Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, March 16, 1900, Page 8, Image 8

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A. O. U. W. moots every 8aturday
ovoi.Ii g in the A. 0. U. V. Temple
ho. K. CalifT. awretarv.
Itclckalis Willsmette Rlksh Ixxlg
Js'o. 2 meets stvond anil fourth Friday of
ch month at I. 0.0. F. Temple.
latta (iodfrr, secretary.
Court Robin Hood No. 0, Forvstera ol
America, meets first anl tliirJ Friday in
tbe month in Ked Men's 1111. W. II.
tUallbid secretary; F. T. Rogers, chieJ
Meade rout No. 2, G. A. R., meets
first Monday evening and third fatuiday
(Urnix)n in each month at YYilaiuette
JIall. G. A. Harding, commander.
Clarkamai Charter No. 2, R. A. M.,
meets on the third Monday of each
month in Masonic 1111. M. Pollack,
Pioneer Chapter No. 28. 0. E. S. nieeU
thJ soond and fourth Tuesdays in each
month at Masonic Hall. Miss Jennie
.Row en, secretary.
Oregon Lodge No. S, 1. 0. 0. F., meet
?vry Thursday in Odd Fellows' Hall.
T. F. Ryan, secreUry.
Falls Encampment No. 4, 1. 0. 0. F.
neeU first and third Tuesday in earb
month. J. A. Stuart, secreUry.
tinier of Pendo meets every Monday
iilght at Kedmen's hall.- Head Counselor.
S. 8. Scripture; Mn. May Taylor secreiary.
Red men Wacbeno Tribe No. 13, Imp.
O. R. M., meets Saturday evening 7:30
mt KeJ Men's Hall.-N. M. Moody, C.
R.jChas. W. Kelly, Sachem.
kfultnomah Lodge No. 1, A. F. A. M..
rta first and third Saturdays in each
nth at Masonic Hall. T. F. Ryan,
Mead Relief Corps No 13, meets at
Willamette Hall the first Monday in
very month at 2 o'clock p. m. and the
third Monday in every month at 7:30
o'clock p. m. The Auxiliary meets at
he Armory building the 1st and 3rd
Saturday io each month at 3 o'clock p.
tn Mrs. Rosina Fonts, president. Mrs,
Mary L. Bradley, secretary.
United Artisans meet every Thorsday
evening of each month at the Willamette
1UH. The social meeting of this order
is second Thurseay of each month. E.
11 Cooper, secretary, M. Bollack M. A.
Willamette Falls Camp No Ui, W. 0
V meets 1st and 3rd Fridays in the
Willamette Hall. C. C, Sol. S. Walker
and clerk G. Olds.
Lone Pine Lodtte, No. 53, A. F. & A.
M., Lotran, Or., meets on the second
Saturday in each month from the 1st ot
May to 1st of November at 2 p. m. and
from 1st of November to 1st of May at
10 a. ui. A. E. Lewellen, W. M., Geo.
C. Armstrong. Sec.
Catholic Knights of America St. John't
Bianch No. 617, meets every Tuesday o!
the month.
Tua'atin Tent, K. 0. T. M., meets in
Red Men's Hall, on second and fourth
Wednesdays G. H. Hyatt, record
keepei ,
Our (' iitmon School the Cornondiine
f the Nation,
Sunday Services.
Kitrhth and J. Q. Adams stmts; Kev.
Ernest J. W. Mack, pastor. Sunday schoo
at 10 A. M., weekly services every Thursday
at 8 P. M. German school every tialurdaj
Ironi 9 to 12. Everybody invited.
Killiuramo, Pur. On Sunday mint at 8 and
10 M a. M. Everj second and fourth Uundav
0rman aermou after the 8 o'clock maat
At all other diiiwi Knglinh aermoni. Sunday
fichool at i .) r. u. Vetixra. apologetic
cublecis and Beaedlctlon at 7:10 r. M.
"H. Oberc, Paator. Monitor service at 10 45
Bunday School at 10:00. Class meeting- after
morning service. Evening service at 7:30
Epwiirtb League meeting Sunday evening at
6.30, Prayer Meeting. Thursday evening at 7.30
jKrangers cordially invited.
J. Montgomery, Pastor. Services at 11 a.m. and
7:80 r. m. Sabbath School at 10 a. m. Young
People's Society of Christian Endeavor meets
every Sunday evening at 6:30. Ihunday
evening prayer meeting at 7 JO. Seats free.
