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A Honocr of Orison City Dies Siidtlenlj
it his Homo In Portland.
John Myers, a former pioneer of Ore
gon City but of lato an esteemed citizen
of Portland, died at his home in tliat city
WoJacBdty, January 17th. His health
had been failing for several months, but
his sudden end was entirely unexpected
and came as a great blow to his friends.
Mr. Myers was born In Missouri in
1830 and crosned the plains in 1852. He
settled" in California where he resided
until 18u0 when he removed to Oregon
and settled in Oregon City where he en
KEod in business nnd continued until
18S8 when he removed to Portland where
ho resided until his death. During his
lonu residence in Clackamas county Mr.
Myers was a prominent member of the
democratic party and in 1808 was elected
eheritT, Follow-in his term as sheriff he
elected to represent Clackamas county
W .. in the state senate for the sessions of
1S74. 1876. 1878 and 13S0. In 18S8
l.o.-w.nnnin.TT.S m.rshalforOreuo.iiTln population in ISM) was
v M . -
hv President Cleveland, when he took
up his residence in Portland and be
came prominent in the political, com
mercial and social life of that city. Dur
ing his residence in this city he served
as president ot the board of trade and
was instrumental in securing the con
struction of the first bridge across the
Willamette river.
Mr. Myers was a Mason of ninny
years standing and bad frequently served
as master of the lodges in which he held
his membership. He was known
throughout the state, and was at one
time a candidate for congress on the
democratic ticket, being defeated by
only a small majority.
He leaves a wife and ten children, of
whom Mrs. L. P. Williams, Mrs. R. B
Beatie and Joseph R. Myers, are rest
dents of this county. The other child
ren reside in Portland and Tacoma
Teachers' Examination.
Notiee is hereby given that the County
Superintendent of Clackamas County
will hold the regular examination of ap
plicants for state papers at the county
court house in Oregon City, on February
14, 15, 16 and 17 as follows:
Commencing Wednesday, February
14, at 9 o'clock a. m. and continuing
until Saturday, February 17 at 4 o'clock.
Wednesday Penmanship, history,
spelling, algebra, reading, school laws.
Thursday Written arithmetic, theory
of teaching, grammar, bookkeeping,
physics, civil government,
Friday Physiology, geography, men
tal arithmetic, composition, physical
Saturday Botany, plane geometry,
general history, English literature, phys
holoiy. N. W. Bowlasd,
: County Superintendent.
Dated this 13ih day of January, 1900.
An Objection.
Pleasant Hill, Jan. 13, 1900.
To (he Editor: What is the matter
with the county court? The citizens and
taxpayers of this road district sent in
two petitions for the appointment of
road supervisor for said district, and I
supposed that that the majority ruled in
this country, but such is not the case,
for the petition that had over twenty
five per cent the least names got the ap
pointment. It seems as if the court
pays more attention to a person that
keeps a one-horse store than they do to
the majority of the petitioners, or per
haps there was a graft in it, who knows?
Yours respectfully,
Wm. Scott.
Kei.logg-Spencer At Canemah, on
Sunday, January, 14, 1900, Nellie P.
Kcllopg to Ross C. Spencer. Rev. A.
A. J. Montgomery performing the
The young people in the above event
are both well known young people of
this vicinity and they were the recipients
of hearty congratulations and well wishes
from all sources.
Letter List.
The following is the list of letters re
maining in the postoflice at Oregon City,
Oregon, on January 18, 1900.
Bradley, Lou Mrs Porter, A L Mrs
Hamelton, Mrs Thompson, M J Mrs
Matoon, Frank Mrs Thompson, M J Mrs
McDonell, C Mrs Williams, Grace Mrs
Idnes, hrneKt Mrs Williams, Tom M:g
Artiiur, Chester A
Barber, R
Brand, Henry
B'own, A 8
Coy, Walter
Coulter, Samuel
Cooppr, H P
DicifM-son, C S
Frost, C A
Frnderirks, C W
Green, Clarance
Howard, Ralph
Mass, E 3
Meacle, A W
Mulvany, F L
Parker, B F
Rowly, M W
Thompson, B
Vanouver, Wm,
Walker, George
Ward, Mr
rtost, Roacoe
Webster, Frank
Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Tour life ins jr.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag
netlc, full of life, nerve and vigor, take No-To-Bao,
the wonder-worker, that makes weak men
Btivi,a-. All druggists, 60o or II. Cure guaran
teed Booklet and sample free. Address
Sterling Kctnody Co., Chicago or New York.
ize doesn't indicate quality. Be
vmq of counterfeit and worthless salve
offered for De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve.
