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    nnvnnx C.vrv ENTERPRISE. FRIDAY. JANUARY 12, 1900
Annual Report
Of the Board of Water Commissioners of Oroon City
for the Term Ending December 31st, 1899.
Ohkoon Citt, Orkoos, Jasi arv 1st, 1000.
Jo the Hon., the Mayor and City Council of Oregon City, Oregon.
Gkntlkmkn :
In compliance with the city charter we herewith submit our
Annual Report regarding the condition and linanceg of the City Water Works.
-ix new lapping Lave teen made during the year at a net profit of $1.47.
O.irutotheincre.ieedcoetofpipetheUppingfee ot 5.0J charged consumers,
I h ly covers the average cost.
, rity has revived since July Int. 1805, IS.G75.52 as part of the earnings
f m the City Waterworks. There remains $230.53 still due the city which the
will pay in lumber, the same beina taken in payment for the old four plung
i limp of which the board retains ownership until paid in full.
I in- average expense of opera'ing the water works for the past two years has
V ii J38.S1 per month which include all improvements, repairs, salaries, com
li n-Nwi.s, interest on bonds and other expends.
lieuarding a new water supply we will state that as it was found impracticable
t. i.i.g water by gravity from the Clackamas River as was fully set forth in our
J ii y ie.ort, we h-ve in the meantime investigated the Card Spring, about 10 miles
inat of the city, and upon careful measurement of the water .flowing from
prings and two smaller streams, on October 6th, 1S09, we louna Dut ws.uw
flowing in 24 hours. There are other springs In this neighborhood but
i .mbmed flow would hardly furnish the city at the present time and there
I an ample supply in sight before it would be wise to locate any expensive
ue. Owing to this unusually damp season and the early hard rains in Aug
i. questionable what the springa would gauge in a dry season, consequently
had time to decide the merits of a water supply. There is one other reason
v i v ti-e delay has been of advantage and that is regarding the cost of water pipe,
Vi... Iks advanced from 25 to 50 per cent, itie Doara is oi me opinion urn. a
supply within the reach of the city is still possible but it will require a
4mt-.ui iLvesiik-aticn and survey to determine what is best in this direction, and
li. f annot be accomplished before this coming summer; then with cheaper pipe
: i hoped that rapid progress may be made for a new supply.
i.y 1,1891, to May 1. 1892
uy 1,1802, to May 1. 1893
iy 1, 1893, to December 31. 1S93
J nuary 1, 1894, to July 31, 184
Total collected by T. F. Ryan, secretary
) ii y 1, 1894. to December 31, 1894
tor the year 1895
$4235 33
4677 75
3324 15
2450 22
1896 .
1898 ,
$3009 43
6473 70
6654 13
6946 70
7234 63
7131 68
' $14687 45
"$37515 29
Total collected by T. L. Charman, secretary
Grand Total $.32202 74
ror the year ending May 1, 1391, before the board assumed control of the city
v r works there was only $1575.00 total collections from water rent. The above
t b- M.ows the ranid increase in revenue and at the same time there has been a
coir-ei'onding increase of service.
Ju y collections $588 98
August "
eptember "
October '
.November "
December " . .
524 95
607 40
550 40
608 50
704 40
Total for six months ending December 31, 1899 $3o84 63
Balance in treasurer's hands July 1, 1899 675 05
Kieley & Mueller, regulator diaphragms $ 4 50
u A. Harding, electric lamps 150
emi-annual interest on .bond a to January 1, 1900 300 00
La or on mama and repairs 35 20
Expense on account new water supply 16 00
v . 11. Howell, 6 months salary including watchman 270 00
Oregon City Iron Works, repairs and material 36 05
l oiiland General Electric Co., lights 14 45
IVpe & Co., material $80 39. labor 82 00 102 39
C. N. breenman, drayage $3 50 ; Charman & Co, oil $12.50 16 00
V. Harris, coal oil 1 70
'1'. L. Charman, salary $50.00, comminsion $179 18, ex $1.85 231 03
ii H. Bestow & Co., cedar box 50
$4259 63
Total for 6 month to December 31, 1899 $1089 32
Balance in treasurer's hands January 1, 1900 3170 36 $4259 68
ChhI iron water pipe : 12 feet of 3 inch, 30 ft of 4 inch, 43 ft
of 6 inch, 30 ft of 8 inch, 24 ft of 10 inch $100 00
175 feet of 6 inch lap welded pipe, second hand 52 50
One 10 inch and 3 6-inch tees, one 10 inch and two 4 inch
elbows, two 10 inch, three 8 inch, one 6 inch and four
4 inch sleeves, one 6 inch and one 5 inch cap 50 00
1.j sets cast gears $25.00. 200 lbs lead $1 1 00 36 00
50 lbs packing $17.50, one air chamber $10.00 27 50
Two eccentric straps for Union pump 40 00
72 service cocks j inch at 40 cents 28 80
12 " " 6 inch and 6 1 inch 12 00
Four G inch $4.00, seven 2 inch $2.60, clamps 6 60
Two rubber diaphragms $3.00, old iron $20.00 23 00
Four plunger pumps 250 00 $ 626 40
Chain blocks $17, valve reamer $12, 2 cement tappers $4. . . . $33 00
Three 8 lb hammers $5, one 9 lb stone hammer $2. 7 00
100 ft hose $10, one revolution counter $8, seal nd blanks $3 2100
