Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, March 23, 1900, Page 4, Image 4

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Oregon City Enterprise.
I'ubltnlieil Kvery Krldciy.
L. U POIUKK, Paoranxoa.
2 00
1 to
On year
B i nionthi
Trial subscription lao month...
A discount o .V) cent on til ubrrtvtlon
for nm vrar, 2S rent lot tit month, If
psi.1 in mature.
Adv- Mining rate given on application.
Bubscrihcrs-.HI find Hit 01",r
tiontumird on thsir rr followlna
their name. If this dale not chanard
within two wwk "" rv"'fn, kindly
notify oi ml w will !'
Kntered at trt ptoffi ,n Orwn City,
Or., as second clas matter.
Beaver Creek..
Can by
Milwaukie .....
Union Mill...
Meadow Brook.
Nf w Era
Wllsonville ....
Park place
Ur(iiam ,
Kale Creek
Patidy ...
Cberryville ,
....ir. T. B. Thomas
, Ueo. Kmctit
A. Mather
liscar imnirer
U. J. Tnllii'Ker
Chas. Holman
W. 8. Seherry
Henrr Milry
J.Q lia
C. T. Howard
K. M. Cooper
, Annie Htubti
E. M. llartmati
B. Jemiirirs
.... Henrr A. fnytler
"H. Wiihern
'. J.C. Klliott
K. Un-lsch
. . ... Geo. J. Curnn
.Mr. M. J. Hammer
Adolph Ascborl
"The nay U fcolld p Ore . City
b U rlTe Oregon City People jonr
United States, relative to tht country's
acting as mediator In tho lWr war,
Euroxan nations wore alno asked, but
o far aa known, this nation i the only
one taking any steps toward stopping
tliewar. This wa done in the face of
the fact that England was friendly dur
ing the Spanish war. Tliia country la
informed that no Intervention will be
derated from any nation. Now it will
lie In order lor the howlers to raise the
cry louder than ever that the president
and the republican iarty are English
sympathiser. Some people bowl and
Jo not know why any more than the
Jog baying at the moon.
Tits administration deplotea the de
cision of the senate to amend the Hay
Taunce fote treaty, anJ contends that the
amendment proposed will b worse than
useless, In thai it will subject Uiia gov
ernment to the nece ssity of maintaining
fleeta of warship at the moutha of the
canal to defend it whenever the United
States i at war. Naturally, none of the
powers will agree that the United State
may "defend" the canal and use in time
of war without reserving to themselves
the right to attack it. Thus, instead of a
canal with its neutrality guaranteed by
the consent of the world, we shall limply
have an extension of our already enor
mous coast line. If the configuration of
the ground were such as to permit the
canal to be defended by fortresses and if
Great Britain would consent to our build
ing these, it would be different, but un
der the circumstance, the administration
thinks that the amendment is a great
Havi you roistered T If yon wi.h to & Vn,v, nf lrnnl
Hold d nuH-rat oppose the admlnU-l
tration'a Puerto Kican olicy.
Senate passed a bill providing for a
Spanish war claims commission.
Linseed oil and llouritig milla burned
In Ohio, laigest plant in the United
Slale. Loan X,IHM.
Wednesday, March SI.
Fnland holds IWra rotoniblo (or
loss of Hiilish propoity.
Portland Chamber ol Coiiimcrveunaui
inouoly Indorse Senator Simon's Puerto
Kican policy.
Arkansas republlcana Indorse Presi
dent McKitiley's administration.
Coulvronce on Puerto Kican tariff bill
affect a compromise.
Neatjy 5 000 deaths last week iu ludia
from bubouic plague.
Kruger says the Boers were forced to
war and w ill conquer or die.
Thursday, March '22. ZZ
Eugene couple shot down by Indian
while out camping in Alaska. One of
the murder confessed the crime at
Salvation Anns testimonial meeting.
liohcrtsie preparing to Invade Trans
vaal. Negoatious reneaetl between London
and Pretoria.
New Orleans buys one million
exposition tickets.
FurnNhrd Kvery Week by the Clacka
mas Abstract k Trust Company.
vote you must attend to this important
Ths United State pay betweej fcWO.
000 and $400,000 a year for cable tolls to
Manila about 11.000 a day.
Tut Shamrock was worn by everyone
in England last Saturday as a compli
ment to the Irish troops in South Africa,
It is said that the democratic program
hto drop free silver but hold on to
Bryan. This is on the ground that if
they cannot unload the whole burden,
drop part of it. ,
It was claimed that the bonds of the
United States could not be floated at two
per cent, but the rash for these bonds in
the refunding of the debt shows the
lliK-y of the opposition.
