Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, December 15, 1899, Page 8, Image 8

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Cwr it tm4 . ' Hum
tfl IN rvUM'l Ml
) eaafc, I M at'! t
iioiiin ok ronMisMosr.KH.
(Continued from 'k onei.)
Cut St-hueM 1 M
Uhria Kim l)r H IM
J.ei.ph I-labor li "5
John Willi. f i"
Iwvid MiN'linka M .V)
John Ttiouioon 2i 24
Win IWson A ion, lunilwr, pen-
trl fund 4 10
Itulx'tt Vinson ..
1- ' Jirpr
.Jdliii .I linen
J v f-iio
J !; Kiilbflelach
?iv titfi n
J'n m KalhfUlm-h
2- ' N lnw'iilx)rn .
0 4V
5 '.'A
17 70
4 H7
1 5.1
1 11
1 U
il I1 , tl'ja a aaiMiaiiiiia
ttU mti laMiM ftttal M II I J
iitWt l iltaaV
MatlWtawy, t4M4l M rP
r4 taU
(Continued next week.)
$114 M
'nv :'-f 'l 1 --- f i 1
rBC.- V " . v "w V..
t M at ka4
Mir h cm
.t y
'oiMr A Uutmnins, lumber, iren-
... .i v.
r i hi iuioi
n'Cn City Iron Work
4'li s M.iran, hla ksiiiilhln.. .. .
IVilson A Cock, hardware
It.tMl t'.:n
U.-H.I ilfulrii'l No. 19
la boron the Oregon City and Molalla
.1 Stn,;ler, ro.l fun J.
V. Jolll-S
K (Ampef
V Jmir
kl (VI
2 IK)
3 4
J S to! um
J Kail lloisih
n Ihivia
VT ( J iiver
11 P.ull.-ri.
V II Salter
Krirkiwn . .
JT Siowarl
J Neukirvhner
1. Jonn
W 11 Junes
I-'red Waller
Aithnr 1 Injun
K L Trulliuger
J V Taker
J Wraith ;
John Cole
F M Manning
J T Woodward
O A Cam day
F V Ii Mueller
J J Vallett
Jus Pamela
F VuUiile
i KirMvnn
H o.li,le
KoU'rt Vin-on
C Cutting
A Kru kmin
F Duliirt
Aithur Smiih
Chi Psniel....:
II H lerry
Y. Cam
L Wallers
A Sh"enbrun
A Neakircbiier
II nrv Kanton
F lri.-ii
" . airier
M Mu rry
I' Si.ir
FU .Vakirehner
Co-jut A Ciimniin, lumlier,
v t, ral fund
Mt.lino LninUr Co, lumber....
W'.ir. a Cke, hard are .
W'oni l'oier Co
II 23
11 25
9 75
4 .V)
1 .V)
3 75
1 AO
25 ( W
12 M
' Nui.l Catarrh quickly yi Ids to treat
ment by Lly a I'vam lilm, liiih ia aurv
aldr anmmlio. It i reeeived tlirtniijli the
Doetn, ciiTi an.l lirU Ui vtlioio ir
(kxi ovrr liii h il JiiTiiai-a iloolf. rni'iaia
n il tlia 'A air; Trial aia ly nmil, 10
routa. Twt it aul you an aura to couliuu
tlie trcaUiK nt.
To fcyoiiiimfc'.nta IUom ho ara twliij
to tlia um ol at mucra in j 1'lyiim liiiila
Into tha taaj n:ra lor si.'.irraW tn.
but, tha rorutora r-ar Crram I'-alm in
li.iuiil lonn, hih will l kuon aa Uly'a
LiiiiJ Cmuu IUIiu. rric im'luliii tha
lrnviii(f tul ia 75outa. linignta or ty
maiL lb li'iuiJ fortu einboJiia tha med
iciuaj jirip'rUa of Uia aolul j ri-j'atatiou.
Brut Winter Konle
uo-ij hor nnliine, lloaera anil otng
? N i lake the Punaet Koule via lxm Ankelea
gj(i:lo all point Eaat. Tourist e xeuraion
11 c' 'car ami chair car to F.I Taw, Fort
1 W Worth Kana Ci'T. Chlro, Cinci-
; nnati, Houston, New Orleana and Vah
21 75 ' lnU'Oi P C.