DuWitt's is the only original. An in
fallible cure for piles and all skin dis
eased. Geo. A. Habdino.
A Dill Introduced
prilling $(10,000 I
roetmantor Uorton lias leceived from
the postoflice department a copy of a
bill introduced in congress appropriating
ftW.OiH) for the construction of a federal
buildino: in Oregon City for the accom
modation of the pnstollice and land
office. Mayor Latourette baa been active
in bringing the matter to the attention
of the department and through his
efforts the officials have been furnished
with reports of the amount of bu.-ines
transacted iu the land and postollke,
the amount paid for rents and other
items showing the nocessity for such a
building bete.
In the notice from the department Mr.
Horton is called upon to furnish further
information. Among the figures show-1
ing the increse in ten years, is given the
postal receipts for the fiscal year June
! . - , "
! .-- ir year. .....K --. ;"
2500 while
in 18;9 it was 0000. The commercial
and manufacturing interests are also
The land office shows that at present
the business is transacted by four regular
employes and that five rooms are used,
while at least 50 per cent additional
room is required for the convenience
-.t i m..a iw.imi ur
atrvaa is kid on the tat that the office hue
no suitable vault room for preserving
the valuable records and none can be
secured. The cah receipts of $40,000 for
the past six months is a strong factor as
Bhowing the volume of business tran
sacted. His Lire Was Saved.
Mr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizon of
Hannibal, Mo., lately had a wonderful
deliverance from a frightful death. In
telling of it be says : "I was taken with
Typhoid Feyer, that ran into Pneumonia
My lungs became hardened. I was so
weak I couldent even sit up in bed,
Nothing helped me. I expected to soon
die of Consumption, when I heard of Dr.
King's New Discovery. One bottle yave
great relief. I continued to use it, and
now am well and strong, I can't say too
much in its praise." This marvellous
medicine is the surest and quickest cure
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Trouble. Regular sizes 50 cents and
11.00. Trial bottles free at Geo. A.
Harding's Drug Store; every bottle
Complete stock of Quaker Remedies,
Botanical Herbs, Salve, Cough Balsam,
Soap, and Mineral Salt at Huntley's
Cut Rate Drug Store.
F. B. Thirkield, Health Inspector of
Chicago, says, "Kodol Dyspepsia Cuie
cannot be recommended too highly. It
cured me of severe dyspepsia." It di
gests what you eat and cures indigestion
heartburn and all forms of dyspepsia.
Geo. A. IIaedino.
Portland, Dec. 19, 1899.
To The Republican Clubs of Oregon:
Your attention is called to the fact
that the regular Biennial Meeting of the
Republican State League will be held in
this city on Tuesday, February, 6, 1900,
In accordance with the provisions of
the Constitution and By-Laws of the
League, it is necessary, to entitle a club
to representation, that a list of its mem
bers be filed with the League Secretary
at least 30 days prior to the date of
meeting. J. P. Kennedy,
Box 098 Secretary.
Her Tlionclit'nlneas.
"Beautiful, my drnr!"
The elderly millionaire who had mar
ried the famous beauty regarded the
watch chain admiringly.
"A very delightful birthday present,"
he continued, beaming upon his fair
young wife. "So massive and yet In
such excellent taste."
"I am so glad you like It," she ob
served. "It was so cheap too. Just
think, It cost only $15."
"Only $15!" echoed the millionaire,
In astonishment. "Fifteen dollars for
this solid gold chain!"
"Oh, of course It Isn't solid gold,"
rhe Interposed. "You could never get
a solid gold chain for that price."
"What Is It, then?"
"Why, gold filled, to be sure."
"I see," said her husband, stroking
his chin reflectively. "But why this
sudden streak of economy? Don't you
think I can afford to wear a solid gold
"Of course you can," she assented.