Friday, March 16.
Joubert tried to reach Bloemfontein
before it surrendered but found the rail
road cut.
The sentiment Krowf tbat no tariff
should be laid on the Puerto Kican trade.
The Quay case makes a hot debate in
the senate.
When it comes to making wr, Great
Britain would be glad of our assistance
and reach out for our hand, bat when its
a matter of making peace no, thank
What has become of the man who
four years g proDheeied dire distress
and ruin to the country if Bryan was not
elected president? What will be the
burden of his song this time? Roseburg
One of the most important orders in
the navy for years has just been issued.
It creates a board of nine officers who
have control of the fleet and eliminates
civil authority as far as possible from the
service. Slowly we learn the necesHary
facts of successful government.
Tub latest news from the front in
Kentucky shows that the Beekham
field cornets have been commanding at
a rapid rate and both the Democratic
and Republican laagers are full of men.
It may be added that many of the men
re full of latter.
The Enterprise publishes this week a
supplement containing matter on the ini
tiative and referendum. This matter is
entirely non-partisan being prepared by
the non-partisan league promoting this
subject, It is given that our readers
miy have all the information possible on
this matter from the standpoint of the
league. It is well worth reading.
There are some people that do not
make any discrimination when they
read a paper. If a statatement is made
or opinion expressed that a certain event
lias happened or probably will happen it
is at once taken that the editor desires
such events to take place and all his
sympathies are that way. Such a suppo
sition is as often wrong as right.
The naval bill provides for eight new
Tronble in China increases.
Alaska is receiving a great deal of at
tention at the bands of congress.
A. J. Warrell was killed attJoldendale
by George Ferrin over a land row.
Astoria is after the rata, aa they carry
the plague.
It is claimed that a 7-year-old boy was
pushed in the river at Portland and
Saturday, March 17.
The railroad is open from the Cape
to Bloemfontein.
The Filipinos are showing little fight
The senate seems determined to pass
the tarrifT bill.
The senate passed the Puerto Rican
relief bill of I2.000.0W.
Snow storms prevail throughout the
east and south.
A great rush of miners for Cape Nome
is on.
Charges are made against the district
attorneys office by McGinn.
Sunday, March 18.
Mafeking is expected to be relieved
any day.
Leary abolishes slavery or peonage? in
Puerto Ricans are very anxions to
have an immediate decision on the
tariff question, as it interferes with busi
Roberts will rest but a few days be
fore advancing on the Transvaal.
Moody wins the delegation from
Wasco county.
The Yankee Boy mine at Baker City is
bonded at $200,000. '
Otto Brown, 10-years-o!d, is held in
Portland for pushing the Ilepfer boy in
the river. The latter was drowned.
Judge Lowell announces himself
candidate for United States senator.
Monday, March 19.
McKinley and Dewey decide to make
a western tour, corning to Portland dur
ing the summer.
Gov. Geer receives war department's
checks for $27,800.85 for clothing fur
nished the state's volunteers.
British forces preparing for the double
mission of relieving Mafeking and to ad
vance on Pretoria.
Puerto Rico's distress grows worse.
Governor-General Davis cabled that 500
tons of provision will be needed weekly.
Is another column will be found the
correspondence between the South Afri
can Republics on the one hand and
Great Britian on the other with the
Tuesday, March 20.
Bryan's platform given out at Lincoln.
J T Strife to A P Schneider, SO
acres 'X, t 4 s, r 1 e $150
J T Strite to A K Strowbridge,3J 07
acres sec 8, t 2 s, r 2
C W Cither to W P Burt, neli
sec U, t 6 s, r 3 e
G II Webster to M Spurgeon. 10
acre claim 63, t 2 , r 2 e
F Welch to G T Dicker e' Welch
l LC 13 s, r 3 e
Q T Dicker to F Welch, 2 acres
nearbU21, Holmes ad
R A Kobbins to J Little, 30.07 K
Thompson claim
M C Cornett to W J Lewellen,
17.06" acre, sec 8, t 4 a, Me..
