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t CORRESPONDENT!;! " w.iw m
1 o i-UH-k the morning ol we nun. nirs.
Mil waikik, l'f. li Mrs. J. Oliver
lias Ih pii reportr-d II! bill Is now able to
be about.
Hi-nry llennrinen visiled Oregon City
Weilnesdsy Issi.
Miss IHjttie Ukin it quite tick al
lire, en t.
Mm. Huberts, the newly elected
Jlsaii-r Artisan, viitel Csnhy Assembly
and Mr. M.ank's family at Dial place dur
ing Uct week.
Mr. Menneinitn has been plastering
hi house. "
The 8. 1. It. It. Co, have about seventy
five men working on tbe road oer
A new si'cwslk is being built to the
Kpisccpal churvh.
Milwsukie Grsnge I', of II. No. V
lield ill reu!ar meeting Saturday end
elected uilirera. Tbe election w
marked with tpt-cisl interest on account
of the rapid yrowlh ol the grange and
tbe n-sponsibihiv on account of building
tbe new hall. Tl e main content waa be
tween Hon. Co. Com. IJichard Scott and
Trof. L. L. Moure for master. Tbe lalier
as elected by a nujority of five. OlH
cer elected were ss follows: LL Moore,
in anter; Mrs Huberts, overseer; Mist
Anna Holm, lecturer; Mr Frank Mullen,
steward; Mr W Sellwood, asaistant
ateward; Mr Fit A Sellwood, chaplain;
Mr J 8 Kisley, treasurer; Mrs M A
Johnson, eecretsry; L Johnson, gate
keeper; Miss Sadie Jamet, poroona;
Mi- H'iee Pawling, flora; Mica May
OIi?er, ceres; Mrs J W James, LA
steward; Mrs I. L Moore, organist; Mr
Willie Sellwood. janitor.
Viola Assembly No. "4, United
Artisans, held its annual election last
meeiing which resulted, in the following
offi-em: Master Artisan, Mrs M L
EoberU: superintendent, A II Dowling;
inspector, Tbos J Anderson; secretary.
F J Rogers; treasurer, Mrs A M Ander
on;SrCun, Mrs M J Holers; Jr Con,
Alma Sarali Rogers, reporter, T M
Holers; field com, Mr and Mrs Moore.
Mr. Jscks lias moved across the street
fiou the Qusnt place and Mr. Webster
moved into tbe house vacated by him.
Mrs. Hendricks was visiting her
brother, L. L. Moure, during the week.
Among the officers elected at Wil
lamette University of tbe Philodorian
Society the following are from Clackamas
couuty. Pres. Lloyd Manpuam, a
prominent tencner oi uui county and a
eon of A. B. Marquam ol the south end
of the county, Assistant Sec. W. B.
Berkley, formerly of Milwsukie and a
son of the Rev. Mr. Bet kley w ho owns
farm at this place. Mis Clara Riding
axseiftanl secretary of the Ladies
rbilodorian is a daughter of a wealthy
man at Marqoaru, of South Clackamas
county. Tlie Clackamas county students
are alwsyn recognised at all the institu
tion of learning where they are in atten
dance. A meet ng of the republican club of
Milwsukie will be called soon after the
holidays. Notice will be given in these
I'rof. Ara McLaughlin, who was hurt
some time ago by tbe falling of a horse,
is improving slowly. He is able to carry
lis arm without a sling now.
From the report of the McDaniel's
trial the people of tbe Northwest are
aflVcted with poor memories.
Tbe Milwsukie Dramatic Club de
livered ''Me an' Otis" in very pleasing
and taty manner to a large and
appreciative audience. Mrs. Atwood
furnished some piano music in which
tbe etnpliafis and execution was the
beet the old town hall has heard for
many a day, also some good vocal music
was furnished by some parties unknown
to the reporter. Tbe parts of Mr. and
Mrs. Tewksburg and Sam Scullynn are
worthy of special mention. Wilisburg
whs well represented in the audience
also Oregon City. T. P. Randall and
I'rof. T. J. Gary were among the Oregon
Next Sunday evening the Episcopal
S. S. will render the children's Christ
inas exercikes. All are welcome.
There was a farmer's institute held in
connection with the Multnomah county
Pomona at G ret-ham which was at
tended by many Clackamas county
grangers. The next Clackamas county
Phomona will be held at Oswego the
2nd Wed. in Jan.
Tin-re Is a fine hand painting dis
placed in the town hull that is to be
rattled off on Jan. 6, 19A0. Chances can
bi bad st U5 cents each.