"But this one Is guaranteed to last
for ten years and and"
"Well?" said the millionaire Inquir
ingly. "Well, dear," she concluded, after
some hesitation, "as that Is quite as
long as you are likely to live, I thought
It would be foollseh extravagance to
pay any more!" Harold Eyre In Wom
an's Home Companion.
A Very Fine Male.
My neighbor, Morris, has a vory fine
mule, and about six months ago this
mule tried to pick bis teeth with his
hind foot and got the shoe fastened In
his mouth on a broken tooth. Mr.
Morris worked an hour to unloose It,
and then called In the neighbors, and
they worked with ropes and levers, but
couldn't. All of a sudden, while Morris
was standing by, thinking what to
do next, the tooth broke with a report
like a pistol, and the mule's foot flew
back against Morns' shin bone and
buke It all to pieces. Raleigh News
and Observer. .
jf Itoeworkis hariwoAwtlioutGoldDust-
Cleaning Silver
latttsd of icourlni (nil rubblnf ttcn. plto of
liver Mptrndr. lb hol urvlc cm bt
sffecilvsly clcincJ In le minutes. Alter etch
meal the silver should be put Into t pan (kept
tspecisllr lor Ihs purpose) snd cover wiia luis
warm water, to which a icsspoonlull of
Gold Dust Wishing Powder
Is sJJcJ; set !he paa on the rinse until the water
ten to bollini point, then nit out escn pisce wun
s wire spoon snd lay on s soli linen cloth, wlplni
quickly witn cnamoja asm. in picvrs
ad will be bljhly poli.hcd and look Use w,
Ti. .t'r li uk.n frtna Mir fr hook Its
"UOIM.S HI US ru UulakKukk'
Seta tr as rxuMi la
tmi N, a. ramaariK company,
tl. Iwla. Hvm VaHb
Money to loan
Hkdqks A Gkikkith.
at lowest rites.
School Meeting No' ice.
Notice is hereby given to the legal
yoteri of School District No 6.', of
Plncbtimna miilitv. firetrnfi tliut thA
adjourned annual school meeting of the
electors oi the district will be held in
Willamette hall on Monday, the 29th
day of January, l'JDO at 7:30 p. m. for
ine i..owinic purpose; loivvy i
.1 II ; - - rwy 1
' tm the ensuing yer on all the assessable
property within the district for general
school purposes.
Cuas. H. Cacfield, T. L. Ciiakman,
Chairman. Clerk.
ArkrrN Engll-h Ite ncily will s'op a
cough at any time, and will ct re the
worst cold in twelve hours, or uo;ey
efunded. 25 cts. and 50 ct.
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheertulness soon
disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has!
become so prevalent
that It Is not uncommon
for a child to be born
afflicted with weak kid
neys. If the child urin
ates too often, if the
urine scalds the flesh or If, when the child
reaches an age when It should be able to
control the passage. It Is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty Is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these Important organs. This unpleasant:
trouble Is due to a diseased condition of the
, .j j . , ,j j u . "u,l,7 I.;. '
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as,
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis-
erable with kidney and bladder trouble, j
ana ootn neea tne same great remedy,
The mild and the immediate
effect of
It is sold
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, .. . , ,., pv. irn i
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kllmei ,
8c Co., Blnghamton, N. Y., be sure and
mention this paper.
Bsari the f ' You Hare Always Bougfil
Ilie Kind you Haw Always
Legal Notices.
Notice ol Final HHtleiiieut.
Take notice that 1 have filed in the Clack
amas county court my linul accounts ami
vouchers for final settlement of the estate
of Jasper CliK, deceased, and the court has
appointed Monday the l'J;li day ol Febru
ary, A. D. 1!K)0, for the examination and
settlement of the same.
Dated January 15, Y.m.
F. M. SOilNEK,
I. Iquor rVollcc
Notice la hereby given that 1 will apply
to tbe city council at i t -t regular Hireling in
February, lfXXJ, for a hcenie to sell liquors
for six months at my saloon in Oregon City
Oregon, on Main street, between Fourth
and Fifth streets. Said license to date Feb
ruary 5, 1003.
