to overworked
men and women. It strengthens the
stomach, increasea the blood supply,
nourishes the ncrvea, and trivr vital
jwer to brain and Uxly.
There ia no alcohol in "r.nl,l.. v,i.
ical Discovery." It contains no opium,
cocaine or other nurcolic. is slrutly
a temperance medicine.
Mr. Wwar.IJamtis.of.Marmiro.Criiwr.iMCo !
Imlisria, writes: iVr Ihrre yrsr.ol aufferirn
with liver troul.lf , malaria I onvv fl '
hooes of ever nilmr "...
. . - " me iii.i
all the hmr rlneiors n! rrrHved
r, nrr laKititf three Nxtlni
Golden Medical Iriacovery ami
-I'leSMint rr Mi' I mm .. ...A
due mtir,i. . i .. ;..:
' "i-". -"""rnui mriiuiiira '
Dr. Tierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, irnH pities
Nuts, Datot, rigs,
Honey, Ornneoi,
Lomons. Dannnat,
Cranberries. Raltlna
Homo Made Mlnco
The 7th Srstsr (Jam sa.
Vutir team will have th
of car and
Full Measure of Feed
City StnblcH.
W.H. YOUNC, Prop.,
.,.,.., W. H. Cooks
Mverjr on Short Notice.
Tslsphon No. 42.
i. - a a k a ii - k m m .i.
7 11 V Zi
Ttl.t Mir...'
I ijv. i'liiiwl 9
and Prospectors
A Un ifT'Ttr,! livcoU
or ltrat. It'indvsLr Am
W.miiLm it w 1y every
a a
oik: ,uvl r.oi.i tvcr)whcrc.
S-nl n.tnio anl address on a
post.nl card for i.jfi-p.igc illtis
tmtctl catalogue. It ii free,
Winchester Repeating Arms Co.
Kt:w itAVi N. riwv
DIAIUno Alain nnnAMA H
riMiniiTN iku imv
I iiBit tried ' Ii
fmt little re- ', r!
of Dr. 1'ierre s i W,
one rtal of l.i. i 1 1
. .. . : sr.
it w . r;
He is now after the Armour's for nellin ' t, i... , . ... . .
... i.bucii unu an ue is coarsen wuri neinif.
procese butter in Portland. The latter ri rama witfiln turn w.K.a t.t Mn r
is spoiled butter worked over and sold
(or dairy butter.
WooDitiBN has started otf with a
creamery having about 400 cows; there
Should be no doubt about the success of
this institution, if a good manager and
hutter maker can be kept constantly in
Hinck the establishment of the flax
Jiber works at Seio, the creamery at that
Thk fight in committees of the house
over the proposition to tax oleomar
garine out of exigence is growing hotter
and hotter aa tiie days go by. The re
publicans are committed to a bill in
creasing the internal revenue tax to 10
cenls a pound, and this it ia contended,
would put an end to the industry. The
dairy interests of the country are behind
the bill, while the manufacturers of
oleomargarine have enlisted in their
behalf the cattle raisers of the south
west and the cotton seed oil producers
of the south. Both of the inf? not rlf.u
are directly intereated in the continued
prosperity of the oleoniaigarine makers.
nation, and as he can no longer help the j
the Courier-Herald out, he is stubbed in
the back. Do you of the Courier-Herald ,
and you proinptera believe that the j
people can be fooled with lies, always?
Is decency gone? Has manhood no'
longer any attractions for your heastial j
and depraved nature? bo you think
that every lie you hatch, or that is
poured into your greedy ears by the
greatest liar and corruption! this
county ever saw, is going to be be
lieved by the honest people of this!
Filth, corruption and robbery of the
county you thrive on. These are as
necessary to your beiiiK as the miasma
of the swamp is to the nolnori,e weeds
that flourish in its depths, or the dung-
r I
sent free on
of stamjHi to
co ot ma
only. Send a I one-
cent stamps for pa
per covered, or i
stamps for cloth.
Address I)r. R. V.
Pierce, Buffalo J Y.
On Easy
A delegation of prominent Texana repre-1 hill to the nightshade at iis side.
For Vounar Men and lotmg rVomen.
There ia nothing that will arot.se the
ire of a young man or woman so tjnick aa
to have inferior laundry work put off on
them. They mHy dress ever so well
but if ttieir shirt front or shirt waiat Is
mussy their neat appearance is spoiled
i ne iroy launury makea a specialty of
ladies' and gitntlemnn'a fine work.
There can bn no better work tlmn is
lone at the Jrov. Leave your order nl
Johnson's barber shop.
How Art, Tour Klrfuryi I
It i easy to obtain a good ono. Wlu-ro no local
dealer Ht.-llH them, wo will m;n a j.intio or organ for
a mnall cuh1 jmy mont, Imliineo in monthly pay
ments. Two years timo to flnihh .urcliaHo if do
Hired. We would liko to explain our method. Wo
will end an iriHtrument Ktiarantooin,? patiafiiction,
or tho piano may ho returned to uh at our cxpenm,.
Catal..KucH free for tho unking, toll all ahotit them.
Sjtocial priceH and full information if you writ.
eenting these allied districts, arrived in contaminate the very sewera i whlclAM"CTi
Tho homo of Portland, Orenon.
uiiiin nnos,
Kinini.r. icon .