Einhtii and Mudiaon street, R?v. S. Copley
pastor. Services every Sabbath at 11 a. m
and 7:15 p. m. Sunda School 10 a. m
Grayer meetings p. m. All are welcome
P. K. Hammond, Rector. Services
vcry eunaay at u a. m, and 7:.iup. in.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock, Btrvice every
IFrKv,)-evening at 7:30. Other services as
may be announced. All seats free. Strang
ers cordially invited.
corner of Main and Eleventh streets Itev.
K. H. Bollinger, pastor. Morning service
10:30; Sunday School 12; Junior Endeavor
6; y. P. 8. C. E. prayer meeting 6:30;
evening service 7:.'W.
H. lieaven, pator. Preaching services
very Sunday at 10-30 and 7:30 p. m. Sun
day ochool at 12 noon to 1 p. tn. Juniors
meet in the afternoon and the Senior Young
People's society and Bible study class at
J:15 p. m. Tlmr.dav evening, regular
j.raycr service at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday
evening, Bible study class at V. M. C, A.
rooms Ted by the pastor.
YOU TK1' ir.
SJ &hiloh's Cough and Consumption
Cure, which is sold for the small price of
25 cents and 50 cents and $1.00, does not
cure take the bottle back and we will re
fund your money. Sold for over fifty
jears on this guarantee. Price 25 cents
.and 50 cents. C. G. Huntley, the Druggist.
"Sew, tat a The Kind Ycu Haw Always Bought
. .of
The following oration waa delivered
by Prof. J. C. .inner, at the Washing
ton's Rirthdav everriws held at Cams
school :
Lore of country and of liberty la one
of the divine! sentiments of the human
"".realties there a man with aoul so dead
Who never to himself hath said,
Thia is my own, my native land."
Show me a man devoid of inch a feel
ing, one whose heart remaina cold at
sight of his country's flag, whose ear ii
leaf to hi country's call in her hour
of need, and I w ill show you a man
whose principle of action ia that of greed
and selfishness; a man without honor or
sterling worth of character. Show me a
nation without power or influence for
good in any direction, a people w ith no
Sonne of national or private honor, where
woman ia degraded and man the alave of
passion and of appetite; where the
growth of moral and intellectual life ia
dwarfed and stunted, and I will invariably
(how you a people that lacks ennobling
sentiment or principle of action.
Love of country is a sentiment that
ennoblee private and public character.
Where it ia cherished, thrived and
prospers every good and noble cause.
Such a nation enjoys the reepect and
confidences of her sister nations; the
arts and sciences flourish, schools and
literature foater anJ disseminate know
ledge, woman is raised to her proper
position of houor and respect, and men
will lay down even life itself for the
common good.
Wherever love of liberty and devotion
to country bave actuated the hearts of a
people, there lias flourished physical, in
tellectual and moral prosperity. There
men are actuated by motives of justice
and right rather than those of violence
and might. But wherevei history poiots
to a decline of these noble sentiments, she
will point out to us also the prevalence
and growth of private corruption, public
dishonor and national decay.
Every nation, as every individual, has
its work and purpose or make way for
another. One duty is paramount for
nations as for individuals to live today
wisely, justly, and aa well as may be to
do the clear duty of the hour.
Our constitution waa with difficulty
adopted. A chief argument in its favor
was the Bmallneea of the territory in
volved. Mr. Hamilton laid down this
rule: "The natural limit of a republic is
that distance from the center, which
will permit the representatives of the
people to meet as may be necessary for
the transaction of public affairs." And
be estimated the dimensions of the
country at 8oS?4 by 750 miles.
But it was well for the future of the
United States that the founders of the
nation knew nothing of the future; that
a wUe Providence bid bis designs from
the scrntiny of men. Alaska alone has
two thirds of this territorial extent.
Could these immortal master builders
have anticipated a continental expanse
of 2500 by lfiOO miles, excluxive of
Alaska, could they bave forseen that by
the resistless logic of events that far
flung banner was destined to wave also
over Cuba and far-off Luzon, tbey would
have shrunk appalled from their stupen
dous task, tbey would fled in dismay
from their undertaking. As it was they
builded better than tbey knew, and this
they knew, and thus the government
that suited well the scant needs of a
population of four millions, is still found
to be marvellously effective when
adapted to the complex life of twenty
times that number.