John 0. Wiliiei.m
Notice ofl'Inul Net dement.
I have this day filed in the countv court of
UiacKamaM uounty, uregon, my account
and vouchers lor final settlement nf the
estate of John Zuniwalt, sr., deceased, and
the court has appointed Monday, February
10, 1900. at 10 o'clock a. in. for the exami
nation and settlement of such accounts,
John Zi'mwai.t, jr.
1-12; 2 9
Mil in in on.
of Oregon, for Clackamas County.
J. J. Liles, plaintiir
Hattie Liles, defender,
To Hattie Liles, the above named defendant ;
In the name of the State of Oregon. You
are hereby required to appearand answer
the complaint filed aghfnst vou in the abnva
entitled suit on or before the 17th dav of
February, 1900, that being tbe lust dav nf
the time prescribed in the order of publica
tion of this summons: and if vou fail to so
appear and answer said complaint, the
iiiaiiiiui win appiy io me court lor trie re
bel therein prayed, to wit: a divorce from
the bonds ol marriage now existing between
yon and tbe plaintitl".
This summons is published for six con
secutive weeks by order of the County
Court lor Clackamas Countv, Oregon, duly
made and entered on the 2nd day ol Jan
uary, 1900, the first publication being on the
5th day of January 1900.
Attorney for Plaintiff,
F - . lasa-SJJISH-
1 f L 1 1 mill it
of Oregon, tor the County of Clackamas,
Daniel W. Hum, plainlitl'i
Herthnld Hrockart. deft.)
To UorthoM Hrockart, defendant.
In the natneol the Slate ol Oregon : You
i I.',;,' "'.fni fa li'ld'Ljai ilVt ylm "I'thJehove'
entitled mil, on (he -inn isy or January,
A. I).. I!W0. that twin the date tiled by Hie
onlerof publication for your aifarine
ml answer, ami if you fall so lo appear
I ami answer the planum win appiv io ms
court lor tne reuei pravru mr m mo f
plinil which is that the plaintilt have, a
jnynienl anaint you (or the sum or lifty
dollars logellier with interest (hereon at (lie
rale of ten per cent per annum (rom the
23 1 day of AukusI, 1(U, and the lurilirr
um of Hftv dollars attorneys lees ami (or
his costs and ilislmrsenieiits; and
that a certain inortaRge made by vou on
the 21rl day of February Krt to the sii'l
plnintill iilHin (lie following ilewnbed real
estate situated In the county o( Clackamas,
8iaM of Oregon, and bounded and de
scribe! as tbe soiitien( nnrter of (he
northwest quartern! section Hi in township
5 south of range 1, east o( the Willamette
Meridian containing (orty acres and re
corded on page ,111 of book 3S of
Records of Mortices of Clai kamas county,
Oregon, as security lor the payment of said
amount, be foreclosed anil the proriy
sold In (he manner provided hv law, and
(hat vou be forever barred and foreclosed of
all rinbt and tide in or to the said property
saving the statutory rKht of redemption.
This summons is published In (ha Oregon
City KiUerprise a( Oregon City, Oregon, for
six weeks, hy order of Honorable Thus. A.
.McOride, Juitge of said court, made on (he
4th day of December A. D. 1HICJ (he nrs(
publication of this summons be! g on the
Mill dav of December, ltfW, and the last
publication hereof being on the 19th day ol
January, A. D. 1!1.
Attorneys for plaintiff.
of Oregon, for (he county of Clackamas.
Fred Stulke, plaintiff, I
Louise Stulke, defendant. )
- To Louise Stulke, above named defend-
.A ...
v. ,,, 0, . ,,. v .
'be ame or the State or Oregon: oil
are hereby required to appear and answer
tmJ eoinplainl Hied against you In
t,e aiM)Te entitled suit on or before
(be Uih day of January, l'.XW,
the same beiiut fix weeks from the date of
m ' punm-auuii m mis siimiuiuiis; jou
will lake notice that it yon tail so to appear
and answer said complaint, the plaii.till
will applv to the court for the relief de
manded in the said complaint, (o-wic tha(
(he bonds of matrimony now existing hi
(ween you ami plaintitl be dissolved.