A E Lewellen to W J lewellen,
17.06 acres sec 8, t 4 s, r 4 e. . . . 1
J L Lewellen to W J Lewellen,
17 0(5 acre sec 8, t 4 s, r 4 t.... 1
P F Morey to A C Bedford, trustee
tracts in Clackamaa county 4S000
D Bolds to M F Cross, I'M acres
sec 13 t 5 s, r 2 e
Windsor Land Co top Hansen, lot
8, Windsor
WmOhlertoA M Krausse 13.75
acres sec 10, t 3 s, r 1 w
N Calitrto ECaliir, lot 2, blk III
Oregon Ci y
K A Blair toO Duke, nw!4' wt4'
and lots l.sec 1 f, r 1 e 3 50
J G Ma Idock to Waverly Ass'n
lots 17, 18, blk 23, Cambringo
SPratherto Win Mortenmm 80
acres t 2 s, r 2 e
spratlna llapiUMesa.
l linve hut one rule tlint I follow Ih
solutely In IhU life, ami Hint l ''
other people n hnppy ns possible."
"Well," ho replied, "you ought to bo
gratified then at what I heiud a young
lady aay the other day."
"What was that?"
"She said that whenever he n you
dancing ho Imd to laugh."-Clilcagu
Time Herald.
Aa Kmbarmaslaar lllaalloa.
Dlhb (facttlouslyl-Thl Is a picture I
of my wife's first husband.
pohba-Grvnt snakes! What I
brainless looking Idiot! Hut I didn't
know your wlfo msrrleJ before
iho met you?
Dltd-8he wasu't That la a picture
of myself at the age of SO.-Umdon
tllaa Well : Alow.
P.ohba-1 sec (hut a limn h Invent
ed a tvpcwrlter that you Just lt tlown
and talk to aud It write out every
thing you say.
lott-I cues I'll keep mine. BhS
doesn't write everything I say. and I'm
glad of lt.-ltaltlmnw American.
F i rVNj Jul c'""u n,rvt'
r V Ix. I '"K "ie rain and ao
I tnmiy thine to talk
5 00
about. That mean
wrt fert and a tirglrctrd Cold. Then
come the hacking, lingrriii; coiih, and
the doctor looks srHntis ami talk of pine
wood or mountain air.
That is the time when Ir. IScrcr't
Golden Medical Irtscovcry prove it
value. It ha cured hundreds of caw of
"weak lung,,'olMtinatp, lingering coti'h,
bronchiti, spitting of M.l, and other
forms of disraar, which if urglrctrd of
unskillfully treated lead to consumption.
About rl M yrtn tgo I hot a i1-'t'ul oih
nt buarviiW wrllra Mr. Ids Y H.U.r.L. .(
Sterling ttnt Co. t'lah. llrwl rTrl
ktn-W of mr1ktn btrl without inv cftni ; mi
Ul I Irlnl Dr. IVtn i (..4'lrn Mr.l I ....
rrv. of which I hstrLkra lour buttlrs. ami my
cuuh ta rnlir.ljr rotTtt."
Sick people are invited to consult Dr.
licrce, by letter, free. All correspond
ence private. Addrr Ir. R. V. Pierce,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Distinguished Testimony
No set let society III the wuild slaioU higher In nihl alms and clmrluliU
I, I I I. I Il.i k' 111.. Iil i.f I'v llOnii 'l'lil i.i.lr ! il..l,.. .......
aCCOlU I Ml 111 II I VII win.,., ..v..t,a ,i,n.., ,..tn wwiliaHlvHl KMU
aitii i'uu i'i Miiv'i Mi"imi
lion I llio Ohm Pythian
II niio, at Sprlngiield. Ohm,
wlmll In ahly presided over
hy Siil'eriiitenitenl l.e I'rvro
an I his wife, Mi. Collie I.
l.e l i'Vie, the nuiinui, The
hitter has treently written a
letter, wli'th will command
widespread attention Nx muo
of the proniiueure oi mo
writer. It la a follow;
"Messn W. II. Hooker &
Co.. Now York: Lal year II
Hied Acker l'ngllh Hemcdv
at the suggestion of a (nend.
for a aerimi. ong'liuding
IV and rHeiuo.
many well nkenif pirjiata-
limit without relief. I tan
lioneitly .y that Ackel
Knglih Keniedy removed th
dillinilty and topwd Iho
. . i. i . ........ i. ..
M,K"' . " "' Z7 Cams I. !. rvaa. W.trua Ohio PyMan lt..m..
' WWW HIIV tU'i'i ttsivw " -
ties, and at leat one half of the last it still on hand. I also consulted phy.
siclan with no permanent results." (Signed) Cai i u I. Ls I'm.