What is our country's mineion? The
flag is its ensign. What does it pro
claim? Ourflig contains neither beast
nor bird, nor reptile, as do those of
other nations. The noble founders of
this republic chose the Stars and Stripes ;
the red color to proclaim the blood which
they shed in defense of principle and
right; the blue to remind us of the
heavens and their protection ; the white
proclaims the principles of purity and
justice. The stars, an idea taken from
the constellation Lyra, signifies that a
fljw constellation has arisen in the
political heavens, whose signification is
July 4, 1893 I stood under the dome
of the Adininietralion building of the
White City by Lake Micnigan. Beneath
me a vast multitude thronged every
nook and corner of the court of honor."
The principal exercises of the day were
over. At a given signal a decendent of
the illustrious Paul Jones hoisted the
Ptare and Stripes, the original flag car
ried at the mast-head of that gallant
commander, and above it was signifi
cantly hoixted the white flag of jeace.
Suddenly there burst from Housa's
famous band the soul-stirring strains ol
the "Star Spangled Banner". Orchestra
after orchestra took up the theme; the
refrain was caught by thousands upon
thousands of the assembled multitude,
nntil all the air was acquiver with patri
otic yibrations. The sublime inspira
tion of that hour will never be forgotten.
Never was flung to the breezes of
heaven a fairer flag than our own star
spangled banner; none ever proclaimed
principles of stateHmanship so lofty and
grand, so pure and noble, so generous
and free. It heralded to earth's down
trodden the gospel of liberty and peace.
It flung open to them the gates ot the
West and cried, flee to your city of
refuge." It proclaimed to the world
that new and sublime doclilne, tlist all
men are politically eiil, that the right
to govern belongs not to individual
favored by birth or station, but to the
whole people. And In spite of taunts
and sneers abroad, this bannerol ours,
this lavored republic, lias by more than
a century's growth and prosjH'ilty dm
onstratrated its light to be.
But lllwrty i not license, and that a
free government may not degenerate Into
anarchy and Uwlesstiena, the ballot, that
sovereign scepter of the freeman, must
not lie wielded by the hands ol Igno
rance. While we contemplate with just
pride the advantage ot a government
which make it possible for even cho
pers and plowman to attain to such
eminence as was reached by a Lincoln
and a Garfield, we must not lose sight
ot the rocks upon which the ship of
state might founder. A free ballot
constitutes every voter a ruler. It be
comes therefore, the imperative duty of
every republic, upon the principle ol
self-preservation alone, to see to it that
every voter shall become sultlclently en
lightened to read and think for himself;
to see to it that education and intelli
gence shall become as free and necessary
as the sunshine and the air wo breathe.
It is therefore to the home and the
school that our government and its cher
ished Institutions must look for their
perpetuation. The state and the nation
must guard well these tountalnheads of
future citiiensliip.
Hence it is that tonight we plant ths
flag upon that grandest institution,
that corner-alone of our common country,
the common scbool.
iilorlsus Jews
Comes from Dr. D. B. Cargile, ot
Washita, I. T. He writes: "Kour
bottles of Electric Bitters has cured Mrs.
Brewer of scrofula, which had caused her
great suflering for years. Terrible sores
would break out on her head and face,
and tbe beat doctors could give no help;
but her cure is complete and ber health
is excellent." This shows wbst thou
sands bave proved, that Klectric Bitters
is the beet blood purifier known. It's
the supreme remedy for enema, tetter
salt rheum, ulcers, boils and running
sores. It stimulates liver, kidneys and
bowels, expels poisons helps digestion
builds up the strength. Only 60 cents.
Sold by Geo. A, Harding Druggist
The curse of overworked womankind
are quickly and surely cured by Karl's
Clover Uoot Te, the great Hloo.1 puriuer
and tiiwue builder. Money refunded If
not satisfactory. Prlc to '. M
cts. CO. Huntley, the Druggist.
"1 had dyepila for years, No inedi
cine was aoell'ective a Kodol Dysepnla
Cure. It gave iimumllate relief. Two
tattles produced marvelous reaulla,"
writes L, II. Warren, Albany. Wia. It
digests what you eat and cannot fall to
(lo, A. IUhkinu.
WHAT I Ml 1 10 II
A grand old remedy tor Cough, Cold
and Consumption; uml through lbs
world for half a century, has cured In
ntiniersble cases of Incipient consumpti
on and relieved many Inadvanced stage.
If you are nl satitled with the result
we will refund yur monev, Priced
cts., and Wet, and 1.O0. C. U. Ilunlley,
the Druggist.
Patent Krrord.
"Money to patent good Ideas may I
secured by our aid, address The Patent
Uccord, Baltimore, Md."