6Sboj For rate, guide and information
S 75 adJreaa
C. II. Markiiam, 0. r. A.
This Fact
w V'1 ' f
m4 aw ,
ilirvM h l al
tU I
I tMttlM. THIS
CAri 11 LA
imF stvli
u wmiii
That In adilreaa!ir Mra. Flnkham
you ar communicating with a woman
a woman mIuui stM.riiiii in Lnat
Inir woman ilia la greater than thai 1:'- 'X-;.....,-,'
II r.
r.llk. tl ll k lima. rr tun .H. I ' ' l l
r.i Mln lull. Iw""1- '
lull. (n.J vllk W4 k'IM tM W l
intwl (ilk lhr i
M kraUi bun. uuM'M. V f
27 75
:v5 .V)
15 75
21 00
22 50
) IX)
14 2.
V (10
TortlanJ, Oregon.
My aon ha been troubled (or year
ith chronic diarrhoea. Sometime aifo
1 perauaded him to lake aome of Cham
htrlaln'a Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea
50n.-.- 1 ft m ! r. . . lkAill ..III..
SI .so 25-rent aite he cored. I give thia
27 37 j testimonial, hoping aome oneaimilarly
20 25 1 atllicted may read it and he benefited.
Tiioma C. l'o ra, Glencoe, O. For sale
19 12 i U- A- Harding, Drntfi;iat.
A Beautiful Complexion i an Impossi
bility without good pure blood, the aort
tliat only exist in connection with kxx)
ingestion, a healthy liver LnJ bowel.
Kail'a Clover Koot Tea acts directly on
304 ."7 the bowel, liver and kidney keeping
nirai in uraiiu. i rice ..i cut.
and 50 cts. C. U. Hunt'ev, iVniat.
24 oni
12 15;
2H 50 :
37 .VI '
24 73 !
l 5r
?M 50
5 3
5 15
To al 1,406 02
Koud district Xo. 21
I.Sr on Csnyon crtek bri.Irt :
F M CVuntryman, geneial fund.
Kmory Uotthurg
W K llonney
Liz l.i o, lutuber
My w Ife ha been using Chamberlain'
Pain Pa'ra, with good results, for a lame
tliotildt-r that ha pained her continually 1 in
of any living pcraon-male or female.
A woman can talk freely to a wo
man w hen It 1 revolting to relate her
private trouble to m man.
Manr women aulTer la alienee and
drift along from bad to worne, know
lug full well that ther should have
Immediate aaalatance, but a natural
modesty impel them to ahrlnk from
exposing themaelvea to the queatlona
and probable examination of even
their family physician. It la unneces
sary. Without money or price yon can
consult m woman, wtuue knowledge
from actual experience Is unenaled.
Women suffering from any form of
female weakneaa are InvtL-d to freely
communicate with Mrs. l'inkhaiu at
Lynn. Maw.
'All letter are received, opened,
read and answered by women only.
This la a positive fact not a mere
statement. It la certitied to by the
mayor and postmaster of Lynn and the
Women's Christian Temperance I'nlon,
whoae letters, all In a little book, Mr,
l'inkhaiu has just published. Thus
baa been established the eternal con
fidence between Mrs. I'hikhamand the.
women of America which has never
been broken and baa Induced more
than loo.uoo autTerers to write her for
advice during the last few month a.
Out of the vast volume of experience
which she has to draw from, It la
more than possible that she haa gained
the very knowledge thst will help
your cs.vs Mie s-ka nothing In re
turn except your gond-wlll, and her
advice haa relieved thousand. Here
Is one of the caae we refer to:
Miss Collier Writes for
iMrs. Pinkham's Advice,
Receives it, and is Made
Well. Read Her Three !
,si l..V.i a t ItmsaMI
Your ten tu will have the InhI
of care and
Full Measure of Feed
City StnbtcH.
. H. YOUNC, Prop.,
"""r-l'i W. H. Cook
Livery Hign on Short Notice.
