Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, November 17, 1899, Page 2, Image 2

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IUbtos, Nov. 1.1 lUt toil Isslill here
tht is what in left of it.
Huinea li8 Ih'oii quite rushing In
ancient city No. I.
Mr. snl Mm. Purgharilt wore lh
guests of Mr. anil Mr. (.iiiertlus SunJay.
J. Kicliey Imfl pnrrtiaseM a new organ.
Mni-ic seems to ) the order of the day
Mia Annie ftotghsriit was the guest
of Minn Pearl foster Saturday and Sun
day. Miss Emma Ilurghardt ! taking
mimic iiig of Mr. for man.
Mr. Chas. and Gabriel N'orris are
working lor Mr. Johnson.
Wlio was the fellow that cot left the
oilier night ? We feel sorry for you.
Mr. Gordon ia improving very rapidly.
Mr. Kollman is building his house.
Mr, Clyde and Guy White have bought
lare hand of sheep.
We hear one of our young men wants
to sell his bike. IVn't get discouraged
because it rains little.
hell lor their building. Nearly $50.0
was suWritH'd for it.
Cacpar Junker has purchased the old
building ow ned by the Catholic church,
lie will move it on his property and will
make a hall out f It.
Kd Struhridgo has taken a clearing
and grubbing job of six acres for his
fattier, J. M. Stnbridgi.
Timber land speculator are still out
in theite pails looking for timber land.
lvputy Organiser John tJrishaeh was
out and organised Wooduieu of the
World lodge at Sandy, f.d Itruna was
elected C. U. and E. f. Andre, clerk.
They w ill meet every Salnway night at
their hall,
Herman Kidderbiush, mail carrier
from Sandy to Aims has no horte so
packs the mail himself a distance of nii.e
miles three limes week.
tUM.tia t s, Nov. 11 tt'e are still hav
ing uiuy weather. It appears like win
ter is advancing.
The magic lantern show which was
given Tuesday evening in the Psmascus
hull was well attended, and a very
pleaxkiit evening spent,
A. C. Neaell will go bark to Washing
ton to resume his work again.
Miss Luel!a Steel has gone to Portland
to work during the winter and her
later is also in Portland.
Miss Lena Perry has been visiting her
sister, Mrs. Bookman.
Nearly all the farmers have their
potatoes dug and are beginning to pat in
their fall grain. We all hope we will
have better lock next year with onr
As news is scarce and times dull will
leave plenty of room for other good correspondents.
Elt. Nov. 13 Mr. Duffy, the mail
carrier met with what might have been
very serioos mishap, Saturday morning
as he was coming from Molalla. While
driving down a hill, a shaft broke loose
fiom the axle, which caused the horse to
tnrn aside, cpoetting the buggy and spill
ing the driver and passenger. The
boggy was badly demoralized, but the
Oieo were uninjured. Mr. Duffy spliced
the broken pieces, and was in on time.
Charlie Warnock is dangerously ill
with malarial ferer.
Mr. Mcrsn walked out a little jester
day with crutches.
Mr. Mali Ion Moran ana family re'
turned to Ojk Point, Washington, on
Mr. Georce Albright returned last
evening from Eastern Oregon.
The rain has again pot a damper on
potato digging in this locality.
Mr. Fred Williams and Mrs. Minnie
Boy Ian were married by Justice Schuebel
at bis residence Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Buell and children went
to Salem Saturday morning to yisi
kUple Une-
Mirn La XI, Nov. M. Mrs. J. C,
Dixon and son, Guy are visiting with
relatives at Sellwood.
Miss Oua Surfua has gone to Philo
math to resume her studies for the year.
Oliver Pickerion and party while up
in the mountains succeeded in killing
nine deer.
Mrs George Kunxman arrived Friday
from South Dakota, having concluded
that Oregon Is the best after alL
Mr. and Mrs. J. li. DaviesandT.il.
Davies are home aftsr a three weeks
stay at Molal!a,
Charles Surface and Delbert Phelly
left Monday for Dully 's wood camp at
Miss llattie Koman is home again
after an extended stay at Milwaukee.
L. Howard gave a dance at his home
Saturday evening that was well attend
ed and all report a good time.
Will Whiteman and B. Franklin, of
Eastern Oregon were seen in the lane
Mrs. Geo. Cassidy is on the sick list.
