Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, February 02, 1900, Page 7, Image 7

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" '" i.iillii.tlA
- ' r".;; ....ii-rny ...mus
...fllllllU I'""
. Urn "'"J " . ,, i iiui fliMt
.1 f.ii HI'
..n unrii. i " tiir..
II n. -
Jul. I'M m ill. Ill
r j i'i
uii' ' . j. .i i v II i 'i it i. i
Dill'" .. , . Ill"
I'" L II' l I'lf'tl Willi St'VI'llll
own I'i'" '""! '"'" "
" 1 1 .,,n luii.v iiih.ii liii ' liuui'lmm,
'J,,,,, . i. J :.y au viuul- ,
,,v It lUlllto of III.. Httlild
If I'"'11' '
1 itn ,i,i,t
. 1-url.MW mi i-Jl'liiK. !" J
' i wi i" ,,,M''' '
ilrllml" 1" i1,1m I'l'i'lKl't. Hun
,r" ' ,lt) ,.inir u'Ht tint ai.pt iirnnc. i
V trie I'liixh of downy fur. Then I
'J. ill visu r In lil spirally ruuil
,fn i.,n. h. iiml. ii tho lovcrlnl
! ii i tl"' ,,,l, '"' ,,r,, t ri'M'ui' I
;,.)! Mi"y ""' r " ,,,u 1
.mtifiil tlm ii I hit "I.ruah"
of th A""" fut. ,,mt t,v,'r t,m,mi ovt'r
"p'ull.lii.K of IhU iluwny ticst In
tjricd tt r n ili'lli'iuo body In dcnud
j 0f it imt'iirnl covi'ilnif, and tlicrs
t puililuK I' ft for lii-r t l Inil die,
, Mirlil"' w hich mIii promptly nml
Irtwlonlly inula- l i" Interest of lliu
(vuiluic liiMU'riiy uciieriilloii.
Oil 4 Namta,
Ttif inoxt miikui'nIIvu nml ItivltluK
uuic I '" lliat (,f druiritlst
U Nurth Inikotn. Il wan V. It. Wcl
,,,., iIm llmt name helim I'rlas.
jonii Hi" street was another mini
iltb funny uniiio. lie lon tho
fcjibwiiloiit roKiioiurii Jolio Stone
poumliT. In t ti iii-xt towu I foiiml A
pin ti w in mi fat Hint I ho imiiit of
itirnlmin I'mniimi-kiT wfini'd i'hmh
.iiv ii 1 1 1 ii lt. Itut tlicro uum it woiiuin
kili I. mn who went hllll olio licltiT. '
Utt iiinia wn ICinlly rrtnlilin nil.
in Hi.- next lowu I col m mti-ri-Hii'ii
k m p niiiina Hint 1 nooll licunl of
iiH.y lu.llvliluul cnllfd Hurnli invr-
uof. In Hint nuio town tlirro la
cio nniiH'tl lli-nry Hooknirm k. Ever
ulrr Hint 1 wn cm the liNikotit. On tlio
nin I nu t I v Id Ni'wunlt nml Mllllu
oIiivi. Tlio man Willi ttiv iiiont
nrllke iinmo I ran njcnliwt wn Alirn-
Um HnltiM-tiT. In 0110 town 1 Mtiiin
inmn who lml a very MM-tlc nniiic.
it Ki-nlirliflil KlIlihliNilll. Itllt tin)
kit iiiiiiio I Htruck AiiInIiixI iiio. It
1 IIUk direct coiuiimnd to O'ltnn
tj wicrlli'i;li monkey lug with n-
plr'i tin me. I txk It M B wnriiniu
md quit. A. QuIcktlnlHh. Ami wlmt
do you mipnM lil pnrtniT'ii nnnio
uT It wan W. K. Uoforth.-Kt. Paul
Am llllll l''.