Two tapping machines $95, one 8 inch ladle $1, 1 vice $4.50 100 50
Three steel bars $5 25, two drills $2, shovel .50, tool box $3 10 75
One oil can .50, lead melting furnace and pot $15.00 15 50
Kuke .50, axe .50, 11 wrenches $12, two hammers $1 50. .. . 14 50
Lantern .50, 150 feet of rope, a chain $5 5 60 $ 207 75
Vorthington pump, Victor wheel, flume, etc, including
station $11000 00
Union pump 6340 0(1
Water mains on bill 16000 00
"Water mainB on Main street 8200 00
Water mains on Madison street 1180 00
Reservoir, capacity 1,449,280 gallons 7000 00
Reservoir grounds 1033 00
Telephone line $70, inventory of tools $207.75, inventory of
materials $626.40. 904 15
Value when turned over to board May 23, 1891
Net increase
$50657 15
20000 00
$30657 15
Bonds due in four years, 6 per cent, interest semi-annually $10000 00
Due city on deferred payments 250 53
Sixty fire by lrants are distributed throughout the city. There are fully five
miles of mains. The pumps, mains, and reservoir are in good repair and operat
ing satisfactorily. Respectfully submitted,
Charles H. Caifield, President.
T. Leonard Charman, Secretary.
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G. II. Appleton, Justice of Peace,
C"rVs'urg, N. J., says, De Witt's Little
Early Risers are the best pills made for
constipation. We use no others."
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medicine, and this experimenting with
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thing else they say, "No, we want
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pound, which has been tried, and
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Other Weakness.
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tumors in two years. I went through
treatment with doctors, but they did
me no good, and I thought I would
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" The doctor said that all that could
help me was to have an operation and
have the womb removed, but I had
heard of Mrs. Pinkham'a medicine and
decided to try it, and wrote for her
advice, and after taking her Vegetable
Compound the tumors were expelled
and I began to get stronger right
along, and am as well as ever before.
Can truly say that I would never had
gotten well had it not been for Lydia
E. Pinkham's Compound." Maby A.
Stahl, Watsontown, Pa.
"After following the directions
given in your kind letter for the treat
ment of leucorrhcea, I can say that I
have been entirely cured by the use
of Lydia E. Pinkham's remedies, and
will gladly recommend them to my
friends." A. B. Davids, Binghamton,
N. Y.
Another Case of Womb,
Kidney and Bladder
Trouble Cured by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
"Dear Friend Two years ago I had
child-bed fever and womb trouble in
its worst form. For eight months after
birth of babe I was not able to sit up.
Doctors treated me, but with no help.
I had bearing-down pains, burning in
Btomach, kidney and bladder trouble
and my back was so stiff and sore, the
right oyary was badly affected and
everything I ate distressed me, and
there waa a bad discharge.
"I was confined to my bed when I
wrote to you for advice and followed
your directions faithfully, taking
Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Com
pound, Liver Pills and using the Wash,
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mai4 utuoHti
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W. 8. HIT
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ItW.m quo
, pri ,
nicaii n
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Till Rin TATAI nnilP mImIm . UliltniiMU-a
le.uuu IlluftirkUoiir.
wr..n.k4. RA Hit
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la, raai, Mmim
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U'tawl, mmi ftMI'U a4 laaat pr4 !!
HrJaiaf AftaaiMairal Ia4i
Uk(IMi taM, AXon, ruktac tlrtK lnM. Hiiii'ihk
tiili. tit. Till, Jut hal lour trkair mat tt
.vrythinf h, bujriftjKt tl(prvnl him from ovvn-harvin,
ftnyii.lD fnu buvi UIM ml how luonUr, bi Bitthlli frtftl,
lipfWDr .liniil D on fttiyii)inK io j.iur wwn. IM n wwm m
Mlaa l . Ill x..ur J"B HUM,
nun rurr nrFtn ( ui UiIimL t
k.i p r III M Mill immImt. Mi I
you nil, kf ti ih 1
J wim ! niU la nan vt
k. aia aWft taaa UUI
nk U I. wortk sllaMaU IksaaW 1
IowmI hi'lalft BnoM ol l?ritaU, ftftf
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Chl-fto.''-4'hlrao lnlrlhrfta. .
'Th bin raiauwua (or aw ooa ol IM Baaal opDtaf awuiaaai taaa
BnyrVi Honthlr.rblrayn.
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.ri. l.l.l.,,u,, , hut fli. .11 ror till, IIHor llf.NK lAIII.NKT U ill in H
thrvrralrat v.ln. ir...H k. i ni..i UI llllllk la
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. ia, mjllKIWiy KVMtV I-....II HII NT or II V K H V II 1 1 j ii
. . "'IM TIIK
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heat muL.n I.. . i
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