John Dirr IWvville, Ind., say. "I
never used anything as good as On
Minute Cough Cure. W at never
without it." Quickly break up coughs
and colds. Cure all throat and lung
trouble. It u will prevent joiicump
tion. Pleasant to take.
tiso. A. lUaitixo.
Your tt'iun will hvo Ilia tast
of care ami
Full Measure of Feed
At the
City Stable.
W.H. YOUNC, Prop.,
Mu'ti' V, H, Cookw
Livery Kltf" on Hlmrt Nolle".
TsUphone No. 42.
Ii W 12 L 12 R,
0p. lluntlrv't pru Store,
llrcnt Hritalii ami America.
7IUK0KI JlOVUh 7ijvu
JaoiII (llrSV, I'MoI'Mlt-ruil
lUte 1 Vet I ay ami UwarU.
Uvry suit pMd Htahl In ('oihw'tiiirii,
h IIoiim. Ilitrwt snd lloagia Ui
lt at lUawinalite ltal.
liar uii'll'l w lib Hi Runt lnw, l (uort
and cigar. WrlnliatO's IWr ou
! i h fw4 wf ft kn ! s last Mt, atis
slrOlflfctf lft issll, fto & W, ltfcrwJ
Miitlk4riwsi'tkil ) 4
lis fJU ft. t UM OUO, ilJOHM, 4,
Produce and Commission Merchants.
Aokxts wanted for the best typewriter
on the market, the "Pitteburg Visi
ble j" writing io sight at all time: ex
clusive territory given. Address ISind
ley Hardware Company, Pittsburg, Pa.
We bave saved many doctor bills since
we began using Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in our home. We seep s bottle
open all the time and w henever any of
my family or myself begin to catch cold
we begin to use the Cough Remedy, snd
as a result we never have to send swsy
for a doctor and incur a large doctor bill,
for Chamberlain's Cough Remedy never
fails to cure. It is certainly a medicine
of great merit and worth. D. 8.
Miakkli, General Merchant and Farmer
Mattie, Bedford county, Pa. For sale
by G. A. Harding, Druggist.
Geo. Barbe, Mendota, Va., says, I
"Nothing did me so much good as Kodol
Dspepsia Cure. One dose relieved me,
a few bottles cured me." It digests
what you eat and alwavs cores dyspepsia,
Geo. A. Hardinq.
Boy wanted to work in printing
office. Enquire at this office.
County Treasurer's Not ce.
I now have funds to pay all county
warrants endorsed prior to November 2,
ISM and also road warrants endorsed
prior to November, 22, 189?, and Nob
11183, 11025, 11102, 11033 snd 11027.
Interest will cease on the warrants in
cluded in this call on the date of this
Oregon City Oregon, March 8, 1900.
Jacoh SifAuft,
County Treasurer.
Mrs. J. K. Miller, Newton Hamilton,
Pa., writes. "I think DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve the grandest salve made."
It cures piles and heals everything. All
fraudulent imitations are worthless.
Gko. A. Harding.
' Nasal CnUrrh quickly yWO to trl
mout by Kly's Cru lUlro, which U mtr-.
abiy aniiuatio. 11 is reivsd UiruugU the
ntrila, clean and bela Ui Iml ur
fare o..r which il diftWa lUalf. I'm-v-tat
sell Ui SOo, aizs; Trial aia by mail, 10
out. 'I'm! il and you ar sure to euuttuua
the treaUm ul.
To acoon uii.!uto tli ln are iwtrtial
to um of atomurrs in applying inaiU
into the nl ) .; f"r M.irrtif Irvu
t'tt, the proprietor prrtr Oram l!m in
liipiid furui, which will knon m Kly'a
Ij.pi.d Crmru Itnlm. Prico Imlmbng lb
spraying tube is TocsuU. 1kk'U or by
mail. I'll liquid form rmbudir the tuL
icinal jiropcrUv of the sU. J reparation.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Hare Always Bought
Bears the
For sale, fitly-live seres of Und, chuap,
good location on Highland road, about
three miles from Oregon City, House
and lot in good location in Oregon City,
easy U-rms. Also 1(57 aires of
g'xJ timber land on the Columbia river.
IUnikl Wiluami, Oregon City, Or,
"I had bronchitis every winter lor
years snd no medicine gave me perma
nent relief till I began to take One Min
ute Cough Cure. I know it in the bent
cough medicine made," says J. Koontz,
Corry, Pa. It quickly cures coughs,
colds, croup, aHtluna, grippe and throat
and lung troubles. It is the children's
favorite remedy. Cures quickly.