Telephone No. 42.
A Personal Hatter
A wall I'slntnl tiou la Ilk a neal
Iv ut irwui-alaava allfa.t
Iva and lraaiit to ksik Uhjii.
Can he repainted ami lrthrnl up
al a very rrat-iisl!e rlr slnl
ara vary cliaaii no, lhm'l laav II
iinlll His sun ti'akei any mora inatk,
ainl crack. In it.
Leave Orders at
Ely's Store...
Tb I'si iiar .
Total 20 85
Koad d'utlrict No. 24
J B lleppler, general lund 3 fO
F W Uurtlier 3 U)
Henrr Guntl.er 3 00
F H hultx 3 00
C Kotto 3 00
C Wolfzigger 3 10
i for nine year. We have lrie.1 all kind
ill0' medicines "d doctor without rr
14 S3 Jceiving any benefit from any of them.
One day we saw an advertisement of
this medicine and thought of trying it,
hich we did with the beat satisfaction.
She hag osed only one bottle and her
shoulder ii almost well. Adolpii L.
Millctt, Manchester, N. II. For sale
by 6. A. Harding, druggist.
Dean Mr. PixmAM-I have read
i paper of a young lady who was
Tola' -.
Rtv I district No. 2
Joi.u iiartli, road fund
Jlenry Barth 1 50
John" lleppler 3 00
Cha tillhert 1 35
18 00' vuurtiiiu, i-riiu, ik,
j"0urbaby was covered with running
j- 'sores. IV Witt's Witch llaxel Salve
'cured tier." A apeciQc for pile and
skin diseases. Lena re of worthies!
counterfeits. Uao. A. Habuixo.
Road district No. 26
Lnt'tr on Molalla river road and Mol
lla and llublrd road:
S i-tci -hiuan, road fund
J K hhaver
i Ou'l s
J M Aostin
California Powder Works, general
.110 83
S 00
6 (iO
5 00
1 12
1 12
3 81
.f25 06
J. D. Clark, Teoiia, III., eava "Sur
geons wanted to operate on me for piles,
but I cured them with DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve." It u infallible for pile
and skin diseases. Beware of counter
feits. Gto. A. Hardixo
Bond district No. 27
Labor ditching on Marqoam road :
T 1 C.nlnn rr.l (,inl 19 AO
. ' . ... i , vmsui .uv. ....... ., j i - .
John Wormdahl 4 60 Ices of impure blood. No matter
A B Anderson 3 00
Jle Bve 1 50
1'eier Wormdahl.. 1 50
r J Anderson 1 60
Played Out.
Dull Headache, Pain in various part
of the body, sinking at the pit of the
stomach, loss of appetite, feverisbness,
pimples or sore are all positive eviden
how it
became bo it mnst be purified In order to
obtain good health. Acker's Blood
Eloxir baa never failed to cure Scrofulous
Syphilitic poisons or anv other blood dia-
Totl 120 00:6886. It is certainly a wonderful rem
edy and we sell every bottle on a posi
tive guarantee. Geo. A. Harding Agt.
Road district No. 31
lloron Kruiw and Toedemier road,
Dayton and Stafford road, Wilsonville
-and .Stafford road and Barnes and Boek
man road :
H I.ii-rhof!. road fund $4
11 Tot-denieier 1
L To-detui-ier. . . .
John Aden
truest Boek man
Bcid district No. 32
Jay Laker, road fund. . . .
Jici Baker
Oliver Baker
H E liillinar.
.118 03
.$10 60
. 2 2
. 2 62
. 3 50
To Cure Lagrippe in Two Days.
Tak Laiative Bkomo QiiM.t Tablets.
All drnicgists refund the money if it
fails to cure. E. W. Grove'i
on every box. 25c.
cured by the use of Lyiia il Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, and would t
like your advice in regard to mv case. '
I have taken medicine, but do not see
that it ha helped me much. I have
such dreadful eramp and pains at
time of meuatruation that it seems
sometime as though I could hardly
atand it. I would be so thankful If I
could find a cure for my trouble.