The Misses Kate and Lizsie Priester
are staying with their brothers ia Ore
gon City, for a few days.
T. Holes intends leaving soon lor
Montana. ,
Mr. and Mrs. E, E. Martin spent
Thursday aad Friday at'Caoby.
Jesse Taylor, of Portland, is the guest
of his sister Mrs. C. Williams.
Every cough makes
your throat more raw
anJ Irritable. Every
cough congests the lining
membrane of your lungs.
Cease tearing your throat
and lungs in this way.
Put the parts at rest and
give them a chance to
heal. You will need some
help to do this, and you
will Gad it in
A '! Thai n m Rattle,
J A alngulnr story Is tulu of a gallant
cock whose morn! Influence at a criti
cal moment during the battle of St.
Vluceut Ih ImhI to mive a UillUh limit
of war from the hands of the enemy.
Tim fowl In iiucatlnu formed part of
Ilia the slock of the Marluosoticn, a
vessel which had nfferrtl so severely
that her cnptnlu wit couahVrlng 11
lilvlwtblllty of sulking his Aug. The
ship was entirely dlmunetcd, while the
chief ollloer had been carried Mow
severely wounded, and the crew, with
out anybody to cheer them tip, were
r finning to grow sullen nndur The
heavy Ore of the enemy, to which they
were hardly able to rvotid.
I At this emergency a shot struck the
coop In which the fowls were confined.
The only surviving iHTi(inf. a cock,
(lulling himself at Mx-i-ty, fluttered up
aud perched himself on the Muaip of
the mainmast ami surveyed the seine
otcernace around him. Tbeu. tlapt'lag
his wings lu defiance, he began to crow
vociferously, lie was answered by
three hearty and exhilarating cheer
from the crew, who all had a good
laugh, aud. with spirits thus renewed,
continued the action with a rigor that
lasted until a turn lu the ba(ti reicued
them from their tight posltUm.-Washington
i ' Ik,
AMor laltlc Pc niuationfo A-
si mlla I lug the rood nrul He uti
(licSkiuuuits aixiDovsvu a
ftotnotr s I)tf tlon.Chrc t ful
KM nnd IlrM.Cofl tains neUhrf
(jjnuin.Monitilittf wr Muicxal
Not Nahcutic.
From the first dose the
quiet and rest begin: the
tickling in the throat
ceases; the spasm weak
ens; the cough disap
pears. Do not wait for
pneumonia and con
sumption but cut short
your cold without delay.
Dr. Aycrt Cherry Pec
toral Plaster should be
over the lunfs of every per
son troubled with a cough.
Write to the Doctor.
rniM) 1wrtDlUj and loft
porittitf vut.tifnti? qualify u fr
rmntf voa itrai tvir. Hrti
"ly salt lb ttsrtlrulkr lu yomr rm,
Tll u vIibI T'Ntr ripawriir hu
sn with wir i Horr? 'firsil. Vu
will iwemiwm ft rotti(l reply. ttfteJl
tQk Adair, PR. . C. ATKft.
II ML AddTSM, PR. 4. C. ATM. It
M Umm, Mass If
Chebbyville, Nov. 14. Cberryville
winhes to inform other villages and
hamlets that it is still raining, without
any prospect of clearing off, so one can
see the szure skies of heaven.
Mrs. M. A. Struchen's little daughter
has been on the sick list.
Mr. Claude Buty and Miss Alice Gutt
ridge, were the Kuests of Mr. Flynn and
family a few evenings ago. Claude, that
looks suspicious.
Mrs. Frasier and daughter, Clara, were
the guests of Mrs. Nannie Osborn last
Mrs. Baty and son, Claude, and Miss
Guttridge were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Ware and Mies Ware recently.
Elias Harris, our school director was
the guest of our school a few days ago,
Mrs. Kills Bee be is visiting her
mother, Mis. Marshal, of Currinsville
C. E. Baty attended the dance giyen
at Fred Shangle's Saturday evening.
Mrs. fctruchen and children were the
g'ists of Mrs. Mary Baty last Sunday.
Sandy, Nov. 12 The Sandy country
is realizing a regular boom now. The
price of land is going up and new settlers
are coming in every day looking for
homes. Among our recent new neigl
bors are Mr. Ira Dodge and family, ol
Imty City, Michigan. They were busy
the past week hauling freight and farm
implements. They biougbt with them
10 bead of full blooded short horn cattle
from the East.