No play may puldlcly iMTformi'd
It Knu'liiuil until 'l '" l"'''l
BKiti and airntil to by the tUK' it'll
nr. A oTtin-ati tutint m wriin-d
from the lrd ilmmtM-rlnln. The lord
chaiularWn liliiiwlf doea pot. of
rourw, n-N'l nil thf piny mibinlttcd to
blin. hut tin' work U piiHwd on to tlio
tiaiuttii-r of piny, who U uot nlj
I ninn of educntlon or dlHi'it'tlou and
wlio lu ninny cnHm hna bit'U nUHiHttttl
of li'ltlUK t liIlltCM pna Ikh'H uo uiii 11
igiTu luivc uiiulf It profltnldo to him
to clour UU cyi to MtipKiH'il fniilm.
Tlx" nlury Ih told of olio of tlii'no ft
iidIihth who wun uiovisl to atrlku out
"drunk n n lord" tn mi of tho plity
lulmiltti'd to him. There imeil to bo
in old rule Hint th word "heaven"
ilould Ih HiiliKtliuti'd In atiiKo Unea
wbcrei r the ttaiuo of any of tin per-
loun or the Trinity came up. mo una
tlew examiner ohniiKed tlio lino to
Md "an drunk an a heaven."
The penalty for tllaobvyliiff tho p
miner In a line of f '-'."), which tuny bo
k'vli'd on any peraoti roumt'ted with
tb forhldih'ii M-rforinnnco calllKiy i
Will ai xiur.
ouir I'.nilUh 1'rBHIia.
WbcD I lived nt Newport, 11. L, from
Ml to 1STH. anya Colonel T. W. Hl
ftinon, In Tho Atliiiitlc, there waa a
ntiitnnt proceKHlnn t' forelicn vlaltora,
'irhiK In IntereHt and often qulto
mtlii( In It. I remember olio eminent
Utirary nmu who, In aplte of all can
Horn to the contrary, apiienred at a
mhor fiiNhlonublu dny reception In
that would now be culled a fc"lf null,
( the loiidi'Nt poKHlblo plnld, like thill
f tlio Scutch coumIu lu Punch who
hnici down thiiH drcBaed for church
to the terror of hla genteel coualna. In
Bill cone the vlntor alao wore a apy
Inm of jrrent alw, Iiuuk round hla
tot, all through tho eutcrtnlnmeiit.
Another highly connected IChkIIkIi
nun, atteiiillnK nn ovcnluir reception
ffen expre-Hly for him, came Into tlio
M"t with hla hut ond unibrclln lu hla
towl, dec i in I ii ( to be parted from
"wit thrniKli tho whole cvctilnit,
tblch intKiHted to a clever Newport
Wy the bnry of the aliowmnu who
whlblH a picture of Daniel In the
M' ilfu nml pointed out that Daniel
to he iliHtliiKirlHh.'il from tho lions
2 dtIiik blue cotton umbrella un
hl arm. lu thla cnao, tho lady re
""kctl that tho condltloim were re
Versed, rIih o It was the llou tuut cn
rlt'l the uinlirelln.
California' 8hark Oil fndnatrr,
"lie iimMiiK of almrk oil la tho lm
Prtatit InduHtrv of Mctiiirvln'a Cove.
JPar Ulveralde. The process of ninntl
w'ui'o Ih decidedly primitive. Tlio
liarlm nre vnnf.n (u evpry ,naKinnlilo
"J. Iy halt nnd hook, but principally
'n tlio Keltic. Tho llvera. which con-
n tlio oil, after being token from tho
"'. are render?) out In cans act over
"rush lire, reminding one somewhat
the proccRs of obtaining the oil from
""o hluhlier. Tho oil Is then put
'""jcnHkH nnd shipped to Us Angeles.
Hie coarser grndes nro used In tho
nkng of tarimullna and other oiled
f'otlis ur UKe nl)0ll.(1 1)lIpHi wljle tll0
V ( Rrndes are put Into tho so called
Joa "vcr oil of commerce. The sharks
rnKo from 10 to 2.1 cents' worth of
"Piece, and a day's catch usually
w about ftO.-Itlveraldo Press.
Oa fat ir.ll.
V !i "tt Cnji'ftlri i'...,i('i, (), Kn
(leiivoiir, lay lu Meicuiy my, Now
'.wilii inl, In 1 7 U, a brown boy of 8, who
aficruiirj beciiiiai a chief mid lived
li ii pvit I' go, went iibonid of her.