Gko. A. Hakki.so.
"After doctors failed to core me of
pneumonia I used One Minute Cough
Cure and three bottles of it cured me.
It is also the best remedy on earth for
whooping cough. It cured my grand
children of the worst cases," writes Jno.
Berry, Loganton, Pa. It is the only
harmless remedy that ghee immediate
results. Cures coughs, colds, croup and
throat and lung troubles. It prevents
consumption. Children alwayo like it.
Mothers endorse it.
Geohoe A. Hakjinq.
Vraatr Is lllood Irp.
CI "n blood nirsns a clrun akin. No
beauty without it. Caacarets, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and krrp it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im
purities from the body, lb-gin today to
ban nil pnnplrs, tails, LloUlir, Llackbrad.
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Caacarets, lieauty tor ten rents. All drug
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c,2Jc,iOc.
W. . HURST, 1
Ral KsUteand
Fire Insurance.
Notary Public.
Highest uiaiket i'h- pall (of Wheat, Data, Hope,
I'otalor. W("l. Onions, (frown aud (Hied rrtnt,
("all on wrtt
III ssrars, r.
II :. lilt IS. Aarat. Ilarlaw
Jt:0 U.IUII I'. Aieat.l
I'JL. .. 7a.
1. t (VT
s f ,a.. lAMII fB ttfiitf VHMlUil JliUM rtwtll M
If It f I f i. Ufc , H Wf iala, m
ii fmk SJImM fwmf ssmAbm ) vm m p$ k
rUUflkf Ik mf M U1 Mtttat him raf j -
MUa f mm tW . BSsMM H km mtW, SW Satejar taW tejjajsi
SMI 9ti( t mmf Uik t fwmt Wa. 1 fta tystf !
mm f 1 , (a S-nl M
pvn f nEE.orr.ErL t,-.i rrrr.
Mia w M ) Ml
II mtaiuul Hlt.U MUM.U.Sa.4
u. I i mil w4 iijiait. mj
sainai mr.a mi a mi t rat cTlr
-Il u a aaa nm at Nilim aU. la ill if-llniii MllJal
t .ane.! pi.ii. mt l WaafctawW Wall l Vwsa
"T I tl MMW - MlMaMM. S llMM
K '- I mux 4 taa taegaal i 4 Ms Iia4 al
C1ii- ala - -r 1 in
-t k. a aM M . W tmm i IH USUI
SaaM MaiM to ari I Ma a
-Taair ratal' -a-aa al aat iwMMaMI al.Maka4 4wa' ' la IWMJtaH
4WH - - fc. , ra. aaialy.i
-Tamfaaa taaavtajalf a Maa4la aarvwaaa)ia - I afcwaw I r.a Naat4
" 4 law .kUi ha .a. ml eyumm' Ifci -f U. ajiai..aa la .11 aafclw a.a la" faaNaaO alfcaa
ajM14 ttM.a laala4a f .la.na. ,il.v4 I I, umtm al aaa. aa. Maj a.a) a I aaatawlkf 11I1 a
grow paring crops becauas they'ra
n-rab and alwar iwai. pr
aaUavarywuera. lUfuaa aubatltuuia.
Btlek to Karrf'a trHm and pro. par.
1900 Beaxl Annual froa. Writ for IU
0. M. FERRY t CO.. DstroH. Mick.
Dyspepsia Cure.
Digests what you eat.
It artificially d Igents the food aod aids
Nature in strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
(fans. It is the latest discovered digest
aDtand tonic No other preparation
can approach It In efllclency. It In
stantly relieves and prrmancnt.1v mra
iJrspepsIa, IndigeKtlon, Heartburn, I Ji
Flatulence, Sour Stomach. Nausea. ' i-u
W rT
111 J ? M
aaaS I s a
H 1 I r If
n n i
A Farm Llbrtr? of tiwqnslKl vslncfrsc tcsu
I'Ho-dstc, ConclK snd tomrrcbenve Uar J
ufflcly rrlnud and fksutifuliy HlwaixJ.
Allatwut llofara a Cinnmoa a Tmttaa atlkLaas
74 llJulalluua:a MaaWtl .. Irtia, yiUata
All atu sio,..a hmall rtuiia-ra.1 an.1 K ,
ronlalaa 1 mUn-J (lie liar lrri1 m ' (. .,! all ki Mlaf
vaitailcaal Mau)lif ilua,alta. J ik, aatfaia
All about l-ouliry (he brat I-imIIi
uiurrTriiiiu . allliai c
( all tin iih lj Ucrila
ii4mim1i. a.