The friend to wlmm Mr. !. I'evrs rfer a having uggete. Aikrr's
English Keincdv U Mrs. V. H. Chilton, Wlfa of tho ptesldenl of the Tiiyv
Ttsiisfer Co., of Troy, Ohio, whrs this remedy ha accomplished many ilirr
cute In Throat ami Lung Trouble. In conversation wnli an acaiiiii,
Mts l.o Fevre also said "If you will call on Mr, W. II. Schauaa, a pioniluptit
th ua and att merchant of Springfield. Ohm. you will find that he. too, ha ti I
any amount of experience witb Aiker' KnglisU Remedy In hi family, aUl
think they cannot keep house without It."
A.'kaf'a KnIi.h Darn..)? la mM br all ,1iuial nn4a a fnallir ur.nl.a
1'iat '"' inoiiar ral.in 1.. In ! ta.i oa ti' , v- an. i a lx-lla la
l'ml.. h'at.a an t I'ana U. In kntflaml. i fl . ot . "'1 .
II i a.iArlM Ito ttiw ka-usfca, '. U ooA t H iV , h-r'". 'r Ymk.
For tale by Geo. A. Harding.
throat dillkult
Iv hard route h. Had used
I .e- I
l mm .lit .la.f fm iim
.niiMg i..i...n a. hit. Rai.a
..la.r...4iirM. , K .
I s
. a a a r . .
It..,.. -l SUM I.I I "
' .a ittf .m t i i a i
I lak-.lla aa... 1 1 I lV. m.
' a"vu ir
mmir Miss i-j tfc , ,,im,w,
SUA as
HO To n 4 ttm
k f ta Tw H ils
o sj in siisly, fli.ltf '
1, M,iff , I ! -.
Uailrii mm fmtu4 m W
5 00
U S to S Prather n,'a ne'4' sec 30
t2s, r 2 e Pat
TRUST CO. are the owners of the copy-
right to the Thome system of abstract
indexes, for Clackamas county, and have
the only complete set of abstracts in the
County, can furnish information as to
title to land at once, on application.
Loans, investments, real estate, abstract!
etc. Office over Bank of Oregon City.
Call and investigate. Address box 377
Oregon City Oregon.
Spring neckwear. All the new styl es
the daintiest examples of tlic manufact
ures art at the Golden Rule Bazaar.
The story in the Argonaut for March
20, 1W0, is entitled "The Strange Ad
ventures of a Poet: How he Had the
Romance Taken Out of Him." It Is ad
apted from the French of Eugene Sue,
and though it is as bright and whimsical
aa any of that writer's sketches, it has a
grewsome touch at the end that makes
it memorable.
Second hand bicycles for 5.00 to
$20.00 at Hur.tley's Book Store. All
kinds and styles.
It is very hard to stand idly by and
see our dear ones suffer while awaiting
the arrival of the doctor. An Albany
(N. Y.) dairyman called at a drug store
there for a doctor to come and see his
child, then very sick with croup. Not
finding the doctor in, he left word for
him to come at once on his return. He
also bought a bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, which he hoped would
give some relief until the doctor should
arrive. In a few hours he returned,
saying the doctor need not come, as the
child was much better. The druggist,
Mr. Otto Hcholz, says the family has
since recommended Chamberlain's
Couuh Remedy to their neighbors and
friends until he has a constant demand
lor it from that part of tho country. For
sale by G. A. Harding, Druggist.
To Care Constipation ForeTer,
Take CuHcarets Cuiidv Cath;irtln. irie
If C. C. C. fall to cure. druKKWU refund money.'
A IrlKhtrnl Illandi r.
Will often ca ne a horrible Burn. Scald,
Cut or Bruise. Buck'rn's Arnlci Salve,
the best in the world, will kill the pnln
and promptly heal it. Cures Old Sores,
Fever Sore.- I'lcers, lVn. Felons,
Corns, all Skin Eruptions. Best Pile
cure on earth. Ouly 2." cts a box. Cure
guaranteed. Sold by Geo. A. Harding
Bsar ths j 1 M K i.ld Yl Hi) t rin fjoitfl
A Beautiful Complexion ia an Impossl
bility without good pure blood, the sort
that only exists in connection with Komi
digestion, a healthy liver tnd bowels.
Karl's Clover Root Tea acts directly on
the bowels, liver and kidneys keeping
them in perfect health. Price 25 cts.
and 50 cts. C. G. Huntley, Druggist.
A Few J'olnlr.
The recent statistics of the number of
I 1 1 1 1 I I
Nuts, Date., Fig",
Honoy, Oranttos,
Lomom. Dnnanai,
Cranberries. Raisins
Homo Mado Mlnco
We are now making; con
tracts f. r W'h. to U' iMivtrctl
next summer.