1 1 U tin mi un Tallin lm.
it vim i dry eiMuli for the brown
buy to p!clt out Kiipcuu Kill ii (Cap
tain Cool;) iiu.iig tho men on board,
Tiinlwhii unit); he wna the lender of
the "lliililllin," a very glellt niHl.
iMilkeil the Hhlp grnve nnd dlguHlcd.
Ho liehl up n null, a iirleelena treaxure.
ml, whcii Tiinlwhii hiuglied, gnve II
to liliu. Then lliu boy knew that h
wi kooiI ua well na great. They wcra
hiu ked Hint n growu up Maori atol
a piece of calico.
"They pmhlled away," Tunlwha con.
tliiiii'd. '"I he linlillii went down Into
the hold of tlio ahlp, but aoon cmiie up
with a walking allck lu hla hand and
pointed It at the ciuinii. Thunder
pen led and llglilnliig Ihinlicd, but thoaa
111 the canoe puddled oil.
"Then they landed, ICIght roao to
leave the cituoe, but the thief ant att III
with hh dognkln unit and Hie (Johllu's
garment under hla feet. Ilia compan
ion it d him. but lo did not auawer.
One or them ahook hlui, and the thief
fell buck Into Hie hold of the cntioo
and blood mi neeii on hla clothing and
a hole In hla huck'-Hiiu ('rnuclaco
lixu miner.
A Tarl llflort,
The plalutirr wiin undergiiltig a rath
er abnrp exiimliiiitloii from tho defend
ant's coiim.el. The enio waa one of
diiiiingca chilined on account of aevero
bodily IiiJiiiIcn by the plaintiff on a
railway, due, the plulutlff claimed, to
tho negligent- of the ilereiidant rail
way it'inpniiy'a nervaiil. Mr. C , tho
railway company' cyino-i-l, waa notinj
for Ida ovcrU-ui ing mniiuer In exnuiln
lug wltneNM-a ond t ndenvorlng to dla
couevrt them. Thla wltiieaa. however,
determined not to be confUM'd by hla
opMlieut'a colilixel.
After lH-coiiilug thoroughly provoked
by the attneka of the nmu of law ho re
uiouatraled. "Mr. C ," nld lie. "1
am no luvalld. I cannot allow you to
(locution me lu thla manner. It Is a
IminIHv lujury to uiy nervous ayat.-iu.
which la at U-nt In a ahattcred condi
tion. I ahull have to refun to auawer
your iicHtiuii uuleaa you put them In
a different manner. I am troubled on
act-uutit of the Injury received on the
railway with McroHla of the spinal
ronl. At thla minute I can are you
JouliU ami you know by experience It
la generally rnoti,;!! to upset a man to
sin you onit."-l'lttnburg Dispatch.
Iliw Tkr Mb l.oaaaa Soar.
t'uill reieinly ihe Cllforula people
did uot kuow how to cure Icuioua. The
fruit waa uever tnrl inough. There
would be plenty of Juice, but It con
tained a high percentage of augar and
a tmall p-n ui.ii;e of acid, which
made It union rkctnhlo. Cut a few
yenrk ago the b-mou growers clubbed
together and sent expert over to Italy
aud Kpulu to learu the buslnesa, and
now they are producing much better
n-aulta. They pick the fruit before It
tx-glua lo tin u yellow and put tt In a
curing hous4,vhere It la kept at an
veu temperature of alxnit W degnt-s
for nlKiut 'Ji days, which "sweats out"
all the sugnr. 1 1 Is then removed to
another temperature for (ki days more
b-forw It la midy for the marLet
Thus the highest ibgit-e of add and
the Ln-geat degree of Juice can Ik oil-
tnlncd. One of the curious effects of
luls "sweating" pnic la to reduce
tho thlckm s of the sl.ln It orlglunlly
grows thick aud toi gli. but the acid
seems to cut It up. -Chicago Record.
I'iMimi I lfcrr.
Among achiHiluiiiKier whose uanies
have come dowu to p.i. tci-,ty with the
dubious reputation of great floggera
Dr. Rushy of Westminster school Is
the generally acknowledged chief.
Of hlui 11 Is recorded that one of his
bend boys having Insulted a young
French viscount, who came to the
school to demand satisfaction, he flog
ged the vlscouut Hrst for the blood
thirsty Intentions and next his friend
who was the bearer of his challenge.