The "Willing Woikers" who made a
quilt for the Babies Home, of Portland,
put it on exhibition at the town ball
Monday evening. A short and appro
priate program was rendered in a very
pleasing manner. A collection was
taken for the Babies Homo which
amounted to $4.34. The quilt made by
Walker's maiden name was Iarson.
She was the faithful wile vt Mr. Andy
Walker of this place to whom she was
married about a year ago and has since
lived on tbe well known Walker fruit
farm. Her death was a great surprise
to many as she was thought to lie Im
proving. F.very effort was made to save
her and the best medical assistance
possible waa obtained. The correspond
ent and a laive circle of friends extend
their heart felt sympathies to the hus
band and family. She waa buried
STArroan, Dec. 20. Henry Schats
left on Friday for Gopher Valley, Yam
hill county, where he was to meet Miss
Good bread at the home of her parents
Sunday noon and there be united in
matrimony. The young couple are ex
pected in Stafford the middle of the
week. But few relatives were expected
to be present to see the young couple
launched upon life's broad sea.
Mrs. Kinearson closed a very success
ful term of school here and is railing a
few days before returning to Oregon
City. There were 50 pupils enrolled
and an average daily attendance of SH.
Miss Nelson of Oswego, is carrying
on the school here at present Miss
Nelson boards at home, six miles
distant, having a pony to ride to
and from.
Lydia, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. F.
Keichle was married in Portland on the
"ih inst.
Mrs. Woodruff, a former resident of
this place, was in our midst the fore part
of the week selling paintings.
There was a Ilk'ht flurry ol snow on
afternoon of the 14th inst. Since then
there has been tome heavy frusta.
It waa too fogor to see the eclipse
Stturday evening.
Our local merchant has laid In
supply of pepper.
Miss Flora Atbey is sick with pnen
Miss Julia Baker is on the sick list.
a w u vaav sip
J . .
Mortn m
yCt never did; but wo nsva
seen the clothing at this time
of the year so covered with
dandruff that it looked as if It
had been out In regular snow
storm. No need of this snowstorm.
At ibe summer sun would
melt the falling snow so will
Brr Cmk
Bat via Cbkkk, Dec. 18. Mel. Davis
is cutting wood forW. F. Harris.
The Misses Matiie and Annie Jones
are visiting their parents Mr. and Mrs
D. E. Jones.
Mrs. R. F. Davis is visiting at As'oria
During her absence D. II. Jones is tak
ing care of the place.
Wm. Daniels and D. E. Jones, Jr. are
working for Mr. Liudsar.
James Shannon has left Beaver Creek
to try his fortune at Ilwaco, Wash.
Fred Spangler and Chas. May, of
Cams, attended the literary last Tuesday
V. Bohlander has rented Mrs, Ed'
ward's place.
John Shannon made a flying trip to
Portland on Friday last.
In a few days the Beaver Creek hall
will be completed. The stockholders
will on New Years night give a grand
Masquerade ball. Further particulars
will be given later.
About a week ago Messrs, Harris,
Hutches, Grisenthwaite and Scanlan
were plodding through the mud to Bee-
son's sawmill after lumber for the hall
Duiing Mr. Morris' absence of about
two weeks from bis place on Buckner
Creek, a thief entered bis wood shed and
took therefrom a few thousand shingles
Alf. Kirk is home from Seattle where
he had been working for sometime past
The Shannon boys have finished lay
ing corduroy on the road bet ween the
Beaver Creek store and Mrs, Bohlander's
Fred and Henry Steiner have taken a
contract to cut 250 coids of wood for Mr.
Mr. Kirk took a photo of the school on
Lizzie Parry is working for Mrs. S'ince
of Carus.
D. R. Thomas came out from Oregon
City on Sunday to vihit his best girl.
Willamette Falls
Willamette Falls, Dec. 18. Mr.
Barney Dionwe and his brother, Edward,
arrived Monday from Wenatche, Wash.,
and it was a complete surprise to his
wife. Rose Cottage is just completed
and they will lie at home to their friends
on Friday. As Mr. Dionwe was leaving
Washington be was presented with a
beautiful gold watch and chain by the
crew of the steamer Silkirk, of which he
was engineer for the past year.
A number of friends gathered together
laden with good things to eat and made
melt these flskei of dandruff In
the tcstp. It goes further than
tbii: It prevent their formation.
It has still other properties:
it will restore color to gray hair
la just ten times out of every
tea cases.