Please tell me what to do." Miss
Lu.i.t M. Colueb, Pigeon Uun, Ohio,
April 9, 11W5.
" I received your letter In reply to
mine and I followed your kind advice;
I bave taken four bottles of your Veg
! etable Compound. I think It ha
helped me a good deal. How many
bottlea will effrct a curt!?" Miss
Lit.UE M. Collieh, Pigeon Bun, Ohio,
July 11, m.
"I again did a you advised me and
now 1 feel it my duty to tell you what
Lydia B. Plnkham'a Vegetable Com
tjounil haa done for me. For live year
I Buffered untold agonies at time of
menstruation. I hare now taken
twelve bottlea of Compound and used
three boxes of Liver Pills and am en
tirely cured of the dreadful pain
used to suffer. I advise all those w ho
Buffer with female weakness to write
to Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mba."
Miss Lit.Lic M. Collieh, Pigeon Run,
unio, .May 10, ism
Two More Women Who
Acknowledge the Help
1 hey Have Received from
Mrs. Pinkham.
Ilk TU llMUll M K.SIISM tk.
Slilli.cUi4muk.bli. TM10l
I tvu. Ik. 4r Ittf lubAOTW. villi
I ul rt'.lMirM. UMliiir.
i ti. suri.M is. siuua, r-
ai..r. s ua al IILrokiu
o .irs -m vit ivM4 ui aa
111. IMaawftlJf , p9fMmmUf i
I. tiJ rwlM, I lkut 1 la
J Krore mf mm PraxJ tff.
aVM lsfi
din' j
s 1 1 ft
m m m .ui
antn,a i m.,miii,iiiM,
f Dk ShUohslJ
r hi
n I mint, nnl V
Lvuii aji a a va ii
..nnoimniinn v
This la tbrynfiil auction tha 1 1,
succwsslut luuab MIU I I
cm .r known to Ki.nct a
lew d.mrt Invarlablv cur. th. UI
Wtrt CSV. nf t'..ltfK I'.nMM 11"
Total : $19 24
Fond district No. 33
John Stoemer, road fund $." 00
John Heed 6 00
Iload dibtrict No. 30
'L:.ljor on Willamette Falls road
(10 00
TliOrnai? Smith, road fund.
J L Barry
Loins Tucker
Thomas Blackburn
J Marchbank
Road district No. 37
rn V Handall, road fund.
T D"i?he
"W V White
-S Plrtte
J Welch
M Welch
J W .Stowe
G G Kruse
...(33 00
... 15 75
... 12 00
... 3 00
... 13 50
...$77 25
,. $15 00
.. 10 50
, . 4 50
.. 7 53
.. 9 00
. 9 00
. 26 25
.. 21 00
. 13 00
Money to Loan at Lowest Bates
Dimick 4 Eastuax.
Educate Tour Bowels With Caaeareta.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever.
10c, S6c It C C. C. fall, druKirlst refund money.
Miss Annie E. Gunning, Tyre, Mich ,
says, "I suffered a long time from dys
pepsia ; lott flesh and became very weak,
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure com pletly cured
me." It digeBta hat you eat and cures
all forms of stomach trouble. It never
fails to give immediate relief in the
wortt cases.
Geo. A. IfiHDixo.
Total $113 75
Bond diHtrict No. 39
Lsbor on Clarke ard Highland road,
Eeei-'on Hill and Highland road:
Allrt Steidujan, road fund $3 00
IV' Bohlander 1 50
Hu iiinakuh 2 23
Wasted Several Bhigiit and Hon
est persona to represent us as Managers
in mis am clohe bv counties, halutv
$!KK) a year and expenses. Ktraiifht.
uona-uue, r.o more no less salary. Po.
anion permanent uur reierences, any
uana in town, it is mainly oiiice-work
conducted at home. Reference. En
close self-addresned stamped envelope.
The Dominion Company, Dept. 3,Chicago
Oeaotr Ia Blood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean akin. No
beauty without it. Caaeareta, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving ail im
purities from the body. BVgin to-day to
banish Dimnlea. boils, blotch... )i!rU,M,lu
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking'
Caaeareta, beauty for ten cents. All Hm.
giata, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 50c.