Dr. Valpy, too, who edited an edition
of the classics, was a Kitetit wlelder of
the rod. Arthdcacou ISroom. who was
a pupil of his. tells a story In Illustra
tion of his prowess. One of the boys
had been flogged by the redoubtable
douilitlo. and the bid'a father came to
"Blr." aiild Valpy to him, "I flogged
your aoti liecauso ho richly deserved It
If ho again deserves It. I shall flog him
again. And." rising, "If you como here,
sir, Interfering with my duty, I Bhall
Bog you."
Tho parent fled. London Mall.
An Amendment.
"Fools rush lu where" begun Mr.
Vau Uroaiu, who was fond of quoting
Ho was Interrupted by Dinwiddle,
who offered this amendment:
"Where policemen, fear to tread."
Pittsburg Chroulclo-Telcgraph.
Important Social Uontlon.
Whin a young nmu takes a girl to a
theater, aud pays an extra dollar, and
coca after her and tnkes her home,
where does he get even? Is It the
pleasure of her company or tho con
sciousness that bo has douo his duty?
Atchison Globe.
jmtlclal lanorance.
"Did tho clock stop when you dashed
It down cellar?" asked tho police Judge
of tho man who was charged with be
ing disorderly.
'Of courso It stopped. Did you Biip
poso It went through to China '"-De
troit Free I'rcss.
Bnllt That Way.
"Tho worm will turn." sho said.
"Of course." ho replied, "tho worm
la built on a plan that makes turning
comparatively easy. It's more or less
of a furo ltsclf."-Chleago Tost
It all happtnril at on of thiwc plmniint
sldr n iio,t, wlii-ro life Urnnu-dy from
(lr to (Ur Mini liHK' dy lm no i,wr. Sum
jlint tr ,,e on tin- tuft wliii II kIic tlionulit
w Itiooird. and In pmr idlrni-mi of mood
fell to roi kiitK it from id to ulilr. lint
the raft w not mooird. I Ir r rorklni tied
lowly iIMimIki-i! II fioni llir nund on which
It wun Kiniiiidril, and whi-n die turnrd
riitind, hr wuh Mftmit nd the uliorr a lod
brhllid her. Mir cilnl for ht-lp ind win
lirard by a lonely fiilirrinsn wlio t t
aoine illnlmirf on thr Im-ncIi liirniliiiK hi
lirt. Ilow alowly lir got up. How alowly
ha tramped acios the tauUy ilioia. And
he wa drifting, drifting, drifting I " Ravt
tne"! h? crird, "ve me " I s the old
man came to the water' edge. The grix
gil d iiisrinrr rsiru hi hand to the aide
of hU mouth and cried hosrarly, "Wulk
I Tlmfa all thrre w of It. She wil atlll
In ahoal water. All she needid waa the
timrly woid of instruction and advice.
Ilut upo It hud not coinrf Suppose,
she hd not brcilrd il? Wan time no
danger The opea aea, a ftad l(t, and
. frailrr woman I
! The woman on the raft U a type of hun
drnW of tlioiiMmU of her n who are
driftln Into (hunter. I'D to a di fiuite day,
thry have bren enjoyim life In perfect
' security. Thrn, In a moment, arose of
iurndi)ig duiik-cr come. Thry are at the
mrrcy of disease, livery day increase Ih
dwtger Thry are diiflina, drifting, drift
lux Then tonir the cry for help. To
thousand of appeal there ha Come 111
n.wrr from lr. K. V. Pierce, chief con.
ullniK hyiciaii to the Invalids' Hotel
and Surgical Institute, BufUlo, N. V.,
You are still in the shallow water of
dlese. You can still Ret back without
I more than Inconvenience to the lid of
health behind yuu. All you need il Just
the right word of advice and common
ene instruction In time, and the rit of a
hrltunir hand. That is lust what Ur I'it-ic
olfrt to every one sudtting from disease ;
i timely, health restoring, life saving advice,
practical help. It requue some confidence
' to take advice when your own sene are
sgainst it. The woman on the rati could
nut see the bottom of the roily water, and
' . . . . i l r i -
I toe lano lofiseu so w iwnr. ou iuc wuniu
in disease can't tee bow she c be cured,
and recovery of brallh seem bopclcs.