'1 his summons is published by order of
Alfred K. Sears, jr., Judge of the Fourth
JuJ,lc'"' 'J'V-0.1 "V'1 .5Ulfl'. 1,18 1 a,,l,e"ee
" ,T-1i,?'cBr' ,,1J"' '."L"8 J?'?,;
tided court, on November &M, Dir.), direct-
nC biMJion 0, ,hi, ,;,, in ie
Oregon Citv Enterprise for six successive
Oregon City Enterprise tor six successive
reeks and rising that as the time within
which you are to answer tbe said coin
plaint. This summons is published first time on
December 1st, ltfM.
Biiownki.l Si Camphki.i,,
Attorneys for I'lalutilf,
Notice for l'lihllrulioii
Land Office at Oregon City, O-egon.
December 18, 189!).
I, Elizabeth Rees, of Clackamas County,
whose grantors purchased the following
lands of the Oregon and California Raili-oad
company, to wit: The SK ol the HVVl
ol 8ec. 4, T 5 South, Rge. 3 E ist, W. M. do
hereby give notice of my Intention to make
dual proof, under the 4th section of the Act
ol March 3, 1HS7, to establish my claim to
the said land above described, anil that I
expect to prove my right thereto before the
Register and Receiver at Oregon City, Ore
gon, on (Vbruvy. lOlh, 19J0, by two of (he
following witnesses;
L. P. Williams, ol Clarks, Oregon . David
Rohhson, of Meadow IS rook, Oregon; E.
a. wrignt, or Meadow rtrook, Oregon; H.
8. Ramsby, of Molalla, Oregon.
Any person who desires to protest against
the allowance of such proof or who knows
of any substantial reason, under tbe law
and the regulations of the Interior Depart
ment, why such prool should not be al
lowed, will be given an opportunity at the
above mentioned time and place to cross
examine the witnesses of said claimant,
and to oiler evidence in rebuttal of that sub
mitted bv claimant and John I)ix, ol
Collon, Oregon, who made H. E. 12'.'93 is
Hpecially cited to appear here on said proof
day. Ciias. B. Moohks,
Mil in in on.
of Oregon for the County of Clackamas.
Ulysses O. Shaver, plaintiff)
Nettie V. Shaver, defendant)
To Nettie V. Shaver, the defendant above
In the name of the State of Orecon: You
are required to appearand answer the com
plaint tiled against you in the above en
titled suit on or before the 10th dav of
teomary, 1900, the same beme six weeks
trom the date of the first publication of this
summons; and ir you fail to so appearand
answer said complaint, for want thereof the
plaintitl will apply to the court for (he re
lief prayed for in said complaint, which is,
that the bonds of matrimony between you
and the plaiutifl be dissolved, and that the
custody of the minor children, Hazel
Shaver and Clifford Shaver, be awarded to
tbe plaintiir.
This summons is published by order of
the Hon. Thos. F. Ryan, the county judge
of the County of Clackamas, Slate nf Ore
gon, duly made on the 30th day of Decem
ber, 1899, and said order directs publication
of this Bummons not less than once a week
for six consecutive weeks, and the first pub
lication to be on the 5th day of January.
1900. Jl
Chas. T.Toozs and A. 8. Drrsbkr, ,
Attorneys for Plaintiff. '
Now is the time to Subscribe for the
(iivcH all tho local and county ih'wm.
Legal and oflicial mMT of Hit' county.
Intli'iM'iidt'iit nnd foiirlcss.
Not an Organ A
1.50 ler Iniri ?Sr. lor Hit .Mom (Im
'oiirlrr-lsmll nitl OrritoiiUn f 4 OO.
Every Subscriber Gets
r.ar-rulrlt'N police..
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed has Hied his Una! rrxrt as adminis
trator of the estate ol Margaret J. Wall,
deceased, ami th court tiled February, ft,
1900 at the hour of 10 o'clock a. in, of said
lay as the time for settling said relate, and
hearing any objections thereto, if any there
should be.
l)a(ed December 13, 1. ,
O. E. Hayes, atty. for estate.
N Simmon.
of Oregon for the County of Clackamas.