And it does even more: It
feeds and nourishes the roots
of the hair. Thin hair becomes
thick hair; and short hair be
comes Ion j bair.
U have a hook on the Hair
and Scalp. It is yeurt, for the
If yo So mm .Mill an ! Wfi.StS
o) I4 lr. it. u( In V ig-wi,
writ 111. irt'r ahoal II. I'rohabl.
Ih.r ta mm .m-llr rgM
rrftl iiilm mhtrh M b Mllf I-
1U. 1. 1. AII.R. Imll, MM.
wee plaliig nl slopped. Oiiei'f the
boys made a detour and seised Ihedeer
by the bind leg throwing hlui. Tbe
olHer boys then sprang upon him bold
lug him uni II a roe was brought with
which he was lied lo a tree Alter
S. hoo cliwed Ibe deer was hnlrhenU
an I the Ib-sii divided among the school
If any conntty resident think theie are
... . . .11 I.. I I.!...
II UMIIilliUll S ir cotiiuy inner,
ak tint wmie one coiim out fnm O
g hi fiiy to spesk at some snisl slfiir
and his requwsl will be grilled live, leu
and even twenty fold.
Whenever you visit us, or come near u,
we are made better men and women.
Your Influence for vood will always be
fell anil never forgotten. Yoa help us
in spiritual comforts, let us help you
materially; you deserve it all for your
great goodness and kindness lo ns.
Till DoNOHS.
Aceompsnying this letter was a purse
for which Grandma wishes to ex pre
her deep gratitude and thanks. Her
prsyer is that God will abundantly bless
the givers.
Mas. Mary Axockso.
Damask s, IVo. 1U The Rock Creek
Sunday school hss e.lj mrued (ill I hey
1 an gel some musician lo lake ibe 'l'
ol Mrs. Barton, during her alcme.
Mis. Burton and Iwo children bae
moved lo Poillaiid where she will wmk
in the Portland poiuilirs and send brr
children to school.
Mr. Tung and three sons went to Oie
goii Cuy Monday. E. Tung is improv
ing upidlv tiii.U-t Dr. NonU' tate.
A. Nwell went to Porthind Monday.
Ho 1 poils the toad In 11. g ti) Im1 and
piubahly will ha wcr-4' bloi litiris
ot el .
AiU'it George N-ny (rmu the ear
lii near Portland has been Visiting bis
Uur.Mi. Sui. Itcokiiisu during the
A number of lamacin young people
ga'lu red at Mis. Smiths taut Sun. lay and
eiijoyed Ibrmselvva sing ng. The Sun
day whool organ baa been laken to Mis.
S.iutlia lo slay until Ihe school to m
metiers again.
lUUw'""" ' v.vvAk
Tho Kliul You Ilnvn Alwitya lloiight, and HhU li Ims been
la una for over UO your, luu borno tho lgiinturo of
- mnl 1hw Writ iiiailn utiilcr Ms H-r.
I jcXff-f,, 0,,ftl '"lnlslou alnre It InfUiiey,
AcV, CA4v Allow 110 one) to drrrlva you In t,n
All Oniutrrfclts, I tultat Itui nud Miibstlttitra are but Vt'.
prrhiiciita tbut trifle wllh nmt rmlunircr tho lieultl, f
Infimta Miitl l'bllilreu-i:HTlriM' nirnliiat i:iH-rlinnit,
CnatnrU U auWItuto for t'A(or Oil, rrriri)rlr, Drop,
nnl NiMilhlitff Hyrups. It U Hurmlesa anl l'lrnsunt. It
ronUtit licit brr Opium, Morplilnr nor other Narcotic
siib.Uiior.. It gf) U It i-unrantrc. It itrstroys Worms;
anil ullit) lVvrrlshiira. It curr I)lnrrlir ami viml
Colic It rrllcvc Tcrtblnir Troiiblra, ritrrs Constlpntl.,,,
mid rintiilriiry. It lualmlliitr tbe 1WI, regulules thr
htoinnch and lluwil, china bruit by nnd tmturul sleep.
TI10 Cblldrvu' ruiuicciV-Ttto Jlotbcr' Trlrud.
Boari the SIgnaturo of
r w rim aw 1 r yy
LirWW -tut
Smyss. m-c. IS Mr. FmhI .LCor
III u k, w ho baa been in Faster 11 Oregon
ami Washington, letuimd again lat
Quite a lot of )tsioes bare hern
h tuled to msrkel from this Ueighhoi
howl. They wne of the Garnet t'blll
There will brt a CI riaimas tree at (he
church on l'hfiiuiaa night Mon lay
D.-ceiul-er The piogram is lo lur
nisiied by Hie young (oiks and children
ol the co nmiiiiuy.
