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UUvn at ('onirrogit'lnniil (liiirtli I'tiuVr
llioDlndloiinf Mr. E. K.CIinrnian
Mimic-lovers wore given a rare treat
litHt Friday evening hI the Congrega
tional church, t lit event being t lie
uiusicale given under the 'raoiial di
leclion of Mrs. K. K. Charman. A large
tut appreciative audience was In at
tendance, and to attempt to describe
each number on the program with any
device of accuracy, would be an im
The llrat number was an liiHtrutncnta
trio, selection from "Faust" by Misses
Lulu and Mattie Draper and Mr. Sur-
rhyne, and their brilliant playiug por-
traved the absent worda to such a elec
"lVjftjy," by Mi slimes Ourman,
rortcr.I'ope and Caulltld was the happy
blending ol four well trained voices, and
received a hearty encore.
In the rendition of "Good Bye Sweet
Pay," Mrs. Harry Miller betrayed 4
voice that at titi.es was aoft and caress
ing, at times was strong and noble.
The 'cello aolo, "La Koea" by Frank
Surrhyne was a delightful feature of the
"I would That My Love," waa most
enthuniastically received, aa sung by
Mrs. E. E. Charman and E. . Cump
son. Little Ramona Rollins is a well known
niueical prodidgy, and in "Mignon,"
her voice fell upon the audience as re
freshing aa a dewdrop on a summer rose.
In her recital of "Wide Awake" Miss
Clara arner proved herself a sparkliug
gem in elocutionary circles.
Mm. Harry Miller sang "My Heart
Sings" with much feeling and talent.
Tne violin solo,"Xocturinein G Major,"
by Miss Mattie Draper was played with
great expression and brilliancy, her
phrasing and bowing being nioat artistic.
-Old Folks at Home" by The Ladies'
Quartette waa received with most hearty
appreciation and roundly applauded.
In the piano solo, "La Campanula,"
Miss Beatrice Barlow handled lovingly
ttie keys, and demonstrated her ability
for brilliant playing, and her number
waa presented with a skill that evoked
tremendous applause.
Mrs. L. L. Porter and Miss Mattie
Draper were the accompaniests for the
This musicale will do much toward
benefitting the local musical atmosphere
and Mrs Charman and all who took
part are to be congratulated upon the sue
cess of their efforts to give an opportunity
of bearing such artists. The church
cleared about 0 from the receipts,
The next event to which public at
tention is called, will -be the Easter
praise service by the choir of this
Enjojable Reception.
Neat invitations were sent out by the
W. R C. to attend a reception in honor
of the M. C. V. A., and those fortunate
enough to ri cvive one, were delighted to
embrace the opportunity of attending
this social function. It is needless to
say that it was a highly enjoyable affair,
as these women have an established
reputation in the social events of this
city. During the evening short, im
promptu speeches were made by Mrs.
Marv A. Stafford, T. W. Sullivan, II.
L. Kelly, Father Hillebrand, Geo. A.
Harding, J. U. Campbell, and Will
Lojjus. A vocal solo by Miss Imogene
Harding was a welcome feature of the
evening's entertainment, as was also the
trio, "Forget Me Not" by Mesdames
N. W. Lawrence, R. C. Ganong and
Imogene Harding which was enthusias
tically encored.
After doing ample justice to a most
bountiful spread, dancing waa indulged
in until a late hour.
A Hot Debate.
Deputy District Attorney G. B. Dimick
went out to Barlow Saturday to take part
in a rousing debate that occurred there
in the evening between the Barlow
Literary Society and the Marks Prairie
Literary Society. The speakers on the
opposing teams were of prominence and
presented strong arguments upon the
question: "Resolved, That the introduc
tion of modern labor-saying machinery
had been a benefit to the laboring
clasues." Barlow Society had the
affirmative side and won the debate with
the following-named speakers: G. B.