I And. perhaps, the very disease that has
' begnn to threaten her t consumption, that
I dreadful disease regarded by millions a
Incurable. Iter local doctor peihan say,
1 "we can make your suffering a little less,
' but there'a no hope."
Doe Dr. fierce claim lo cure consump
tion? That question isn't worth arguing
Look al I ht rtcori. Take a case in point.
Her Is man (or woman) with a hfe-klnf
. eoun, nrow liuan, num twrai ,- -n
ruuon or watln of Hnh. pilinif of Mood,
anonnraaoi nrrainanuaii inrurnn pjmnMn
AOrr every remedy sod every local phyinn
baa failrd. he. aa a lat rraoit. tnkes "r.oldea
Mrftlral Iiii-.iverv" and the rouxh vsnUhea. Ih
Cheek gel bsrk lis natural color, ilrrp Iwomii
amind and retresliin.- the spittinK of blood
Mops. Aran and muatlra tiecome lirm, weiKhl
lm rear. and life K"e along In quiel and coin,
(iirt to the full limit of the three score year
nd ten.
Hul mav be It wsan't consumption ader all I
May he It wiin'l. You kmom it oinrthins
that altacklng the very ctU'lrl of life, and
' it ws iwmrtliin ilist was oired by the ue of
llr I'irn-e'aColiIrn Mt-ilunl Itiacuvcnr. And IT.
' I'lrrce is curing such " somethiiiKa " right along
with a record ol over quartrr 01 in in mil
caws, and not more than three per cenL of
One fact.t tesst. ts well eslat.linhed. That
the "Golden Mrdicsl Ills-overy" does eure
weak Iuiiks, bleeding from luns. olwtiiiiile,
lingering coughs, laryngitis, bron hitis. throat
dirase. and kindred aiTeclion o the air imis.
age, which, if neglected or badly lreatr.1. fend
up to consumption, can no longer be doubted
in view of the many thousand of well estab
lished cure of uich esse reported by the most
tnl worthy citiirns. Msuy of Ihcse cases hnve
been pronounced consumption and incurable
by the best local phvsicisna be ore the aurtrr
era eoinmrnced the ue of lr. Pierce a C.oiden
Medical Discovery. Whether the doctors hsve
erred lu Ihrir judgment in thrae numerous
or nut U not fur us to dectd.
Jlot la I'snal Story.
"Say, there was an actrcsa left $3,000
worth of Ji .vols In a street car here tlx
other day."
"Oh. another of those advertising
dodges. ws Itr
"No. The Jewels were worn by a lot
of women who were returning from a
South Sldo reception, ami when the ac
tress left the enr the owners of the din
tuonds nnd other precious stones were
still aboard."-Chicago News.
-laoUtrd IVople of the Earth.
The people who live In the northern
portion of the peninsula of Kamchatka
are probably the most Isolated In the
world. The people have practically no
communication with others tlmu tholr
own tribe, belnfi seldom vluitod by
The Inhabitants of the New Siberian
Islands arc also detnehed people, for
they can only comuiuulcate with the
mainland once a year even If the
weather Is favorable
The pygmies of the great central Af
rican forests. If they can be called a
tribe, have also been n people apart.
n,r,.i iiiir existence was little
' VI rv " '
more than legendary, and only two ex
peditions commanded by white men
hnve ever penetrated Into their abode.
Spell Tbla.
Some of you who think you are well
up In spelling Juki to try to spell tho
words In this little sentence:
"It la ngreenhle to witness the un
paralleled ecstasy of two harassed ped
dlers endeavoring to gauge the symme
try of two peeled pears."
Head It over to your friends and see
how many of them i-nn spell every
word correctly The s, titem e contains
many of the res I puw-lcr .f Hie spell
Ing book.
The trotiblTwTili most of us Is that
we throw musty old mists on the wa
tor and expect frosted cake In return
Atchison (Jlobe
Ifo 1'iioieil Tho Hiirgcoiis,
All doctors told Itenick IIhiiiIIIoii, of
Went Ji-flVrson, 0., after suffering 18
inontlis from Itectal Fistula, be would
ilio iii:ei"i u cosily operalion was per
furined; Inil he c u-ed liimself with live
li'ixea of iiucklen's Arnica Halve, the
ti:r "I 1'ilc cur on Kirtli, and thelset
.!, bi the World 2, cents a box.