The scholars and leat her will have a
vu-aiiou during the holiday week.
I Ido llein ia Ut i-ompluting L. B.
Yod -r's Hear hoUe. We think hou"
waruiuig will be the liell thing iu order.
Fred 1-aiill and John Wataou flnnhrd
their jib of burning lnp Viius on the
The Kind You Haye Always Bought
In Uso For Over 30 Years.
ff H. . ...
(Too Isle for lsst issue)
Coltos, Dec 15 Charles O. Hubbard
died at his home in Colton, Iecember
0, 181MJ. Mr. Hubbard was 50 years of
sge, lie ing born near Hubbard, Marion
county. Deceased waa lor many years
a ureal sufferer of the incurable diseane,
asthma, which during late years became
complicated with stomach and other
troubles. During the last year of his
life he has suffered greatly, but bore hi
pain with fortitude and patience. Every
thing that thoughtful, loving hearts
could suggest, or tender, never tiring
hands could do was done to make bis
sufferings less. He was a staunch re
publican, good nelghlior, true friend
kind husband and an affectionate father
He leaves a broken hearted wife and
nine children, seven daughters and two
sons to mourn his los. They have (he
heartfelt sympathy of all their neighbor
in their sad bereavement.
Mrs. Yonng of Woodburn, who was in
attendance at the death lied and funeral
of her brother, C. O. Hubbard, of this
place will return borne soon.
Miss Lucy Bonney has relumed home
after a short sojourn atClarks.
There will tie a shooting match at Col
ton on the 23rd of Decemer.
C,'l. Pp yaid on Eill.tl Prairie. Any j
Christmas Presents
tu making your In-lion fur Christmas
tiifla ) i ol overlook tin' fact that I tuvr
Fine .N'rwr Stix-k f
O.ie having such work lo d will b ben-ethli-d
by silking their a I vice on the
iU"j-e They are old ban. Is al Hie
In snile of lbs bal road thi-rs ia much
hauling being done. Ie Yoder, Jon
.Sw.irl and W. II Yilr have bi-eu !
hauling potatoes to market end on the
return trip hauling iiio home, norkli
like tin indicates prosperity. Uti the I Li
i r
ipxM work ko on.
A. L. Ymler ia riH-ctel home from
I'p-lo-Diilc Xovcllios,
Toilet Articles ami
Choice IVrfuims.
Saitt!ly ajrjiriate f. r ir-ntati.n.
Al IIm'mi imhU are nrw ami have
innrke.l at priors llist cniiiiot l
Card of Thanks.
The wife and family of the deceased,
Mr. Charles Hubbard desire to extend
their (hanks to sll those who so kindly
assisted in the sickness and funeral ol
their departed loved one.
Cakhv, Dec. SO.Geo. Knight st-
tended the meeting of the silver republi
can committee held in Oregon City Sal-
rday. He reports matters in a fair way
for fusion.
Rev. E. D. Baker, of Portland, gave
u9 an interesting lecture on prohibition
Tuesday evening. 1'eoplo yell them
selves bourse fur good government.
toUlly ignoring the fact the best govern
ment cannot exist where li'pior is a fac
a sudden descent upon Mr. Mrs. L. Capen tor in politics. The popular candidutei.
biking them completely by surprise. A'toromVe in the Roman republic gave
few pleasant hours were spent in social
conversation and games. During the
nnA.it !. 1 1 n fit inrituara niLulinn 4br.n.
Qa k Igin'J m w' a i luiiicrir Svjm lliuu
tands of dollars and many lives to influ
ence voters. Modern candidates often
evening they organized a social club
which will be known as the K. K. K. r,t aubstitute beer which Is the wone of the
thene little girls was of excellent quality i Willamette Falls. The club will be I two methods.
anu wen neweu auu no ooutn ine onicers . ent,rtaim!(i at the residenc-J ol Mr
of tbe home will prize it very highly.
The German M. E. Sunday school will
jrive its Christmas tree on Saturday
Tim Union Sunday school will not
psiticipate until Wednesday following
Christ inns.
, and
Mrs. Barney Dionwe on Tuesday,
Willamkttk Fali.h, Or., Dec. 13, "M.