Dimick, Judge Wait, Canby; Professor
Shirley Buck, Canby and Justice W. V.
Jessie, Barlow.
The speakers for Mark's Prairie Liter
ary Society were : J. R. Dimick and T.
A. Campau, Hubbard ; George Oglesby,
Needy, and John Abbot Macksburg. A
well-rendered literary and musical pro
gram preceded the debate. Telegram,
Another Pioneer Called Away.
Word was received in this city yester
day of the death of Mrs. John Myers,
ol Portland, widow of the late John
Myers. The funeral will be held from
the Episcopal church, this city, Satur
day. Death is indeed a cruel messenger
at any time, but it seems particularly
so in this case, when It invades a happy
borne and claims for its own both the
father and mother in less than a month.
The family have the heartfelt sympathy
of the whole community.
Special prices on purses and pocket
books at Adams Bros.' Golden Rule
Farmer's Institute.
A Farmer's Institute will bo he'd
under the auspices oftho Oregon Agri
cultural College, and Warner Grange, at
New Era, Clackamas County, Oregon,
March 1 and 2, HUM, at which the fob
fowing program will bo rendered:
Thursday, M.inli 1, 7:30.
Address of Welcome Dr. J. S. Casto
Kosponso. Dr. Jaa. Withycombo
Co-operative Dairying J. P. Kent
Poultry Raising J. S. Dirks
Friday, March, 2, 0:.10a. m.
Fruit Testa Prof. A. It. Cord ley
Fertilisers B. Frederick
Slloa and Silage... Dr. Jas. Withycotu' e
B tation of Cropa D. Mc-Vithir
Bee Keeping H. Anthony
Grape Culture John Scbindler
7:30 p. m.
Small Fruits Mrs. I. S. McArthur
Care of Milk..
Prof. F. L. Kent
Fertility of the Farm. Pr. J, Withcombe
Surprise Party. '
Frank Barlow was the recipient of a
genuine surprise party at bis home Tues
day evening. The affair was given by
many of hia friends in honor of his 40th
birthday. Members of bia family pre
sented Mr. Barlow with a gold ring. The
evening waa passed joyously, the gueata
devoting themselves to cards and vocal
and instrumental numbers were rendered
during the evening. Those present were:
Mr and Mr. Fouts, Mrs. Fox, Miss
Betta Fouts, Miss Elma Albright, Mrs.
Charles Albright, Mr. and Mrs. Stafford,
Mr. and Mrs. Church, James Church,
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Harding, Miss
Imo Harding, Mrs. Nelson Lawrence,
Mrs. Barlow, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Wil
son, Mr. and Mrs. riilsuury and tiazet
Pillsbury and E. C. Cole.
Anniversary Celebration.
Last Monday waa the 30th anniversary
of Pythianism, and Cataract Lodge, No.
76, of this city celebrated it right royally
that evening. The following program
waa rendered, which was hailed with
delight by all those present:
Opening prayer Rev. E. S. Bollinger
Address of welcome
Dr. G. Hoye, chancellor commander
Club swinging Roht. Warner
Instrumental duet violin and guitar)
Mr. and Torney
Address "Pythian Knighthood,"
Rev. R. A. Atkins
Vocal solo George Howard
Address "Rathbone Sisters"
Mrs. Warren B. Brooks, of Portland
Vocal solo Bro. McGinois
Recitation Miss Dollie Cross
Lunch was served and many remained
and danced until about 1 o'clock.
Fireman's Election.
At their regular meeting held Febrn
ary 20, Hose company, No. 3, elected the
following officers: President, J. W.
Jones; secretary, Dan Dooliltle; fore
man, Jas. Ueckart; assistant-foreman, A
Zimmerman; second assistant-foreman,
Geo. Redaway ; treasure, C. E. Muir.
Circuit Court Xoles.
The following new cases have
filed in the circuit court:
Geo. W. Crrn vs. Elizabeth Cran.