JWl.lt llluallaitiaaa
r Deal l'ol It WfaiS laeMetar
l tua.fil lid lik. II
trila. aiia
No. 4-lllOClLP, COW BOOK
All about Cn ! lb hili liu.livaa kolaf a ,-
aala; ciKilalaa SrnUnMIII. like i ,lt,ti, M.', 1, , ,a
UieJ, alia I1J (Mlicr llluatiatli.ba. I tkc, y. (..ni
J ml out. AH a.t l,a-tHfr.lB. "T.llf n.il. i
rty, ltafi,a, etc. I. nulna owe i. t.1,liiuJ l.iil
luaraaadoliwr rugisoius. I'ke, y Crnia.
Tbe HKK11.I) BOOK S are uiii,o.lrtitil,iwft.. ena new.
a-twanyllima like Hi. ui-wit iui1Kal.aoarn.if N Tin
at hln aa eaotmoua aak I a I Ur l.l .i I, ai u
h-wth. I'.rrrv one ho krrtat a llotae, Co. 1,1
(.hkkra, or f'""' (on. II I t,,iu, txr,( Uj a.u. ,,to
away (j (be tslA.Ui UOOkS. 1 be
?7 Jir Pnrr' " ml.SI. III. ly..,a
old, It la the viral hilM-dimn, hll the n.lUm ll.r hei.1.
irill afler you oaveald II, Hm a... I lm,h..l.l i . i In
Ihe aorll (he liivimt mi i,ili.... u. n.......
t Amerka-liavlutf over a aiUllua awl a-li I f regului 1 1 sk 1 1
foTJviHrAVi iT' lfit 'oJ "''J) b "
bampleolFAKM JOtRNAL aadclrctitar deserlMnf niflOt.n HOCUS lie.
a-ii.xva ATimaoa. Addlei.
ou. r. ;aHKma.
l AttM juritxAi ,
i'MiLlki.riii ,
l.llti.itnuu.ril.u al.k Sl.uu, a4 a. alii m . k. Jlla. f at. i ' f VJ
"a V.". "" " araraal rr.l.at a.a.1, ..4 LaU,ta,V. Ji.W tll--t ,
raa Sa II a.aallr aa rreraarauul, ia. i.la. ,a r Ha U I
. W7 ii -.. 'I n aiara anaif, aar Ik. I'.lalil ri I UaMaUIajXilaSf UK) I al
OUa PSJtl .11.90, I.Mli..tl.la.aMti,M st.Mlwf ., .! 1
Kf ..in ll.a lllu.lr.un IM III I . Ill I M
vim M
.1 t r "wnr i m
swat, it . fc . : II t r - , . . Tl l IV '
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an uuier renut is tu i mpcrrect aigftstloa
Prsparsd by E. C. DsWltt A Co., Cbieaga
For sals y Oho. A. Harding.
Wanted Skvkkal Bright and Hon
est persons to represent uh as Managers
in this and close by counties. Kalary
I'JOO a year and expenses. Ktraiglit,
bona-fide, no more no less salary. IV
sition permanent Our references, any
bank in town. It is mainly office-work
conducted at home. Reference. En
close self-addressed stain ied envelope
The Dominion Company, Dept. 3,Chicago
A Personal Matter
A well painted liouse Is lilts a neat
ly drecsed person always attract
ive and plesHsnt to look upon.
Can b repainted and freshens)! up
at a very reasonalile prlca-palnt;
are very clieap now. Don't Ishvs it
until the sun makes any more marks
and cracks In it.
Leave Orders at
Elv'a Store murkow
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GUARANTEED 25 YEARS. " "-r r.sum
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tarin.and mndltlonl olwl.ul, .r uartid.aaou
riilr rraa 1 .k.r,., try it on. month .n.l a.
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lh i iuu laliar ol this papar or Mtr..K.lltan
Natlmial Hank, or Corn Nat, Ila.uk of t.hliiaitu"
r;,V ".""liiaiii, Tom i or any
railroad or mm.,i rornnjr In t liliK. Ha
kan a nalial af ar Slwi.lMw.nu, ofmii, "rnllra
one of t Ii. larva. t l.i, .!,.... ui.'l. . "
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flFADA nnrn n-: Audrey (S ank At !WH r-UWa. -"
BEARS, ROEBUCK II CO. (Inc.), Fulton, Deiplslo.i and Wayman Its., CHICAGO, ILL.