The Sandy creamery of which there
has been eo much tnlk of is now an as
sured fact. The lumber is on the ground
and the building started. Machinery ia
being hauled out and it will be in run
ning order in a month. It will be sup
plied with milk from 250 cows. The
men who are starting this enterprise are
Messrs. Kern & Co. of Forest Grove.
The Catholic church has purchased a
Milwai'KIk, Nov. 14. The Y. P. 8.
C. E. gave a social in the town hall Sat
nrday evening. Sam Wilson was chair
nun and the following program was ren
dered: Duet, ''Only a I'ansy Blossom'
by the Misses Dottie Lakin and Sarah
Rogers, recitation, "Wounded" Clara
Henneman ; bass solo, "The Ship
Ix)ve." Mr. Bowman who responded to
an encore. Mia Ftliel Beharrell gave
the solo "Dreaming" and was obliged to
rpond to an encore. Prof. T. J.Gary
recited Sain Simpson's poem "The
Beautiful Willamette" in a splendid
manner and was followed by Frank
Mullen who sang a song in Spanish that
was much enjoyed by the audience
B. M. Fikh gave a reading and Fred and
Sarah Rogers sang, a darky song in cos
tume and were forced to respond to a
third encore. The drawing of Mother
Goose rhymes entertained the audience
fir a time and were followed by refresh
merits consisting of cotTee, sandwiches,
and pumpkin pie. A splendid time was
had by all present.
Mr. Bukeimeir spent Sunday at the
home of bis daughter near Middleton, Or.
Messrs. 0. Wissir.ger, Moore, Bonnet
and Workman have purchased lumber
to build a aide walk from the town ball
to connect w ith the one in front of their
The Woodman have announced that
they will give a dance in the near future.
Mr. John Gibson is working faithful
and hard on the cycle path between
here and the Multnomah line. Now if
the weather will only settle we can have
plenty of good riding yet. John has
collected all the money himself and got
much work donated, so we see he is a
hustler. Indue time the entire job will
be made public. This path has not cost
the county a cent.
Miss Clara Heitkemper is sick with
an attack of appendicitis but is now con
valescent. Dr. Summers is treating her.
Miss Beharrell and Mies Stevens, of
Portland, were guests of the Roger
family Sunday. j
Dick Welch was visiting his parents
Miss Elgiva Mullen was home from
Canby and reports school in a progres
sive condition at that place.
The Republican club will shortly have
a meeting to attend to some business
which is on hand.
Messrs. Albert Zanders, Ed. Kohb and
Chas, Mullen have been prospecting
here far sometime and have found s'.m)
gold but it has black sand and Iron with
t so it is not of great value as yet, we
wish them pay dirt.
Faralth'd Every Week by the Clacks
mat Abstract k Trasl Canipany.
I 100 Oil
1 oo
1 Ol)
1 CO
1281 3.1
A. Myers to A. B. Marquam,5
a 8 s,l e
A. Iteflling et al to R. Morrow, w
) n,,4 '.'s nw,4 34- 1 s,
W. F. Jones to R. Morrow w',
"'l4, .'t nw' sc 34, 1 a 2 e .
A. B. Croasman to R. Morrow,
w ne', ej nw1 sc 34. 3
U. 8. to J. A. Odell. patent ....
F. II. Hrier to State Ld Bd, CO
W. Butcher to J. A. Wells, w
swl4', Its 3, 4, sec 29, 3 s 2 o. .. 4i!0 IX)