Noblett & Co. vs. W. E. Carll.
E. F. Riley vs. J. J. Porter.
Prepared for War.
The steamer Ruth is probably the
first armed vessel to ascend the Willam
ette to this point LaBt Friday she
steamed proudly up the river, her pass
engers and cargo protected by a large
muzzle-loading cannon and sufficient
ammunition to reduce any city on the
water way. This weapon was consigned
to the Agricultural college and ia a pres
ent to them from a gentleman in Oregon
City. The Brat salute was fired from it
Tuesday morning, in honor of Lincoln's
birthday. Corvallis Gazette.
This death-dealing war implement was
loaned the 0. A. C. to be used in battery
practice, by James Roake of this city,
whose son Chester is now attending that
college. The cannon was manufactured
in Mr. Roake's machine shops, and is G
feet in length, throws a 3-pound ball, and
welgha about 700 pounds.
Aoksts wanted for the best typewriter
on the market, the "nttuburg Vim
ble ;" writing in sight at all times : ex
elusive territory given. Address Bind'
ley Hardware Company, Pittaburg.Pa,
County Treasurer's Notice.
I have money to pay county warrants
endorsed prior to October 1, 1890, and
also road warrants endorsed prior to No
vember 14, 1899, and warrants No. 11170,
10987 and 11037 that were endorsed on
the 14th day of November, 1899.
Intereat will cease on all warrants in
cluded in this call on the date of this
Oregon City, Oregon, Feb. 15, 1900.
Jacob Shade, Treasurer,
Clackamas County, Oregon,
'Housework is had work without GoldDustf
To wtti ktlr brushtt tad comb, 4Utolv
a tabletpooaful ol
Cold Dust .Wishing Powder
! la boiling wtltrt whs ll It atari; cold, dsb Iht j
krltiltt up tad dova without illowlea tbt kicks
ol tbt bruibtt to bocorot wait wata iht bratbtt
tr cits, dip thtco la plain cold wtttf ud dry
(beta iltbtr b tht flrt or la tht ora tlr. Sotp
lurat iht Irorr ktck combs or kruthta ftllow.
but Uold Datt doc aol Inlur thins,
'UOI.ltt ftUULt Sua HjtUltlU"
sal tnt as NaaMl to
Sk LmIo, turn Vstk,
Y. M. C. A. NOTES.
Ijist Saturday evening the basket ball
team met their llrat defeat in the series
ofgarcea played with the Willamette
University. A game has been arranged
for March 5, with the University ot Ore
gon. Indoor btse ball Saturday evening,
husineiM men's teams, reds va bines.
The Bible class in doing gooi work un
der Rev. Joseph Heaven.
The blues will have charge of the open
meeting next Sunday. Everybody in
vited. Land Office Statement
The United States Land OlhYe of thin
city shows the following business sum
mary for the month of IVcemher, Jan
uary and Fehru try twin Ntibstantiitlly
the same. The amount of business
transactions in this office rnnk second In
the United States, and ia constantly in
creasing: Sale of public lands, 38 In number,
5349 77 acres, 113 355.22
Fees and commissions on 31 home
stead entries, 4,3tVJ.8 acres, SIM) Gl
Fees and commissions on 13 final
homestead entries, 2,077. 41 acres, $125
Fees on X. P. R. R. Co'a lieu land list,
3 in number, 30,315 39 acres. XS2
Fees on timber land entries, $330
Testimony fees, 240
Road Committee Xeta.
At a meeting of the road committee of
the Board of Trade held Tuesday, it waa
decided to lay the matter of putting the
Clackamas river road in good condition
from Oregon City to its terminal Mint,
said road to be not lest than 10 feet wide,
before the Board of County Commis
sioners, and to request said commission
ers to inquire and ascertain the cos' of
same. And also to inform the Board of
Commis.sionera that the citizens of Ore
gon City, and people in general who are
interested in said road, are willing to
subscribe out half of the amount so re
quired. Money to loan
Hkdgks &. Ghikkitii.
at lowest ratea.