Dear Grandma: We, your friends
and neighbors, greet you on your 74th
Please accept our small gift as a token
Christmas trees of two species, Metho
dist and Christian, will thin year bear a
large crop of mixed fruit which will be
ready for picking Saturday evening,
Prune trees and denominational trees
t'orirallia toeiid the hol.ds)a.
During the lat week Rev. Cephas
Clupp, of Forest Grove, li.-l I revival ser-
vi -i s here. With the exception of one
n'ttU I In-re was slways a large audience.
llthouKh there were no converts it is
hoped much good was done.
Mr. Crocker's new bouse is well along
towards completion. The carpenters
ae taking pains to make a neat job.
At tbe last meeting of our debating
cluhlhn ipteation, "Resolved (hat tbe
(J. S. is bem-tltted by Expansion" was
lebated. The judges decided in favor
of tbe affirmative.
M-ike a ni e g It for r'"ir
l-iitl-im-ii f' i-fi'l So
our I-. t lrand.
Harding's Drug Store
Do You Nood Any
Doors, Windows, (ilass, Moulding
Or Other Ouildinu Material.
C. H. Bestow & Co.
f A handsome illustrated booklet,
giving a scientific treatise on all
liair Troubles
The cause, consciK nre nnd aire
of every ailment of the hair and
scalp arc fully di-scrilic-cl in Lin
Kunge that can lie nixIcrstiKxl
by every one. The illustrations
are perfect. Tlie opininns of tho
bt-st-knownsciciitists ami scci.il
Lsts of the world arc freely Riven.
In fact, it Is the most complete
nnd most comprehensive work
of iLskindeverromjiiled. Address
I) lrlitiur Sliwl, Nw T'lrk, N V.
ir fon h.rmrt a rcmilar, Imalthr moTsmnnl or Iho
Utmn i,rj 6ij , jna ntU k.ur will b. kni, ?,,ur
lwel oin. and liv null. Kurca, In II, e hui,r..,r
violent btiMla or ul II wiImhi. i iImhi ...
iikoiUl-.i. Kult.it. mom irrel war of kwuiuv lb
bowel oK-Kr aul clvan l U tuku v " "
rsaes mass aseisTtsio
j readily take root in Can by soil.
The prize deer story comes from Glad
Tidings. A large deer chased by a
Mr. Raredon and family, who lately of our good will and love for you. bound ran op to where some school boys
PlMHnt. Paljtalilo.l'ijiDiii.Ta.i-Owl noli,,,,
Ne-r Hikii. Weaken, or Orl. m. w Wrii
ror free uiupla, and IxKiklut on h.-ll6. A.idre.i
r"" 7 S7. ., plr.l, rm trk. Ma
ft '
j ' Corner nth ul MiiiSl.
1 'bit ' 1 --k..'- '. t--:, i'.'. -- ,- I
I ''f't" for Cif.ifoiuo an 1 1'rkcs.
JA OUrt $38,50 yf
h: f;.i iiil
Oregon City, Orrgon.
i i
High Grade
S30.50 SmQiLZ&J&L
mrl..U, Htl.lr, .llr tft''''
An Extra Fine High Orado8arfnij
nrt ll,.isiil of .l,ll...il'l "';''" Cft I
Sir.no i. sno.iiii, mill PRIPP. i.18.5ll.
lli.frHlil.Kr,,! VUO !'"- 'TiliU
-ei.-v, i
m Ik SI.WU iti tli.
ill) gounie IW iimuu w.. -
(O-lnch Conuln- Ldn"rri or
iniunn u.auu Ktnni Fork."-'
iiuiquii rivi.wv ' i-ul-ll
rKvrrvu.Y tiui nii diwiunR ""'Vn'r
1 in , boui.il ir mil iimii,.i.I liwik.'""" yt
ttt I Iim H uiImiW lir billul, Wllallu. "Iu j
Mil. ll lbrlwi ar4r4. M . ,ni
llnnl, klii'h Wi.l..'.. .urrui. lrllM". l ,n'l' '.'Zh'"
nr lonir on n,. r .1.1. 1 Ii I" liH- klB in '.""
rnlloll Iwlil.il tlmlran l-lnrll fronl ulmll, .,,,,1
Iwlimv lUnk i'Iik h, tuiineuilns ilrau. Uu"V ' j
JMkii all one plw. . M p
UHIULOUUC, inuarl'in a iuii lino ui , -
OulUsthslowMlprloelnirquotii. " ' ' .,
..n. Mo.l.it It. ... Ihjklf cltaW-