H l I by 'ii-o. A. II udlru' Diiik'mI.
IWitU ll Kind You Ham Always Bought
grow paying crop bcau they're J
fresb aud alway lha beat, for i
sal everywhere. Itefuse ulitltulna. i
Mtluk to Kerry's BmkI and pronpor. i
lUUO Heed Annual fro. Writ for It. k
D. M. FERRT CO., Outran. Mich. U
If fo haven't a r-ulr. healthy morement of tb
bl tttrj day. you ra tli-S. or will be. Keep ynur
tni oiMtn. and Imi well, torn,. In lliatUapeuf
violent ilirle or pill pulton, la Caiisvroua. Tin
sio-ji .1 b-i. ali. iinwt iirrct way uf kiiug lb
bowala eirar auil ciesu Is lo Uik
Pleiil. Palaiabl. Potent. TaataOood Do Onn),
Ni-r Hicken, Wraken, or (,rl. lUr, U)e Writ
for freNtnila. and booklet on bealib. Addrau
atvrlla rmi, ltmpmi, Ckki, ImMu, lark. Oa
SI to
kMaSr an
Dioicsts what you eat.
It artificially dlRpHts the food and aids
nature in BirenKiueuiinf auu ruwu
I BtructltiR the exhausted dlKestlve or
1 r. I t h a lat est d lsco vered dicest
ant ana tonic SQ Ot ner preyarawou
can approach It in efllclency. It In
stantly relleres and permanently cures
I'yspcpnia, J llulgVFLiuu, uwiiuuiui
ri.i..iAntA r UfAmorh. Kaiiopa.
,', SIckHeadache.Gastralk'la.Cramps.aniJ
Prepared by C C DWitt A Co-. Crjieaso
Korssle ty HeO. A. Ilardinif.
ri Tradc Mark
'u Design
''H-lll Copyrights Ac
Anyon tending a sketch and deaerintlnn msy
quickly avartnin Mir opinion free whether su
Invention is prnhshly paieittabla Coniniunlca
tlonaiitrlcllyronnilmitinl. llandlxiokon I'stenW
nt free. (Met aaency for o-uniig patenia,
I'aienia taken throiiiih Munn h Co. recalrt
pwlo4 nodes, without charire, tn tb
Scientific JItitcricati
A handinmely lllnstrsted weekly. I.srest elr.
eolation of any aclenllBo Journal. Tiirma, a
vmr; four niontba, U Bold bysll newadealer.
MUNN Co.36,BfMd"'' New York
Uranch Offlce, tCS T 8L, Wubluiluu. D. U
the state
of the tension at a glance.
Its ose means time saving;
and easier sewing;.
It's our own Invention
and is found only on the
Sewing Machine.
We have other striking
improvements that appeal to
the careful buyer. Send for
our cleg-ant H. T. catalog.
White Sewing Machine Co.
Cleveland, Ohio.
For sale by Burmeister & Andresen.
yffiyl candy
a a x
I A Tension
j lndicator
I voo5 WHAT
I "gUj word :
Kttsul CuUii'l il milokly ylulds to treftU
moat by Kly'a Ctam Jiolm, which la agree
ably arorriiitio. It is rocuivod through the
nostrils, cleariHos and hup.ln the whole sun
firfl ovur which it diffuse Itsolf. DrtiKKist
si'll tho Win. sloj Trial s'z by mail, 10
conta. T'x,t it and you arn dure to continue
the troatiiKint.
To aecoii.inoi'iito thosu V.I10 aro partial
to the 11 so of im ..i.zer in applying liquids
Into tlia diihiiI . . ,..;(, for r.nUirrlifil troiu
liU, tho propr"-t"M prepare Cream lhilm In
li'iuld form, wtn' h will be known as Ely'a
Liipild Crnnrn IJalm. J'rion Including the
fprnying tube Is 75 cents, irnggista or by
mail The liquid form embodies the rued
ioinal properliui of the solid preparation.