J a Thayer Real E-tute For Male.
Collections made, money loanea.
14000, 3o7 acres, 125 nnder plow, 180
in pasture 50 in good timber, Linn Co,
72 by 100 ft. Front St., rents $100 per
tr)020, 77 ai res all cleared, nine miles
to Portland
$2000, 44 acres 12 improved, 1500 cords
$1500, 40 acres, 23 cleared, balance pas
ture near Canby.
$2700, 2-5 acrea all cleared, No. one
$1200, 20 acres all cleared.
$1700. 30 acres, all cleared near station.
$000, 100 acres, near Wilhoit Springs.
$300, 80 acres, 12 improved, near
Large list of hoaxes and lota cheap for
cash and on instalments.
The limnelleu .Hun fu Oregon City.
As well as the handsomest, and others
are invited to call on any druggist and
get free a trial bottle of Kemp's Balsam
for the Throut and Lungs, a remedy that
is guaranteed to cure and relieve all
Chronic and Acute Coughs, Asthma,
Bronchitis and Consumption. Price 25c
and 50c.
lln bhilohs
Couali and
Thlt it beyond question the
mot successful Couh Medi
cino ever known to tcience: a
lew dotes invariably euro the
worst cases ot Couih, Croup
and Bronchitis, while its won
derful success in the euro of
Consumption is without a par
allel in thehlstory of medicine.
Kince its first discovery it ha
been sold on a Guarantee, a
lett which no other medicine
can stand. If you have a
Cough, we earnestly ask you
totryit. In United States and
Canada 2V., Mc. and $1.00, and
in nngiuna is. xd., Vs. 3d. and
For sale by C. G. Huntley.
n aa a
it J
Women a5 Well as Men
Arc Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheertulness soon
disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become ao prevalent
that It Is not uncommon
for a child to be born
,J afflicted with weak kid
neys. If tha child urin
ates too often, If tha
urine scalds the flesh or If, when tha child
reaches an age when It should be abla to
control the passage, It ts yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon It. tha cause of
the difficulty ts kidney trouble, and tha first
step should be towards tha treatment of
these Important organs. This unpleasant
trouble Is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men ara made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same (real remedy
The mild and tha Immediate effect ol
Swamp-Root Is soon realUed. It la aold
by druggist!, In fifty
cent and one dollar
sues, tou may nave a
sample Dome cy mail
tree, also pamphlet tell- bob at swoB.ft.
Ing all about It, Including many of tha
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kllmei
& Co.. Blnehamton. N. Y.. be aura and
mention this paper.
Legal Noticen.
.otlreof Utrrrt liiiirorrinratt
Notice Is hereby given that tht city coon
cil of Oregon City, Oregon, propose to Im
prove Ilia alley In block No, '.'I, in Oregon
City, Oregon, from the easterly Una of
Wain itreet to the west line of tlie right of
way of the O. A C. K. K. In accordance with
the provisions of the following- ordinance
Published by order of the city councilor
Oregon City, Oregon, made the 7th day of
February, 1U00.
JlKi-ca C. Cckhy,
Ciiy recorder,
Ordkiiaure .Xo-
An ordinance providing fur the improve
ment of the alley In block No. 21, in Oregon
City, Oregon, from the easterly line of Main
street to the west line of the right of ay of
the 'J. A C. K. K., and providing also for
tha manner In which audi improvement It
to be made.
Tbat the alley III block No. 21 In Oregon
City, Oregon, from the easterly Una ol Main
street to the wet line of the right of way of
the O. & C. K. R. be improved in accordance
with the following iecillcatione:
The aurface of laid alley shall be cleared
of all timber, planks and other ohitruo-
tiona, and if the tame are not removed
within ttfree daya alter notice to at to do
from tha superintendent of streets, the
same shall be removed by said stieriiileiiil
ent and shall become the properly of Ore
gon City.