W. E. Carll. plaintitl
Oos Lund and
Anna Lena Lund.delts
To Out Lund ami Anna lna Lund, de
fentlanls, above named.
In the name of the State of Oregon, You
are herby required to aprar and answer
the complaint tiled against yon in (fie above
entitled action on or before Saturday, (he
'.Tth day of January, 1900, and if you rail to
so appear and answer, lor want thereof, (he
plainillt will take udiimeii( aganiN( you
and each of you lor the sum of eighty dol
lars, and the costs and disbursements of the
sa'd action and will apply to the said court
for an order directing t lie sale on execution
of the reul pro-rty attached iu the said
action, to satisfy plaintiffs said judgment
with coifs and disbursements and all
accruing cos Is and disbursements. The real
property above referred to Ix-ing more par
ticulary dewrioed as follows to it:
l-ols Nos. U, 10, II and 12. if lllock N'o.4
of Sbaw a First Addition to Oregon City, In
Clackamas Countv, ( iregon.
This summons Is published by order nf
the Hon. Thos. V, Ryan, the county jodgu
of the County of Claekmna, Slate ol Ore
gon, duly made and filed In (he above en
titled action in said Circuit Court on the
12th day of December, 1Ki9, and said order
directs publication of this summons not less
than once a week for six weeks; tbe dale of
the first publication of this summons l
December 15, Ixii9. and the date of the last
publication of this summons is January
20, 19u0. Hkikiks iVdmmTii.
Attorneys for plaintiff.
A well-known superintendent of schools has given It as his opinion
that pupils who have access to the Encyclopedia Britannica stand
33'A per cent, higher in their studies than those that do not enjoy
this privilege.
Is the formative period. What a boy reads In his youth becomes a
part of his very character. To give your boy a chance means that
you will see to it that he baa the best surroundings, and your
"The Concentrated Essence of the
Whole World's Wisdom"
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be can construct far-reaching ideas. Invest
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your girl, your wife and yourself, can consult It continually, and
when he attains manhood, there will be no place in literature or
professional life to which he may not aspire.
Will prove expensive.
coupon and mail it to
Please acquaint me with the detail of your Britannica offer. j
Name k
Street k
Oregon City, Oregon.
a Nice Calendar Free.
Police for I'lilillmtlou.
Land Office at Oregon City Oregon,
DeromlHT II, 111).
Nolle is hereby given that the following.
named settler has tiled nolle of his Inten
tion lo niak final proof In siiior(of his
claim, and thai said proof will he made,
he for the Register and Receiver at Oregon
t lly, uregon, on January, .11, ilssi, via :
II. K. No. 1UU7, for th nr of Sec. 21 T 2 8
of it o r..
lia names (h following wKnessrs to
prove his continuous residence uk)ii ami
cultivation ol, said land vli:
Joseph Meyer, H. I). Coalman, K'ed
Waeape, William se, all ol Handv. r.
CHAS. ft. MOtiRKM,
.Notice ol i:irrutrli.
Notice la hereby given that the under
signed has been apxiiitd executrix of (he
las( will and testament and estate of J. W.
I'ulmateer, deceased. All persons having
claims against the said estate are hereby
notified to present the same with the
proer vouchers duly verified according to
law to the undersigned at her place nl real-
dene In Garfield prevlnct, Clackamas
County, Oregon, within six months from
Cie date of (he first publication of this
Dated December 22, 18: a
lirownrll it CamplM-ll ami I., SUpp,
Attorneys for Kxecutrlx.
AriiiilnUlmtor' .otlrej.
K. (VII has U-en, by the County Court of
Ulackaniai I oiintv, Oregon, aniMilnted ad
ministrator with the wi annexed of the
estate of Frances CuMwell, deceased. Alt
liersoiis having claims against the said de
ceased or her estate are hereby notified (o
present them within six months, properly
and duly verified, to the undersigned at the
ollh-es tif Hedges A (Irllllth, atty., Ilurclay
illiH'k.Oregon City, Oregon.
Dalvd December 12, IN90.
Administrator with the will annexed of
the estate of r ranees Caldwell, deceased.
Hedges Si (irilillh,
Call at our store at once, or cut out thla