Liverj, Feed and Sale Stable
Double and Single Rig", and gad
die horneB always on hand at tit
lowest prices. A corralJ connected
with the barn for loose stock.
Information regarding any kind o
stock promptly attended to by person :.
letter .
Horses Bought and Sold.
Horses Boarded and Fed on reason.
able terms.
Steamer G. W. Shaver.
Portland foot of Washington street Mon
days and Thursdays at 6 a. m. Keturn-
intt leayes KlaUkanie on Tutsdayi and
Fridays at 4 o'clock a. m.
This is the nearest and most direct
rout to the great Kehalem valley.
Shaver Transportation Co.
Ft M-il
r- iu.
-alt Lsk-, l ei.rei. Kat Mad
Worth, Omahs. Kan-):45 p. ni.
a City, et Lou is, j
vh.co4 d E. a-
3:45 p. m.
Wall Walla, Lexis
ton, Spokane', Min
neapolis. S'.. Paul.
Dulutii, Milwaiikee,
C'mcago and K.ist.
Si okane
8 a. m.
I p. tn.
Ocean steamsblpa
I p. m
All Sailing dates nib
ject to change.
For -"aD Fraucbco
Sail Dec. 3. 8, 13. 18.
23, 28and every 5 days
Daily Ex
8 p. in.
10 p. 111.
Columbia River
To As'oria a d Way
Landicis. 4 pm.
Ex. acdat
6a.m. Ex
Willamette, River
i -30 p. m.
Ex. bun
dav. Onunin Citv. N'ewherB,
alem and " ar-iina a
:K)p. m.
Mon. Wed.
and Fri.
7 a. m
Oregon Oitv, Pay too
aua W-Lauaii K.
Tues, Thur
and ea
a. 10.
Tue .1 h r
an 1 ra'.
Willamette RlTer
fori k" 1 10 C owal'l.
RD ! W. j U 'il I.RS
4:30 D.m
aiid Bat.
1 :20 a. m
Snakt River
Riparia to Lawiston
8:30a. ni.
Gen. Pass. Agent, Portland, Or.
b E. DONALDSON, Agent,
Oregon City.
Oregon Express No. 12 Lv. 6:17 p. 111.
" ' 1(5 " 8:24 a. in.
California Express No. It Lv. '9:2a. m.
" 15 " 7:52 p. tu.
Mail closes going North S:Wp ni.and 7:45s m
Viail closes goings. mth8:62s m and 7:22pm
Mail closes for Portland and uMstrihtitlni.
noints, 12 in.
Mail closes for Milwankie ami Sellwood
Mail arrives frOM Portlsnd 1 :30 p m.
Oregon City to Ely, Curtis, Mulino.
Liberal and Mollala leaves at 12 ni, and
irrives at 1 :30 a m dally.
. ii.M tn rtunvnp Prpplr. Rhnhel.
Clark, Meadow Brook, Union Mills and
lolton leaves at 8 in lui-snavi iimrsowy
md Saturday, ai d returns on foUowini'
tavsat4:3flp m.
Oregon City to Viola Logan and Redlaim
eaVes Oregon Citv Monday, Wednefda
tnd Friday at 1 p "i, leavinK Viola ssnif
lavs at 7 am. J
Oregon City to Willamette, Staflnrd.
vVilsonville and flraema arrives at I0:
t nt and leaves at 11:30 s ni daily.
General delivery window is open on Bun
lay from 10 to 11 a ", AH letters dropper
intn id. knr at. tb dnnr in nromntlv sent
offSunday as on other days.
NothtnaY sVlrl sv mnfh 1
room or tmwimr ih mitiit rt'lt-
fa thn rhArm of thrn (irtwiriaT
rt litht from MKIMVA Cauri l"r.
f.ttthtnM Will txiiiirlhnlm mot lo ih
rtiniifl mwmn or lh lunTieno,
m or 4inrir. Thrn nt Aurornirn
favifljiH. Utt th impI'Ml or tlt
BioH laUtrtt lorir! ton tot rot-
Uaraor ntnulon. Mula in all oolort
aud tb moat dollrau tir.t j
ftod told rrfmbtm.