Kaid alley to its full width shall be graded
to the proper grade so that after it shall be
covered with three inch plank it shall con
nect with Main street at the established
grade thereof and shall properly connect
with the way running along the east side of
block No. 21, the same to he performed ac
cording to the directions of the comuiltua
on streets and public property.
Three stringers, 2 inches by 0 inches, shall
be extended the whole length ol said alley,
one being placed at each side thereof and
one in the center ol the same. Hald alley
shall be covered Its full width and length
with sound fir plank, 3 inches by 12 Inches
in size, and the same shall be ' placed so
that they shall constitute a firm and sub
siaMlul roadway. Baid improvements
shall be done in accordance with the dlrto
ti im of said committee on streets and pub
lic properly.
Read lirst time and ordered publishtd at
a regular meeting of the city council of
Oregon City, held February 7, 1!HK).
JJhuck C. Cuiiky.
Police of Final NHtlemeiit.
Notice It hereby given tbat Knos
A. Blair, the executor of the stale of
Khoda A. Hlalr, deceased has rendered and
presented for settlement, and tiled In the
said court bia final account of his admlnls
tration of the said estate, and that Monday,
the 2itb day of February, 1!)0Q, at 10 o'olock
a. m. at the court room of itiii court, at the
county court house of said county of Clack
amas in Oregon City, has been duly ap
pointed by the court for the settlement or
the said account, at which time and place
any person interested In said estate may ap
pear and tile exceptions in writing to the
said account and contest the same.
Knos A. Blair,
Notice la herebv given that I will apply
to the city council at ita regular meeting in
March, 1000, foi a license to sell liquor for
six months at my saloon In Oregon City,
Oregon, on Main street. Baid license to
date from February 28, 1U0O.
Frank Neiiurn,
In the County Court in the Hints ol Ore
gun for the county of Clackamas,
In the matter of the mule of Charles I'.
Thore, (lecennnd.
I'.. I. I 'I'lu.ral
1 1 v order of the aixive entitled court, you
r i .... i - ... ............ I.-
tie ni'reny nneu aim n'tiiin-ti in n'"-i
lure the sittd court at Iheeoiirl room thereof,
ih ih e'ly of on gon t'liy and the countv
ol Chii-kaiiiiis, on M my tin Mil day of
Man.!. A tl I'a.l ii 10. .','1, irk lii I Im furn.
noon of the ssiil ilny, limn and there to
show cause il i y von hsve. why an oninr
of tain or Iota I A i of block No N or Wit
lamella Kalis In Clackamas eoilniy, Orrgou.
real properly belonging to the attain ot
Charlet l'. 1 hore, ilvcraned, should not he
Thin citation Is published by order or the
II.... '!...- W 111.... I. ..I... ..I II.. .I...UM
fltllt. llifn. I . IVTI.li, jtiiific "I iiw. v
entitled court, and made and rniervil llu r
In on the AMh dav or January, Inm
Khan run T. Ohichtii,
Ktecutor of tha atlata of Charles P.
Thore, deceased.
Liquor iotl.',
Notice la hereby given that I will apply
to Ihe city council at Ita regular meeting lii
March, l!J, for a license lo sell tliiiora for
tlx inonlha at my saloon In Oregon City,
Oregon, on He'venlh street, and Kailroad
avenue. Held license to data from March
11, 1 '.. l'Al'l. lll'SSoCK.
rtoiH I
Notice la hereby given that I will apply
to the i-lty council at Its regular meeting In
March, I'.kti, for a license lo sell liitiort for
tlx months at my saloon In Oregon City,
Oregon, on Heventti and Main streets. 8aid
license lo data from February 'Jri, ltD.
J. W. Ci.a.
rirriiiiiu'a Ucrllon ."Mo I lor.