N. Am. T. Co. to S. Sager trustee
80 a sec 124 s2e 1250 00
S. Weismandel toJ.L. Murdock
Us 1,2, 3, sec 15, 4s 1 e 1100 00
A. Luelling to O. Burns, blk 5.1,
61.79, 80, Milwaukie 1 00
L. E. Gray by sheriff to O. Burns
3 a sec 36, 1, 3, 1, e 245 00
O. SieintoW. II. Seward, 7a see
24, 3 a I w 90 00
W. II, Seward to C. F.
Schlickeiser, 7 a sec 24, 3 1 w 80 00
J. Everhart to J. T. Hayford Its
5, 6, blk 4, Park place 450 00
O. A. Luelling to J. II. Lewell
ing, 1 a Hathaway elm 1 00
J, Simpson to W. Duncan 100 a
sec 31, 32, 2s 4 1700 00
L. Livesay to M. S. Mills 10 a
join bk 50, 01
A. Nawsatil to E. A. Miller, w'i
ne1; and It 8 sec 21, 4 s 4 e. . . m 00
F. Sievers by ex to C. E. Cross,
se'i sec 12, 2 s 5 e
V. Taborion to C. E. Cross, se
i sec 1-, 2 s 5 e
(imlr.aiiwl Aaarehr,
Ihcy any the art of itHklug Is dying
out lu France. Cooks and public agrev
In this, but They charge sncli other
with the cauw.
"The French public la degenerate."
mf the rooks. "II uo nifvr kaowa a
good sauce from a bud one"
"(Ju'mt cv itie voim vouUaf re tali
ates the public. "The cooka may still
he artists, but tiny ar uo lunger
cook a."
"If you want the matter demonstrat
ed." says a Parisian who may ho con
sidered to represent the ptiUlf. "kuk at
the so called culinary eshlbltloua given
lu Paris evvry year. These exhibitions
do not ask the Judgment of the pa la to
3'hcy ask the Judgmaui of the rye.
They ask you to criticise ftwlss rhaU-ts
mads lu butter and Ixiuls XV furniture
made lu cak. They with to tmltutt
the sajon. and they show lard sculpture
sentimentally uispostn In palm lowers
aud cauvaaoa, wltb forvgrouuda of
strrtig beaua, ami miueta of tomato
entcbop. It Is the hist word lu Impres
sionism. If you like, but It Is not rook
ery It Is anarchy. -Sketch.
Atxifccl Remedy forforntlp
lion. Sour Slonwith.Dinirtsxa
Worms .Comnlsioai .levcri sh
tti and LOSS or SLZH
aSjtMsiaBaaMiasas ) asiBWBSal
TacSiiWW Sirmtur of
. V 'XX. X 1
For Infanta and Children, i
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Boars tho
sxxact cosy orjmrrta,,
ft Atf
You Have
Always Bought.
sa avw . mm mm mi
Ls at the root. Clipping
the ends of the h.ur U
hketreating thrbranche
of a tn-c with rottrn
roetsi. You nuiit sinks
at the source.
preparations strikeilerp.
They invitforate the
rooL fct-l them, lliis
givw life, U-auty grace
to the hair, hveryone
should use them.
aoio ivtnrwHinc
rXOUB $38,50 o
r W0NDIR jf
nimi ik.
M t
t I an
a Miit,
4 vol
m4 fm Mt
$38.50 8Ig,CK-gAPPUS
VOU Can tHawlWE IT H.","''
pmik$ s4UIaH9i 9mm$ mm HwaMM
An tfttra FlnoHIgh Ordofddlo
rrtria our price, $38.50,
Thiw taddle lamado on a ISHor
IO-lnch Cenulnw Ladstmt or
Nolaon Heavy tt, Fork,...
rawrrriiv nrrt dtwniuB
m iu u.b.. .m, ,wtn mm m
Thee is made cxtm itwowq 'rJ
il-!. m irwf lfc. 1 lMt li. Ht,
nm M.,w llk fr"t ptmmh, kr -o-n
M., ail mttm Hmm,
ta (lla.lratod. H lk ml 44f atw,
ll.aa turn I llS taa Still
wniti f o Mil umicie. Nami it mo 10011
CAtaiObUI. ssin a Ivil lm Ckf a4 Naackw
OwtSIa si IM IsvmI s"H AU'lrra,
.w ! l mn IWMII( tiHlMl.-ll.il,)
K00 00
700 00
1 00
TRUST CO. are the owners of the copy
right to the Thome system of abstruct
indexes, for Clackamas county, and havt
the only complete set of abstracts in tU
County, can furnish information as to
title to land at once, on application ,
Loans, Investments, real estate, abstract;
etc. Office over Bank of Oregon City.
Call and investigate. Address box 377
Oregon City Oregon.
That Throbbing Headache.
Would quickly leave you, if you used
Dr. King's New Life Tills. Thousands
of s Hirers have proved their matchless
merit for sick and Nervous Headaches.