; ROSSES, 65c $LZV$W
S.,l..f IM IMlllWl TM M U
'Aw.mi tj it TDD ftufirrn. li - .
Li. 'i ,t ..li our S4 rrMsi, lnw oriiflr ....
. i.. ,.,.J h t.... a..., ttl I
..f.l-l KIU Irwtj lll.i.tmld '--. -..t t.lf
out and Mind ton with oi a iruiiL rsiirmw.
ill! If M-Im W.lkl, how Ion f :r "!"
Mtrmi, wiirtHer ruptur la lsr small, l ti
i .m -r liK-tHw ".uid tho Kdy on a hna wi.li IM
-upiura, whether niptartl. on rlnht or lirlt.i-'s
md . o .ill wnd either Inn lo jro with tin u"1''
iU'i'.l'i7 'f'.t uwi prtH Si .1 ".I '"
irfiil -. lirre time. ar rlre.jrooeaii ratan. I' to1 tv
will teiufii your mon, .fc..
ivmros FREE TPS MTslCCUf Z 'Z,
W irj.o lr. liKliriK tli . ill.s ls Tr . , ,C
k.K.m .iwl " Mw.'M I I i
iMrtCciMa. ROEBUCK & Cu. ' -1
By the fast
and com
modious steamer
Leaves Portland daily except
Sunday at 7 a. m.
This is the Great Scenic Route.
All tourist admit that the scenery
on the Middle Columbia is not ex
celled for beauty and grandeur in
the United States. Full informa
tion by addressing or calling on
J. S. BOOTH, Agent,
Tel. 914. Portland, Or.,
Office and wharf, foot of Oak St.
Montana, Utah, Colorado,
and all Eastern Points.
Gives choice of two favorite routes, via
the UNION PACIFIC Fast Mail Line,
or the RIO GRANDE Scenic Lines
Look at the Time.
Ii Pays to Salt Lake
2k Days to Denver
31 Days to Chicago
4J Days to New York
Free Reclining Chair Cars, Upholstered
Tourist Sleeping Cars, and lY-Hnitta
Palace Sleepers, operated on all trains.
For further information, apply to
. F. A. Dosadsos,
Agent at Oregon City.
Trav. Pass. Agt Gen'l Agent.
124 Third St.. Portland, Or.
Of the
Express Trains leave Portland Daily.
Replator b.
ooii.li i I Kor.h.
7:0opt Lv Portland Ar 11:15 a M
7.52 pm Lv Oirnon City Lv TiUSasi
7 S;i am Ar 8 KraiuWo Lv 8:0opm
5:00hm I Ar t'K'ien Ar 1 10 f M
tt :05 pm j Ar Denver Lv 6:45 pm
ti:40AM Ar Omaha Ar j 8:o0am
8jl5 P M Ar Chicago Lv ti:30 am
7Tu6am Ar 1.0 AiiiHijs Ar 0:25pm
8:15 p m Ar El Paso Ar 2 :S6 P m
47lft p M Ar F ii 'wrlli Ar ,i:40. M
i.toAM Ai ' ,.. Al ..QfM
Pullmsn first elni-s and tourUt i.arj at
iutheil lo all tl. rough trains.
bopfiu'ro mail (Daily)
S .HDAM I Lv Portland Ar I 4 :;'.() pm
!) 23am I Lv Oreifon City Lv 3:30 pm
o:.'0PM I A.' It-srhlUK Lv 7..'iUAM
cokVALi.i mail paily (Kxctpt Sunday)
7:i a M
1 1 :55 a M i
Lv Po-iland Ar
Ar I'orvHllis Lv
5.50 P M
1 :'.'0 P M
At Albany ant Corvallis connect with
trains of Corvallis & Eastern railroad.
i (Exivi Sunday)
4:50pm I Lv roitland Ar I 8;-5am
7:30pm I Ar MoMinnville Lv I 5.C0AM
i m I A' t t V rp Lv I 4 .i-U A M
Uiisot coniiei linn ul San Francisoo with
sieuioshtp lines tor Hawaii. Japan, omna,
fh" Phi'tppinf" ami Australia.
For thronifh lu kt-t.-. and rates cull on or
address E. E. Boyd, Agent.
Maimper, G. F. A P 'ent.
. , Portland, Oregon,