"Deab Mm. Pikiram The doctor
aaya I have congestion of the womb,
and cannot help me. There Is aching
in the right side of abdomen, hip, leg,
and back. If you can dome any good,
please write." Mrs. Nina C'uase,
Fulton, N. Y., December 20. 1897.
"Dear Mrs. Pinkham I followed
your instructions, and now I want
every woman Buffering from female
trouble to know how good your advice
and medicine ia. The doctor advUed
an operation. I could not bear to
think of that, so followed your advice.
I got better right off. I took six bottles
of Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Com
pound and used three packages of
Sanative Wash ; also took your Liver
Pilla, and am cured." Mhs. Nina
Chase, Fulton, N. Y., December 12.
"Dear Mrs. Pinkiiam-Have been
Buffering for over a year and had three
doctors. At time of menstruation I
Buffer terrible pains in back and
ovaries. I have headache nearly every
day, and feel tired all the time. The
doctor said mv womb was out of place.
Would be so glad if you could help me."
Mrs. Carl Voss, Sac City, Iowa.
August 1. 1898.
" Please accept my atneere thanka for
the good your advice and Lydia E.
Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound has
done Bie. I did everything you told
me to do, and used only three bottles,
and feel better in every respect."
Mru. Carl Vo, Sac City, Iowa, March
23, 1899.
nirh. I rout.
mi monenmt, wnn its won
derful knee ... In the cure o(
Consumption Is without a tr.
allel in I be history of mclkinn.
hi nee lis Aist di.ruv.ry It has
tn snlil on a ausrsntra. a
tit which no other mrduns
f.n stan.1. If yon have a
t'oitfth, w. earnestly a.k you
to try II. lo I'nlted Slates snd
C'ansila Be , tc. snd II I", and
In Knglsnd Is. tj., Ks. Id. and
s. Sd.
5.C.WELLS ft Co.
LEROY, N.Y. ii
For sale by J. U. Huntley
I .-Ve'.i'
Jacob Giksv,
RatoH $ 1 Per Day and Upward.
Livery and Feed Htalile In Connection with
tne iiou.ie. norseianii IliiKirles to
lt at Hi'axonalile Kaiea.
Bar uti'lip'l with tlm finest wines. Iluuora
and clKsra. Welnhsnl's Deer utl
Arc (ho llest Wagons
I'ossiWo lo liuild . . .
Always Have Itooii. Always Willllc.
A rruitst nn nialnlalned fur M year is a llter guarant of a K'.hI
wagon n a le of brat materials, properly seasoned, than all the promier
and assertion of inamilai iurera' aa-xnt and dealers In niw iismed
unknown w.gitn roiiibltinl. Manufacturer of Milt-hall NVanns py
2A lo .U tr rent, above the luarkel pt li-e of the a wskiir timlwr tr
the privilege of rullillg over, aelrH-llritf and aklrnmliig ti!f lb rrn
the iirsl waifiinaiock. This la h tM 'I.t'TK K At'Tand the Mill llr I I
Ar..t KNOW tlt you have the 1UCST that can U tnnlj.
Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co.0;':::;:
First and Taylor Strooti Portland. Oregon,
r V-
II e I
r.' - - , t w r
te :t'9mm& ew-a:."ki ww - ri - J . I k
inn eiu iiiuuub - m ,..,,1
llllltBlst l- u. .s sskia
. C -, IWh, S- S m4 Sii. Sii.Ii, In,, - ,
V. ! J L T
t !-. Aw: ..r A2r r
ti asl 9sa .. bj v. !. faf
( ihlaaaj U eM tv4 I im fr-4aa . BvTt . -ej
tlhi f.,m Wat 1 . J 1 , V' ajiw. li itv aVwa
) ! 4Jt, IH ayBw a H mU
B4.BB ) IB. 4 BM4s a4 - Wf BBsas MI st . .
wm MisBjaai, wasiai 11 ?,. t ' it viejeaia aj
H 4r-t f - - -- wM w! leVBBsBL mmj
HHtt 1H I HI tk 4MUI t tHll t IT wl M. f S
kM4kBjMB4wf tBaji,awii IMaaimatlta-aw ". ewlataaw sea fkaataj
- t..Aa)4N Blar if mm 4 l4aa tt1lav.l T1
k-''-- ala U swa ajtj Uwa) , 4 Itf UM H
- - lar aveaswaa.