They make pure blood and strong nerves
and build up your health, Easy to take.
Try them. Only 25 cents. Money back
not cured. Sold by Geo. A. Harding.
Hie Excitement Not Over.
The rush at the drug store still con
tinues and daily scores of people call for
a bottle of Kemp's BuIhuih for the Throat
and Lungs for the Throat and Lungs for
the cure of Coughs, Colds, Asthma,
Bronchitis and Consumption. Kemp's
Balsam, the standard family remedy, is
sold on a guarantee and never fails to
give entire satisfaction, I'rice 2ou and
Has she lost her beauty? If so, Con
stipation, Indigestion, Kick Headache I
are the principal caunes. Karl's Clover
Root Tea has cured these ills for halt a
century. I'rice 25 cts. and 50 cts.
Money refunded if results are not satis
factory, C. O. Ilnntley, Druggist.
I'lullng Tablrar.
Don't throw away )uur old silverware
any more as A, Ilaumann, of K'y, is
rrp.nel to reUle them with royal
i;lv.-r II-will tiive voti a call. Uom
woik Kiiarauli-ed.
I.tKiippp, w ill, its after elfi-cts, aiinu
ally tlrptroys thouxands of people. It
mav be quickly cured by One Minute
Coutih Cure, the only remedy that pro
diiies iiiiiiii-diule results in couuIim,
olds, f r'up, hronchi'is, pneumonia and
throat and lung troubles. It w ill pre
vent flilllipliol,
Oko. A. Hahhi.no.
t humb rliiluN I'.iln Balm Corra Others,
Why Not you 7
My w ife has been using Chamberlain's
I'uiii Ta in, will, good results, for a lame
hou!dt-r that has pained her continually
for nine years. We have Iried all kinds
of rned bines ami doctors without re
iwivlng any benefit from any of them.
One 'lny we haw nn advertisement of
lliin iiiclii iiic Hi'd tbouyht of trying it,
which w iiil with the best satisfaction,
Shn b nwi'il only on bottle ami her
f 1 1 " ' i M r is slrnoMt well. Adom'H L.
Mu.i.KTf, Manchester, N. II. For sale
by . A. II. ir ling, druggist.
MA tana worm larlitn ( Innu at
least camo on ttan aenne after mv taklnu two
G'ASCAKETS. Tbls 1 am aure hai oauaed mv
bal bealth (or the past three years. I am atlll
taking CitaciiretN, the only eatbartlo worthy ot
ootios by sensible people."
uco. w. bowlis, uaira, Mist,
2q n pprayn;UYK:c; nrcu'p prril
Do You Nood Arty I , 1!
Doors, Windows, Glass, Moulding
Or Othor Oulldina Mntorlal.
C. H. Bestow & Co.
Corner nth and Main Sta. Oregon City. Orrgou.
ik- . . . ..
Esfasr 1'iavia. eiy".
wm w sf.
iDouH.iri.l I. U. .iui, ua Ml mrmml
FIRM FFlTIIRFd i.i..s,.i,. .,,.,.
; . . , - UrHi. f..li,T. M.,k
Mir wipire wniurn lif Snu-llral mA
M-wml r.rm.r., Illii.iral by alile irtnu mat. it
In.Kl.abl to all In rami wtiimi, 1 be Uim Sl.rl.aU
ana amiarrruii aanraiiHra ara uoatoallod (aaturoa.
FAWILY FEATURES! rt-;.i..rMi,.
CMa lMih, I' u Mi fat, uunw ralba rmm, t4V, insk
a. bfinvv. ma
irrM-iiK'l. )iikIiiiI.i, Miih ii,a AalKii.
BiiM-rtof Tlm-ly I,,t..mt IVrlinl, to Atruui'iZ
or, nirnnitra, tliat rathrr, Satroaoulral lMla
for Sark Month. Hate., .to. l""mr" "nl"'
Pleanant, Palatnbie, I'uumt, Taits Ooo1. Do
Good, Nurur bicken, Weaken, or Gripe, lOu, Jio. Mm).
I.HI.i S.a.df f.a.i.r, tlilaata, Maalnal, Itw f.rV. JU
Iff) Tfl RIP Bold and itinrnnlaed br all drno-HU'IU-DAW
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