Notice It hereby given that there will ba a
(lrenisn't election held In Oregon Clly,
Oregon, on Monday, the. lib day of March,
IM), between the hours of 10 o'clock a.m.
and 4 o'olock p. in.
Tbat the Fountain Hose Company's
House on Main street between tie ven III and
Klghlh streets has been designated aa tha
polling place. At said time and place tha
following officers of the lire department
will ba elected by tha firemen In good stand
ing of Oregon City:
One chief engineer, one assistant engl liter
and three member of lira commissioners,
all for the term of one year.
The following persona to act aa Judgea
and clerk of aaid election have been ap
M)lnted by the board of lire commissioner!:
Judges August Asinut, O. W. Church;
clerk, i. K. Rhoi'rt.
Published by order of tha Board of Fir
C. D. I.ATouarrra liners C. Ct aav,
President. Secretary.
Oregon City, Oregon, Feb. 12, li0.
In the Circuit Court of the Htste of Or
gon, for the County of Clarkamia .
Alfred 0. Day, plaintiff,
iitiir, 1
Saddle M.Day, defe
TotUddieM. Day. tha defendant above
named :
In tha nameof iheMiata of Oregon You
ar hereby required to appear and answer
tha complaint filed agaiual ynu In the above
en III led court and cause on or before tha
7th dav or April 1WH that being Ihe time
prescribed In the order of publication of
this summons, and If you (all to so appear
and answer herein the plainlltr tt III apply
to the above entitled court lor the rellel
prayed for In the complaint, to-wit: A
decree of divorce from Ihe bonds of uiolri
ninny now existing between you and the
plaintiff, and that said bonds be annulled
and dissolved tion Ihe grounds and for
the reawn of your desertion ofili plainlilt.
Tint summons is published by order or
Hon. Alfred K. Hears, r, Judge of (he circuit
court ol the fcHate or Oregon lor the county
of Multnomah. Said order being mane
upon the lOih day of February, r)).nd
during tha absence of Hon. T. A. Mclirlde
from the County of Clackamas and Slat ol
John T. I wan.
Attorney for I'lalnillT.
Date of first publication, Feb. 2.1, I'.JOO.
A well-known superintendent of school has given It as hia opinion
that pupils who have acceaa to the Kncyclopii'dia Britnnnlca stand
33'A pc cel,t- higher in their studies than those that do not enjoy
this privilege.
Is the formative period. What a boy reads in hia youth becomes a
part of his very character. To give your boy a chance means that
you will see to it that he bus the best surroundings, and your
"The Concentrated Essence of the
Whole World's Wisdom"
Is what the Encyclopedia Britannlca has been termed. I.ct your
, boy read ita interesting pages and he will look with disdain upon
'flashy" literature. Your boy has large Idcns. To him there is
nothing ao attractive aa truth. Give him material out of which
ke can construct far-reaching ideas. Invest
and put the Britannica into your home where your boy, as well as
your girl, your wife and yourself, can consult it continually, ami
when he attains manhood, there will tie no place iu literature or
professional life to which he may not aspire,
Will prove expensive.
coupon and mail it to
) Please acquaint tne with the details of your Britannlca offer.
Name ,
Oregon City, Oregon.
Nolleo lor liiMI-.itlM.
United Hlal.it land nlhVe, Oregon Clly,
Oregon, Jniiiuuy ii, liaai.
Ooiiiiillancewllh the prnvitluns uf Ihe act of
congress ot June 11, IH.'M, entitled "An art
forihn sale id limber hinds In the stales of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washing
ton Terilioty," as extended lo all the puhllu
laud slnirs by act of Auguil 1, Ihii'J,
Pavld 0. Ilah'h of Mohilla, iioiiuly
of Claikamas, slut of Oregon, has
this day II led In Mils olllim his tworil
statement No, Moo, for the purrhaae of Ilia
n i na ! seo.ll'J, n U us id section No. ,11
In township No. 7. a range No, 4. e, and will
oiler prool lo show Ihnl the laud sought la
more valuable lor Us limber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and lo esiahlhdi
hit ela.m lo siild lau I belore the register
and receiver ol till oltlne at Oregon Clly,
Oregon, on Monday, the Mill dayof April,
lllsl. II names as wiluesaesl
ryuthia A H'ox, Jesse N. Ollleld, Joseph
P, Oltleld, Missouri A T. Vanllusklrk, all
of Molalla, Oregon.