Ttv. Ii . faawa) Uat i
M'isif t keoar
wmM Mla.BMMkt .. Iai 4) - Atu!, a))lllaa
Tla eaUI's It) rWwlaii; mmtAt wvv. ip I " - I rM.v I lMl4
4 U IBsmM pmfi -e.ew.WI !lea I fee ! V l avj laliaVAB let ) 1 1 iwaJU e 1 Bt 11 0 A tW tfcU
I eate MBV-B BV -.tk r-l r I set I ' S 'VVVW Ve I M M eeW M e) t Bsew4 fees 4M
a. aiARJ, ROtsflUCK CO. (Inc, CMICACO, ILLIMOll, U. I. A.
Get our Prices on Job Printing.
A Farm Llbnir? of BueqoirttJ talnfr-fnt: La
t'r-4o-dstc, ConclK and Comrrchcnlve lUr-
omciy rrioud and Beautifully UlaUitvtJ.
Dy jACOO fJiaaLC
No. i-niooLc noRsn iwok
Allsl.l H.--a Cweos Hrnw Trest tee. Willi e
ji lllueti.lkw.is el. U4.nl wm. hkf.wlisb
No. a-ni(WLn biikky hook
Allslnul itowt,.- Sm.ll fmlls-fesil s etn rw
cimlalusitcukx.d lite like frff u.lu..l.H.ol ell k. .!.
Vartrlkraad IMVtbef Illu.ti.lk4u. ! la... CrkUi
All sliout rtmlity tht l oulity h.k Is i.ln. ,
Irllsewrylnlna I wlihij culwel life. like it t iu.IiIh na
of .11 tliei iim.Ii Uird.. witta .jMiwr UluMr.iMwa
like, jet. rots.
All about Cow. aud the twlry HwIiku i k.vtr r . f ir-t
sale j rnnlslns S rno. lllr llkeirmolo.fi i . il. ...b
iMreU, Wllb lif othct IlliwtistU-n I iKe, CkU
juelmit. All (IM. It..-Iliellnir, rt!lr e TiK s
ery, lntn, etc. nlalita over s l solilul 1.''
Ioiks snd utlirf cuialna l"k. Je Ccuta.
sawsnrlhln like llirm-o rutin. I, ion.il it ,ii. v
. en ewurmou. sale I. n I Wet, s.i illi i ml
rtoulh. l.vryime who kerf a Ib iee, Ci.. IN i'
(.nlt kre, of yi.,w Mnnll I runs. orlit Ui eeud ruti'
away for b UIIA.I.U UOOKtt. h
Is your psper, tnsda fhr yog aud n.4 a mUfil. Il I. 11 .1
; "H trrsl hriM4.n.n,ll.hr.llal4,n.,tl,etil
Oull sner yiulise.l lt, l'.,m .! i,, ,. ,... 11,
""Of1 fsfrnllisslre In Hie tfulid (!"'
Ol AmcTtca-baUj( over a million aud a-lia!f rrgul-.i tv: J t
A117 ONE of the BIGGLE BOOKS, and the FJ.RH JOIT-'V-L
MraoKo,rAKfnwliKriAI.SBdlrculsdw.-rll.lna:DlO()LD BOOKS tree
Adma, PAUU
wn.Mra stsissoK.
cus. r. jKMsisa.
Opp. Huntley's Drufr Store,
Great Britain and America.
Mrs. Pinkham has Fifty
Thousand Such Letters as
Above on File at Her Of
fice-She Makes No State- i
UlvlIU kJUC WailUUI flllVf. k-ll.l,le D.ru.ii.of . .,,!,. ,,., ... J
J arilrlng a trip toths I'arls Ksimsltluu. Willi Mood
aslsrr snd eipn'pM. (ImiiiM wrli.
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