Parties i"iring to ai tl will
please, call at our oll'u.
Orogon City
Woolen Mills.
Til 7th MramT (iuocaa.
ij mu t lit sat. .44
I J aU W
J flllll nil Cli lal Iks ai Ml J mmmJk
, Wm lasiMsiinM
W ai alww J rl
Maw fmmmmt .OwjL.bS
mm tmmmut pmm wmf4 4 mmtm to
ff kssaaMssat S4 M Ua) aaf s
Uw 4, ) mm m t Of
Mil h t4 il t SMS Sw-4 !'.
-Urf -. II tumi 9 111 1 -qg-f "I ' ' J
Kw mm tim s Sw4W .
. ' pa-)-. SJC
A fK)c I lj s-v-i
V f" j v w ts. -- -w rBa j , WU P a
' A iat lkafi aV .. fafawsam ftf 111 I . t
I fii MMs, ., a4ts)atli
1 . 'j .swift 0l t.M frrt
1 M sM'-si - mm4 ) wV.4
f L m tim4 II .
f 1 -4 H rlt t t f$vm I lKsg .4
ffy( ' Usao-U. AaVlMS, 0
V-.- l4m,IOflUC-l CO MM ifKswtt
PiSf Nil !.
V. . V-a haV-'i'sf 7l4 Jh
. KM c fr
r t ii i vzj
1 I ivn.lLf
The Miners'
and ProspccJors
ft Favorite.
A UnafT'Ttr,! lycoM
or 1ir.it Winch'iUr Atn
munillm U u wl y every
orv arvl roia cvcr)'vncrc.
S n l n.tm'i anl mlilrcss on a
postal canl for nR-pagc illus
tratctl catilogtic. It ii free.
Winchester Repealing 'Arms Co.
'VyiS Market St., 5fi I rancUco, CaL
Rick Headache absolutely and per
manently cured by uning Moki Tea. A
leaHant herb drink. Cures coiHlina-
ion and indiL'psfirin.
,., .., ,,1UU 8CCI) ork . d lflr.riV u.J,-,ufM;..
.rB - ,n.u ,ur guaranteed or money back. 25 cents fails to cure. K. W.
"ryan ' 'and 50 cents. Geo. A. Harding, agent, (on every box, ?5c.
deaths show that a larue mniority die I In
with consumption. This disease may M
commence with an apparently harmless I fj
cough which can be cured instantly bylfj
Kemp's Ralsam for the Throat and it
Lungs, which is guaranteed to cure and ikJ
relieve all cases. Price 25c and 50c. J
For sale by all druggists. W
WI...I,. ff..,. V l ,. I wt
nunar iiiiu luornnoes. Ill
Allen's Foot-Kase, a powder. It cures ! V
painful, smarting, nervous feet and in
growing nails, and Instantly takes the
sting out of corns and bunions. It's the
greatest comfort discovery of the age.
Allen's Foot-Kase makes light or new
shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure lor
sweating, callous and hot, tired, aching
feet. Try It today, fiold by all drug
gists and shoe stores. By mail for 25c.
In stamps. Trial package FREK. Ad
dress, Allen H. Olmsted, Le Roy, N, Y.
For Young Men and Toung Women.
There is nothing that will arouse the
Ire of a young man or woman so Quick as
to have inferior laundry work put off on
them. They may dress ever so well,
but if their shirt front or shirt waist is
mussy their neat appearance Is spoilod.
The Troy laundry makes a specialty of
ladies' and gentlemen's fine work.
There can be no better work than is
done at the Trov. Leave your orders at
Johnson's barber shop.
On Easy
To Cure Lngrlppe In Two Days.
Takb I.axativk I!iomoQihniniTaiim:tb.
All druiwists refund the mom-v 1 It
Grove's signature
It is nafly to obtain a gooil ono. Where no local
dealer bcIIh them, wo will nend a piano or organ for
a tiinall crhIi payment, Imlanco in monthly pay
ments. Two years tirno to finiHh purchawo if do
Hired. Wo would like to explain our method. Wo
will send an iimtrummit guaranteeing Batisfuction,
or tho piano may ho rotumcd to us at our cxpenmj.
Catalogues freo for tho anking, tell all about them.
Special priceH and full information if you writo.
Tho home of
(IIMUI-ltl.Xs 1'IIOM,
vi:iu:it n 0h,
M IDlltll iiil Itl A I
iaio House
Portland, Oregon.