Any and all person claiming adversely
Ihe above-described lands are rtlletel 10
III llielr eUluit In this olllre oil or before
in Id tilth day of April, lism.
I'll AH, II. MOOltKH,
police, ofl'lanl soillcinenf.
Notice I hereby given, that the under
signed executrix of tne estate of l.sisrus I',
Malhewt, deceased, ha tiled her llusl an.
count, in Ihe county court (r Clackami
Countv, Oregon, a such executrix, and
that Monday, the XI day of April, Inml.at
the hour of ID o'clock, a. in. has been Hied
by Ihe Hon, Tims. K, Itvan, Judge of tsld
court, as the time for hearing any and all
objection in the said reKtit, and tha set
llenient of tald estate.
Kt.ua K. IlriiKsx,
Kieculrlx ol tald Kstal.
Dimick ,t Ks.lhsm,
Ally, for Kieculrlx.
Dated, F.ub. 12, l'.. 2 IDS Id.
Attmlulairnlor'a ftoflrr.
Nolle I benby given that the under,
signed ha been apxilited administrator of
Ihe estate of Kilislieth Chase, deceased and
all ierson ar hereby notified 10 present all
rlaluit against all elaie tome at Handy,
Clackamas county. Oregon, on or tn-rore six
month from lbs dale id this iiotice; tald
claim lo lie proierly verified and accom
panied al'h pnier voucher.
Dated, February 2. It").
Ciianlki 8 I'iioi,
Administrator of theeMate of Klirabetli
Chase deceased.
ftotlrool I'laidl WrUlemeaU.
NOTICK IS 11 KHKHV filVKS. Ihatlha
UitiUrsiiOied ) 11 1"1 his final account a
administrator D lluiil Non. of Ih estat
of Htlat Hbay, deceased and lb county
Judge of Clackamas county, Oregon ha
fixed Mondav, February '.II, !!) at 10
o'clock a. m. at liisolllc in said county and
stal as the tliu and llr for htsnng any
ami all objection to ssld final account.
Dated January 111, I'M).
I.ivv Hrtrr,
Administrator De Home Non. of tha
estate of Hilas Hbay, dec.
.ollret Or.ll tr.
Notice la hereby given by Ilia undersigned
administratrix of the sil of (ieorge W.
Mcholson, deceased, lo Ih creditor of and
all persons having claim valnsl the 1st
of ssld decedent to exhibit them, duly
verelled according lo law within six month
af er the llrsl publication of Ihi notice, to
the (aid admlnlslrailx at her tesidenc In
HmI Springs, precinct Clackamas county,
Daied, Feb. 10. !.
Mai.ia A. Nu iioi,n,
Adm. of tl estate of Uoorge W. Nkhol-
on, deceased. 2-1)1 S PI.
Kullee Is herein iriveli lln.1 the laal will
t..l I..I.III.HI ..II U Ul..h h.a ka.N tils. I
for probata In the oounly court of the stal
of Oregon for the county of Clackama,
and any and all (arsons having claim
against the laid estate must present them
to the undersigned executors with proper
voucher at Hie office of niy attorney In
Oregon City, wlihln tlx inonlht from Ilia
data of till notice.
Hani HrAiia,
Faitnan a Motiisaaoca,
Clasx Wahmock,
Dated January 20, I'.MJ.
Dimick A Katiham,
Atty lor Kxecutor.
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